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The Date Podcast

The Date Podcast

By Emma Pineda & Zorric Sia

The Date Podcast, hosted by Emma Pineda and Zorric Sia, interviews celebrities, talks pop news, discuss dating dos and don’ts, and debates relationship topics.
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Dating During Quarantine With Special Guest Stephanie Ver Eecke

The Date PodcastApr 16, 2021

Dating During Quarantine With Special Guest Stephanie Ver Eecke
Apr 16, 202101:06:12
Tinder Profile Background Checks
Apr 05, 202147:35
Couples Finding Love Through Dating Apps Have Stronger Long-Term Success
Mar 19, 202132:54
Valentines Day Chocolate Tasting With Cindy From Coco Andre
Feb 11, 202149:18
Is He Ready to Commit?
Feb 11, 202141:25
Our Resolutions for 2020 and 2021!
Feb 09, 202135:40
Best & Worst TV Couples with Christina Haberken, Hello Harlot Founder
Jan 22, 202101:28:00
Special Guest Andrea Hoyos, Date and Debate Podcast Host
Jan 10, 202101:28:16
Special Guest Liz Cuyan, Modern Day Mujeres Podcast Co-Host
Dec 29, 202001:22:52
Our Favorite Celebrity Couples with Special Guest Noura Dayy
Dec 08, 202001:21:07
Brian Howie, Creator & Host of The Great Love Debate
Nov 23, 202001:05:40
COVID First Date Etiquette with Special Guest Amanda Hendrix
Nov 07, 202001:17:02
Special Guest Christiana Yebra, Vouch CEO
Oct 21, 202001:23:44
Special Guests Danielle Dietzek and Julie Griggs, Fourplay Double Dating App Founders
Oct 04, 202001:08:26
Dating Preferences With Special Guest Kali McDonald
Sep 24, 202001:21:07
Special Guest Janelle Gettmann,  Dating During Quarantine
Sep 14, 202001:09:60
Will I Ever Find the Right Person?
Sep 04, 202039:10
Special Guest Sydney Washington From Events and Adventures
Aug 27, 202001:06:38
Dating Apps and Security Features
Aug 21, 202037:34
What Information Can Your Dating App Share?
Aug 11, 202032:57
Are you “good” or “bad” at dating?
Jul 28, 202032:37
Dating During Quarantine With Daphene Woods David Boone
Jun 27, 202049:40
How to Stay Mentally Fit During COVID-19
Jun 16, 202048:48
Why Virtual Dating Isn’t Enough
Jun 07, 202047:32
What Is Okay to Share on Your Dating Profile?
May 30, 202039:21
How to Test Your Relationship During COVID
May 22, 202033:35
Improv Troupe Squishin’ Impossible Talks Coronavirus, Plays Games and Tests Friendships
May 06, 202001:13:20
How to Have a Great First Virtual Date
May 01, 202047:41
Zumping: An Innovative Way to Break Someone’s Heart
Apr 23, 202035:55
Self-Care and Relationships During Quarantine Julianne Schroeder, LPC, RYT
Apr 15, 202001:09:30
Special Guest Alex Castillo, Dating During Quarantine and Bumble
Apr 08, 202001:02:13
How to Date During the Age of Coronavirus
Apr 02, 202037:09
The History of Courting Rituals
Mar 23, 202040:37
‘Love Is Blind’ Review: Finale and Reunion
Mar 12, 202001:06:21
‘Love Is Blind’ Review: Netflix’s New Dating Show
Mar 03, 202050:24
How Pets Impact Your Chances Of Finding Love
Feb 27, 202038:40
Special Guest Laleh Hancock, Bouncing Back From a Divorce or Intense Breakup
Feb 18, 202001:02:21
Tips on How to Matchmake Your Friends
Feb 05, 202054:47
Does Age Matter?
Jan 29, 202038:16
“I Don’t Want A Pen Pal” with Amanda Hendrix
Jan 22, 202001:30:11
Mama-Hoe, Oversharing, and Boundaries with Julianne Schroeder, LPC, RYT
Jan 15, 202001:13:32
We Failed Our 2019 Dating New Year’s Resolutions
Jan 07, 202046:56
Special Guest Simone Milasas, International Speaker and Author of “Relationship. Are You Sure You Want One?”
Dec 18, 201901:04:52
We Call Match Holiday Hotline to Ask for Dating Advice with Special Guest Kathy Alan
Dec 11, 201901:24:19
Do You Need to Be Happy Alone in Order to Be Happy in a Relationship?
Dec 03, 201939:44
Friendsgiving and Dating with Lilliesha Grandberry, LPC
Nov 19, 201901:14:39
Dating Stories and Fitness with Selena Guerra,  Dallas Pure Barre Ambassador
Nov 12, 201901:05:16
I Just Saw My Ex on a Dating App!
Nov 07, 201948:24
Angelique Sherman from ABC’s The Bachelor, Season 23
Oct 29, 201951:34
Revian Chang from ABC’s The Bachelor, Season 23
Oct 22, 201951:36