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Essential Talks

Essential Talks

By Ya Fav Trashman

This podcast is to shine a light on people, places and things that I find essential.
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Essential Talks Ep 1

Essential TalksMar 22, 2021

Pennsylvania State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta

Pennsylvania State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta

Malcolm Kenyatta is American politician from North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A member of the Democratic Party, he has served as the Pennsylvania State Representative for the 181st district since 2019.

Jul 27, 202120:07
27 Year Old Real Estate Investor Teaches How She Purchased 25 Properties Without Mortgages

27 Year Old Real Estate Investor Teaches How She Purchased 25 Properties Without Mortgages

By age 27, Jamisa McIvor has become one of the most powerful and self-starting female millennial entrepreneurs

that has taken the real estate industry by storm. It chronicles her journey from a novice property owner to deed holder

of 25 mortgage-free properties purchased through her company, affectionately named after her grandmother,

Rosebud’s Investments.

Jamisa got her start in real estate when she purchased her first home from her grandmother. Fueled with courage,

willingness, determination and confidence, Jamisa began mastering the craft of real estate. That initial investment

catapulted Jamisa into becoming a skilled and innovative investor that serves as a stellar example to those desiring

to become new investors and entrepreneurs.

An innovative spirit, Jamisa has created a simplistic strategic investment plan all people of all ages and all walks of

life can implement. A wife, mother of four young children and servant leader at heart, Jamisa has created a

welfare-to-work program under her company’s umbrella that serves both single and married mothers by providing

them with the tools and resources to understand that there is ia another way to provide for their families and relieve

them of their dependency on the system.

"What you don’t own, you don’t control", says Jamisa McIvor, CEO of Rosebud’s Investments .

The public is encouraged to share her story and bring awareness to the information she shares about creating

generational wealth even with limited incomes.

For more information, please contact Name at (267) 4197673 or or

Jun 14, 202137:01
Office of the Controller, Rebecca Rhynhart

Office of the Controller, Rebecca Rhynhart

Rebecca Rhynhart, City Controller

Rebecca Rhynhart made history in 2018 when she was sworn in as the first woman ever elected City Controller for the City of Philadelphia. As City Controller, Rebecca serves as Philadelphia’s chief auditor and independent financial watchdog. In that role, she uses the audit function to push for better management of the City’s finances, and works to identify cost savings, recommend best practices, and expose fraud and mismanagement. Under her leadership, the office is committed to transparency, accountability, and good government.

May 17, 202123:28
Dave Robinson

Dave Robinson

Dave Robinson

Apr 20, 202133:49
Essential Talk With Jamie Colleen, Professional Martial Arts Fighter

Essential Talk With Jamie Colleen, Professional Martial Arts Fighter


⁣Jamie Colleen is a Professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter, Domestic Violence Advocate, and

Keynote Speaker.⁣

A natural born athlete, Jamie was a highly competitive gymnast which would later set the

foundation of her athletic career. ⁣⁣

Jamie, was born with the soul of a fighter. At 19, she discovered Martial Arts. She immediately

developed a deep connection and decided she would devote her life to her newly found


With 10+ years of experience, Jamie is a former World Champion, a UFC Contender Series

veteran, and a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. She is still actively fighting today.⁣⁣

Jamie has taken many different avenues to explore new endeavors. In 2012 Jamie was one of

ten among thousands of women selected to spearhead Under Armour Women's What's

Beautiful Campaign: Redefining the Female Athlete. A proud Brand Ambassador, Jamie learned

the fundamentals of leadership and how to apply those tools in her mission to empower others.⁣

⁣ In 2014, life for Jamie and her daughter took a grave turn. They were in a situation that landed

them at a Domestic Violence Safe Haven. Jamie was able to turn a negative into a positive; not

only did she and her daughter transition out of the shelter, but she is now an Advocate for the

very organization that saved their lives. ⁣⁣

As a powerful voice and advocate in her community, Jamie is also a representative and proud

partner of that same domestic violence non profit organization where she works alongside

legislators and elected officials to help facilitate new safety initiatives and advocate for new


Eager to rise to new challenges, Jamie has taken on the role as a Professional Speaker, where

she has shared the stage with some of Pennsylvania's most influential Thought Leaders.⁣ She

has shared her story on every platform from Seventeen Magazine, The University of

Pennsylvania, all the way to the State Capitol.⁣

Jamie continues to strive to be the best version of herself by testing all limits possible and

setting a positive example for her daughter. She finds immense gratitude and looks forward to

new chapters where will continue to make an impact on her community and those around her.⁣

Apr 06, 202133:11
Essential Talks Ep 1

Essential Talks Ep 1

Our Conversation on why the performing arts are essential to the community

Mar 22, 202146:23