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The Food Podcast is a show where personal stories are shared through the lens of food. Join host Lindsay Cameron Wilson, a best-selling cookbook author and journalist, as she takes you on an adventure through sound, story, music and memory. Food is the launching point, the portal. Human stories, however, are at the heart of each episode. It's a food and story podcast, if you will, released monthly, after a long simmer, when the flavour it just right.
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LIfe After Gluten with Aran Goyoaga

The Food PodcastFeb 01, 2017

A Field Guide to Christmas
Dec 06, 202219:35
Bento Box Your Life with Kate Inglis

Bento Box Your Life with Kate Inglis

Kate Inglis is a multi-creative - a writer, photographer, a brand strategist, a champion thrifter with the best tickle trunk around. She’s a magical host of workshops, of outdoor gatherings, she’s a lover of the outside, a skier, a mountain biker, and a wood chopper. And now, a person who’s been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that required her to overhaul her life. Kate is here today to tell us about this diagnosis, how it dragged her through the fire, and what it feels like to be living on the other side.

We discuss:

Kate Inglis’s website

Kate’s Instagram

Dr. Mark Hyman - functional medicine and food

Dr. Andrew Huberman - sleep

Wim Hof - cold and breath therapy

Chef Laura Rodriguez - 'anti-inflammatory comfort food'—everyone is unique, and food protocols vary, but she hits the broad strokes

The Happy Pear - Irish Sea sunrise dips

Kate’s favourite recipes right now:

Raw Oreo Cookies — I have these in my freezer all the time. I had googled 'sugar-free dairy-free grain-free gluten-free cookies' as a grumpy joke and now these are a staple. The cookie dough and cream filling are made in the bullet blender. Best eaten straight out of the freezer. Melty and rich and so lovely.

Savory Chickpea Pancakes—I googled these after having them in a restaurant in Toronto, with a warm roasted beet salad on top. These are so fast and easy to make, and could easily be made sweet instead of savory. Made a little thicker, they make almost a flatbread—an excellent replacement for a pita and filled with pork tenderloin or chicken and (cashew cream) tzatziki with cucumber. So yummy.

Corn-Free Cornbread—Another chickpea flour triumph, found while experimenting to make a Thanksgiving stuffing. Such a good feeling to find that as well as a delicious vegan gravy—which combined, these two cover me for all the fall and winter holidays.


Hosted by Lindsay Cameron Wilson

Edited by Abby Cerquitella

Theme song is One More Night by Jenn Grant 

Follow: @thefoodpodcast and @lindsaycameronwilson

Nov 22, 202229:16
The Flavour of Comfort with Sherrie Graham
Nov 08, 202225:07
A Knife in Her Underwear Drawer with Anna Lee Hirschi
Oct 25, 202226:13
Collections and Cookbooks with Kris Warman
Oct 11, 202229:55
Making a Mark with Nicola Bennett
Sep 27, 202220:42
Finding the Light with Julie Van Rosendaal
Sep 13, 202219:51
Finding Beauty with Kerrilynn Pamer

Finding Beauty with Kerrilynn Pamer

Today on The Food Podcast I’m talking to Kerrilynn Pamer, CEO and co-Founder of Cap Beauty, an online beauty and wellness shop and community. Kerrilynn is also the co-author of High Vibrational Beauty, a cookbook designed to engage the senses and fuel us from the inside out. This book sits on my shelf, in my ‘aspirational’ section, telling the story of that chapter of my life when things shifted, just a little, towards more consistent daily health habits. In this episode, Kerrilynn shares the cookbooks on her shelf that have shaped her story. We also dive into the notion of beauty, and how it can be found in every corner of our lives, if we make the space for it. It’s all about cookbooks, wellness and the sound of a good crackling fire, on this episode of The Food Podcast.




Dec 11, 202028:20
A Recipe For Nourishment: queer food, faith and a honeycomb cheesecake with Jennifer E. Crawford
Oct 06, 202037:46
Finding Home with Fanny Singer
Jul 03, 202031:15
"Finding Home With Fanny Singer" Preview!
Jun 24, 202000:35
How To Quarantine By Mistake, with Aimée Wimbush-Bourque

How To Quarantine By Mistake, with Aimée Wimbush-Bourque

Aimée Wimbush-Bourque posted a photo last year on Instagram featuring vegetable scraps sprouting from water: garlic cloves, half an onion, the tops of swiss chard and green onions, growing tall, stretching towards the light. It’s a glorious sight - kitchen cast-offs, finding new life. It’s her most popular image, she says, by far.

Aimée is a cookbook author and creator of the blog, Simple Bites. She is also a champion for kids in the kitchen, zero waste living, urban homesteading, and all things colourful. Her clothes are colourful, her food is colourful, even her sprouting table scraps are colourful. Perhaps this love is a reaction to growing up off-grid in the Yukon, where the sun only shone for a few hours each day during the winter months. Maybe it’s her love of the wild outdoors and a desire to pull nature inside. I think it’s her unwavering optimism, for a life where we can all learn to cook, where life can be spent connecting with nature, and vegetable scraps can grow into beautiful, colourful food.

When I spoke with Aimée, I didn’t realize we were creating an episode to air during a pandemic. But here we are, and we couldn’t be in better hands. Anyone who learned to meal plan, ferment food, and run a market stall as a young kid, all without electricity, running water or refrigeration, is the person we want at our side right now. This is Aimée. Yes, it's all about celebrating a lot with less, gathering together and perhaps taking our food outside, if we can, today on The Food Podcast.




Mentioned in this Episode:

A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood Trailer

The Yukon

Simple Bites - Aimée’s blog just turned 10!

Little House on the Prairie

Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Simple Bites Re-Growing Vegetables Tutorial 

Aimee’s Books:

Simple Bites Kitchen

Brown Eggs and Jam Jars: Family Recipes from the Kitchen of Simple Bites

Apr 28, 202029:26
Side Dishes with Lindsay Cameron Wilson - Live from The Atlantic Podcast Summit
Mar 07, 202009:01
Love + Activism with Aube Giroux
Feb 04, 202028:51
Aran Goyoaga's Kitchen Playlist
Nov 12, 201936:15
SIDE DISHES, "The mini-series exploring the flavours of home" w.guest Jasmine Oore

SIDE DISHES, "The mini-series exploring the flavours of home" w.guest Jasmine Oore

Sep 25, 201923:06
Baby's on Fire with Marianne Pfeffer Gjengedal

Baby's on Fire with Marianne Pfeffer Gjengedal

Episode 30 Baby’s on Fire with Marianne Pfeffer Gjengedal

Have you ever been to a rousing dinner party when towards the end, you insist everyone gather round to watch a video on your phone? They agree because they’re your friends, but then they lean closer, they shh the others, because what they’re watching is so mesmerizing? This is what happens with Marianne Pfeffer Gjengedal’s work, and I was the shh-er. Marianne is a Norweigan food stylist, author and stylist of Kvinnfolk. But on the weekends, when time is her own, she makes cakes inspired by music videos. Female, powerful, colourful music videos. Then she weaves them together - the music, the colours and the cakes - into instagram videos. On this episode we talk about cake as a medium: how this simple food can tell stories full of colour, sound, female strength and sparkle. We talk about cake as memory, as a portal to another time. We take a walk, we eat flowers along the roadside, we put them on cakes. It’s a tribute to edible art, women, song and sound, today on The Food Podcast. So gather ‘round and shh your neighbour, because this is a good one. 

Marianne Pfeffer Gjengedal 

Marianne on Instagram @marianne_pfeffer 

Marianne’s cookbook, Kvinnfolk 

Pynk by Janelle Monae

Baby’s on Fire by Die Antwoord

Nova Scotia’s Moon Mist Ice Cream 

Music Box Dancer by Frank Mills. Truly, it was my favourite thing in the world. 

Ford Fairlane by New Romantic Portal (@gillsiebob @bobberuck)

Sesame Street Cake Skit

Girls Need Love (too) by Summer Walker featuring Drake

Drake on Cake by Joy the Baker

Jul 10, 201928:49
Making friends and feeding family with Hetty McKinnon

Making friends and feeding family with Hetty McKinnon

On today’s episode, Hetty McKinnon and I share a meal in her Brooklyn studio kitchen. Hetty’s an Australian cookbook author, columnist, creator and publisher of Peddler Magazine, and champion of nostalgic storytelling. Needless to say I adore her… Hetty began her life in food making salads and delivering them on her bicycle throughout her neighbourhood in Sydney. She now lives in Brooklyn, where family, recipes and community are woven into all that she does. Our conversation begins on a bicycle but touches down on motherhood, salad love stories, family and writing. But one theme remains constant: being courageous enough to be different, being true to yourself, will lead to a full and flavourful life.

Woven throughout the episode is the alphabetic wisdom of filmmaker and animator Andrea Dorfman. There’s also a little cameo of Hetty’s voice from the past, via The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry Podcast.

Hetty’s latest cookbook, FAMILY, photographed by episode 27’s Luisa Brimble, is out now. Look for it in your favourite bookstore, or here.

IG @hettymckinnon
Website :
Peddler Magazine

The Food Podcast

May 03, 201929:56
Jell-O Girls with Allie Rowbottom
Feb 26, 201926:03
SIDE DISHES, "The mini-series exploring the flavours of home" w. guest MAGGIE MacKELLAR

SIDE DISHES, "The mini-series exploring the flavours of home" w. guest MAGGIE MacKELLAR

Welcome to Side Dishes, The Food Podcast mini series exploring the Flavours of Home.

In episode #2 of our side-series, Australian writer Maggie MacKellar shares the flavours of her home on a Tasmanian merino wool sheep farm. Maggie begins with thoughts on... "learning to cook for shearers, and growing our own meat, and about picking walnuts down by the creek, and digging potatoes..." But other flavours get in the way, pushing the flavour definition in wildly different directions. "I sat in the cold, and knew home was not just a flavour on my tongue, it wasn’t about a scent, or a meal, it was about memory and the web of connections that stretch beyond the boundaries of our skin, through our animals, into the land we live on, and then out into the world beyond."

Woven through the episode is The Be Good Tanya's Dog Song 2, a song that's serenaded every flavour of my life. I hope you have a listen. It's a special one.





Dec 05, 201822:06
SIDE DISHES, "The mini-series exploring the flavours of home" w. guest FLORE VALLERY-RADOT
Oct 25, 201816:59
A Playdate with Luisa Brimble
Aug 21, 201826:26
Eating in Watercolour with artist Jessie Kanelos Weiner
Jun 25, 201826:40
A cup of tea with best-selling author Alexander McCall Smith
Apr 19, 201836:29
Baking it Out with Claire Ptak

Baking it Out with Claire Ptak

Baking it Out with Claire Ptak

On Episode 24 of The Food Podcast we talk to Claire Ptak, a Californian born chef, food writer, columnist, podcaster, collaborator and owner of Violet Bakery in London. We chat about her childhood in the kitchen, working at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California, before moving to London and launching a business. Being a working mum is folded in, along with notes on style and seasonal baking. We dive into one of my favourite topics, Female Collaboration and hear from long time collaborators Cliodhna Prendergast and Imen McDonnell. We explore the importance of getting into the kitchen to BAKE IT OUT. This means finding order in the disorder, a practise Claire swears by. And hey, there’s some

Feb 27, 201832:22
Form and Function with Alissa Kloet of KeepHouse

Form and Function with Alissa Kloet of KeepHouse

Tea towels - they are form and function. But if you look deeper into the fabric, you'll find stories about design, history and propaganda. Episode 23 unpacks these stories while meeting, along the way, Alissa Kloet, textile artist and owner of KeepHouse. Alissa shares her story of living as an artist in Nova Scotia, and how the land, the ocean and her love of hospitality led to KeepHouse. Oh and we also travel to Scotland, schmooze with royals, drink orange squash and hear about a tea towel collection that began in a tiny house in England. It's all about while lies deep inside the fibres, today on The Food Podcast. 


Many thanks for listening. 

Lindsay Cameron Wilson Host of
Jan 09, 201829:19
The Christmas Special! A conversation with JUNO award winning Old Man Luedecke!

The Christmas Special! A conversation with JUNO award winning Old Man Luedecke!

Today on The Food Podcast, Lindsay sits down with JUNO award winning musician Old Man Luedecke. There will be tunes, Christmas morning ham on rye with a perfectly fried egg, sardine songs and we’ll crack open the Joy of Cooking. Merry Christmas!


Dec 20, 201741:47
Seaweed For The People!

Seaweed For The People!

This episode is all about SEAWEED: where to find it, how to eat it and the stories it holdsWe’ll take a walk along the Ring of Kerry with seaweed forager John Fitzgerald of Atlantic Irish Seaweed. We’ll make a seaweed smoothie with a Mermaid. We’ll learn about dulse, how it sustained monks, Vikings and Lindsay’s grandfather. It’s a salty, briny, wild episode full of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, today on The Food Podcast.

Oct 31, 201729:17
Small Victories with Julia Turshen

Small Victories with Julia Turshen

Julia Turshen is a NY cook, writer, journalist, and food activist. And she makes the best turkey ricotta meatballs, ever. You'll find them in her cookbook Small Victories, along with tips that will have you celebrating victories in the kitchen daily. Julia is a champion of home cooks, and a champion of Food Activism. We talk about all of this, and more good stuff, on this episode of The Food Podcast.
Sep 07, 201727:08
Wooden Spoons, The Backstory
Jul 28, 201726:38
Fathers Of Confederation, a conversation with Grant Lawrence
Jun 23, 201733:23
Stories from the Kitchen Table with Molly Wizenberg

Stories from the Kitchen Table with Molly Wizenberg


'Stories from the Kitchen Table with Molly Wizenberg' (The Silent Witness)

Molly Wizenberg is a Seattle-based writer, blogger, restaurant owner, podcast co-host, home cook and a story teller. Her stories are real, the kind filled with all the flavours of life. Molly's Instagram profile reads: Orangette / Spilled Milk / A Homemade Life / Delancey / Essex / stuff. On this episode of The Food Podcast we dive into all of that, especially the STUFF. The real stuff. The flavourful stuff. The stuff people don't always want to talk about. Molly spoke to me from her kitchen table, where she writes, shares meals, skypes podcast hosts, sews and does her taxes. Like all kitchen tables, Molly's table is witness to life, to STUFF. This episode explores her stories from her kitchen table, with a little side exploratio

May 05, 201721:52
Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

A Joyous Look at Fat, Sugar and Moderation

  Fat, sugar, heart attacks and moderation - not to worry, episode 16 isn't a downer, it's Joyous! This episode stars Joy McCarthy, founder of
Joyous Health. She'll share her story from daily afternoon M&M's and chronic sickness to a career as an inspiring holistic nutritionist, writer and best-selling author. We'll also hear from Michelle Book from the Canadian Health Food Association. She'll set us straight on the role sugar is playing in our lives today, and simple steps we can take to avoid it. This is an episode exploring choices, not restrictions. So fill your plate with the good stuff- but pay attention to that plate. Over the years they have grown in size. Who knew?   
Mar 24, 201723:27
LIfe After Gluten with Aran Goyoaga

LIfe After Gluten with Aran Goyoaga

Episode 15 Life After Gluten 

On this episode, our 15th, I talk to Aran Goyoaga of the site and Paul Graham, author of the memoir In Memory of Bread. Aran is a Basque - American living in Seattle; Paul lives in upstate New York. They've never met. But they have something in common - both learned they could no longer eat gluten, long after their lives were shaped by the stuff. This episodes explores how they have approached life - gluten free. It's all about adversity, tears, triumphs and the making of new food memories on this episode of The Food Podcast. PS - and we dive a little into tinnitus. Sorry if I've over-shared...

Feb 01, 201732:15
Women Who Whiskey
Dec 20, 201637:19
Apple School
Nov 29, 201623:25
The Pepper Connection

The Pepper Connection

Pepper. It's something I twist (and at one time shook) onto my food several times a day. But rarely have I thought about the peppercorns themselves... until I met Louise and Nigel Biggar of DRØM PEPPER. They call themselves peppermongers.

Yes episode 12 of The Food Podcast is all about pepper. But, as always, we delve into more than just the story of an ingredient. We learn the Biggar's story, and the story of Cambodian peppercorns. We talk about the bittersweet path that Cambodian farmers have taken to revive the peppercorn industry after the Khmer Rouge years. We talk about the Biggar's fresh start in Toronto. We talk about saying YES in life, and the power of personal connections. And, there's a little gelato chat in there too.

We also touch on:

  • salt and pepper shakers - do people still use them? Or are they just cherished just by collectors? Or museums in Spain?
  • Connections with people.
Oct 20, 201623:19
Food Rituals

Food Rituals

Daily ritual is an obsession of mine. I work from home, and when I come across others who do the same, with success, I want to know exactly how they do it: how their daily flow, from food, to sleep, to the time they awake, sparks creativity in their day.

So, for episode 11, I ask three of my favourite ‘work from home’ creatives to share their daily rituals with me.


1. Mason Currey, the author of Daily Rituals, shares his secret clothing item that helps his focus.

2. Claire Cameron, also a writer, guns it through the dark, early in morning, then breaks the flow with something her husband makes for her…

3. Andrea Dorfman, animator and filmmaker, sneaks a little skinny dip in before her day begins. I once asked her what she thinks is the difference between routine and ritual. She replied - routine + spirituality = ritual.


But what do the academics have to say about ritual? Dr. Martha MacDonald s a folklorist who works as the acting d

Sep 06, 201619:44
Local Milk's Beth Kirby

Local Milk's Beth Kirby

On this episode, Lindsay talks with Beth Kirby - stylist,

photographer, writer, teacher and woman behind the award winning blog,

LOCAL MILK. Beth talks about beauty - beauty in darkness and light, and all that

lies in between. And the importance of taking time to slow down and carve out

time for creativity. Because there’s a beauty in switching off, slowing down. and

you know what? When you live slowly, you might find that love speeds up.


We’re talking from the Local Milk HQ, Beth’s studio kitchen in Catt Tennessess...

you might here a little beep from a firealram that needs a battery the house has

just been remodelled,... it’s all a work in progress...

We're on:


Jul 29, 201618:03
Hedley & Bennett's Ellen Bennett
Jun 14, 201626:08
Thug Kitchen
May 16, 201624:16
Food On The Road with Jenn Grant and Danny Ledwell
Apr 13, 201630:59
The Chocolate Garage

The Chocolate Garage

On today’s episode of the food podcast, dive into the world of Bean to Bar

Chocolate with the founder and CEO of The Chocolate Garage Sunita de Tourreil.

We’ll talk ethically sourced craft chocolates, or HAPPY CHOCOLATE as Sunita calls it.

We’ll learn where happy chocolate comes from, how it’s made, and how to identify

quality, by savouring both taste, and story.


We're on:





Mar 01, 201626:15
 Letter Writing with Nina Simonds
Jan 11, 201624:02
Devour! The Food Film Fest
Oct 20, 201539:25
The Dorito Effect
Sep 22, 201530:46
The Great British Bake Off's Home Economist, Faenia Moore
Aug 17, 201532:37
Food Photography with Joann Pai
Jul 16, 201538:49