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Carrying on the tradition of investigative and citizen journalism in Winnipeg!
The Great Canadian Talk Show returned for the 2022 Civic Election and helped people engage with City Hall ! Coming soon- the 2023 Manitoba provincial election.

On 92.9 KICK-FM, our coverage of policy, crime, courts, MSM and elections had impact, rocked the boat and made a difference in people's lives. And we still do -- the best radio in Winnipeg is found on our podcast!

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Aug 10 2022 - Woodstock Warns: "Glen Murray Is A Habitual Quitter", Last Exit From Mayor's Office Cost Winnipeg $2M

The Great Canadian Talk ShowAug 12, 2022

May 30 2023 - Brian Bowman's Legacy: Winnipeg Has Violent Crime Like It's 2009

May 30 2023 - Brian Bowman's Legacy: Winnipeg Has Violent Crime Like It's 2009

We turn things inside out to start Episode 25, with the Crime Courts & Public Safety update in the leadoff position for a change:

We bring together more important details from a St. Vital mother who escaped a trap set by two derelicts. As we described last week, when Rebecca Rempel returned to a mall to pick up her vehicle, she was targetted by 2 men "planning to attack me", and barely got away. It was far more harrowing than was first believed.

Hear the added details she didn't mention in her original Facebook warning to women in Winnipeg, including the attempt to rob her, how a weapon was pulled out, and what she's doing to improve her self-defence techniques. Her experience ties into the crime statistics for 2022 just announced that we provide the details of: a record number of murders, property crime up by a third, and youth crime up even more than that. Violent crime approached 2009 levels- cementing the legacy of Brian Bowman's tenure as Mayor being the worst thing ever to happen for the average person and for the average business owner in this city. And we repeat the concerns about the inept chief of police, Danny Smyth, who never gets held accountable for his failures.

To end the segment you'll hear about a big-picture Twitter observation by Tristan Hopper of how the class divide is resulting in crime being minimized in favour of fake social problems invented to consume government's priorities, paired with official tolerance of drug-addiction fueled social disorder. You'll want to hear Marty's assessment of the dangers Winnipeggers now face, thanks to Brian Bowman, Danny Smyth and other weak leaders.

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20:41 - Part 2 touches on popular topics - we note the distorted TV coverage of the Alberta election win by Premier Danielle Smith, where Rachel Notley is feted by CBC and CTV talking heads as a winner for losing twice in a row and shedding about 16 seats since 2015. Also, Justin Trudeau's dud of a visit to Winnipeg last week, and NDP MLA Lisa Naylor discovered that Tory campaign co-chair Candice Bergen isn't alone in believing Manitoba schools are left-washing students. On the City Hall beat, City finance chair Jeff Browaty had a few cautions about the projected $27 M deficit, as the police budget can't be brought under control.

Lastly, a remarkable op-ed in the Free Press challenged the anti-car movement in our city and demolished the logic of unused bike lanes throttling traffic flow and the notion people will flock to crime-ridden transit buses as an alternative. The column sent a certain thin-skinned local architect howling into the abyss online- wethinks he doth protest too much. In fact, the premise of the column- that 50 years ago Mayor Steven Juba, Bill Norrie et al made a key mistake in urban transportation planning - is at the root of why our congestion problems are building

Coming up in June: more on the impending St. Boniface bike lane battle, an update on the antisemitism of the University of Winnipeg junior varsity basketball team, and the Winnipeg South Centre federal by-election.

For some family friendly fun and excitement, Marty will be hosting CWE wrestling events on June 2 in Lorette, June 9 in Winnipeg, and for the Canada Day weekend June 30 in Vita and July 1 in Elie. ** To Sponsor or Advertise, for Public Speaking, and for more information on the CWE wrestling events:

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May 31, 202343:40
May 25 2023 - Wab Kinew Mining For Votes As Free Press Takes Digs At PCs

May 25 2023 - Wab Kinew Mining For Votes As Free Press Takes Digs At PCs

Provincial politics is front and centre in the first segment of Episode 24, but first Marty provides a couple of quick updates on our recent stories.

- Our Special Report East St. Paul Parents Stop School From Canceling Mother's Day is the most listened-to episode in the last year.

- In the follow up report, Smear on Mother's Day Supporters A Lesson in Woke Journalism, we repudiated the slanted federally-funded reporting of the Free Press on the controversy and revealed the radical background of their chosen U of W "expert". The podcast received accolades from listeners all over the country- and many kind words from the parents at Dr. F.W.L. Hamilton School for demolishing the false allegations that their concerns represented a political agenda.

- When the mainstream media attacks parents and family values, whether in East St. Paul, Brandon, Winnipeg or anywhere else, TGCTS will continue to provide a fair, accurate and balanced voice for the community.

Next, we review the speech NDP leader Wab Kinew gave to the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce; we've followed the mining industry closely for 15 years in our broadcasts and we explain why his past statements call into question Kinew's genuine commitment to resource development.

With Kinew's support in the polls having flatlined and the PC government trying to outflank the NDP on health care spending, the columnists at the newspaper are working overtime to discredit Premier Heather Stefanson. According to the Black Rod, "For the past two-and-a-half weeks the NDP's biggest allies at the Winnipeg Free Press have pumped out a barrage of commentary attacking the government, which individually and collectively are so flimsy they only indicate that the writers are grasping at straws."

We explain how no matter what the story - sex-ed books in schools, the Pride parade, health care hiring - the Premier can do no right in the pages produced at the Mountain Avenue mausoleum.

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19:52 - Crime, Courts & Public Safety - As we reported in the civic election last fall, derelict and abandoned buildings posed a huge risk to the inner city. We talk over some preliminary moves the Gillingham administration is making to deal with slumlords. Another issue raised last fall was the way the City had grown but the ambulance fleet hadn't- but finally the Province and City have an agreement to add ambulances and paramedic staff.

Something that caught our attention - the shocking number of murders this year on the Main Street strip. Why do elected officials keep their mouths shut about the dangerous decay north of the Higgins underpass?

A final crime note - a mother in St. Vital was going back to her car on Monday afternoon when she smelled out a trap set by two vagrants (she's since clarified it was not at the mall itself but at Dakota and St. Mary's Road). Marty reads her description of how she barely escaped, and her warning to others: "it's crucial for all of us to recognize that safety is not guaranteed, even in broad daylight and crowded areas." As Marty notes, this kind of menacing behavior towards women was a problem near St. Boniface Hospital a few years ago until action was taken.

To end the program you'll hear more about our upcoming website, the depth of our experience and passion, and our commitment to provide coverage that reflects our neighborhoods and working people. We make politicians and bureaucrats respond to their needs and not just to the special interest activists, as evidenced by our investigation into the way residents and businesses in St. Boniface were excluded from plans that will gridlock the hospital district.

We rely strictly on the donations and support of people who need a voice in our community and as we move towards the Manitoba election, we will continue to make a difference with your support.

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May 25, 202339:25
Special Report: Smear on Mother's Day Supporters A Lesson In Woke Journalism

Special Report: Smear on Mother's Day Supporters A Lesson In Woke Journalism

This past week, Winnipeg newsrooms began to chase our exclusive report - East St. Paul Parents Stop School From Canceling Mother's Day.

The situation at Dr. W.F.L. Hamilton School was pretty straightforward - the 'leadership team' at the elementary school outside of Winnipeg "moved away from isolated observances of specific traditions like Mother’s and Father’s Day." Then within 72 hours, the principal announced "After some feedback from Friday’s e-memo from our parent community we will continue to acknowledge Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as a school."

With decades of experience, we knew this was important news- and got it out first.

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Schools should reflect the values of the parent community. That is what led the principal to reverse the cancelation. But since Mother's Day is on the culture wars hit list, some in the media took the approach that those parents had to be put in their place.

And that's what happened when the Winnipeg Free Press assigned a designated, federally-funded 'education' reporter who is paid under the "Local Journalism Initiative". Stories filed under that program get automatic distribution from Canadian Press to media outlets across the country, with no independent editing.

That means, if a reporter gets a key detail wrong- or slants their coverage to bolster a woke political agenda - that skewed version of reality goes out all across the country- immediately. Paid for, by everyone's tax dollars.

The federal government insists that taxpayers paying newspapers to add LJI reporters would "protect and extend democracy... the objective must be to increase local ⁠civic journalism⁠ in ⁠underserved communities⁠."

That's the supposed objective.

- In this podcast, Marty Gold describes a cautionary tale for parents across Manitoba: how the Free Press didn't speak directly with any of the parents; what to be on the lookout for when the name-calling starts from the newspaper; and how to get to the bottom of it.

After TGCTS broke the story, Marty found himself labeled by the Free Press as an employee of a "far-right" company. The problem is, no such company exists and he is not in any way, "far-right".

But no one asked him.

The Free Press chose to politicize the school issue. With the false label attached, Marty was name-dropped into the article as some kind of representation of the parents opposing the "transition" to "inclusion". This was engineered to smear supporters of Mother's Day, by inferring the concerns they voiced to the principal of Dr. Hamilton were linked to the "far-right". See how that works?

The smear on Mother's Day supporters is a Lesson in Woke Journalism.

- The next step was to platform a convenient department head from the University of Winnipeg. Sharanpal Ruprai was allowed to blurt misinformation and criticize East St. Paul parents - but it was never mentioned her expertise is in "critical race feminism".

Marty goes into detail about the women's and gender studies associate professor. Who she is, what her specialties are, what she said that was totally false. Hear her woke solution to parents who support the traditions of celebrating our mothers and our fathers.

You'll also hear which political figures in Manitoba she hasn't attacked yet for supporting Mother's Day. Strange, that.

This was the essence of 'woke journalism' - this wasn't about preserving Mother's Day, it was about those uncaring parents opposing an "inclusive measure"! Listen to how the headline was revised to portray a community divided into camps. We got a sharp response to the Free Press story from one of the school's fathers, rejecting the blatant attack on his community and his school.


Hear/read our follow-up from Tuesday with more details from the principal:

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May 20, 202328:47
May 14, 2023 - School Has New Answers For (un)Canceling Mother's Day / Portage & Main Pushback At Open House

May 14, 2023 - School Has New Answers For (un)Canceling Mother's Day / Portage & Main Pushback At Open House

Episode 23 has updates on our recent newsmaking investigative stories; audio with an insightful Canadian history lesson; and exclusive details about the Polo Park machete attack on 4 kids - and who is supporting the accused young offender.

Last week's Special Report is now the most listened to episode of TGCTS since our re-launch.

Listen to East St. Paul Parents Stop School From Canceling Mother's Day

Since that podcast, we learned the school principal gave an evolving explanation for trying and failing to cancel Mother's Day. His E-Memo on May 5 plainly stated Dr. F.W.L. Hamilton school had arbitrarily enacted "a transition to a more inclusive practice" as "we have moved away from isolated observances of specific traditions like Mother’s and Father’s Day".

When a mother said she was relieved by his reversal of the edict, he mentioned the "intent" of the "school leadership team" - which he didn't disclose when Marty Gold first started asking questions. It's obvious the idea had nothing to do with 'being sensitive' to kids in "traumatic situations." Marty explains how the failed gambit ties into the pattern across the country of schools reinstating Mother's Day after they got caught undermining community values.

Media chasing our story tried to smear parents in East St. Paul for being "traditionalists" and against "inclusion". We will have a Special Report in a few days to expose the newsroom bias against those families and provide a Lesson in Woke Journalism.

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12:26 The War on Cars in Winnipeg - our recent series exposing how bike lanes are being snuck into St. Boniface is the tip of the iceberg. Marty attended the Portage and Main Open House on Day 1 - and got consultants to admit they left transportation sectors out of discussions. He thinks councilors need to be shown photos of the display placards- there was a lot of pushback on the anti-car urbanist concepts from sceptical attendees with common sense observations. One proposal, however, got almost unanimous support councilors should be informed of.

Marty discusses the New Urbanism movement that tries to achieve policy goals by infiltrating government planning and rigged public consultation processes instead of winning support at the ballot box. The newly-announced Osborne Village plan is another 'supported by the Biz' concept - Marty asks, what if the Biz in St. Boniface opposed Moving on Marion bike lanes? If they say "no way" to throttling traffic and killing commerce- would they get their way? Maybe that's why the Open House didn't mention the 99 parking spots at risk in St. B.

Meanwhile, tricks to silence unsupportive stakeholders in Brandon backfired, as people pushed back. CBC immediately labeled them as promoting a "conspiracy theory" about 15 minute cities.

But it's no conspiracy theory. We explain how it is being imposed in England and will kill off normal, acceptable social activities like the symphony, and deconstruct the night-time economy in the name of "climate crisis." The perverse ideology to disrupt your community is pushed by a well-connected, funded lobby with professional organization- we speak for the rest of you.

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32:37 - We present another short audio of Conrad Black speaking at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. He discussed the significance of Canada coming into being. and how it fit into the global and regional political landscape of that era. Well worth a listen!

43:17 - Crime Courts & Public Safety - Exclusive details how a 16 year old with a machete stalked 4 younger teens boys at Polo Park mall. It's crystallized the fear for parents and kids to be able to go anywhere in Winnipeg and be safe. The thug targeted one kid and broke bones, then unleashed life-altering violence- but his mom blames CFS. Who is being held responsible?

May 17, 202301:00:29
Special Report - East St. Paul Parents Stop School From Canceling Mother's Day

Special Report - East St. Paul Parents Stop School From Canceling Mother's Day

A Midweek Exclusive: On Friday, a school just outside Winnipeg told parents that students were not going to observe Mother's Day - and that Father's Day was next on their list. Marty Gold reports on how the message in the memo was reversed after a weekend of "our parent community" responding 'Not So Fast'.

A listener with a child enrolled at Dr. F.W.L. Hamilton School on Henderson Highway was shocked at what transpired, starting with the Friday May 5th 'E-Memo' released by the principal after the school day. In other words, right as the first nice weekend of the spring started.

Parents were patronizingly thanked "for supporting our transition to a more inclusive practice" that they were just hearing about for the first time. Instead, they were outraged at the new school policy. Marty reads out loud what parents were told: annual family acknowledgements of parents (and in many cases, grandparents too) were dismissed as "isolated observances of specific traditions."

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Hear the peculiar language used to describe why students weren't going to be making Mother's Day cards. The policy also would wipe out Father's Day, in favour of letting "students (will) choose someone to acknowledge and make something for" for those occasions.

But before morning recess on Monday May 8th, another E-Memo was sent out, citing that "some feedback from Friday’s e-memo" was resulting in a different cancelation - the new policy.

"... we will continue to acknowledge Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as a school."

We bring details of the May 8 mea culpa, and more - because Marty contacted the school principal with a few questions.

He noted: "The observance of both days showing appreciation to parents is a standard practice in a vast majority of Jewish homes in Manitoba and Canada, in accordance with our religious tradition to "honour thy father and thy mother."

We got a prompt reply, confirming

1 - that the memos you hear are accurate,

2 - the original decision was " a school-based one" and not influenced by the River East - Transcona School Division, and

3 - why he un-canceled the May and June commemorations. However...

An earlier report by True North about the memo explained "the school would instead encourage non-gender-specific observations of “all those who support our student’s (sic)” - but according to the principal at Dr. Hamilton, the outlet identified the wrong school.

He wanted to clarify this involves his school in East St. Paul, and not Kildonan East in Winnipeg as True North⁠ reported.

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In the recap, there's a lot of questions:

- Why try to convince mothers and fathers that the new policy was "a beautiful transition to showing gratitude authentically and organically"?

- Did the memo infer the "isolated observances" being canceled weren't ?? Some interested commenters online thought it did- and backfired.

- Will parents take their questions to the RETSD trustees, to find out whose fingerprints were on the "inclusive" idea to undermine families and exclude their opinions before kids were told Mother's Day was out?


We specialize in local reporting of real issues and holding elected officials, government institutions and tax-funded organizations accountable to the public.

You'll hear our pitch for your support to help keep us working on important stories like this that the mainstream media won't touch, or will distort to suit their preferred narratives... Our role is to be your voice when families, businesses and residents - who are the true stakeholders in our communities - are treated like they don't count.

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Videos of our St. Boniface "Moving on Marion" Bike Lane investigation:

May 10, 202323:15
May 7 2023 - Bike Lane Battle Brewing Across Winnipeg / Teenage Thug Targets Delivery Drivers, Other Teens

May 7 2023 - Bike Lane Battle Brewing Across Winnipeg / Teenage Thug Targets Delivery Drivers, Other Teens

More news on opposition to new St. Boniface bike lanes, provincial politicians saying mean things about each other, tough questions about teenage criminals, and exclusive audio featuring Conrad Black talking about the CBC - all on Episode 22!

This week, Marty recaps how St. Boniface residents and enterprises were completely denied any meaningful input as the City hid plans to eliminate 99 parking spaces to make room for bike lanes. Manipulating the public consultation process is a key tactic used by the "it's a climate emergency!" crowd all across Winnipeg; St. Boniface is the latest example.

Among the business owners, anger is building - this week even more of them told TGCTS they resent being excluded by City Hall.

We reveal the tepid response to a hit-and-miss Norwood Grove Biz survey, as the organization tries to regain the trust of its members and distance itself from the perception the group had signed off on a plan that will devastate the shopping district on Marion and on Goulet.

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The negative effects of the bike lanes on the neighborhood near the St. Boniface Hospital - eliminating the priority bus lane for morning commuters, creating a Goulet Ave. bottleneck, impeding emergency vehicles- is comparable to neighbourhoods near the MiserIcordia Hospital and Osborne Village who are also ready to fight back.

Marty recalls reports from 8 years ago about bike lane process "hiccups" - so described by a certain city councilor - that have never, ever been fixed. Why not? Hear what else that same councilor said, that directly relates to the fears of residents on Dollard Blvd. leading to the hospital.

Dozens of fed-up stakeholders say they won't roll over for a fringe group that couldn't round up 75 supporters for their showcase cycling event last weekend. Meanwhile, St. B. Coun. Matt Allard continues to stay silent about the scandal. Pourquoi?

18:15 - Over at the Legislature- media hype about pre-election attack ads between the reigning "they fired nurses!" PC's and the "GST will hit 10%!" NDP.

It's so dishonest! said another party leader, ignoring how their own favorite in Ottawa relied on the same playbook to get elected. While rumours swirl about NDP anxiety over Wab Kinew's stagnating support, the MSM searches for a fresh layer of tarnish to put on Premier Stefanson. We will continue to build our coverage around the genuine serious issues facing voters in the October election.

26:47 - Lord Conrad Black was hosted in a 'fireside chat' style interview by the Frontier Centre for Public Policy last week. It was moderated by an ex-Red River College VP who guested with us in the KIck-FM studio back in the day! He posed thoughful questions about politics, history and mainstream media to the former newspaper magnate.

31:49 - Hear Conrad Black describe how he'd reform the CBC. He didn't mince words - "we're all amateur psychologists" he noted before explaining what he thinks of the majority of the newsroom occupants and executive office dwellers at the Ceeb.

34:02 - Marty provides a value proposition for TGCTS listeners: Our local focus earns your support by providing a voice for those ignored by MSM elitists. Holding government accountable is essential to an informed, engaged public.

53:26 - Crime, Courts & Public Safety: What's the record for a single car being broken into downtown? We have a new winner.

We run down the incidents and charges involving armed, violent, young thugs - so many teenagers are victims of robbery, stabbings and worse. From Weston to St. Boniface, from west end schoolyards to St. Boniface greenways, there's predatory violence everywhere and no responsible adults in sight. What should concern everyone, is how certain kinds of delivery drivers were targeted and were never warned by police.

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May 09, 202301:16:51
April 30 2023 - Coun. Browaty Rebukes Anti-Car Lobbyists Lecturing 'Joe Lunchbox' Winnipeggers

April 30 2023 - Coun. Browaty Rebukes Anti-Car Lobbyists Lecturing 'Joe Lunchbox' Winnipeggers

This week, we let you hear for yourself how radical climate activists tried to entrench even more influence inside City Hall under the guise of "budget consultation". Then, Marty explains how their subversive anti-car agenda is exposed in the rigged 'Moving on Marion' bike lane process we investigated in our YouTube video series.

The mainstream media leapt to defend far-left special interest lobbyists like Marianne Cerilli and assailed Coun. Jeff Browaty for daring to reply to her Community Committee presentation by noting: "Just because you’ve come to council, your opinions aren’t more important."

What was he rebutting, exactly? No one in the media actually explained what Cerilli said at the EK-Transcona meeting. But we do- and it was outrageous.

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7:46 Clip 1- Hear "healthy communities' consultant Cerilli reveal her extreme policy goals - to cut gas use in half by forcing 50% of car users onto bikes and buses, or ride-sharing aka 'mode shift'.

13:47 Clip 2 - In response, Browaty put the former NDP MLA in her place. He cited working folks who can't spend hours at formal proceedings and instead speak up through talk radio shows, online posts and personally contacting their councilor. When Browaty dared suggest the 'climate change' reactionaries wrongly marginalize taxpayers who don't want to "blow things up", the name-calling revved up. Marty skewers the ridiculous blowback at Browaty and the hypocricy of the critics.

19:34 Clip 3 - Listen to a sneering Cerilli demean the residents Browaty represents- because if they "take their kids to soccer" it's "destroying the planet" and they are in "Climate Denial."

Her startling outburst is a clue of what's behind repeated biased bike lane planning. The bike/eco lobby wants to burn local economies to 'save the planet'. Almost 300 parking spaces will get sacrificed in Winnipeg's war on cars. City bureaucrats go along with it.

21:16 TGCTS has found a city-wide pattern of discrimination in the exclusion of residents and businesses from proper consultation on bike lanes. It extends from Wolseley through Osborne Village and with 'Moving on Marion" to St. B.

The negative impacts of bike lanes and throttling roadways are never explained at Open House events orchestrated by high paid City consultants - who pick and choose which stakeholders to keep in the loop, and don't divulge serious impacts on emergency services and the viability of local stores.

One-sided reporting is a hallmark of Winnipeg legacy media- and it's a key trick for imposing anti-car, anti-commerce bike lanes. Activists insist the City alter roadways to disrupt business, employment, and travel in local neighborhoods 'for their own good'. As a result, we are told, in the Village "there will not be loading areas for people moving in and out, or handicapped loading or delivery drivers anywhere unless they are delivering Skip by bike."

Marty explains how next week's Portage and Main "consultations" are clearly rigged- while 'urban visionaries' disregard Coun. Wyatt's warning: "there will not only be pedestrian injuries, but there will be fatalities." One person noted: "it was horrible to cross... at rush hour it got really scary to cross."

34:20 Part 2 - A brief update about the passing of 2 longtime friends, Mike Phillips and Kaz Bednarchyk. Stories from SLAM! Wrestling about Mike are here and here, and our YouTube video tribute to Kaz is here. Also- a reminder of how pathetic rural cel service is compared to Saskatchewan and how Manitoba Hydro could help save lives in remote areas but won't.

42:20 Part 3 - Crime Courts & Public Safety: How come Cindy Tugwell and Heritage Winnipeg can't connect vacant properties and arson? Residents in the North End can. Hear about a racist cabbie murderer facing deportation and why a 12 year old stabbed a north end girl.

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May 03, 202301:02:35
April 24 2023 - St. Boniface Residents And Businesses Ready To Fight Allard's Bike Lane Plan

April 24 2023 - St. Boniface Residents And Businesses Ready To Fight Allard's Bike Lane Plan

This week- an overview of the growing Moving on Marion bike lane controversy, after we went back to the streets of St. Boniface to continue our investigation. Marty Gold explains: What is Moving on Marion and why should I care?

The Basics:

Bike paths and concrete bumpouts all along Marion and Goulet will cut Route 115 down to 2 lanes each. This will result in a loss of 99 parking spaces from Traverse (for a bike lane that isn't in the 'official' Active Transportation plan), and from Marion between the Marion Hotel & Tache. The Open House on March 16 did not mention 99 parking spaces would be sacrificed, or the effects on area enterprises. Goulet will lose the priority AM bus lane, slowing bus service with no Park and Ride planned to reduce traffic to and from downtown. There have been 3 public consultations in the last two years. Each meeting was sparsely attended and barely advertised. Only 5 of the 60 residents and business owners we have spoken to, had even heard of 'Moving on Marion', let alone the bike lane idea. At each public meeting the consultants hired by the City of Winnipeg were unable to answer questions about specifics and supplied only simple- minded generalizations of "liveability". (Reducing property taxes when the bike lane cuts across your yard? They didn't think of that.)

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In Episode 20, Marty explains what we know about the role of St. B Councilor Matt Allard, and reviews comments from his former assistant, now School Trustee, Ryan Palmquist who claimed the previous Biz Executive Director was “one of the key champions of this vision.” He tried to dissuade the public from believing our reports or from financially supporting our independent investigation.

Here's why you should-

The Norwood Grove Biz was unaware they were being leveraged by the consultants against the community. The Biz is scheduling a meeting to notify their members what is going on and find out what they think- a step the City conveniently skipped. The Biz previously stated that if Marion remained a truck route, a bike lane idea was a non-starter. It seems there was a problem at the Biz and the new ED is moving fast to fix it. Kudos.

Most importantly, there's no evidence the St. Boniface Hospital and/or the WRHA were consulted or notified of any plans that would hinder emergency vehicles and general access to Winnipeg’s second largest hospital.

Staff of the hospital, patients, and families park in this area. There are serious healthcare implications along Goulet for seniors in adjacent highrises, for health care workers attending the Access Centre, and for HandiTransit. Everyone should care that the Open House didn't mention those concerns.

You'll hear what Marty was told by the affected homeowners and renters, businesses and services in the Dollard neighborhood who Matt Allard has failed to represent. They complain of being left in the dark, stonewalled, told to move, and of their councilor's silence. Our reporting makes clear, up to 90% surveyed did not know what was being planned and are opposed.

What did Coun. Schreyer and Coun. Browaty say about a decade ago about unacceptable tactics by consultants? Yet it is happening AGAIN. Will your neighborhood be targetted next?

The disarray in the Biz, combined with the lack of a Dollard Blvd. area resident group, opened the door for the "public consultation" process being highjacked by the radical anti-car bike lobby. City Hall cheats taxpayers to help them do it - while the media looks the other way.

Part 2 - 22:38 Marty speaks of the passing of his longtime friends Kaz Bednarczyk of Kaz Graphics, and former wrestling champion Mike Phillips who competed locally as Sgt. Tom Steele and was seen on CTV nationally as JR Bundy.

Part 3 - 27:51 Crime Courts and Public Safety: Bodies found in fires, teen shot outside KP Mall.

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Apr 25, 202346:50
April 16 2023 - City Secret Revealed: Moving on Marion Bike Lanes To Steal 99 Parking Spots

April 16 2023 - City Secret Revealed: Moving on Marion Bike Lanes To Steal 99 Parking Spots

This week TGCTS exclusively reveals what the vaunted City of Winnipeg "public engagement" Open House in March hid from St. Boniface residents and merchants about area parking.

3.00 Part 5 on the Moving on Marion plan: Marty Gold investigates a bottomless pit of inept and seemingly corrupted public consultation.

On the weekend we informed area residents of our YouTube series. They reacted just like the businesses did: they don't support bike lanes they never heard about and were never asked about. They spoke of the damaging ripple effects on their daily lives. City Hall won't listen- but we do.

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8.00 Homeowners, tenants, and hard-working employees listened to Episode 18 last week and voiced their own suspicions of a shady consultation process. On the defensive, the former ward assistant to St. B councilor Matt Allard inadvertently gave away the game.

Ryan Palmquist - now a school trustee and no stranger to cashing taxpayer-funded cheques - mocked our fundraising pitch to listeners on Facebook, claiming this scandal is made up. Mistake #1.

Palmquist denied there was a "silent backdoor agenda", citing "4 public meetings, multiple mailouts, dozens of posters, social media...". He wouldn't answer what Biz members were ever told about the projected parking cuts.

Then Mistake #2: He revealed who blindsided the business stakeholders.

"It was literally the then (Biz) Executive Director who was one of the key champions of this vision and was involved every step of the way. I'm not sure what you're talking about."

So, Marty asked the Norwood Grove Biz for board minutes verifying she told her employers the plan she 'championed' will chop NINETY-NINE parking spaces and if they supported it.

"Norwood Grove Biz is organizing an Open House with our members about the Moving on Marion to listen to their voices and what they have to say about this plan."

Is it a scandal yet?

21.00 Marty dives into the public policy issues. With his question about "Available Spaces" answered on Twitter by another Councilor, Marty does the math to prove the list given Janice Lukes- who took over as Public Works chair from Allard- concealed the real number by leaving out a street. Unbelievable.

What would the effect be of losing 100 spots- and loading zones- for bike lanes? A listener explains Osborne Village will soon find out- "red hot anger." It's the 2010 bike lane fake "public consultation" scam that a City audit slammed.

28.00 After Palmquist insisted the public was properly informed by the City, Marty checked his claim on the street north of Goulet that leads to the front door of the hospital.

Hear the reaction to our handouts from 22 voters on Dollard Blvd. It obliterates any City Hall BS that the bike lane process was fair, transparent or competent.

Residents echoed concerns for the future of the bank and other enterprises, and raised new concerns: busier streets & lanes, delayed ambulance response, impacts on the disabled and their own safety.

Marty reviews plans to steal over 30% of parking, cut a priority bus lane, and reduce reliable bus service instead of improving it. Why no Park n' Ride lots for commuters?

"The Biz supports the plan" lie was used to quell dissent at the Open House where business owners weren't invited and "before and after" parking numbers were hidden. A redesigned 2-lane Marion and Goulet is an example of 'Improper Planning' where the bike lobby and anti-car radicals thrive as area stakeholders are shafted. Dollard Blvd. folks don't have a residents group to be their voice, and their councilor ignores them. That's a scandal.

45.40 Crime Courts and Public Safety: 'Obby vs. Wabby' and intimidation accusations against Wab Kinew at the Legislature; Shared Health gets caught lying that they care about nurse and patient safety around Health Sciences Centre; and a grab bag of violence and crime from St. Vital to Garden City in the last week.

Apr 18, 202301:02:12
April 10 2023 - Marion St. Home Owner: 'Too Many Lies' By Bike Lane Planners, Coun. Lukes Needs To Come Clean With St. B

April 10 2023 - Marion St. Home Owner: 'Too Many Lies' By Bike Lane Planners, Coun. Lukes Needs To Come Clean With St. B

Winnipeg's leading public affairs podcast returns for Episode 18 with some Easter, Passover and shopping laws talk- and we mark an important anniversary from our Kick-FM heyday.

8:40 The Moving on Marion debacle, Part 4 - hear the feedback from St. Boniface after our YouTube series (Click for Pt 1 Pt 2 Pt 3 ).

"What's all the fuss about?" replied a bike lane acolyte. Well, there's the total failure of "public consultation" AGAIN for new bike lanes on Marion and Goulet and the exclusion of dozens of owners of the area's shoppes and services, who already deal with a parking squeeze. Listen to a message from one owner proving how the fix is STILL in at City Hall for the bike lobby- "same M.O." as 2010, says Spirited Kenny.

Marty interviewed a Marion St. homeowner who is losing frontage under the plan. She got a registered letter to attend a Feb. 28 meeting held by the project consultants and holds nothing back about the experiences of her and her neighbours- "it was a shit show."

Invitations were apparently sent to only a few of the affected properties. One goal was to gather feedback on how the plan "will change your experiences with the area" for further use at the Open House. She asked what about the effect on our taxes? "We never thought about that"

She concurs the entire Marion process is "a farce". Others representing St. B neighborhoods like Happyland Park objected at the meeting but their feedback had no influence at all, based on what was presented 2 weeks later to the public. As Kenny explains, "They aren't inviting people and they aren't answering questions?" (We've identified a dozen businesses on one single block left out.)

The homeowner echoed questions about the grossly under-used Eugenie bike path and adamantly stated:

"The Biz should have been more notified than us.. taking away parking now? That's rIdiculous!"

"They got screwed over- big time - by not being able to attend these meetings and voice their opinions."

Her prediction-- reducing parking spaces will devastate the St. Boniface shopping district.

Marty has a brief update from the Norwood Grove Biz which contradicts the Open House claim that the organization endorses the Moving on Marion plan. Hear the homeowner lay the blame for the dirty dealings squarely on St. Boniface councilor Matt Allard, and what his successor as Public Works chair Janice Lukes needs to do to unwind "the big mess" he started:

"Somebodies lying, who is it? She needs to have a meeting with the businesses around here and the residents and come clean." Guess who else she thinks should be there?

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42:15 Part 2 - Why the recent investigation reports are among our most popular episodes -because nobody else on the local media stands up for small businesses and property owners.

48:50 What 2 words did the media leave out of their update on a dangerous abandoned Manitoba Housing complex downtown? Word games are played by newsrooms and far-left inner city academics to conceal the waste of tax dollars and to protect careers. Wonder why provincial officials aren't held responsible the way private landowners would? How are there no records of when security patrols visit the site? We challenge a city councilor to prove that if restored, it will be safe enough for Ukrainian refugees to move into.

57:50 The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is at the forefront of irresponsible race-hustlers in Winnipeg who claimed without a shred of proof -and still haven't retracted the falsehood - that Linda Beardy was a 'victim of genocide'.

We review how a local racism columnist also tried to blame society for her death in a dumpster, and why his attempt to pump up that narrative is losing ground. Read a sharp analysis at

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Apr 11, 202301:19:38
April 2 2023 - Marion St. Businesses Kept In The Dark About Bike Lane Plan

April 2 2023 - Marion St. Businesses Kept In The Dark About Bike Lane Plan

The more we asked the businesses in St. Boniface about the 'Moving on Marion' roadway changes planned for outside their front doors, the worse it got.

Marty explains how he continued to knock on doors and canvass Marion Street stakeholders asking what they did - and did not - know about the plan. "What Open House ??" He describes the mix of enterprises on just one block between Tache and Kenny, that without exception, consider the city plan as a deadly risk to their success. And we add those findings to the Scotiabank branch and The Dog Loft a block east also being left in the dark.

How did we get here? Well, as Marty clarifies, the public consultation and Open House was conducted not by city staff as he had thought - but by outside consultants - meaning this is a redux of the 2010 battle of the bike lanes and one-sided public processes.

How many businesses had no idea about the bike lane proposed on their street? Or about the loss of scarce parking spots for customers? We tally the scorecard and it's shocking. Hear their valid concerns and complaints about a biased and slanted system that caters to the self-centred bike lobby and has no interest in the viability of services in the area.

Marty also tells of a brief, surprising conversation with the new director of the Norwood Grove Biz. She revealed that she ALSO had no idea about many of the plan details - and she first saw them at the March 18 event! She said the Biz has been in disarray - and none of the member businesses were notified of the Open House by her.

But but but... the consultants told the open house gathering that "The biz wants this"?

Well... maybe the public was... lied to? Spirited Kenny suggests "If this isn't incompetence, it's almost sinister."

And listen for the name of the one BIZ board member who could have taken action to inform the Biz members- but chose not to.

25:47 Winnipeg is no stranger to rigged public consultations influencing urban planning. The Facebook comments from the affected St. B neighborhoods about our illustrated YouTube summaries point to a slanted Open House process- even before the March 18 session. There's a severe disconnect between the 'climate crisis' proponents steering bike lane and AT policy and the hundreds of businesses and residents impacted by their agenda - and it's widening.

Local councilor Matt Allard gets pointed criticism in "Comment of the Week." Hear why all of Winnipeg city council, from Mayor Gillingham on down, should be concerned with what citizen journalism has uncovered about bike lanes- again.

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37:20 Part 2 - The latest Manitoba polls confirm our previous analysis - support for the Wab Kinew-led NDP has plateaued. We discuss what the "experts" don't explain about the gains the PC's have made in the last year and the excuses they make.

52:50 Despite the 'down to 9%' Liberals asserting that the unpopular federal Trudeau brand should have no effect on their provincial success, we found an obvious federal policy proposal involving minors that will, big time.

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1:03:00 Part 3 - Marty tells about the fun and action he helped present at three family-friendly CWE wrestling shows over the weekend,

1:12:20 Crime Courts and Public Safety - We report on the background of an accused Sargent Avenue killer, his own words about his history in CFS care and with gangs, and some unreported history about his victim.

Also: One stolen (from St. B) car, 3 women (one a juvenile), and 3 wrecked cop cars as the Level 5 designation makes a TGCTS comeback; a gun-toting taxi customer; brass knuckles on a bus; and quotes from Solzhenitsyn and Tristin Hopper about crime and punishment - of the victims.

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Apr 04, 202301:35:19
March 26 2023 - St. B Bike Lane Plan Doublecrosses Bank - And Bike Lobby

March 26 2023 - St. B Bike Lane Plan Doublecrosses Bank - And Bike Lobby

To open Episode 16, Marty tells where teenage him went for his first drive when he got a licence - then welcomes our new sponsor, Midpoint Auto+ !

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6:35 We follow-up on the 'Moving on Marion' open house charade with even more details of what's already gone wrong. With the help of a comment from Kelly Ryback, we discuss a previous abandoned bike lane concept. Hear why the money spent on Coun. Matt Allard's Des Meurons bike lane dream set out a permanent red flag. Our proven results with the Assiniboine bike lane- forcing a City audit - and then saving Happyland Park help us to dig deeper into rigged "public consultations".

14:52 At least one business on Marion had no clue the City was asking the public to go along with taking away their adjacent street parking.

Marty tells what the VP of Scotiabank said about the "bike lanes on Traverse?" surprise and how it's not clearly mentioned anywhere. We figure out how the city process is crafted to keep the bank in the dark until the last possible moment.

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The open house flaws so far: No estimate of lost parking spots. No bike user data. No consultation with affected businesses. No explanation of a Traverse bike lane proposal.

AND THEN, ADD THIS: The bike lobby is against it.

They claim that Traverse isn't in the actual area AT plan but another street is, and complain that city staff kept the 2021 switch SECRET from the open house. (Yes, TGCTS and the bike lobby agree on something.) Does Janice Lukes and the rest of council think any 'revised' plan they get will be based on proper informed feedback from residents?

The real story here is- the bike lobby knows things that stakeholders and the public are kept in the dark about. Time for a Driver's Advocate, maybe?

29:11 A French newspaper shed light on how Allard and radical-left urbanists sell the media on how wonderful this plan is. But- the story doesn't mention... the Traverse bike lane. Marty describes how the plan will snarl inbound AM traffic on Goulet and significantly affect the neighborhood near the hospital- and disrupt important public services. Ryback exposed fake news about bike lane use. We list some information council must now provide to St. B.

City staff claim the Norwood Grove Biz supports the new plan? The Biz concept map had no mention of Traverse BUT had an important disclaimer that's being ignored by the City to ram this through. TGCTS Facebook group reaction adds context about lying bike lobbyists, and about rampant bike theft.

52:51 Part 2- Councilors were told to take a deal with Tartan Towing after taxpayers paid over $1M for 'fake tows' - Rollins flip flopped on her EPC vote to accept it, and refused to explain why. Spirited Kenny raises a small ruckus about accountability to voters - "something's up". The media barely explained the issues - we laud Lukes and Browaty for asking great questions.

1:05:01 Russ Wyatt tried to prevent council from settling a few Police Headquarters lawsuits. Aside from 'fiscal hawk' Allard, he had no support. Council deadlocked on his motion for an inquiry as Wyatt attacked the Tory gov't.

1:13:30 Part 3- First, a CWE round up - the Sandy Bay school anti-drug event we did last week; Marty hosts the Winnipeg card on Friday night, be there!

1:23:00 Crime Courts and Public Safety- Police chief Danny Smyth delivered a sharp-tongued teardown on Substack to an LRSD study by an "independent researcher" - a police abolitionist. The Free Press scurried to deliver a 'he's a racist' rebuttal. As we report, the newspaper didn't correct their fake news that indigenous students in the study opposed cops in schools. Hear why parents may want it.

Also- a cabbie almost killed, already the perp's let out?

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Mar 27, 202301:43:49
March 19 2023 - City Hall's Fact-Free St. Boniface Bike Lane Briefing

March 19 2023 - City Hall's Fact-Free St. Boniface Bike Lane Briefing

We open Episode 15 with Marty guiding you to our new YouTube highlight reels - with amusing illustrations of our insightful commentaries and reporting.

5:00 - This is must-hear Kick-FM style talk radio for everyone- especially Public Works chair Janice Lukes and other councilors.

'Moving On Marion' is a city road planning exercise. After the Happyland Park/Marion Freeway fiasco in 2015 - people in St. Boniface are plenty wary. Marty went to the Open House and reports on what he saw - and what people attending said.

The focus is on 'the Couplet' - Marion St. and Goulet St. - with protected bike lanes near the hospital, and some other ideas for further east towards Lagamodiere (intersection changes and a few expropriations). The bike lane ideas were attributed to the Norwood Biz, who weren't there.

Donate via Paypal ⁠⁠

You'll hear the anti-car eco-phrases tossed around in the media by area Councilor Matt Allard that staff dared not repeat to the taxpayers standing at the design boards. Marty explains the ideological capture City Hall goes along with, to suit the urbanist agenda. And while some proposals are sensible cosmetic or structural changes, and the recreational additions are acceptable and in fact overdue. the staff do not actually grasp the neighborhhood, despite 'hey I stood there and counted cars'.

Marty tells how no one could answer the most basic questions - how are the public to evaluate bike lanes and guage the effects on area businesses? Hear about a bizarre sidestreet bike lane proposal (a favor to the bike lobby) - to the absolute detriment of the neighborhood.

And- What will happen when they eliminate a funnel lane peeling to the right on Dawson Rd. southbound as you approach Marion, to merge west and head towards downtown? Marty asked, 'Do you know why that lane is there?' NO Idea. Do you know what kind of vehicles use that yield? NO Answer except for “It creates conflicts”. We asked for the proof. Still waiting. Maybe Janice Lukes can get it.

Who needs facts? Not the City planners - hear how they will CREATE 'conflicts' and sure-fire accidents because, apparently, none of them have ever driven a truck.

City bureaucrats are 'planning to make a plan', but many at the Norwood CC session think the plan is already made. Certainly anyone from Happyland Park thought that way. You'll also hear about sceptics from other parts of St. Boniface- even people on Lyndale Drive who own bikes think the new plan is absurd. One has 2 – find out why, and why they consider the 'greenway pilot project' on their street a total failure.

32:45 Marty hit the streets - and found at least one business with NO idea removing parking beside their property was being kicked around. Then he went to the existing greenway- Eugenie Street- to find even less support for new bike lanes. They'd rather see Public Works drain "Lake Eugenie" but 911 doesn't seem to pass on the messages.

43:46 St. B residents care about public safety more than adding bike lanes - listen to what happens at the local TD bank ATM.

50:52 Part 2 - We explain why our independent, on-the-scene reporting deserves your support.

56:30 No wonder Coun. Russ Wyatt laughed that police want to replace actual officers taking crime reports with "wayfinders" on video terminals. Spirited Kenny and Marty agree it would be hilarious- if only police chief Danny Smyth wasn't actually serious about it.

1:00:45 Now, instead of going to the bar to watch a fight, you can just... take a bus. We discuss 2 weekend incidents, and Kenny's feeling when taking a bus to Unicity this weekend.

1:07:05 The weekly crime run-down - stabbings, car thefts, kidnappings (literally, kids) - and we sort out how 2 teens brothers got shot- twice each - in St. James. Hear how Tristin Hopper describes the elite ignoring harmful social disorder.

1:23:14 The CWE wrestling schedule with Marty's hosting appearances in March.

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Mar 21, 202301:27:58
March 12 2023 - Free Press Scrapped Headline Smearing Manitoba Premier

March 12 2023 - Free Press Scrapped Headline Smearing Manitoba Premier

Provincial budget coverage ain't what it used to be: Tom Brodbeck's column in the Free Press was full of funny backtracks compared to his pre-budget burial of the 'Hail Mary' playbook of the PC government. Is he a comedian?  "It's unlikely she'll find a receptive audience" for "a decent budget" that increases key spending -and puts money back in Manitoban's wallets? What about the 'buffoonery' he predicted in his Feb. 27 column? 

10:15  With leader Dougald Lamont trying to horn in on NDP turf, the Manitoba LIberal Party budget response also earns a laugh or two. Hear what really hasn't worked for decades- the MLP approach to attracting voters.

13.50  Part 2 - During the break, Marty realized there was a big-time tell in the change of headline for Brodbeck's budget analysis. First he goes over the football-play language in the budget preview story, and then breaks down Dr. Tom's new prescription for the NDP: Wab Kinew should vote against the budget - and become a right-wing New Democrat. 

Wait to hear the original title the Mountain Avenue gang created for the column-  there's no doubt they wanted to paint Heather Stefanson as something she's not, to manipulate voters. 

22:09  Part 3 - CDI College under seige, in the Crime Courts and Public Safety commentary. 

We take this personally as our first live remotes on Kick-FM were from their campus at Graham and Main. Reports are that international students from a religious college leasing space inside CDI were the 4 mugged we described last week. Hear of the threats and racist abuse the students endure, the pattern of violence south of Portage and Main, and how this can undermine an iconic nearby burger stand and other area enterprises. 

People petrified to take the bus, daily machete attacks; 13 year olds pepper-spraying folks for shits and giggles put back on the streets. Welcome to Winnipeg.

This unchecked wave of violence, within blocks of the cop shop, is destroying downtown and is Brian Bowman's legacy. It's so bad, the cops can't keep their story straight whether more people downtown post-pandemic makes it safer, or make it worse by increasing the supply of victims. 

While federal revolving-door crime laws release violent derelicts almost immediately to harm more victims, City Hall says 'soon the work will start' on planning meetings that will no doubt be too little, too late. 


The TGCTS podcast is doing our part to get this city back on its feet - we are a voice for businesses, transit users, students and seniors who feel abandoned by the courts, the cops and by City Hall. We're ramping up the schedule, and continue to work on investigative stories like the cover-up of antisemitism at the University of Winnipeg Collegiate

We earn your support by talking about the things that don't fit the typical media narrative:

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Mar 14, 202342:58
March 5 2023 - If It's Broken, Just Invent Another City Hall Committee

March 5 2023 - If It's Broken, Just Invent Another City Hall Committee

This week Marty opens with personal comments about the passing of his longtime friend, Terrance Machalek Sr. He'll put out a special podcast about Terry next week; you can read about the award-winning wrestling photographer and community builder and Marty's thoughts in this Slam Wrestling story

14:49  Clarification of the overcharges on speeding tickets lawsuit - hear how when you add it all up, including tickets issued by the RCMP, some victims of the DoJ scam got extra-ripped off. That way a $90 construction zone ticket magically turned into $320 fine. Who knew and said nothing?  

24:20  At City Hall, Mayor Scott Gillingham invented another committee. We disagree that a new 'faith and cultural liason' committee will help "When we see rises of Islamophobia, antisemitism, and other discrimination." Marty explains why the Jews shouldn't fall for it and asks why Gillingham tacked on newcomer settlement and homelessness, and never mentions race relations as a priority. We also relay a few "things that I certainly want to know about as mayor." Hear what a listener says about the political tactic: "Not a lot of people will want to serve on this." 

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37:45  In Winnipeg, public washrooms are used too much and have hours cut, or they get torched and closed. We have lots to say about another part of public disorder that our leaders can't fix. Spirited Kenny asks - who watches the washrooms? 

45:45  The Stefanson government is throwing in another $58M for "social housing spaces" and programs but aren't addressing the root causes of homelessness. We discuss what Marion Willis, founder and executive director of St. Boniface Street Links, told the media - "I maybe expected a little more focus on mental health and addictions and the fact that the demographical face of homelessness is very diverse now. It's not what it was. It doesn't divide us by race. I just want to be sure that there's going to be funding for everybody." And what about the drug-induced violence?

54:57  Ep. 13 Part 2 - Kenny has a good laugh about 'the first stupid thing I've heard Gillingham say.'  He keeps laughing all through the 'not a security force!' planned for 5 bus routes in particular and comes up with a better name. Why it took months to address a crisis, and horror stories from bus riders endangered since, especially ones that go past City Hall. They'd rather freeze than sit in filthy broken bus shelters. Also- a hint of a strike?

1:10:57  'One other thing' - one man, 4 daylight downtown assaults...  No need to keep him in lock-up, eh.

And a closing observation about downtown, planning, and wasting taxpayer's money, sent in by listener and city hall watcher, Kelly Ryback. Who needs safe transit when we can have bike lanes? How the political process disengages voters- and why we work on doing the opposite.

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As Kenny promised: Links to the 'ash fall' in Maryland and West Virginia:

Mar 06, 202301:22:08
Feb. 26 2023 - Ticket Scams, Housing Shams, And Opening New Cans of Worms

Feb. 26 2023 - Ticket Scams, Housing Shams, And Opening New Cans of Worms

Episode 12 of 2023 has Spirited Kenny talking with Marty about the packed halls in Transcona and in small-town Mitchell this weekend to see CWE in action. Pro wrestling attendance is up all over the West! Marty had a surprise role on Saturday - and survived.

10:50 - Why the poor attendance at the Ice and Snow Removal session? - the bike lobby sure knew it was going on. Which councilors tried to advertise the Convention Centre gathering...  and which seemingly failed to make an effort to broaden the feedback about Active Transportation. 

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15:40– Hear how trickster math turned a $43.00 school zone ticket into a $170 threat to your drivers licence. 

A lawsuit has revealed that speeding fines from 2017-2021 might have slightly illegal, what with overcharging everyone $77.70- at least - to start with. Apparently someone knew and did nothing to stop it. What a racket. 

The City, which gets a cut of the action, claims it's the Province's problem. Marty suggests the Torah section read in synagogue last week proves otherwise. As an old classmate of his wrote about the lesson of the parsha: "Ill-gotten gains to build our schools, our synagogues, our businesses, our homes must still not be welcome in any capacity, for it is our goal to build a holy society so that God can be found." 

26:50 – Provincial Round-up: PC nomination races update, NDP  reassigns key critic posts: Why Shannon Martin says he walked away- we talk the hits and misses in media coverage on it. What term do you never hear the media use to describe a New Democrat? 

Nahanni Fontaine was shuffled out of Justice, and made critic of a portfolio that she has no street cred in: Family Services. Hear how as a high-paid advisor to the Selinger government for 5 1/2 years, she ducked holding him accountable for CFS scooping up First Nations kids. Where did Wab Kinew shuffle the most obvious replacement as Justice Critic? A chair near the exit. And, the Black Rod noticed that Dan Lett changed his tone about the election race last week, as we discuss. 

38:20 – Part 2 Fan Mail, Nick Hill commercials, and then, a U of Winnipeg Collegiate antisemitism cover-up update. 

Watch the highlights from last week's TGCTS podcast report on YouTube: Antisemitic incident between Winnipeg High Schools

Hear some vile Jew-hating comments Marty received in response to his 2 stories, from people justifying the abuse as 'Those Jews deserved it.' And far-left schools are making it an acceptable point of view.  

49:00 – Part 3 Crime Courts And Public Safety 

Another machete attack or 2 near HSC. Also - More inner-city danger on Balmoral - Thanks Manitoba Housing and 'award-winning" architects! 

Finally, we discuss a gruesome murder by a (then) teen of his mother. Not sentenced as an adult, he's appealing a youth sentence we think was already too lenient. We ask who should have prevented this family spiralling into destruction.  

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Feb 27, 202301:09:09
Feb. 21 2023 - Why the Free Press Didn't Report the Antisemitism behind U of W Collegiate team incident

Feb. 21 2023 - Why the Free Press Didn't Report the Antisemitism behind U of W Collegiate team incident

0:44  History of Louis Riel Day - Spirited Kenny explains who was against it and the nonsensical reason why, why the embarassed NDP government agreed to it, how the original name voted for by school kids got vetoed, and how as Jack Wells would say, it turned out nice again didn't it? 

4:40  A BasketBall Story, reverberating through the Jewish community and putting a spotlight on the University of Winnipeg Collegiate. Marty broke the story here: After Antisemitic Incident, U of Winnipeg Collegiate Disbands Basketball Team -

An incident like this needs as much light shed on it as possible. That's what Canada's Envoy on Antisemitism, Irwin Cotler, said to Marty last week. 

15:00  What follows is a Lesson In Journalism: Somebody on the UW Collegiate boys junior varsity Wesmen did something on Feb 2. Somehow the Free Press mangled the story and managed not to mention the word 'antisemitism' once - as the two schools once again, clammed up. This cancelation, as Marty reported, was after 'a history' of problems for the Gray Academy players. Hear how many doors the Free Press didn't try, making it easy for the schools to construct a campaign of silence. 

A leading Holocaust educator is concerned about recommendations - from 2017 - to stem antisemitic hate at UW being ignored. Does it surprise anyone the U of W campus has enrolled ZERO students in the no-cost Holocaust and Human Rights Symposium on Apr. 7? 

And we don't buy the educators claim they can't be transparent because "minors". Hear what is behind their attempt to sweep it under the rug - why was there a collective punishment doled out ? What about the offending players going to other sports, if all that happens is they got their ball taken away for the last game of 2023? Kenny adds his views, as a parent, about the reality that has to be faced: team parents had to be notified, and probably all the school's parents too: "I would hope there was an email..." [not to the Jewish Federation, there wasn't]

24:53 -  We compare how rural public schools are dealing with a racism/harassment issue right now, to the cover-up by private city campuses. 

CBC broke yet another high school basketball incident - 2 of them at one game - and we explain how Sunrise School Division and Springfield Collegiate are working with the Lord Selkirk Regional school (Royals) and Lord Selkirk School Division to resolve harmful graffiti and language used towards a visiting First Nations player on Feb. 9th. We ask why, when there's a Jewish school involved, is it handled differently? Where's the reconciliation?

Failure by UW education leaders to combat antisemitism, unanswered questions about the coaches, why didn't anyone ever report the prior incidents to the MHSAA - Hear why neither school in a hurry to "DO THE WORK".

Marty and Kenny discuss how, as Cotler warned, unchecked hate towards Jews is endangering our city and our country and the factors on Canadian campuses is a toxic brew. 

PART 2 52:59 - CWE / 59:00 - Crime Courts and Public Safety: Millennium Library seizure stats, machete and meth and million $ drug busts! And, the return of the Level 5 Car Thief!

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Kenny Says Watch - The Connecticut Soot

Feb 21, 202301:30:57
Feb. 12 2023 - Manitoba PC's Cut NDP Lead in Half as Nomination Races Heat Up

Feb. 12 2023 - Manitoba PC's Cut NDP Lead in Half as Nomination Races Heat Up

Welcome to our new listeners! We appreciate the enthusiastic response for last week's interview with sportscasting legend Peter Young about the life and times of the Golden Jet, Bobby Hull. Here's an 11 minute excerpt that touches on the fans and his friends: 

You'll want to hear a reaction we received from a listener explaining the out-of-context slant of most of the local media coverage, and their suggestion for the next talk with PY The Sports Guy. 

8:40  Back to our political coverage: A recent Manitoba election poll showed an 11 seat swing between Wab Kinew's NDP and the reigning Tories - but Marty points out what the new result really shows. Will it help spur renewed enthusiasm at the grassroots to modernize the appeal of the Manitoba PCs? 

11:44  Exhibit A? A change of plans for a potential candidate in Brandon West, Jordan Sisson. Hear about his background and why this is a bit of a big deal. There was also a change in plans in Spruce Woods. Some may ask what the rush was, before the nomination meeting was postponed? Some media doesn't seem to give a full picture of the candidates and Marty fills in the blanks. One of them was endorsed sight unseen by 'she who finished second' to Heather Stefanson to become Premier. But that isn't the only race where Shelly Glover has tapped a favorite.  

16.40  In Kildonan-River East, longtime political strategist and former Glover campaigner Braydon Mazurkiewich is posting high-profile endorsements that cut across social and political lines. Hear who's backing him in his effort to unite the party.

23:18  Part 2  To start, a shout-out to Scott Taylor for his own reflections on Bobby  Hull in Senior Scope. 

27:40  Spirited Kenny noticed a pattern with a couple of the PC candidates - we mull over how the anti-Pallister backlash is going to affect the party. Are the not-Stefanson conservative voters who were alienated in a position to upset some Tory applecarts in rural Manitoba?

32:15  Harvey Pollock, a legendary city lawyer and a mensch, passed away last week. * Certain * newsrooms didn't seem to notice. They get shamed after Marty provides a history lesson to the journalists who ignored the importance of Pollock to the legal profession, how he made history at the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry, and helped build a bond between First Nations and the Jewish community. Marty even whistles in his honour.   

44:40  City Hall briefs; then, a rookie city councilor in Peterborough, Ontario took some flak for urging residents to donate more than just tarps to help maintain homeless encampments. Based on his own experience, he wants folks to contribute... pot and booze. We talk about the idea and what would happen if a Winnipeg councilor tried that 'harm reduction' stunt.  

51:55 - Part 3 Crime round up - why hasn't the media mentioned that an accused in homicides #4 and #5 made similar headlines 20 years ago? Then hear the odd court sentence of a maniac who crippled a woman in a Transit stabbing. And, Kenny talks catfish/alligator DNA!

Marty has undertaken an investigation that will lead to the doors of 2 cabinet ministers. Help support that work:

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Feb 13, 202301:16:28
Feb. 5 2023 - The Impact of Bobby Hull on Winnipeg in the 1970s with guest Peter Young

Feb. 5 2023 - The Impact of Bobby Hull on Winnipeg in the 1970s with guest Peter Young

A history lesson about Winnipeg before Bobby Hull arrived to play for the Jets, and how our city changed after he jumped from the Black Hawks to the WHA and became an ambassador for Winnipeg. 

Marty sets the scene for Episode 8: who our heroes were, the rise and fall of the amateur National team, and the leadership of Ben Hatskin with other businessmen and community leaders to bring major league hockey to the Arena. This is about Winnipeg sports history as we lived it - in Marty's era, sports was our other religion and part of his upbringing; he sets the stage of how the national game had evolved as Canada's Centennial and the NHL expansion era dawned, the stars from Winnipeg, etc. 

Bobby Hull was a superstar, with flair, bulging muscles and a personality made for the media. The Jewish community - proud to be represented in the ownership of the franchise - along with the rest of Manitoba were presented with fire-wagon scores and unmatched excitement. Hear how The Golden Jet made Winnipeg internationally famous and put our city on the map.  

10:00  Peter Young, PY The Sports Guy, joins the podcast. He talks about his career in Thunder Bay, being invited to Winnipeg in June 1974 and the luck he had in becoming the CKY-TV sports anchor. Hear about his 50 years of friendship with Hull; the experiences of travel in European countries where Hull, Ulf Nilsson and Anders Hedberg et al established their brand of hockey and made Winnipeg an international destination. Peter tells about the appreciation players had for Hull taking down the reserve clause and about Hull with his fans and his work with charities off-ice. 

From Marty as a fan at the game and Peter doing TV play by play, hear of the dramatic night Hull tied Rocket Richard's 50 goals in 50 games record against Gordie Howe and the Houston Areos on Valentine's Day 1975. Peter tells about Howe and Hull ribbing Peter's dad. You'll hear a fan letter Hull got after that game from a family that ended up owning... the Jets. 

40.00  We talk about the '74 WHA series against Russia, '76 Canada Cup, and our perspectives of seeing the home squad beat the tremendous Russian and Czeck national teams. 

So many Bobby Hull imitations and memories - the broadcasters and athletes of the past - hear about Friar Nicholson, Don Jonas and more; listen to the experience of a blind kid in Philly, a former network anchor, and an ex-Chicago goalie - and of Hull trying to save a life in the Jets offices.

Peter tells about some historical revisionism he put together for an MTN recap about the 1972 Canada-Russia series. Peter addresses the 'other side' of Hull and the things being said by people who never knew him; then the final visit with Bobby at the WHA reunion. We recall the George Smith trophy and the Jets-Russia old-timers at the post-game bar. Peter also confirms that he gave a boost to Marty's wrestling career on CKY in '83 and tells some AWA stories.

1:28.26 Part 2 - One more funny Jets story - Marty's most memorable Jets WHA game was because of a wild final 5 minutes, and a Racers goalie who never knew what hit him. Literally. Then, Kenny and Marty add a few observations about the coverage of Bobby Hull's issues away from the game, review what's been written, and analyze the agenda behind it. 

1:46:00  A brief crime report scoop - we tell you what the cops won't tell the public about the victim of homicide #5 this year - even though they told us about him before. We ask why the cops are biting their tongue. 

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Feb 07, 202301:59:31
Jan. 30 2023 - Why Is Driving A Taxi Safer Than Driving A Winnipeg Transit Bus?

Jan. 30 2023 - Why Is Driving A Taxi Safer Than Driving A Winnipeg Transit Bus?

Opening Episode 7 of 2023 - we touch on the popularity of our recent podcasts, spiking towards the top of the charts with our most-heard civic election coverage.   

5:30  Why Marty has always represented a different point of view about the local media and the way stories are covered: the lessons he learned in the 1980's from community leaders like Yoram Hamizrachi and Nick Ternette. They understood the terrain and with his own experiences as a taxi driver he gained insight into the way media reports on stories. After describing his rise as a spokeman for drivers, you'll hear... 

7:37  Rare audio from CKY-TV news 30 years ago: Kelly Dehn takes a cab ride. Hear him talk about a cabbie murder in 1989 and finding out why the authorities didn't have any urge to investigate what went wrong.   

9:00  Taxi safety was big news in the late 80's and early 90's. Marty recalls the issues from shields to violence (just like buses in the present day!), and recites the names of reporters at CBC CKY and Global who turned to him for insight and analysis. 

11:00  Government failures caused mayhem for cab drivers back then, and now, it's harming City transit operators. Wait til you hear how many were assaulted in January; cabbies in the 1980's would have gone on strike, so why don't the transit operators?

13:43  A transit crime round up - Marty ties together the threats/intimidation, biting, robberies, violence, faced by a teenage girl, a 30 year old woman, another teenage girl... almost always at the hands of female perps. This is the new normal, folks. Hear about one passenger who had enough in St. Vital; meanwhile Route 20 delivers real-life experiences with the decay. Marty refers back to his old interview with Kelly Dehn to illuminate who is to blame for the deterioration of safe bus service in Winnipeg today- and urges City Council to be accountable for standing by while women in particular were being brutalized.    

29:00  Part 2- Spirited Kenny asks chatgpt what it knows about Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Hear what AI has to say about our city, attractions, and when it stumbles over a suburb. Kenny flags the response about the famous folks listed from Winnipeg and the CFL Bombers. Overall, if chatgpt was a radio caller in the old days, Kenny would've hung up.

34:44  Part 3- Marty concludes the episode by first, digging up yet two more examples of street-level mayhem that fit the pattern he identified; he explains how only modern technology has kept the homicide total from even greater heights.  

40:00 – Think the Frontier Centre is the only target of slanted reporting in Winnipeg? 

Steve Vogelsang was an instructor at Red River College when TGCTS was airing on Kick-FM. While we didn't have much to do with him, unlike other RRC staffers he appreciated the work we did with the student interns. Last week the Free Press ran a hit piece on him and a film being made about his lapse into criminal activity. Steve proclaimed on Facebook the WFP never tried to contact him or the producers: 

"I taught journalism to approximately 700 first year students over 9 years but never saw a single story as rife with untruths, errors, and inaccurate implications." 

We air his grievances about the "bald-faced lies" in the article and illustrate how the MSM cares less about facts than the agenda of the gatekeepers. Which is another reason to support our independent media: 

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Feb 01, 202354:33
Jan. 22 2023 - The Stories Winnipeg MSM Tell, and Some They Don't Tell

Jan. 22 2023 - The Stories Winnipeg MSM Tell, and Some They Don't Tell

In all 3 segments this week, we have the news you won't hear from MSM, and also the news you will hear from them but with their selected facts and narratives shoved in front.  

1:25   Marty opens Episode 6 with an update on the Frontier Center for Public Policy. His midweek commentary revealed pushback against CBC and Free Press bias and you'll hear what one of their members wrote, in dismantling a Freep columnist who attacked the FCPP and guest speaker, Pierre Poilievre - and the ticket buyers. The pile of lies is astonishing. 

Marty then goes through the FCPP statement describing that “Given that so many of us at the Centre are passionate about reconciliation, truth, and are even of Aboriginal background, we were very disturbed by these false accusations."  As a result, legal action against the smear campaigners is being considered due to "deliberately misrepresenting the Centre’s mission as “racist”, promoting “white supremacy” and not being fact based." 

13:24  Audio Bonus for the break - A historic clip: MTN Prairie Pulse newscast report about the Meech Lake debate in Manitoba 'before Elijah Harper became famous.' 


18:30 - Part 2 - Spirited Kenny and Marty often discuss the local media promoting far-left policy regardless of the facts or the costs. Two letters to the Editor of the Free Press exposed recent examples: If you think there's no reason to experiment with 30K speed zones, hear the proof the media ignored. And, if the povery industry told you "Tiny Homes" are a great way to solve homelessness, wait till you hear what the stupifying cost-per-door and staggering per-unit annual maintanance fees could buy instead. You'll wonder why the newsrooms don't demand accountability and official investigations.  

27:33 - While the MSM often tells only one side of a story, there are times they tell no sides.  

With one apparent exception, a brewing scandal surrounding a longtime media darling is being kept out of the public square. Why would newsrooms keep complaints from whistleblowers about mismanagement of the former MacDonald Youth Services under wraps? Listen to the cloud of controversy now surrounding the perpetually stumbling former NDP Family Services minister Kerri Irvin-Ross. She's now steering the rechristened MYS - "The Link" - and its $26M annual budget and non-disclosure "agreements". The intimidation of employees sure sounds familiar... Are aboriginal children being neglected? Has CBC ignored the internal culture war the United Way seems happy to fund? 

38:35 - Why is only 2 drinks a week now 'safe', you ask? As Sabrina Maddeaux wrote: "It’s difficult to imagine the CCSA taking Health Canada funding and dedicating two years to the project, only to conclude nothing desperately needs changing." While the media used panicked headlines and let the teatotaling nannystaters amp up the scare tactics, she dismantled the study. Kenny adds his experience with drinking... and with science.   

54:17 Part 3 - Towne 8 Cinema is being sold. While a certain architect bemoans the loss and promotes new housing in Polo Park, the bathroom at the theatre at the mall isn't very safe, as 3 boys found out. Will he warn the neighbors? We also tell about the 3 victims of beatings for daring to use Winnipeg Transit.   

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Jan 24, 202301:21:09
Jan. 18 2023 - Journo Claims 2 Winnipeg Newsrooms Lying About Poilievre Event

Jan. 18 2023 - Journo Claims 2 Winnipeg Newsrooms Lying About Poilievre Event

A special commentary - A Lesson in Journalism - is the focus of a mid-week solo podcast by Marty. But this fast-paced lesson isn't so much taught by him, but rather, by a surprise fact-filled online post.

We had flagged a Winnipeg Free Press story that was a continuation of their slanted campaign to undermine Premier Heather Stefanson. After last week's speech in Winnipeg by federal Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre before 500 ticket buyers, one of the broadsheet's crack anti-Tory reporters pounced again. 

You'll hear every dirty rotten name and insinuation that was tossed at Stefanson, Poilievre, and the group that hosted his speech at the Convention Centre, which has "published reports calling for the abolition of the Indian Act, something Poilievre has also publicly endorsed."

Keep  in mind, no one outside of the Free Press supports the Indian Act. 

But using the standard tools like an "expert" political scientist and a banal potshot from a nobody NDP MLA, the Trudeau-funded newspaper basically tried to criminalize the most normal human activity there is – LISTENING. 

Because of who was speaking, at a "flashpoint organization." That's code for "racist".

9:20  Of course CBC Winnipeg also climbed on the bandwagon, cultivating disparaging quotes from federal cabinet members professing their indignation about the luddites hearing the Official Opposition offering a different point of view on First Nations-related policy and other public concerns. 

11:00  It isn't often that a mainstream journalist calls out the other newsrooms. 

But after the smear campaign reached a fever pitch, Marty found that someone else who covered the event had a 'Popeye moment', and piped up on Facebook.

They stated flatly that "Two Winnipeg media outlets" lied about how Poilieve refused to do local media interviews, and ALSO lied about the racial and demographic make-up of the audience.  Hear for yourself how an accredited reporter from a legacy media outlet called out how "journalists from two outlets in particular in Wpg, manipulate the news." You'll hear their explanation why "two outlets" would have flogged biased stories that spread fake news about the Pierre Poilievre and the Frontier Centre.

This situation is a prime example why public trust in legacy media so-called "journalism" continues to scrape the bottom.  

The far-left slant of their reporting is trying to poison community debate and discussion, foster incivility and divide the community.   

That's why supporting independent news media,  especially those like ours, with years of experience and substantial institutional memory, is so important to the health of public debate and public affairs. We will always speak up when people attending a public event to listen to an elected representative- and that speaker - are literally smeared and defamed, by major league bleaters like CBC and the Free Press that are funded by the government.  

To end this episode -- Marty makes a pitch for listener support, to ensure TGCTS can continue to get important and relevant information on the public record, hold the media to account, and play a role in the ecosystem of Winnipeg and Manitoba media. 


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Jan 19, 202327:38
Jan. 15 2023 - Teen Tossed Off Transit... Over a Nickel? You Betcha!

Jan. 15 2023 - Teen Tossed Off Transit... Over a Nickel? You Betcha!

In Episode 4 of Season 2, we cover civic, provincial and even some federal issues in three scintillating segments:  

Marty updates last week's popular recap of the PC caucus turnover. Insider info he got further dispells the 'abandoning ship' narrative of the media. Listen for a few more points about Premier Stefanson's health, and about her reshuffling senior staff positions. The Free Press slanted the story right from the get-go, and along with the rest of the MSM didn't even try to ask questions about the winner of the shuffle.  

10.20 You'll want to hear the information Marty dug up about the new Clerk of the Executive Council, Kathryn Gerrard. While the media might tell you she's “the head of the civil service", they don't tell you what Kathie was doing 10 years ago. It makes her path to becoming the person "in charge of making sure the government runs, no matter what, 24-7" seem rather unusual. 

He also explains why her resume also makes her previous ascension to Deputy Minister, responsible for mental health, homeless and addictions files, hard to explain, and ponders her supposed 'success' in that role. 

17.25 - Part 2 - Last week Spirited Kenny nailed the lazy media reporting of the anti-car lobby project to lower speed limits in Winnipeg. Did jargon-y civic reports - a Brian Bowman legacy - actually bolster their campaign? One councilor is against incomprehensible administration reports, but spearheaded the 30K car-crawl idea. If that's the case, we try to figure out was Coun. Lukes for it, before she was against it? 

What did councilors discuss at their planning retreat in Elkhorn this weekend? Was it how a teenager heading to class was outrageously tossed off a Route 19 bus when she couldn't top up her $3.10 fare ticket with another 5 cents? We have the details.  

35.35 Kenny picks apart 3 TV newsroom reports about Councilor Sherri Rollins deciding to seek a federal Liberal nomination to replace the late Jim Carr. He reviews the more likely reasons than the 3 different explanations the 'professionals' ran with, and compares the facts to the media spin. Her past political donations weren't reported in MSM - but we do. Hear why Kenny and Marty both believe Mayor Gillingham has to rethink the conflict of interest of any councilor serving on EPC while actively eyeing federal office.     

1.03.27 - Part 3 - After a throwback audio break, the Crime Report: 

- An attempted 6 AM dognapping near U of W has cops looking for 2 women with bear spray, who ate a knuckle sandwich instead.  

- More bear spray near Polo Park! We ask which adults are held responsible, since both shoplifters resisting arrest that afternoon are way under 18. 

- A startling report on violence in Manitoba helps explain why youth violence and criminal behavior is exploding - hear the words of a former gang member now educating kids: "I wanted to emulate some of the people I saw doing these things." 

Manitoba has the highest violence rate of any Canadian province. We share the numbers which prove males in our province are 2x more likely to be a victim of assault compared to the Canadian average. Wait till you hear how bad it is in the north.  

1.20.00: A surprise for Kenny! At the end of the show, he learns his 'favorite' Free Press newspaper typist has left the Mountain Avenue mausoleum. He adds some colourful comments. We agree with the departing message of their final column - support local journalism - just NOT the Trudeau-funded kind. 

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Jan 16, 202301:28:24
Jan. 9 2023 - The Blue Herd on Broadway culling itself before the Manitoba election

Jan. 9 2023 - The Blue Herd on Broadway culling itself before the Manitoba election

This week, Marty and Spirited Kenny bring 3 segments full of unique insight and analysis to Episode 2! 

In Part 1, the pending retirements of Manitoba PC government cabinet ministers and MLA's gets looked at. Knowing some of the players, Marty runs thru the list and evaluates the 'abandoning ship' media narrative.

4:30  What's going to happen in McPhillips with Shannon Martin? A few observations about that riding and the exits of Pedersen, Lagomodiere, Clarke, Cullen, Wishart, Eichler, et al; what decisions will other longtime Conservative denizens of the Legislature make, as the Pallister era vets are culling themselves from the blue herd?

9:40  Myrna Dreidger and her slap back at speculation about why she's moving on. Marty adds some personal comments about the Speaker from C'wood. 

15:10  The whispers about the health of Premier Heather Stefanson - what if she also decides not to contest the 2023 election? How might the overall turnover affect the campaign strategy, that will surely focus on NDP leader Wab Kinew and unresolved issues from his tumultuous past? 

21:00  The Manitoba LIberals will have a tough task to find votes. A Carstairs 88 breakthrough is always their dream but they're wearing a Trudeau anchor. Also, will there be a Lib-held seat opening up?

23:00 The potential NDP alternative led by Kinew: Voters face the potential of some un-appealing radicals seated at the cabinet table.  

26:24 - Part 2 - Kenny's turn! He compares the CTV Winnipeg and GlobalTV news stories about a 'pilot project' reducing speed limits in 4 neighborhoods and parses the details, hectoring Coun. Janice Lukes for calling the idea the result of a "public outcry", and applauds another Councilor for expressing some common sense. Kenny picks apart the media attempt to shame the City with Fake News.

35:35 - Part 3 - First, a pitch for your support as we prepare to report on the provincial election. Please get behind our efforts! 


36:30  Marty wraps up the episode with more about the value of our independent media work, especially compared to the craptacular new CBC-TV segment "This week in Brandon". 

42:15  A cornerstone of Corydon Ave retail, a former Mayor's Biz award-winner, was forced to close their storefront and move into a warehouse. Guess why? A hint - it is directly connected to the guy who gave the owner the award! 

Brian Bowman's failed term as Winnipeg Mayor, where criminals were coddled and small businesses left to fend for themselves, made shoplifting a free-for-all sport in our city. Bowman failed to show leadership when it came to crime and degeneracy, and he created a situation where bus passengers are in constant fear and security guards are a common sight in this city. Hear how the slide to becoming the new Portland has affected an Osborne Village jewelry store.


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Jan 10, 202358:04
Jan. 2 2023 - Tales of New Year's Eve Past and Pizza Phil

Jan. 2 2023 - Tales of New Year's Eve Past and Pizza Phil

Episode 1 of Season 2 gets right down to the important part of New Year's celebrations- chicken wings! 

Marty and Spirited Kenny recall the history of local wing sales gimmicks at restaurants, "the wing craze" and the unique packaging- going back to the early 90's. Where was Piccolo Pub, fans? 

We talk about what we did over January 1 and what we saw around town (and nothing goes better with wings than College football.) Marty even got in a New Yera's prank with a radio DJ this year for oldtime's sake! He also tells about the holiday mayhem and hectic pace in his past DJ career at the Zoo and Ozzy's.

Plus, we tell about our respective introductions to belly button shooters; more tales of taxi rides and house parties past.... and the story of Kenny and the New Year's Eve rut. 

22:10  Update on our UFO talk. And, some alien talk (about classic TV shows). Kenny has a few questions to compare the incident Marty experienced  with previous reports in other areas of Manitoba and is preparing 'a fancy slide show'. Marty recallls producing the infamous New Year's Eve Party of Pizza Phil Sacco on Pembina - and Chuck Green's reaction to the stooge report of the "Star Wars bar" crowd it drew. An excellent story about an early 90's visit with Pizza Phil at his Club Soda gig ensues.

38:34  Part 2 begins with Kenny's bar-hopping days. Which clubs? PLENTY! And some funs one too. We talk some history, as Marty explains a bit of Strawberry's to Kenny - 'an epitome of excess";  a verbal tour of "triple shot night", "and the Druxman's thanked you" and the Pembina strip, when it was still the wild west for the college crowd. And then there was the Legions. How did bars handle the music when the cops raided the beverage room? You'll hear a firsthand experience. 

Eventually we turn to our bread and butter- local politics. What was Brian Bowman's legacy? Among other things, machetes on buses.

52:00  A New York Post story claims a British women is getting harassed by food delivery orders, dozens a night. We try to gumshoe the case a bit. 

1:00:00 Marty teases an upcoming interview in a sports publication he's been asked to participate in. And somehow, while we started with wings, we end on another favorite food subject- buffet busting.

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Jan 03, 202301:09:45
Dec. 26 2022 - Marty gets X-Filed / Newsmakers of the Year

Dec. 26 2022 - Marty gets X-Filed / Newsmakers of the Year

Welcome to Episode 30, unencumbered by scripts, format sheets or any real planning! 

Marty and Spirited Kenny discuss the holidays, how quiet it is this year, and how Marty engaged in one of his pastimes - watching holiday specials from local US market stations in L.A., Chicago and New York City.  

5:30 - The subject of 'things that you don't believe you saw' arises: Marty's west end drive for a traditional "Jewish Christmas meal"- which in Winnipeg means Spring Roll Restaurant for Shrimp on Toast  - brought the startling sight of 4 vehicles walled in by snowplows on Erin Street. Why they were parked there, and how will they get out? That leads to...  

10:50 - Marty telling how he saw a UFO this summer. 

In well over 1000 radio, podcast and TV episodes, Marty has never discussed one of Kenny's favorite topics, encounters with strange unnatural phenomena. "This is why I'm here" says Kenny, as we wind through the events of August 19, 2022, after Marty hosted a CWE wrestling card in Amaranth, Manitoba about 180 KM north and west of Winnipeg. Our first time in the town wasn't only memorable for the enthusiastic crowd and hard-hitting matches, it was memorable for the drive home and what appeared in the western sky around 10.30 that night. 

Listen to Marty describe how the sighting unfolded, and his reaction the next morning when he re-sized the photos of the night sky and zoomed in. Then he had to talk it over with his fellow travelers! You will also hear Kenny's response to seeing the photos for the first time, the colours he sees in photo of the night sky, and why this qualifies as a genuine UFO sighting that will get additional notice in the region. This is a very unusual discussion for TGCTS and one you'll want to hear for yourself.

Kenny refers to an episode of his program about UFO sightings and here is the link to the sonic boom video he mentioned:

32:30 - Part 2 - Boxing Day is Marty's sister's birthday, and he shares a few memories of what it was like for a Jewish family to not care about Christmas but to actually pay attention to Boxing Day, and not because of the Krazy Krazy sales. 

37:30 - Update on the latest stories in, Canada's national online Jewish newspaper.  Among other stories, BBC Arabic was forced to lecture the staff after things went way too far.

43:40 - We have a brief discussion about newsmakers of the year, internationally, nationally and locally. On the local scene, we note the Premier's ongoing health issues. Marty suggests a worthy nominee relating to the civic election and Kenny has his own, worthy nominee for recognition (for all the wrong reasons). Long-time listeners will find the suggestions amusing. 

Looking towards 2023: With a provincial election on the horizon, and after a successful civic campaign, we are going to organize our platform to bring forward the news, interviews and issues MSM won't touch. This work will require the support of listeners and we know we will continue to earn that support.

Winnipeg needs alternative media more than ever... We want your ideas of how to grow our reach and what stories you want us to cover or investigate in 2023! Email us:  

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Dec 27, 202252:53
Dec. 18 2022 - An Hour With New MLA Kevin Klein

Dec. 18 2022 - An Hour With New MLA Kevin Klein

Episode 29 was delayed by a week after Spirited Kenny's reconstituted group birthday celebration rendered him hors du combat. Marty explains the prep required for some Chanukah cuisine and other Jewish delicacies. Family was the focal point of life when there was only 3 TV channels growing up. Marty describes a bit of his maternal family history. 

8:55 - Last week's provincial byelection was seen as a referendum on the PC government's management of health care. We talk about Kevin Klein holding off the opposition challenge and the analysis of The Black Rod: Kevin Klein pops the NDP bubble   

Kenny, who lives in the riding, felt the byelection was almost beneath the radar, while Marty described the possible factors- campaign exhaustion following the civic campaign, and the difference between running for a council seat and running for a party in the Legislature. Even with 3000 Tory votes staying home, negative messaging about Klein, and weak gov't polling, Premier Heather Stefanson did not sustain a setback. The political scientists tried to spin it, but Kenny asks, "Since when is winning, losing?"

19:12  Listen to the Hive Hair ad, revived from our Kick-FM files!

19:48 - Kevin Klein talks about his victory, crime and safety, and the political atmosphere in Manitoba in a refreshing conversation. 

An important factor he learned during his run for Mayor that helped his PC campaign: "Politics need to be at the doorstep". How does media coverage and attack ads affect voters? ‘An impression is given to them’, that Klein believes melted away when voters spoke with him directly. "It's ugly" at the Legislature when candidates are attacked by MLAs using Parliamentary privilege to duck consequences for lying; "It stops good people from running for office." More generally, he unwinds obstacles to implementing good health policy that politicians never acknowledge.

Klein will focus on public safety, leading to a long and smart discussion of recent gun crimes, especially a Friday night shooting outside the Green Brier beer vendor. A 15 year old boy fired the gun and the getaway car had 2 young adults. The cops found he used a loaded 9mm handgun with an auto sear, an over-capacity magazine with an obliterated serial number, and had 23 Percocets. Why are these gun traffickers free and not held to protect public safety? 

Klein asserts Winnipeg has a city-wide gang problem and refers to Jino Distasio's idea: "We have to go after the top 100 criminals in our city now- aggressively." Klein explained the necessary resources he will fight to get for the Winnipeg police, including personnel, cops cars and a dedicated downtown station and staffed unit as "the crime rate has been soaring out of control" and children are recruited by gangs. People in Kirkfield Park won't go downtown or ride the bus due to fear and "Politicians are afraid to have that conversation... we have to crack down on the gangs that are in our community centres." 

Marty raises the concept of initiating truces between rival gangs. Klein mentions incorporating former gang members into such outreach, ways of keeping vulnerable kids safe, how to assist homeless folks. He gives his views on upcoming dealings - and possible fights- with the Premier and the opposition, and improving our province with strong leadership.  

1:26:00 Our recap of the Klein interview and a pointer to Marty's personal memories on the passing of Liberal MP Jim Carr 


Dec 20, 202201:45:60
Dec. 4 2022 - Kenny's Night at the Wrestling Matches / A Health Care, Cops & Crime Round-up

Dec. 4 2022 - Kenny's Night at the Wrestling Matches / A Health Care, Cops & Crime Round-up

In Part 1 of Episode 28, Spirited Kenny talks about what it was like to watch the antics at the CWE 50 Man Rumble to Remember last Sunday, and to see Marty compete in the main event. 

"If you would have said a year ago that I would be at a church on a Sunday night with 200 people chanting your name...?"

Kenny, who was enlisted as a temporary house announcer, tells his impressions of the undercard match-ups, the athletic efforts and characters of CWE wrestlers, the knowledgable fans who packed the Holy Eucharist Hall in EK, and how the Rumble is a "sprint and a marathon mixed together."  

Marty tells what it was like to go nose to nose with champions like Hotshot Danny Duggan in the ring, and the fear he had when the CWE hardcore champion Mike Mission came after him with violent intentions. They also laud headliner Davey Boy Smith Jr., a truly elite athlete hailing from the Hart Family of Calgary. He is the most approachable superstar in professional wrestling, with charisma would make him a headliner in another realm- politics. 

(If you want to book a pro wrestling event for your group or as a fundraiser, let us know -

29:20  Part 2 - Marty tells what stories are coming up this week in, Canada's national online Jewish newspaper. It appears that in Ottawa, you can't turn around without bumping into a Jew-hater who has been invited to a government event or received gov't funding.

36:00  The Manitoba Clinic has been in the red since it expanded in 2018. Now it's $8M in the hole with 52,000 sq. ft. of unused space. Kenny was unamused by how they gouged patients before seeking bankruptcy protection. Their business plan was like adding cabs for Xmas without having drivers to put behind the wheel. We have a few ideas about how to put the extra space to good use. Hear the insight about the Clinic from an insider about the mismanagement of our health care system. 

45:00  More health care failures - hear a WFP letter to the editor about Veterans Affairs officials promoting assisted suicide instead of taking care of our veterans in need. The therapeutic state medicalizing suicide as a government cost-cutting measure is truly disgusting. 

52:00  A review of Gallop Polls since 1993 revealed how far and fast trust in newspapers and TV news has crashed. We talk about some of the whys, pivoting to a Fake News report in the Free Press about a death after a 2 car collision on Route 90 that involved a person who was on the road. The circumstances were twisted to invent a 'cars are dangerous' media narrative involving hit and runs, but this isn't the same as recent incidents on actual streets with actual sidewalks.  

We also review photos of the area that hint how a person could have been drawn to mistakenly walk towards that section of the road - strictly speculation on our part, but a possibility.   

1:09:30  We had scant details but there was a police shooting on Portage involving a stopped driver, and there was a stolen car takedown on Main Street- we reviewed what was known at airtime.

1:13:30  Police allege that Jeremy Skibicki is a serial killer. There's at least 4 evidently marginalized women he murdered - is he Winnipeg's Pickton? Would a revamped missing persons reporting system have helped?

We review the allegations, what we know about the victims, and discuss whether it's logical for activists to tout him as a representation of Canadian society, as opposed to what he appears to be - a Neo-Nazi pathological nut.


Dec 05, 202201:41:35
Nov. 20 2022 - Our 16th Anniversary Show - and a Grey Cup recap!

Nov. 20 2022 - Our 16th Anniversary Show - and a Grey Cup recap!

This is a doubly special podcast - the exact date of the debut of TGCTS on 92.9 KICK-FM in 2006, and another Blue Bomber appearance in the CFL Championship game. 

Episode 27 kicks off with a post-game review of the Grey Cup game (very good), the telecast (very not good) and we break down the 24-23 loss to the Argos. Marty explains how this may supplant the 1965 Wind Bowl vs Hamilton as the most disappointing Cup loss. He also describes the archival film of the 1959 Bomber win over the Ti-Cats he watched lately with many Hall of Fame names coming up.   

13:30 - As we were recording, we got a funny report from a fan at the stadium. A funny brief note about their post-game dealings with 2 TV crews. Spirited Kenny has dim views of the pregame content  - and tells how at least one teen handled the halftime "entertainment." We also talk about our food choices for the game including a newly discovered and much coveted sour dill pickle brand.

28:00  Marty's recalls his first CFL game - and most of the rest he attended as a kid, seeing the Bombers struggle with one surprising victory in the mix. He also found an ancient Grey Cup program in the great office clean-up and reviews the articles and players featured.

39:00  Tune in to hear a rarity - Marty being on the other side of the microphone and he's interview about his upcoming match on Nov.27 in EK

40:12  Part 2 - the 16th Anniversary retrospective! The history of The Great Canadian Talk Show on Winnipeg radio, the CRTC hearing Marty testified at that opened the door to hosting the KICK-FM drive-home show, the help from Scott Taylor and Cosmo at 92 CITI-FM leading up to that debut on Nov. 20, 2006, who the first guests were, and a few examples of how every year, with the support of Station Manager Rick Baverstock, we made our mark as the watchdog of Winnipeg politics and media. 

And- how Kenny first met Marty before KICK-FM, how Rick the Boss got him into radio, and how quickly his unique nickname was created! 

59:25  In the sample of Kick-FM emails and documents we review, we recall the 2007 interview with Manitoba speaker George Hickes. When TGCTS reported how he earned over a million dollars without making a single speech in the Legislature on behalf of his voters in Point Douglas it made waves and got us noticed.

1:02:40  Hate Mail! The station would get some doozies as you'll hear - we talk about how we would respond on the air to the critics and dissect what they were claiming. And- who they really were.

1:11.00  A trademark of TGCTS was our City Hall coverage, and the back-and-forth exchanges with Mayor Sam Katz. When one of our interns raised questions about the (proposed) Assiniboine Bike lane, he sent her a very polite and interesting letter in response. Those were the early days of our causing grief for the Winnipeg Active Transportation manager and the bike lobby. 

1:22:55 The Top 10 Stories of 2009

If you are a longtime listener, or just want to get a taste of the intensive, exclusive news and public affairs coverage radio should provide in Winnipeg- we found the list! The wide variety of news stories in our third year when we hit our stride will prove how much of a difference TGCTS made. 

Hear the details about -- A dramatic call about a very public death; revealing a hospital ER scandal; public consultation failures we investigated; union discord inside the Free Press during the fall strike; and some of the best mocking of MSM we ever aired!  

Come see Marty wrestle in CWE's 50 Man Rumble to Remember Sunday 6 PM Feat. Davey Boy Smith Jr -- EMAIL for details/tickets!

Nov 21, 202201:50:41
Nov. 13 2022 - Parked Cars, A Bridge, And A Bike Lobby Meltdown

Nov. 13 2022 - Parked Cars, A Bridge, And A Bike Lobby Meltdown

Sports talk is on deck to start Episode 26. Marty and 'The Man With All The Unusual Answers' Spirited Kenny talk about some of the exciting Sunday football results and the Bombers heading to the championship game. Then Marty explains a bit of his early days as an aspiring hoopster in a sports-minded childhood, and his side-door entry to the wrestling game as a broadcaster. We encourage all listeners to come out to the CWE event on Sunday Nov. 27 in Elmwood, as Marty is an entrant in the annual spectacular, the 50 Man Rumble to Remember. We're going to record a special podcast at the venue and Kenny is prepared to become Winnipeg's new George Plimpton. For tickets, Email

22:00  The post-election office clean up unearthed ... a 2010 column (blog post, actually) about Glen Murray by Kenny's pal, Dan Lett. Hear why it was worthy of review for the predictive nature of what Winnipeg was to endure in the attempted return of Murray to the Mayor's chair. 

27:47   The far-left filter of Winnipeg civic issues: where facts and logic come second to feeeelings. We discuss an online spat spurred by uninformed WFP columnist Brent Bellamy about a scandal - parking outside the ex-restaurant on the "iconic" Provencher bridge AT path. It's literally an access road, but don't tell that to the urban know-it-alls! According to the bike lobby, it's doomsday out there! That put Marty in the odd position of somewhat defending the Manitoba Technology Accelerator, whose evasive court antics after being sued by bullied clients a few years ago were a highlight on City Circus on Shaw.   

34:20  Who could bemoan the restoration of a Manitoba Housing disaster site to useable downtown housing again? The uninformed far-left called it 'gut-wrenching' that the bedbugs, cockroaches and meth dealers were evicted from 185 Smith. A strange online thread that we dissect. 

41:30  We preview next week's episode, a special anniversary show. Thanks to paperwork dug up in the office clean-up, will look back at some of the fun and controversy as TGCTS built a following on 92.9 KICK-FM.  Whatever happened to John Wells anyways? We briefly talk about the sad state of commercial radio in Winnipeg and how audiences are being let down. 

52:28  Part 2 - A massive - but not in-depth - discussion about mask mandates. Marty Up North is a popular analyst of the Canadian scene on Twitter and he looked at the Covid hospitalization numbers for U-19's from Alberta Health Services. Only 6 schoolchildren went to ICU for Covid out of over 800,000 since September and none died. Using data to assess booster rates and other metrics, he concluded that mask mandates are not effective. Marty and Kenny exchange reasoned viewpoints on mandates, the effects on kids, mask fatigue, and social norms post-pandemic. Here is the thread we talk about -

1:16:00 - One more story - as Kenny asks a good question about media coverage, public information, and the difference between King Charles and police chief Danny Smyth. 

Next Week: 16th Anniversary Special

End of November: The Rumble To Remember

We are Winnipeg's ONLY public affairs podcast, carrying on the tradition of citizen journalism. Your support ensures we can cover the issues and perspectives MSM won't provide. To advertise, sponsor an event, or send along news tips:

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Nov 14, 202201:24:47
Nov. 7 2022 - "Listen UP People, You're In Grade ONE Now!"

Nov. 7 2022 - "Listen UP People, You're In Grade ONE Now!"

Episode 25 opens with Marty's memory of how kids at Winnipeg Hebrew School were sternly lectured they weren't in kindergarden anymore, and Spirited Kenny noting the discovery of a fifth dimension that's kinda mind-bending. 

6:45  We make a few corrections to civic election information discussed in our last podcast - the actual number of robocalls made by the Glen Murray campaign on E-day is still an impressive number. We also relate a few other tips and insights from Marty's summary for explaining why the chosen favorite of the elite went down to defeat.

12:15  Want to know what Winnipeg Free Press columnist Brent Bellamy thinks about investigative reporting? It sure affected the decision of voters to reject his pal Glen Murray but bitter Brent can't handle the truth, apparently. As Kenny points out - "I don't think how someone gets to the Osborne Safeway should really matter when it comes to how they run this city."  You won't read in the newspaper why the WFP's urban visionary hates the way journalists did their job - but we'll tell you in this podcast, and tell how he described Murray's campaign manager- and Scott Gillingham's. 

18:35  Coun. Cindy Gilroy complained the new Mayor turfed her from EPC. She never complained about Brian Bowman, did she. The other councilor de-EPC'd is Matt Allard of St. Boniface. We have an idea of something he has time to investigate now- how close is crime in St. B coming to the crisis in River Heights?- which we explore in Part 2.  

25:23  Part 2 - With Gillingham taking over City Hall, the WPS sent a letter to River Heights saying that NOW, they're going to step up crime fighting in their area. We got a few interesting replies after we posted online 'what took so long?' you'll want to hear. Kenny explains why community watch programs are a great idea.

32:00  What's old is new again- the Integrated Warrant Unit was resurrected by the Province to help police keep Winnipeggers safe- so of course the Marxist radicals shrieked "racism!". We swing into the crime headlines, which illustrate that whether it's a block from the downtown cop shop (knifer in the library) or 2 blocks from City Hall (shooting that set a new record for homicides at 45), some warrant and other enforcement just might do some good. We also noticed something about 2 other recent murders the media didn't.  And hear how many MORE murders would have been registered without modern trauma treatments rendered on-site.  

50:00  Why don't people trust MSM? Look no further than CBC and CTV. Whose side are they on? Not reporting the details of a vile violent sexual assault and robbery of a 20 year old at a Pembina transit shelter on Friday night, and especially censoring the full description of the knife-wielding rapist, is a clue. 

Hear how the suspect was apparently complained about in the hours before the attack, and what Winnipeg mothers say about how unsafe Winnipeg Transit and the BRT line is. Winnipeg newsrooms actively obstruct public safety lest the wokesters bellow "racist!" at them. 

58:08  A (nowadays) rare foray for us into provincial affairs - Wab Kinew and his NDP caucus have a problem with English proficiency standards being expected of nurses. There was an excellent suggestion online about how Wab should prove his point. We wrap up by talking about Remembrance Day and how shopping restrictions have changed in Manitoba in recent years. 

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Nov 07, 202201:07:17
Oct. 31 2022 - Top 5 Podcast Headlines about the Winnipeg election / CTV's "Dewey Defeats Truman" Redux

Oct. 31 2022 - Top 5 Podcast Headlines about the Winnipeg election / CTV's "Dewey Defeats Truman" Redux

Our election wrap-up is the theme of Episode 24 - and we look at the results, the campaigns, the media coverage, and we point out THE headline that Winnipeg media has dared not utter. Hear what the result really meant about 34.00 in. And CTV gets spanked for their 'Decision Desk' faux pas and non-apology. 

First- Marty walked past the Glen Murray HQ windows around noon on the way to Enterprise Rent A Car at 283 Ellice, who provided an election day Spark and great pricing and service. What did he see?

7:00  Our top 5 headlines of the election campaign - Kenny is surprised at how on the nose we were right from the start. Plus, one more headline still in play because of a broken Murray promise. Then we take apart some often vapid statements of the local political science talking heads, who seriously devalued their standing in the public eye in this election. 

Hear the description of the Pembina Institute allegations by an independent media outlet. They were damn serious but aside from CBC (that broke the story), none of the corporate newsrooms dared spell out the scope of Glen Murray's misconduct (ie the word 'pelvis'). Spirited Kenny has an idea why the Pembina allegations stuck, even after one pillar of poli-sci said scandals from outside of Winnipeg wouldn't matter to voters.  

Marty talks about the Murray campaign on E-Day - robocalls galore; insider words about what went wrong; and what took their focus off of Gillingham. 

27:50 Bartley Kives of CBC had a great story of the march to election day. We elaborate on the Bowman (non) factor, the rejection by voters of the union endorsements for Murray, the winning Gillingham strategy, the failed attempt of the elitists to recapture the 1990's, and the shame a whole lot of big money Conservatives should feel.

33:08 The heat map - where the votes fell around the neighborhoods. The obvious headline about the result we'd hear if this was Vancouver. A commentary by The Daily Scrum had smart and different observations about the CBC debate, some of which ties in with our coverage. They reflected on poor MSM coverage and the outsize influence of inaccurate polls and misleading headlines early in the campaign. It's tilting the playing field and works against voters but the perps aren't accountable. 

43:54 Part 2 - update

50:04 Let's talk about the media. Dan Lett wants to talk about voter suppression and disengagement? We talk about how the Free Press and a lot of other newsrooms should look in the mirror. Kenny has thoughts about another highbrow far-left columnist whose reason for supporting Glen Murray was- to spite the media investigating his misdeeds. With attitudes like that, the touting of "front-runner" Murray based on a garbage poll, pumping divisive narratives, entitled smarminess - trust in a lot of the Winnipeg media took a big hit. We analyze the subjects and issues we raised- especially the Caledon scandal that MSM almost all ignored. Yet it was important enough for Scott Gillingham to toss at Glen Murray in the CBC debate. 

1:07:10 Hear CTV anchor Marilee Caruso's lecture that the Gillingham campaign was wrong not to concede, because the "Decision Desk" said Murray won. Kenny was watching online and has an excellent description of the on-set mayhem. Guess what? CTV never mentioned Caledon in the campaign.

1:15:09 An overview of the City Council results, and media failures. Why was the media so un-curious about ol' Glen?

For TGCTS, history repeats itself. We will be back weekly, with 3 specific City Hall interviews being planned- starting with the new Mayor, Scott Gillingham.

Nov 01, 202201:37:34
Oct. 23 2022 - The Top 5 Episodes of the Election / About the media, and Glen Murray's scandals

Oct. 23 2022 - The Top 5 Episodes of the Election / About the media, and Glen Murray's scandals

Episode 23 starts off, unexpectedly, with the lessons taught to Marty by Yoram Hamizrachi, Nick Ternette and other grassroots journalists of the 1980's about the power structure in Winnipeg; the elitists still flex their might when an election rolls around. 

Encompassing the 'society' types, the political class, and the mainstream media, their circle jerk is a big reason why there was a 'lack of curiousity' about Glen Murray's "18 years more experience". The public has not heard important details about Glen Murray's actions in Ontario and Alberta and his actual record of shameful conduct. Marty and Spirited Kenny recap all of it. 

There are now at least 4 women, professionals all, who have personal experience with the intimidating behavior of Glen Murray. What about their human rights? Is Gail Asper ok with that? He has a problem with women and he is unfit for public leadership. 

We note the incurious media in the early stages of the campaign - why didn't they ask? Who makes those decisions? The late-breaking timing of the scandals- why after a poll, and after a debate, and not before? Voters now wonder how Glen Murray talks the talk, but the walk he walks falls far short of their standards. Kenny mentions the downturn for Murray in online forums after the recent CBC news about his abusive antics at the Toronto office of the Pembina Institute.

24:00 - We review the poll trends, and where some disillusioned Murray votes might leak to. We ask if the overall media disinterest in exploring Murray's background undermines election integrity, as the 40,000 advance voters were in the dark about him trying to out the Pembina whistleblowers. We tell what the outlets could do better. 

PART 2: 

51:05 - A look at the recent stories in Marty has another round-up on the Liberal funding of an antisemite in the Laith Marouf scandal

54:00 - B'nai Brith Canada asked the candidates for Mayor 6 questions about antisemitism and City Hall. A few of the responses, the non-responses, and the didn't-respond at-alls. 

1.08:00 - Most Listened To TGCTS 2022 election podcasts:  

First place: Aug. 8 - Glen Murray Should Come Clean About Caledon

2)  July 17 - The Don Woodstock Interview: "The Public Don't Want Another Bowman"

3) July 4 - Aaron McDowell Takes 5 Questions About The Civic Election

4) Aug. 15 - Klein Responds To Coun. Eadie / Glen Murray Takes Flak On 4 Fronts 5)  Aug. 22 -  The RFO Interview - And Some New Council Candidates Emerge (by tiebreaker)  5.1)  July 10  - Police Chief Danny Smyth Makes Himself An Election Issue

Marty and Kenny discuss the topics focused on, why those episodes attracted larger audiences, and how we filled the gap in MSM coverage. Election wrap-up next week!

Oct 24, 202201:42:47
Oct. 16 2022 - Breaking down the latest poll; Glen Murray slides as Caledon 'fixer' questions emerge

Oct. 16 2022 - Breaking down the latest poll; Glen Murray slides as Caledon 'fixer' questions emerge

Episode 22 opens with a little Bomber talk; then a rundown of the pending/requested replies to Marty's questions (via for Mayoral candidates Shaun Loney and Rana Bokhari about antisemitism, and for Winnipeg MP Marty Morantz about whether he thinks a tax increase by the next Mayor would improve middle class prosperity or do the opposite.

8:10 - We look at the latest Leger election poll, and take it at face value in a review of the standings. Glen Murray dropped 12 points and his 25 point lead is down to 9 since CBC reported that his firing from the Pembina Institute led him back to Winnipeg and public life. 

To set up discussing the Leger poll findings, Marty reviews the startling mass turfing of incumbents in Vancouver and throughout major BC cities, the Ken Sim ABC sweep across the ballot, and the common denominator to Winnipeg - Crime! BC is fed up with criminals and crime is the top voter issue in Winnipeg. 

Leger polling showed issues the MSM harps on - climate change, bike lanes, reconciliation - are solid bottom dwellers. We look at voter intentions, and where the priorities of the Klein, Loney, Gillingham and Murray camps landed. Loney voters only show 2% have lower taxes as a concern. Is the influence of limited polling on Winnipeg election coverage and choices made by major organizations holding mayoral forums and town halls a problem? If CBC and the Chamber of Commerce didn't choose a month early (barely two weeks after 'voters start paying attention') - wouldn't Robbie Ouellette be out and Jenny Motkaluk be in? We discuss how name recognition can skew early polls. And how early 'runaway lead' polls can suppress voter turnout.

36.20 - Part 2  - This week in

38:50 -  Spirited Kenny noted the margin of error disclaimer on the Leger poll and reads it out loud so we can all be as confused as him.

42:00 -  CBC looked at why industrial zones outside of the city are booming and how years of warnings to get Winnipeg land ready went nowhere. And speaking of Centerport, CBC recognized what Tom Brodbeck didn't -  Motkaluk was playing up the revenue and jobs from CenterportSouth development the whole campaign. Then, why Gillingham's disclosure that Morantz and Manitoba PC Infrastructure Minister Doyle Piwniuk are donors creates tricky situations with CPC's Poilievre and Premier Stefanson.    

50:12 - What Dan Lett says about higher city taxes, Glen Murray's PST tax grab idea (we think it's suspiciously late) and ol' Danno almost mentions the Pembina Institute.  

1:02:15 - Glen Murray's '18 more years of experience' included something we missed in Glen Murray Has To Come Clean About Caledon. We knew Murray, as an Ontario cabinet minister, was the second guy to try to corner Mayor Marolyn Morrison to lean on her for a housing developer. 

What we didn't know was Murray had regular meetings with the first guy who tried it, and they had at least one meeting together with a rep of the development company... Morrison told the Globe and Mail she didn't know why “any politician would get involved with Spiros Papathanasakis or have any affiliation with him.”

1:03:25 - That brings us back to Glen Murray's Green Party donors list. It's been 2 more months. Is his proximity to 'colourful characters' who are adjacent to influence peddling campaigns the reason why it's still a secret?  

Oct 17, 202201:29:27
Oct. 10 2022 - Explaining Modern Antisemitism to Mayoral Candidates and the Winnipeg Media

Oct. 10 2022 - Explaining Modern Antisemitism to Mayoral Candidates and the Winnipeg Media

This is a special episode that combines the TGCTS 2022 Winnipeg election coverage with Marty's work as editor-in chief of, Canada's national onlne Jewish newspaper. 

Last Monday the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg held a mayoral forum which included 2 questions specifically on antisemitism and anti-Zionism. 

The board of that organization does not represent the grassroots Jewish community. The Federation falsely purported to the candidates and the audience that it represents the entirety of the 15,000 members of our Jewish community, failing to disclose it represents only its donors (est. at 1300). It represents what we call the machars- the bigshots. They never stand on the frontlines going face to face with Jew-haters. They didn't even want to protest Linda Sarsour's speech here in 2019.

Like all Jewish Federations in North America, JFW has a problem when it comes to speaking truth to power about Jew-haters- because Federation officials are political creatures seeking to curry favour with governments. To talk about those things raises discomfort in the political class Federation machars aspire to belong to. Instead, they put the Jews of Winnipeg at risk with their Sha-shteel tactics. 

As a consequence, we get forums like last week, where the actual incidents of pro-Israel Jews being threatened and beaten up on Broadway in May 2021 didn't get mentioned in the Federation questions. That's why the Laith Marouf scandal, where an antisemite received $133,000 in federal "anti-racism" funding approved by Heritage Canada bureaucrats, didn't get mentioned. 

Those topics get explained. These are relevant to the Winnipeg election, because only Jenny Motkaluk and to a lesser extent, Kevin Klein, seemed to get what the Jews of Winnipeg, are up against. The other candidates- and there was a political calculation for some - fall short of what we needed to hear beyond "I support Israel".

Saying "white supremacy" is a sound-bite void of meaning. The threat from left-wing influences that have seeped into our governments (ie Heritage Canada) and into our education system (Toronto and Ottawa high schools and our universities) is immense and existential. 

As Marty asks- how many white supremacists were chanting they would 'rape your daughters' and 'stab the Jews of Tuxedo' when the Israeli Canadian Council rally for Israel Independence Day was charged at across police lines in front of the Legislature? Who were those attackers?

Marty reviews the responses at the forum and to the Free Press survey by the candidates. He explores their words and their actions and takes the media to task.

This week in, Marty selected specific stories about incidents involving antisemitic online hate and education institutions that will shock listeners when they read the details. On Thursday please read those stories, as well as a column on why Jews can't rely on Israel to deal with antisemitism in our communities. We have to rely not only on Jewish leadership- who push constantly to grow some balls - but on our secular political leaders. 

Politicians and the media have to confront and denounce things Laith Marouf supports - like BDS, critical race theory and equity programs that delegitimize the Jewish experience and space in western society, and that deny Jewish indigenous rights to a safe and secure State of Israel. 

Do it before more Jews get beaten on the streets of Winnipeg.

Oct 11, 202201:09:23
Oct. 3 2022 - Thunderbird House Proposals Fly, Blaming Winnipeggers For Its Failure Won't

Oct. 3 2022 - Thunderbird House Proposals Fly, Blaming Winnipeggers For Its Failure Won't

5:00  We note the passing of 'climate crisis' debunker Dr. Tim Ball, who supported us on Kick-Fm and Shaw-TV. Here is one of his excellent videos.

11:30  The flyer of St. Boniface candidate Marcel Boille makes some important points about how St. B has lost out by joining Unicity and watching their tax dollars go to "Winnipeg" and got nothing in return except for spiraling crime rates and deteriorating services. He touts separation but Spirited Kenny doesn't think it's very realistic (Headingley anyone?)

22:00  Glen Murray claims the city has gone to shit and only he can fix it, BUT he always A) leaves out the responsibility of Mayor Brian Bowman and B) never mentions that the first thing he did when he retruned to the city in 2018 was to... endorse Brian Bowman. Listen to Bowman's hint why Murray won't dare speak truth to power at City Hall. 

25:40  Glen Murray tried to guilt Winnipeggers into picking up the tab to restore Thunderbird House. we tell the truth about why it failed - a $40k air conditioner it didn't need and irresponsible governance. Meanwhile Robbie Ouellette says he'd move the Mayor's office there.  

37:00 - The media loves to tell about how *certain* politicians endured childhood poverty and family struggles, but the Free Press proves that it isn't only the kind of 'disadvantaged' folks usually promoted. Hear of 2 unexpected tales of mayoral hopefuls who overcame the odds to build successful careers, Kevin Klein (who spent time in a Sally Ann shelter) in corporate media, and Jenny Motkaluk - who went to University at age 16 and earned advanced science degrees before her successful careers in sales and business consulting. 

47:25 - CBC has a list of Mayoral campaign planks and a discussion about how complete/accurate it is. For instance the Motkaluk housing plan had a 'help the homeless' component CBC missed, but she is way ahead in Arts and Culture proposals; meanwhile the Scott Gillingham camp was satisfied overall but added a few notes we pass along.  

52:00 - RFO's transit ideas - like a buck a ride and allowing tap payment - get a good/sceptical look, as does Klein's 'trailers for the homeless' concept. We go over the CBC investigative report on Glen Murray's departure from the Pembina Institute which Marty also discussed here. Was this Murray's "Principal Skinner" moment? Tom Brodbeck rejected his apology and Kenny remarked "It's the same old Glen no matter where he goes."  We then recap the Motkaluk promises to fudn the Sanat Claus parade and other events like Cruise Nites to build civic spirit.

1:10:50 - Part 2 Crime, crime and more crime - and 2 more murders. Marty thinks this election may lead to a serious discussion of the concept of Unicity as a whole. 

Oct 03, 202201:34:41
Sept. 30 2022 - Did CBC Spoil Glen Murray's Birthday With Pembina Institute Surprise?

Sept. 30 2022 - Did CBC Spoil Glen Murray's Birthday With Pembina Institute Surprise?

A midweek special commentary by Marty that runs about 16.00 minutes with a summary explaining why the CBC-TV investigative findings yesterday 

A) fit an undeniable, disturbing pattern in the career of Glen Murray, and  

B) will force more questions about Glen Murray's history that Winnipeg MSM (CBC aside, keep that in mind the rest of this essay) has oddly avoided putting under the election microscope.

This summer, while local newsrooms abandoned their duty to voters to show a shred of curiosity, independent media were asking serious questions about the path Murray followed to end up back in Winnipeg:  

"There's always been something fishy about Glen Murray's abrupt and unexplained departure from his "dream job" in Alberta." The Black Rod, Aug. 17, 2022

But it wasn't only about Alberta. Marty explains how the pattern started in Ontario, with another scandal, which he covered in August. (Broken locally by CBC)

Hear our recap:

2014  As an Ontario cabinet minister Glen Murray was alleged to have intimidated the Mayor of Caledon - harassing a senior!- to favour a housing developer. The mayor and her husband had been victimized by at least 2 felonious criminal incidents linked to influence peddling for the development. Still, Murray insisted on a private meeting to, em, speak with her.

2017  Just before his actions in Caledon were identified as part of a larger corruption investigation, off he goes to the Calagry-based think tank Pembina Institute. But, as CBC just revealed, he didn't really go. He just stayed in TO and flew- FLEW - to the offices in Calgary and Vancouver, always willing to  lecture on how evil the rest of us are for driving our cars to work. And, he held MORE secret meetings. "Dream job" indeed.

2018  Four years after it happened, the Caledon intimidation scandal hit the media. 

Mere months later, because of the toxic workplace (4 people quit) and serious misconduct allegations, Murray was fired - FIRED -and allowed to pretend to resign. He hid that from Winnipeg voters until yesterday.

2022  Four years after his Pembina Institute HR disaster happened, it FINALLY hit the media. 

So - Every 4 years we find out about a scandal Glen Murray was involved in, 4 years before.

Marty explains why MSM has to do their job and ask questions about Glen Murray now, instead of waiting for a scandal to come out after he's had 4 years as Mayor. 

Why voters need the media to demand his still-secret federal Green Party leadership financial returns. Why his pattern in Calgary- reckless behavior, unlogged meetings, refusing briefings, no idea what he was promising at inappropriate meetings, also fits the known pattern from Ontario. Why his belligerence and prima donna act in Ontario and Alberta, fits what we know about his previous Mayoral career here. 

What this all ties in to, is the strangely unreported punch line of the Winnipeg election. 

Winnipeg E-day, October 26? is Glen Murray's birthday.  

Marty asks: Is his return to public life related to the career politican turning 65? Are Winnipeg taxpayers the Glen Murray pension plan?

It fits.

Sep 30, 202216:49
"That Poll Was Loney Tunes" / Carjackings, Kidnappings and More Crime

"That Poll Was Loney Tunes" / Carjackings, Kidnappings and More Crime

Episode 18, despite the numerical error at the beginning, is up! Marty educates Spirited Kenny a little bit about the High Holy Days and Jewish guilt and then veers stright into civic election news opinions and info-tainment... 

5:00 Not many policy announcements had traction so far - but Tom Brodbeck told Free Press readers one that is "doable" -- is Jenny Motkaluk's idea to legally seize derilict properties, put them to auction and have landlords rebuild them to rent to the homeless.

7:00 Marty makes the rounds to a couple of Mayoral campaign offices. After reading about him in Gene Telpner's column for years, he met Hannon Bell at the Kevin Klein HQ; scored a home-baked cookie from Gillingham's digs in Osborne Village; and then an hour later walking to Shoppers met one candidate with nice T-Shirts and no bricks-and-mortar location. After exchanging introductions, Shaun Loney was asked what message he had for our listeners- He specifically spoke about infrstructure promises made by... Klein and Gilingham! Proposals he scoffed at for costing a projected $100M.

12:40 The latest Probe poll was Loney Tunes!  The newsrooms gave no serious analysis to this "poll" (Loney 14/Gillingham 15/Murray 40 = 'a 25% lead!') but we did. Listen as we break down the numbers, proported to the media and public to have any legitimacy when the undecided borders on 40% (and 8% more won't vote). Supplying the media with clickbait and headlines does not serve the electorate. MSM isn't being held to account, because when they claim Glen Murray is "frontrunner" with "solid support" in a "poll of 600 online voters", his actual committed vote is literally, all of 50 people from that original 600. Hear us do the math the media won't. 

20:00 Coun. Cindy Gilory was forced to react to the videos of back lane trash-heaps in her ward by Don Woodstock. Either Gilroy didn't explain herself properly or she exposed she is clueless after 8 years in office. Hear why she has no idea how the city failed to enforce its own rules for occupancy permits and health codes and why her solution does nothing to make the neighborhood safer or help landlords solve the garbage problem.

32:00  Rick Shone did some informal polling about political awareness... well, hear how low the political IQ was from respondents. How many don't know the election date? We explain that even in 2018, one councilor didn't know basic civics.

A nice note from Coun. Markus Chambers to Marty is discussed, in light of Chambers previously responding in 2021 when a Jewish rally was assaulted by antisemites and Mayor Bowman stayed silent; and lastly, a listener's thoughful comments about the election, crime and derelict housing.

38:00  Part 2 - More thoughts about Gilroy's misguided garbage response - what was the Permit Office up to?

43:30  An extensive crime round-up, with arrests in 100 bike thefts, a 72 year old woman dragged from her car in broad daylight 4 blocks from the St Boniface Hospital, a self-styled Bonnie and Clyde stabbed 3 people in a car-theft kidnapping spree, and 5 drug-peddling dudes from Edmonton were ripping off stores while armed to the teeth. Add in another homicide too, of course.  

59:30  This violent disorder lands on police leadership, but Kenny agrees that WPS members and the public have no faith in Danny "Robo-Smyth". No wonder Motkaluk wants cops to patrol buses, after a pervert molested women on 5 buses last week no description was released by police. 

1:16:22  Recap of Marty's interview on CJOB! 

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Sep 27, 202201:25:18
Sept. 18 2022 - School Trustees Coming And Going / An Emergency Call In A Park

Sept. 18 2022 - School Trustees Coming And Going / An Emergency Call In A Park

Episode 17 begins with Spirited Kenny lamenting the Bombers bombing out in Hamilton and then the armchair versions turn to discussing the evolution of quarterbacks as athletes since the 50's and 60's. 

5:30 - Two notes about local school trustees and the school board election. One, Kevin Freedman is a candidate in Ward 5, seeking to regain his seat. The other is a sitting trustee in St. James-Assiniboia, Craig Johnson, who is retiring. Marty tells about his connection to each of them.  

12:00  - A brief review of the Mayoral registration verification to Sunday evening. 

15:25  - Part 2 - Opens with a reminder of Marty's coverage of the Laith Marouf federal funding scandal over at  

20:00 -  A Chris D. crime story about multiple crashes near the Mint with a stolen car, where a taxi was used for a getaway. Except then the thieves came back and the cops were there. Can you imagine what that cab ride was like. 

23:30 - Police Chief Danny Smyth quantified how overwhelmed the police service is, in a report tabled on Friday. A Free Press story mentioned that Smyth told the Police Board that communciations centre turnover is "the canary in the coal mine".    

26:40 - Global News provided a light overview about 'what candidates have pledged towards infrastructure so far." We add some extra, heavier details including campaign planks that either admit to raising taxes if elected, or don't explain how it won't.  Transit also comes up a lot in the discussion of the Mayoral announcements last week, as does the paramedics, the dissatisfaction with the overall emergency response capacity, and the concerns of the firefighters union. We've covered the paramedic's issues with the city since KICK-FM days and still, they don't seem to be heard...

40:30 - Marty tells the story of watching emergency response in action. A firetruck was attending to a prone person, in a park in a residential neighborhood. And it seemed at the end, about a half hour from the start, well... there's gotta be a better way to deal with the kind of case that unfolded in St. Bonface. 

We talk about whether any candidates have workable solutions for a case like this one - Because that was a lot of public dollars being spent, as four city responders stood there 'knowing what was going to happen', in Kenny's estimation. 

56:30 - The decline of a good neighborhood, in real time this summer, gets put under the microscope in a closing rant: "The Bus Shelters Are Filthy"

Area voters can't help but notice how this is putting the neighborhood seniors, medical patients, and area workers at risk. Like Marty, they're wondering whose responsibility it is to get the ball rolling on cleaning up overflowing trash cans and occupied bus shelters. This isn't a grimy industrial area, it's all around the St. Boniface Hospital. 

And, as mentioned at the end of the episode,

Bonus Audio: Marty on THE START Mornings @680CJOB: Discussing his column about his family's surprising collection about Queen Elizabeth II

(Go to Sept. 19, select 8-9 AM, and advance to 37.00 to hear the interview with Mackling, MeGarry and McNabb! Lots of fun was had.)

Sep 19, 202201:09:08
Sept. 12 2022 - Return Of The Russ / Police Chief Smyth On The Hot Seat

Sept. 12 2022 - Return Of The Russ / Police Chief Smyth On The Hot Seat

We open Episode 16 by talking about Marty's coverage in of antisemitism in the federal government, and his upcoming story about the relationship of Queen Elizabeth II with Canada and with Manitobans. Then he offers some personal comments about his experience in Los Angeles on Sept. 11, 2001 and how the aftermath led him back to Winnipeg, noting it eventually led to meeting Spirited Kenny. 

After discussing some changes to our planned coverage of the civic election, we get into the latest entrants onto the ballot - such as Sargent Ave. icon Sal Infante taking a run at Coun. Cindy Gilroy in Daniel McIntyre, turning that into a serious race. 

In particular we talk about one of our favorite guests on Kick-FM and Shaw TV, former Councilor Russ Wyatt! He is once again looking to represent Transcona at City Hall and was always a big supporter of our work. Marty tosses in a few quotes from and about Russ, from the past.

Part 2

31.40 - Mayoral candidates have ideas: 

- Did Shaun Loney calculate 2000 trust fund housing units at $50,000 a door? He also has the idea of the city hiring people who face 'employment barriers' and what it means; 

- Scott Gillingham promises to invest in roads and blasted Glen Murray for his infrastructure record, but his proposal to hire  "Chief Construction Officer' generated some banter; 

- Coun. Jeff Browaty had some sobering news.Whoever becomes Mayor will be facing a $50M shortfall in the rainy day fund, (not to mention transit shortfalls) meaning scope creep and wants vs needs will factor in to opcoming council budgets. 

- Rick Shone, one way or the other, was first out of the gate to echo our call months, nay years, ago - Police Chief Danny Smyth gotta go. Meanwhile police board chair Coun. Markus Chambers says the have confidence in Smyth. 

- In light of that, we discuss an open letter organizing North End businesses to fight crime before it becomes a 'rough neighborhood' and they lose even MORE customers, employees, windows, and insurance coverage. "We're back to boarding up our windows" and they don't want "to go downhill." 

Perhaps Chambers can square that circle, since unlike the Police Board the taxpaying North End businesses DO NOT have confidence in the Chief, or they wouldn't be in this position - the meeting doesn't even invite the cops. We discuss how the policing system under Smyth has failed businesses in Winnipeg. 

- Lastly we try to figure out what really happened befoe the first lawsuit was filed in relation to the election, and try to provide some context to what went sideways at Bronx Park. When a well-intentioned community group hosts a Meet the Candidates event, a moderator can find the meeting is commandeered by candidates eyeing publicity before they know what hit them. 

We wrap up by discussing the media coverage of the election this summer - shame on radio, but bigger shame on the CRTC - and how we are going to persevere to add to the analysis and coverage that's out there. 

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Sep 14, 202201:00:52
Sept. 5 2022 - What's Missing from Mayoral Talk on Crime and Police? Plus Some Candidate News

Sept. 5 2022 - What's Missing from Mayoral Talk on Crime and Police? Plus Some Candidate News

Episode 15 is a rambling session with Marty and Spirited Kenny that kicks off with Bomber talk! And not just the close game, but the Labour Day Classic telecast. Marty compares it to the great sportscasters he knew and emulated as a teenager and says fans deserve better from the TSN broadcast booth. 

7:30 - The details the media miss: The Promenade Cafe closing... where?  

We noted issues coming up in this campaign that we pioneered reporting on locally in the past... for instance:

12:50 - Our old favorite, "Where was the public consultation?" The developer in River Park South missed that step. We wonder how it even got onto a Community Committee agenda. Like, how?

18:49 -  A few fun facts about St. James contender Kelly Ryback, including a remarkable AWA wrestling connection which also connected to Marty. On a serious note, Ryback also took the time to give a very smart and straightforward answer to Marty's questions about another beat we covered, used needles on our streets. He clearly pays attention. The WRHA might not be too happy with at his answer, but we were. Kenny has some good points from his time at the Downtown Watch.

Part 2

28:50 - A personal message from Marty: Please read his analysis of the Laith Marouf funding scandal in the Heritage Dept., Trudeau Gov’t Hired Jew-Hater To Train Media In “Anti-Racism”. He goes over the ugly details and says that acceptance of antisemitism within governments and institutions is an alarm bell everyone must heed.

39:19 - There was a rash of new stories about a rash of bike thefts. Even Rick Shone got ripped off. One victim said nothing is safe anymore in Old St.Vital if it isn't nailed down, and a bike retailer said the only way to keep a bike safe is to lock it up- INDOORS. We discuss how crime has been normalized in this city and why voters won't tolerate it. As the current rate, 1 out of every 7 Mayoral candidates is a victim of crime during the campaign.

45:45 - A CBC article spoke with Marty's old boss Kelly Dehn (now in Winnipeg Police Service comms), who gave some insight into police press release practices. The story turned to what candidates for Mayor have said about crime and policing, but didn't state the real reason it's on their radar - the level of random senseless violence, which has spread all over the city far beyond the north end and inner city. We run thru the various statements and ideas the candidates in the story have raised.

52:30 -  Scott Gillingham wants police to revisit compiling crime data. The problem is, he won't finger police Chief Danny Smyth for not only discontinuing it but for botching the analysis of the data when it was collected. We assess the proposals of Shaun Loney, Glen Murray and a few others. Have any thus far shown leadership? We say not yet... 

1:05.00 - Marty asks why no candidate has said 'I stand with victims of crime'? Bus assaults, downtown safety, bike theft - the ripple effects spread through this city. A leader has to speak to their fear and their rights BEFORE they become victims. So many teenagers charged with violent crime, who will muster the courage to ask where the adults responsible for them were? And no candidate or councilor has called out Mayor Brian Bowman, who has time to make pie-in-the-face bets about the Bomber game, but can't bring himself to speak out against the violent senseless murders this summer. 

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Sep 06, 202201:28:01
Aug. 28 2022 - Rick Shone On Cops And Safety; Klein and RFO Campaign Updates

Aug. 28 2022 - Rick Shone On Cops And Safety; Klein and RFO Campaign Updates

The Magic Word Is 'Starter' as Marty finally got to the bottom of the car problems! But even without getting to live events with candidates this week, we had lots to talk about in Episode 14. And as we predicted - crime, policing and public safety continue to get big attention from the Mayoral hopefuls.

2:45 - We get a couple of small corrections on the record from Episode 13 (Attn: S. Dobson and E. Duncan)

4:08 - An email from Rick Shone, running for Mayor and making a good impression along the way, is Part 1. He was responding to Spirited Kenny's remarks about police shifts in supermarkets and Shone clarifies who's paying. Kenny makes an important point about WPS officer burnout and whether taking extra special duty shifts might be adding risk instead of rest. Shone also describes his views as a small retailer of the shoplifting problem in Winnipeg which he says was made worse by lax big box stores, slams the Manitoba Liquor store "solution", and explains how he handles it at Wilderness Supply. We talk about his email and note how candidates like him and Don Woodstock have first-hand experience at street level with crime- and their ideas are worth looking at.  

18:45 - Part 2 starts with a fast review of Kevin Klein's announcement this week. He would try to coordinate all the groups working on homelessness issues and try to ensure we get the best results from the grants City Council gives to them. Kenny and Marty assess that idea given the rivalries between the competing groups, and also Klein's proposal to have BIZ organizations (and the City) give entry-level jobs to recovering homeless folks.   

25:38 - Robert-Falcon Ouellette took to the progressive line of "re-defining policing". His goal is to find ways to improve crime response and prevention. RFO also wants Winnipeg police training to be revised, based on ideas from the failed former police chief of the 1990s David Cassels, who walked away from the job after barely 2 years. Hear what we think of their idea for the federal government to create national training standards. We discuss how the feds are responsible for the rise in brazen criminal violence by eliminating deterrence and trial delays, and we tie it back to Shone's comments about the LCs.  

34:20 - An in-progress robbery at a St. James business got no police response on Friday afternoon. The owner of Red Bomb Fireworks corresponded with Hal Anderson, who is running to replace Klein in Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood. We go over the details of how an exasperated Matt Bialek watched on security cameras - while on the line with 911 - as the criminal, who had zero fear of being caught, taunted his staff. 


As we enter the last half of our independent coverage of the election, we thank all of you for listening, talking with us, sending us opinions questions and tips, and helping us keep alive the spirit of citizen journalism that was pioneered on 92.9 KICK-FM and City Circus on Shaw-TV. 

For those who only know of us from radio- Marty conducted a series of Shaw-TV interviews in the 2014 election, talking with prospective successors to Sam Katz for 27 minutes each. 

Watch the episode with the eventual runner-up for Mayor that year, Judy Wasylycia-Leis.


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Aug 29, 202240:39
Aug. 22 2022 - The RFO Interview - And Some New Council Candidates Emerge

Aug. 22 2022 - The RFO Interview - And Some New Council Candidates Emerge

One of the most popular interviews Marty conducted during the 2014 Winnipeg Mayoral race was with a political unknown - Robert-Falcon Ouellette. He parlayed an unexpected 3rd place finish to ride the wave of Trudeaumania Pt. 2 to Ottawa the next year. Now he's taking another shot at the Mayor's chair, and Marty spoke with him about his 'surface lot redevelopment tax' plan, and also quizzed RFO about his election campaign. We even got a bit of a scoop about an upcoming policy concept RFO is reviving from the 2014 platform.

6.40  RFO press conference - Hear his proposal to charge owners of surface lots- especially the 172 acres in downtown - a special assessment rate equal to a 4 story commercial building. He spoke about how it would improve public safety and force owners to spark a construction boom.

13.35  A short lead in to a back-and-forth with RFO

14.50  RFO's logic leads to specific questions. Marty asks the candidate if he'd include lots owned by churches like Calvary Temple in this tax assessment and whether it penalizes the church for investing in servicing their congregation. A follow-up question asks the same about Rupert Ave. surface lots that serve the major arts organizations. Hear RFO's theory of how these forced unplanned construction projects can be paid for (and it isn't private investment).

19.25  Marty followed up on the example of Calvary Temple by going to interview a surprised church official, who declined to comment directly, but did point out a major stumbling block to RFO's idea. That's not the only hurdle, as Marty and Kenny discuss.

31.55  Ouellette fields 4 questions from Marty - about his campaign, how he can emerge from the crowded field, "how good ideas should never die", and provides a message for our audience.

38.30  General discussion about the RFO Q and A and his role in the election.

Part 2

45.25  A rundown of the newest candidates who will now challenge for a seat on city council.

53.30  The worst problems voters want solved are crappy city services, and random violent crime. We recap the excuse used to *not* pick up garbage at a Charleswood home, discuss the St. James home invasion where calling 911 was useless and left a young couple in fear and frustration, and point out that no surface parking lots had anything to do with the random bear-spray attack on 10 folks outside Club 200 this week. Think they have fear and trauma now?

Hear how Glen Murray, of all people, is following our lead from earlier this summer and talking about the fear of crime and violence and the repeated recidivism of the perps, which we said was at the forefront of election issues. Unlike Murray, we discuss who's to blame by name, Mayor Brian Bowman - who Murray endorsed in 2018 - and Police Chief Danny Smyth. 

We talk about how the next Mayor has to be honest and while supporting rehab services for some, ensure the public isn't victimized by the willfully criminal.

As Marty explains: "There's no message from any of the candidates that Winnipeg will not welcome criminals." Kenny explains how he has seen the downward spiral from 5 years ago downtown.

1.07.20  We wrap up by discussing the revival of Aurora Recovery centre in Gimli. It's been taken back over by Michael Bruneau, and ask whether the next mayor should be exploring if the City can reserve 20 of the 60 new beds he's adding to the facility.

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Aug 22, 202201:18:27
Aug. 15 2022 - Klein Responds To Coun. Eadie / Glen Murray Takes Flak On 4 Fronts

Aug. 15 2022 - Klein Responds To Coun. Eadie / Glen Murray Takes Flak On 4 Fronts

We received an extensive response to the comments of Mynarski Coun. Ross Eadie about the entry of Kevin Klein to the Mayoral race-  if you want the entire reply of Coun. Klein, we can email it to you. 

5.00  The response began with Klein's view of Wise Up Winnipeg driver advocate Chris Sweryda:

"Chris is one of many who have tried to bring things to light... City employees, and the public, shouldn’t have to face an uphill battle to bring forward problems and suggestions and improvements, especially if they find errors in data. As Mayor of Winnipeg, taxpayers will not have to fear City Hall."

He addresses Eadie's questions about how Klein would fix financing issues with ambulances and police - including by 'increased or decreased taxation', and says that the Planning Department which can drive additional revenue is underfunded. Klein asks "Wouldn't we want to increase funding to this department' - and we explain why taxpayers wouldn't. He acknowledges "There are limits to tax increases as residents may move to surrounding RMs or other provinces to find lower taxation" and asserts "I will try to end the arbitrary tax increases based on guesswork and politics." Klein also refers to reducing arson and city fuel costs. 

This led to a discussion of poor planning of new neighborhoods, deficient transit services, downtown decay, and the results of what Marty says was "development for the sake of development." Then comes Part 2.

24.00  The increase in pressure on 'he who used to be Mayor', Glen Murray, came from 4 fronts last week. Whether it be his memory, his accuracy, his work history or his honesty, the other campaigns keep noticing, and even long-time lefties say 'Glen's opportunism' turns them off.  

First- Scott Gillingham took Murray to task for questioning his campaign announcement about city 311 staffing and spending. 

"Mr. Murray finds this odd b/c he was busy in Toronto, focused on his federal leadership ambitions in October 2020, so he may have missed the fact that cities across Canada - including Winnipeg - were fighting severe budget challenges from a global pandemic at the time... Repeatedly, Mr. Murray has campaigned as if the pandemic didn't happen."

30:50  As for Murray's failed run at the Green Party post, the Elections Commissioner sent a reply to Jenny Motkaluk's fomal complaint that her opponent has broken federal law by not filing his donor and expense returns. The OCCE replied "Electors in the City of Winnipeg may choose to use (news) reports to inform their decision-making or to request additional information or clarification from the candidate.“ She upped the ante by calling on Murray to tell voters if and when he comes under investigation.

34.30  Don Woodstock had already asked Murray to sign a pledge not to be a "habitual quitter" - again - if elected Mayor; 

36.10 The Rana Bokhari camp caught Murray stretching the truth about how long he has been back in the city, and reminded voters that when he left Ontario politics, he said he was done with public life.

40.25  Hear what former NDP MLA Sharon Blady said, about Glen Murray "for some bizarre reason being treated like a returning hero."

(And no one mentioned Caledon. We did.) 

Then we report on why Woodstock may be on to something: an old interview revealed that Glen Murray did have a remaining political ambition in Winnipeg- but not at 510 Main Street.

Aug 16, 202201:07:15
Aug 10 2022 - Woodstock Warns: "Glen Murray Is A Habitual Quitter", Last Exit From Mayor's Office Cost Winnipeg $2M

Aug 10 2022 - Woodstock Warns: "Glen Murray Is A Habitual Quitter", Last Exit From Mayor's Office Cost Winnipeg $2M

Another mid-week edition focuses on a Mayoral candidate who speaks from the inner city, Don Woodstock. He held a press conference on Wednesday, challenging Glen Murray to sign a Winnipeg Mayoral Service Agreement promising to serve the full term - unlike his last whirl in the Mayor's chair - if elected Mayor on October 26. 

3.10 Don Woodstock told the media: "Glen Murray is a habitual quiitter and Winnipeg should not trust him." 

Reviewing the chronological history of Murray repeatedly getting elected and walking out before the end of his term, Woodstock reminds that the 2004 byelection cost Winnipeg taxpayers $2M. He questions why Murray left public life in 2018 for a 'dream job' at the Pembina Institute, but quit soon after. Hear how he thinks Murray might again be lured away from City Hall.

"Who leaves their dream job less than a year in? Because, Glen Murray is a habitual quitter... he quit on the people of 3 cities - Winnipeg, Toronto and Calgary." 

6.20  Marty explains the history behind Woodstock's talking points about Murray's career moves. He gives some background on the Caledon land development controversy that Murray inexplicably waded into, then asks Woodstock about it.

11.20  Woodstock takes off the gloves, rejecting Murray's different explanations for his apparent intimidation (as a cabinet minister) of Ontario mayor Marolyn Morrison in 2014 to help a housing developer. 

"We've had our fair share of that kind of politics. Winnipegers, we should be sick and tired of it by now (and) guard ourselves from anybody who is affiliated with that kind of politics. That kind of politics have no kind of business in our city hall." 

12.23  Marty details the criminal activity that victimized Morrison for opposing a developer who Murray was supporting. He believes Winnipeg is wiser and more cynical towards corruption in City Hall nowadays - and asks Woodstock about endorsements from the likes of Gail Asper.

16.40  Woodstock identifies the choice for voters: he asserts that Mayoral hopeful Coun. Scott Gillingham and both Gail Asper and Glen Murray represent "that same old big old boys club... that think they have a right to this city. They think they own us all and they turn their nose up at us."

17.47  Marty explores how Woodstock sees this race by going back to the 80's: His mentor Yoram Hamizarachi saw how 'blue ribbon panels' of elitists did anything to maintain their hold on Winnipeg. Woodstock says it hasn't changed and that's why Asper et al don't take responsibilty after they endorsed Brian Bowman 4 years ago -- yet now claim the city is dangerous and decrepit! 

22.47  Woodstock explained he wasn't a "status jumper" - the difference between his previous runs for public office and Murray's.

"He went for greener pastures, why? because he's a habitual quitter... which company you know, small or large, would hire somebody with Glen Murray's track record for quitting? Which one. Tell me. The answer is none." 

24.15  The final segment recaps Woodstock's theme: a career politician like Glen Murray is the candidate of the elite and an old boys club, who admire his upward mobility. But Marty wonders if the "down on earth where there's needles on the boulevard" people of Winnipeg value loyalty and integrity more. 

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Aug 12, 202230:44
Aug. 8 2022 - Glen Murray Should Come Clean About Caledon

Aug. 8 2022 - Glen Murray Should Come Clean About Caledon

Our plan to talk about those 'other' candidates took a turn on Thursday, when CBC reported that a retired Ontario small-town Mayor claims she was intimidated by Glen Murray on behalf of a housing developer in 2013. Murray wasn't a lobbyist, he was a Liberal cabinet minister in the Kathleen Wynne government. Winnipeg newspapers are ignoring this scandal, but we aren't.

In Part One:

6.00 Coun. Ross Eadie (Mynarski) sent Marty his comments about the last podcast, including: "Kevin Klein has some very good platform issues mentioned in the clip you played like “the system isn’t working for you”.  But, you definitely need to follow up with Klein on the following facts related to his speech."

22.20 Listen to Don Woodstock, whose campaign for Mayor is taking him down decrepit back lanes filming piles of neglected garbage, filth, used needles and worse. Every newsroom and election candidate should pay attention to what he says about desperate families and kids living on McMicken, an actual "street". More shocking Facebook audio from his trip to 'third-world' Winnipeg soon.

30.15 Kenny asks good questions about the dousing of Police Chief Danny Smyth by a water-pitcher-wielding assailant.

In Part Two: 

36.55  Shocking details of years of violence and threats suffered by Caledon's then-mayor, Marolyn Morrison, in a decade-long scenerio Spirited Kenny says sounds like a crime movie. Husband thumped out, an attempted frame-up by a CRA agent, a zoning appeal hearing underway, yet newly-minted minister Glen Murray just had to meet with her, and then told their staffers to step outside. It wasn't the first time someone tried to get her alone to talk about Solmar's land, nor the first time someone had a different version of who said what. 

The Black Rod reviewed the details and explained how his answers in a two-part investigative series by the Globe and Mail in 2018 are different from his words to local media today, including his lie "The Town Of Caledon" asked for the meeting, not him. Murray admits asking all staff to leave the room; we note he never sued Morrison or eastern media for claiming he threatened her with complaints he could make go away, if only... 

Hear how weeks before, Murray was warned he was breaking the rules and could get fired if he was caught with a Solmar rep at the disputed site - which he was in the middle of doing, when he got the warning. Two premiers didn't recall Morrison formally complained to them about the violence and threats (2008) and about Glen Murray (2014). Solmar donated to who??

1.13.50 - Marty has the 'Jewish grandmother' questions Gail Asper needs to ask "18 years more experience" Glen Murray about his meeting with Morrison. He left in 2006, has he changed since then? While he was away wielding power in Toronto and breaking election laws, Winnipeggers learned to use the internet and sniff out scandals (fire halls, land swaps, police stations). They also remember his reign. Murray underestimates them at his peril; just trotting out elitist supporters won't work. 


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Aug 08, 202201:44:10
Kevin Klein Enters Race For Mayor: "The System Is Not Working For You"

Kevin Klein Enters Race For Mayor: "The System Is Not Working For You"

On Wednesday, about 100 people gathered in Assiniboine Park to hear Councilor Kevin Klein declare he was aiming for the top spot at 510 Main Street.

"The system is broken. The system is not working for you."  

After winning election in 2018 as the representative for the ward of Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood, Klein spoke his mind at City Hall and established that he was no fan of the approach Mayor Brian Bowman took to Councilors or to the taxpayers.

Marty Gold was at the campaign launch and in this episode, he describes who announced their endorsement of Klein at the event. He discusses some of the specific comments Klein made about public safety, and on the treatment of residents, public service unions, and community groups (like Wise Up Winnipeg) when they raise concerns to council and bureaucrats.

At 5.10 - You'll hear Kevin Klein give his promise of how leadership will be delivered if he is elected - "They all want to hang on to the EPC system... (his administration) will hear the truth of what's going on on the streets of Winnipeg.... Respect, bravery, listening to learn, collaborative teamwork - that's real leadership." 

He promised to establish a Council Information Officer and insisted the City needs to add more ambulances and cop cars.

At 11.10 - Marty reviews Klein's remarks and sets up another short clip, where Klein mentioned an issue we had discussed in our interview with Mynarski candidate Aaron McDowell - the new North End police station.

At 14.45 - Listen to why Klein maintains that that new police station is a serious misstep. He claims the construction plan is based on old standards that exceeds both the reality of how current district police stations operate, AND the ability of taxpayers to pay for.

At 15.44 - Marty returns to wrap up the Klein launch coverage and touches on how this might shift support among the field on the political right. He comments on a few other candidates and on reaction to our coverage of the Probe Poll last week that placed Glen Murray in front of the pack, and reflects some views he's heard of Murray's campaign and political history. A short and fast-paced 23 minute episode!


ONLY TGCTS will give Mayoral and Council candidates extended airtime to introduce their campaign ideas to the voters. 

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* More election interviews coming soon! * 

Aug 04, 202223:21
August 1 2022 - Crime Victims Need A Voice In The Winnipeg Election

August 1 2022 - Crime Victims Need A Voice In The Winnipeg Election

Two main topics this episode: A blog post that echoed our civic election themes about crime and public safety, and then we explain- what kind of a poll did Glen Murray 'win' anyways? 

In the opening banter - rest assured this is Episode #8, not #7 as Marty said (but corrected later in the show.) The highlight (?) of Spirited Kenny's week was seeing his first local Instagram star in the flesh. Then, we quickly swing into a segment that was a pillar of our program on KICK-FM. 

We built our reputation on broadcasting alternative points of view in this city, and in particular as articulated by Winnipeg political bloggers. And one of the few remaining in the city just happened to post an excellent commentary on Saturday. 

At 6.40 Marty reads out John Dobbin's post,
Crime and Safety in Winnipeg in 2022 Part 1

John explains why every Mayoral candidate should pay attention. 

"...Being randomly attacked or being a victim of crime are probably first and foremost of concern for citizens... If people think their safety is at issue, they make different choices. It is why crime and safety blur. Perception that The Forks is safe and that crime is rare cannot only be about words but deeds."

His post also addresses safety issues inside major malls, and mentions mall parking lots are seeing carjackings. He talks of other incidents around the city. Ultimately, John Dobbin hits the nail on the head: "The randomness makes anyone say: Are we safe anywhere?"

Anyone wanting to be the next Mayor, has to produce their plan to turn the city around. Last weekend 3 teenagers at The Forks were bear-sprayed, and a west end bus was terrorized. We ask: who will speak for those 3 victims? And for all the rest of the victims. Crime victims need a voice in the Winnipeg election.

At 23.40 there's a message from Marty we ask you all listen to. 

Then: everything you wanted to know about the Probe Poll but had no one to ask. The media, with maybe one exception, is not interested in facts and context, but in headlines. 

Starting at 24.30 we look behind the headlines and news reporting of "Murray Has Healthy Lead" and at the overlooked details.

Probe described their poll as "a sample of convenience". 

What does that mean? As you'll hear, compared to random sampling, "convenience sample has an extremely high degree of bias... it is perhaps the weakest of all of the non-probability sampling strategies". 

That's the kind of Probe Research poll Glen Murray finished first in, that the media lost their minds over. 

We break down the numbers, explore the biases in the response pool, and tell you why MSM poll coverage is misleading. 

Did defending Canada Day shift support away from Jenny Motkaluk? Did anyone report that Probe poll respondents were not aware Glen Murray hadn't filed his financial disclosure yet and is in breach of the Canada Elections Act?  No? Hear what we think, as we wrap up with election notes.

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July 26 2022 - Hear Jenny Motkaluk Reveal: Glen Murray Is Still Breaching The Canada Elections Act

July 26 2022 - Hear Jenny Motkaluk Reveal: Glen Murray Is Still Breaching The Canada Elections Act

In this episode, you will hear the surprising press conference where Winnipeg Mayoral candidate Jenny Motkaluk broadsided rival Glen Murray over his undisclosed unfinished business with Elections Canada. 

Murray did not meet the deadline for filing expense and donor documentation after his failed 2020 try at the federal Green Party helm; Motkaluk discovered the province-hopping career politician is in breach of the Canada Elections Act requirements for transparency by campaigns. She's asked the Elections Commissioner to investigate.

Our coverage and analysis is the most complete reporting of this stunning revelation you will find in Winnipeg media. 

1.55 Motkaluk tells the media her campaign learned required filings were not on the Elections Canada website and that EC confirmed that Glan Murray had not filed mandatory declarations originally due April 6, 2021 

JM: "Full compliance with all election laws is expected of every candidate for office in this country"

4.45 Marty sorts out details about Murray's failure to follow the election rules and sets up the media scrum 

6.30 The first 3 media questions played include Marty first asking why voters should care about this issue; two other questions got more details of possible explanations for why the filing is 16 months overdue 

JM: "It calls into question his integrity and whether or not he thinks the rules apply to him"

8.30 Marty recaps Motkaluk's answers and adds that it's now known a 2 month extension had been granted, then explains what Bartley Kives of CBC asks in the next audio clip from the scrum 

1130 Two more questions from Kives and Motkaluk's reply about her campaign and plan to set out policy initiatives 

13.00 Marty learned that yet another Green leadership candidate is in breach alongside Murray. He reviews the explanation Heather Mack gave CBC of why she couldn't file the returns for Murray: "She inferred some mysterious volunteer vapourized the records and there was no back-up? - who knew??" He analyzes how Murray blew past the extension by 13 months before entering the Mayoral race, and by not going to court to seek a further extension Murray kept his offence hidden. Also, why did EC not prosecute these Green leadership also-rans?   

21.50 A listener heard the previous interview with Bev Pike of the South Osborne Residents Group and lamented the treatment of citizens standing up against City Hall. "It sure doesn't seem like anyone has the balls to try and make a change", he wrote. Listen to how Jenny Motkaluk responded to that comment, and explain why she supports Winnipeg residents who are scared to risk personal attacks if they stand up for their principles - citing the reaction of haters earlier this summer to her defence of celebrating Canada Day:

JM: "Being a north end girl, I don't take to bullies and I'm not afraid of people calling me names." 

23.38 Marty wraps up by noting Motkaluk will meet with Bev Pike on Wednesday to follow-up on the complaints we aired on the podcast; this is proof we make a difference and can get candidates to engage with our audience to earn their votes. 

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July 25 2022 South Osborne Rep: Next Mayor Must "Be Brave" And Fire City Planners

July 25 2022 South Osborne Rep: Next Mayor Must "Be Brave" And Fire City Planners

This week the podcast turns to voters raising serious concerns that Winnipeg needs to have fixed. The message from the South Osborne Residents' Group to those vying to win the Mayor's chair is clear: 

South Osborne 'is being treated like the North End of the South End', and that has to stop. 

Long-suffering homeowners of South Osborne say

"Transit Oriented Development" construction has brought nothing but disruptive, ruinous results (and "Transit Oriented Crime')  BRT housing developers break construction rules, and wreck their streets City planners and enforcement officials look the other way and act as if they're on the take, and  Mayor Brian Bowman has ignored their complaints about the BRT mess from Day 1

The show starts off with a brief discussion between Marty and Spirited Kenny about the sparring between former Mayor Glen Murray and Coun. Scott Gillingham in the press and on Twitter last week, over the Executive Policy Committee and overall civic governance - lots of heat but not a lot of light, in our estimation. 

Then Marty tells about deciding to follow up on a raft of email blasts sent for years to City Hall and the media from the Lord Roberts neighborhood. He took a Sunday drive through the area, saw evidence backing their complaints, and spoke with a prototypical senior citizen tending to her garden, who confirmed the area is deteriorating. 

At 24.00 Marty interviews Bev Pike, coordinator of SORG. What you will hear is a clear warning - this abuse of power and process can happen to other residential areas in our city.

"There needs to be a massive rehaul of the planning department" as SORG and other community groups that have dealt with city staff and appeared at city meetings and hearings "perceive corruption. When we share stories we see the developer community controls the planners."

"They don’t obey city laws“ is at the root of the problem. Development rules in Our Winnipeg/complete communities (like 'not building towers at the end of an old street in a mature neighborhood') have been tossed aside. The heavy truck traffic for the massive condo builds has resulted in “the blocks closest to the pretend transitway have suffered foundation damage that’s very serious, so people are moving away.“ (And the Parking Authority is adding to thire grief.) 

"This was a developer scam to build here", made worse by the Inspection division scandal - so now dangerous substandard buildings have slipped through in the name of density.

Hear Bev describe the response from Mayor Brian Bowman - "NOTHING". And wait till you hear how many emails he was sent! 

Her message is his successor must step up and "be brave" and "Get rid of all the planners at City Hall- they all seem to be corrupted by the developers." and claims Ottawa has learned "BRT is obsolete." Bev points to the 4000 condos already sitting on the market due to overdevelopment in the city as reason to put on the brakes.

"The developers have been very rigourous in all kinds of pursuasive tactics to enable them to build this much extra."

At 37.00 we review how this is one neighborhood, already challenged by increasing property crime, car thefts and break-ins, their crisis compounded by the BRT fiasco. How will a new Mayor turn that around? 

To close the show we also talk about how dangerous taking a bus is; and plug the new morning hosts at CITI-FM and Power 97.

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July 17 2022 - The Don Woodstock Interview: "The Public Don't Want Another Bowman"

July 17 2022 - The Don Woodstock Interview: "The Public Don't Want Another Bowman"

Marty's got civics covered!! But first, he gets the lowdown from Spirited Kenny on his Blue Bomber gameday experience last Friday, when the locals edged the Calgary Stampeders to go 6-0 in the CFL West. It's a funny change of pace and provides a chance to hear Kenny talk about the stadium atmosphere, the fans, the game, and his evaluation of the team's biggest strength.

At 6.00, we review how we were all over the controversy surrounding Winnipeg police chief Danny Smyth, even before Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson voiced her concerns last week. An email from Coun. Markus Chambers about our coverage and public concern leads off, then we try to recount the he said/she said between the police chief and Premier in the last few days. Smyth is pretty smug and dismissive, while claiming to be above politics. 

The City Circus column published a few hours before Stefanson spoke to the police union head, explained what the MSM is missing - Smyth attends opposition party events and remarkably, the NDP has no criticism of Smyth's lax attitude to crime victims. Who exactly has been positioning themselves for 'perceived political advantage'?  

At 18.20 we swing to the surprise interview we snagged with Mayoral candidate Don Woodstock. Marty had gone to cover the Keystone Party launch last Friday and Don attended to meet the public. 

Hear Woodstock pull no punches:

"The only reason (Gillingham) has picked up momentum is because they are trying to rig the system again... They probably would have egged (Bowman) as he walked on stage... anybody telling you they're riding his coattail and his issue and they have momentum and they have 40%, they're trying to lie to the public. The public don't want another Bowman."  

"If they buddy up to the status quo the media will be nice to them and push them over the edge. And even if they don't win they get second so they can look for a job somewhere else... Rana Bakhari's looking for work, Glen Murray's looking for work, Scott Gillingham is looking for work. Outside of politics they have nothing to do."  

Citing his success in business, he says 'time is money', and believes other candidates don't take business seriously. Woodstock also mentions the courts are failing Winnipeg "big time.. an inept system of courts and justice."

"Win lose or draw, I'm not going to stop." 

Next at 28.00 we touch on Woodstock's role as a frank-talking outsider who deals with public safety; do any of the other candidates ever drive around at 3 AM and see what's happening out there? 

Then- a round of robocalls by another Mayoral candidate, Robert-Falcon Ouellette; and a segment sorting out a skirmish between Scott Gillingham and Glen Murray that flared up on Twitter. 

At 33.00 hear us compare stories by CBC and the Winnipeg Sun; to us, it appears Murray was inadequately informed about a fund for immigration support the city had actually handed off to respected non-profits to handle 4 years ago. We also talk thru the 5 point program Murray has staked his campaign on, and his signaling a strongarm-style ultra-Green regime, if returned to the office he walked away from in 2004.   

There's some general talk about other council candidates we are trying to line up for the show, and a follow-up to our interview with Mynarski upstart Aaron McDowell, also, why Marty agrees at least a few libraries should be open on Sunday.

To end the show- hear Marty imitate how Justin Trudeau got that great new haircut!

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July 10 2022 Police Chief Danny Smyth Makes Himself An Election Issue

July 10 2022 Police Chief Danny Smyth Makes Himself An Election Issue

No Rogers network crash is going to stop The Great Canadian Talk Show from telling you what you didn't know about Winnipeg police chief Danny Smyth. 

At his press conference on Friday, he did everyone the favour of proving he is a major civic election issue. 

Smyth spoke to the media only after feeling the heat from the police union, after Winnipeg Police Association President Moe Sabourin stated "attacks on innocent people appear to be more common" - a phrase anybody with half a brain can understand. Not the top cop, though.

Despite robbery after macing after stabbing at The Forks, Danny Smyth not only said HE feels safe at the Forks- and as we explain, why wouldn't he?  -  the chief did what any politician will do when faced with their own failure. 

He blamed the media. 

"None of this is new", stated the guy whose career path has gone from superintendent to deputy chief and then to chief since 2012, while crime has skyrocketed on his watch. Pointedly, Smyth did not shed any light on the brutal beating of 2 newly-landed Ukrainian refugees on July 1st. Smyth could not even admit the stabbing in the neck of one of those refugees was attempted murder. A description of the suspects a week after the attack? Ferget-it. 

We have a brief audio clip from the presser around 16 minutes in, so you will hear it for yourself.

“I feel safe in our community,” the press reported he said. “I can’t speak for everyone’s feelings but I think we’re doing our part. The community needs to do their part. The media needs to do their part.”

Luckily, doing my part back in 2019, I wrote an extensive report on the way crime had spiraled out of control, citing the cops own statistics. Wait till you hear how over the course of 5 years in just one area, property crime spiked over 90% - and ask yourselves, how much worse is St. Boniface today? 

And we explain why. In fact, "none of this is new"! After all, Smyth showed how little he cared about being held accountable for fighting crime three years ago

As he predicted, the crime rate got worse - but according to him, he is still blameless. 

Already, one Mayoral candidate has called out Chief Smyth. 

Don Woodstock posted on his election website: "We have a problem and it's major, despite what the Chief is reporting. We are on the street speaking with the public and people are extremely nervous.”

Citing his experience owning a security company, Woodstock said, "He is not being honest with our crime situation… I am proposing that the Chief of Police should never be the spin-doctor for the administration or politicians. Our Chief was merely spinning a story because of his political appointment.”

There's a lot of details- and we try to make it relatable to your own feelings and experiences with crime in this city. 

To end the show, we quickly glance over council candidates recent Twitter posts - none about Smyth so far- and we talk more about the effects of the Rogers network crash on small business and just plain folk. 

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07 04 2022 Aaron McDowell Takes 5 Questions About The Civic Election

07 04 2022 Aaron McDowell Takes 5 Questions About The Civic Election

'Five Questions for Candidates' kicks off with Aaron McDowell, who registered on July 4 to be a candidate in Mynarski ward, where he had done case work as an EA for over 10 years. This is a great discussion with a person who understands the ways a city does- and does not- work properly, and how that affects residents and businesses every single day. 

"A meat and potatoes campaign" is how he describes the upcoming council race, addressing core issues for families and the area businesses, and explaining how a councilor has to hear out the people they will be representing.  

Aaron talks about his supportive family, the challenges of the north end ward, improving the quality of life, and the neglectful attitude of city hall - council members included - towards Mynarski's issues. 

He repeats what is his calling card: "My neighborhood is burning down and nobody is doing anything about it."

A very animated speaker, Aaron first talks about the support of his family for his career in public service; then he describes a major campaign issue: how absentee landowners use derelict and vacant properties as "ATMs", endangering the North End where he lives and works. "And when they burn down... the adjacent properties burn down too."

He outlines a solution he's worked on for six years to push through the bureaucracy, but will require the cooperation of the province. And we discussed the fact that on 92.9 KICK-FM, we spurred councilors to take action on vacant houses. Except that was 15 years ago, and he insists sterner actions are needed.

The insight Aaron gained into municipal government after years inside City Hall allows him to speak clearly - and bluntly- about crime and public safety, and the failure of other levels of government to support policing - "Morale is just shot. The cops are overwhelmed". 

He goes over the history of the Bowman regime eliminating pro-active policing - which Aaron believes led to a police chief saying adios. We raise the issues of courts and justice systems failing the city, and asked our standard Number 4 Question- isn't it time for the City to stand up to the Province for endangering the vulnerable in Winnipeg? Aaron gives a great answer and thumps the table addressing the sense of fear around the city from violence being caused by "the federal government and the provincial government off-loading their responsibilities onto municipalities."

He fills us in on the history of the issues around the new and increasingly expensive north end police station, (and hey! who knew the bus barn across from the Matheson and Main Sals was closing?). We end off by debating how the North End gets the short end of the stick - and how that has to change. Aaron speaks of a tremendous divide between the city neighborhoods.

"We are the second-tier people on this side of the tracks. We truly are."

Listen to why Aaron McDowell chose to move to the area right out of high school, and why he is so attached to "what's basically been my home my entire adult life." He also promised to do an entire episode with us just on City services. 


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07 03 2022 - Bad Week For The Forks Becomes A Civic Election Issue

07 03 2022 - Bad Week For The Forks Becomes A Civic Election Issue

(... bad couple of weeks, actually.)

After talking about what they did on Canada Day - Marty was hosting CWE wrestling in West St. Paul and Kenny was Mr. BBQ - the discussion steered towards The Forks. The 'New Day' didn't quite work out for the government-appointed Board of Directors. 


The violence continued at Winnipeg's flagship gathering place the past week, with a stabbing here and a stabbing there and HEY! another stabbing over there in front of the Canadian Museum For Human Rights. CTV gave the bare-bones re-cap

"Winnipeg police reported an attack in the parking lot on Monday night, resulting in the assault of a father and daughter."

As Marty noted, one of the two victims is a visitor from out of town. Strike 1.

"A few days later, police said two men with stab wounds were found outside The Forks Market on Wednesday. A woman was also treated for minor injuries."

That resulted in the arrest of 4 juveniles, all girls, the latest in a string of such arrests lately. Strike 2. Then -

"A Ukrainian refugee living in Winnipeg for two weeks was the victim of a Canada Day stabbing at The Forks... they were crossing the street when they bumped into another group. They attempted to turn around and apologize, but had trouble doing so because they didn’t speak the language. They then said they saw one of the men pull out bear spray... Winnipeg Police Service confirmed one man was stabbed and the other sprayed with bear mace."

So the victims this week included people who live here, at least one tourist, and newly arrived refugees fleeing Russian troops? Strike 3.

The kicker for those who want to lead this city is this: 

"The Ukrainians are unsure where they will go or what they will do now, but feel it's unsafe here."

"The couple is now calling on Winnipeggers to act more quickly to help others, and for something to be done about violent crime in the city."

"For me, the reason why I'm kind of upset is because it's just embarrassing to our city, you know, and the fact that it happened to these people," said Torres.

Marty and Kenny talk over the emergence of public safety - and the undeniable role of gangs of violent girls - as a key issue that the Mayoral candidates in particular will have to face questions about. 

Then, we go thru the list of which candidates are registered so far- including 5 councilors seeking reelection - and we close the podcast by reiterating why independent media coverage is a critical tool for voters to be informed on the issues and know where the candidates stand. 

Better leadership in the present will bring us a brighter future. Remember, You Have the Power.

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06 26 2022 - Saddle Up! There's An Election To Cover

06 26 2022 - Saddle Up! There's An Election To Cover

Winnipeg's original news and public affairs podcast has returned to report on the 2022 Winnipeg civic election! 

In this episode, host Marty Gold and co-pilot Spirited Kenny outline why there's a need for election and investigative reporting that goes beyond the agendas of MSM outlets in Winnipeg and brings insight and institutional memory to lsteners and voters. 

They talk about the origins of TGCTS and the community-minded journalists who mentored the drive-home program on KICK-FM, and touch on the olden days of talk radio in the city like Peter Warren and TalkRadio 1290. The demise of the talk format has been at the hands of modern corporate managers who do not value the importance of breaking news as a priority, and avoid controversial subjects at all costs. (Speaking of which, we have a little bit of inside info about how the Forks has handled media inquiries about their canceling traditional Canada Day celebrations - BOOOOO)

We want the public engaged and will bring thye audience as many interviews as possible with candidates - AND 3 of the crowded Mayoral field already agreed! An informed electorate is the key to the future of our city.

The upcoming weekly podcasts will largely focus on the city election in conjunction with the return of City Circus video programs, through the auspices of City Circus video and opinion columns and TGCTS podcasts will be available on their website. 

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