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The Leopard Voyage Podcast: Exploring Africa's Best Destinations

The Leopard Voyage Podcast: Exploring Africa's Best Destinations

By The Leopard Voyage Podcast

A travel podcast that takes you on a journey through South Africa. Discover the people, places and animals that call South Africa home. Hosted by Diana Granoux.

We live for travel and its ability to allow us to suspend reality and to explore, dream and discover the world and ourselves. We love nothing more than hearing from our clients how happy a particular experience made them or how an encounter with wildlife in the bush changed them or how much their children learned from a trip to Africa.
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Season Preview

The Leopard Voyage Podcast: Exploring Africa's Best DestinationsJan 04, 2022

Season Preview

Season Preview

A showcase of the 8 incredible guests who participated in this podcast series.

Series guests:

  1. Scott Ramsay, Photographer
  2. Ngoni Mtizwa, Sommelier
  3. Jo Buitendach, Storyteller
  4. Les Carlisle, Conservationist
  5. DuduBloom More, Artist
  6. Pavs Pillay, Marine Biologist
  7. Sean Privett, Botanist
  8. Marnus Scholly, Chef


Jan 04, 202209:25
Marnus Scholly, Chef
Jan 03, 202235:15
Sean Privett, Botanist
Jan 02, 202245:23
Pavs Pillay, Marine Biologist
Jan 01, 202256:11
DuduBloom More, Artist
Dec 31, 202129:46
Les Carlisle, Conservationist
Dec 30, 202154:57
Jo Buitendach, Storyteller
Dec 29, 202155:09
Scott Ramsay, Photographer
Dec 28, 202149:43
Ngoni Mtizwa, Sommelier
Dec 27, 202133:01
Welcome to The Leopard Voyage Podcast

Welcome to The Leopard Voyage Podcast

South Africa’s diversity is unlike anywhere else in the world. It is present in our multitude of histories, the sprawling cities and boundless rural villages, and the wide range of ecosystems that have shaped the distinct plants and animals that we find here.

It is home to the Big Five and the equally alluring Little Five. In a single day, you can travel from the arid Namaqualand with its natural flower show to the icy waters of Cape Town with its colonies of penguins, packs of seals and pods of whales. Or great white sharks, for the brave. You can scale the peaks of the snow-capped Drakensberg and soak in the tropically warm waters of Durban within a few hours.

But, in between all these spectacles, one encounters our true heterogeneity, our people. You’ll receive as much warmth filling up at the local petrol station as you will at the nearby international hotel.

Our cultures mix and mesh to offer internationally awarded wines alongside traditional Umqombothi and world-ranked restaurants situated down the road from corner shops famed for their bunny chow.

In this podcast, Diana Granoux, captures the multitude of unique opportunities for the informed visitor. Season 1 features 8 South Africans from a mix of backgrounds and professions.

We’ll gather insights from experts on photography to the oceans, from food and wine to botany and art. These passionate people will share what they love most about South Africa and provide you with a unique perspective on what this destination has to offer.

Visit Leopard to curate your best travel experience:

Dec 26, 202102:02