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The Odyheyr Podcast: An Adventures in Odyssey Fancast

The Odyheyr Podcast: An Adventures in Odyssey Fancast

By Gabriel’s Ideas

Welcome to the Podcast that Everyone Outta Hear! Well, allegedly anyway. Join long-time fan Gabriel Coats as he discusses Adventures in Odyssey episodes new and old, along with a few antics and hijinks along the way. This podcast will give in-depth reviews of episodes from one of the longest running Christian audio dramas. Come along as Gabriel continues to make this the podcast that you outta hear.
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14: CEMS, Assemble

The Odyheyr Podcast: An Adventures in Odyssey FancastJan 24, 2023

14: CEMS, Assemble
Jan 24, 202322:56
13: 28 Minutes
Dec 28, 202228:01
12: Sometimes I Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me
Dec 13, 202222:53
11: Slient Night
Dec 24, 202121:31
10: Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off
Mar 16, 202136:28
Gabriel's Initial Reaction to 909: Let's Call the Whole Thing Off
Feb 17, 202107:53
09: Further from the Truth
Feb 02, 202122:26
08: A Sacrificial Escape
Jan 19, 202128:50
07: Accidental Dilemma, Part 2
Jan 05, 202120:13
06: Accidental Dilemma, Part 1
Dec 22, 202022:37
05: Fathers and Sons (with Malachi and Micah D’Alessandro)
Dec 08, 202039:12
04: The Rydell Revelations, Part 3

04: The Rydell Revelations, Part 3

Note: Before listening, we would encourage you to go check out Lee Acim’s post on AIO Audio News, about the question that they discuss in the episode: Was Morrie Right? We want you to form your own thoughts before listening to their’s.

MEGA SUPER DUPER EPIC SPOILER ALERT! In this episode, Gentry returns to complete their reviews of the Rydell Revelations three parter—along with a third person, who hasn’t even listened to any of the Rydell Saga. Not even this episode. And that’s just the start of the chaos that ensues in this episode. And in the midst of it all, Gabriel goes blank!! You have to listen to it to believe it on this episode.



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What If Morrie Was Right? - AIO Audio News

Sep 16, 202001:12:48
03: The Rydell Revelations, Part 2
Aug 25, 202037:22
02: The Rydell Revelations, Part 1
Aug 05, 202048:49
01: Odyssey Sings
Jul 21, 202001:02:46