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The Bloom Pod

By Hello Bloom Media

On The Bloom Pod, our host, Lauren Taylor, is diving into all the things — personal stories and life lessons, aha moments, how she’s embracing her own body and how listeners can too, her mental health journey and SO MUCH MORE! It’s basically a giant slumber party full of life talk that will inspire and encourage all women on their own journeys. At Hello Bloom Media our heart's mission is make women's feel SEEN, HEARD, and REPRESENTED
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@erin22xoxo hour: Content that Breathes LIFE

The Bloom PodSep 13, 2023

@erin22xoxo hour: Content that Breathes LIFE

@erin22xoxo hour: Content that Breathes LIFE

Erin Chau has a mission statement we LIVE for — creating content that breathes inspiration and ignites inner and outer confidence. Like okay, HOW INCREDIBLE?! 

An engineer by trade, Erin engages her analytical brain and personal insecurities when creating content, ensuring her posts always reflect her mission. She truly has the work-life balance down to an art and invites us into her journey of feeling like a failure and learning to overcome those feelings. Erin has amazing advice for people looking to book brand partnerships and coordinating a price that fits what you’re doing, 

In the words of Erin: “Do not measure success by how much money you make, it’s measured by how happy you are.” Heck YES!

Sep 13, 202335:30
@breanneallarie hour: Reigniting Your Spark & Staying Weird
Sep 06, 202336:28
@thatsbriannab hour: Defining Your Own Success & Finding Your Own Path
Sep 03, 202344:43
@theoliviaphillips hour: Making Room for All of us – The Ultimate Hype Woman
Aug 23, 202345:39
@leighannhealey hour: The Journey of Unlearning – Bodybuilding to Body Acceptance

@leighannhealey hour: The Journey of Unlearning – Bodybuilding to Body Acceptance

⚠️TW: Eating Disorder

 We wish we couldn’t relate to Leigh’s reality of wanting to be loved and popular among others around her, and yet it’s a story most women know all too well.

Thanks to the world’s standards, we often equate our worth and acceptance to the size of our body. Leigh believed those views for herself, creating an unhealthy relationship with food in order to minimize the size of her body. Fueled by her toxic relationship and the need to be “skinny”, she entered the world of competitive body building. 

Today’s episode is a story of learning to love yourself, finding acceptance, navigating grief and learning from life’s lessons. Join us for Leigh’s powerful story of her time in treatment, the importance of loving yourself unconditionally, and finding new love (in the most unexpected way).

Aug 16, 202352:22
@heytheredolapo hour: Breaking Down Barriers
Aug 09, 202301:03:52
@imtiffanyyu hour: Diversability: Transforming Shame to Pride
Aug 03, 202353:60
@camilleviviana hour: Trusting The Process
Aug 01, 202343:53
@jesseliz.brands hour: Marketing Tips & Capturing Your Brand Voice

@jesseliz.brands hour: Marketing Tips & Capturing Your Brand Voice

Our copy writer is on The Bloom Pod today and we are diving into how she helped capture our brand voice. Not only does Jess absolutely slay at nailing the voice of her clients, the objective behind her career makes it even more special — creating community through authenticity and vulnerability…weird and all. If that isn’t enough, she’s also a badass brand photographer, using her camera to help women show up in their business and marketing with confidence! (All while looking dang good doing it, of course.)

Together, Jess and Lauren dive into the ups and downs of starting your own business, overcoming imposter syndrome and marketing tips that will change the game for you!

Jul 26, 202348:26
@studiodomka hour: Taking The Leap of Faith

@studiodomka hour: Taking The Leap of Faith

Oh Emm GEE – our designer, Ewelina, is on the pod (ahhh!) and we’re so excited to dive into the juicy behind the details on the evolution of Hello Bloom Media. We’re chatting about the processes that went into creating all the magic behind our brand: our logo, brand colors, website design and more!

With a background in architecture, the owner of Studio Domka shares her story of diving into the unknown of entrepreneurship and the euphoric feeling of success once you take the *leap of faith*. 

The Hello Bloom team really resonates with Ewelina’s design goal of beauty surrounded by purpose — a purpose that really comes through in her feel good aesthetic. (Did we mention we love her a LOT?!) Today, Ewelina is sharing how she captures a brand’s intentions from scratch, as well as how to differentiate yourself in a sea of the same old, same old.

You’ll leave this episode feeling confident to tackle the project or dream you’ve been putting off… because you ARE good enough to do it!

Jul 19, 202356:18
@caralynmirand hour: Rooting Confidence in Self-Love

@caralynmirand hour: Rooting Confidence in Self-Love

Plus size model, undergarment expert and content creator, Caralyn Mirand graces us on the pod today. Tired of being put into the 38 DD box by the modelling industry, Caralyn took to the digital world to enlighten people on the specifics of becoming a part of the #properlyfittingbraclub. Being a voice for confidence is a passion of hers — she believes one of the key pieces to feeling confident is wearing properly fitting clothes. Caralyn openly shares her own path to self-love on the podcast today, emphasizing it’s a journey, not a destination.

Jul 12, 202345:36
@sincerely.kayla hour: Finding Comfort in the Uncomfortable

@sincerely.kayla hour: Finding Comfort in the Uncomfortable

It's certainly easy to scroll social media and feel like everyone is living their best lives but Kayla wants you to see her page and feel like you can relate. Whether it's through her self love journey & body dysmorphia, her relationship with food or her juicy Trader Joe's finds - she wants you to join in on her life on the internet. As if she wasn't already making a huge impact on her feed, she also has a podcast that welcomes listeners into her space and truly makes you say, "yup, me too".

Check out Kayla's Podcast:

Jul 05, 202351:01
@itstashhaynes: Building Community

@itstashhaynes: Building Community

Seattle/Tacoma blogger, mom and photographer, Tash Haynes, is joining us on the pod! After being in foster care and aging out of the system as an adult, Tash knew her main goal would be to build community in everything she did. In 2017 she began sharing her travels and daily life in the hopes of changing how black families were seen and portrayed in the media — all with the intent to give her children access, opportunities and moments they otherwise may not have experienced.

On today’s episode, Tash shares her incredible journey on how she was able to find and unite both sides of her family through ancestry tests, personal research and a crazy health scare. Tash teaches on love, parenting through healing, her health journey and using the power of faith to show up for yourself TODAY!

Jun 28, 202357:13
@mindyybraga hour: Keeping it REAL

@mindyybraga hour: Keeping it REAL

After being diagnosed with depression and anxiety in high school and experiencing the loneliness and brutality of social media, Mindy decided to use her platform to uplift others. By sharing light hearted content, she hopes to inspire and enrich the lives of those who come across her feed. On today’s episode, Mindy is showing up unfiltered and authentically herself, regardless of how uncomfortable it might feel.

Join Mindy and Lauren as they talk about the importance of emotional health, self-care and how Aerie has been an online trailblazer for size inclusion and keeping it real.

Jun 21, 202353:09
@thisrenegadelove hour: The Space Between No Longer and Not Yet

@thisrenegadelove hour: The Space Between No Longer and Not Yet

Lauren’s main goal is to make content that is raw, real and relatable - bringing people together in an authentic and genuine way. She began sharing the most honest parts of herself on her blog, This Renegade Love, which is an online hub based on extraordinary people doing ordinary things. She is bursting the door wide open, inviting everyone to speak freely about what makes us human — she’s touching on sensitive, polarizing topics and what to do when you don’t know what the heck is going on (really, it IS ok to feel that too!!) At the end of the day, we are humans at our core, wanting to feel connections. Let’s get on the same wavelength as Lauren and ride life together!

Watch for all of Lauren's offering here:

Jun 14, 202355:09
@spoon.full.of.becky hour: The POWER of Perseverance

@spoon.full.of.becky hour: The POWER of Perseverance

Disability advocate, Becky Hill, is on The Bloom Pod today and what an extraordinary human she is! 

Today Becky’s sharing all about her journey — learning to relentlessly adapt to Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (a connective tissue disease), enduring many...MANY pivots, and how she’s dealt with the feelings of embarrassment and sadness when reflecting on who she used to be.

Despite the trials, Becky remains a hilarious shining light, taking us on her metaphorical journey into becoming the woman she is today. Together, we’re digging into sexual health, high school memories and more.

Jun 07, 202345:54
@thewanderinglioness hour: Trusting Your Intuition & Being Inspired Through Spirit

@thewanderinglioness hour: Trusting Your Intuition & Being Inspired Through Spirit

Being vulnerable, creating deep connections, and gracing the online world with her beautiful presence are just a few things this Wandering Lioness does to impact us daily. Krystie Ann and her spiritual soul take us on quite the journey in this episode. She talks about embracing new beginnings, evolving with the human experience and shares her mental health journey through it all. Her one hot tip? GET A JOURNAL, STAT. This is where the process of release will happen.

Join us for today’s juicy episode. We’re diving into spiritual guidance, psychic mediumship, interacting with spirits, auras, energies and so much more! (Did we mention it’s really, really juicy?!)

May 24, 202353:27
Podcast Production - What Can WE Do for YOU?

Podcast Production - What Can WE Do for YOU?

At Hello Bloom Media, WE WANT TO HEAR YOU ROAR! Our mission is guided by our passion to create representation of all bodies, faces, skin colours, abilities, and cultures in the modern media landscape. We believe that we all deserve an opportunity to use our voice for positive change and encourage others to Bloom!

Does your existing podcast need a bit of direction/re-vamp or do you have an amazing foundation already and are interested in having a production team behind you? Have you thought about starting a podcast but have no idea where to start? Wherever you are in your podcast journey - we have your back!! There are a wide range of services that house different capabilities and resources for you to choose from to create your custom package. We can be as hands on or hands off as you need and we talk about them all in this bonus episode.

Take a listen to answer some of your questions about what the heck a production team can do for you and of course, reach out if you have any questions -

xo K + B

May 18, 202326:06
@eunicempark hour: It’s All In The Reps & Leading With Gratitude

@eunicempark hour: It’s All In The Reps & Leading With Gratitude

It’s a hard-knock life in the vast world of content creation. Cue Eunice Park and her mission to help people succeed in the field of social media. She’s talking all things brand deals, monetizing your page, general tips and tricks and even brand contacts (say, WHAT?). Coach Eunice is here to save the day!

We chat on how she got started in content creation, her skincare journey, sharing routines with her daughters and why she sometimes chooses not to share them on social media. As a mom to 3, Eunice is super candid about her dreams and goals for her kids and how she’s shifting the narrative when talking to them.

Eunice's Goodies:

May 17, 202354:39
@managedbyskye hour: Working Smarter, Not Harder on Social Media

@managedbyskye hour: Working Smarter, Not Harder on Social Media

Social media expert & mentor, Skylar Garcia is on to give us ALL the tips and tricks on growing your platforms authentically and powerfully — you’re going to need a pen and paper for this one!

Skye is an OG to the TikTok world, using her marketing and social media experience to help others utilize their social media platforms to the max. Skye produces foolproof social media strategies that JUST. MAKE. SENSE.

Join us as Skye shares how she’s adapted to the ever changing algorithm PLUS, gives us her trend projections for 2023.

Skye's Courses & Offerings:

May 10, 202356:11
@lexiwright_ hour: On Making Mistakes

@lexiwright_ hour: On Making Mistakes

Lexi is refreshingly candid when it comes to the difference between turning the ideas of failures into lessons, especially when it comes to being self critical. It seems impossible but trust me, it’s not! Lexi is an enigma of the human race: she was social media free for an entire year… AND LIVED TO TALK ABOUT IT. Our minds are blown too.

All jokes aside, join us as Lexi shares the lessons she learned during her social media break — they’re so good! Lexi and Lauren dive into the triggering world of social media and comparison, even despite one’s best intentions, as well as self-criticizing and appreciating yourself every damn day for exactly who you are. You don’t want to miss it!

May 03, 202301:05:13
@lbmay hour: Making Decisions For YOU!

@lbmay hour: Making Decisions For YOU!

The beautiful and magnetic Bekah Cloud joins us today to talk about disability representation. Diagnosed at birth with VATER syndrome, Bekah refused to let her disability stop her. With the power and support of her family, she’s moved through life in ways that feel good.

Join us as Bekah shares how social media has been therapeutic for her, how she chooses to SURVIVE every single day and how a childhood photo of herself serves as a reminder to wear whatever the HECK you want.

Apr 26, 202343:33
@lesliebangamba hour: Creating Awareness For Amelie - Choosing to Begin Again

@lesliebangamba hour: Creating Awareness For Amelie - Choosing to Begin Again

⚠️ Parental Trauma

After nearly losing her daughter, Leslie took to social media to raise awareness of her story and help others. After the incident in 2020, Leslie realized she needed to take her mental health more seriously, giving herself grace when things felt rocky. Join us as Leslie shares her story of experiencing trauma, giving grace without permission, celebrating and sharing joy again, finding security, and building empathy with others around her.

Although being socially mindful and intentional has been a pillar throughout Leslie’s life, there’s nothing like a life altering event to really put things into perspective. This episode is a stern lesson in being grateful, practicing self-awareness and being dope as hell!

Amelia's Second Chance Documentary:

Apr 19, 202301:01:34
@sashaexeter hour: Be The Woman Who…

@sashaexeter hour: Be The Woman Who…

Sasha Exeter, creator, supporter and educator extraordinaire, joins us today and we couldn’t be happier to learn from this absolute mom boss. This emotionally charged episode is raw, echoing everything Hello Bloom stands for.

During our conversation with Sasha, we learn all about her guilty pleasures, how she shows up for herself, her daughter and the black community, her amazing partnership with Joe Fresh and the team behind her. Sasha and Lauren take this opportunity to be extremely truthful in their feelings about being black creators, plus they’re digging into the inspiration behind Sasha’s podcast and what the two have learned being hosts.

My Friends Do Dope Shit:

Sasha’s website link:

Apr 05, 202352:49
@lindsay.adkinson Hour: The Power of Attraction & Manifestation

@lindsay.adkinson Hour: The Power of Attraction & Manifestation

⚠️Trigger warning: Addiction, abuse

In this episode, we’re joining Lindsay as she takes us on the heartbreaking journey of generational trauma and how she found peace within herself and her world. Lindsay’s sharing her story of how winning a contest of a lifetime prompted the beginning of inner growth work and mindset changes, leading to a life of healing and manifestation.

Lindsay and Lauren are also sharing intimate life stories, including re-parenting, exploring lingering feelings, healing your inner child and how powerful visualization is in your therapeutic journey.

It Gets Better Podcast:

Apr 01, 202349:32
@terihofford hour: On Bodies, Self-talk, Compassion, & Feeling Safe
Mar 01, 202301:11:56
@shannonaryca hour: The POWER of Believing in Yourself

@shannonaryca hour: The POWER of Believing in Yourself

We’ve got graphic designer and Aerie ambassador, Shannon, with us today! We’re talking about how she got started in graphic design and the creative process behind her Instagram photos from start to finish (including those dreaded captions).

Let us tell you, the working mind behind a designer and creator is SO COOL.

Lauren and Shannon share their own experiences working with Aerie, their journeys in the content creation world and how you too can make your dreams come true.

Feb 15, 202349:37
@arielleestoria hour: The Process of Unfolding
Feb 08, 202353:00
@abbeybergman hour: Triumph Over Adversity

@abbeybergman hour: Triumph Over Adversity

The beautiful and inspiring WARRIOR, Abbey Bergman is on the pod! Grab your tissues, besties and beverage of choice because this is one episode you do NOT want to miss. This gorgeous mama kicked cancer’s butt and is here to share her story! Using past life experiences, hear how Abbey framed her mindset into one of positivity and fight.

Abbey shares the rocky road she traveled to once again love herself, embrace new realities and adapt to fresh perspectives. Being a nutritionist, Abbey and Lauren also discuss how to build your confidence through cooking that fills your soul. (Double yum!)

Jan 25, 202339:15
@dariaast hour: The Do's and Don'ts of Marketing & Influencing
Jan 18, 202346:18
@pegcitylovely hour: Celebrating YOU!
Jan 11, 202353:31
@neighbourbecci hour: Protecting Your Energy + the Neighbour You Wish You Had
Jan 04, 202350:36
Welcome to The Bloom Pod

Welcome to The Bloom Pod

Hello Bloom Media presents THE BLOOM POD. On The Bloom Pod, our host, Lauren Taylor, is diving into all the things — personal stories and life lessons, aha moments, how she’s embracing her own body and how listeners can too, her mental health journey and SO MUCH MORE! It’s basically a giant slumber party full of life talk that will inspire and encourage all women on their own journeys. At Hello Bloom Media our heart's mission is make women's feel SEEN, HEARD, and REPRESENTED

Stay tuned for our first episode coming at you in 2023

Dec 29, 202201:25