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The Boar Sport Podcast

The Boar Sport Podcast

By The Boar Sport

The Boar Sport Podcast is a weekly show by the University of Warwick's award-winning student newspaper.

Host: Mitchell Ryan
Launched: March, 2020
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The Football 7-Dayer Podcast EP13: Can Jack keep his 7-Dayer Quiz Crown?

The Boar Sport PodcastJun 09, 2022

Hogging the Ball EP17: Horse jokes and farewells
Mar 20, 202341:56
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Mar 10, 202356:18
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Mar 04, 202350:48
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Feb 24, 202339:43
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Feb 09, 202351:53
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Feb 01, 202351:52
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Jan 25, 202350:45
Hogging the Ball EP10: "Chelsea could use a Benteke"
Jan 18, 202349:08
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Jan 11, 202344:46
Hogging the Ball EP8: We just want a decent Semi
Dec 07, 202235:25
Hogging the Ball EP7: Jake's Belgian Booty Birthday Bonanza
Nov 29, 202244:17
Hogging the Ball EP6: Get Jonny a waistcoat
Nov 23, 202246:33
Hogging the Ball EP5: We all dream of a team of James Milners
Nov 16, 202245:51
Hogging the Ball EP4: Wonderful PL Weekend and Round of 16 Predictions
Nov 08, 202251:54
Hogging the Ball EP3: European Previews and Liverpool slander
Nov 02, 202250:20
Hogging the Ball EP2: Just stick Madders at right-back
Oct 25, 202246:19
Hogging the Ball EP1: New season, new faces, same game
Oct 18, 202237:00
The Football 7-Dayer Podcast EP13: Can Jack keep his 7-Dayer Quiz Crown?
Jun 09, 202201:00:10
The Football 7-Dayer Podcast EP12: The Great 7-Dayer Quiz!
May 05, 202201:59:46
The Football 7-Dayer Podcast EP11: All Podcast Tangents Lead to Rome
May 01, 202250:48
The Football 7-Dayer Podcast EP10: England's Best B Team
Mar 15, 202254:26
The Football 7-Dayer Podcast EP9: Is the title race still on?
Mar 09, 202245:02
The Football 7-Dayer Podcast EP8: Liverpool win the Carabao Cup, are Everton going down?
Mar 02, 202243:04
The Super Bowl 56 Preview: Cincinnati Bengals vs Los Angeles Rams
Feb 13, 202234:44
The Football 7-Dayer Podcast EP7: AFCON, EPL and FA Cup
Feb 08, 202245:05
The Football 7-Dayer Podcast #6: The Best XI
Feb 03, 202250:06
The Football 7-Dayer Podcast EP5
Jan 27, 202258:12
The Football 7-Dayer Podcast EP3
Jan 12, 202246:40
The Football 7-Dayer Podcast EP2
Dec 07, 202149:60
The Football 7-Dayer Podcast EP1
Nov 30, 202153:05
SERIES 2 EPISODE 1: Introductions, Solksjaer, Raducanu and more
Nov 11, 202141:29
EP30: The NFL preview
Sep 02, 202101:18:21
EP29: The Premier League is back ... is Ole Gunnar Solksjaer good enough to lead United to success?
Aug 12, 202149:17
EP28: The Euro 2020 review
Jul 15, 202143:43
The Euro 2020 final: England vs Italy
Jul 09, 202147:18
The Euros Catch-up #2: the Group Stage review and Last-16 preview
Jun 24, 202152:54
The Euro 2020 round-up #1
Jun 16, 202114:21
EP24: The Euro 2020 preview
Jun 10, 202148:14
EP23: The European finals preview
May 26, 202149:54
EP22: The 2021 Elite Series review
May 06, 202150:45
EP21: The European Super League and the dark future of football
Apr 22, 202146:44
EP20: UCL and UEL semi-final predictions, could Manchester City or even Arsenal triumph?
Apr 19, 202146:19
EP19: Fan Controlled Football- the future of sport?
Apr 12, 202125:48
EP18: The International Break, England XIs and Euro 2020
Mar 28, 202147:17
EP17: Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea target UCL glory, while Manchester United and Arsenal continue UEL runs
Mar 19, 202141:59
Interview: Aaron Murphy on ice hockey commentary, the NHL, and the 2021 Elite Series
Mar 16, 202143:13
EP16: Löw quits German National Team as clubs prepare for Europa League round of sixteen
Mar 09, 202143:49
EP15: Of the Premier League's top eight, which clubs will qualify for the Champions League?
Mar 02, 202101:07:42
EP14: Reaction as Osaka and Djokovic start 2021 with Australian Open titles

EP14: Reaction as Osaka and Djokovic start 2021 with Australian Open titles

Luke James is joined by deputy sport editor Sam Warner to discuss the implications of the Australian Open. Naomi Osaka and Novak Djokovic secured the singles title - but what does that mean for the GOAT race and Serena Williams' future?
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Editor: Luke James, @LukeJames_32
With thanks to:
Sam Warner
Article Recommendations:
'Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Football's Great Iconoclast', by Toby Farmer
'Phil Foden: how good is he?', by Mitchell Ryan
Feb 22, 202133:11
EP13: 'Poland is a lot closer than Azerbaijan' - European football is back!
Feb 15, 202101:23:50