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The Miscast

The Miscast

By The Miscast

Drake Sasser and Mikey Holohan talk about the latest news, spicy brews and strategies in cEDH!
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No Thoracle No Problem! cEDH Before FIRE

The MiscastDec 26, 2022

No Thoracle No Problem! cEDH Before FIRE
Dec 26, 202201:04:08
What Does Your Deck Do?
Sep 30, 202201:15:08
Punt City Debrief
Aug 31, 202201:05:36
Table Talk! Leveraging Politics in cEDH

Table Talk! Leveraging Politics in cEDH

Drake and Mikey discuss how to maximize the value of politics and table talk in cEDH!

Aug 20, 202201:09:21
Who's The Beatdown? Role Assessment in cEDH
Jul 13, 202201:24:31
Solving cEDH: The Process Of Tournament Preparation
Jun 29, 202201:23:40
Bryant's Pile of Broken with Bryant Cook!
Jun 17, 202201:28:01
Passive Card Advantage Streams
Jun 06, 202201:26:60
Cast Your Spells!

Cast Your Spells!

Drake and Mikey discuss spite plays and king making in casual and competitive environments.

May 13, 202201:15:56
It's Free Real Estate?
Apr 25, 202201:26:48
Casual To Competitive With Diggles

Casual To Competitive With Diggles

Drake and Mikey discuss their journeys from casual to competitive EDH alongside special guest Diggles!

Apr 16, 202201:31:10
The Tymna Dilemma
Apr 05, 202201:21:45
Azorius In cEDH With Whimsey
Apr 03, 202201:28:52
The Challenges of Tournaments
Mar 23, 202201:29:26
Priority Bullying

Priority Bullying

Drake and Mikey discuss priority bullying as a strategy. What is it? When should you do it? Should you do it at all? How is it different than sandbagging? All this and more discussed on this episode!

Mar 11, 202201:22:54
Hermit Druid Is Back?!
Mar 04, 202201:48:27
Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty in cEDH

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty in cEDH

For the pilot of The Miscast, Drake and Mikey discuss the cards from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty that have the potential to have a major impact on cEDH.

Feb 25, 202201:33:01