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The Rooted Reinvention

The Rooted Reinvention

By Katy-Rose

We are told to reinvent ourselves by starting from scratch. But the roots of who you are already wait under the layers of ‘shoulds’ the world has given us. Katy Rose, MSc, teaches reinventors how to reinvent themselves without burning their life down, or burning themselves out. Because being yourself doesn’t need to feel so damn hard™. If you are tired of all the quick fixes, seek a “new you”, or want to level up your life, without losing everything you’ve worked to create, this is for you.
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How We Define Brokenness Wrongly: The Pressure We Put On Ourselves | #56

The Rooted ReinventionSep 07, 2021

How We Define Brokenness Wrongly: The Pressure We Put On Ourselves | #56
Sep 07, 202112:10
Why Our Motivation to Change is Missing Willingness | #55
Aug 31, 202112:42
How Constraints Are a Gift for our Creativity | #54
Aug 24, 202110:01
Stop Panicking! How to Handle Anxiety in the Moment | #53
Aug 17, 202109:41
Are You Feeling Disconnected? 3 Steps to Feel Human Again | #52
Aug 10, 202113:16
Silent To-Do Lists Are Stealing Our Energy and Time | #51
Aug 03, 202112:45
How to Make Progress by Discovering What You Want | #50
Jul 27, 202112:47
How to Craft a Life Balance that Makes Damn Sense | #49
Jul 20, 202110:49
The One Question To Ask When Making a Life Change | #48
Jul 13, 202114:08
4 Quick Fixes For When You Feel Completely On Edge | #47
Jul 06, 202112:48
What Is Enough? Permission to Change (Before We Hit Rock Bottom) | #46
Jun 29, 202113:46
How Pausing Helps When We Don't Have the Right Answer | #45
Jun 22, 202109:34
Refuse To Be Categorised: An Interview with Leonie Dawson [Explicit] | #44

Refuse To Be Categorised: An Interview with Leonie Dawson [Explicit] | #44

Today I’m interviewing the amazing, wondrous Leonie Dawson, complete with swearing. You have been warned!

Want to see the unedited video of us chatting? Click Here.

We spoke about:

  • How we are animals (and zebras don’t base their worth on the width of their stripes)
  • Leonie’s dad, a North Queensland sixth generation wild bushman cattle farmer could join David Attenborough on Nature Documentaries.
  • Using cognitive therapy concepts to undo the conditioning of the patriarchy
  • Why Leonie gave up “conforming to the standard view of being a woman” after 3 hours.
  • Considering how you want to prioritise your time and energy, to actively create your life
  • Why your inner compass should point to ‘fun’
  • How she has implemented life rules that work for her family, such as “this is a working home” and “my kids (age 7 and 11) both go to bed at 630.”
  • Separating business creativity and personal creativity
  • How television can be beneficial to our creativity and her current favourite shows to watch
  • “Discerning between projects” by considering the value/quality of the task


Leonie’s Anxiety Balm
Pulled to reinvent who you are but don’t know how to stay rooted? Take The Quiz.
Leonie’s Course to Finish your ‘Effing Book (in 40 days)
All of Leonie Dawson’s Offerings
– The Video of this Interview
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Mar 02, 202107:53
Fighting the Achievement Expectation and Finding Delight | #28
Feb 23, 202116:56
Experiments in Daily Living – My February Routine | #27
Feb 16, 202119:09
The Third Way: Goodbye Either/Or, Hello “And” | #26
Feb 09, 202110:17
Burnout: The Boom and Bust Cycle | #25
Feb 02, 202112:32
Why We Are All Creative (Without Trying To Be) | #24
Jan 26, 202109:15
How to Manage What If Thoughts (What If I Mess It Up?) | #23
Jan 19, 202110:23
Mental Energy As Currency | #22
Jan 12, 202115:07
My Word of the Year for 2021 | #21
Jan 05, 202112:06
Sometimes The Struggle Is The Process | #20

Sometimes The Struggle Is The Process | #20

It's the final episode of 2020. And I'm focusing on what things feel hard, when the path feels 'wrong' and when we don't know if this is the 'right' decision.


-Want my free emails on reinventing your 2021?
-Episode 16 - The Truth about Resistance (NaNoWriMo)
-Raise Your Hand Say Yes Podcast: On Being Enough (ep.347)  
-The Struggle of the Butterfly Story
-Dabrowski’s theory of Positive Disintegration: Essentially his theory is that in the process of developing the self to full potential we have to go through stages of disintegration that can appear pathological to outsiders. We disintegrate in order to reintegrate at a higher level.

Visit the show notes at for show links and further information.  

Thanks so much for listening, Happy New Year, and leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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Feeling Agitated? It’s Okay To Let Your Dragon Out | #10

Feeling Agitated? It’s Okay To Let Your Dragon Out | #10

I talk about emotional management, focusing on anger and our inner drive: why anger is important, how we are taught not to be angry and the issues with this, and ending with three 'getting started' tips for moving anger forward (and out of your body).


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Recognising Your Progress in the Spiral | #08
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The Power of Asking What Works for You | #07

The Power of Asking What Works for You | #07

Most self-help tools focus on teaching new concepts and skills, but half of the difficulty with reinvention of not understanding what we already know and do. Knowing that eating chocolate does this to my brain would enable me to make informed decisions. Did you know that ‘worrying’ is actually your brain working correctly? We are wired to problem solve, and we don’t know how much control we have over our lives because we are taught to suppress those natural instincts.  

Sep 29, 202010:11