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Holistic Wellness | Exploring the Science & Metaphysics Of Health

Holistic Wellness | Exploring the Science & Metaphysics Of Health

By Brandy Searcy

Season 3 releases September 29th!

Hosted by an unlikely alternative health advocate (a pharmaceutical development scientist), this podcast offers both scientific and metaphysical perspectives on health and wellness to support you in your holistic wellness journey.

Episodes include deep dives into Ayurveda and exploring the science and energetics of commonly used ingredients in skincare.
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Cycle Syncing: Aligning your exercise & diet with your menstrual cycle for optimal wellness

Holistic Wellness | Exploring the Science & Metaphysics Of HealthMar 09, 2023

Energy and autoimmune conditions a guided session with Jen Poulson

Energy and autoimmune conditions a guided session with Jen Poulson

Get ready to discover the connection between how your energy flows and autoimmunity in this episode. This is your chance to experience a guided energy session completely for free and while the focus may be on autoimmunity, you may just find that your relationships are better and your mind is clearer after this session.

Find Jen on her own podcast, Journey with Jen and also check out these episodes:

Breaking barriers preventing weight loss

Overcoming negative head talk

Be sure to subscribe to Holistic Wellness for new episodes.
Nov 20, 202301:05:46
Haley Fountain on nutrition, yoga, and the healing power of sound

Haley Fountain on nutrition, yoga, and the healing power of sound

Integrative nutritionist and health coach Haley Fountain shares the healing power of sound and reconnecting with your body in this episode. Be sure to check out the Tibetan singing bowl meditation 🙂
Nov 11, 202350:02
Which massage technique is best for you?

Which massage technique is best for you?

Massage therapist and yoga instructor, Corynne Smith, reveals how to choose the massage technique that will most help you with specific conditions.

Corynne's the founder of Affirmations of Wellness Yoga & Massage Studio in Oceanside, CA.

Nov 03, 202343:08
Simple is sustainable, why a simple skincare routine's the most sustainable
Oct 27, 202353:49
Plant-Based Eating for sustainability

Plant-Based Eating for sustainability

Liz Murphy shares her reasons for going vegan (hint, it's not just the environmental impact) in this episode of Holistic Wellness. Listen in for how she found plant-based eating beneficial for her health and her mindset.

Liz Murphy is the chef and owner of Santosha Nutrition, a plant-based, zero-waste culinary business focusing on farm-to-table experiences and education.
In 2021, Liz founded Sustainability is Sexy, a nonprofit focused on driving innovation within the San Diego community through connection and providing tangible education and solutions to the global climate crisis.
Oct 20, 202358:04
Zero Waste Living

Zero Waste Living

Originally from Sweden, Fredrika Syren is an environmental activist, public speaker and writer and book author of “A practical guide to zero waste for families”. She lives a zero waste life is San Diego, California with her husband and three children Isabella, Noah and Liam. Her family has been featured in the documentary “Zero time to waste” and on Ava DuVernay’s TV series “Home Sweet Home”.

You can learn more about Fredrika and zero waste on:


Facebook @thezerowastefamily


To watch the documentary for free

Fredrika’s book

Oct 13, 202350:39
Sustainable Skincare | What's it mean to be sustainable and eco-conscious?
Oct 06, 202338:24
How to sleep better, eliminate burnout, and reach your goals with Karese Laguerre
Sep 29, 202345:07
How I overcame recurrent UTIs without a prescription

How I overcame recurrent UTIs without a prescription

After a year and a half of dealing with recurrent UTIs so bad they caused me to miss work and bouncing from one healthcare practitioner to another, taking round after round of antibiotics and still winding up with another UTI once the antibiotic course completed, I finally asked the right question... why? Here's the scoop: that very 1st UTI occurred within 2 weeks of when I stopped using hormonal birth control. Turns out, long-term use of hormonal contraceptives can mess with your blood sugar metabolism. And when I quit cold turkey, my body was seriously insulin resistant and because it didn't have those synthetic hormones around to stimulate it to release large doses of insulin, I wasn't metabolizing my food in a healthy way. In this episode, you'll learn how to recognize whether a blood sugar metabolism problem is causing your UTIs (and maybe even whether it's related to your diagnosis of interstitial cystitis) regardless of whether you've ever used hormonal birth control or have recently stopped using hormonal birth control. This episode's packed with valuable insights and links over to Rain Organica's program which provides practical steps to help your body regain healthy blood sugar balance. Imagine freeing yourself from the endless cycle of recurrent UTIs and reclaiming your health within just one week! So, if you're ready to break free from UTIs and UTI symptoms, hit that listen button.

Ready to start your journey to break free from UTIs and UTI symptoms? Access Rain Organica's signature program Natural Relief from UTIs and Interstitial Cystitis here.

Aug 06, 202322:21
Pelvic Floor Therapy & Mercier Therapy to support your fertility and bladder health (this is for you if you're struggling with recurrent UTIs, Interstitial Cystitis, or seeking an alternative to IVF)

Pelvic Floor Therapy & Mercier Therapy to support your fertility and bladder health (this is for you if you're struggling with recurrent UTIs, Interstitial Cystitis, or seeking an alternative to IVF)

Are you struggling with interstitial cystitis (IC), recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs), or fertility issues? Discover how pelvic floor therapy and Mercier Therapy, both natural approaches to fertility challenges and bladder conditions help you reverse symptoms and restore health in this interview with Pelvic Floor and Mercier Therapist Gina Valdez. Mercier Therapy offers hope and relief for women seeking natural fertility solutions and has been found to significantly improve the odds of achieving pregnancy*. It's also an incredible therapy for cycle support, endometriosis, and PCOS. In addition to talking about Mercier Therapy for fertility, Gina offers valuable insight into understanding how you're able to support interstitial cystitis (IC) symptoms, UTI symptoms, and support postpartum recovery by improving the health of your pelvic floor... and by supporting a healthy connection between your bladder and brain. Listen to this episode now for immediate actions to take to support healthier urination and a healthier cycle. And, be sure to subscribe to Holistic Wellness for more empowering discussions around Interstitial cystitis and recurrent UTIs, which happen to be topics I'm well versed in and love talking about to help you avoid the same pitfalls I experienced in my own recovery journey. In fact, check out these previous episodes for more (and be sure to subscribe so you don't miss the next episode dedicated to the underlying cause of IC and recurrent UTIs): How dysregulated sugar metabolism increases your risk of developing a UTI Find out more about Gina here. Follow Pelvic Health & Fertility on IG. Save your spot for the craft body oil workshop here: Watch the YouTube video here. Find the full shownotes (including transcript) at this link.
Jul 21, 202346:04
Essential Oils for PMS and Menstrual Cramps: Natural Relief for PMS and Period Pain

Essential Oils for PMS and Menstrual Cramps: Natural Relief for PMS and Period Pain

Are you wondering which essential oils best support PMS and menstrual
cramps? If you answered “yes!”, you’re in the right place.
In this episode, we explore the benefits of specific essential oils known for their soothing and therapeutic properties including:

• Vitex berry essential oil
• Clary sage
• Vetiver
• Frankincense
• Rose

And lavender (because how could any list of therapeutic essential oils be
complete without lavender?)
In the first half of this video, you’ll discover how your cycle works and
what hormone imbalances may be contributing to mood swings, cramps, and nausea
either during your premenstrual phase or during your period itself.
Once we’ve set this foundation, then we’ll talk about how each of those
essential oils listed above helps support hormone balance in your cycle or improves your body’s ability to handle the hormonal fluctuations that accompany your period.
Join us as we delve into the science-backed benefits of these specific essential oils for supporting a healthy, pain-free period. Watch this video now for a natural approach to a healthy cycle.

Download your essential oil blends for menstrual cycle support: PMS and painful periods edition here.

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Which cycle awareness method's right for you?

Aromatherapy and Skincare: Inspiring Wellness Inside and Out with Osmia Skincare founder, Dr. Sarah Villafranco

Exercising according to your menstrual cycle with Amy Oldfield
Jul 17, 202301:04:23
Aromatherapy and Skincare: Inspiring Health Inside and Out with Dr. Sarah Villafranco (Osmia Skincare founder)

Aromatherapy and Skincare: Inspiring Health Inside and Out with Dr. Sarah Villafranco (Osmia Skincare founder)

Dr. Sarah Villafranco founded Osmia Skincare in 2012, and has grown this natural, indie brand into a team of over 20 people over the past 11 years! Osmia is a beautiful brand with a magnetic founder, and this podcast episode is your official invitation into the Osmia experience... stay tuned for the description of the bee
nest around the mid way point in this episode for a little extra inspo for your day 🤗

Find Osmia on the web

Follow Osmia on IG

Save your spot for a live workshop where you'll craft your own body oil

Listen to the podcast with Sustainable Harvest International founder Flo Reed.

Find out more about Rain Organica's B Corp status here.
Jul 14, 202352:06
Intuitive wellness: Let your body be your guide with Jes Williams (Feelmoregooder)

Intuitive wellness: Let your body be your guide with Jes Williams (Feelmoregooder)

Jes Williams of Feelmoregooder believes in finding your own path to wellness by allowing your body to guide you in your everyday choices.  This conversation is a return to self and an invitation for you to reconnect with the innate wisdom of your own body.  You don't have to find all the answers, you just have to get out of your own way and trust your body to find its way back to a state of balance. Find the full shownotes here: Reserve your spot for Sacred Self-Care: Botanical Body Oils for Your Healthiest Cycle workshop here:

Jul 07, 202355:15
What's the safest sunscreen? And, can you layer sunscreens safely?
Jun 30, 202336:30
The 5 root causes of acne
Jun 24, 202327:24
The Root Causes of Acne part 1
Jun 16, 202325:22
Does mindset affect your health?
Jun 10, 202327:43
Lactation 101: How to breastfeed (the guide for new mamas)
Jun 05, 202357:52
It's not your diet. How what gets into your body affects your health

It's not your diet. How what gets into your body affects your health

With so much talk about AIP, FODMAP foods, low histamine foods, and food allergies (including to apples), there's a lot of fear circling the simple act of eating in today's society.

The best kept secret is... the natural foods in your diet didn't make you sick. What made you sick is all the unnatural stuff that's making it's way into your body, and that set the stage for your body to become sensitive to all these natural foods.

We've got to learn to restore cellular intelligence & support our body's innate detox mechanisms, and we do that by kicking out the unnatural stuff (pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics) and creating a safe space for our bodies to heal... and sometimes, depending on your state of health, that requires a restricted food diet while your body's healing.

Pick up your 5 ways to detox your day here. Filled with 5 quick and easy things you're able to do today to support your healthiest self.

Other episodes you might enjoy:

How your lymph works and why it's so important for your health, digestion, and healthy weight

3 ways to boost lymph flow

Ready to ditch the pill but worried about whether your symptoms will return with a vengeance? Rain Organica's program Staying healthy while breaking up with hormonal birth control guides you through how to navigate your break-up with hormonal birth control and feel your best.

Want to know how to achieve natural birth control (no hormones or copper IUD required)? I've got a program for that! Email and let's talk! Natural, highly effective birth control's possible when you know how to figure out your fertile window (about 5 to 7 days long) each cycle. Natural birth control's just as effective as hormonal birth control at avoiding pregnancy without all the health risks. So, let's talk! I've got a special offer just for you to ditch hormonal birth control and avoid pregnancy naturally.

Jun 02, 202349:22
What's really messing up your health?
May 26, 202318:25
Birth Control, Autoimmunity, and Green Plasma with Mike Gaskins
May 17, 202350:23
Does hormonal birth control increase your risk for autoimmune disease?
May 12, 202314:03
How hormonal birth control alters your blood test results
May 06, 202330:34
The Ayurvedic 7 layer view of your body's tissues (Sanskrit: dhatus) and why you've got period problems
Apr 20, 202301:03:59
How to choose a menstrual cup for comfort, convenience, & a leak-free period

How to choose a menstrual cup for comfort, convenience, & a leak-free period

Have you ever wondered how to properly select your menstrual cup size or how long it's okay to wear your cup before cleaning?

Karin Kohler, founder of MeLuna USA joins me to discuss all things menstrual cups in this episode.

We talk about:

  • how to size your cup
  • how to know whether you've selected the right size cup
  • how to clean and sanitize your cup
  • how long it's safe to wear your cup
  • the difference between silicone and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) in menstrual cups

Find the shownotes here.

Apr 05, 202344:18
How Ayurveda views your menstrual cycle

How Ayurveda views your menstrual cycle

Ayurveda offers a lot of insight into how to support your menstrual cycle so that it's healthy. What's a healthy cycle look like? One that's:

without any PMS symptoms (yes, that's possible)
without pain during your period (yes, that's also possible)
without bleeding or spotting in-between your period

Today's episode is a brief intro into Ayurveda's view of your menstrual cycle. And, if this piques your interest, check out Rain Organica's full (free) course on How Ayurveda supports a healthy menstrual cycle here.
Mar 21, 202333:19
Cycle Syncing: Aligning your exercise & diet with your menstrual cycle for optimal wellness

Cycle Syncing: Aligning your exercise & diet with your menstrual cycle for optimal wellness

Amy Oldfield, founder of Body Theory by Amy, gives tips and tricks for  aligning your exercise (& nutrition) routine with your menstrual  cycle to feel your best and support a healthy weight.  

Amy shares about her own journey towards obtaining a healthy cycle and dishes on ways to curb those sugar cravings just before your period (and when to amp up your workouts to take full advantage of your body's  natural hormonal rhythm).

Mar 09, 202357:35
What's Hashimoto's disease and can you cure it naturally?

What's Hashimoto's disease and can you cure it naturally?

This episode covers:

  • what's Hashimoto's thyroiditis (and the other autoimmune thyroid condition known as Grave's Disease)
  • how to diagnose Hashimoto's (why your HCP might not be ordering the right blood tests)
  • how to support your condition naturally... cure's a strong word and I'm not a doctor, so let's talk ways to support Hashimoto's naturally.  I'll share tips and tricks I've learned along my 5 year journey with Hashimoto's.

We'll talk about iodine (to avoid or not?) when you have Hashimoto's.

Why exercise can exacerbate symptoms of the condition.

We're also talking about the role of hormonal birth control in autoimmunity, the importance of sleep, and what Ayurveda offers you on your journey with autoimmune conditions.

While this episode focuses on Hashimoto's, the support strategies apply to any autoimmune condition.

Find the full shownotes (once released) here.

Have you left a review yet for Holistic Wellness?  Leave a 5-star review.  Share it on social and tag Rain Organica to receive a gift in gratitude for your time.

Feb 25, 202348:36
Episode 61:  7 biomarkers of fertility
Feb 16, 202333:34
Can you heal your thyroid (& restore your metabolism) naturally?

Can you heal your thyroid (& restore your metabolism) naturally?

The duo at EastWest Healing (aka RealFoodGangstas) on IG join me to talk about why: intermittent fasting doesn't work for everyone keto stops working over time you gain weight when you do HIIT 5X per week Want to know the secret?  Your body isn't broken, you're sending it the wrong signals and forcing it into a state of survival (calorie hoarding) rather than thriving (using food for energy instead of reserving it as excess weight for later use). To break free of the stress response you've conditioned your body into, Josh & Jeanne Rubin share a few simple tips and tricks in this episode. Click to listen. Check out these supporting episodes: Episode 26 and Episode 27 and Looking for the shownotes? You'll find the full shownotes here.
Feb 08, 202351:44
How blood sugar dysregulation increases your risk of UTI

How blood sugar dysregulation increases your risk of UTI

Did you know that diabetics are more prone to UTIs than other people?  Did you know hormonal birth control interferes with your body's glucose metabolism and contributes to insulin resistance?  Did you know that UTIs don't always show up on a standard urine culture?

If you suffer from UTIs, have been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis, or are on hormonal birth control, this episode's for you.   I share my personal story of developing a UTI for the first time ever after discontinuing hormonal birth control, how that UTI continued to recur even after rounds of antibiotics, why my general practitioner suggested I might have interstitial cystitis, and how I learned that interstitial cystitis is sometimes just a misdiagnosed UTI.

Also, UTIs don't have to be a way of life, and if you have them recurringly, there may be an underlying health reason that just hasn't been diagnosed yet... like dysregulated sugar metabolism. 

Find the full shownotes here.

Jan 13, 202331:35
Finding peace among chaos

Finding peace among chaos

Erica and Aly, the co-founders of Courageous Wellness share their individual experiences with Buddhism on today's show. Whether you're into exploring various types of spirituality for your own well-being or just looking to deepen your meditation practice, give today's show a listen.
About Courageous Wellness: Aly French and Erica Stein are both Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches, with advanced training in gut health and hormone health. They produce and co-host the Courageous Wellness Podcast, a platform to interview diverse people about their personal journeys across all aspects of health and wellness with a commitment to de-stigmatize conversations in the wellness space. With 220+ episodes, Aly and Erica have interviewed guests including: Dr. Will Cole (Goop), NYC Mayor Eric Adams, Dr. Amy Shah, Melissa Bernstein (Melissa and Doug Toys), Dr. Elinor Cleghorn, GT Dave (GT’s Living Foods), Catherine McCord (Weelicious), Tambra Raye Stevenson (WANDA), Sarah Platt Finger (Chopra Global) and many others.
In 2020, the company expanded to the Courageous Wellness Collective (CWC), providing Integrative Nutrition and Health Coaching services. The goal of CWC is to extend the podcast’s community, uniting people in their unique wellness journeys, keeping an eye on inclusivity and accessibility. Under the CWC banner, Aly and Erica have spoken at events across the country, including Covenant House California, The Wayfarer Foundation, Westside Food Bank of Los Angeles, Financial Women’s Association NYC, and elementary school classrooms.
Find the shownotes here.
Dec 30, 202244:48
Can hormonal birth control cause diabetes?
Dec 22, 202252:30
Episode 56: Does a newly discovered essential fatty acid hold the key for reversing NAFLD?
Nov 30, 202244:19
Are polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs) good for you?
Nov 10, 202237:44
Panchakarma and the Spiritual Nature of Ayurveda

Panchakarma and the Spiritual Nature of Ayurveda

Ayurveda Practitioner, Kate O'Donnell, shares her personal experience with Ayurveda and the spiritual transformation of the Ayurvedic cleanse, panchakarma, in this episode.

She  also shares a bit of insight into the health aspects of menstruation  (yes, turns out that monthly flow's actually a cleansing process) and  alludes to a few considerations for women dealing with PMS.

Connect with Kate at and on IG here

And, find the full shownotes linked here .

Oct 28, 202201:00:31
An Ayurvedic detox: panchakarma
Oct 13, 202228:22
Can you use fertility awareness for contraception?

Can you use fertility awareness for contraception?

In today's episode, Jess Dzierbicki of Charting with Jess dishes on how she's using fertility awareness method (FAM) for contraception. Jess talks about:

the basics of FAM
what to consider when you're coming off the pill
your cycle and the moon phase (and why it's normal to switch between ovulating with the full moon and the new moon)

You'll also discover a surprise bonus in today's episode.
Check out the shownotes here.
Register for the free bonus course here.
Sep 28, 202234:05
Episode 51: Honoring rest

Episode 51: Honoring rest

In case you needed to hear this, it's okay to change your plans. Rest when your body, mind, or spirit requests.
Sep 07, 202208:50
Episode 50: The Power of Yoga with Elora Herberick
Aug 10, 202201:03:43
The Energetics of Ayurvedic Herbs
Jul 29, 202250:06
An Ayurvedic view of skincare
Jul 14, 202227:28
What are alternative preservatives in skincare?

What are alternative preservatives in skincare?

Last time, we talked about preservative regulations in skincare here in America compared with Europe.  Referencing the EU's "List of Approved Preservatives in Skincare" alternative preservatives are ingredients that aren't found in that list.  Why is that?  These ingredients are multifunctional meaning that in addition to their antimicrobial nature, they also have additional benefits in your product.  These additional benefits are typically:

  • moisturizing your skin
  • "fixing" fragrance... the ingredients bind fragrance molecules helping fragrance linger for longer
  • improved skin feel... this one's vague, and this might mean improving how plump your skin feels or how the product feels as you apply it (think silky smooth)
  • anti-oxidant
  • anti-inflammatory

Alternative preservatives are often (though not always) natural, and in this episode you'll hear more about the most common ones and what you might consider before using products containing those.

Jun 29, 202215:57
Episode 46: Healthy Cooking Oils, Biodynamic Wines, and Healthy Natural Food at GOODONYA

Episode 46: Healthy Cooking Oils, Biodynamic Wines, and Healthy Natural Food at GOODONYA

GOODONYA founder Kris Buchanan shares why she's so passionate about offering truly natural foods prepared with healthy cooking oils, pesticide & herbicide free ingredients, typically sourced from local farms.  She also shares her quest to feature biodynamic and no sulfate added wines at this Encinitas restaurant. Find the shownotes here:  Where do you find the healthiest restaurant?
Jun 15, 202251:56
Preservatives in skincare

Preservatives in skincare

What's the difference in skincare regulations in Europe and the US? Over 1300 ingredients. We'll talk what's banned and regulated in European skincare and particularly focus on preservatives (including parabens).
Jun 01, 202221:01
Why are preservatives in skincare?
May 25, 202227:46
Natural Anxiety Relief: How tapping, decluttering, & adding a dog to your life helps manage stress
May 18, 202234:44
Episode 42: Health lessons learned from my dog
May 04, 202237:20
How's Round-up (Glyphosate) impacting your digestion and your health?
Apr 20, 202201:03:40
Autoimmunity and Modern Day Wheat
Apr 07, 202226:56