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The Point

The Point

By La Pointe Foundation | Callie Himsl

An in-depth, intimate, and sometimes humorous look into combating some of the world’s toughest problems through the experiences of some of the world’s most influential people. We offer a straight talk approach to examining education, healthcare, entrepreneurship, and the pursuit of social justice.
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Jennifer Perry: Foster More: Because No Child Makes it Alone

The PointAug 03, 2021

David Gaines: Use your work to change the world
May 16, 202333:12
Jason Porterfield: Holy Week
Apr 02, 202336:02
Moto Meds: Saving Lives Through Nighttime Intervention
Feb 13, 202345:47
Shawn Duncan: How to Disrupt Systems of Oppression

Shawn Duncan: How to Disrupt Systems of Oppression

How do we disrupt systems that protect promote and perpetuate social and inequality? This is not a small task or an easy thing to discuss but if we are serious about bringing social justice to the surface, it is a conversation that we must have and not just today, but ongoing.  And here to lead us in this conversation is Dr. Shawn Duncan 

He is the Director of the training and Consulting Division for an impressive group called Focused Community Strategies or FCS. This organization was started by Dr Lupton best know for the book Toxic Charity, and Charity Detox.   Shawn is a TEDx Speaker, trainer, consultant, and honestly just one of those people you feel like you could learn something new from every day. Dr. Shawn Duncan is the Director of FCS’s Training and Consulting Division, The Lupton Center.  

 Shawn comes to FCS from the nonprofit leadership sector with research and writing focused on pedagogies for social impact. In his previous careers he has focused on multi-sector coalition building for community impact, content and curriculum design, group facilitation, leadership development, and immigration reform advocacy. As the leader of The Lupton Center team, Shawn brings a visionary voice for innovation, a strategic mind for resource development, and the leadership acumen to support and equip the team for success.   

He loves being a part of a mission-driven team that finds joy in one another while doing such important work.  

Take a deep dive with us today with our new friend and long-time ally Shawn Duncan.

Jan 23, 202338:35
Urban Farming: Mill Creek Farms

Urban Farming: Mill Creek Farms

Mill Creek Farms: Farmer Levi & Farmer Tosheena

Here’s 5 food facts I am sure you didnt know

  • Twenty-five million Americans live more than a mile or 15-minute drive from a grocery store
  • The average item on grocery shelves travels an astounding 1,500 miles to get there
  • People living in the poorest (social-economic status) have 2.5 times the exposure to fast-food restaurants as those living in the wealthiest areas. Thus Food insecurity has a high correlation with increased diabetes rates
  • We throw away 60% of our lettuce and spinach
  • We are already use half the worlds land and 30% of its water to grow food, but by 2050 we have to increase food production by 70%

Mill Creek Urban Farm is an educational farm and environmental education center located in West Philadelphia. They are dedicated to improving local access to fresh, chemical-free produce at low cost for the immediate Mill Creek community and surrounding neighborhoods.

Mill Creek is a people of color-led non-profit organization in service of communities of color in need of basic resources. They are dedicated to cultivating a healthy environment, growing strong communities and promoting a just and sustainable food system.

Dec 15, 202232:18
Natalia Bondarenko: Ukraine-Russian War, A Mother’s Story

Natalia Bondarenko: Ukraine-Russian War, A Mother’s Story

Natalia Bondarenko: Ukraine-Russian War, A Mother’s Story 

One day your life is as normal and the very next day Russian soldiers have taken over your home, bombed your car, and destroyed your business. That is the devastating reality for thousands of families including Nata and her 13-year-old son Yegor.

From hiding in underground subway stations to killing pigeons for food, Nata shares her first-hand experience of what life is really like in Ukraine as the Russian war progresses.

Join us in this emotional and moving conversation with Nata Bondarenko: A Mother’s Story

Nov 03, 202235:29
Callie Himsl: Top 5 New Essentials to Social Justice

Callie Himsl: Top 5 New Essentials to Social Justice

Callie Himsl: Top 5 New Essentials to Social Justice

When I first stepped foot in the Caribbean country of Haiti, just an hour and a half flight from Florida, it was about a year after the unfortunate 2010 earthquake that brought the country back to the front minds of the world.

I jokingly tell people that at that time we didn’t even have iPhones, ok but seriously we kind of did but like no one did, I was T-9ing on my Nokia brick phone

So much has changed since that time, Uber exists, Airbnb is now a thing, fingerprint pay, tap to pay, Venmo, all the ways to pay have changed, but on a more serious note, the way we approach foreign aid, social aid, and many levels in the world of social justice has changed, which I guess you could say is a good thing, that means we are learning and evolving - but with that comes responsibility, we have to learn these new terms, these new approaches, new theories and do all of this within an always evolving world, after all when you are in the realm of social justice, the root of what you do is working with people, and people are…always changing

So that is what we are here to talk about today, the new words, the new theories and new ways to approach these very complex topics.

Nov 01, 202232:50
Craig Greenfield: Discover a New Way to do Missions: Subversive Mission
Oct 17, 202231:04
Jennifer Talansky: Using Data for Justice & Racial Equity
Oct 14, 202238:25
Chuck Mingo: Changing the Narrative of Racial Justice

Chuck Mingo: Changing the Narrative of Racial Justice

In this episode, we cover a topic that makes many of us uncomfortable and inevitably brings tension. But according to one man, that tension is part of the call to healing. The healing we are talking about? Racial reconciliation

Join our conversation with Chuck Mingo, the founder of Living Undivided, a program that has taken thousands of participants through life-changing moments of racial healing.

This program was created by Chuck and his team as a response to the present and past injustices surrounding race.

In addition to Living Undivided chuck is also a teaching pastor at one of the largest churches in America and spent almost a decade in the corporate world at Procter & Gamble.

We invite you to get uncomfortable with us as we explore this topic.

Contact and Links:

Aug 15, 202228:19
Lisa Stueckemann: Fundraising Rebel
Jun 17, 202233:52
Stephanie Bowman: From addiction to Advocate
May 27, 202246:01
Lauren Neal: A Guide to Ethical Storytelling
May 04, 202222:52


Fatima Sadaf Saied is the Executive Director of the Muslim Women’s Organization (MWO) based in Orlando, Florida.  As the daughter of Pakistani immigrants and a native Floridian, she witnessed her parents build and dedicate their lives to inclusive Islamic institutions including mosques, schools and civic organizations throughout her childhood.  Following their example, in her time at the University of Miami, she was a founder and President of a student organization that was an inclusive alternative to the existing MSA which was not open to women or diverse Islamic perspectives.  

After graduating from UM with a degree in Psychobiology, she started her family and dedicated her time to raising her five children.  Realizing that a gap existed in women’s leadership opportunities in her local Muslim community, she was one of a group of like-minded women, that established the MWO in 2010.  It is a nonprofit dedicated to building the power of and creating inclusive and welcoming spaces for Muslim women.  

Fatima is also on the Board of Directors of Eid Orlando, an organization dedicated to establishing family-friendly Muslim holiday celebrations.  She part of the inaugural cohort for Zakat Foundation Institute’s Muslim Philanthropy and Humanitarian Studies Fellowship program at IUPUI’s Lilly Family School of Philanthropy.  She is now completing her Masters Degree in Philanthropic studies there with the intention of building the nonprofit leadership expertise of Muslim women. She is passionate about uplifting the lives of her daughters, her team members and her community through compassionate service.

Website & Contact:

Apr 14, 202243:23
Twenty-One Senses: Invisible Disabilities

Twenty-One Senses: Invisible Disabilities

Twenty-One Senses (501c3) was founded in 2018 by a Chicago mom struggling to raise two special needs kids in a community that consistently misunderstood them, and sometimes punished them, for taking a slightly different approach. She could relate to what her kids were going through. As a mother, she herself often felt shamed when friends, family, teachers, or even strangers were bewildered or disappointed by her children or her parenting choices. Her vision, and our vision, is for an educated and inclusive community that sees her kids––and all people struggling with difference––through a lens of humility and compassion. Humility about our own individual differences and the differences of others, and compassion for all people regardless of age, background, appearance, capabilities, or limitations.

Their mission is to teach communities to support the inclusion, dignity, and well-being of the ~17% (one-in-six)1 of their kids, customers, colleagues, and peers currently living with a sensory disability. Many familiar diagnoses such as autism, PTSD, ADHD, and anxiety are among the 20+ disorders that all affect how the brain interprets information from the senses. Despite being different neurological conditions, these so-called invisible disabilities frequently produce similar observable behaviors. For example, an autistic child and a survivor of traumatic abuse may both be easily upset by physical touch or unexpected stimuli. By accepting without judgement the slightly different approach to daily life that neurological diversity requires, an informed and empathetic community can empower its sensory sensitive families to embrace their diagnoses with self-compassion and positivity.


Jan 21, 202250:31
Terri Sorensen & Thomas Lee: Friends of the Children
Jan 09, 202238:14
Breauna Dorelus: Community Centered Service

Breauna Dorelus: Community Centered Service

⚉ Join our conversation with Founder + Chief Cause Consultant Breauna Dorelus of Connecting the Cause

⚉ Breauan gives us insight into identifying and uprooting harmful volunteer practices, specifically in Black and Brown communities. She helps us unpack volunteer-centered service and shows us how we can transform it into community-centered service.

⚉ Connecting the Cause, a consultancy dedicated to helping volunteers and those that lead them identify and uproot harmful volunteer practices specifically towards Black and brown communities. Breauna is an advocate for voices of color to be heard, recognized and valued in the service and volunteerism sector and believes in keeping the community centered in all aspects of the volunteer process. Breauna's work is built on the principle that transformational service must help instead of harm.

⚉ Starting her decade plus stint in the nonprofit sector as an AmeriCorps member, she has continuously held positions in volunteer engagement, program creation, and spearheading community volunteer initiatives in the areas of humanitarian aid, refugee resettlement, and ministry. She received her Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from Georgia Southern University, and her Master’s in Public Administration with a concentration in Nonprofit Management from Georgia State University (Summa Cum Laude).




Oct 06, 202131:25
Brandon Stiver: Winning the battle to get orphaned kids home
Sep 17, 202142:09
Erik Hanberg: Fundraising for Small Nonprofits
Aug 18, 202140:03
Jennifer Perry: Foster More: Because No Child Makes it Alone

Jennifer Perry: Foster More: Because No Child Makes it Alone

Jennifer Perry has been Executive Director of the Children’s Action Network (CAN) since its inception. By marshalling the immense communications power of the entertainment community, CAN inspires the public to take action on behalf of children. CAN is now involved in a national campaign devoted to raising awareness about the 107,000 children in this country waiting for adoptive homes and improving outcomes for the more than 400,000 children in foster care.

Jennifer is a co-founder of FosterMore, a coalition of media and entertainment companies, non-profits, businesses and philanthropic organizations working to create greater understanding, empathy, and action to improve the future of youth in foster care. FosterMore shines a light on the accomplishments and potential of foster youth, while securing support for their academic success and creating a pipeline of potential foster parents.

Jennifer is a recipient of the Nancy Daly Advocacy Award from the Lewis Hine Awards for Service to Children and Youth, Raise A Child Honors and the Evan B. Donaldson Spotlight Award. Under her stewardship, CAN has received an Adoption Excellence Award from the US Department of Health and Human Services and a Television Academy Honors for A Home for the Holidays, CAN’s annual special promoting foster care adoption and been recognized as a CCAI Angels in Adoption.

Jennifer is on the Board of Governors for the California Community Colleges as well as the board of the Foundation for California Community Colleges and serves on the board of the Children's Law Center. She has served as a board member of the North American Council on Adoptable Children, an Advisor to National Center for Children in Poverty, the Major League Baseball Player’s Trust for Children and on the Los Angeles Commission on Children Youth and their Families. She also served on the board of the Mar Vista Family Center and Para Los Niños, and was appointed to the Los Angeles City Child Care Commission and the Commission on the Status of Women.

Links & Contact:


Aug 03, 202144:36
Brian Mavis: Change who waits. Ending the crisis in foster care.
Jul 26, 202137:29
Dr. Scott Larson: From Lock-up to Leadership: Juvenile Justice

Dr. Scott Larson: From Lock-up to Leadership: Juvenile Justice

Dr. Scott Larson is president and founder of Straight Ahead Ministries, an international faith-based organization working with juvenile offenders in more than 300 juvenile detention centers in 15 states and five countries with a myriad of aftercare programs when youth return home.

Scott has authored 13 books on working effectively with troubled youth and has been a speaker to youth, parents, teachers, social workers and youth workers since 1983, and is an adjunct professor at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary’s Center for Urban Ministerial Education, and Gordon College.

He is also the co-founder of the Every Youth, Every Facility initiative, focused on partnering with ministries to reach every youth in the 1,200 juvenile detention centers in the U.S.

Scott and his wife Hanne reside in Worcester, Massachusetts. 



Jun 22, 202141:41
Kayla Raymond - Community Development
Jun 10, 202127:09
Julie Colombino-Billingham: From Death to Dollars

Julie Colombino-Billingham: From Death to Dollars

To sustainably fight poverty in Haiti, Julie Colombino-Billingham created a social business that provides consistent and dignified jobs.  Deux Mains is a Haitian owned and operated business that handcrafts high-quality, footwear, handbags and accessories.  97% of all raw materials in production are either repurposed or sourced locally on the island, and manufactured in our solar facility.

In a country where 85% of the population does not have access to the formal jobs and only 1% of the population is University educated, Colombino designed a model using the best practices of the nonprofit and for profit sectors.  She incubated a nonprofit arm of the business called REBUILD globally that provides revolutionary education and paid job training programs to the most vulnerable.  Every program graduate is then guaranteed a dignified, living wage job at Deux Mains.

Under Colombino’s leadership, the past 10 years has been a dramatic evolution from earthquake recovery to a sustainable and eco-friendly business that was quickly propelled into the world of ethical fashion. Just a few of the partnerships deux mains has created include: United Nations, Kenneth Cole, Eileen Fisher, USAID and the Clinton Foundation to fight poverty and strengthen families in Haiti.

Julie is the newest recipient of the Southern Living Beauty Awards for her work as a female entrepreneur.  She was a finalist in the 2017 Digicel Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Haiti.  She is the 2016 Martin Bell Scholar, and recently received her MBA from Rollins Crummer Graduate School of Business.

Julie's book, From Death to Dollars, will be available in 2021.   It is based on her real-life encounters post-earthquake and documents the growth of the social business ecosystem she created to instill dignity, financial security, and an ethical fashion business in Haiti.

Links & Contact

Shop Deux Mains (Code THE POINT15 15% off)

Rebuild Globally Non-Profit

Julie’s Ted Talk 

May 24, 202140:26
Disaster Relief & Beyond: Kent Annan
Apr 29, 202138:47
Ethical Storytelling + Trafficking Prevention: Rachel Goble
Apr 14, 202135:06
Elisa Bachmann: Trauma is the True Connection
Mar 15, 202137:36
Wariara: HIV/AIDS Advocacy in Kenya

Wariara: HIV/AIDS Advocacy in Kenya

In this episode we are talking with one of Kenya’s most brilliant women who is a true warrior for justice.

Her name is Wariara

She is the Advocacy Manager at world renowned nonprofit where she has spent the last 20 years advocating patients with HIV/AIDS, and tuberculosis, and has had a large part in creating a holistic program that also helps bring justice to victims of sexual violence. We learn how she became started in this field as she offers a unique perspective on the evolution of care for those with HIV/AIDS and how to correlates with sexual violence. 

Feb 17, 202121:30
Liberation is Here: Nikole Lim

Liberation is Here: Nikole Lim

The Background

Nikole Lim is a speaker, educator, and author of Liberation is Here. As a storyteller, Nikole shifts paradigms on how stories are told by platforming voices of the oppressed—sharing stories of beauty arising out of seemingly broken situations. Her heart beats for young women whose voices are silenced by oppression and desires to see every person realize the transformative power of their own story. Nikole is the Founder and International Director of Freely in Hope, an organization that equips survivors and advocates to lead in ending the cycle of sexual violence.

Nikole has been deeply transformed by the powerful, tenacious, and awe-inspiring examples of survivors. Their audacious dreams have informed her philosophy for a survivor-led approach to community transformation. Nikole holds a bachelor's degree in Film Production from Loyola Marymount University and a master's degree in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary. She is a native of the Bay Area and can often be found buying African fabric on the streets of Nairobi. Her work centers on uplifting the leadership of survivors—believing that they will be the ones to bring us all into liberation. In it, her hope is that the world may be transformed by them—just as she has.

Links & Contact

Buy autographed copies of Liberation is Here

Become a Hope Circle Member:

Follow Freely in Hope on Instagram and Facebook

Follow Nikole on Instagram and Facebook

Feb 05, 202130:19
Trailer: Social Justice Podcast

Trailer: Social Justice Podcast

Join your La Pointe Foundation friends, and international social entrepreneur Callie Himsl as we explore the intriguing and complex world of social justice. 

✔️Together we examine education, healthcare, entrepreneurship, and the pursuit of social justice.

✔️We interview experts in the field and local leaders to learn what works and what doesn't so we can find ways to help without hurting. 

✔️We bring a straight-talk, candid deep-dive into complex issues both globally and in our own backyard. 

Dec 29, 202001:04
The Beginning; La Pointe Foundation Founders

The Beginning; La Pointe Foundation Founders


Charlotte Whitmore:

Caleb Whitmore:

Our first episode is an interview with the founders of La Pointe Foundation.

At La Pointe Foundation, we believe sustainable solutions are built in community. COMMUNITY IS COMMON UNITY—a group of people who have a common purpose, a common need, and a common desire to come together, in a united front, to solve whatever challenge lies in front of them. Our purpose is to close the gap between people and sustainable solutions. Put simply? We want to enable the overlooked and forgotten with support, encouragement, and resources that will help them become truly independent and sustainable in the key pillars of health care, education, safe living conditions, and entrepreneurship.

Listen to hear the genesis of the organization, and get involved:

Dec 29, 202001:00:48
Grassroots Public Health in Haiti: capracare + Jean Pierre-Louis

Grassroots Public Health in Haiti: capracare + Jean Pierre-Louis


Contact & Social: @capraJPL @capracare | FB, IG, Twitter, Linkedin

Jean Pierre-Louis, MPH, is an accomplished global health and strategic leader with a passion to improve the quality of healthcare for communities at risk in countries such as Haiti, Ghana, and other developing countries. He is the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of capracare, a Haitian-led, non-governmental community health organization located in the southern province of Fonfrede, Haiti. Mr. Pierre-Louis, who is Haitian born, founded capracare in 2009 as a response to the gross inadequacies of medical and preventive health services that were lacking in the greater Les Cayes, Haiti.

Under Mr. Pierre-Louis’ leadership, capracare continues to thrive as the leading organization dedicated to developing sustainable community health programs, professional development and training, and social services to a population of 20,000 men, women, and children living with Fonfrede. capracare's mission is to promote health change by reducing health disparities through individual acts of courage. As a result, the organization has spearheaded and mobilized an ever-growing number of community health workers, volunteers, public health educators, and medical professionals to provide health services as well as transform communities throughout the greater Les Cayes, Haiti.Mr. Pierre Louis obtained his B.A in Public Health and his Masters in Health Care Administration and Policy at Brooklyn College, the City University of New York.

As a seasoned global public health administrator, he knows how to engage communities in various sectors both nationally and globally to create sustainable systemic strategies that improve the quality and access of health such as capracare’s flagship program to end cervical cancer in Haiti. As a thought leader, Mr. Pierre-Louis has the expertise that it requires to lead a successful non profit organization. He has established strong strategic partnerships and relationships to help support the work of capracare in Haiti. His positive growth mindset is to drive and replicate capracare throughout Haiti. He is an award-winning non-profit leader who is an inductee of the Haitian Roundtable 1804 List. He enjoys mentoring students & non-profit executives, leadership coaching, and supporting liked minded individuals in the global health community.

Nov 20, 202039:51
Saving lives in rural Haiti: CMB Haiti

Saving lives in rural Haiti: CMB Haiti


CMB was founded in the 1940’s and now serves a population of 700,000+. Facilities like CMB are vital when only 8% of the the rural population has access to quality healthcare facilities. With a life expectancy of 63 years old, and less than half of Haitian children getting basic immunizations, places like CMB are literally lifesaving.

CMB treats an average of 200 patients per day and offers care in the following areas: Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics-Gynecology, and Pediatrics. There are also numerous public health and prevention programs for community advancement.

Today we are speaking to a world changing leader in the fight for equal access to healthcare, here name is Baradina.

Nov 19, 202032:06