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The Good Mood Show with Matt O'Neill

The Good Mood Show with Matt O'Neill

By The Good Mood Show

When you feel like your best self, you are your BEST SELF. Your host, Matt O’Neill, has been on a life-long quest to find the source of authentic good moods. This show is the culmination of that quest. Continue on this journey as Matt talks with the world’s top experts in the fields of happiness and whole-life wellness. You’ll learn strategies to create more joy, higher levels of understanding, and a more powerful mindset. Come away from each episode with actionable steps to help you feel your very best. Because life's a lot more fun when you feel great.
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Choosing Happiness with Joe Kavanagh

The Good Mood Show with Matt O'NeillMay 29, 2023

Choosing Happiness with Joe Kavanagh

Choosing Happiness with Joe Kavanagh

How do you choose happiness even in the most frustrating moments? 

In this episode, happiness expert Joe Kavanagh describes an exercise you can use in any challenging situation to brighten your mood. Throughout the conversation Joe and Matt dive into topics such as the ego's need to be right, the concept of shifting perspectives, embracing a positive mindset, and choosing happiness. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

The ego’s need to be right

Embracing a positive mindset

The concept of shifting perspectives

Choosing peace over ego

Why listening is the key to happiness

[04:54] The Ego's Need to Be Right

The ego tends to assert the notion of being right and others being wrong. This urge to validate one's beliefs stems from a desire to prove oneself superior. The fear of losing value or worthiness compels individuals to cling to this idea. In childhood, mistakes were acceptable, and there was no concept of right or wrong. However, as we grow older, societal expectations begin to influence us, making us feel inadequate and unworthy. We start to believe that our worth is tied to being right, and we must continually prove ourselves to be valuable. 

[16:23] The Concept of Shifting Perspectives

Material possessions, societal pressure to conform, and attachment to money can create an illusion of happiness, which is a con game. The discussion emphasizes that true happiness comes from being in the present moment and choosing to be happy. The conversation also touches upon how a calamitous event that may seem like a significant loss to the ego could be a massive gain for the soul with a shift in perspective. The speaker shares their personal experience of a big calamity in Q4 of last year and how it led to massive awakenings when they shifted their perspective.

[23:05] Choosing Peace Over Ego

In moments when someone cuts you off in traffic, you face a decision. You have a moment between the urge to respond impulsively and the opportunity to choose a peaceful response. The ego may want to assert itself and prove something, but it's up to you to make a conscious choice.

[25:43] Why Listening is the Key to Happiness

The secret to happiness lies in listening. We all have an innate desire to be heard, seen and understood. When we truly listen to others, they feel validated and uplifted. The key is not just to focus on our own happiness, but also to make those around us feel better. As the saying goes, "a rising sea raises all ships". By elevating others, we elevate ourselves. So let's strive to bring everyone up a little bit and create a rising tide of positivity and happiness.

Notable quotes:

[11:37] We started out with nothing. This could be a failure, we end up with nothing. But if you don't try, it's not going to happen. [11:44]

[14:44] Be in the present. And that's where I was going wrong. I was always living for the future, thinking things would get better. [14:53]

[26:05] It starts by making others feel better, because when they feel better, you feel better. [26:10]

Resources Mentioned: 

Kavanagh Appraisal Company

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About the Guest 

Joe Kavanagh is the owner of Kavanagh Appraisal Company. Having been in the real estate space for 35 years, Joe takes all of his life and business experiences as he fulfills his purpose as a business coach, a mentor, and a trainer. He spent all this time learning how to be successful, and now, he is pouring it into the next group of people that are coming up.

May 29, 202339:49
From Despair to Joy: Conquering Hopelessness

From Despair to Joy: Conquering Hopelessness

This very important episode teaches you how to get out of despair and find joy again. This is a blueprint for getting out of the darkness and back into the light.  

Hopelessness is a heavy emotion that can lead to self-destructive behaviors. It is crucial to learn how to overcome this mood, not only for yourself, but also to be able to help loved ones who may be struggling. 

In this episode, Matt teaches the lessons from his own battle with hopelessness and the exact method to get out of it. Learn how to conquer hopelessness and embrace the positivity within.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

How to get out of hopelessness

The power of asking for help

You have more control than you’re admitting

Living in a higher state is a choice

Start focusing on love

[01:51] How to Get Out of Helplessness: 

Allowing oneself to succumb to hopelessness can lead to destructive behavior such as excessive drinking and drug use, which can be seen as a subconscious desire to end one's life. As someone who has battled both, I have experienced firsthand the danger of turning to drugs and alcohol during moments of hopelessness. Rather than exacerbating an already difficult situation, it is essential to learn healthy ways to cope with and overcome these emotions.

[09:31] The Power of Asking for Help

It's crucial to seize the helping hand that reaches out to us, even if it means answering a phone call. That hand could be our lifeline. When feeling lost and hopeless, we may find ourselves pushing away those who are trying to help because it's not in the way we expected. We may wait for a specific person to provide the help we seek, but sometimes someone entirely different extends us precisely what we've been praying for, albeit in an unexpected manner.

[22:10] You Have More Control Than You Realize

You have far more control than you may be admitting to yourself. Maybe you feel like you've tried everything in your power and given it your all, yet you still come up short. It's important to remember that this feeling is not necessarily true. It's impossible to test every option and do everything, given the vast array of choices available in the world. You always have options and choices at your disposal, even if you haven't taken advantage of them yet.


Notable quotes:

[01:51] If you don't learn how to get out of hopelessness, it can destroy you.  [01:56]

[09:31] “We have to grab the hand that's reaching out to help us. Maybe we need to pick up the phone. And that's our rope." [09:37]

[22:31] There's so much choice in this world, that you've never done at all. You've never tried it all. You're never without options or choices. [22:38] 

Resources Mentioned: 

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May 22, 202335:23
Tattoo Your Mind with Doug Dickerson

Tattoo Your Mind with Doug Dickerson

We all have recurring thoughts. Which thoughts are currently tattooed on your mind?

Doug Dickerson shares how to tattoo your mind with positivity. Learn valuable takeaways such as guarding self-talk, making 1% daily improvements, believing in yourself, cultivating a growth mindset, and minding the influences you allow in your life.

Get ready to tattoo your mind in a good way. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Guard your self-talk

Make 1% improvement every day 

The importance of believing in yourself

The power of ‘not yet’ 

Cultivating a growth mindset

Minding the influences you allow in your life

[04:12] The Power of Positive Self-Talk

Often, we unconsciously adopt beliefs and belief systems imposed on us by others. These beliefs stem from our personal stories, upbringing, and societal conditioning, and they can shape our thoughts and define our lives. Our thought patterns have a profound impact on our well-being and success. We must remain vigilant of our self-talk and the conversations we have with ourselves, as they shape our outlook on life. 

Negative thoughts can easily creep into our minds, but we have the power to control them. We need to cultivate positive self-talk, even when there isn't someone else to lift us up. We can choose to encourage ourselves with uplifting thoughts, empowering beliefs, and positive affirmations that propel us toward our goals. Regardless of the labels that society or others may place upon us, we have the power to define and shape our own lives through our self-talk.

[10:39]  1% Daily Improvement

Consistently making a 1% improvement every day has the potential to bring about life-changing results. This concept is highlighted in James Clear's book Atomic Habits, which emphasizes the significance of small, incremental progress. By changing one's mindset and committing to adding value to oneself and others through 1% improvement daily, we can greatly impact our lives and those around us over time. Additionally, an article was recently discovered, further exploring this topic.

[22:05] The Power of Not Yet

The idea of "not yet" is to shift the way we think about things we don't understand or haven't mastered yet. Rather than saying, "I just don't get it," we say, "I don't understand it yet." It's a small change, but it can make a huge difference. By acknowledging that we haven't grasped something yet, but we will eventually, we approach learning with a growth mindset. It's all about being positive and believing in our ability to learn. Even if we don't understand something today, we remind ourselves that we haven't learned it yet, but we will. It's a powerful way to keep ourselves motivated and driven to succeed.

Notable quotes:

[36:25] "You have to do what you have to do to preserve and protect that wellspring of life that's within you and preserve it for your family as well." [36:35]

[04:48] "The thoughts that we entertain have a way of defining us." [04:55] 

[06:13] "We can tattoo our mind with positive thoughts” [06:25] 

Resources Mentioned:

Leadership Lessons for Mr. Bates

Atomic Habits by James Clear

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About the Guest 

Doug Dickerson is the author of leadership books including Leaders Without Borders and It Only Takes a Minute. Doug Dickerson has been speaking to audiences in the U.S. and overseas for more than 30 years. Doug is a certified John Maxwell leadership, speaker, trainer, and coach. He loves leadership and leaning into organizations to help them grow in their leadership.

May 15, 202340:00
Setting Boundaries with Dr. Miriam Zylberglait

Setting Boundaries with Dr. Miriam Zylberglait

If you’ve ever struggled to maintain boundaries in your personal and professional life, you’re not alone. Dr. Miriam Zylberglait, renowned expert on the topic of boundaries and self care urges you to understand that boundaries are not for others, but rather for your own protection. 

In this episode, she shares insights from her book, The 3G Cycle of Life, and offers practical tips for setting boundaries. Miriam also provides an exercise to help identify if your personal and professional lives are in alignment. 

By prioritizing your self-care and learning to say no, you can transform your life and achieve greater satisfaction and fulfillment.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

The importance of boundaries

Putting yourself first so you can help other people

Why you need to set boundaries

Learning to say no

Focusing on values and purpose

The power of saying yes

[08:19] Putting Yourself First to Help Others

It's true, self-care and setting boundaries are essential for serving others. Have you ever taken a moment to really look at yourself in the mirror and feel completely content with what you're doing? It's a beautiful feeling, but it can be challenging to maintain. Sometimes, it's easy to lose sight of yourself and start blending into life, taking on the colors of those around you like a chameleon. But, amidst all of this, it's crucial to still have boundaries. You need to define what is and isn't acceptable for your own well-being, to ensure that you aren't compromising yourself for the sake of others. Remember, prioritizing your own care is not selfish, but rather, it's a way to serve others from a place of strength and stability.

[14:37] Setting Boundaries

It's important to understand that boundaries are not for others but for your own protection. Don't think that they are related to satisfying or helping others, but instead, consider them as a way to take care of yourself. You need to make it clear to yourself that this is your way of protecting yourself and keep this mindset embedded in your brain and heart. This is indeed the first step towards self-care and transformation. Learn to be okay with saying no. Some people's feelings could get hurt, especially when you've always said yes. When you say yes to something, then you say no to everything else.

[22:55] Focusing on Your Values and Purpose

If you want to align your actions with your purpose and values, it may require some sacrifices in your schedule. You might have to think about what you need to cut out in the coming week and make some adjustments accordingly. Perhaps you can reduce the time spent on watching TV or doing something less important. But there may be something special or significant that you cannot miss, and should prioritize. Use that as your barometer to gauge the importance of various commitments and make decisions accordingly. 


Notable quotes:

[11:37] Think about the last time that you recognized yourself in front of the mirror, and you are doing what you want. [11:43]

[14:09] When we fail to set boundaries, we just live for others, and not for ourselves. [14:21] 

[14:37] You need to understand that boundaries are not for others….The only reason why you set the boundaries is to protect yourself. [14:52]

Resources Mentioned: 

The 3G Cycle of Life

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About the Guest 

Dr. Miriam Zylberglait is a triple Board Certified Physician in Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, and Obesity Medicine with extensive clinical and academic experience. Dr. Z is interested in the areas of well-being, burnout, mental health, and leadership development.

May 08, 202339:05
Unlock Your Inner Leader with Vin Infante

Unlock Your Inner Leader with Vin Infante

Leadership potential exists within all of us, waiting to be unlocked. It starts with leading today well. Identify the role you must master today and the mindset and actions towards fulfilling that role. This can help you show up powerfully and fulfill your sense of duty for the day.

Listen in as Matt engages in a conversation with Vin Infante, a specialist in achieving positive moods with a mission to impact one billion lives. Vin also unveils the "five aspects to self-mastery" exercise.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

How to get out of the victim mindset

Identifying your relevant role for the day

How pain becomes your potential

Happiness as a choice

The five aspects of self-mastery

[03:40] How to Get Out of The Victim Mindset

Getting out of the victim mindset requires a level of self-awareness and accountability. Admitting that we have control over our lives and the ability to make positive changes is essential in overcoming victimhood. The “victim” state says that life is happening to me, not for me. But if you want life to happen for you, then you need to take ownership and responsibility over all things in life. We must acknowledge our role in the situations we find ourselves in and take responsibility for our actions and reactions. This includes being honest about our challenges and seeking help when necessary. With a positive mindset, a willingness to take action, and a commitment to personal growth, we can overcome the victim mindset and start living a more fulfilling life.

[14:21] Identifying Your Relevant Role for the Day

To maximize your potential for success, it's important to identify what role is most relevant to your day. By recognizing your obligations, such as a business meeting or being present as a parent, you can better tailor your mindset and actions towards fulfilling that role. This can help you show up powerfully in the chosen role and commit to fulfilling your sense of duty for the day. Whether you want to spend time with your family, partner, or parents, identifying your intended role for the day sets you up for how you should show up and fulfill that role. By spending time developing it, you'll better understand what makes a role powerful and strong, increasing your chances of success on any given day.

[31:25] The Five Aspects of Self-Mastery

To have control over your life, focus on the five aspects of self-mastery that you can control, including thoughts, feelings/emotions, behaviors, actions, and language. As you start with one of these aspects and gain control over it, it will lead to more control over the others. This increases your influence over your life and potentially others. Although there are many things outside of these five aspects that you cannot control, the good news is that nobody else has autonomy over them either. By having control over the five aspects of self-mastery, you have full autonomy over them, giving you 100% control in this area.

Notable quotes:

[15:08] Identifying what you're supposed to do with your day will set you up for how you should show up. [15:13]

[32:53] The only five things you can control are your thoughts, your feelings, your behaviors, your actions, and your language. [33:09]

[33:29] There's a lot more things you can't control than what you can. However, the benefit, even though it's only five things... nobody has the autonomy over this. [33:41] 

Resources Mentioned: 

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About the Guest 

Vin Infante is a Master Mindset Coach & Psychotherapist with a passion for cultivating lasting change and maximizing results. A former New York firefighter, Vin now has over 13 years of experience in coaching people as a psychotherapist on their mindset and positive psychology.

May 01, 202342:16
Not Always Perfect with Lisa Burbage

Not Always Perfect with Lisa Burbage

Lisa Burbage had a highly successful career until the stress and anxiety caught up with her and she got really, really sick. She believes God blessed her with cancer because it was what she needed to slow down and re-evaluate her lifestyle. She then founded Wellness Five, a boutique training and consulting firm that teaches all of us all how to live healthier, happier lives. 

Listen in as Lisa and Matt talk about needing to be perfect, and how that unrealistic expectation can be implanted in us by a parental figure at a young age. Lisa describes how the need to be perfect also created eating disorders in her teen and college years and then, how she was finally able to break free.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Lisa’s experience dealing with eating disorders

The creation of Wellness Five

The need for social connection

The “upward spiral”

Breaking down your goals into bite-sized pieces

[04:32] A Holistic Approach to Health

All of these chronic diseases, cancer, Type II diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune, and the list goes on – all of them are preventable. A new research shows that only five to 10% is genetic. The rest is our lifestyle. 

In creating Wellness Five, Lisa didn't want to focus just on the physical side of health because there are a lot of other factors that contribute to a person’s health, not just exercise and nutrition. There is a need to be healthy emotionally and mentally healthy as well. 

Prior to the pandemic, most wellness programs were focused on Fitbit challenges and healthy snacks in the break room. But then the pandemic hit and everyone was isolated. We became lonely, and we realized the need for social connection.

[33:38] Try This Goal-Setting Exercise!

Set your goal, then forget about it. Then think about what you need to do every day to move forward – not to reach the goal, just to move forward. Have something that you're reaching for but then forget about it, and just focus on what you're doing today. And if you fall off the next day, fine. Just get back on as soon as you can.

A lot of people set goals and end up giving up because they set insurmountable goals. The trick is to break your goal down into bite-sized pieces. For instance, if you’re looking to lose weight and the goal is to lose 30 pounds, just think about what you can do today, and only focus on that day. Writing down what you need to do for one day is also very helpful because it prevents decision fatigue.

Notable quotes:

[18:32] We all have an inner voice, a guardian angel… that’s telling us to pay attention. [18:41]

[21:50] How you feel, emotionally, mentally and physically... they're also intertwined. You can't really separate one from the other. That's the key. [22:00]

[22:06] If you eat better, you do feel better. But if you still have low self-esteem, is eating better going to change that? [22:15]

[33:43] Set your goal, then forget about it and think about what you need to do every day to move forward – not to reach the goal, just to move forward. [33:56]

Resources Mentioned: 


Wellness Five

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About the Guest 

Lisa Burbage is a board-certified health and wellness coach who focuses on helping people feel more connected and happier. She coaches many CEOs and C-suite executives and companies in the corporate world for more health and wellness. 

Apr 24, 202340:00
Radical Self-Acceptance with Wally Bressler

Radical Self-Acceptance with Wally Bressler

Wally Bressler hit rock bottom and ended up in federal prison. He was honest enough to own up to the pain and lack of self-acceptance that got him there, and this was ultimately his path to freedom and happiness. 

In this episode, Wally teaches how to eliminate the victim mentality, which he describes as the root of our suffering. Stick around as Wally shares an exercise to help you pull up the roots of any unhappiness – with just a single note card.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

What is radical acceptance?

The importance of being transparent with yourself

The four quadrants of the Johari window

Isolation versus common humanity

How to get feedback from others

Finding gratitude in recovery

The power of unconditional love

[03:27] What is Radical Acceptance?

You may have made a lot of decisions you’re not proud of, and as you go through those moments where you’re experiencing pain, at some point, you'll have to accept it and take responsibility for it. You have to be willing enough to be transparent with yourself and other people. You’ve got to be willing enough to be transparent with yourself, and as you accept your feelings, and they become apparent, you can then start working on them. 

[21:28] The Power of Self-Compassion

Self-compassion means giving yourself the same compassion you would offer to somebody else. In Kristin Neff’s book, Self-Compassion, she cites the three elements of self-compassion, one of them is common humanity. The reason we isolate ourselves is because of shame. But once you learn to engage in common humanity and you start talking to people who have gone through what you’ve gone through, with similar emotions of shame and guilt, that can be so freeing. Then you realize you’re not the only one going through that.

[29:44] The Power of Unconditional Love

The reason that unconditional love is the highest form of happiness and peace is that it's rooted in acceptance. Unconditional love means you accept somebody exactly as they are where they're staying with nothing to change. If you don't accept somebody for who they are, then there's no reason to keep them in your life. But if you're going to have a happy, peaceful, loving relationship with yourself and somebody else, and you want to get unconditional love, that means you accept all their goodness and faults.

Notable quotes:

[03:39] Where a lot of that pain comes from... is not accepting it and not owning it. [03:45]

[21:28] Self-compassion is basically you giving yourself the same compassion you would offer to somebody else.  [21:33]

[29:44] The reason that unconditional love is the highest form of happiness and peace is… it's rooted in acceptance. [29:49]

Resources Mentioned: 

Trigger Sales System

Tragic Hero by Wally Bressler

Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff

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About the Guest 

Wally Bressler is a coach, speaker, and founder of the Trigger Sales System. Wally is also the author of the book, Tragic Hero, which emphasizes the importance of dismantling the victim mentality.

Apr 17, 202339:28
Best Version Ever with Josh Painter

Best Version Ever with Josh Painter

Learn how to create your best version ever – and what gets in the way of living as your best self.

In this episode, Josh Painter takes a deep dive into his WSJ #1 best-selling book, Best Version Ever. Josh and Matt discuss how to stop living on autopilot, and how to break down your goals so that you actually achieve them. Become your best version ever!

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Why we’re living on autopilot

Finish line goals vs. marathon goals

How to do a breakdown of your goals

How to move from goal setting to finally achieving your goals

C is for consistency

Mastering your craft

[02:37] Why We Live Our Life on Autopilot

We're raised by our parents who have expectations of us. And even as we grow up, our society has so many expectations of us. But are you living your life the way you truly want it, or just based on the expectations of others? It's like spending your whole time listening to the song and waiting for the last note to hit. Meanwhile, you didn't dance the whole time the song is playing because you’ve been waiting for that last note to hit. 

[17:47] Goal Setting: Breaking Them Down and Achieving Them

If you have 10 business and work goals and zero personal family goals, it's probably going to show up somewhere in your life. Just throw out a bunch of goals in each category of your life. And then from there, narrow it down to one or two goals (in each category) that are really driving you. 

What’s the one goal that really excites you the most? Then figure out how to go all in. Most people are looking and focused on the highlight reels of life. It’s not exciting when you first start something right. And oftentimes, the first three months might not be exciting at all, and you can get frustrated. What could you start today, where you're not going to maybe notice a lot three months from now, but you'll be an expert 10 years from now? 

[28:33] Consistency is Key

Consistency is about tiny, incremental growth over time, it's almost imperceptible at the time. You're probably not going to notice a difference for three days. But 30 days later, you're probably going to notice a difference. It’s all about just building those habits, and turning routines into habits.

Notable quotes:

[28:33] Consistency is about tiny, incremental growth over time. [28:41]

Resources Mentioned: 

Best Version Ever: Discover the MAGIC of Becoming Extraordinary by Josh Painter

The Top Five Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware

Bounce by Matthew Syed

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About the Guest 

Josh Painter is a dedicated father, leader, coach, and speaker. Josh has also created his own charity and founded the Best Version Ever community after realizing that most people live a life that others expect of them and not a life that is true to themselves. Since then, he sold a successful real estate company, started his charity, and is now living the best version of himself.

Apr 10, 202340:36
Great Love & Great Suffering with Mark Nepo

Great Love & Great Suffering with Mark Nepo

NYT #1 best-selling author Mark Nepo takes us on the highs and lows of life as a human being. He shares that it is both the moments of great love, and of great suffering to define a meaningful life. 

Join this magical journey to the soul as Mark and Matt talk about overcoming your cloud of fear, opening your heart, and how to clear confusion out of your mind.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

The gift of relationships

If you ever feel lonely, say hello

How to overcome the cloud of fear

The story of the the barn and the fire

What opens up is never as important as what is open

Give, anywhere, to anyone

[15:54] Say Hello to Loneliness

We go places, we do things in life. But they're all to bring us alive. They're not to get you anywhere. There's nowhere to go. We travel. But when we come together in these authentic spaces, we open the same eternal moment – all the time. That's the beauty, the depth, the miracle that authentic relationships give.

[21:32] How to Overcome the Cloud of Fear

Fear is meant to move through, not to be obeyed. If you’re afraid and you ask fear what to do, then it will tell you to be more afraid. So don’t ask your fear. Instead, ask your spirit. Ask your heart. Ask your mind. Ask your dear friends. Fear is to be moved through like a fever or a chill, or a sudden stubbing of the toe. We have to not give it too much authority. You can't deny it, because it'll only get bigger. But we can't give it too much authority, because it will want to take over. 

[42:04] Give, Anywhere, To Anyone

When your mind feels like it's all tangled, when you're confused, and you can't figure something out, try to give – anywhere, to anyone. Then see if that clears your mind. See what happens. Oftentimes, when you give, not only are you doing good in the world, but it’s coming back to you. Giving cleanses and clears out the confusion in your mind. A confused mind can't really clear itself and we need to use other resources. So when in doubt, give. 

Notable quotes:

[14:29] To harden will help you get through life, but to soften will let you experience life. [14:35]

[21:32] Fear is meant to move through, not to be obeyed… we can't give it too much authority, because it will want to take over. [22:16] 

[42:49] A confused mind can't really clear itself, we need to use other resources. So when in doubt, give. [42:57]

Resources Mentioned: 

The Half-Life of Angels

Download this week’s free resource instantly when you sign up for The Good Mood Show newsletter here

Or, reach out on our contact page at and we will email you a copy of any free resource you request.

About the Guest 

Mark Nepo is one of the greatest poets and authors of our time. Author of 22 books, Mark has sold over a million copies worldwide and has been named one of the 100 most spiritually influential living people, having also appeared several times with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday program.

Apr 03, 202345:34
Joyful with Ingrid Fetell Lee

Joyful with Ingrid Fetell Lee

You can bring joy into your physical spaces at home and at work, and in doing so, bring joy into your life! Research shows that your physical surroundings actually influence your emotional and mental states of being. 

Ingrid Fetell Lee, author of the #1 best-selling book, Joyful, discusses the power of bringing joy into the aesthetics of your environment. Ingrid and Matt talk about the power of joy and how you can manifest it into your life through your surroundings.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

The link between our surroundings and our mental health

How to be courageous with color 

The joyful aesthetics of the home

How to bring joy into your aesthetics at work

Bringing play into your spaces

How to create a sense of abundance with your environment

How judgment holds back joy

[03:23] The Link Between Our Surroundings and Our Mental Health

Our unconscious minds are absorbing information about our surroundings, through what we see, feel, smell, or hear. All of those sensations give us information about how safe, settled, calm, exciting, or joyful the environment feels. The more that we understand those sensations and the more that we understand the connection, the better we can set ourselves up for well-being.

[15:39] Incorporating Play Into Your Space

If you think about play, and you look at a child's world, there's one shape that starts to come out more than anything else – the circle or the sphere. For instance, there are a million different things you can do with a ball, hence, it’s the most playful shape. Research shows that angular, sharp shapes create a heightened sense of unconscious caution and we're not as relaxed. We don't want that in our homes, so bringing in more of those round shapes can help with that sense of ease.

[20:42] How to Create a Sense of Abundance With Our Aesthetics

A huge contributor to feeling joy on a daily basis is an abundance mindset. And we live in this society that is constantly conditioning us to scarcity and competition, and feeling like we don't have enough. But joy is not a zero-sum game. You can have more joy and it doesn't take joy from anyone else. It is a self-reinforcing thing and it has a positive feedback loop.

Notable quotes:

29:40] One of the biggest things that hold us back from joy is judgment. [20:43]

[20:42] A huge contributor to feeling joy on a daily basis is… being able to find an abundance mindset. [20:48] 

[21:10] Joy is not a zero-sum game... you can have more joy and it doesn't take joy from anyone else. [21:16]

Resources Mentioned: 

The Aesthetics of Joy

Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness

TED Talk: Whey joy hides and how to find it

If you’ve been dreaming of writing a nonfiction book but don’t know where to begin, check out and learn how you can complete a book manuscript in only 90 days.

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Or, reach out on our contact page at and we will email you a copy of any free resource you request. 

THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more… About the Guest 

Ingrid Fetell Lee is the founder of The Aesthetics of Joy, where she empowers people to find more joy in their daily life through design. Ingrid has 17 years of experience in the design and branding world, working with huge brands like Target and Conde Nast, and IDEO. Her TED Talk, Where joy hides and how to find it, has been viewed more than 17 million times.

Mar 27, 202340:54
Delete Limiting Beliefs with Lion Goodman

Delete Limiting Beliefs with Lion Goodman

Lion Goodman was shot in the head four times, and survived to tell. He shares how acceptance, forgiveness, and love literally saved his life. 

We all experience some form of trauma in our lives, and these create our limiting beliefs. Regardless of where those traumas come from, all can be cleared.

In this episode, Lion Goodman, founder of Clear Beliefs Institute, teaches how to delete the limiting beliefs that hold you back and create your life on purpose. He walks us through this beautiful process of clearing out the deep subconscious using the subconscious mind, the conscious mind, and the superconscious mind all at once. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

The tragic event that got him shot in the head four times

How acceptance, forgiveness, and love can save your life

All the ways we don’t experience what we experience

On judging ourselves and forgiving ourselves

How to identify and delete limiting beliefs

Creating the space for the belief you want to create

[19:01] All the Ways We Cannot Experience Our Experience

When something bad or painful happens to us, we usually think about or do something else. We either resort to comfort food, drugs, or alcohol. We can talk endlessly about it to someone else. We can ignore it, suppress it, push it away, or pretend it doesn't exist. These are all ways of “not experiencing” our experience. If you shove enough anger down, you could get cancer or heart disease, or you can gain weight and not be able to lose it. 

[27:19] Deleting Your Limiting Beliefs

Our beliefs are created from our experiences, and those beliefs then start creating our reality. They act like a filter in front of our eyes. So if you think you'll always be poor and you're looking through that belief, then what you see is evidence for why you're always going to be poor. In order to clear that belief, you have to go down into the originating experience and clear it from the psyche. 

Notable quotes:

[23:18] The hardest thing we have to forgive is ourselves.

Resources Mentioned: 

Clear Beliefs Institute

Clear Your Clients’ Limiting Beliefs

Creating on Purpose

The Untethered Soul

Download the Good Mood Toolkit here

THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more… About the Guest 

Lion Goodman is the Founder of Clear Beliefs Institute. He's a professional Certified Therapeutic coach, with 40 years of experience as an executive coach, teacher, healer, and subconscious pattern detective. He's the creator of the Clear Beliefs method for deleting limiting beliefs.

Mar 20, 202340:58
Mental Fitness with Colin Thompson

Mental Fitness with Colin Thompson

Is your mind your best friend or your worst enemy? All of us can get triggered. It’s important to build your mental fitness so you can stay powerful even when you are feeling triggered.

In this episode, mental fitness Jedi master Colin Thompson joins Matt as they discuss the three-step process to building your mental fitness. Pick up tools to improve your relationships while increasing your peace of mind. Once you’re able to maintain a positive mindset regardless of what is happening in the world around you, the things that trigger you now will no longer trigger you.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

An introduction to positive intelligence What is mental fitness? The three-step exercise to build mental fitness The two choices that are not helpful: Fight or flight The power of the pause

[09:53] What is Mental Fitness

Physical fitness refers to your body’s vitality and energy, and its ability to do things that you want to do. Then you build that up through nutrition, exercise, sleep, hydration, etc. Mental fitness is the exact same thing. But instead of the muscles in your body, you’re working with the muscle in your head – your brain. You build your mental fitness by dealing with issues in your life – small issues, and then larger, larger, larger, larger ones over time.

[18:24] The Three-Step Exercise to Build Mental Fitness

1. Be mindful of when you get triggered. As heat is building up, you have to be able to intercept your saboteur.

2. Pause and ask yourself what is the opportunity? How am I going to respond? Figure out how you can better manage the situation, such that nobody gets triggered.

3. Develop the ability to take the next positive step. As you change your behavior, the person who triggered you will change their behavior as well. This is not easy to do. But once you start building momentum, it's very powerful.

[22:00] Finding the Gift/Opportunity in the Trigger

The moment you find yourself being triggered, that’s the moment when you can either respond to it or take a different action. When you’re able to take that pause, you allow yourself to settle so you can figure out what you can do to make sure everybody is in a good mood.

Notable quotes:

[11:18] You build your mental fitness by dealing with issues in your life – small issues, and a larger, larger, larger, larger one over time. [11:27]

[23:33] You can't handle more until you handle what's in front of you. [23:35]

[31:34] When you have that pause, you're going straight into, "What can I do to make sure everybody's in a good mood?" [31:39]

Resources Mentioned:


Download the Good Mood Toolkit here!

THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more… About the Guest

Colin Thompson is the founder of Oligye Life Coaching. A Jedi master of mental fitness, Colin is a certified Positive Intelligence coach.

Mar 13, 202337:17
Little Soul & The Sun

Little Soul & The Sun

You are the light, and you are here on Earth to light up the world. When you feel your very best, you're out in the world doing your best. It’s only when you feel hurt that you could hurt others.

Join this episode to learn about the journey your soul is taking through the darkness to remember who you really are. You’ll learn rituals to increase your positivity and help you shine your light the brightest.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

The story of the little soul and the sun Remembering who we really are The role of negative thoughts and the ego The eight bad moods of the ego Rituals you can practice to make you feel good every day The power of meditation, prayer, & journaling

[05:17] Remembering Who We Are

We're walking through this world of darkness to remember who we really are. And who we are is not the pain and the hurt and the suffering and the darkness – who we are is the light. We can only know that light – love, joy, peace, forgiveness, and compassion – when we experience the opposite of it. When we get stuck in those bad mood emotions, we're like a magnet for more bad things and more things that attract circumstances that prove that those emotions are valid and worthwhile. So if we do things that are negative, we'll feel more negative.

[17:23] Rituals to Make You Feel Good

Be mindful that your brain is not you. Choose which thoughts you want to believe and which ones to pass on by. Limit the inputs that are negative. Eliminate the news. Watch positive shows. Unfollow people in your social media feed that make you feel bad. Stay away from things that trigger negative thoughts such as fast food, alcohol, pornography, and lack of sleep. Finally, feed your brain with positive inputs and make a list of the things that make you feel good.

[25:29] The Power of Meditation, Exercise, Journaling, and Reading

(1) Meditation allows you to separate yourself from the thoughts that your brain is giving you. (2) Journal - Write three things you did well the day before. Then write three things you’re grateful for. Get super small on gratitude, whether that’s your cup of coffee this morning or the electricity in your house. Then write down the top three goals in your life. (3) Read. Feed your brain with something positive. (4) Exercise - It's scientifically proven that if you exercise, you feel good. When you work out, you feel good about yourself and it increases your confidence.

Notable quotes:

[05:17] You are walking through this world of darkness to remember who you really are… You are the light. [05:30]

[06:23] Humans have about 70,000 thoughts a day… how many do you think are positive and how many do you think are negative? [06:33]

[23:41] Here's the truth. When you feel on top of the world, what can you accomplish? Anything! [23:48]

Resources Mentioned:

The Little Soul and The Sun by Neale Donald Walsch

Calm app

A Course in Miracles

The Upward Spiral by Alex Korb

Download the Good Mood Toolkit here!

THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more…

Mar 06, 202341:49
Heart Callings with Carolyn Rivers

Heart Callings with Carolyn Rivers

Your heart is calling to you now, and has been your whole life. When you tune in and listen to the callings of your heart, blessings follow.

In this episode, Carolyn Rivers, founder and director of The Sophia Institute teaches how you can identify your own heart callings. Carolyn and Matt dive deep into the wisdom of the heart and how you can cultivate your heart’s yearnings.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

How everything is sourced by love How a book sparked Carolyn’s aha moment The more we follow our heart callings, the louder they get Ways to feed your soul Listening to what your heart is telling you

[05:57] Following Your Heart Callings

His Holiness, the Dalai Lama teaches that the mind is in the heart, not in the brain. The brain works with the heart but the wisdom of the heart is what's most important. The heart holds joy, and it holds love and wisdom. Scientists are now teaching us that even the cosmos itself is sourced by love. There's a feeling in our body when something is meant for us. The more we follow our heart callings, the louder they get and they lead us. Follow the threads of guidance that come through to you and you will always get enough. But you have to take things step by step.

[19:10] A Balance Between Your Heart and Your Logic

The heart is your starting place. Then you turn to logic and reason because that's how flow actually works. Both are needed, not just one. So you need to develop both within yourself. And as you do that, you become stronger, wiser, clearer, and more focused. You don’t want either side to be dominant, so you have to choose both in partnership.

[21:18] Listening to Your Heart

You can feel love in your body. You can feel how every cell in your body tingles with energy when you've got that love sourcing through you. It’s not just about romantic love, but about loving what you're doing. When you're in that flow of writing, or whatever it is you’re doing, there's a lot of love that pours into yourself. When you listen to your heart, you can hear answers. It's not a thundering voice but it's the knowledge that rises up within you.

Notable quotes:

[04:49] There can be additional callings, usually related to the primary first calling that got you into callings. But yes, it's not just one calling in one lifetime. [05:00]

[06:43] Scientists are now teaching us that even the cosmos and cosmology, the cosmos itself has love, is sourced by love. [06:52]

[19:10] Your heart is your starting place. [19:17]

Resources Mentioned:

The Sophia Institute

Phone: 843-720-8528


Download Carolyn’s white paper “Heart Callings” instantly when you subscribe to the Good Mood Show Newsletter here

Or, request a copy of the PDF “Heart Callings” on the contact page

A Mythic Life by Jean Houston

THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more… About the Guest

Carolyn Rivers is the founder and director of The Sophia Institute. Founded in 2001, her work centers on cultivating wisdom, mindfulness, well-being, and spirituality for a more flourishing world for all people.

Feb 27, 202339:46
Anxiety Reimagined with Neelma Pyfrom

Anxiety Reimagined with Neelma Pyfrom

We all deal with some form of anxiety, and when you are feeling anxious please don’t be hard on yourself. The key is to reimagine anxiety so you can start making positive changes rather than resisting it or battling it.

In this episode, Neelma Pyfrom, owner of Living Lotus Life Coaching, shares her wisdom about how to reimagine anxiety so you can live your best life. Neelma and Matt dissect what lies beneath the anxiety so you can heal the root causes and liberate yourself.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

Why anxiety is very personalized The kind of self-care you want to do Anxiety is a form of fear Why feelings are neutral, not good or bad How to get out of fear How to use your phone in a calming way Embracing your “thought adventures”

[04:22] Understanding Anxiety

First, look at what triggers your anxiety – whether it's getting on a plane, being with a large group of people, or walking into a room full of strangers. How anxiety presents itself is different for everyone. Once you start to understand where your anxiety comes from and you’re able to reorient the voice that tells you all those things that make you anxious, your confidence starts to build up. Take baby steps, reevaluate, pivot as needed, and figure out your next step to get to where you need to go.

[12:13] Feelings are Neutral

Feelings in and of themselves are neutral. Anger has the same "pH" as fear, sadness, happiness, etc. However, we tend to lean into the ones we like, avoid the ones we don't, and awareness is important. A lot of times, we don't know what we feel, or we don't know how to express it. But knowing what you're feeling helps you to know what you need.

[20:03] How to Get Out of Fear

Fear is energy that’s getting you ready for a fight or flight. And it’s all there is. But you have to learn how to use this energy in a positive way. Also, when you’re in that state, that’s where growth occurs. You have to go through it and not avoid it if you truly want to grow. The more you embrace fear, the more it gives you confidence.

Notable quotes:

[08:24] We have an internal voice that tells us we’re not good enough. We need to reorient that voice… Tell it “You're not serving me.” That starts to build our confidence. [08:55]

[04:40] Anxiety is very personalized... it's understanding the specifics of what our anxiety is and getting in touch with it. [05:03]

[12:53] It's okay to have the feeling of anger... it has to spur us to action… that comes from responding mindfully and thoughtfully. [13:09]

[13:47] Knowing what you're feeling helps you to know what you need. [13:50]

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Neelma by calling 843-471-0395.

Living Lotus Life Coaching

Download the Good Mood Toolkit here!

THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more… About the Guest

Neelma Pyfrom is the owner of Living Lotus Life Coaching, where she helps people live their best life. She helps them reimagine their anxiety by figuring out a healthy work/life balance and making positive changes to find peace, purpose, and authenticity.

Feb 20, 202339:32
Hard Parts to Happiness with Anthony Poponi

Hard Parts to Happiness with Anthony Poponi

Roughly 50% of our happiness is genetic, 10% is due to external circumstances, and 40% of our happiness is within our control. We tend to focus on the 10%, our external circumstances. But a better way is to focus on the 40% within our control, which is activated by choice between stimulus and response.

Join happiness expert Anthony Poponi as he and Matt O’Neill discuss the hard parts to happiness and a happiness technique that is as easy as counting to five.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

Where our happiness comes from Hedonic adaptation and the constant chase for more The easy and hard parts of happiness Shifting the focus from self to other people Hope has two parts – belief and action The intersection of talent and effort Stress can be a good thing The 1-2-3-4-5 gratitude technique

[02:20] Where to Focus Our Attention

We're looking for this magic pill of things that would make us happy all the time but we’re focusing on the wrong things. Our happiness comes from 50% genetics, 10% from life circumstances that we can’t control, and 40% through intentional action. We get lost in this "I'll be happy when..." scenario, focusing our attention on things that can be way off in the future.

[06:02] Hedonic Adaptation

Our brains are habituated to the things that are happening around us. It's called hedonic adaptation or being put on a hedonic treadmill. So those good things that often fit in that 10% piece of the pie are things that we adapt to more quickly. People are happier when they have kids or happier when they graduate from college. When we get these things, our brain habituates to those things. So it's always this chase for more happiness versus focusing on what's already around.

[38:01] The 12345 Gratitude Technique

Set your alarm at 12:34 to give you a little reminder to name five things you’re grateful for. These can be small things to very big things in front of you, whatever gives you gratitude for the present moment.

Notable quotes:

[03:00] We're looking for a magic pill that would make us happy all the time. [03:06]

[12:14] In between the highs and the lows, can you come back to feeling about your life with a sense of pride, purpose, and planning? [12:21]

[33:03] The best thing you can do for yourself is live in a community with life-enhancing relationships. [33:10]

Resources Mentioned:

Focus on the 40



Dan Buettner, Blue Zones

Download the Good Mood Toolkit here!

THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more… About the Guest

Anthony Poponi is the CEO and founder of Focus on the 40, where he teaches people how to be in a good mood. In 2022, he gave over 50 keynote presentations on how to feel your best. He coaches and gives conferences and workshops, bringing out the best of company cultures.

Feb 13, 202338:20
The Upward Spiral with Alex Korb

The Upward Spiral with Alex Korb

Neuroscientist Alex Korb teaches how to live our lives in an Upward Spiral. We've all experienced a downward spiral. An upward spiral is linking positive actions together to the point where life keeps getting better and better.

Things like petting a dog, physical activity, quality sleep, and creating a daily gratitude practice are just some of the ways you can start moving in an upward spiral. Listen in as Matt and Alex discuss the neuroscience of feeling good.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

The power of doing the things you enjoy Examples of things that change the reward circuit of the brain How our dog friends can help reduce our stress hormones The power of quality sleep Activating the gratitude circuit

[08:58] The Power of Doing the Things You Enjoy

When you’re struggling, the best place to start is to do the things you enjoy. For instance, oftentimes, using the term “exercise” can suck all the fun out of it because now, it feels forced. Instead, just start moving your body and make sure you’re enjoying whatever physical activity you’re doing. When you start doing things that you enjoy, you begin to modulate circuits like dopamine and serotonin, which help overcome momentary distress or stress.

[16:50] The Power of Rest

If you can improve the quality of your sleep, you don't even need to get more of it. It's actually better to get a shorter amount of quality sleep than eight or nine hours of low-quality sleep. And so, it doesn't have to take more time. Getting enough quality sleep improves your mood, overrides bad habits, and increases your ability to focus.

[26:47] Activating the Gratitude Circuit

Research shows that practicing gratitude, such as writing a gratitude journal, improves the quality of your sleep, and also reduces anxiety. Stop looking for the one big solution that's going to fix everything. Instead of spending five minutes before bed playing games on your phone, write a gratitude journal.

Notable quotes:

[12:31] When you start doing things that you enjoy, the motivation is coming from within you. It's a choice. [12:38]

[19:58] Getting enough quality sleep improves your mood. It helps you override bad habits and it increases your ability to focus. [20:09]

[28:40] Stop looking for the one big solution that's going to fix everything. Just make one tiny change that's better than the default. [28:46]

Resources Mentioned:

The Upward Spiral by Alex Korb

The Empath’s Workbook by Krista Carpenter

Download the Good Mood Toolkit here!

THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more… 

About the Guest

Alex Korb is a neuroscientist, a coach, and a best-selling author. He has a Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA where he’s also part of the Department of Psychiatry faculty. Alex is the founder of The Upward Spiral, a method that helps smart, passionate professionals conquer unnecessary overthinking, stress, and self-doubt. He also has a wealth of experience in yoga, mindfulness, physical fitness, and stand-up comedy.

Feb 06, 202341:10
Experience Your Full Humanity with Simran

Experience Your Full Humanity with Simran

The full spectrum of your humanity is beautiful. You get the highs, and the lows. Life is not meant to feel comfortable all of the time.

In this episode, Simran and Matt discuss how to show up fully to each present moment. Be sure to listen to the exercise at the end of this episode. Matt implemented Simran’s five-minute ritual into his day and it made an immediate impact.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

Humanity is experiencing all of life’s emotions Looking at every experience as your personal amusement park Finding clarity to know when you’re meant to sit or act How we’re trapped by the illusion of money The three-breath exercise that can change your life

[02:52] The Magic of Experiencing Humanity

Humanity is the full experience, expression, and embodiment of everything that we are. Simran likens humanity to every color in the crayon box, from anger, depression, jealousy, sadness, and loss –  to happiness, bliss, peace, understanding, forgiveness, and unconditional love. However, most people only want the lighter spectrum in the crayon box and not the darker part.

[15:38] The Mastery of Your Environment

The journey of the soul is not about being comfortable, but about mastering your environment. In order to do that, you have to clarify what is worth your time, what fulfills you, and what brings you joy and peace.

[27:48] Trust and Surrender

We have to get away from this condition or idea that life has to look a certain way. Because it's very hard to live in a space of complete trust and surrender, and at the same time, trying to take control. Once we learn to surrender, we start to open to a greater power within ourselves.

Notable quotes:

[03:13] - Humanity is the full experience, expression, and embodiment of everything that we are. [03:19]

[15:38] The real journey of the soul is not about life being comfortable or easy. [15:49]

[28:15] Working smart doesn't necessarily require muscle. But it does require presence and alignment. [28:22]

Resources Mentioned:

The Sophia Institute

11:11 Magazine

11:11 Talk Radio

Living: The 7 Blessings of Human Experience

Conversations with the Universe

Download the Good Mood Toolkit here!

THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more… About the Guest

Simran Singh is a catalyst for love, compassion, and humanity. In addition to being an award-winning author, she published the 11:11 Magazine, and she is the host of the 11:11 Talk Radio show, a weekly show since 2009.

Jan 30, 202338:52
Your Last Day to Live with Scott White

Your Last Day to Live with Scott White

If you only had one day to live, how would you spend it? Every single minute matters. Live today like it could be your last.

In this episode, Scott White teaches the principles from his best-selling book, The Life Is Too Short Guy. You’ll learn how to make every day your best day ever, the power of positivity, and the importance of being intentional with how you choose to use the remaining minutes of your life.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

Minutes matter Take a chance and get it done today Attitude is everything: the power of positivity LIVE for today, don’t wait for tomorrow

[04:58] Minutes Matter

You don't know what tomorrow is going to bring so make the most of every day. You have a finite number of minutes. So you have to choose how you're going to use those minutes. Minutes are a commodity so you don’t have an endless amount of them. They are fading away and you don’t actually know how many minutes you still have left. So think about how you are using your minutes. Be thoughtful, be deliberate and use them in ways that make you happy. And if you use them in ways that don't make you happy, today is the day to make that change.

[24:12] Attitude is Everything

There will be twists and turns and there will be setbacks. That's the reality. But think about the power of positivity as a proposition to wake up to and set the course for the day, instead of staying in bed where you’re warm and comfortable. You have the proactive ability to choose your attitude.

[35:25] LIVE for Today

If you were to write your own eulogy, what would it be? How do you want people to remember you? Take a minute to reflect on that and whether that’s the life you're living right now. And if it's just aspirational, then today's the day to make a proactive plan to live that life because you don't know what tomorrow is going to bring.

Notable quotes:

[04:58] Minutes matter. You could die tomorrow. Make the most of today. [05:02]

[09:56] Think about how are you using your minutes. Be thoughtful, be deliberate and use them in ways that make you happy. And if you use them in ways that don't make you happy, today is the day to make that change. [10:07]

[25:23] Attitude is everything, the power of positivity – it sets you on the right road. [25:28]

Resources Mentioned:

The Life Is Too Short Guy

Book: The Life Is Too Short Guy




Download the Good Mood Toolkit here!

THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more… About the Guest

Scott White is the happiest guy you will ever meet. After spending over a decade in investment banking on Wall Street, he took a chance to become an entrepreneur and business builder. Today, he is the chairman and CEO of a public real estate company with a mission to make the world happier – one smile at a time.

Jan 23, 202340:52
Atomic Habits for Good Moods

Atomic Habits for Good Moods

Your habits create your life. Fantastic habits create a fantastic life. In the book Atomic Habits, author James Clear describes how to make good habits attractive, and bad habits unattractive.

In this episode, join Matt O’Neill to learn the four easy ways to build good habits, and thus get the life of your dreams. You’ll also learn the four ways that effectively cut out the bad habits that keep you down.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

How 1% shifts changed the history of British cycling Our habits create who we are Make good habits obvious and make bad habits invisible How to make good habits attractive, easy, and satisfying How to make bad habits unattractive, difficult, and unsatisfying

[07:48] Atomic Habits = Good Mood

Achieving your goals will make you feel good. But it can be hard to accomplish your goals if you lack discipline and motivation. As James Clear puts it in his book, Atomic Habits, one of the ways you can be successful is by creating small habits. By making tiny, easy changes, that marginal gain will help you achieve what you want – and it improves your mood as well!

[08:52] How Our Habits Create Who We Are

According to James Clear in his book, Atomic Habits, if all you did was get 1% better each day for one year, you would end up 37 times better at the end of the year. Getting 1% better each day is a tall task. But if we just got 1% better each month, we are 12% better by the end of the year. That's a big improvement. And if we got 1% better each week, that would be 50% better at the end of the year, and that is a huge improvement.

[10:05] Make It Obvious

For example, if you want to read more, set a book on top of the bed after you make it.  Just because the book is already laying there, it's too obvious for you to not be able to see it once you go to bed. In contrast, make your bad habits invisible, which means getting those things out of the way. For instance, if you want to quit drinking, throw all of your liquor away.

[15:07] Make It Attractive

Look at things you already like and pair that with the habit you want to pick up. For example, if you love coffee and you want to start journaling, set your journal right next to your coffee pot. Another way is to join a culture where your desired behavior is just normal. A great example is joining mastermind groups like GoBundance, where there’s a supportive environment and positive peer pressure.

[21:11] Make It Easy

A way to make it easy is to reduce friction or decrease the number of steps between you and your good habit. For example, if you want to go to the gym consistently, prepare your gym attire and shoes the night before. Another thing is to optimize your start line.

[27:55] Make It Satisfying

Give yourself an immediate reward. For instance, there's something so satisfying about checking a checkbox.

Notable quotes:

[07:48] Wouldn't achieving what you want to achieve improve your mood? We all want to feel our best… we all want to do our very best. [07:57]

[08:52] Our habits create who we are. [08:55]

[09:24] If we got 1% better each week, that would be 50% better at the end of the year, and that is a huge improvement. [09:33]

Resources Mentioned:


Atomic Habits by James Clear

Download the Good Mood Toolkit here!

THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more…

Jan 16, 202340:22
Stoicism and Happiness with Jonas Salzgeber

Stoicism and Happiness with Jonas Salzgeber

Stoicism was created 2,000 years ago by some of the greatest philosophers of all time: Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, and Epictetus among others. Jonas Salzgeber, author of the Little Book of Stoicism, joins the Good Mood Show to discuss how living according to Stoic philosophy is a path to true happiness.
Today, Jonas and Matt dive into the book as they break down the happiness triangle and tackle what it takes to express your inner truth and live the highest version of yourself.
Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

Live your inner truth from moment to moment.
We flourish when we’re living the highest version of ourselves.
Just be present and focus on what you can control.
Take a moment to zoom out and create space for yourself.

[05:31] Living Your Truth
Live according to your inner truth with virtue, and if you can express your highest self in each moment, you will get there. Now, your inner truth might change on a regular basis and that’s fine. The most important thing is that you’re expressing your inner truth in every moment. Even if that changes, you’re still doing your best.
If you don't know what your truth is, go and find it. Look within. Spend time with yourself to ask those challenging questions of what you want to live by and what are the things that are important to you. Then try to live accordingly.
[09:10] The Happiness Triangle

Center: Eudaimonia - being in harmony with your highest self
Bottom left: Arete - expressing your highest self in every moment.
Bottom right: Focus on what you can control

[21:23] How to Get Yourself Out of Negativity
Oftentimes, being aware that you’ve got to remove yourself from that negative presence is enough. If not, zoom out to get some perspective on your situation. Take the bird’s eye view, zoom out, and see yourself from above. Then almost magically, this perspective takes you away from the pain or whatever emotion you have at that moment. Then you can re frame the situation and come from an angle where you try to see what you can learn.
Notable quotes:
[05:31] "Live according to your inner truth with virtue. And if you do this every moment… you will get there.” [05:47]
[13:30] “There are things that are beyond your control and things that are within your control… Focus on the things that are within your control." [13:40]
[22:38] “Perspective helps you get some distance… it's so helpful because you get some distance between the situation and you." [22:52]
Resources Mentioned:
Email Jonas at
The Little Book of Stoicism by Jonas Salzgeber
The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
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THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more… About the Guest
Jonas Salzgeber is the author of the best selling book “The Little Book of Stoicism.” Jonas shares his stoic strategies with people to gain back their confidence so they feel ready to effectively deal with whatever life throws at them.
Jan 09, 202336:44
Feel Good Life with Rachel Yellin

Feel Good Life with Rachel Yellin

We all know what to do to feel good, so why is it that we can’t always be feeling good? We can, as soon as we change our patterns of conditioning.

In this episode, Rachel Yellin, founder of The Feel Good Life speaks about healing the body through healing the trauma. Rachel and Matt dive deep into how we can all feel good today, and every day of our lives.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

Allow the body to metabolize emotions. Get in touch with your feelings every day. Your issues are in your tissues. Relearn how you actually feel. Undo depression and anxiety through neuroplasticity.

[02:38] The Step In Between “Not Feeling Good” and “Feeling Good”

If a person is feeling sensations in their body of not getting a particular need met, you’ve got to allow them to feel. They have to metabolize their emotions for them to pass through, and not land in the body as a permanent lens through which they see all kinds of interactions. Otherwise, if you skip this step and move on to problem-solving right away, the emotional experience stays in the body and it will repeat itself over and over again because the trauma has not been processed and healed.

[11:44] Getting In Touch With Your Feelings

One of the things that we learn to do as children is to bypass our feelings [so]  that we have completely lost our ability to even know how to feel. It’s not just your basic emotions, but really check in with your heart. Make it a daily exercise to ask yourself: “How do I feel right now?” Do this 10 times a day until it becomes a habit.

[14:33] Our Issues are in Our Tissues

Whether it’s heartbreak or someone screaming at you, no matter how big or small that trauma is, everything is stored in our tissues. This is why many illnesses, and even mystery illnesses, exist. Aggravation is based a little bit on the current circumstance, and a lot on all the situations that happened in the past. It's cumulative aggravation. And so, we have to go back to relearning how we actually feel.

Notable quotes: (Please Choose One)

[09:03] When a person is having emotions, they actually have to metabolize their emotions for them to pass through. [09:09]

[11:44] One of the things that we learn to do as children is to bypass our feelings… we have completely lost our ability to actually even know how we feel. [12:03]

[12:05] Your first order of business as an adult – 10 times a day – stop and ask yourself, ‘How do I feel right now?’ [12:13]

[14:42] Our issues are in our tissues… this is one of the reasons why there is so much illness. [14:56]

[15:49] Aggravation is based a little bit on the current circumstance. It's based a lot on all the situations that happened in the past. It's cumulative aggravation. [16:00]

Resources Mentioned:

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THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more… About the Guest

Rachel Yellin is a relationship, and trauma healing coach, alternative therapist, childbirth educator, and hypnotherapist. Rachel has attended births as a doula and is helping thousands of people not just have babies, but also go through trauma healing and restore their foundation of wellness.

Jan 01, 202337:39
Happy Brain Chemicals with Dr. Loretta Breuning

Happy Brain Chemicals with Dr. Loretta Breuning

Dr. Loretta Breuning’s groundbreaking book Habits of a Happy Brain describes how the chemicals in your brain are in charge of making you feel happy. When you learn to understand how the brain controls these chemicals, you can create new habits to manage the release of your happy chemicals and put yourself into better moods.

In this episode, Dr. Breuning and Matt O’Neill discuss the 4 happy-brain chemicals. They also discuss the 2 unhappy-brain chemicals. By understanding these chemicals and why your brain releases them, you are able to take control of your moods and live a happier life.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

Chemicals in our brains make us feel good or bad Get a Dopamine boost by rewarding yourself for progress Build your bridges with others for Oxytocin Create your legacy to trigger Serotonin Make time to laugh for an Endorphin rush

[09:57] Dopamine and Oxytocin

Dopamine is a happy chemical released when you’re closer to meeting your needs and goals. Oxytocin comes from the good feeling triggered by social support. In the modern world, humans bond with each other to feel less isolated and stimulate oxytocin.

[18:43] Serotonin and Endorphins

The confidence chemical serotonin makes you feel good when you feel like you’re in a position of strength. Endorphins, on the other hand, are released as a response to physical pain.

[24:55] Creating Your Happiness Habits

You can regularly stimulate dopamine when you set your goals and take action to achieve them. Understand your own personal reward system and create a pathway of achievement, goals, and dopamine. Start an oxytocin habit by remembering that it’s natural to seek support from others. Focus on having realistic expectations to get your serotonin.

Notable quote:

[02:56] Happy chemicals are released when you take action to meet survival needs. [03:01]

[15:45] Serotonin is the good feeling that you're in a position of strength, so your brain is constantly comparing you to others. [15:50]

[34:06] If you're kind to others, then you anticipate other people being kind to you. And that's creating a more comfortable world for yourself.   [34:11]

[29:34] It's so important and useful to understand your personal reward system. [29:38]

Resources Mentioned:

Remembrance of Things Past by Marcel Proust

Habits of a Happy Brain by Loretta Breuning

Status Games by Loretta Breuning

Science of Positivity by Loretta Breuning

The Innermammal Institute and their course

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THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more…

About the Guest

Dr. Loretta Breuning is a Professor Emerita of Management at California State University. She is the founder of the Inner Mammal Institute, where she helps people understand and manage their mammalian brain chemistry.

Dec 26, 202240:33
Conquer Your Stress with Andrew Oakes

Conquer Your Stress with Andrew Oakes

One of the keys to happiness is reducing your stress. Professional stress coach, Andrew Oakes, teaches us the correlation between stress and happiness. Andrew explains that the higher your current stress, the harder it is to feel happy. And, when you are feeling relaxed and carefree, it’s so much easier to feel happy. 

In this episode, Andrew joins Matt O’Neill to discuss how to think of stress as a game you get to play. Once you start to learn the game mechanics, you can begin to equip yourself with the necessary tools to navigate it. You can conquer stress in a fun, rewarding way. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Learn what creates stress.  Acknowledge little discomforts in your life and deal with them.  Have the discipline to take on big mountains.  Stress is a game you have to play.  Record and reframe. 

[02:16] The Happiness and Stress Scale: 

On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you? From that same scale, how stressed are you? Happiness and stress are inversely correlated. Once stress compounds, it starts to move solely in that one direction. Often, what we do is assign all our problems to big mountains in our life. But in reality, what maxes out our capacity are the discomforts that then create stress. 

[15:00] The Natural Flow of Dopamine: 

Our body only has a certain capacity for taking on discomforts. We’re hardwired for survival. The brain rewards us with feel-good feelings—dopamine—upon removing that discomfort. It’s the same process when you urinate after holding your bladder for some time. However, the brain can’t really tell the difference between a small and big discomfort. 

[19:32] Stress Management Toolbox: 

Having a hammer—anger or frustration—as your standard equipment in your toolbox only leads to more stress. Andrew has come up with re-tools to re-tool your toolbox: Record: Use cheat sheets, journals, organizers, etc. “5P’s” means “Proper planning prevents poor performance”. Reframe: Reframe how you see things to stop the stressor from coming in as a discomfort. Practicing gratitude changes the way you see life. The tools you will put in your toolbox are going to be unique for you. 

Notable quotes: 

[27:15] “Stress plus time equals wisdom.”  [27:17] — Andrew 

[27:35] “It's not the stressor that causes the stress, it's your reaction to the stressor. If you accept the stressor, you can be surrounded by stressors and not be stressed.” [27:46] — Andrew 

[30:15] "A setback is a setup for a comeback." [30:18] — Andrew 

Resources Mentioned: 

Download Stress Relief HQ’s FREE stress management resources here!  The Inner Work by Mathew Micheletti and Ashley Cottrell  Episode 24: The Inner Work with Mathew Micheletti  Download the Good Mood Toolkit here!  THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more… 

About the Guest: Andrew Oakes is the founder of Stress Relief Headquarters. He is a mental health advocate, stress management consultant, and public speaker. His Street View of Psychology brings a new approach to resolving complex mental matters. You can connect with Andrew through LinkedIn.

Dec 19, 202239:30
A Return to Love with Marianne Williamson

A Return to Love with Marianne Williamson

Join #1 NYT best-selling author Marianne Williamson as she discusses how love is a miracle. Love is the ultimate purpose of your life. The only way for someone to be truly happy is to realize this purpose and to love unconditionally as God loves. 

In this episode of The Good Mood Show, Marianne Williamson, author of four #1 best-selling books, including “A Return to Love” joins Matt O’Neill to talk about the lessons she has learned from A Course in Miracles. This conversation will deepen your understanding of love, happiness, and finding miracles amidst a world so desperate for healing. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Loving leads to happiness.  Always choose to forgive.  Surrender to the miracles of God’s will.  Practice love and compassion every day.  Live with responsibility for the world’s healing. 

[12:16] The True Meaning of Miracles: 

True miracles do not happen when we make God our errand boy. True miracles happen when we realize God’s unconditional love for us. We can allow things to happen when we are dwelling in love. 

[23:37] How to Be Loving and Trusting in the Moment: 

The will of God is our highest joy. When we learn to be still and connect with God, we eventually see that His will for us is also our greatest good. This creates a fierce trust in God. 

[28:26] The Daily Practice of Love and Compassion: 

God placed us in roles where we can practice love and compassion daily. However, Marianne also emphasizes the practice of morning meditation to empower us to love better. She invites everyone to sign up for Mornings with Marianne. 

[35:00] The Responsibility and Power of Love to Change the World:

The ultimate goal of love is not just to heal ourselves but also to heal others. We all have a responsibility to love one another; when we do, it has the power to change the world. 

Notable quotes: 

[02:33] “God is love. We are creations of God. Our purpose on this earth is to love….That is when we’re happy.”  [02:40]  [12:20] “You can have a grievance, or you can have a miracle. You cannot have both.” [12:23]  [14:03] “You were not created to be at the effect of lovelessness within yourself or anyone else.” [14:08] 

Resources Mentioned: 

Connect with Marianne: Website | LinkedIn  A Course in Miracles by Foundation for Inner Peace Everyday Grace  Download the Good Mood Toolkit here!  THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more… 

About the Guest: Marianne Williamson is an American author, a spiritual mentor, and a political activist. Four of her books have been recognized as New York Times bestsellers, and in 2020 she ran for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. Marianne has been teaching the principles of A Course of Miracles for over thirty years, and in the process, she has brought hope, love, and joy into the world. Sign up for Mornings with Marianne or find one of her books on Amazon.

Dec 12, 202238:16
The Value of Your Soul with Sarah Snyder

The Value of Your Soul with Sarah Snyder

Author Sarah Snyder explains, “Your very essence is LOVE with a capital L.” Your soul is so powerful that it can handle all of life’s events with grace and understanding. 

In this episode, Sarah joins Matt O’Neill to talk about the golden nuggets from her book The Value of Your Soul. They discuss how to deal with life’s annoyances with more grace, and how understanding your soul's essence leads you to lasting good moods.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

Realize your essence is pure Love. Learn not to take things too seriously. Polish your mirror. Quiet the constant noise around you. Heal your original wound. [02:08] The Value of Your Soul

The book contains real-life stories filled with lessons about how to get over annoyances. Sarah used the poet Rumi's principles in offering ways to flip the script. The essence of your very soul—love—matters. Material possessions pale in comparison to that essence, which is the gift of life.

[10:13] Flipping the Script around Negative Sounding Emotions

The biggest negative-sounding emotions are expectations, disappointments, anger, fear, vulnerability, resentment, control, and impatience. We should not get ashamed when we fall prey to them because they are a natural part of life.

[25:00] Quieting the Noise

Constant noise creates an unhealthy feedback loop. Learning how to quiet the noise means refusing to entertain unproductive thoughts. Only then, we learn how to accept simply what is and hear God communicating with us.

[26:55] The Wound is the Place Where Light Enters You

Hurtful experiences are lessons. We don’t grow by having everything perfect in our lives. Personal growth happens on rough edges. Your original wound is your earliest experience that can set the course for the rest of your life. Everything is a learning opportunity.

Notable quotes:  

[05:50] “Your essence is pure Love with a capital L.” [05:53] — Sarah

[13:21] "I have to take life's lemons, and I have to learn from them so that I can become a polished person, better in my body and spirit." [13:29] — Sarah

[37:03] “Never waste a bad experience without trying to learn from it first.”  [37:10] — Sarah

Resources Mentioned:

DIY Solo Retreats by Sarah Snyder

The Value of Your Soul by Sarah Snyder

Chicken Soup for the Soul

E05: Healing Your Body by Releasing Emotion with Kim Kolodji

Connect with Sarah at Luna River Voices and get 50% OFF and a signed copy of any one of her books!

Download the Good Mood Toolkit here!

THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more…

Dec 05, 202238:20
The Happiness Doctor with Dr. Sophia Godkin

The Happiness Doctor with Dr. Sophia Godkin

Finding true happiness — the genuine, juicy, and authentic kind — is within your reach at this very moment. We all have the capabilities, tools, and everything we need to create happiness for ourselves, regardless of what’s going on around us. 

In this episode, The Happiness Doctor, Dr Sophie Godkin, joins Matt O’Neill to talk about creating happiness from the inside out. They talk about finding joy within ourselves and even unpack some tools to jump start our journey to becoming genuinely happy. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Take time to know yourself.  Heal from places where you hold a lot of emotions.  Orient your mind to find things to be grateful for.  Practice mindful meditation.  Befriend your inner critic.  Be compassionate with yourself. 

[6:57] Reacquaint With Your Soul: 

The first and hardest step to getting in touch with your soul is to heal from places where you hold a lot of emotions. Your wounds, pains, and hurts should not be buried; instead, acknowledge, process, and learn from them. 

[14:28] Gratitude - Your Biggest Tool: 

Gratitude can be your biggest tool for happiness. Learn to be joyful despite life’s stress. The mind has a natural affinity to focus on the negative. It is drawn towards everything that’s not going right in our lives. 

[17:53] Do Mindful Meditation: 

Maintaining a Gratitude Journal also helps keep the mind’s negativity bias away. It retrains our mind to start counting things to celebrate. Some prompt to get you started is to write down what went right that day or take note of opportunities you have now that you didn’t have before. 

[24:47] Deal With Your Inner Critic: 

Perfection gets in the way of your happiness. It prevents you from living authentically. The voice that tells you to be perfect is the voice of your inner critic. The only way to shut it out is to start working on your thoughts and feelings. 

Notable quotes: 

[04:50] “Who you truly are is, you know, infinitely capable. Who you truly are has the skill set that you need to achieve. You have the love to succeed.”  [05:02] 

[16:47] “It's really up to us to take it upon ourselves to orient our mind towards the kinds of things that we do want to focus on -- the kinds of things that we want to pay attention to in life. And gratitude is just such a simple, easy process that allows us to do that.” [17:02] 

[27:50] "When we realize that every single thought, every single feeling is actually here to help us, right? We can befriend it. [27:55] 

Resources Mentioned: 

The 5-Minute Gratitude Journal: Give Thanks, Practice Positivity, Find Joy by Sophia Godkin  Mark Nepo  Sophia’s LinkedIn and Twitter  Download the Good Mood Toolkit here!  THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more… 

About the Guest: 

Dr Sophia Godkin is an internationally recognized expert on happiness. Better known as “The Happiness Doctor,” Sophia’s mission is to use holistic education and coaching to help people become healthier, happier adults.

Nov 28, 202239:13
Awakening to Your Higher Self with Ulrika Sullivan

Awakening to Your Higher Self with Ulrika Sullivan

Your higher self is one of the greatest sources of strength, confidence, and happiness available to you. Sometimes all you need to do is to look inside yourself to find the answers you are looking for. 

In this episode, author Ulrika Sullivan joins Matt O’Neill to talk about the journey of awakening to your higher self. They talk about Ulrika’s book “Wisdom Beyond What You Know” and what you can do to connect with, and love yourself on a deeper level than ever before. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Love yourself and put yourself first  Find your opportunity for self-awareness  Tune in to your body  Set your energetic boundaries  You are part of a big, wide universe. 

[06:25] You Complete Yourself: 

Turn your focus inwards. Ask yourself first before seeking validation from others. You know best what works for you. You are a source of love for yourself. Even without others, you’re whole and complete. 

[16:38] Journey of Self-Awareness: 

Ulrika was a successful woman whose identity revolved around her job. However, when she got laid off, she found herself lost and not knowing who she was. This was the start of her journey to self-awareness. 

[21:44] The Body Talks: 

Everyone has an energetic connection to their bodies.For Ulrika, yoga was her gateway to this connection. Spiritual practices and time tuning into yourself can help you learn to connect with your emotional, physical, and spiritual body. 

[35:02] People Pleasing:

When you seek to please others, you can lose your own sovereignty. Set your energetic boundaries and say no to what doesn’t align with your true self. You are connected to the whole universe. You have a connection to a bigger, true self. 

Notable quotes: 

[02:31] “Awakening can be awakening to who we truly are… to our true self.”  [02:38] 

[14:00] “We all have this story of how we got to where we are. But the important part is to allow ourselves to distance ourselves a little bit to those stories inside” [14:11] 

[23:42] "Yoga is this connector of movement, breath, and stillness. Because all three are required in a way to be able to listen to what the body and its intuition is telling us. It's not really separate. [24:00] 

Resources Mentioned: 

Wisdom Beyond What You Know by Ulrika Sullivan  Jerry Maguire (1996)  Healing Back Pain by John E. Sarno  All the Rage Saved by Sarno (2016)  Ulrika Sullivan’s website  Download the Good Mood Toolkit here!  THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more… 

About the Guest: 

Ulrika Sullivan is an intuitive spiritual life coach, energy healer, and yoga teacher. She is also the host of the New Light Living Podcast where she talks about finding the calm and balance many people hope to live with.

Nov 21, 202241:44
New Mindset, Who Dis? with Case Kenny

New Mindset, Who Dis? with Case Kenny

Creating a powerful mindset is the key to mastering your life experience. Your mood is 100% determined by the mindset you choose. 

In this episode, renowned podcast host Case Kenny joins Matt O'Neill as they discuss his book But First, Inner Peace. Listen to their conversation as they teach powerful techniques to fortify your mindset. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Practice mindfulness with radical honesty  Find your incentives  Start with your whys  Believe in yourself and be proud of yourself  Write your narrative with a positive mindset 

[02:04] What is Mindfulness?

Practicing mindfulness doesn’t have to be complicated. It may have many forms and layers but simply put, it’s about radical honesty with yourself. You have to combine your inner and outer gaze to take in the world around you and redefine it as what’s true for you. Mindfulness is like self-therapy. 

[10:07] Starting With Why

When you’re searching for your why, be intentional about it. Journaling can help you find clarity. Think about what you don’t want to regret. Ask different questions about what you do and don’t want in your life. 

[23:41] Redefining the Negative

It’s easy to fall into a negative mindset. This negative environment and personal experiences can push people to quit. However, you have magic in your future. Despite everything else, it’s up to you to rewrite the narrative and give tomorrow a second chance. 

[32:54] Your Beliefs, Your Story

Align yourself with what you believe. When you understand reciprocity, you can bridge the gap between the head and the heart. The stories you tell matter, so be more positive in your narrative. 

Notable quotes: 

[20:07] My fear is looking back and having regret because you cannot change it. And that scares the shit out of me. [20:12] 

[26:58] “The greatest gift you can give yourself is to believe in second chances.” 

[31:44] At the end of the day, it does come down to you writing or rewriting the rules and expectations for yourself. And I think that's the greatest gift we can give ourselves [31:54] 

Resources Mentioned: 

New Mindset, Who Dis? Podcast and website  But First, Inner Peace by Case Kenny  Case Kenny: Instagram  Start With Why by Simon Sinek and his Ted Talk  Download the Good Mood Toolkit here!  THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more… 

About the Guest:

Case Kenny is a writer, podcaster, and recording artist. He started New Mindset, Who Dis, with his passion for growth. You can learn more about Case and his work as a mindfulness thought leader on his website and Instagram.

Nov 14, 202243:07
Empowered Empath with Krista Carpenter

Empowered Empath with Krista Carpenter

Empathy is an extraordinary gift, and it must be managed with skill. On the one hand, your empathy allows you to establish deep connections with others, and on the other hand, your ability to feel the emotions of others can feel draining. This is why highly empathetic people (empaths) must understand how to accept the gift and manage the downsides of high empathy. 

In this episode, intuitive life-coach Krista Carpenter joins Matt O’Neill to talk about the struggles and joys of being an empath. They talk about dealing with internal problems that can come with a high level of empathy and how you can still live a happy, empowered life. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Never give up on yourself.  Trust yourself more and do not listen to the outside world.  Cut off the toxic and triggering people in your life.  Do proactive self-care.  Set boundaries and enforce consequences. 

[01:57] What Are Empaths? 

Empaths are highly-sensitive people who feel for and pick up other people’s emotions and energies as though they were their own. They often grew up with narcissistic caregiver/s who made them feel unsafe and drove them to become hypervigilant — even with microexpressions. 

[15:32] Overcoming Dark Times: 

Never give up on yourself. Instead, follow your bliss. Force yourself to do things you always wanted and haven’t permitted yourself to. And if you do not have the energy to force yourself, just take some time and give yourself space. 

[20:07] Self-Love and Self-Compassion: 

Trust yourself more. Do not listen to the outside world — the judgements, opinions, or societal norms. Cut out toxic people in your life. Prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to the people around you. 

[33:41] An Empowered Empath: 

People will treat you how you allow them to treat you. Set boundaries, and enforce consequences on people who push past your boundaries. Or even better, surround yourself with people who respect you enough that you won’t need boundaries. 

Notable quotes: 

[27:31] “Four quarters is better than 100 pennies. Meaning, if you have four friends that are truly uplifting, it's way more valuable than 100 people that make you feel bad.” [27:47] — Krista 

[32:05] “Don't wait till you're totally burnt out to do the self-care because then you're just trying to do repair work.” [32:11] — Krista 

[35:06] “People will treat you how you allow them to treat you. So you have to have some boundaries and consequences if they push past those boundaries.” [35:18] — Krista 

Resources Mentioned: 

The Empath’s Workbook by Krista Carpenter  Krista Carpenter’s website  Download the Good Mood Toolkit here!  THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more… 

About the Guest: 

Krista Carpenter, MS, CLC is a bestselling author and life coach. She is well-known as an expert on helping empathetic people identify unique gifts of living empowered. Krista’s book, The Empath’s Workbook, has over 700 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Nov 07, 202237:08
Living For A Living with Jamal Jivanjee

Living For A Living with Jamal Jivanjee

You can change the way you look at money & time to see how they are imaginary. This radical new perspective helps you to stop "working" for a living, and instead choose to start living for a living. 

In this episode, Jamal Jivanjee joins Matt O’Neill to talk about his important book "Living for a Living". They talk about how life is full of beauty, love, and happiness when you choose to look for the good. And that choice is the key to a life well-lived.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Shift your perspective inward.  Live in the present.  Adopt an abundance mindset.  Be totally involved in everything you do.  Control how you respond to life. 

[01:32] The Key to Empowerment: 

Empowering someone requires a shift in perspective. We can control our inner state of being and how we respond to certain things. 

[06:06] Living in the Moment: 

We often feel like we’re running out of time, which can lead to anxiety. But the truth is, all you have is time. Stay present in the moment. Stop trying to hang onto the past. 

[12:40] The Concept of Lack: 

We give money value. Economy is an exchange of energy. While there might be fluctuations in that exchange, nothing is lost. All we have is everything. 

[21:31] Hard Work Ethic: 

Success requires total involvement. If your desires, actions, and values are fully aligned, it becomes easy. As long as you’re totally involved, you’ll get to where you want to be. 

[30:00] The Root of Our Evil: 

People are inherently good. But when our core needs aren’t met, it creates trauma. Some behaviors that come from trauma are evil. But if you dig deep into the trauma, there’s healing. If we can control how we respond to life, we can end these cycles. 

Notable quotes: 

[05:05] —  [05:15]  “As a society, as a species, as humanity, we have to understand that we’re not actually separate from each other. Your success is instrumental to my success.” — Jamal 

[22:25] — [22:28]  “Success is predicated upon total involvement.” — Jamal 

[31:54] —  [31:59]  “If you can get below the trauma, there’s no evil; that’s where healing is.” — Jamal 

Resources Mentioned: 

Free to Love by Jamal Jivanjee  Living for a Living by Jamal Jivanjee  The Love Cast  Jamal Jivanjee’s website  Download the Good Mood Toolkit here!  THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more… 

About the Guest: 

Jamal Jivanjee is a bestselling author, podcaster, and full-time life coach. With more than 20 years of experience working with people in various stages of life, he discovered the common roots of human suffering and sustainable solutions to help people become empowered.  He has written two books, Free to Love and Living for a Living. 

Oct 31, 202238:59
Divorcing Your Beliefs with Alice Emerson

Divorcing Your Beliefs with Alice Emerson

Your worst day is not the end of your story. You can take back the pen and write a new chapter. It starts by divorcing your beliefs. 

In this episode, Alice Emerson joins Matt O’Neill to discuss her book "Divorcing Your Beliefs." They talk about the journey to inward healing from diagnosis and identity crisis and how you can take back authorship of your life. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

[07:37] Rewrite Your Story

You can always rewrite your story. The pen is yours as long as you make the choice. This also applies to your divorce. Both diagnosis and divorce are hard, but they can be approached with the same thought process. Choose to heal your thoughts, your labels, and your story.

[10:57] Be in the Moment

Eternity is the eternal now and now is the only time you can exist. The mind is always existing in the past or making plans for the future. Instead of succumbing to this trap, choose to be in the moment.

[20:27] Do Grounding

Before starting your day or picking up your phone, set your intentions for the day. List what you want and need to accomplish and what you’re grateful for at this moment. Practice guided meditation and proverbial sighs every day. You’re only good at what you practice. What you don't practice will not develop.

[24:48] Detox Your Heart

Protect yourself from overwhelming environments — especially those you cannot control. The energy around you can stir up something inside you. The world is filled with energy that can stir up inside you: news, politics, crimes, and pornography, among others. Make sure to protect the peace you started and worked hard to achieve. In choosing which to protect yourself from, let your heart be your guide.

[31:57] Heal from Identity Crisis

You can only love your neighbor after you have learned to love yourself. Healing from an identity crisis involves unpacking all the labels from childhood to career. It is a journey of embracing yourself — who you were, who you are, and who you are not. You can celebrate other’s gifts but fall in love with yourself first. You are God’s masterpiece; denying your identity is denying God’s creation.

Resources Mentioned:

Divorcing My Beliefs: Experiencing God Outside of Religion by Alice Emerson

Dr Caroline Leaf

Download the Good Mood Toolkit here!

THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more…

About the Guest

Alice Emerson is the president of the Charleston Metro, Holistic Chamber of Commerce. She is a certified Divorce, Transition and Recovery Coach (CDC) and public speaker. Alice is also the author of the bestselling book, Divorcing My Beliefs: Experiencing God Outside of Religion.

Described as the “Healing Rebel”, Alice describes herself as an ally of health and wealth professionals and is dedicated to moving others towards their journey to true wellness.

Reach out to Alice at or connect with her on LinkedIn.

Oct 24, 202242:51
Family Miracles with Mike McCarthy

Family Miracles with Mike McCarthy

Becoming a parent doesn't come with an instruction manual. Thankfully, Mike McCarthy wrote the book "Miracle Mornings for Families" to give you the instructions on how to lead your family well. 

In this episode, Mike joins Matt O'Neill to discuss how you can create family miracles every day. He shares the importance of creating family values and teaches you how you can set goals as a family unit. Mike also describes why intentional family meetings matter, and how you can adopt this powerful practice. Lead your family to be the best it can be by tuning in to this episode. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

How to create family values  The importance of family meetings  Reinforcing values from the home to the world  Setting family goals  Establishing accountability 

[06:36] Creating Family Values: 

Every family member should have a role in creating your family values. As a family, create a list of words and decide which ones are important. Let these serve as guideposts that will lead your family to the ideal. Reinforce them when challenges arise and affirm family members when they uphold them. 

[20:28] The Family Meeting: 

Bring intentionality to the family through family meetings. Set a schedule and sit down together to appreciate one another. Tell each other your desires, plans, and goals. Gather and communicate. 

[33:42] Family Goals: 

In light of your family values, create categories to form the basis of your goals. These categories may be health, adventure, finances, and more. The decision relies on what you value as a family. However, be intentional in setting these goals and creating accountability measures for them. 

Notable Quotes: 

Mike [07:36] - “If you want people to really care about whatever it is that you’re creating, as a family, as an organization, as a team, then the first step is to get everybody to play a role in creating whatever that is.” 

Mike [18:13] - “If you’re going to build something great, you want to do it on a foundation of really solid values.” 

Mike [30:07] - “It’s my job to make sure they’re prepared for the world. It’s not the world’s job to make sure they’re prepared for me at home.” 


Connect with Mike McCarthy: Website | Instagram  GoBundance  FamBudance  XChange Approach  The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families, available on Amazon (with accompanying playbook)  Miracle Morning Playbook Free Exercises  Living Untethered by Michael Singer, available on Amazon  Grit by Angela Duckworth, available on Amazon  Enter your email here to download the Good Mood Toolkit
Oct 17, 202241:44
The Power of Meditation with Muni Natarajan

The Power of Meditation with Muni Natarajan

If you're looking to improve your mood and mental well-being, consider meditation. Meditation helps you focus your attention on the present moment and become more aware of your thoughts and feelings. Muni Natarajan lived as a monk for 40 years and joins us in this episode to teach his powerful meditation techniques. 

In this episode, Muni will show you how to meditate using mantras and affirmations as part of your daily routine. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

Why mantras or affirmations are powerful Meditation as a mood booster Meditation to achieve goals Breathing techniques for effective meditation How our consciousness works during trauma healing Mindfulness exercises to help solve problems

[10:24] Bad Moods Come From Negative Mantras

Bad moods come from fearful, anxious, angry, and hurtful thoughts. They are tough to remove. But, as Matt puts it, "you may trump them like a trump card at a card game." You overpower negative thoughts by replacing them with positive thoughts. Do this by repeating positive thoughts in a rhythmic pattern so that it becomes a natural part of your body's vibration.

[29:57] Our Consciousness Is A Giant Ocean

"Our entire consciousness is a giant ocean, and each of our negative and positive feelings are only small islands in that ocean," says Matt as he echoes Muni's ideas. If you end up washed up on the shores of Anger Island, you should get off that island and over to Bliss Island as quickly as possible. You can use tools, such as meditation, to help you get off the island. But the one thing you don't want to do is create a permanent home on the island of rage and live there.”

[36:30] Manifest Your Success Through Mindfulness Exercises

“If you seek enlightenment, infinite peace, and a heart open with love at all times and in all circumstances, you align your desire to that and get what you want. If you focus your want on the attainment of another goal, the acquisition of another item, or the victory of another sexual conquest, joy always becomes fleeting.”

Notable Quotes: 

[3:33] - “Affirmations clear the subconscious, mantras pull on the super conscious”

[11:27] - [11:39]

“Your immediate impulse is to not feel good because you had to go through an adjustment period, because you don't feel that way. But now, with the affirmation, you will feel that way.”

[15:58] - [17:07]

“So the one thing that is really most precious, aside from affirmations, is mindfulness.”

[26:10] - [26:24]

“Your own intuition gave you that insight as a consequence of your practices of affirmation first and then facing the demon second. And blessing the demon became an angel.”

[34:12] - [34:20]

“Without desire, no food, no water, you die. It’s a very basic thing; basic as it is, it can't be ignored.”

Resources Mentioned:

The Good Mood Show with Matt O’Neill


The Callard Company

Meditate With Muni

Oct 10, 202242:38
I’m Not My Mind with Jeremy Reiseg

I’m Not My Mind with Jeremy Reiseg

You don't have to believe every thought your brain shows you. While you do have a mind, you are not your mind. You can consciously choose which thoughts to believe, and which thoughts to discard. 

In this episode, Matt O'Neill is joined by author and musician Jeremy Reiseg to discuss how to change your reactions to the things your mind thinks. You will be able to get into a good mood no matter what your brain presents you. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Your physiology affects your mood  Your first reaction shouldn’t be the last  Cut off negativity  A new perspective can make all the difference  Conditioning yourself takes time 

[00:55] Power of Physiology: 

One way of dealing with a bad mood is to change your physiology. Get into a position or stance and perform an action that fills you with energy and confidence. The way your body reacts to this changes your mood and makes you a new you. 

[12:06] Cut Out Negativity: 

Many things in the world affect your mood and condition you to be a certain way. Notable ones include TV shows, world events, and the people around you. If they negatively impact your mood and mindset, it may help you to avoid them. You will feel a change in yourself once you cut out negativity. 

[24:55] Have A Different Perspective: 

When upsetting things pile on, you feel overwhelmed and blame everything and everyone around you. Sometimes, all you need is a different point of view to understand what is happening and how to improve it. 

[32:04] What Are You Grateful For? 

The secret weapon to a good mood is gratitude. Take a moment to write down a few things you’re grateful for every day. The more gratitude you have, the more you attract things to be grateful for and appreciate. 

Notable quotes: 

[2:14] — [2:18] “As soon as you change your posture and physiology, your mood changes.” - Matt 

[30:28] — [30:36]  “If you can take an old emotion and an old pattern and you can let it go today, that piece is gone forever.” - Matt 

[34:39] — [34:49]  “When you use the brainpower of 10 people or 20 people or 100 people, you get a way better answer than one genius at the front of the room.” - Matt 

Resources Mentioned: 

Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life by Byron Katie  Michael Singer | The XChange Approach | David Cooperrider | Ron Fry | JonBurghoff  Experiential Learning: Experience as the Source of Learning and Development by David A. Kolb  Download the Good Mood Toolkit here!  THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more…
Oct 03, 202236:18
Choose a Happy Calendar with Pat Hiban

Choose a Happy Calendar with Pat Hiban

When you look at your calendar, what do you see? Does your day make you happy? The exercise of reviewing your calendar to decide which activities add to your happiness and which activities drain your energy is one of the most powerful things you can do. 

In this episode, mega-successful entrepreneur Pat Hiban joins Matt O’Neill to discuss doing more of what you enjoy and quitting the things that don't add to your good moods. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Do more of the things you enjoy!  Appreciate what you already have.  Cut out what puts you in a bad mood.  Express and accept your feelings.  Consciously choose to be in a good mood. 

[01:17] What Puts You Into a Good Mood: 

You’re not always conscious of how you feel in the present. You have to ask and get to know what gets you into a good mood. Once you know what things you enjoy doing, go out and do more of them! 

[09:57] Too Scared to Quit: 

Many people feel trapped and miserable in their jobs. However, they’re too scared to quit. It’s you who can make the most impact on your success. However, quitting doesn’t always mean you have to start your own business. It can lead to creating your own place to pursue your passion or to finding a job with a better culture. 

[18:43] Are You Ready to Quit? 

Don’t just simply quit your job. Quitting doesn’t mean sitting still.  You have to put in the work and build the skills you need to make it work. Don’t let go of something because you’re comparing your situation to what others may have. Instead, appreciate what you have. [24:55] Quitting Bad Moods Matt and Pat talk about the practice of marking your calendar with pluses, minuses, and equals. Get rid of your minuses and equals. Instead, pursue a calendar full of plus days. You can do the same with the people around you. 

[35:00] Accepting Your Feelings: 

Expressing how you feel can affirm how true your feelings  are for you.It’s alright to feel and acknowledge your emotions. However, you’re in charge of making a good life for yourself. Make the conscious decision to move away from bad moods into good ones. 

Notable quotes:  

[13:10] —  [13:14]  “Betting on yourself is actually the safest bet you could make.” - Matt 

[20:07] — [20:11]  “If you’re going to quit, you better have the skills inside you or the resolve to go and build those skills.” - Matt 

[32:21] — [33:25] “I think we all need other people and human interaction to be in a good mood.” - Matt 

Resources Mentioned: 

The Quitter’s Manifesto by Tim Rhode and Pat Hiban  Tony Robbins  Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill  Download the Good Mood Toolkit here!  THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more…
Sep 26, 202248:05
The Surrender Experiment

The Surrender Experiment

When life presents us with change, our first reaction is to resist. But when we choose to surrender to change, we see it is actually a blessing sent to help us grow. 

In this episode, Matt O’Neill talks about his takeaways from Michael Singer’s book "The Surrender Experiment." He shares the lessons of how to be more at peace with life when it presents its most difficult changes. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Surrender to life.  Challenges are so much bigger than you.  Don’t resist and try to control the forces of the universe.  Make the empowered choice.  Connect the dots from your past to create a new light.  Whatever is happening is supposed to be happening. 

[01:36] Surrender to the Flow of Life: 

Surrender to the flow of life; life knows more than you do. We are not responsible for even the tiniest fraction of what is manifesting around us. It’s so much bigger than you. 

[08:51] Resistance Creates Suffering: 

Resistance to challenges the universe presents creates suffering. The resistance is the problem, not the challenge. Ask yourself, “This is happening. What am I going to do about it?” The first piece grounds you in reality. The second piece is where your power comes from. 

[11:16] Dare to Let Go: 

Dare to let go and trust the flow of life. Stop listening to the mental chatter about your personal likes and dislikes. Instead, start the willful practice of accepting the flow of what life is presenting you. 

[17:50] A Matter of Perspective: 

Every single experience we have in life compared to nothing is a gift. It’s just a matter of perspective. Whatever reality presented to you is supposed to be happening. You always have a choice to add pain on top of your pain, but there’s always one choice—the empowered choice. 

[20:00] Creating Something Beautiful Out of Your Suffering: 

Challenging situations bring about the force needed to create change and break out of the inertia of everyday life. You could use a challenging situation you’ve overcome to create freedom inside yourself. 

Notable quotes: 

[07:01] — [07:13]  “Instead of anxiety and tension and trying to control all the forces of the universe that you can't—only God can—surrender, and say ‘This is the way it's supposed to be,’ and you're gonna have peace.” - Matt 

[11:22] — [11:27]  “Dare to let go and trust the flow of life.” - Matt 

[18:03] — [18:09] “Every single experience we get to experience in life compared to nothing is a gift.” - Matt 

Resources Mentioned: 

The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer  The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer  Tony Robbins Date With Destiny  Download the Good Mood Toolkit here!  THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more…
Sep 19, 202232:10
The Inner Work with Mathew Micheletti

The Inner Work with Mathew Micheletti

#1 best-selling author Mathew Micheletti offers you an invitation to true freedom and lasting happiness. Join the conversation as he discusses his important book "The Inner Work" with Matt O'Neill.

As they discuss, it’s called inner ‘work’ because lasting happiness actually takes discipline and effort. If it were easy, everyone would already be happy. Learn how you can catch yourself from spiraling into the negative patterns of the mind. Your awareness could be the key to turning a seemingly bad situation into lasting happiness. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Practice discipline and effort to do inner work.  Be aware of the addictions of your mind.  Remember you are always worthy and loved.  Hold yourself accountable for your actions.  Exercise your freedom to choose. 

[02:05] Putting Energy Into Inner Work: 

Instead of exerting time and effort into pursuing comfort, put your energy into inner work. It takes a lot of effort, courage and discipline. Though there’s a hard road ahead, it’ll all be worth it. 

[09:30] Addictions of the Mind: 

Your mind can be addicted to emotions and encourage thoughts and beliefs that feed this.  When you do inner work, you must experience discomfort. Be aware of your mind’s patterns. It takes discipline and control to avoid following what your ego tells you to do. 

[22:29] Shame Consciousness: 

You learn shame from someone else. Your mind ends up combining self-worth with the choices you make. However, remember that you are always loved and worthy. Shame and guilt don’t help anyone. You must be accountable for what you do. 

[28:52] Freedom to Choose: 

In every circumstance, you always have the freedom to choose. In that time, stay in discomfort and truly think about your choice. Your response determines whether you suffer or turn difficult times into something beautiful and good. 

Notable quotes: 

[19:45] — [19:49]  “Anything the ego promises you, it delivers you the exact opposite of that promise.” - Matt 

[23:32] — [23:40]  “Shame, the feeling that I’m not good enough, wasn’t a thought that was created. It was a thought that I inherited or learned.” - Matt 

[32:59] — [33:06] “You were still doing the very best you could at all times, even if what you were doing was wrong. And that’s why you don’t have to add guilt on top of your action.” - Matt 

[41:52] — [42:01]  “Every single external circumstance that happens to us that’s negative, there’s always an empowered option.” -Matt 

Resources Mentioned: 

Chris Singleton  The 7 Day Frequency Reset Challenge  Inner Work by Matthew Micheletti  The Yoga Couple website | TikTok | Instagram  Matt O’ Neill Real Estate LinkedIn and Facebook  Download the Good Mood Toolkit here!  THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more…
Sep 12, 202246:46
Friendship Takes Work with Michael Rosales

Friendship Takes Work with Michael Rosales

Many of us tend to take our friends for granted, thinking they will stay in our lives forever. But anything worth having takes work, including friendships. To foster a friendship that will stand the test of time, you have to give it effort and care. 

In this episode, Matt O’Neill’s life-long best-friend, Michael Rosales joins us to talk about putting effort into your friendships. They talk about the type of person you should choose to build great friendships with, and how to make these friendships meaningful. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Put effort into your friendships.  Make time for your friends.  Go all out for relationships that matter.  Enjoy life with people you value. 

[01:00] Why Friendships Take Work: 

No relationship would be successful without effort. Anything worth having is worth putting in the work for it. Only our souls are eternal; that’s why friendships are powerful. 

[06:14] What Type of Person is Worth the Effort? 

It’s different for everybody. It can be someone you can count on, who lifts you up, sees the best in you, and calls you out with the best intentions. On the other hand, you should move on from friendships that seek to tear you down, drain your energy, and cause anxiety. 

09:42] The Effort Required for a Friendship to Blossom: 

First, invest and make time to be together. Second, a good friend is someone who picks you up when you’re down and offers an invaluable support system. Third, find someone you can be vulnerable with and get encouragement from. Fourth, it’s either you’re all in or you’re all out. Fifth, follow through with your word. Finally, you need to laugh and be goofy together. 

Notable quotes:   

[06:25] — [06:30]  “There are some friendships that aren’t meant to last a lifetime, and then there’s some friendships that you really should work on. And if you don’t work on them, they’ll fizzle, and you lost a big opportunity for somebody who really could have been a positive influence on you.” - Matt 

[13:36] — [13:39]  “You got to put in effort, and it’s worth it to have great friendship.” - Matt 

[15:49] — [29:12]  “That’s what a good buddy does. It’s, ‘You’re down? I’m gonna pick you up.’” -Matt 

[22:30] — [22:38] “If you have that somebody that has your back like that, that always wants the best for you, it is worth every ounce of effort you can put in.” - Matt 

Resources Mentioned: 

The Top Five Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware 

Matt O’ Neill Real Estate LinkedIn and Facebook 

Download the Good Mood Toolkit here! 

THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more…

Sep 05, 202234:27
The Quitter's Manifesto with Tim Rhode

The Quitter's Manifesto with Tim Rhode

Many people spend their days in a career they don’t feel inspired by. To live the life of your dreams, sometimes you must quit the life of comfort. It takes courage, but the effort will always be worth the bravery. 

In this episode, author Tim Rhode joins Matt O’Neill to talk about how quitting can be the start of a new chapter. They talk about listening to the signs and taking action. Join this conversation to find out how you can learn what’s next for you. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Pursue your interests.  Keep moving toward fulfillment.  Make time for what truly matters in your life.  Enjoy the journey. 

[04:45] Interests Over Obligation: 

Live a life of 80% interests and 20% obligations. Take time to be quiet and determine what you want to do next. 

[11:39] Find Your Fulfillment Triangle: 

The Fulfillment Triangle is where your talents and passions collide with real-life opportunities. As time passes, it can change. Listen, ask and reflect. 

[16:41] The Biggest Challenge is You: 

Acknowledge what you excel in. Then find others to help you fill in the gaps. Cut off things that don’t matter and make more time for things that do. 

[27:22] The Importance of Identity: 

Take the time to reflect on your outcome, purpose, and action plan. Don’t let fear stop you from taking action and moving forward. Commit to your identities. 

Notable quotes: 

[09:01] — [09:04] “I had all these little signals that were tugging at me to what I was supposed to do next.” - Matt 

[27:15] — [27:19]  “When we just follow that guidance, our life is blessed.” - Matt 

[29:08] — [29:12]  “You start with your outcome. That’s number one. You have to say ‘Where am I headed ?’” - Matt 

Resources Mentioned: 

Tony Robbins 

Tucker Max 

The ONE Thing 

The Quitter’s Manifesto 

Tim Rhode’s website and Facebook 


1 Life Fully Lived. 

Matt O’ Neill Real Estate LinkedIn and Facebook 

THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more…

Aug 29, 202238:43
The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life

What is the meaning of life? And where do we even start looking for it? As it turns out, the answers are already within you. 

In today’s episode, Matt O’Neill discusses the seven questions that led him on a lifelong quest to answer the question "What is the meaning of life?" You will come away from this episode with a deeper understanding of why we are all here and what it all means. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

You speak your life into existence. Love and learn from your enemies.  Choose love and peace.  Cherish and the life you have.  Enjoy the journey. 

[06:57] Why Are We Here? 

God created everything by speaking it. We can also speak things into existence because every one of us is a piece of God at our core. 

[12:37] How Can We Love Our Enemies? 

If we’re all made of God, then our enemies are also God. Loving your enemies is the same as loving God and yourself. Every person in your life is sent to teach you a spiritual lesson. 

[14:52] Where’s Heaven Located? 

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. We only perceive what our mind perceives. So the only thing you can truly know is yourself — and to know yourself is to know God. 

[22:02] Why Doesn’t God Answer Us Out Loud? 

Your whole life is a conversation with God. He communicates with you through every single person and experience that you encounter. 

[24:13] Why Doesn’t God Stop Bad People From Killing Others? 

God gave us free will. Every single choice you make has a direct divine consequence. Always choose peace and love in your life. 

[27:53] Why Do We Have To Die? 

Death makes life richer. Our souls are eternal, but our life isn’t. Knowing life is fragile makes everything more important. Cherish and love the people you have. 

[34:33] What’s The Meaning Of Life? 

Life is uncertain. Uncertainty scares our ego. We must experience and learn from the ego to find our way back to God. Life’s meaning is to: Learn and grow to be more loving and peaceful. Love and cherish your relationships with others. Enjoy the journey. 

Notable quotes: 

[14:01] —  [14:05]  “All is God. And ultimately, all is love.” - Matt 

[24:47] — [24:50]  “You’re free to choose to love, and you’re free to choose to reject love.” - Matt 

[34:18] — [34:26]  “Life is meant to be cherished. And because it’s not permanent, we cherish it even more.” - Matt 

Resources Mentioned: 

A Mind at Home with Itself 

The Inner Work 

The Little Soul and the Sun 

Surviving Death 

The Good Mood Show Episode 16 with Chris Singleton

Aug 22, 202243:25
The Untethered Soul with Adam Copenhaver

The Untethered Soul with Adam Copenhaver

We can have inner peace and happiness, even with a busy life. There is no better time than now to choose unconditional happiness and go beyond our limitations. 

In today’s episode, Matt O’Neill and Adam Copenhaver discuss their key takeaways from Michael Singer's hit book "The Untethered Soul." They talk about how we can free ourselves from the shackles of negative thoughts and chaos. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

You have the power to control your thoughts.  We create our own reality.  Be open to all experiences.  Constantly let go and embrace what is Choose to be Unconditionally Happy

[04:30] You Have an Inner Voice 

The incessant negative thoughts in your head do not define who you are. Recognize that your inner voice is just a fleeting opinion of yourself. By doing so, you start gaining awareness of who you are and stop getting caught up with pessimistic thinking. 

[13:20] Don’t Close Your Heart 

Amid unpleasant thoughts or experiences, we frequently opt to close our hearts and protect ourselves. However, this reaction might only result in suffering. Stop resisting. Remember that you have the freedom to let go and be open to new experiences. 

[18:55] Remove the Thorn 

You are worthy and loved; believing differently is a lie. Stop putting up with the thorns that cause you pain. It's necessary you understand how you respond to difficulties and recognize that your negative self-perceptions are untrue. 

[31:59] Accept Death 

Contemplating death teaches us lessons to improve our lives. It allows us to make sure we’re not wasting our limited time on Earth so we can increase the happiness and fulfillment in our lives. 

[38:59] Choose to Be Unconditionally Happy 

Commit to unconditional happiness. Despite the odds, make a conscious decision to choose happiness over misery. It will teach you all there is to know about yourself, others, and life in general. 

Notable quotes: 

[26:17] — [26:23] “I don't care who you are. You are good enough. You are lovable. And that's the real truth about you. Because you're a son of God, you are designed perfectly.” - Matt 

[29:11] — [29:13]  “Whatever you believe is your reality.” -Matt 

Resources Mentioned: 

The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer 

CopeGrand Homes website, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn 

Adam Copenhaver LinkedIn 

Matt O’ Neill Real Estate LinkedIn and Facebook 

The Good Mood Show website 

THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more…

Aug 15, 202249:42
Financial Success with Jarrett Hodson

Financial Success with Jarrett Hodson

There are two goals that everyone seems to be striving for: wealth and happiness. Some people believe that you cannot have both at the same time. The truth is that it is possible to be both wealthy and happy. It just takes intention and effort.  

Matt O’Neill and Jarrett Hodson discuss the seven steps you must take to build wealth. It starts with desire and work ethic. And it also includes a niche, a budget, and a boldness to take calculated risks. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Find your desire to be wealthy.  Develop a work ethic.  Choose a niche and keep going at it.  Make more money than you spend.  Balancing risk and leverage.  Invest in what you know. 

[3:08] Wealth and Good Moods 

Wealth makes it easier to explore ways to be happy and accomplish your goals. It also helps you be more honest and confident. Truly wealthy people don’t like short-term relationships and tend to be humble. 

[5:09] Having a Burning Desire 

Everyone wants to be wealthy. The first step to becoming wealthy is to have a burning desire. You will not make it without a burning desire to have what you want. Do you want what you want badly enough? 

[11:23] The Importance of Work Ethic

Do whatever it takes to get what you want. That means doing something every single day to make more money. You must train yourself to have a work ethic — it’s not an innate ability. Every successful person has a powerful work ethic. Consistency and commitment lead to success. 

[21:17] Pick a Niche and Keep Going 

The third step is focusing on a niche. Then do not stop until you are great at it. It would be easier to focus on something smaller. So pick a niche with evidence of people having financial success in that particular niche. And then invest time into showing up and doing the hard work. 

[27:39] Make More Than You Spend 

You need capital to invest to grow wealth. While there are ways to make a quick buck, such as crypto, it’s not a path to wealth. You should always find a way to keep some measure of savings, whether it’s cutting expenses or making more money — or both. 

[32:36] Leverage Risk 

Letting an opportunity pass by is a risk. Leverage is crucial to creating wealth. Every leverage comes with risk. Matt and Jarrett diverge when it comes to debt. But they agree that investing is important. 

[37:50] You HAVE to Invest 

Invest in yourself, your business, and something you are an expert at. You can either set investment goals or buy when the opportunity presents itself. Invest in what you know. Or study what you want to invest in. Diversify your portfolio. 

Notable quotes: 

[22:59] “If you can focus for five years with every single day, you’re showing up and grinding, you’re going to be successful no matter what career path you’re going down.” 

[26:39] “Choose a niche that is proven to have results.” 

[38:06] “You first invest in yourself. And then you invest in a business. And then you invest in something that you're an expert at.” 

Resources Mentioned: 

Sweetgrass Capital 

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill 

Matt O’ Neill Real Estate LinkedIn and Facebook

Aug 08, 202251:12
Maximum Achievement with Missy Reid

Maximum Achievement with Missy Reid

How do you experience maximum achievement in your life? By taking full responsibility and expecting the good. 

In this episode, Matt O’Neill and Missy Reid discuss their key takeaways from the classic book "Maximum Achievement" by Brian Tracy. They talk about choosing responsibility, reaching your goals, and striving to fulfill life’s sole purpose: love. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Take responsibility for what happens to you.  Welcome and expect good things.  Know that all your experiences have a reason.  Ask God for help in giving and asking for forgiveness.  Always strive to grow, love, and be better. 

[01:58] Taking 100% Responsibility 

Take responsibility for everything that happens in your life. Accept what has happened and choose to learn and grow from it rather than wallowing in negative emotions. 

[36:25] Expecting Good Things 

Expect good things in your life and share that good with others. Know that all that has happened is for you. As long as your intentions are good, God will guide your actions and answer your prayers. 

[23:13] A Reason For Everything 

Have faith that there is a reason for the brightest and darkest times in your life. All the good and bad moments have led to where you are now. Be grateful even during these darkest times. 

[28:15] Forgiveness Is Life’s Cornerstone 

There will always be people to forgive who have hurt and betrayed you. But forgiving can be difficult due to our pride and ego. You can always ask for God’s help to find, give,  and ask for forgiveness. 

[36:25] The Purpose of Life 

Taking responsibility and forgiving can be challenging. But they make life worth living. Things may never be perfect but that’s okay because it means there is room to grow, love and be better. God’s love is perfect, so strive to spread the same love from God. Everything we do should be motivated by love. 

[36:25] Envisioning Your Life’s Masterpiece 

When you set goals and plans for the future, you find your masterpiece. Take time to meditate. Reflect on your aspirations and give yourself positive affirmations. Have faith in achieving your vision and open yourself to the good you are expecting. 

Notable quotes: 

[13:15] — [13:18]  “I do believe that everything is happening for us and not to us” - Matt 

[24:01] — [24:04]  “One of the cornerstones to a life well-lived is forgiveness.” - Matt 

[29:21] —  [29:25]  “The sole purpose of this journey is to grow more and more and more loving.” - Matt 

Resources Mentioned: 

Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy 

The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer 

The Untouchables (1987) 

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod 

Connect with Missy Reid at 8639345447 or 

Matt O’ Neill Real Estate LinkedIn and Facebook 

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Aug 01, 202236:50
Judging Blocks Happiness

Judging Blocks Happiness

Judging blocks your happiness. If you want a happier, more joyful life, you will want to learn how to unwind all of your judgments.  

In this episode, Matt O’Neill shares his key takeaways from Marianne Williamson’s best-selling book "Everyday Grace." He explores how to get rid of judgment, be patient with where you are now, and ask God for help.  

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Stop judging others and choose love and light.  Give out love, happiness and peace instead of judgment and hatred.  Be wary of the ego and how it separates you from others.  Ask God for help and guidance.  Try to see other people in a new light. 

[01:58] Stop Judging 

You can’t be judgmental and happy at the same time. Judging other people blocks your light in the world. Every judgment comes from a place of sadness and fear.  When we’re at our worst, we’d also like to receive compassion, forgiveness and empathy from others. Pray to God and wait for three days. It took for Jesus three days to rise from the grave. It may take three days for your thoughts to be resurrected. After that, your judgment will soften. 

[23:13] Ask Help From God 

God loves you so much that He will not interfere with your will unless you ask Him to. He gives us total freedom to make even the worst mistakes. He only will help if you ask — so start asking. If you feel the judgment, hatred or hurt, know that He loves you and will help you  with whatever you ask. 

[28:15] Letting Go 

Place all your decisions in the hands of God. God dwells in eternity and He knows the past, present, and future.  Every single thing is happening for your benefit. You can learn even during the bad times. Just ask God to guide your actions and thoughts. 

[36:25] Finding Peace Within Yourself 

We can be extremely critical of ourselves. Learn to forgive yourself for your mistakes because God has already forgiven you. When you’re in conflict with someone, you can either be right or you can be happy. But you can't be both. If you want happiness, peace and joy, stop trying to be right all the time. 

Notable quotes:  

[06:04] — [06:08] “In that state, where I’m at my very worst, what I would really want from someone else is to have grace on me.” -Matt 

[07:05] — [06:08]  “When we heal that sadness, we get to heal the judgments.” -Matt 

[10:53] — [10:58] “When you’re giving, you feel great. And when you’re judging, you feel awful.” -Matt 

[16:54] —[16:59]  “God’s will for you is your highest, most happy, most joyful, most peaceful self.” -Matt 

Resources Mentioned: 

Everyday Grace: Having Hope, Finding Forgiveness, and Making Miracles by Marianne Williamson 

The Good Mood Show Episode 13: Pray Everyday 

Tony Robbins’ Priming 

Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey

Jul 25, 202241:56
Forgiveness with Chris Singleton

Forgiveness with Chris Singleton

Chris Singleton forgave the unforgivable. His mother, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, was one of nine African-Americans killed during Bible study at AME Church on June 17, 2015. She was killed out of hate because of the color of her skin. How could you ever forgive?

In this powerful conversation, Chris joins Matt O'Neill to describe his choice to forgive. He is inspiring the world as he speaks of empathy and understanding. Join this episode to learn how we can unite the world through love, faith, and kindness. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Choose to forgive.  Seek God for strength to overcome struggles.  Exercise empathy and understanding.  Let love and kindness manifest in your words and actions.  Be helpful and humble. 

[10:58] Using Your Free Will 

Free will is a gift and a curse. People can make terrible choices. When you actively seek strength and guidance from God, you will gain the strength to overcome tough battles and make the right choices. But forcing people to turn to God will only make them resist more. 

[15:42] Fighting Against Hatred 

Hatred can only be overcome through unconditional love. It is difficult to be mean to somebody if they are genuinely loving and kind to you. Love will always triumph over hate. 

[18:35] What Unity Means 

Unity is realizing that every single person has a story behind what they do and who they are. Try putting yourself in other people’s shoes. Understanding others does not mean changing your beliefs. It is simply seeing things from their perspectives and respecting them. 

[25:06] Choosing to Forgive 

You can forgive someone while also wanting justice to be served. Justice might look different for every person but forgiveness is always freeing. 

[28:29] The Importance of Empathy and Faith 

Learn to listen to understand. Empathy is a crucial factor in understanding and loving others. Be helpful to others as much as possible — and even in the smallest ways. Always be humble and control how you respond to adversities. Faith brings you peace in times of uncertainty. 

Notable quotes: 

[17:25] —[17:32]  “Hate and the darkness actually doesn’t have power. All it has is the absence of love.” - Matt [

35:11] — [35:15] “Your greatest adversity can become your greatest gift, too.” - Matt 

[36:54] — [36:59]  “The goal in life is to be able to traverse all the uncomfort with peace.” - Matt 

[33:33] — [33:34]  “Whatever we give, we get back.” - Matt 

Links to Resources: Instagram: @csingleton_2 Twitter: @csingleton_2 TikTok: @csingleton_2 

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Jul 18, 202240:55
Healing Trauma and Anxiety with Dr. Gerry Schmidt

Healing Trauma and Anxiety with Dr. Gerry Schmidt

Trauma is often misunderstood.

Some think it only happens in life-threatening situations. But it is anything that overwhelms your system and leaves you feeling helpless or scared. It could be a car accident, a natural disaster, or even being bullied. No matter the cause, trauma can have a lasting impact on your life.

In this episode, Dr. Gerry Schmidt shares his powerful tips on overcoming fear, trauma, and anxiety. He guides you on how to start healing and moving forward so you can live to your fullest potential.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

Change how you respond. Reflect on your behavioral patterns. Determine the positive intention. Use your energy to move forward.

Episode Highlights:

[12:59] Redefining Trauma

Trauma is a brain-functioning injury. When you have post-traumatic stress, you need tools to overcome it. Meanwhile, trauma with a small “t” can cause anxiety. Fears and anxiety come from projecting a worst-case scenario from present moments.

[19:47] Healing Yourself

Find out about what parts of your life you would say, “I _____ and I don’t want to.” Your younger self may have made a decision without the proper resources that led to behavioral patterns. You must heal so you can fulfill the positive intention behind them.

[31:03] How to with Trauma and Anxiety

Identify the behavior you want to change. Then ask yourself:

Where do you feel the underlying feeling? How large is the area? What’s the physical sensation?

Focus on that feeling without judgment. Determine the positive intention behind that feeling and its direction. Then focus on what you truly wanted. Allow that feeling to spread throughout your body.

[40:51] Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is feeling less attached to the expectation of feeling good all the time. Use that energy and feelings to move forward. Change your vocabulary and the meaning you give to things.

Four notable quotes:

[06:35] — [06:44] 

“Two people could experience the exact same event. One could be traumatized, hold trauma. And one could catapult into growth.” - Matt

[18:43] — [18:50]

“Fear is anticipating a future that’s not great. And anxiety is the anticipation without joy.” - Matt

[39:25] —[39:32] 

“The only people that never have anger, have sadness, or have fear and anxiety are in the graveyards.” - Matt

[42:10] — [42:18]

“Everything will be okay as soon as you’re okay with everything. And until that point, it will not be okay.”

Links to Resources:

THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more…

Jul 11, 202251:44
Handling Difficult People with Lisa Quick

Handling Difficult People with Lisa Quick

We all have to deal with difficult people from time to time.

Maybe it’s a coworker constantly complaining or a relative who dominates conversations. It can be tough to stay calm and diplomatic when we’re dealing with someone who is being unpleasant.

In this episode, Lisa Quick shares her powerful tips on responding to difficult people with kindness, empathy, and awareness. She emphasizes the importance of always being patient and understanding — even if others are not.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

Put yourself in other people’s shoes. Keep an open mind. Listen closely. Choose to spread positivity. Be kind to others.

Episode Highlights:

[04:32] Put Yourself in Others’ Shoes

We have to choose how to respond to the challenging people we encounter. Try putting yourself in their shoes. Being defensive will only make matters worse, so practice patience and understanding. Learn how to reset yourself and others to de-escalate things and solve conflicts.

[17:31] The Customer Is Always Right

If you want an enjoyable and smooth-sailing career, remember that the customer is always right. That is, in your customer’s mind, they are 100% right — so drop the defensiveness and try to understand where they are coming from. Instead of arguing with them, hear them out.

[22:57] Keeping Your Calm

Getting defensive is already an attack against another person. It may be hard to keep your light during a challenging situation, especially when the other person attacks your loved ones. But again, you must put yourself in their shoes.

[28:27] Building Trust and Connection

Listen to the other person and let them get through what they want to say. Ask questions. That coaxes them to open up and build rapport and trust with you. Solutions will not come without a genuine, heart-to-heart connection.

[35:15] Dealing with Difficult Loved Ones

Make light of situations when you can. Laughter is always a good thing. Instead of cutting people off, it is better to forgive them. Choose to shake off negativity and create positive ripple effects. Being unkind will only make you feel bad.

[45:31] Lisa’s Top Three Tips

Practice self-awareness throughout the day, every day. When you find yourself in an unpleasant situation, work on putting yourself in other people’s shoes. Make sure to brush off the negativities and reset by being kind, smiling at others, or being aware.

Four notable quotes:

[14:52] — [14:59]

“If you all just agreed with everything that I said or if I just agreed with everything that you said, then we wouldn’t have as great of a company as we have.” - Matt

[23:39] — [23:45] 

“If you feel like you have anything to defend, you also feel like you have reasons to attack.” - Matt

[29:46] — [29:58]

“Behind all anger is sadness or fear. So the anger is only there ever to cover up a hurt or a fear.” - Matt

[43:10] —  [43:18] 

“You can choose to see the negative ripple and then make a positive choice and have a positive ripple. Or you can choose to get infected by the negativity.” - Matt

Links to Resources:

A Course in Miracles by Helen Schucman

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Jul 04, 202248:08
Pray Everyday

Pray Everyday

When we think about God, we often imagine Him being far away. But the truth is that God is always close by and available to us. We can reach Him at any moment through prayer. 

In this episode, Matt O’Neill shares the powerful lessons he learned from Marianna Williamson about prayer and asking God to guide our days. He emphasizes the importance of prayer and how it can help us lead a fruitful life. Prayer draws us closer to God and helps us heal from the things weighing us down. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Surrender your pain and suffering to God  Pray every day  Ask God for a miracle  Always strive to live in God’s will  Love and forgive others 

[01:06] Let Go and Let God 

Some people may believe that if they want something, they have to grind to get it — as if God has no part in their achievements. But external success will not give you true happiness and peace. Attachment to the external world is a life that is setting you up to suffer. No problem is too hard for God to solve. No matter what you are going through, God is more powerful than any suffering. 

[05:57] The Power of Prayer 

To pray is to take spiritual action. When you have a problem, say a simple prayer. Miracles can happen at any moment. When there is a change in your perception from fear to love, then that is a miracle. Make prayer a daily habit. 

[09:51] What Keeps Us From Asking For Miracles 

Because our suffering is familiar, we might not ask for miracles. But you have to give that up to find true peace. The ego drives a wedge between God and us. Other times, we do not ask for miracles because we do not trust God. Or perhaps we do not want to relinquish control. But life becomes so much easier when we give everything up to God and stop carrying everything on our shoulders. 

[14:36] The Importance of Forgiveness 

We are on earth to love and forgive. Forgiveness sets people free. Your heart becomes open. It creates space for blessings and miracles to appear in your life. Your ego wants you to act with lovelessness but recognize that when you make mistakes — and you do — you’ll want forgiveness. 

[19:41] Living God’s Will 

Miracles happen when you allow them.  God sustains your entire existence. Without God, you may not even be here. Every experience is a gift, even the painful and sad ones. Your job is to show up in the most loving, joyful, and inspired way possible. 

[25:16] Love and Be Loved 

Our relationship with God is our relationship with ourselves. Knowing that God is love is knowing you are loved. Never forget that you are loved, and you will be able to love others truly. Ask God to make you be more loving. God is always listening. 

[29:31] How to Get Rid of Pain and Fear 

Meditate every morning. Connect with God through silence. Pray out loud every day because words are powerful. These will help you change your perspective from fear to love. 

Notable Quotes: 

[26:04] — [26:07]  “There is no problem that love cannot solve.” - Matt 

[23:17] —[23:19] “When we’re listening to our ego, we’re actually believing a lie. ” - Matt 

Links to Resources: 

Headspace App 

Everyday Grace by Marianne Williamson 

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Jun 27, 202237:15
Smell the Roses with Issy Burch

Smell the Roses with Issy Burch

They don’t teach you how to find happiness in school. Thankfully Matt O’Neill’s mother, Issy Burch, taught him lessons on happiness from an early age. When we’re young, we tend to brush off our parents' advice, only to find out later that their words had profound wisdom. 

In this episode, Matt and his Mom discuss the greatest lessons they learned growing up. You’ll be grateful to hear this wisdom, and you may just decide to call your mom and tell her how much you love her after you hear this show. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Balance hard work and self-care  Happiness comes from within  If you believe in yourself, you can be anything you want  Practice moderation in everything you do  Always choose joy 

[03:41] Take Time to Smell the Roses 

While it’s important to do your best in everything, it’s just as important to take care of yourself. Taking time to smell the roses is about finding the balance between giving 100% of yourself to whatever you’re doing and self-care. That’s how you can be your best self. 

[07:45] Practice Honesty and Integrity 

If you remain honest and truthful while living your best life, God will know. And being true to yourself will help fill your happiness tank, which will lead to good moods. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Have grace and compassion even for those who are unkind to you. 

[12:34] Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness 

Happiness comes from the inside. Unless you can find your joy, you’ll always be unhappy. You can go out and create wealth, but don’t rely on money to be happy. Do not idolize money and worldly successes. Do not lose your joy. 

[17:48] Believe in Yourself 

You can do and be anything you want as long as you work hard and put in the effort. Set realistic goals and believe in yourself. If you don’t put yourself out there, you’re never going to achieve anything. 

[22:48] Do Everything in Moderation 

Strike a balance between working hard and taking care of yourself. Don’t deprive yourself of things that you want. Instead, give yourself and do everything in moderation. 

[24:42] Always Choose Joy 

You can’t choose what happens to you, but you can always choose how you react. How you respond to situations and present yourself is so important. Sometimes choosing joy can be hard. Just have faith that things will get better and find a reason to be happy and grateful. It’s also important to let yourself be sad. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Understand what’s making you sad. Connect with nature to help you relax and be happy again. Remember to love and accept yourself. 

[35:25] Share a Smile 

Sometimes, just smiling at someone or being kind can make a person’s day. Try going out of your way to smile and greet the people you encounter — it could make your day, too! 

Notable Quotes:  

[26:21] — [26:35]  “We still can make a choice to choose our reaction, to choose our attitude, to choose the state, to choose the way that we’ll show up, to choose the emotions that will show up to handle that situation.” - Matt 

[34:37] — [34:46]  “Standing on the edge of the beach and looking at the vastness of this ocean… I mean, that’ll give you some perspective that ‘Man, this world is so much bigger than my little preferences.’” - Matt 

Links to Resources: 

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Jun 20, 202237:24
Slaying the 5 Giants with Jimmy Kaiser

Slaying the 5 Giants with Jimmy Kaiser

Just as David vanquished Goliath, you can overcome the giants or scary challenges in your life. The giant blocking your way may appear insurmountable, but this is only a mirage. If you change your mindset and seek God's purpose, you can become a champion.

In this episode, Jimmy Kaiser, a coach, entrepreneur, and real estate agent, talks about how to overcome the seemingly unbeatable challenges you’re facing — inspired by the biblical story of David and Goliath.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

Change your habits one small step at a time The way we treat others creates a ripple effect, so choose kindness always. Have the courage to step in when someone needs a helping hand What truly matters is how our life's work affects other people Tap into the champion within you

Episode Highlights:

[04:55] The Real Life Giants

A giant is a metaphor for a challenge. Everyone's problems are unique, but you can group them into one of five categories: financial, physical, relational, vocational, and spiritual giants. When you start to see your giant as an opportunity rather than a stumbling block, you'll be able to overcome it daily, no matter how big or small.

[07:25] Facing Your Financial Giant

Even successful people deal with financial behemoths like taxes. When it comes to money, connect with people who can help you achieve your goals. They can be CPAs, coaches, or even financially savvy friends.

[15:12] Overcoming Your Physical Giant

Most people find health to be a complex topic. It's all about making small changes. If you keep up your bad habits, they can cascade into your other habits, making your giant appear even more prominent. Pay attention to your sleeping and eating patterns.

[22:50] The Ripple Effect

Our relational giant pertains to our relationships with others. How we treat the people around us creates a ripple effect on how they treat others. In difficult situations, choose to extend grace. Take a moment to think about what's on your mind and respond with love.

[38:42] Service to Others

The spiritual and vocational giants are inextricably linked. Our vocation should focus on our relationships with others, not our career itself. It's all about making an impact on the lives of other people. Instead of being self-serving, live for the glory of God.

[46:11] Unleashing the Champion

Jimmy tells the story of a racehorse named Mine That Bird that ran in the 2009 Kentucky Derby. Like Mine That Bird, we all have a champion and God's Spirit within us. Harness that power and slay the giants in your life.

Notable Quote:

[27:05] — [27:11] 

“That is one of my mantras: I can either be right in this moment, or I can be happy, but I can't be both.” - Matt

Guest Bio

Jimmy Kaiser is an successful entrepreneur, executive coach, and adventurer who is best known for leading and consulting with some of the world's leading nonprofit and mission organizations for over thirty years.  From all his different roles, Jimmy has consistently helped others face their "giant" challenges and opportunities with faith, strategy, and encouragement in their own "David vs Goliath" situations. In the last ten years, he has also built a successful real estate sales and development business. (can all of this fit?)

Links to Resources:

Jimmy’s website

Dave Ramsey’s website

Instagram: @slaying_the_giants

Jun 13, 202254:13
Overcoming Burnout

Overcoming Burnout

With all the demands of today’s busy world, it can be easy to feel burned out sometimes. But these low-energy, low passion periods don’t have to stick around. There are tools you can use to overcome burnout. 

In this episode, Matt O’Neill shares how he navigated his way out of the feeling of burnout. And how you can change your life by implementing more self care and daily practices to keep you free from burnout. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Burnout is a mindset.  Change your perspective and change your life.  Honor yourself and your energy, otherwise you won’t have the energy to give to others.  Your emotional state dictates the actions you perform every day.  A good ritual or routine can be your anchor in troubled times. 

[00:64] Getting In and Out of a Funk 

We’ve all been through low-energy, low-passion periods in our lives — Matt calls these troubled times “funks”. Rather than physical exhaustion, a funk or burnout describes the negative meaning we give to the way we feel about a certain event. Matt shares the story of a two-week series of events that left him feeling over committed and burnt out. Listen to the full episode for all the details.

[11:31] You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup 

If you don’t honor yourself and your energy, you won’t have the energy to give to others. It’s easy to get caught up in what “productive” things we think we should be doing and forget to serve ourselves first. Keeping up this kind of mentality can cause burnout and may even be counterproductive. It’s important to reclaim your calendar and add activities to it that spark joy — not just work. 

[17:11] Taking Back Control 

Matt shares how Steve Gill got him back on track: through the power of rituals. Your daily rituals create your state of being, and a powerful, positive emotional state will bring that energy into the actions you perform every day. Matt lists meditation, prayer, journaling, reading, and exercise as his daily rituals. Listen to the full episode for an in-depth look at how routine activities can affect your whole day.

[32:29] Creating the Life You Want If you don’t dedicate time to cleaning your mind and blessing your day, you fall prey to your ego and the world’s negative thoughts and influences — this is why, for Matt, daily rituals are non-negotiable. Your mindset is what creates your success, and you create your mindset with powerful rituals. There will always be fear, but your ritual and routine can be your anchor in troubled times. Matt urges listeners to come up with three morning rituals to follow for seven days. Stick to them and see the difference! 

Notable Quotes: 

[02:13] — [02:23] “If you're working and you don't feel like working, the meaning you're giving that work is ‘I don't want to do this, but I have to.’ Alright, you're gonna get burned out with that mindset.” -Matt 

[18:33] — [18:41]  “The emotional state that you're in, the emotions your body feels create the actions that you're going to perform that day. And your actions create all the results in life.” -Matt 

[33:49] —[33:57] “When any challenge is presented, we can choose to suffer, be a victim, or we can choose to be powerful and thrive.” -Matt 

Links to Resources: 

Make A Wish 

Overcoming Fear with #1 Coach Steve Gill

Jun 06, 202238:32
Your Language Creates Your Life with Amy Wienands

Your Language Creates Your Life with Amy Wienands

It’s important to choose powerful language, because your language creates your life. We all have the power to flip the narrative and speak a life of purpose into existence. 

In this episode, CEO Amy Wienands, host of the “You are More!” podcast, joins Matt O’Neill to talk about how she lives out her life’s purpose through positive thinking positive language. You can use your words to create your life into a masterpiece. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Take the time to celebrate your wins and express your appreciation to your family, friends, and co-workers Flip the narrative and use your perception to turn negative events around Everyone is original and each of us is called on to fulfill our one specific purpose Surround yourself with like-minded and supportive people 

[04:23] The Importance of Appreciating People: 

Amy didn't celebrate wins at first. It wasn’t until she saw how it made her team feel appreciated and valued that she realized the importance of doing so. She now treats her family the same way, believing that it’s not about having more time but rather more contact with them. 

[08:40] Your Language Dictates Your Life: 

Get into the mindset of flipping your narrative into something positive, especially during tough times. What you say reflects what you believe in, which will likely become your reality. Amy is grateful every single day for merely being alive and believes that everyone has their own life’s purpose. 

[18:06] Your Life’s Purpose: 

Amy believes that she’s original, but people tend to adopt a herd mentality. Deep internal work is key to developing the confidence to fulfill our life’s purpose. We all have a different purpose in life; it’s okay to embrace our differences and become who we truly are called to be. 

[25:57] Creating a Supportive Network: 

You only need a few key people in your circle. God leads us to the people we need at the exact moment we need them. Not every friend will stay with us, but this just means we’re growing. It’s normal to feel pain at the loss of a friend, but this creates space for like-minded people to walk with us instead. 

Guest Bio: 

Wife, mother to twins & President/CEO of Amy Wienands Real Estate, Amy Wienands is no stranger to the real estate industry and creating impact. For nearly three decades, Amy has been committed to creating an impact in her community and the growth of those around her, through the “vehicle of real estate.” Amy and her team have been consistently ranked as one of the Top 100 Teams in the Nation, and Iowa’s #1 team of REALTORS for the past 8 years. Her biggest passion in this life is to create one thing; a legacy. She knows she’s been put on this earth for “more” and is called to inspire, motivate, bring inspiration and leave a significant mark on this world. She is the host of the You Are More Podcast, a place of revelation and encouragement for all, and a pillar of faith for many. Amy is a firm believer that hard work, principles of faith, and having the “pop-back” factor are the keys to success. 

Links to Resources: 

“You are More!” podcast Website | Spotify | Apple | YouTube 

Amy Wienands Real Estate Website

May 30, 202245:35
Whole Life Millionaire with Adam Roach

Whole Life Millionaire with Adam Roach

Many people want to be a millionaire... but at what cost? If the cost is your health or your family, it wasn't worth it. A better goal is to be a Whole-Life-Millionaire, where you have abundance in all the important areas of your life. 

In this episode, Adam Roach, CEO of “I Love Coaching”, joins Matt O’Neill to share his tips on what activities you can do to create the best version of you. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Set aside time for self-improvement activities  Importance of journaling and reflecting  Tracking your progress  Know when and where to direct your energy 

[5:30] Finding "Me Time" 

Matt and Adam are both morning people. They discovered that the best time to exercise is in the early morning. It can be challenging to find time for yourself, but you may end up feeling lost or burned out if you don't. 

[9:18] The Power of Journaling: 

Writing about your day is cathartic. Whether positive or negative, you can release your thoughts and emotions in a journal. Your entries can also serve as messages from your past self to your future self about lessons learned. 

[11:11] Life Audit with Pictures and Reading: 

Looking back at old pictures allows you to reflect on what you've learned since they were taken. Reading past journal entries can help you see what has changed, what you can apply in the present, and what you can teach others. 

[16:45] The Importance of Tracking: 

Adam learned the value of tracking from his father, an Olympic swim coach. You're telling a story when you're tracking things. Tracking is an excellent tool for self-improvement because it can show you where you've improved and fallen short. 

[24:48] Understanding Your Energy: 

We can't give what we don't have, so keep track of your energy. Also know when and where to direct your energy. Strike a balance between giving and taking, energy-wise, to grow as a person. 

Notable Quotes: 

[31:28] —  [31:33] “When my cup is full, I can spill over into others, and when it's empty, I don't have anything to give.” - Matt 

Guest Bio: 

Adam has been a serial entrepreneur and a recruiting junkie for over two decades!  From playing collegiate tennis, to owning his first business in his 20's, Adam recruited and built one of the most dynamic tennis club's in all of Beverly Hills CA.  He later cut his real estate teeth in Los Angeles, with 6 and 7 figure flips. In his mid 30's, Adam transitioned to owning and running multiple Keller Williams Realty franchises. Combined, this team led over 700 agents doing nearly $2 billion dollars in total sales. In his 30’s he developed a recruiting software and company that has now recruited over 130,000 agents across North America. To date, The I Love Recruiting family of companies includes 4 recruiting platforms (recruiting bridge, xceed, chamber scout, and touchngrow), and the I Love Coaching Company includes 10 1:1 coaches, a monthly group coaching and an evergreen course. By the end of 2022, the I Love Coaching Company is projected to have revenues exceeding $8 million, and on track to bring its Vision Statement to life; “To empower Coaches to change 100 million lives. For fun, Adam loves traveling and creating experiences with his fiancée Dana Gentry, his 2 kids, Addison and Amelia and the family dogs Frankie and Charli. 

Links to Resources: 

I Love Coaching website 

I Love Coaching Instagram 

May 23, 202245:14
Mental Toughness with Davon Gilliard

Mental Toughness with Davon Gilliard

Reaching your dreams takes mental toughness. It can take years of discipline and dedication to get closer to the person you want to be and the life you want to live. There will be hurdles along the way, but honing your mental toughness will help you overcome the obstacles that stand between you and success. 

In this episode, Davon Gilliard, CEO of Can’t Stop Training, joins Matt O’Neill to share his tips on developing mental toughness. With consistency and effort, you can be mentally tough enough to achieve your dreams. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Put consistent effort into improving  Elevate your work ethic  Plan your day around your goals  Eat healthy and exercise  Find a coach to guide you 

[08:18] Increase Your Work Ethic: 

Increasing your work ethic involves consistent practice and progress. Adopt the mentality of training to become the best, and develop the confidence to know that you’ve worked hard enough to deserve success. Set concrete goals, plan your day around them, and make intentional choices. 

[21:18] Plan Your Day: 

Establish your goals. Find time to meditate and journal or adjust your schedule to make time. Doing these activities for a few minutes a day will compound. 

[26:55] Mind Your Nutrition: 

Plan your meals around your nutrition goals. If you work out, you need to eat within 30 minutes of starting. After working out, just a smoothie is fine, but you can also eat carbs and protein. Listen to the full episode for more dietary tips and suggestions! 

[41:35] Get a Coach: 

Finding a mentor gives you access to tips and advice on how to improve yourself. It also deepens your understanding of how to better yourself and achieve your goals. Don’t worry so much about what other people think about you. 

Notable Quotes: 

[17:29] — [17:34]  “The difference between five championships and zero championships is just choices, decisions.” - Matt 

[20:51] — [21:01] “You’re focusing on the positive rather than beating yourself up for the negative because as we beat ourselves up, that’s more guilt. And guilt just takes us down even further.” - Matt 

[40:23] —  [40:27]  “It’s better to go one day a week to start or two days a week to start, and then build from there.” -Matt 

Guest Bio: 

Davon Gilliard is the CEO and Director of Sports Performance at Can’t Stop Training. He is a member of the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has received a certification in sports performance. He is passionate about helping people develop their sports performance, skills, and personal fitness. Davon has spent much time volunteering with REACH, a health and fitness program designed to educate and train young adults with autism. Davon has also trained high school and collegiate basketball players in skill development. His experience working with different athletes has influenced his coaching style and helped him grow as a health and fitness professional. 

Links to Resources: 

Can’t Stop Training website @cantstoptraining 

The 12 Week Year by Brian Moran 

High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard 

THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more…

May 16, 202249:16
The Gift of Life

The Gift of Life

Sadness can be your awakening to the gift of life. In this powerful episode, Matt O’Neill gets vulnerable and opens up about his wife’s failed pregnancies. He talks about the profound lessons they learned from those heart-breaking experiences. 

If you are open to it, you can learn to see the silver lining in your suffering and treasure every moment gifted to you. You will leave this episode with a desire to go home and hug the people you love a little tighter. You will finally see the truth, that another day with the ones you love is not owed to you, it is gifted to you. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

The Power of Choosing Love  Strengthening your Faith  Lessons from sadness and loss  How to learn from life’s challenge  Free yourself from attachments  

[00:45] Choosing Between Fear and Faith: 

Many people think that everything is owed to us. But we must realize that nothing is owed to us — rather, every moment is gifted to us. In Marianne Williamson’s A Return to Love, she says that we only ever have one choice: to choose love or not. Choosing love means connecting with God and our souls, and coming into our eternal being. 

[04:07] Strengthening Your Faith: 

Strengthening your faith can be done by connecting the dots backward in the darkest moments of your life and putting them into perspective. You will realize that you were being guided in those moments and that you are always being guided by a higher purpose. 

[08:13] The Gift of Sadness:

With God’s guidance, we learn lessons in either of two ways: through wisdom or from experience. If you’re not learning from wisdom, he’ll teach you through experience — these can be difficult to overcome. Through his wife’s miscarriages, Matt learned that the point of loss is to teach us not to take anything for granted. Every moment is precious. Treasure what you have and let the people you love know that you love them. Nothing is owed to you so don’t take anything — or anyone — for granted. 

[16:27] Learning From Challenges: 

You don’t always need to learn from experience. You can also learn from wisdom, study, and contemplation. Contemplate the lessons in the stories you hear and read. After that, choose to love. Know that challenges are not meant to discourage you; they’re happening for you. 

[30:02] Releasing Major Attachments: 

Our egos always have attachments, some of the biggest being money, health, and life. There are some attachments that you need to release for the benefit of your soul. Just remember that you’re okay and that God always has your back. 

Notable quotes: 

[01:57] —  [02:03]  “Every moment that we get is gifted to us. Nothing is owed to us.” -Matt 

[11:55] — [12:03]  “The point of loss is to teach us not to take any moment for granted. Every single moment is precious.” -Matt 

[27:09] — [27:17]  “Resistance is suffering. And what we resist, persists. And if we don’t learn the lesson, we’ll continue to get the exact same lesson.” -Matt 

[29:55] —[29:59]  “Problems are a gift sent from God to help you grow.” -Matt 

Links to Resources: 

A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson 

The Inner Work by Mat & Ash 

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May 09, 202236:39
Heal Your Emotions, Heal Your Body with PT Kim Kolodji

Heal Your Emotions, Heal Your Body with PT Kim Kolodji

What if a headache isn’t just a headache? Pain in your body may actually be a signal that there are emotions stored in your body that need to be released. 

In this episode, CEO of Thrive Physical Therapy, Kim Kolodiji, joins Matt O’Neill to teach you how you can heal your body by healing your emotions. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Learn to listen to your body  Discover how your emotions are linked to your muscles  Incorporate the Emotional Freedom Technique into your life Your body's innate wisdom  Open yourself up to high-vibration emotions like peace and joy

[01:37] Kim’s Path Down the Steiner Route: 

Twenty years into her career in physical therapy, Kim found herself in a slump. She wasn’t getting the results she wanted and her patients weren’t making full recoveries. But in 2011, Kim met Rebecca Steiner of the Steiner Institute and became her apprentice. Kim learned how to listen to her patients better, and realized that you don’t have to age with pain. You don’t have to limit yourself in life. 

[11:38] Your Body’s Wisdom: 

As opposed to more traditional forms of physical therapy, the “Steiner Route” goes deep into concepts like joint movement and muscle alignment, and how they relate to our emotions. By listening to the wisdom of our bodies, we can help heal them. Matt is Kim’s patient as well. 

[21:03] The Science of Emotion: 

The longer we keep negative emotions in our bodies, the harder it becomes for our nervous systems to deal with them. Opening ourselves up to high-vibration emotions like joy and peace reflects in our posture. 

[32:35] The Emotional Freedom Technique: 

Certain “meridian points” on our bodies are linked to certain emotions. By identifying the root of our emotional pain, we can address our physical pain as well. Listen to the full episode to hear Matt and Kim’s discussion on the Emotional Freedom Technique. 

Notable Quotes: 

[13:42] — [13:52] “The emotions that were stored in my body that were negative were ones I didn't want to admit that I had. That is the issue.” - Matt 

[17:17] — [17:25] “I was saying, ‘No, I'm super happy. I love everything that's going on. I'm really positive.’ Subconsciously, my body was saying, ‘Yes, I have anger stored in my body.’ - Matt 

[23:53] — [23:58]  “It's just these bad moods that get in the way of us feeling what's at our core already.” - Matt 

[36:21] — [36:28] “Even though I'm feeling the emotion of anger, it's okay. I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” - Matt 

Links to Resources: 

Kim’s LinkedIn 

Thrive Physical Therapy 

Steiner Institute 

THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more… 

About the Guest: 

Kim Kolodiji is a physical therapist with 34 years under her belt, as well as an independent business owner. She started Thrive Physical Therapy as a way to provide one-on-one integrative therapy with a focus on helping people achieve their personal rehab and wellness goals. Kim’s other ventures include being a licensed massage therapist, an energy healing practitioner, and the owner of a small-business massage and bodywork practice, Awakenings Massage.

May 02, 202246:20
Overcoming Fear with #1 Coach Steve Gill

Overcoming Fear with #1 Coach Steve Gill

So many people are held back by fear. It’s always easier to stay in your comfort zone, but that is not where you reach your full potential. To surpass your limits and transform your life, you must push past your fears and reframe how you look at life’s challenges. 

In this episode, Steve Gill, the #1 Coach in the Tony Robbins organization, joins Matt O’Neill to share how to conquer your fear and transform your life for the better. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Discover how to face your fears  Regain control over your life  Find out how to thrive in uncertain times  Overcome challenges  Learn how to get into a good mood 

[03:44] How to Deal with Fear:

The first step to dealing with fear is to take notice of how you’re feeling. Fear and faith exist in your mind. While fear causes your mind to run wild, faith is directed focus. Reframing the way you think about fear will give it new meaning because nothing in life has any meaning except the one you give it. 

[10:42] Taking Back Control: 

There’s a lot of fear in entrepreneurship; that’s why you need more certainty. Rituals are controllable practices that will help give you a sense of control, thus eliminating fear. Rituals plus routine equals peak performance. Giving meaning to your actions can make even the simplest decisions feel incredibly empowering. 

[16:52] Thriving Despite Fear: 

Find out what you’re afraid of and ask yourself if you would do it if your fear did not exist. If the answer is yes, then you need to do it. The mark of a great business is how you thrive amidst the chaos and fear. 

[25:00] Meeting Your Worthy Opponents: 

Worthy opponents come into your life to help you become the best version of yourself. When you meet people who challenge you, they are meant for you. It’s happening for you — not to you — to conquer that worthy opponent and step up to another level. 

[28:50] Getting Into a Good Mood: 

Tony Robbins would say there are only two states of being: the beautiful state and the suffering state. Exercise your emotional muscles by acknowledging when you’re in the suffering state so you can overcome it and get to the beautiful state. 

Notable quotes: 

[10:18] — [10:30] “The fear is always there. And you’ve talked about it earlier here. You just have to trump the fear, you have to be more powerful than the fear. And you do that with faith. And faith is this directed focus.” - Matt 

[20:28] — [10:30] “Conquer this one small hard thing that’s not going to hurt you — it won't hurt you, it’ll help you — and then the rest of your day, the hard things really aren’t that hard to just go ahead and step forward and do them.” - Matt 

[32:19] — [32:26] “A mood is not just an emotion and thought patterns in our head. A mood is a full-body experience.” - Matt 

Links to Resources: 


#MAXOUT Your Life by Ed Mylett 

THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more… 

About the Guest: 

Steve Gill is a  Senior Mentor/Platinum Coach, and Master Business Results Trainer, for Tony Robbins. The  top 1% best coaching in the world. He has worked with different  individuals and businesses around the world on almost every topic  imaginable. He  was named Coach of the Year in 2017 and 2019 for his ability to  implement Tony’s strategies and for his impact on his clients.

Apr 25, 202241:26
Giving Back to Others with Shannon Hawkins

Giving Back to Others with Shannon Hawkins

Every little bit you give matters to someone in need. Life is constantly putting us in position to give back and make a difference. And what you ultimately find is that the blessings come to those who give. 

In this episode, CEO Shannon Hawkins joins Matt O’Neill to share her journey through adversities and how she has received blessings by giving back to others. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

How to dig yourself out of the trenches  Appreciating all that you have  Giving back makes room for blessings  Have faith in God and His plan for you 

[03:44] Getting Out of Bad Moods: 

Many years back, Shannon had to dig herself out of the trenches and talk herself out of many negative situations. Now, people see her gift as helping others with their own life obstacles. Shannon was young when her dad died and it affected her tremendously growing up without a Dad. She got pregnant with her firstborn at a very young age. She had to put herself through school and work while raising him. These are only some of the trenches that Shannon had to dig herself out of — and now she is living a beautiful, abundant life. 

[07:04] Dealing with Abandonment: 

It might be difficult to realize but when God takes someone from us, He does it to protect us. Matt talks about his appreciation for his mother’s efforts in raising him. Shannon had a similar story when she was hustling to provide for her son at a young age. One time, she brought home shrimp to put in their ramen noodles after receiving a bonus and her son considered it a luxury. He was able to see the fruits of his mother’s hard work and seeing him appreciate what was in front of him was a moment Shannon will never forget. 

[12:32] Giving Back to Others:

When her son was around four or five, Shannon didn’t have the money to buy him a Christmas present. She had made a promise to herself that if there came a time that she wasn’t living paycheck to paycheck, she’d give to other people. Now, she brings food to families in their communities. She even took in a homeless man named Charles — listen to the full episode to hear her inspiring story. 

[26:17] Shannon’s Faith: 

Shannon’s faith became strong because it was about all she had as a young mom. When she had a hard time sleeping, she was advised to pray before going to bed. By continuing to do that, she was able to finally find peace and trust in the Lord. Everybody has moments where they doubt if they will be able to overcome hardships. But if God brings you to it, He’ll bring you through it. In the end, it will help you learn and grow. 

Links to Resources: 

THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor and more… 

About the guest: 

Shannon Hawkins has been voted the best interior designer in Charleston for the past three years. She is the owner of Refresh Your Nest, a company that helps homeowners and real estate professionals to improve the interior of their homes or offices. After spending 15 years in the medical field, she finally tapped into her life-long love of design. Her mission is to not only elevate people’s homes but their spirits. She touches the lives of others every single day through the work she does and gives back in any way she can. Outside of design, she enjoys trips to the beach with her family, live music and of course, scouring antique shops for hidden gems.

Apr 18, 202236:07
Positivity is a Choice with Marcia Germain

Positivity is a Choice with Marcia Germain

Some people believe that positivity is an innate trait, that you are either born with or not… but this is not the case. You can cultivate a positive attitude by changing your habits and thinking. From the moment you wake up, there are small things you can do to start your day on a positive note. 

In this episode, Matt O'Neill talks with Marcia Germain about what positivity is and how they incorporate it into their daily lives. They also offer advice on how you can choose positivity and how you can share it with the world. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Positivity is selfish, but in a good way, because it allows you to choose yourself  Know that you are enough  Live your passion, even if only in a few aspects of your life  Don’t write out the negative people around you, encourage positivity instead  Be kind to others and look for the good in their situations  Life's adversities provide opportunities for growth 

[1:23] Let the Positivity Spread Around: 

Matt and Marcia share their recent victories in life. Marcia discusses the success of her vision dream board workshop with teens and how rewarding it is to connect with young people. 

[6:06] Start Your Day Positively: 

Getting out of bed and starting your day can be difficult at times. There are, however, small steps you can take to get back on track. Consider what you are grateful for and how you can express your gratitude to others. 

[12:35] Put Your Passion Into Your Daily Activities: 

Passion leads to happiness, but most often people do not have their dream job. Living with passion means finding it in the components of your career and other aspects of your life. It is important to understand that no career or job is perfect. 

[17:30 ] Energy is Contagious: 

Energy whether positive or negative radiates to the people around you. There is a saying that goes, “You are the same person as those closest to you”. However, not everyone we interact with will be in a positive mood all the time. Remember to choose kindness. 

[24:12] Growth Comes from Good and Bad Experiences: 

There is an assumption that optimistic people are born with optimism. You go through different experiences in life that shape the person you are today. There is a silver lining in every negative experience. It’s about how you look at the experience and what you take from it. 

Links to Resources: 

The Secret 

Guest Bio: 

Marcia Germain is an account executive at Choice Home Warranty and a personal life coach at Yours Truly Life Coaching. She helps others find and set their goals to live meaningful lives. LinkedIn Facebook

Apr 11, 202239:43
Grow Your Confidence

Grow Your Confidence

Confidence is a feeling that you can succeed at what you choose to do. Self-confidence isn't about what the world shows you; it's about what you believe internally about yourself. 

In this episode, Matt O'Neill shares his life story — how his family faced discrimination, the challenges he faced as a child, and how he overcame them. He also shares three critical pieces for building your self-confidence. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

Hurting yourself hurts other people  Belief is all that self-confidence is  Identify low confidence beliefs and write the truth beside them  Some low confidence beliefs can be helpful, but you can't keep them forever  Tell yourself that you can  When you fully believe something, the world will feel it too  Do not let yourself down 

[01:03] Generations of Low Self-Confidence: 

Matt and his family lived difficult lives for generations. Matt's grandparents fled Ireland due to the potato famine and were treated like lesser people when they arrived in the US. These experiences created generational pain. The thing is, only people who are in pain hurt others. Matt’s father constantly told him that he was unworthy of good things. Unfortunately, as a child, Matt believed it. 

[11:35] What Is Self-Confidence? 

Belief is all that self-confidence is. Self-confidence can give you momentum, but everything will slide backward if you think things are going wrong. It all comes down to what you believe — if you think you’re going to succeed, you will. 

[16:54] Manifest Powerful Beliefs, But Know When to Let Go: 

Matt’s grandfather believed that their family was full of determined fighters. It was a powerful belief that kept him alive on the streets of New York. Matt inherited this energy and used it to fight for everything, whether success or survival. It helped him become successful today, however, being a fighter isn't a happy place. He eventually changed that belief to "success flows easily to me." It was a better mindset than thinking he needed to fight. When your subconsciousness knows what self-confidence is, the world will begin to validate your beliefs. 

[23:34] Telling Yourself You Can: 

A critical element to building self-confidence is believing you can do something. Someone else might tell you that they believe in you — a real confidence booster. However, you don't have to wait for someone else to believe in you or tell you that you can do it — you can tell yourself. Write down in a journal every day until your subconscious fully believes you. 

[24:40] Keep Your Promises to Yourself: 

How you act in one thing is how you do everything. It's critical never to let yourself down; you're the only person you can count on. Even when it's hard, you have to drag yourself out of bed. 

[28:09] Doing Lots of Work and Aiming for Big Goals: 

Doing a lot of work in a short amount of time always increases your self-confidence and self-belief. When you put in the work, you believe the results are coming. That is self-confidence — the belief in yourself and your success. 

Links to Resources: 

Lou Holtz

Apr 04, 202232:09


When you feel like your best self, you are your BEST SELF. Life’s challenges get a whole lot easier when you’re feeling amazing. 

That’s where The Good Mood Show comes in. Each week is a guaranteed Good Mood. 

You will learn how to overcome the limiting thoughts and beliefs that block your happiness. 

Welcome to The Good Mood Show.

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