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Season 4: 2020 Hindsight. Life handed us a jar of expired olives, and we made quarantinis. Like all crises, the COVID-19 pandemic is both a problem and an opportunity. This season, the Story Whisperer helps her guests look back and unpack the challenges and gifts of the year that will live in infamy: 2020. Ready to release your masterpiece? That's aloud. Connect: Intro & Outro music courtesy of Steve Combs: Please rate, review, and subscribe. It makes a huge difference!
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Trust In Your Heart w/ Ana Levin

That's Aloud!Dec 03, 2020

The Only Thing You Really Need to Know w/ Alex Murphy, Co-Founder of OnTrack Coaches

The Only Thing You Really Need to Know w/ Alex Murphy, Co-Founder of OnTrack Coaches

Well folks, here we are. The final episode of That's Aloud. I offer my deep gratitude to all my listeners and guests: it's been an honor and a privilege to help these stories get out into the world. But as the due date for Release Your Masterpiece--the book, the course, and the mastermind--looms closer, I find my energy naturally shifting, and I hope you'll shift along with me. If you've found benefit in this podcast and/or the That's Aloud blog, I welcome you to join me at my new online home:

Meanwhile, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect final guest. Alex Murphy, co-founder of OnTrack Coaches and my partner in crime for Studio Be, is here to remind us all that, regardless of what the school system tried to teach us growing up, nobody can control us except us. Enjoy!

Highlight Reel:

0:45 - Not all value is monetary

4:30 - Overcoming perfection paralysis

8:30 - The 2 things educators and parents need to understand

16:20 - A new way to teach and learn

17:30 - Asking the big questions

31:00 - Imagine a school system that put students in charge of their own learning & growth

40:55 - Be a scientist, not a judge

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Nov 11, 202143:12
Believe In Your Book w/ Linn Random

Believe In Your Book w/ Linn Random

Have you ever found yourself in the fast-lane, speeding toward a destination you thought you wanted to reach, only to look around and realize that you were on the wrong track altogether? Today's guest, best-selling author Linn Random, can definitely relate. After getting what was, in hindsight, some really encouraging feedback from big-name publishers in college, she gave up on her writing dreams and became a high-powered sales and marketing exec. Now she applies those superpowers to her true calling: writing and, even more importantly, getting her writing into the hands of the right readers. In this episode, you will learn the basics of book marketing, including: 

2:00 - learning who you really are

9:00 - clarifying your "high concept"

14:00 - connecting your concept to your audience's emotions

18:30 - identifying your target audience

22:00 - how to get your audience to come to you

You'll also learn about my upcoming book, Release Your Masterpiece: A Powerful Guide to Discover Your Authentic Gifts and Put Them to Good Use (, which will be available for presale at the end of November 2021. In fact, next week, I'll be in Columbia meeting with my amazing Red Thread Publishing ( book launch team and filming the video portions of the Release Your Masterpiece course, which is designed to transform unhappy employees and struggling freelancers into successful Creators. 

That means the FINAL EPISODE of That's Aloud will air Thursday, November 11th.

That's right, this is the second-to-last episode of That's Aloud, Season 4: Hindsight 2020. And as of now, I'm not planning a Season 5. This has been an incredible experience, and I'm beyond grateful to every amazing guest who has come on here to boldly share the story the world isn't getting. If you'd like to continue your journey to authentic, aligned, creative living, please come join the party at!

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Oct 28, 202143:29
Find Your Unique Genius w/ Casey Berman

Find Your Unique Genius w/ Casey Berman

"I hate my job." If this is a phrase with which you are all-too-familiar, this episode is for you. Casey Berman of is here to help you take the reins of your career, and steer yourself into a position where you are leveraging your unique genius to create real value for the world. 

Highlight Reel:

1:00 - You are it

4:30 - Exposing the illusion/drama/game/movie/Maya of life

5:45 - The "I hate this" moment

9:00 - Cobbling together something new

13:00 - Why you need to be doing informational interviews

15:00 - Beware the cheap pay-off

17:00 - Your unique genius

25:00 - Find your why

27:00 - There's a better way

35:00 - Face your fears

42:00 - What time freedom looks and feels like

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Oct 21, 202150:13
Hope In Healing, From the Heart w/ Candice DeLeeuw

Hope In Healing, From the Heart w/ Candice DeLeeuw

Hope is one of those words we love to throw around. But what does it really mean to have hope in the face of a tragedy like the loss of a child? Candice DeLeeuw (@candice_deleeuw), author of Hope (Amidst the Stories I Told Myself), and founder of Hope In Healing Hearts is here to share her powerful story of loss, bravery, and helping other grieving moms heal.

Highlight Reel:

1:30 - It's okay to break, just don't stay broken

4:00 - Surfing the seas of grief

5:00 - Hearts

9:00 - How to help a grieving friend

13:30 - 2020, the year of missing time

17:30 - How to homeschool like a boss

19:00 - The type A guide to handling uncertainty

25:40 - What hope is

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Oct 14, 202148:19
Go Big and Get Home: Authentic Visibility w/ Micha Goebig

Go Big and Get Home: Authentic Visibility w/ Micha Goebig

We all know the first step to success is just showing up. But HOW we show up matters. Life and Leadership coach Micha Goebig (@go_big_coaching) is here to help us come out of the shadows and step into our authentic authority in all areas of our life.

Highlight Reel:

1:00 - Authentic Visibility

5:00 - Why "back to normal" isn't good enough

12:30 - Learning to ask for and accept help

15:00 - The only boundaries you're in charge of are your own

16:30 - Every yes is a no to something else

17:00 - Honor your personal time

19:15 - Micro-dosing self-care

21:40 - Follow your curiosity

29:30 - Not everybody thinks like you (and that's a good thing)

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Learn more:

Oct 07, 202141:25
How To Start w/ Shreya Shettigar

How To Start w/ Shreya Shettigar

Anyone who's ever tried to create anything knows that the hardest part is just getting started. This week's guest, Shreya Shettigar (@StoriesByChaya), is here to help you dive in, and keep going, no matter what. Ready to transform your daily grind into a daily delight? Ready to turn your problem into your solution? That's aloud!  

Highlight Reel:  

1:30 - Versatility is the spice of life 

6:30 - Project AAE 

8:15 - 2020 and forced introspection 

11:00 - Don't let the grind get you down 

13:30 - Chaya's writing process 

18:00 - How to start any creative process 

29:40 - Keep moving forward

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Sep 30, 202132:41
Your Mother Was Right: Be Yourself, w/ Connell Barrett

Your Mother Was Right: Be Yourself, w/ Connell Barrett

Dating can be stressful, even in the best of times, let alone in the wake of a global pandemic. But not to worry, delightful dating coach Connell Barrett ( is here to help you stay grounded in your authentic worth while you're out there looking for love. The tools he shares in the course of this fun conversation will help you make good use of fear, recognize the difference between rejection and projection, and step out of expectation and into creation. 

Highlight Reel:

1:00 - Mom was right: be yourself

3:00 - What we're here to do

5:00 - Giving soulfishly

11:30 - Connell's journey

13:45 - Authenticity tools for dating (and life)

21:00 - What rejection is and isn't

23:30 - Give the present of your presence

25:30 - Who's the hero of your story? Who's the villain?

35:00 - When lightening strikes twice

39:50 - Buy into your own worth

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Sep 23, 202143:28
Unblock Your Chakras w/ Emily Tamayo Maher

Unblock Your Chakras w/ Emily Tamayo Maher

Whether you're well-acquainted with your Chakras or just now hearing the term for the first time, Emily Tamayo Maher's Meaning Method can help you better understand your creative process and easily get unblocked at any point along the creative journey, from ideation all the way to connecting with your audience. Ready to discover the gold at the end of your own personal rainbow?

Highlight Reel:

3:30 - The feminine, intuitive story the world isn't getting

7:00 - Taking the leap

13:30 - Down the manifesting path

18:00 - All writer's blocks are chakra blocks

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Sep 16, 202135:03
Get Loud & Effective w/ Stacy Dyson

Get Loud & Effective w/ Stacy Dyson

They say you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. But there will come a time when you're fresh out of honey, and the vinegar is flooding from your tear ducts, not to mention your sweat glands, and you know to your very core that if you don't open up your mouth and set it free, it will drown you from within. In those moments, it's time to get loud. But not just loud. Loud and effective. In this episode, black female performance poet laureate Stacy Dyson, author of Lovely and Suffering and Follow Me On This, joins me to talk about her journey from polite, if occasionally snarky, poetess, to the phenomenal force to be reckoned with she has finally allowed herself to inhabit. Learn more at:

Highlight Reel:

2:00 - Getting loud & effective

9:00 - The little things that get us through

11:00 - With right comes responsibility 

15:30 - Breonna's Song

20:00 - If you don't see color, you don't see me

35:00 - Nobody wants your qualified apology

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Read the transcript:

Sep 09, 202155:42
Build Resourceful Resilience w/ Shenira Billups

Build Resourceful Resilience w/ Shenira Billups

Nobody asks for their struggles. The world wasn't clamoring for a global pandemic, just like this week's guest was in no way hoping to end up parenting her special needs child alone and balancing that with a busy clinical psychology practice in the midst of said pandemic. But here we are. And Shenira Billups (@mgihllc), Licensed Clinical Psychologist and founder of Mental Growth & Internal Healing LLC (, regards those struggles as teachers, here to help her grow stronger, gain more resilience, and become the spiritual warrior she is always in the process of becoming. What did you learn from Professor 2020? What will you do with that new wisdom, and those new skills and abilities?

Highlight Reel

1:30 - When resources aren't shared

9:50 - Finding balance and strength

11:00 - Professor 2020: tough but effective

17:50 - Humility and empathy

21:30 - Rock bottom

30:00 - Good grief

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Read the transcript:

Sep 02, 202146:42
Transform Your Bad Days Into Good Jokes w/ Jennifer Mason

Transform Your Bad Days Into Good Jokes w/ Jennifer Mason

What do you do when you're painfully shy and terrified of public speaking? Start doing stand-up comedy, of course! At least that's what this week's guest, Jennifer Mason (@JenXComedy) decided to do. And what happened next will inspire you to laughter, or possibly tears, and maybe even to try your hand at the next open mic...

Highlight Reel:

2:30 - Menopause: when women get funny

6:00 - Too soon?

9:30 - Build your courage muscles

13:00 - Finding your funny

14:00 - Bad choices make good comedy

18:30 - Comedy doesn't have to be mean (even to yourself!)

21:00 - A comedy of misunderstandings

39:00 - The Hot Flash

Learn more at:

Watch the video:

Read the transcript:

Aug 26, 202143:16
Get Out of Debt Mindset w/ Aimee Cerka

Get Out of Debt Mindset w/ Aimee Cerka

It's hard to feel valuable when you're in the red, but focusing on paying down your debt may be keeping you stuck in a vicious cycle. Money Confidence Coach Aimee Cerka (@aimeecerka) is here to help you gain solid footing, raise your net worth, and start creating value for yourself and your family with confidence. 

Highlight Reel:

1:30 - The Wake-Up Call

9:30 - Why you should stop focusing on debt reduction

15:00 - Time isn't money

16:00 - 3 ways to increase your net worth

19:30 - Stop chasing money, start creating value

22:00 - You are valuable!

Watch the video:

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Aug 19, 202139:39
The Rapture of Rupture w/ Devika Dey

The Rapture of Rupture w/ Devika Dey

They say every cloud has a silver lining, but sometimes that lining is pure gold. After her toxic, arranged marriage ended, Devika Dey became a relationship coach, helping women build resilience and move on from tough break-ups. But in 2020, she had a breakdownthrough that showed her the bigger picture of how her guilt, shame, and fear were affecting not just her sense of worthiness in relationships, but in her career as well. Now she helps women apply that same resilience to leadership, so they can thrive across all areas of their lives.  

Highlight Reel:

3:00 - A toxic arranged marriage 

7:10 - 2020, the ultimate break-up 

12:00 - Professional toxicity 

18:30 - The gift of rupture 

19:00 - The same inner voice runs every show 

28:30 - Bad things aren't always bad 

32:00 - Surfing the seas of grief

Watch the video:

Read the transcript:

Aug 12, 202144:33
Everybody's Got a Story w/ Theresa Francomacaro

Everybody's Got a Story w/ Theresa Francomacaro

What story are you telling yourself about where you’re going? We’ve all had a big reminder that life is precious and fleeting - are you putting your energy into work you really care about? Today, accomplished storyteller Theresa Francomacro (Why Story Works) is here to ask the question, ‘What are you waiting for?’

Highlight Reel

1:60  Why Story Works

4:10  Humility & Trust in 2020

8:30  What are you waiting for?

12:40  It’s hard to invest in yourself (or There are no guarantees)

16:30  Being a continuous, lifelong learner

24:10  A Pocket-Day

27:40  5 Neurological Mind-Shifts (of F-L-L-E-A)

32:40  Serenity, wonder, play

38:30  Alliances and bridges

Watch the video:

Read the transcript:

Aug 05, 202143:48
It's About TIME For Sepsis Awareness w/ Katy Grainger
Jul 29, 202137:27
Ready for Inspiration w/ Pierce Duncan

Ready for Inspiration w/ Pierce Duncan

So often our natural creativity is hijacked by the daily grind. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Musician and creator Pierce Duncan (@pierceduncandotnet) joins us today to talk about making a place for creativity, being there when inspiration shows up, and how to be a prolific creator.

Highlight Reel

2:00  Creative sacrifices

6:30  Growing up anxious

11:20  A devotional practice

15:20  Creativity and depression

20:40  All of a sudden, there’s time

24:20  Ready for inspiration

28:20  Having an outlet

34:40  Everyone is a creator

36:00  Income security supports creativity (or Universal Basic Income)

39:00  Everything you want to be true

Watch the video:

Read the transcript:

Jul 22, 202147:27
Your Voice Has Value w/ Sierra Melcher

Your Voice Has Value w/ Sierra Melcher

Your story can empower people, but only if they encounter it. All too often, women's voices never make it through the publishing gauntlet to connect with their intended audience. But Sierra Melcher is changing all that. By creating a system to help women find their voices, support the writing process, and navigate publishing logistics, her women-only publishing house, Red Thread Publishing, is transforming women with powerful messages into published authors. Join us as Sierra reinvents publishing for a pandemic-altered and support-starved world.

Highlight Reel

1:10  The missing voices

7:00  The Pandemic Incubator

14:20  Break-down-through

18:10  Swim toward the fear

25:10  The logistics of writing and publishing

32:40  Navigating the emotional arc

41:00  The messy middle

42:50  Visualize the perfect retreat

Watch the video:
Read the Transcript: 

Jul 15, 202148:08
How Ideas Spread w/ Rachel LeWitt

How Ideas Spread w/ Rachel LeWitt

In 2020, COVID-19 wasn't the only thing spreading around the world. Ideas, symbols, information, and misinformation about the virus were also spreading like wildfire, and causing massive division among populations. Today's guest, Rachel LeWitt (@w3tbl4nk3t), is here to unpack the ways we decide which ideas to accept, which to reject, and which to pass along to others. 

Highlight Reel: 

1:30 - The ever-morphing symbol of the mask

9:00 - How ideas spread

12:30 - The role of personal experience

16:30 - Social trust & empathy

19:25 - Tracking trust

20:40 - How mistrust spreads

27:50 - Faith & hope: kissing cousins

32:30 - Good & evil

34:00 - Intuition & taboo beliefs

41:00 - Critical thinking & finding reliable sources

50:00 - Ideas can change the world

Watch the video:

Read the Transcript:

Jul 10, 202159:49
The Power of Song w/ Lowry Olafson

The Power of Song w/ Lowry Olafson

Music is magic. The right song can take you out of your head, change your mood, change your attitude, and change your expectations. Lowry Olafson ( joins us today to share how, when an affirmation just isn’t enough, a personal Power Song can change your life.

Highlight Reel

0:40  What’s a Power Song?

6:10  Discard limitations

9:15  Flow and curiosity

14:00  I wanted to be a singer

19:50  Find the challenge you enjoy

26:00 External motivation vs. Internal motivation

29:40  Shift from guilt to gratitude

35:00 Give yourself permission

41:10  Everything you deeply desire

Watch the video:

Read the transcript:

Jul 01, 202150:13
Make Friends With Failure, w/ Utkarsh Saraswat

Make Friends With Failure, w/ Utkarsh Saraswat

Failure. It's the thing we all love to fear. But as today's guest, Utkarsh Saraswat (@sillyworldpodcast) discovered, failure is an important part of the creative process, and can lead you to major breakthroughs. 

Highlight Reel:

2:00 - Fear of failure

4:20 - Failure is a prerequisite for innovation

7:00 - When failure drags your life into a nightmare

21:00 - Holi relief

24:00 - Lockdown to the rescue!

Watch the video:

Read the transcript:

Jun 24, 202157:18
Adventure Is Always Around the Corner w/ Olivia Meighan

Adventure Is Always Around the Corner w/ Olivia Meighan

Opportunities for adventure are all around us. Will you heed the call? Today we are joined by Olivia Meighan, host of The Irish Survival Podcast (@the_Irish_survival_podcast) and lover of the natural world. 13-year-old Olivia wasn’t thrilled about the idea of being locked inside during the Coronavirus pandemic. Little did she know it would launch her on a whole new kind of adventure! She’s here to remind you that you’re never too young, or too old, to leverage your unique voice to create value in the world.

Highlight Reel

1:40  The Irish Survival Podcast

3:00 Sitting around the campfire

5:40  Treat wildlife like people

7:10  Mastering 2020 online tech

8:10  The outdoors is great craic

8:50  You won’t know if you don’t try

12:00  Visualize your ideal world

16:20  Limitless possibilities

Read the transcript:

Jun 10, 202119:01
All Creatures Great & Small w/ Kristen Joy

All Creatures Great & Small w/ Kristen Joy

How much consideration do you give to what goes into your body and how it got there? In today’s episode, Kristen Joy (@VoluptuousLife) shares with us her journey of getting back into balance with nature, self-healing, self-discovery, and self-advocacy through nutrition.

Highlight Reel

1:00 - Getting back into balance with the animal kingdom

3:30 - The segregation of Earthlings

7:00 - The power of nutrition

15:00 - Cleaning up our act

21:30 - Finding our balance

24:00 - What’s right for YOU?

25:50 - When confrontation doesn’t go as expected

29:00 - Planting the seed as teacher/student

30:00 - Be your own health advocate

38:30 - A magical, perfect world

41:40 - A little miracle

Watch the video:

Read the transcript:

Jun 03, 202145:24
Trust Yourself w/ Colleen Mitchell

Trust Yourself w/ Colleen Mitchell

Your big decisions should be made by one person: you. Colleen Mitchell (@InspiredForward), a type 1 diabetic, joins us today to discuss how listening to her own body and doing her own research gave her control over her blood sugar levels. Whether it’s public speaking, getting your message out, or defending your health, Colleen is here to tell you why your choices should never be left up to other people.

Highlight Reel

0:30  Type 1 and Type 2

1:30  Fear of public speaking

13:40  Everyone has a message

16:40  Carbs and diabetes

23:40  The processed food industry

30:20  Make your own decisions

35:10  An ideal situation

41:40  Question everything

42:40  Testing for diabetes

Watch the video:

Read the transcript:

May 27, 202145:28
Never, Ever Give Up Hope w/ Carol Graham

Never, Ever Give Up Hope w/ Carol Graham

“Never give up hope.” You hear this encouraging adage all the time, but what does it really mean to be in a situation that feels genuinely hopeless and STILL refuse to allow despair to win? Today we meet a woman who’s been given every reason in the world to give up hope: Carol Graham. She’s here to remind you that you can get through anything--anything!--with attitude, hope and humor.

Highlight Reel

3:20  Covid was a blessing

6:00  Laugh when there’s nothing to laugh about

8:40  Never give up

11:40  The Lesson of the Puppy

18:00  When there’s no end in sight

20:00  Being Thankful In Advance

22:40  Living without fear

32:30  The Helmet of Hope

35:50  Standing on a stage

39:10  No limitations

Watch the video:

Read the transcript:

May 20, 202141:41
Examining Class(room) Injustice w/ Adela Scotland
May 13, 202136:21
Spin a Challenge Into Gold w/ Rhianna Basore
May 06, 202139:58
Sneak Preview of Season 4: 2020 Hindsight

Sneak Preview of Season 4: 2020 Hindsight

2020, the year of clear vision. It was the year when so many things that had fallen off our collective radar suddenly came into sharp view. When the curtains were pulled back, and we were able to see things as they really are, for better or for worse. 

Last year changed so many things, for so many people, that we'll be telling the stories for generations to come. But while they're still fresh, I've dedicated an entire season to helping people share their transformative tales of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is just a sampling of what's to come.

2:20 - Rihanna Basore (@selftrustfund): A transformative year

18:50 - Adela Scotland (@Infinite_adela): Justice for CAPE

6:40 - Simon Stephen (@intorcida): Surviving corporate stress

7:35 - Olivia Meighan (@The_Irish_Survival_Podcast): Start a podcast!

8:10 - Colleen Mitchell (@Inspiredforward): Speak out

9:50 - Utkarsh Saraswat (@sillysworldpodcast): The gift of down-time

10:40 - Sierra Melcher (@integralwomenmentoring): The gift of limitations

12:40 - Pierce Duncan (@pierceduncandotnet): The gift of not being in control

13:40 - Rachel LeWitt: (@w3tbl4nk3t): The spread of symbolic ideas

14:00 - Katy Grainger (@katygrainger): The gift of purpose

15:00 - Theresa Francomacaro ( The power of story

16:35 - Lowry Olafson ( The power of song

18:20 - Kristen Joy (@voluptuouslife): Planting a seed

20:25 - Carol Graham: Never, ever give up hope

Read the transcript:

Apr 29, 202122:44
Season 3 Highlight Reel

Season 3 Highlight Reel

I'm always telling my clients to celebrate their victories. To take a moment at the end of a cycle to look back on just how far they've come and how much they've grown. So, now that I've wrapped the third(!) season of That's Aloud, I decided to take my own advice.

Before diving into Season 4: 2020 Hindsight, which debuts on Thursday May 6th, I took the time to think back on this incredible journey, and share a few moments that have stayed with me. 

This is by no means the "best of" season 3--that would be a completely different collection depending on who put it together. In fact, I would love to hear what YOUR highlight reel would have included. If you leave me a voice message with your biggest take-away from season 3 I'll include it in next week's episode, which will be a sneak preview of what's to come in season 4!

Apr 22, 202127:43
Adopting Your True Self w/ Sarah Wong
Apr 15, 202142:51
Perfectly Imperfect w/ Laurie McDonald

Perfectly Imperfect w/ Laurie McDonald

Have you ever had an experience so jarring you could barely make sense of it, let alone heal from it? Today’s guest, Laurie McDonald (@LaurieIsTrueYou), helps people process those experiences for a living, and she’s here to explain how reaching for a deeper understanding of love and fear will give you tools that can not only change the past and the future, but put the future of the multiverse into perspective. Join us as we explore the possibilities of fourth-dimensional expanded consciousness!
Highlight Reel
1:00 The walking wounded
3:50 Journey into trauma
6:10 Extra-normal realities
12:30 Finding the temple
19:20 Mastering love and fear
21:20 Learning how to create the world
25:30 Fourth-dimensional consciousness
30:50 A glimpse into ascension
Watch the video
Read the transcript
Apr 08, 202136:33
Awakening African Feminism w/ Amanda Marufu

Awakening African Feminism w/ Amanda Marufu

In the ingrained patriarchal societies of Africa, where does feminism begin? It begins when women look around and say, “This is wrong,” and decide to stand up and make change happen. Today we are joined by one of those brave, badass women, African feminist Amanda Marufu, sharing her story of awakening, healing, bravery, and helping others create an equitable world.

Highlight Reel:

1:00  Putting African women in control of their story

2:30  Living as ‘Lesser-Than’

6:40  Abuse and oppression goes deep

9:30  Women are the resource

11:30  Unpacking and healing

16:00  Taking a stand

18:40  How men benefit from feminism

22:10  Shame does not define us

24:30  Educating parents, girls, AND boys

27:20  Five truths

29:30  The blue bird flies

Watch the video:

Read the transcript (with pics!):

Apr 01, 202138:32
Teatersport på Kapitolium (Swedish translation of "Mmm, Peachy! A Capitol Theatre Sports Review")
Mar 29, 202121:39
You Are the Golden Child w/ Trish Lechman
Mar 25, 202138:52
Going All-In w/ Joe & Julia Langton
Mar 18, 202154:23
How To Be a Muse
Mar 14, 202128:28
How To Be Present w/ Dr. Dorote Weyers-Lucci

How To Be Present w/ Dr. Dorote Weyers-Lucci

We’d all love to live in the moment, but it’s never as easy as we’d like. Happily, there are hacks! Join us today as Dr. Dorote Weyers-Lucci shares with us the power of immersive experience, the importance of ritual, and even some technical fixes to offer ourselves the ultimate present: the present!

Highlight Reel:

0:30  Transformation through immersive experience

4:50  The immersion tech-hack

9:30  Non-digital immersive experience

14:40  Ritual experience

20:10  Be in the present moment

24:10  Duality and Individuality

29:20  Survival-entrenched thinking

34:40  Cooperative Play

41:20  Whatever resonates

Watch the video:
Read the transcript (including an image of the beautiful convergence of the Rhone and Arve rivers, as discussed at 25:08):

Mar 11, 202144:47
Still Life With No Apologies w/ Simply Speaks

Still Life With No Apologies w/ Simply Speaks

We’re all so busy. We fill up our days, almost as if we’re afraid of what might happen if we dare to stop for a minute. But if you set aside the busy-busy and allow yourself to be truly still, you may find an authentic self that’s been there all along, waiting for you to be still and stop apologizing for simply being you. Join us as today’s guest, Simply Speaks, introduces us to the idea that stillness and resilience can give you things you never imagined could be yours.

Highlight Reel

0:30  The idea of resilience

3:00  Growing out of your lane

6:00  Tapping into the spirit

8:50  What am I supposed to be?

10:50  Where you came from

15:30  Allow your authentic self to evolve

20:00  Being of service

Watch the video: 

Read the transcript:

Mar 04, 202127:02
From Victim to Victor w/ Kawan Glover, Serial Overcomer

From Victim to Victor w/ Kawan Glover, Serial Overcomer

Imagine you’re a successful athlete in the prime of your life. Now imagine you have a massive stroke, and several brain surgeries, followed by years of speech therapy, slow healing, and recovery. Would you throw yourself a pity party? Sink into a comfortable rut and stay there? Or would you become a serial overcomer and dedicate your life to helping others take control of their mindset and become the hero of their own story? Kawan Glover, author of Favor, How Stroke Struggle and Surgery Helped Me Find My Life's Purpose, chose the latter path. And that’s made all the difference.

Highlight Reel

0:10 - Born on December 25th

1:10 - The stroke of destiny

2:15 - The siren song of depression

4:20 - From victimhood to victory

5:15 - It isn’t your fault, but it is your responsibility

9:00 - Clearing the internal hurdles

10:40 - Making friends with death

11:15 - A foundation of gratitude

12:00 - Kawan Glover, serial overcomer

14:30 - Be the hero of your own story

16:30 - Every misstep is a lesson, not a loss

17:30 - Hurry up and slow down

18:45 - Repeatable results

22:41 - The ideal scene

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Feb 25, 202133:49
The Creation Game, w/ HiRa Hosen

The Creation Game, w/ HiRa Hosen

All of us carry our own pain, and most of us don’t know what to do with it. Wouldn’t you love to be able to set it down? Today’s guest, HiRa Hosen (, explains how, by holding space for pain and truly observing it, we can dissolve it.  And if we can see the emptiness at the center of pain, then creation will be the new game.

Highlight Reel

3:00  The continuous unfolding of perfection

5:20  Seeding planet Earth

9:40  A beautiful collaboration

13:10  What do you do with the suffering of the world?

15:00  The birth journey

23:10  Holding space for pain

31:40  How to hold that space

38:00  The planet has magically opened up

41:50  Creation is the new game

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Feb 18, 202154:42
Love in the Time of COVID w/ Sarah D. Weaver

Love in the Time of COVID w/ Sarah D. Weaver

From singles who feel isolated and frustrated by the challenges of online dating, to couples quarantined together and struggling to keep the spark alive, the COVID pandemic has come with its fair share of love-related challenges. Today I’m joined by nomadic real estate investor and sexy single lady, Sarah Weaver (@SarahDWeaver) to bring you some stellar tools, mindset shifts, and attitude adjustments to help you bring back that lovin’ feelin’, regardless of your relationship status.

Highlight Reel:

0:30 - Dating during COVID

2:17 - The upsides of online dating

8:00 - How not to waste anyone’s time (especially yours)

11:30 - The yes and no list

18:00 - Become someone you would want to date

22:00 - Make room for YOU

27:50 - Be transparent about your agenda

30:00 - Invest in yourself

32:00 - Step into your ideal partnership NOW

35:00 - Life is hard, relationships don’t have to be

38:00 - How to make love last

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Feb 14, 202155:04
You Can Choose Happiness w/ Dawn Super

You Can Choose Happiness w/ Dawn Super

When you suffer from chronic illness, you can feel trapped, constricted, defeated, and exhausted. These are feelings many of us are familiar with during quarantine or suffering through COVID, though for most that experience is temporary rather than a lifelong reality. Today’s guest, Dawn Super, is here to tell you that you can choose happiness in the face of whatever you may be suffering through, that by listening to your body and creating real boundaries, you can change your experience.

Highlight Reel:

0:25  Eliminating the not-okay

7:10  Sleep: The brain’s administrative assistant

12:40  Self-care is my side-hustle

18:30  New symptoms all the time

24:00  Choosing joy when you’re in pain

29:20  Getting right in your head

42:00  Quieting your mind

46:10  The Maui dream

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Feb 11, 202153:36
Lead With Emotional Intelligence w/ Pete Perkins-Hurd

Lead With Emotional Intelligence w/ Pete Perkins-Hurd

Many of us want to be the kind of leader who inspires, maybe even transforms, those around us.  Emotional intelligence differences and learning differences make the leadership journey different for every person.  But one thing that’s true for everyone is that your personal growth doesn’t have a stopping point. Join us today as Pete Perkins-Hurd examines the direct link between emotional intelligence and effective leadership.

Highlight Reel:

0:10  We are misunderstood

9:30  You have no idea what other people are battling

11:00  Emotional intelligence

17:30  Learning and teaching

21:30  Leadership

23:50  Everything you desire has come to pass

29:00  Stay true and keep going

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Feb 04, 202135:40
Your Gifts Are Yours Alone to Give

Your Gifts Are Yours Alone to Give

Why is it so hard to recognize and appreciate our greatest gifts? Why does it feel so awkward to give them away? And what happens when we don't?

This quick bonus episode is here to remind you that your gifts are yours alone. So if you're not giving them away, the world isn't getting them.

Feb 03, 202106:33
Installation i en Nation (Swedish translation of Inauguration Nation)
Feb 03, 202117:18
On the Other Side of Fear w/ Teri Karjala

On the Other Side of Fear w/ Teri Karjala

Are you an Adventurista? If not, why not? Today’s guest, Transformational Life Strategist and host of Talking With Teri, Teri Karjala, shares the secrets of her heroine's journey from painfully shy, scared-of-the-world kid to the successful life coach, motivational speaker, and thrill-seeking cheerleader she is today.

Highlight Reel: 

2:30 - No isn’t the end of the conversation, it’s the beginning of negotiation

4:30 - Stay curious

5:00 - Tradition: a set of solutions for which we’ve forgotten the problems

6:30 - Why mindset is everything

10:30 - Overcoming shyness

14:30 - Emotions: your inner guidance system

15:00 - The Adventurista

20:00 - Trusting her gut

22:00 - Trusting the process

25:30 - Exercising in the brain gym

32:40 - Teri’s happy place

40:30 - Free mindset event Feb 2 2021

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Jan 31, 202142:48
Beyond QAnon: Life After a Cult w/ Jessie Shedden

Beyond QAnon: Life After a Cult w/ Jessie Shedden

Working up the courage to leave a cult is hard enough, but rebuilding yourself and your life afterward can be even harder. Join us today as former cult member Jessie Shedden, author of Tomorrow's Not Promised, joins us to talk about how to re-make your life with trust, love, and respect, as well as how to help and support those who show signs of wanting to make a change. It’s not an easy road, but the lessons are priceless.

Beyond QAnon Highlights:

0:00  Deprogramming QAnon

4:30  Choosing bloodshed

8:30  The Storm never came

9:50  How can we help?

16:00  QAnon is not over

Breaking Free Highlights:

0:50  Growing up in a cult

11:20  Denied the power of choice

16:00 Trust, love, and respect

27:10  Laying down boundaries

31:00  Magic wands and meditations

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Jan 28, 202101:03:14
Inauguration Nation: A review
Jan 27, 202112:16
You Don't Have To Be a One Woman Show, w/ Pamela Slim

You Don't Have To Be a One Woman Show, w/ Pamela Slim

We all know the story about the bootstrappin' entrepreneur who succeeds on their own, with no help from anyone, and so many of us have been frustrated trying to build our business lives around that model. What if there was another story, one that encourages collaboration and celebrates reaching out to help and be helped? Wouldn’t that be more fun? Less stressful? Less scary? Award-winning author and business consultant Pamela Slim joins us today with real-world experience and real-world advice that can change your business and your community for the better.

Highlight Reel:

0:50 - Small business collaboration

6:20 - Control in a corporate environment

11:10 - Connecting to growth

18:40 - Empire Culture

22:30 - Surfing the fear

26:50 - When you’re writing a book...

34:20 - Finding the fit

40:20 - Doing your part

40:44 - I’m gonna wave my magic wand

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Jan 21, 202151:42
Kuppförsöket - en recension (Swedish adaptation of Attempted Coup: a Review), by Ottiliana Rolandsson

Kuppförsöket - en recension (Swedish adaptation of Attempted Coup: a Review), by Ottiliana Rolandsson

I can think of few greater compliments than to be asked, "May I translate your work into my language?" So when my dear friend and colleague Dr. Ottiliana Rolandsson asked me if she could translate my essay Attempted Coup: A Review into Swedish for publication in Sweden, I was tickled pink! In true Ottiliana fashion, however, she went above and beyond my expectations by recording an absolutely delightful reading of her version to share with both her audience and mine. 

So here, without further ado, is Kuppförsöket - en recension, read by the author. Enjoy!

Jan 19, 202111:23
Attempted Coup: A Review

Attempted Coup: A Review

Like a lot of people, I wasn't quite sure how to process or respond to the events of January 6th, 2021. That is, until Mike Marlow summed up my feelings perfectly by writing on Facebook, "This is without a doubt the shittiest production of Les Mis I have ever seen." 

I decided to take the idea that life had transformed into bad theatre and run with it, publishing a tongue-in-cheek "review" of the attempted coup. 

And then, it went viral (in a good way, not like the 'rona). It's now been translated into foreign languages and has brought my lil' ol' website more traffic than it saw in all of 2020 combined. You can find the original here: 


Jan 15, 202108:19