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The Quinn Spinn

The Quinn Spinn

By The Quinn Spinn

We tell the stories of those daring enough to create, through conversations with musicians, creative entrepreneurs, and real humans who aspire to have a positive impact. The official podcast of Underground Music Collective, running strong since 2013.
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Kicking Fear in the A** (ft. Ender Bowen)

The Quinn SpinnSep 21, 2023

Kicking Fear in the A** (ft. Ender Bowen)
Sep 21, 202301:00:31
BONUS: Quinn Spinn Trivia (from Return to the Basement)

BONUS: Quinn Spinn Trivia (from Return to the Basement)

Our 10th Anniversary episode was the perfect time to bring a storied tradition back into the fold: Quinn Spinn Trivia! Did Scotty Rock earn The Quinn's love and admiration forever? There's only one way to find out! Opening theme: REVEL 9 - All I've Become The Quinn Spinn Spotify: ⁠⁠ Apple Podcasts: ⁠⁠ Instagram: ⁠

Sep 20, 202317:29
The Antidote to Chaos (Solo Mission)
Sep 14, 202309:14
Return to the Basement: Our 10th Anniversary Episode
Sep 08, 202301:02:59
The Quinn Spinn: Greatest Hits Vol. 1
Sep 07, 202301:24:32
The End of Year 10
Aug 31, 202301:08:20
10 Years of Impact and Counting (Solo Mission)

10 Years of Impact and Counting (Solo Mission)

On August 17, 2013, our entire UMC ecosystem started with an idea, and a desire to have an impact on independent creatives everywhere.

In the decade since, we've had the opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of people, with independent music as our vehicle for connection.

Today, 10 years later, we're making plans to take our efforts even further -- and to include independent creatives of all disciplines in the mix.
Aug 17, 202310:18
The Importance of Serving Others with Steve Ramona
Aug 04, 202342:17
It's OK to Take a Breath (Solo Mission)
Jul 20, 202308:36
Heal Hop is on the Come Up
Jul 15, 202326:59
Change the Way Forward (Solo Mission)
Jul 06, 202312:02
Why You Need to Go All-In (Solo Mission)
Jun 29, 202310:59
The Price of Playing Small (Solo Mission)
Jun 22, 202309:20
Uncovering Purpose with Sebastian Ortiz
Jun 15, 202339:31
Finding the EEAZE in Entrepreneurship with Candy Tolentino
Jun 08, 202352:49
Crossing the Streams with Your Next Favorite Band (Pt. 1)
May 25, 202301:20:16
Keeping Your Creative Ambitions in Balance with Meg Rilley
May 19, 202339:17
Mission, Vision, and Values: Which Should You Define First? (Solo Mission)
May 11, 202308:58
Building a Creative Ecosystem and Sharing our Stories (Paradox Jukebox Mashup)
May 04, 202328:53
From Surviving Cancer to Mr. Health & Fitness? (Quinn Spinn Solo Mission)
Apr 27, 202315:28
Building Community and Exploring our 'Vices': A Conversation with ARREIS
Apr 20, 202301:36:49
WrestleMania Aftermath (ft. The OG Quinn Spinn Family)
Apr 13, 202301:04:38
Solo Mission? Think Again: Uncovering the Benefits of Building a Team
Apr 06, 202309:22
Uncovering Your Place in Music: Producer/Artist J Pierson Explores the Answer
Mar 30, 202301:15:03
Working Toward Your Vision (Solo Mission)
Mar 24, 202309:00
Why I Launched a Coaching Program
Mar 16, 202310:41
What It's Like to Be a Woman in Music
Mar 14, 202301:07:35
Clare Cunningham: Finding Faith, Inner Peace, and a Path to the Grand Ole Opry
Mar 09, 202301:08:18
Inside the Creative World of 2Four
Mar 07, 202301:02:28
Community and In-the-Moment Creation with Andre Cataldo (Dear Genre)
Mar 02, 202338:30
SPECIAL: Succeeding as a Black Entrepreneur in the Music Industry
Feb 28, 202301:11:04
Balancing Life Changes and the Dream: A Conversation with Kate Puckett
Feb 23, 202340:08
You're Going to Hate this Episode (ft. The OG Quinn Spinn Family)
Feb 21, 202357:14
Building Global Connections: A Conversation with Will Linley
Feb 16, 202325:24
Outlaw Pop is Here: Checking in with DEVORA
Feb 14, 202322:15
Music as a Career Path: Holistic Entrepreneurship with Sacha Walton
Feb 09, 202339:35
Breaking the Fourth Wall: Meeting the Real Scotty Rock

Breaking the Fourth Wall: Meeting the Real Scotty Rock

You know him in Quinn Spinn lore as Scotty Rock. Our first co-host. The Pippen to my Jordan. The Donkey to my Shrek.

Today, however, Adam Arnold steps out of the shadows.

We invite Adam to break the fourth wall today to tell us about his new podcast, 'Can't Live With 'Em, Can't Live With Adam.' The show is an opportunity for Adam to open up about his challenges navigating Tourette Syndrome, ADD, learning disabilities, countless legal issues, and many family conflicts -- and how he has emerged strong and successful.

Theme song: REVEL 9 – All I’ve Become

Can't Live With 'Em, Can't Live With Adam

The Quinn Spinn
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Feb 02, 202334:30
Like a Phoenix: Fyre Byrd's Journey from Australia to Nashville
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Standing in Our Truth: 2022 in Review with Lauren Gomance
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Full Circle Ramblings (4th Nashiversary Solo Mission)
Nov 26, 202210:55
Using Music to Serve Our Global Community: Catching Up with Ty Warner
Nov 17, 202258:44
Energy Doesn't Lie (Solo Mission #17)
Nov 10, 202207:08
Finding Freedom in Self-Expression with 0-brien
Nov 03, 202201:13:43
Finding New Life and Using Art to Heal and Connect with DaChri
Oct 27, 202245:14
Growing Through Changing Times and Energy Shifts with Foundation Mecca
Oct 20, 202201:24:18