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That's Awesome ID!

That's Awesome ID!

By Leslie Early

Join me as I chat with guests about one thing they think is awesome in the field of instructional design right now. It could be a tool, an app, a learning platform, a book, a blog/vlog, a learning theory, a person they admire, or anything really!

All that matters is that it's awesome!
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That's Higher Ed ID: Expectations Vs. Reality!

That's Awesome ID!Jan 26, 2021

2.9 - That's What It's Like to Speak at DevLearn!
Mar 22, 202219:22
2.8 - That's UX Traps to Look Out For When Designing for VR!
Mar 01, 202222:37
2.7 - That's Awesome Gen Z in L&D!
Feb 15, 202229:38
2.6 - That's Some Thoughts on How to Design for Neurodivergent Learners!
Feb 01, 202224:09
2.5 - That's How to Get the Most Out of Your LinkedIn Profile!
Jan 18, 202221:35
2.4 - That's Voice Over Narration Tips!
Jan 16, 202222:56
2.3 - That's Portfolio Tips!
Nov 30, 202120:14
2.2 - That's CGI VR vs. 360 Immersive Experiences!
Nov 16, 202124:46
2.1 - That's Needs Analysis!
Nov 02, 202119:15
That's a Wrap on Season 1!
May 12, 202105:44
That's How to Apply Digital Marketing Best Practices to ID!
May 04, 202127:58
That's Microlearning with 7taps!
Apr 27, 202124:56
That's How to Navigate the Gray Spaces of a Liminal Career!

That's How to Navigate the Gray Spaces of a Liminal Career!

Training Manager Stacy Salinas joins me to talk about the ways in which instructional designers must navigate a lot of gray spaces to carve out a career path. Inspired by the article "61 Ways to Know You Are Talking to An Instructional Designer", Stacy talks about the ways in which careers in L&D often involve a lot of liminal spaces. We are always navigating the spaces between projects, clients, technologies. We also discuss how instructional design is a growing field and how we are uniquely suited to address future learning needs; needs for jobs that haven't even been invented yet! 

Connect with Stacy on Linkedin. 


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Dec 16, 202017:26
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Dec 02, 202020:44
That's an Intro to Higher Ed ID!
Nov 25, 202018:09
That's the Flipped Episode!
Nov 18, 202022:31
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Oct 28, 202004:14
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Oct 07, 202018:55
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