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The Book Editor Show

The Book Editor Show

By Clark Chamberlain

The Book Editor Show is a weekly podcast hosted by Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley. Each show looks at one area of novel editing that an author can easily implement into their editing process.
Shows have guest editors, explore different creative storytelling fields, and give you the knowledge to build a better book.
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Editing Your Subplot or B Story

The Book Editor ShowOct 30, 2019

Editing Your Subplot or B Story
Oct 30, 201947:22
Plot versus Story Structure
Oct 23, 201935:25
Of Struggle the Return and Onward
Oct 16, 201937:01
Editing Your Life Story and Negative Self Talk

Editing Your Life Story and Negative Self Talk

What could you do if you eliminated your negative self talk? How much more could you write and publish if you weren't being held back by limiting beliefs?
Editing story isn't limited to the words on a page, you have the power to edit your life story. When you edit your life story you will find new creative strength you never knew you had.
Listen to take more control of your life and your creative work.
Jul 15, 201859:17
Choosing the Right Point of View
Mar 08, 201833:01
How to Edit 1st Act with Thor Ragnarok
Mar 01, 201835:23
Special Edition Why Does Wonder Woman Act 1 Work
Sep 10, 201726:42
Developmental Editing What It Is And Why You Need It
Aug 31, 201721:06
Collaboration and Editing in a Storyverse
May 19, 201734:43


Feb 06, 201702:29
Get Published in 2017

Get Published in 2017

Are you ready to take that next step in your writing life? Are you ready to make 2017 the year you get published? Then you're in the right spot. Today Clark and Peter discuss what you should consider when submitting to agents and publishers, what the current publishing trends are, and how to leverage professional ethics to get a foot in the door. Please click here and sign up for the full webinar Get Published in 2017
Jan 01, 201736:58
Edit your Setting to Create Horror

Edit your Setting to Create Horror

Peter Turley is Back!!!
Learn to edit your setting into one filled with terror that will keep your reader up all night. Choose powerful words that conjure images. Grab secrets from the silver screen to use on the page.

Make the most of the new year with our 30 day challenge!
Dec 20, 201633:08
Sacrifice and Killing Characters
Dec 16, 201614:47
Editing your Book with the Power of Three
Nov 14, 201622:15
3 Easy Exercises to Edit your World Building
Nov 04, 201640:02
Making Monsters a World Building Bible Creature Feature
Oct 17, 201628:43
Editing Past and Present Tense 1st Person POV

Editing Past and Present Tense 1st Person POV

Does it matter if you use flashbacks in 1st person present tense? Do you know who your POV character is telling the story to in past tense? Would you like to add two new effective techniques to your writer's toolkit? Did you ever notice the dwarf in Jane Austin's books? Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley teach you how to look at storyteller and tense to assist you in editing your 1st person POV manuscript.
Sep 29, 201635:20
4 Tips to Edit Nonfiction

4 Tips to Edit Nonfiction

Have you finished your nonfiction manuscript? Ready to polish it up before you publish? Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley have 4 tips that will set you on the right path, get your nonfiction book ready, and keep you out of legal trouble.
Sep 22, 201638:16
The Rebirth - 7 Basic Plots
Sep 16, 201629:47
Editing Short Stories for Publication
Aug 31, 201638:26
Edit and Understand your Characters Desire and How to Abuse Them
Aug 25, 201634:08
Raise the Stakes: Edit your Manuscript to be a Page Turner
Aug 18, 201638:39
Book Review of Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass
Aug 12, 201635:26
Editing Point of View
Aug 04, 201640:05
Editing Fantasy 3 Elements you Must include
Jul 28, 201633:24
Editing Thrillers 3 Elements you Must Include
Jul 22, 201635:38
Script Editing with Jacob Larch
Jul 07, 201641:15
How to Amp Up your First 20 Pages for Submission

How to Amp Up your First 20 Pages for Submission

In today's show Peter Turley and Leslie Watts discuss how to make your first 20 pages showcase the best of your work. If you've wondered what the do's and dont's are for those first crucial pages, this is not a show to miss!
Jun 30, 201637:18
Writing and Editing Dialogue with Leslie Watts
Jun 23, 201637:42
Journaling for Writers
Jun 16, 201629:03
Self Editing for Writers by Browne and King a Review
Jun 09, 201647:08
Joanna Penn Shares her Process for Excellently Edited Books
Jun 02, 201640:25
Worldbuilding 3 Pitfalls to Avoid
May 26, 201634:24
7 Tips to Strengthen Setting
May 19, 201642:58
Review: Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell
May 12, 201636:53
90 Day Professional Challenge
May 05, 201635:30
Proofreading Tips for Self-Editing and Publication
Apr 22, 201632:32
Q&A Killing Main Characters, Writing Synopsis, Which Book First

Q&A Killing Main Characters, Writing Synopsis, Which Book First

We get questions from time to time that make great topics for shows, we also get questions that need to be answered but don't need an entire show. Today we are doing our first Q&A show. We are looking at: How To Write a Synopsis killing Main Characters Deciding Which Book to Write First We hope you enjoy and if you have a question you wanted answered please ask us at
Apr 15, 201611:11
Partnerships with Editors and Authors
Apr 08, 201629:53
Editing for Mystery Tension and Conflict

Editing for Mystery Tension and Conflict

When your story is absent of these three elements your story can fall flat. Learn how to use them and edit them into your work.
Mar 23, 201638:18
Generating Ideas and Finding the Gems among the Rocks
Feb 10, 201644:50
Developmental and Structural Editing with Leslie Watts
Feb 02, 201639:43
The Boys are Back

The Boys are Back

Catching up and sharing what's been going on over the past two months. Also, Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley share their plans for 2016, book projects, teaching and a brand new course on editing!
Click here to check out Peter's Udemy class Change your Life: Powerful Steps to Personal Transformation.
And click here to take a look at Clark's course Punch them in the Gut: Writing Fiction with Emotional Impact.
And grab a copy of Hank Hudson for free!
Jan 23, 201633:14
How You Can Write a Novel in 30 days
Nov 16, 201553:18
10 Tips for NaNoWriMo Survival
Nov 04, 201533:21
Critique Groups and Beta Readers with M. Todd Gallowglas
Oct 29, 201532:30
Editing the Short Story with Gregory Norris
Oct 14, 201537:16
Tragedy: the Seven Basic Plots

Tragedy: the Seven Basic Plots

The seven basic plots, part six, the tragedy. What should be included? What can be cut? Why isn't it used more? What is the right audience?Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley talk about all this and more.
Oct 01, 201529:46
the Comedy - Editing the 7 Basic Plots

the Comedy - Editing the 7 Basic Plots

Today Clark Chamberlain and Perter Turley continue their series on Booker's Seven Basic Plots. The Comedy will be familiar to anyone who has ever seen a romantic comedy.
Comedy isn't always about jokes. It lets you open up difficult subjects and dig deep into the problems of a person's life.
See how best to tackle editing this type of plot and if it fits your latest work.
Aug 25, 201533:43
Voyage and Return - Editing the 7 Basic Plots

Voyage and Return - Editing the 7 Basic Plots

Today Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley take a look at the Voyage and Return. This magical plot will take readers to a world of amazement and place them head to head against an unseen evil. Is it the plot of your book? Find out if it is and how you can edit it it to perfection.
Aug 18, 201538:13