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The Heretic

The Heretic

By Pascal Finette

The Heretic is a free semi-frequent dispatch delivering insights into leadership in exponential times. For entrepreneurs, corporate irritants and change makers. Raw, unfiltered and opinionated.
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The Deeper You Get

The HereticFeb 22, 2023

No One Cares

No One Cares

The Heretic Dispatch

May 31, 202301:05
Poke Life

Poke Life

The Heretic Dispatch:


On November 11th, 1994, around the same time, the first passengers traveled through the Channel Tunnel, and the chemical element Darmstadtium was discovered, the Santa Clara Valley Historical Association (also known as the Silicon Valley Historical Association) interviewed Steve Jobs.

It is one of the most remarkable reflections of an undoubtedly remarkable person:

Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact, and that is: Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you. And you can change it. You can influence it. You can build your own things that other people can use. And the minute that you understand that you can poke life, and actually something will, you know, if you push in, something will pop out the other side, that you can change it. You can mold it.

Let this sink in for a moment.

Look around you – everything (EVERYTHING) around you, from the chair you might be sitting on to the digital device (and all its components it is made of) you read or listen to this, was made by someone. Not some singular uber-genius but a normal person doing normal things. That person can easily be you.

Poke life. And never stop poking.

May 12, 202301:35
Give a Damn

Give a Damn

The Heretic Dispatch:

Apr 25, 202301:16
Perfection Sucks, and It’s Boring

Perfection Sucks, and It’s Boring

The Heretic Dispatch:

You love what you are doing, are good at it, and take great pride in your work. Awesome. But are you a perfectionist?

It’s funny how we strive (rightfully so) for greatness. We spend countless hours honing our craft. We aim to remove even the slightest flaws – to deliver the perfect product (whatever that might be in your world). And then we become bores.

See, in our effort, we delivered a beautifully polished product – one which ticks all the boxes, but also one which, due to its lack of faults and quirks, is just… boring.

The most iconic products, services, and people have mastered the incredible transition from being perfect at what they do to the extent that they allow tiny imperfections to shine through. It’s the difference between a synthetic and natural diamond: The former is flawless, and the latter is priceless – despite (actually: because of) its tiny imperfections.

Imperfection creates personality. Personality, not perfection, is what we love.

So go ahead be imperfect. We love you for it.

Apr 12, 202301:19
Learning from the Best

Learning from the Best

The Heretic Dispatch:

Apr 04, 202301:27
Der Fisch Stinkt Vom Kopf

Der Fisch Stinkt Vom Kopf

The Heretic Dispatch:

Mar 16, 202301:50
The Most Important Insight Into Leadership

The Most Important Insight Into Leadership

In this week's episode we deep dive into leadership, why most the advice you get is rather meaningless, and how you become a world-class leader.

The Heretic Dispatch:

Mar 08, 202302:58
The Deeper You Get

The Deeper You Get

The Heretic Dispatch:

Feb 22, 202301:48
Lean Into The Future

Lean Into The Future

The Heretic Dispatch:

Feb 07, 202301:49
Stick With It
Jan 27, 202302:26
What Doesn’t Change?

What Doesn’t Change?

The Heretic Dispatch:

Jan 20, 202301:26
The Adjacent Possible

The Adjacent Possible

The Heretic Dispatch:

Jan 12, 202301:57
Jan 02, 202301:44
It Pays To Be Early
Dec 12, 202201:09
On Change And Changing
Dec 05, 202201:34
Stuff Is Just Hard
Nov 17, 202201:21
Why Big Corp Won't Hurt You
Nov 13, 202201:32
Whatever is Easiest Wins
Oct 28, 202201:25
Everybody Is Faking It All the Time
Oct 20, 202201:29
Nobody Knows Anything Anyway
Oct 11, 202201:44
Best Practices Are (Usually) Temporal

Best Practices Are (Usually) Temporal

The Heretic Dispatch:
Oct 04, 202201:25
I Used To Think
Sep 04, 202201:27
To Become a Better Leader, Become a Better Human

To Become a Better Leader, Become a Better Human

The Heretic Dispatch:,-become-a-better-human/
Aug 28, 202201:36
On Leaders and Managers
Aug 20, 202201:33
Don’t Be That Guy
Aug 12, 202201:22
Der Fisch Stinkt Vom Kopf
Jul 25, 202201:22
Nothing Matters — Everything Matters
Jul 17, 202202:26
Do One Thing
Jul 07, 202201:25
Embrace The Tension
Jun 24, 202201:45
The Simple Secret To Running a Productive Brainstorm
Jun 13, 202202:14
How You Know That You Are An Entrepreneur
Jun 04, 202202:03
To Commit, Let Go
May 25, 202201:40
How to Combat “Squirrel Brain”
May 11, 202203:51
The Right Time Is Right Now
May 02, 202201:47
How To Be (More) Creative
Apr 21, 202202:40
Persistence Is A Startups Superpower
Apr 15, 202202:05
How To Make Your Own Luck
Apr 06, 202202:16
The Three Question Journey to Sustained Growth
Apr 01, 202202:24
Solve Gnarly Problems
Mar 24, 202202:18
Follow Me Home
Mar 18, 202203:06
I Have Questions
Mar 09, 202201:58
Obvious is Better
Feb 17, 202202:36
Imagining a Better Future (With Kraftwerk)

Imagining a Better Future (With Kraftwerk)

The Heretic Dispatch:
Feb 10, 202202:25
How Do I Begin?
Feb 03, 202201:30
The 60/20/20 Rule for the Future (And Running Your Business)
Jan 27, 202203:11
Thinking About “Thinking Outside of the Box”
Jan 20, 202201:28
Leading Into and in the Unknown
Jan 13, 202202:14
Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast
Jan 03, 202201:33
First Lesson of Marketing: Saddles versus Horseback Riding
Dec 14, 202101:53
Sometimes You Just Need To Be Okay With Yourself and the World
Dec 08, 202101:46
Possibly the Most Important Skill of the Future – Neugier
Nov 19, 202101:47
The Weird World of COVID-19
Nov 16, 202101:55
Ten Things I Learned: No 11 — Encore
Nov 09, 202102:01
Ten Things I Learned: No 10 — Start Now
Nov 04, 202101:46
Ten Things I Learned: No 9 — Think Big and Build What Matters
Nov 02, 202102:22
Ten Things I Learned: No 8 — Ignorant
Oct 28, 202102:35
Ten Things I Learned: No 7 — Resilient
Oct 26, 202102:45
Ten Things I Learned: No 6 — Smarter
Oct 21, 202102:56
Ten Things I Learned: No 5 — Networked
Oct 19, 202103:12
Ten Things I Learned: No 4 — Focused
Oct 15, 202102:54
Ten Things I Learned: No 3 — Louder
Oct 11, 202102:38
Ten Things I Learned: No 2 — Faster
Oct 07, 202102:05
Ten Things I Learned: No 1 — Better
Oct 04, 202103:05
The Doner Kebab Test
Sep 27, 202101:50
Be Careful What You Wish For
Sep 23, 202101:48
Doing A Job
Sep 20, 202102:13
Common Sense
Sep 16, 202101:07
The One Thing
Sep 13, 202101:34
Disruption is a State Change
Sep 09, 202102:38
The Hardest Part of Doing Anything Is…
Sep 02, 202101:23
Aug 30, 202101:06
On Success and Failure
Aug 26, 202101:49
Listen. Truly Listen.
Aug 23, 202101:39
Smaller And Smaller
Aug 19, 202102:37
Newton’s Third Law of Motion
Aug 16, 202102:05
Time to Rewrite The Story
Aug 12, 202101:13
Beachballs and Icebergs
Aug 09, 202102:12
Pay Attention To What You Pay Attention to
Aug 06, 202101:29
Understanding Generations
Aug 02, 202101:53
Power Ten
Jul 30, 202102:06
What You Can Learn From Story
Jul 26, 202101:56
Do You Really Want A Pet Tiger?
Jul 22, 202102:09
How We Form Abstract Beliefs
Jul 19, 202102:07
First Principles And The Power of Analogs
Jul 15, 202101:52
Don’t Let It Happen
Jul 12, 202101:12
Can Or Do You?
Jul 08, 202101:44
Lean Into The Future
Jul 05, 202101:33
Productivity vs/and Creativity
Jul 01, 202102:06
Measure — And Measure The Right Things
Jun 28, 202103:03
The Winchester House
Jun 24, 202102:07
Five Magic Hours
Jun 21, 202101:49
Premature Optimization
Jun 17, 202101:50
Time to Choose
Jun 14, 202102:06
You Have to Dig
Jun 10, 202101:55
The Avoidance And Embrace of Hard Times
Jun 07, 202101:59
On Genius
Jun 03, 202101:30
Things You Can Learn From a Horse

Things You Can Learn From a Horse

The Heretic Dispatch:
Jun 01, 202101:20
Don’t Do Anything That’s Been Done Before
May 27, 202101:39
Nintendo Wii, Flatscreen Displays and the Future of…
May 24, 202103:28
Ask This Question When Hiring Someone
May 20, 202101:56
Shock The People

Shock The People

The Heretic Dispatch:
May 17, 202101:51
Taking a Shave with Occam’s Razor
May 13, 202102:33
The First Principles of First Principles Thinking
May 10, 202102:38
Know Thyself
May 03, 202103:18
The Number One (And Possibly Only) Reason Companies Fail
Apr 29, 202102:44
Rolling The Dice
Apr 26, 202102:36
Apr 22, 202102:26
Should I Stay or Should I Go
Apr 19, 202102:15
Apr 15, 202104:41
Don’t Trust This Man
Apr 12, 202102:47
Switch Off The Autopilot (For Once)
Apr 08, 202101:36
Embrace The Chaos
Apr 05, 202103:03
Apr 01, 202103:25
Eile Mit Weile

Eile Mit Weile

The Heretic Dispatch:
Mar 29, 202102:15
The Power of Asking The (Right) Question
Mar 25, 202102:47
Beware the Dunning-Kruger Effect
Mar 22, 202102:49
The Power of Three
Mar 18, 202103:32
The Common Denominator of Success
Mar 15, 202102:48
Invert, Always Invert
Mar 11, 202102:42
Learnings From Cooking (And German Sayings)

Learnings From Cooking (And German Sayings)

The Heretic Dispatch:
Mar 08, 202103:10
Apps Become Infrastructure Become Apps
Mar 04, 202103:34
Do Not Forget The Gestalt
Mar 01, 202103:52
Ask These Questions Always
Feb 25, 202103:07
Don’t Hide Behind Fancy Language
Feb 23, 202102:56
Transform Your Company Into a Future That Is Unfolding Before You
Feb 18, 202103:55
The New Shape Of The Long Tail
Feb 18, 202104:49