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Contesting a will in Texas

Contesting a will in Texas

By Robert Ray

Contesting a Will is Not About Greed
As tragic as it is, abuse against our elders is on the rise. Whether by caretakers, friends, siblings, or even their own children, we are seeing more and more cases of seniors being abused into revising their will.

We know that this is a painful time for you, and you may be feeling guilty about your need to contest the will, but the first thing you need to know is that in most cases, disputing the legitimacy of a will is not about greed
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What in the world is a pretermitted child?

Contesting a will in TexasJun 09, 2020

What in the world is a pretermitted child?

What in the world is a pretermitted child?

A pretermitted child is a forgotten child who takes a part of their parents’ estate even if not mentioned in the will.

This discussion only applies where the parent dies testate, meaning the parent left a will. If the parent dies intestate, without a will, then the child would inherit a child’s portion the same as any other child and there is no need to resort to the pretermitted child statute.

The basic rules are that the child must be born after the will and is not otherwise provided for.

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Will Contest - improper signing of will

Will Contest - improper signing of will

Wills are sometimes contested because of a problem in the way the will was signed. This is often referred to as the execution of the will. In this podcast we are going to talk about the very basic requirements of executing a will in Texas. Then, we will discuss what problems arise from executing wills.

Visit our website at TexasInheritance.Com for more information.

If there is a topic relating to inheritance disputes that you would like to hear, email me at Robert@TexasInheritance.Com. 

Thanks for listening.

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