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The Brainy Speech Therapist Podcast

The Brainy Speech Therapist Podcast

By The Brainy Speech Therapists Podcast

We are the Brainy Speech Therapists, two speech therapists here to talk about everything related to brain injury.
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S3, Ep9: My brain injury: Guido Corvi

The Brainy Speech Therapist PodcastSep 24, 2023

S3, Ep9: My brain injury: Guido Corvi

S3, Ep9: My brain injury: Guido Corvi

In this episode hosted by Jan McIntosh-Brown we hear Guido Corvi talking about his injury and his life beyond this.

Sep 24, 202347:04
S3 Ep8 Richard Cave
Aug 24, 202357:56
Dr Catriona McIntosh: Sexual capacity
Jul 23, 202349:42
S3 Ep6 Aphasia Awareness: Jan and Carly Davey
Jun 25, 202350:31
S3 Ep5 2023 Aphasia Awareness: Julie and Raymond

S3 Ep5 2023 Aphasia Awareness: Julie and Raymond

Julie and Raymond share their journey with Jan McIntosh-Brown. Julie had a brain injury in 2020 as a result of an aneurysm

and she lives with aphasia.

May 24, 202352:12
S3 Ep4 Dr Hashir Aazh: Hyperacusis

S3 Ep4 Dr Hashir Aazh: Hyperacusis

Jan and Helen are joined by Dr Aazh, an audiologist with expertise in hyperacusis, tinnitus, and misophonia. Information about his practice can be accessed at
If you would like more information about his tinnitus masterclass go to
Dr Aazh has resources he discusses with us: questionnaires are at with information on the research at
Dr Aazh's book, Living Well With Tinnitus can be purchased online
If you have comments about the episode, do contact us via Twitter @BrainySLT or Instagram @brainyspeechtherapists
Apr 24, 202346:41
S3, E3: Mr Douglas Gentleman, Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist

S3, E3: Mr Douglas Gentleman, Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist

Mr Douglas Gentleman talks with us about his reflections on his time working with people with brain injuries and changes within the field.
Mar 23, 202335:37
S3 Ep 2 Dr Giles Yeates
Feb 24, 202348:39
S3, E1. Duran Hunt: Motivational Speaker
Jan 24, 202339:21
S2: Ep 13: Rehab Mantras
Dec 24, 202239:44
S2, Ep 12: SLT student placement

S2, Ep 12: SLT student placement

In this episode Saskia Whitford and Lucy Beckett, 3rd year speech and language therapy students at Strathclyde University share their reflections of their recent placement working with people with brain injuries.

Nov 24, 202234:15
S2: Ep 11

S2: Ep 11

We speak to Dr Lesley Scobbie about her work on goal setting in therapy. To read more about Lesley's work and get in touch with her, head to her research profile at
The specific paper mentioned on making goal setting accessible for people with aphasia can be accessed here:
As always, connect with Helen and Jan via Twitter @BrainySLT or Instagram @brainyspeechtherapists.
Oct 24, 202245:03
S2 Ep 10: Music therapy

S2 Ep 10: Music therapy

Helen, Jan and Fiona talk with music therapy student Johnny Barr about music therapy and about Fiona's personal experiences.

Sep 24, 202245:34
S2 Ep 9: Professor Jenny Kitzinger
Aug 24, 202249:57
Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself

This episode features Stephen Rowat talking about his life before and now with a brain injury.

Jul 24, 202250:03
S2 Ep 7: Assessment
Jun 24, 202256:09
S2 Ep 6: Aphasia Awareness

S2 Ep 6: Aphasia Awareness

June 2022 is Aphasia Awareness Month, so Jan and Helen took this as a cue to chat about aphasia, how speech and language therapists identify areas of difficulty, ways to support a person with aphasia, and a couple of key intervention strategies. There's lots of further resources to access: Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland The Stroke Association Better Conversations with Aphasia Aphasia Access Communication access UK Some interesting training opportunities too: UCL Aphasia Symp May 2022 Webinar: The Neurobiology of Language Recovery in Stroke-Aphasia, Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Program: training days Oct 2022 Applying ICAP approach to your Clinical Practice
May 19, 202201:06:19
S2: Ep 5 A conversation with Dr Nicholas Behn
Apr 25, 202248:20
S2: Ep4 Compassionate Leadership
Mar 25, 202241:09
Managers behind the scenes

Managers behind the scenes

Jan and Helen are joined by Louise Steer, a Speech and Language Therapist who is developing a group programme focused on helping families understand communication difficulties. Louise presented on this programme at the 2021 RCSLT Conference, which can be viewed here:
Feb 24, 202238:08
Social Stories
Jan 24, 202248:18
What is Cognitive-Communication?

What is Cognitive-Communication?

Welcome to the second series of The Brainy Speech Therapist Podcast. In this episode, Jan and Helen discuss cognition and how it effects communication. We talk about the Model of Cognitive-Communication Competence by Sheila Macdonald, more information can be found in her paper: If you are keen to undertake specific training in this area, head to We also chat through a couple of case studies to illustrate how difficulties might present and impact on the individual and their communication partners. Information on registering for the International Cognitive-Communication Disorders Conference can be found at As always, comments and suggestions are welcome via Twitter @BrainySLT and Instagram @brainyspeechtherapists.
Dec 24, 202156:22
Episode 13: A chat about speech therapy

Episode 13: A chat about speech therapy

Featuring a conversation between Alan, a survivor of a brain injury, and Megan, a speech and language therapist. They talk about the role of speech and language therapy, diversity in the profession, and misconceptions of rehabilitation. Huge thanks to them both for taking the time to chat.
Sep 24, 202146:38
CCD chat!
Aug 24, 202140:55
Episode eleven: iRest meditation

Episode eleven: iRest meditation

This is an episode led by Lucie McIntosh, who we spoke to in episode ten. She takes us through an iRest meditation, so aside from our pre-recorded jingles there is no other talking. Perfect for trying out meditation!
Jul 25, 202134:53
Episode ten: Healing with iRest meditation
Jul 24, 202149:02
Episode nine: Walk with us

Episode nine: Walk with us

In this episode, Jan and Helen are delighted to be joined by two people with lived experience of brain injury. Fiona and Alan take us through their journeys since their brain injuries, how they are doing now, and what they hope for the future. As always, we thank you for listening and welcome you to share your thoughts on Twitter @BrainySLT and Instagram @brainyspeechtherapists.
Jun 24, 202145:03
What's happening in Tayside
May 24, 202140:04
Giving voice to family members

Giving voice to family members

In this episode we talk to Anne, who's husband had a traumatic brain injury. We talk about their journey of recovery and rehabilitation together, how she processed what happened, and what helped her. For more on this subject, we recommend the book Family Experience of Brain Injury: Surviving, Coping and Adjusting; by Jo Clark-Wilson and Mark Holloway. Available from all good bookshops.
Apr 24, 202152:13
Nutrition matters
Mar 25, 202147:11
Episode five: Enabling Environments

Episode five: Enabling Environments

In this episode, we speak to Jane Johnson, Speech and Language Therapist, on the subject of Positive Behaviour Support. 

Jane highlights some resources for more information- 

PBS Alliance webinars: 

Restraint Reduction Network: 

The Facebook group for UK therapists interested in PBS can be found here: 

Jane herself can be reached via 

Helen and Jan also reference webinars with Gary LaVigna Ph.D, watch them here:

Feb 24, 202143:13
Episode four: Working Smarter

Episode four: Working Smarter

Welcome to the second part of our chat with Dr Brian O'Neill. For full show notes and links, please see the description from Part 1
Jan 25, 202131:05
Episode three: Working Smarter
Jan 25, 202135:47
Episode two: Focus on the Family
Dec 24, 202037:38
Episode one: I'm not a Grinch, I've had a brain injury

Episode one: I'm not a Grinch, I've had a brain injury

Welcome to the first episode of the Brainy Speech Therapist podcast. We're Helen and Jan, and in this episode we talk a bit about ourselves and the ethos of the podcast. We also talk about the impact of a brain injury on executive functions and what this means for the festive season. See our Twitter page @BrainySLT or Instagram @brainyspeechtherapists for the executive function diagram referenced in the episode. We also mention the Headway Helpline, the number is 0808 800 2244. Episode edited by Kenyah McIntosh-Brown.
Dec 01, 202045:47