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The Shining Wizards

By The Shining Wizards

Four lifelong wrestling fans get together every week to give you the best wrestling podcast around. Featuring interviews with your favorite wrestlers past and present. Enjoy the laughs and wrestling talk as we cover it all. From WWE, AEW, Impact, NWA, MLW, NJPW, ROH, and more! It's wrestling talk... and talk about wrestling!
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Episode 628: Like a Xylophone

The Shining WizardsMar 14, 2023

Episode 656: Do They Gell?

Episode 656: Do They Gell?

In this episode the boys are joined by Matt Chernick, Everett Ravens and Gabriel Molton to discuss the short film "Bear Bronson"

They cover the world that was pro wrestling the last week, including Matt's trip to AEW for Grand Slam and the forever taping of Rampage.

They talk some Ring of Honor, Hulk Hogan getting married again, Mercedes Mone cameo, & Nick Gage before taking a break

We cover the WWE Releases, if there were any surprises, and who we expect to go where

Is Shelton Benjamin a fit for the BCC? Tony has a very interesting take

We cover some things from MLW, Impact & NWA, preview the NXT No Mercy Show & the Wrestle Dream Show

If you enjoy the show, please be sure to rate, review and subscribe.

Sep 26, 202302:46:56
Episode 655: Mayonnaise Pizza

Episode 655: Mayonnaise Pizza

One of the longest running wrestling shows returns with another episode full of wrestling talk and talk about wrestling

A trip around the wrestling world with Over the Top leads us to some WWE talk. The Rock was in the news all week, so we talk about his surprise appearance on Smackdown, do we want to see him vs Roman at Wrestlemania 40 & more.

We discuss several other surprises and returns, along with if Matt Riddle is a bust or not after his latest issues outside of the ring.

Jade Cargill is on her way to the WWE PC, and we discuss her star power and debate on if the Royal Rumble is the best place to debut her or if she should be on NXT weekly.

We go over a list of people getting WWE tryouts this week, and Matt talks about the Wrestlers on Netflix.

We then discuss some AEW, Matt LOVED Collision and is pumped for Grand Slam. They run down the card and discuss the proper way to tailgate

Christian Rocco returns to defend his Can You Beat That Championship against Challenger Greg Cherry. Will we see a new champion or does Christian's reign continue?

We wrap things up discussing the PWI 500

Sep 19, 202302:34:44
Episode 654: Retro Wizards September 11, 1995

Episode 654: Retro Wizards September 11, 1995

This episode takes you back to the days of the Shining Wizards Network Radio Station WSWN 89.6 FM NEW YORK

We go back to the September 11th, 1995 episode where BaBaBowman, Kute Kevin, Brenda & BEEF cover a variety of topics from the week that was pro wrestling.

The debut episode of WCW Monday Nitro is in the books, we had a huge surprise as Lex Luger showed up & inserted himself into a feud with Hulk Hogan. We discuss why Luger would wanna leave WWF for WCW, and the prospects of him vs the Hulkster

We roll out Gimmie the Beef and go over results from the world of wrestling from September 4th to the 10th

We talk some more Nitro, some SummerSlam, if there are 2 Ultimate Warrior's, Pastamania, Dean Douglas, In Your House 3 & much more.

Sep 12, 202302:07:54
Episode 653: Jack Punk Off

Episode 653: Jack Punk Off

Tony and HK kick off the show reconting Labor Day weekend while KJG deals with some browser issues.

After Over the Top KJG joins the show and the discussion turns to CM Punk's release and Jack Perry's suspension. The guys bring stories they heard about the situation and discuss what they know.

Talk then turns to the parting of ways between AEW and Sonny Kiss, as well as some thoughts on some old school AWF and Global. There were two PPVs to cover from the past weekend: AEW All Out and WWE Payback. The results from picks show a new leader going into September, and the guys discuss some unexpected outcomes on both shows.

HK brings up how the AWF Television title was in a vehicle that was stolen, and the belt wound up on Facebook Marketplace hours later. He then blows our minds by bringing up a match where the Beverly Brothers worked as faces against Money Inc in 1993.

Some talk about Alex Reynolds and John Silver, as well as the rest of the Dark Order, leads to possible ways to bring this tag team back to television.

This leads to some pics of wrestlers over the years wearing Shining Wizards shirts.All this and more!

Sep 05, 202302:09:06
Episode 652: All Together Now

Episode 652: All Together Now

For the 1st time ever, all 4 Wizards are all together to do a show in person. HK is in from Minnesota for Matt's BBQ & doing a show together. The boys catch up, talk about the BBQ and argue about if chips are an appetizer or a side.

We hit on some Over the Top and are very surprised with the result of NWA 75, as a variety of titles have changed hands, and Tony is super excited about Kenzie Paige.

We move on to AEW and Kevin talks some ALL IN & we discuss the CM Punk/Jungle Jack Perry drama

Is Orange Cassidy Championship Material? We talk about that for a bit

Someone how we get on the subject of Worst sites in the world before we take a break

After our break we come back to talk Terry Funk and Bray Wyatt, before lightening the mood with some WWE talk about Payback & WWE

If you enjoy the show, please remember to rate, review and subscribe if you enjoy the show.

Aug 29, 202302:37:17
Episode 651: The Gordy Hole

Episode 651: The Gordy Hole

No Format August Continues on this run away episode of the Shining Wizards Wrestling Podcast

The boys catch up, Tony has COVID, Matt can't read texts and the Kevin's are enjoying life to the fullest.

We waste not time getting right into the world of wrestling, as we land in AEW & Tony hates that every single feud seems to be about people being friends, and then having them turn on each other. Its a pretty interesting take and a lot of laughs.

Speaking of laughs, NWA 75 is this weekend, so they run down the card & answer the age old question, are we really picking this?

It's then time for Over the Top, as its HK vs T Donk, each man prepared 6 facts, you tell us which ones are the best

Big news of the week is Edge finishing up in the WWE, we speculate if he will go to AEW, or if his post match promo stays true. Would you like to see Edge in AEW? Would it hurt his legacy?

Lacy Evans is covered as well, and that somehow gets us to the Tammy Sytch news. It's heartbreaking as Tammy has been nothing but nice to us, but we can't help but have some fun with this, even pulling up the audio from her leaked Onlyfans

We take a little break before coming back with some Monster Factory on Apple TV talk, as Tony caught the series, and with the news of Wrestlers being on Netflix in September it was only right to cover the topic

Wrestlemania 40 is breaking all kinds of records, and we speculate why, is it cause Roman will lose? Is the Rock Involved? What is up with Rikishi?

Matt talks about going down the rabbit hole and watching a lot of Terry Gordy, he just say's it without thinking of the consequences

We rave about the WWE product overall, talk about Super Mario & Spellbinder from USWA, play the wrong song to wrap up the show and have a ton of laughs.

If you enjoy the show remember to rate & subscribe wherever you listen to the show

Aug 22, 202302:26:24
Episode 650: Wizards Collide

Episode 650: Wizards Collide

This week the Wizards come back at full strength. Tony is back from Florida, HK is back from Raw & Matt isn't working. KJG held it down last week but the whole gang is back together.

Tony talks Florida, HK tells us about Raw, Matt talks about Metallica and the boys catch up. The gang goes Over the Top to catch up on the week that was wrestling.

They talk a bit about the Marty Dark Side of the Ring & how wild it was.

They play the post Collision CM Punk promo then try and figure out what the hell is going on in AEW. Is it a work? Is it a shoot? It's obviously gotten eyes on AEW, but what is the end game?

They talk a little Impact 1000, as September 9th approaches, Matt has an absolute meltdown about EVIL in the G1 before the boys take a quick commercial break.

Then its time for Wizards Collide, Matt vs KJG, 3 Rounds of questions to decide who is the winner & more importantly the ultimate loser of picks. You don't want to miss this one

Remember if you enjoy the show, please subscribe, rate and review

Aug 15, 202302:33:35
Episode 649: Unsanctioned w/ KJG & KTG.

Episode 649: Unsanctioned w/ KJG & KTG.

With Matt, Tony, and HK all off this week, Kevin enlists the help of Kate The Great, aka Kate Hensler from The Mark Order Podcast & Fightful for this special "Flush The Format" episode of The Wizards!  On this "unsanctioned" episode of the pod, Kate & Kevin bounce around to cover everything from the past week in wrestling. AEW, Summerslam, ROH, IMPACT, The G1 are all on the table!  Plus we see the debut of a potential new game called "Glad, Mad, or Sad...(or indifferent.)  All this, and so much more on Episode 649 of The Shining Wizards Wrestling Podcast.

Aug 08, 202302:10:60
Episode 648: Vacation Mode

Episode 648: Vacation Mode

Episode 648

Tony is in vacation mode as he leaves for Florida this week. The boys catch up with each other before making the rounds around the wrestling world with Over the Top.

Tony watched some of the XPW show and as is customary anytime they come to Newark, you know we have to talk about it.

Matt brings up Marty Scurll & asks when is it ok for someone who's been canceled to return, and it leads to a very serious and thoughtful conversation

To bring the mode back up, Matt brings up Dynamite and is annoyed that they don't separate ROH & AEW. Before the conversation gets too far, we try to figure out if KJG ordered Death Before Dishonor for himself or someone else.

The crew talks Bam Bam Dark Side of the Ring & a little bit of the NXT Great American Bash show

We cover the MJF/Adam Cole situation, CM Punk & his "real" Championship, SummerSlam this weekend, Buff Bagwell and some more.

Then it's Wrestlers Court, the People vs XPW. Tune in and let us know what you think of the case and where you side.

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Aug 01, 202302:46:10


On this episode the boys get to talk with Tod Gordon, the man behind ECW. Promoting his new book, Tod is God, we talk a ton about ECW, and Tod is kind enough to share some hysterical stories about the Sandman, Terry Funk and Mick Foley just to name a few. We talk about the Metal Maniac, Jimmy Snuka, the ECW Arena, favorite stories and angles. It's a fantastic interview and a great peak at the new book.

Over the Top is hysterical as always & Tony hits us with some killer jokes, after making our way around the wrestling world, we land on HK's latest purchase. AEW Fight Forever. HK weighs in on the video game and it's something you don't want to miss

We dive into the latest episode of Dark Side of the Ring about Abdullah the Butcher

KJF briefly hits us with his review on the ROH Death Before Dishonor show, Matt doesn't like the lack of stories or the recent booking of Willow.

Then its time for the PWI Top 10 Showdown, as we talk tag teams from 1987 vs 1997

We end with some Slamming Grandmas

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Jul 25, 202302:50:27
Episode 646: Whorenets

Episode 646: Whorenets

The Wizards return with a jam packed episode

After a quick bit of chit chat the boys go Over The Top and Tony brings some of his best material thus far.

The boys get into some chatter about the recent episode of Dark Side of the Ring, Adrian Adonis. Tony is annoyed about the amount of time they spend talking about cocaine, but loves the Dan Spivey story.

Sadly its been 35 years since Bruiser Brody was senselessly murdered and we talk about the footprint he left on the pro wrestling world, share some stories and go down the What If hole

Matt is annoyed with the NWA and the Tyrus/EC 3 main event scheduled for NWA 76, they talk some NWA, Youtube viewing numbers for Powerrr and MLW Fusion.

We picked a PPV this weekend, so we briefly cover the results, the PPV Picks standings and the happenings in Impact. Matt can't talk highly enough about AEW Collision and the Tag Team Match from Saturday Night, but he does and quickly

It's then time for Can You Beat That as Mike Peterson defends the title against Christian Rocco, a man who never lost the title. This is an epic battle, did Christian Rocco recapture what was rightfully his, or did Mike's reign of terror continue.

There is a PPV this Friday Night, and we know 3 matches. It's Ring of Honor and what will no doubt be a decent show, Matt is still annoyed with the lack of story telling, and the 4 men they used in the ROH TV Tournament.

We hit on a few other news and notes, AAA and the Don Calis fan attack, the death of Mike Halac & the Mantaur character, Rick Steiner back at Wrestlecon and the upcoming XPW show in Newark on July 29th

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Jul 18, 202302:37:58
Episode 645: Tito Ortiz to the G1

Episode 645: Tito Ortiz to the G1

On this episode the Wizards span the world of wrestling

After catching up, Matt ponders how painful it must have been for Hulk Hogan to use the Leg Drop in the 2000's and we discuss why he didn't use a different move, and Hogan Knows Best

We do some Over the Top before doing a dive into AEW. What is the payoff of the MJF/Adam Cole feud? What's the main event of All Out? All In? Is Collision the best AEW Show?

We then move over to ROH and it's safe to say the verdict is disappointment as this version of ROH has seemed to turn into AEW Dark. What do you think? You agree with the boys?

Tony returns to talk about the Bad Dude Tito press and Matt is hot about the website that used a headline that was 10000% false and a picture of Tito Ortiz

We talk about headlines gone wrong in the past and this leads us to a really fun talk about Buff Bagwell, his movie career and his post wrestling adventures

We talk about the Jim Ross fall and have a little fun before taking a quick break

After we return we talk some action figures, as the Mattel WWE Comic Con SDCC is announced today, we ponder the choice of Ali, and talk about his impact in the world of wrestling, Even running down the Showdown at Shea card.

We cover MLW Never Say Never, our new champion, the Hammerstone hate and the new arrivals

We preview Impact's Slammiversary card for this weekend's PPV before we hit on our Wizards Rewind

It's back to 2007 WWE/ECW from July 10th

We break down the whole show and it is not what you think it is. It's a lot of fun and a great trip to the past

If you enjoy the show, please remember to rate, review and subscribe

Jul 11, 202302:59:33
Episode 644: Her Legs Don't Move

Episode 644: Her Legs Don't Move

On the latest episode the boys talk about their 4th of July plans before taking a trip around the wrestling world with some Over the Top.

They discuss Meltzer's 5 star system & what makes him the be all end all of wrestling match ratings.

Matt downloaded the AEW Fight Forever Game & he gives the boys the 411 on the game. Tony and HK don't feel too strongly about the game, but they haven't played it yet, & Tony is hooked on a date with Aubrey. HK loves the restaurants

Before the boys can talk Money in the Bank, Tony has some major issues with Peacock & refuses to pay for the service. We discuss if we should pick the MLW show this weekend, Tony still hates pick, and we discuss what was Money in the Bank

We talk a little about the Jacob Fatu situation & cover some MLW, discuss the latest Dark Side of the Ring on JYD, talk a little about AEW, Mox & Eddie Kingston

Handsome Kevin hits us with a Top 5 in honor of the 4th of July

Jul 04, 202302:58:30
Episode 643: Bad Dude Tito Power Company

Episode 643: Bad Dude Tito Power Company

It's another fun filled exciting episode of your favorite wrestling podcast. Before the show kicks off Matt loses power, so the boys open the show and bust his balls about that.

Danny Russ, the Voice of Reason joins the boys to talk some AEW Forbidden Door, as they unpack the card top to bottom. At some point Matt joins by his phone to chime in on the conversation.

Danny bits us a farewell and we are joined by TMDK member and all around bad ass, Bad Dude Tito. They discuss a variety of topics, the Misfits, Japan, New Japan Strong, the G1 and much more. It's a fun interview and a great introduction if you aren't familiar with Tito.

After a quick break and the return of Matt's power, they boys talk some XPW, MLW, and take an unexpected trip to a strange place, you have to hear to believe

Then it's the PWI Showdown, as we look at the Top 10 Rankings from May 1990, and compare WWF vs NWA. Find out which promotion takes the cake for the boys.

Remember to rate, review and subscribe if you are a fan.

Jun 27, 202303:02:52
Episode 642: Almondhead

Episode 642: Almondhead

One of the longest running weekly wrestling shows return with a jam packed show

Right out of the gate we are talking about the idea of Hulk Hogan holding Tag Team Gold in 1993. We are joined by Handsome Kevin who is supposed to be on vacation in Mexico, the angle of his camera makes him look strange.

Once the show kicks off the boys catch up, Tony made a sick intro video that you gotta see on our Youtube channel, its awesome. Tony and Kevin break Matt's balls cause Matt provides that he didn't put deodorant on after he got out of the shower. After some ball busting its time to go OVER THE TOP. Run down of the past week of wrestling, then we get to talking. Tony and Matt are annoyed at the MLW production and Matt is hot about Microman. Before jumping into the world of AEW we discuss what candy is best served frozen.

Then it's AEW talk, Collision was a huge success, Punk Is back, a lot of questions about Forbidden Door, JR Talk, Tony hates something about AEW, the usual stuff.

We cover a little of the Bloodline storyline before we hit some Patreon plugs and dive into Can You Beat That Challenge.

After the game, we hit on some Impact and talk about the Darkside of the Ring Graham family episode before pulling the train into the station

If you enjoy the show, please remember to rate, review and subscribe

Jun 20, 202302:23:56
Episode 641: Brick Horse

Episode 641: Brick Horse

In this episode the Wizards are doing it like no other.

The usual nonsense to start the show with talk of Winnie the Pooh & Christopher Robin before a surprise guest drops in. Tony's mom Diana joins the show to show off her new Good Night Diana t shirt and give us some fun Tony stories about him growing up.

We are then treated to a MARATHON Over the Top as Tony wants to read all the results and leaves the fun facts up to Handsome Kevin and Matt. In all likelihood this will be the last time this happens, but its something worth checking out, especially with some of the results that Brendan pulled out for us.

We cover the death of The Iron Sheik and what we remember him for, and this gets us thinking, was there anyone in 83/84 who could have taken the title from Backlund besides the Sheik?

We shift that into Matt talking about a random Monday Night Raw from 1995 that is full of things he doesn't remember, Backlund/Man Mountain Rock feud over a broken guitar, Scotty Anton being Lex Luger's flag guy & Chris Benoit working dark matches.

We talk about the debut episode of Collision, the new title for Asuka, Orange Cassidy, NXT Tag Titles, the new Impact World Champion and MLW Fusion

After a quick break we return with Wizards Wrestling Court

Matt and Kevin argue if the Exploding Barbed Wire Match from AEW in March 2021 is a good or bad match.

Check it out, remember to subscribe, rate and review.

Jun 13, 202302:49:20
Episode 640: Dakota Spy

Episode 640: Dakota Spy

One of the longest running weekly wrestling shows returns with another action packed show.

Right from go we are talking about NWA and the Crockett Cup 2023, this takes us Over the Top & boy does this turn into something.

After Over the Top we do talk about the NWA and continue to explore exactly where it went wrong, was it the pandemic? Aldis leaving? Is there hope for the NWA to turn it around?

We talk about the brand new WWE Heavyweight Championship, Money in the Bank, Alexa Bliss having a baby, Ted DiBiase's head, who are the Raw Tag Team Champions?

We talk some AEW, as Tony Khan has another announcement this week, plus we discuss last week's announcement about CM Punk & Collision.

We enter the world of Impact Wrestling and talk about the 8-4-1 match, & discuss if Steve Maclin is the man to carry the title till Josh Alexander returns or if it's Nick Aldis. Plus we find out what Impact Knockouts are serviceable.

We talk some NJPW Dominion, KJG & Matt really enjoyed the show and put over the matches plus all the new editions to factions and the shape that Forbidden Door is starting to take.

Dark Side of the Ring Season 4 returned with an episode about Chris Candido & Sunny, so we discuss the show and the unfortunate story.

Then it's time for our new bit, the battle of the decades. We go back to the PWI Years, and take a Top 10 List from 1987 & 1997, then we go from 10 to Champion and decide which Decade was the better one based on that month's Top 10 List. It's a lot of fun & a great listen

Before we wrap things up we do touch on the Bloodline Story and how it's playing out week after week on Smackdown

It's a jam packed show full of wrestling talk and talk about wrestling

If you listen please remember to subscribe, rate and review.

Jun 06, 202302:33:07
Episode 639: Can You BEEF That??

Episode 639: Can You BEEF That??

A jam packed episode covering the past week in the world of pro wrestling

Tony is rocking a Beef Shirt, and well, ya just gotta listen.

We jump into Over the Top, and we cover everything from the WWE to MLW and everything in between.

Matt is fired up about AEW Double or Nothing, and he breaks down the whole card, match by match, losing his mind. Listen to see if he enjoyed anything from the show or if it was straight hate.

From there the boys talk NXT Battlegrounds and WWE Night of Champions, go over picks, talk briefly about the NWA Crockett Cup and some how once again find themselves talking about XPW.

It is then time for the Can You Beat That Championship as Mike Peterson defends the title against DHB3, will Mike retain or did we crown a new champion?

After the game, we talk a little Impact, & Best of the Super Juniors. Then wrap things up with the news that Hulk Hogan said, "Never say Never" about a return to the ring. We ponder if & when before calling it a night.

If you enjoy the show, please remember to subscribe, rate and review.

May 30, 202302:35:22
Episode 638: Crotch the Dong Hunter

Episode 638: Crotch the Dong Hunter

On this episode of the Shining Wizards Wrestling Podcast the crew covers it all.

Over the Top right from the jump, as we cover everything that happened in the past week. We cover the "Superstar" Billy Graham death and the 2004 WWF Hall of Fame class. This someone leads us into a conversation about Ron Reese, which is fascinating in itself.

Matt tries to steer the conversation to the WWE's Night of Champions, but they somehow end up talking XPW since the show is in New Jersey this weekend. Eventually we get into the Night of Champions, and run down the card.

We then enter the world of AEW, Tony watched last week's House of Black Trio's match, HK hates a rope break in a No DQ match, Matt is over the CM Punk nonsense, & we talk so much more AEW. Tony Khan needs help, enough with the Four Pillars and we preview the AEW Double or Nothing Show.

Matt gives a little rundown of NJPW Resurgence before a surprise interview takes place.

Then it's WHAT IF.....Shawn Michaels doesn't get hurt at the 1998 Royal Rumble?

Is Austin/Tyson the main event of Wrestlemania 14? What does this mean for the future of DX? How does Owen Hart fit into this story?

If you enjoy the show, please remember to subscribe, rate and review.

May 23, 202302:41:38
Episode 637: A Bad Luck Spanking

Episode 637: A Bad Luck Spanking

Episode 637 comes out of the gate hot. Tony is pissed off about Facebook and he rants and raves like a lunatic.

Matt attempts to get things back on track by sharing his thoughts about the Wrestlemania 4 finish, how 2 good guys cheated to beat a bad guy. This leads the boys on a short adventure about how they would rebook Mania 4 without a tournament before being joined by Bad Luck Fale.

There are some technical issues at the beginning of the interview with the Rouge General Bad Luck Fale, but once we get them squared away we are off to the races. We talk about a variety of subjects, from the Bullet Club, to chopping fans, spankings, the Fale Dojo, David Finlay, Winning the IWGP Tag Titles, rocking the Wizards T Shirt and much more. This was such a fun interview, we really think you'll enjoy it.

We return with Over the Top,Magenta stops by, and does what only he can do. We talk WWE, and if the Bloodline is the greatest storyline in the last 20 years of the WWE. We talk about AEW, and the Elite vs Blackpool Combat Club storyline. Matt gets shit on for liking the trios twist that the House of Black has put on their matches. We run down some of the NWA Crockett Cup tag teams and talk about Steve Maclin as the Impact World Champion.

Then Kevin hits us with his TOP 5. This one revolves around theme music.

Remember if you enjoy the show, please subscribe rate and review

May 16, 202302:39:29
Episode 636: Mommy's Happy with Paul Lauria

Episode 636: Mommy's Happy with Paul Lauria

The Shining Wizards Return with Episode 636

Over the Top leads off the show & as the boys try to transition into Backlash from Puerto Rico, they are hit with a Savio Vega bomb followed by a surprise guest who rocks the socks off the crew. It's a great surprise and something we were not ready for, and it bleeds over into our guest, ECW Legend "The Giant" Paul Lauria.

If you aren't familiar with Paul Lauria, he was on the ECW Ring Crew with Mikey Whipwreck and they used to do wrestling before the shows. This caught Paul E's eye, and the rest is history. We cover that history, Paul shares some hysterical stories with us, and we explore how it has come full circle & what Paul is up to know with Wrestling is Now.

Back from a quick break we are joined by Kate the Great from The Mark Order Podcast/Fightful/Fightful Select & every other podcast under the sun to go DOWN THE AISLE. Tonight we explore Royal Rumble 2009. ECW is running at full strength, Jack Swagger, The Matt Hardy Turn, Shawn Michaels being poor, forgettable WWE Love Triangles, what was Jim Duggan doing in 2009, Kozlov, Great Khali & much more.

We finally get to talk about Backlash, Pay Per View Picks, the women's title situation, Bad Bunny, the Bloodline, Cody and more. Plus Matt answers some of KJG's questions about the world of NJPW. We also talk about the addition of Trinity to the Impact Women's Division.

If you enjoy the show, please remember to Subscribe, Rate and Review.

May 09, 202303:16:04
Episode 635: YUP

Episode 635: YUP

The boys are back with another fun filled show.

Lots of WWE talk on this episode. The direction of Cody, the WWE Draft, who should win the new title, the latest lawsuit, bad writer ideas and more

We also check on Handsome Kevin's excitement level for the possibility of Wrestlemania 41 being in Minnesota.

We also talk about the AEW landscape. Roderick Strong is All Elite, the idea of a Saturday Night Show, and the cons.

Milwaukee Tom joins us for the latest Wizards Rewind as we go back to 2017, Tom's first ROH show in Milwaukee UnAuthorized.

Enjoy the show?

Please remember to subscribe rate and review.

May 02, 202302:49:20


Matt and Kevin get together to talk with UK wrestling superstar Robbie X. The King of the Cruiserweights shares so much with us. It's a great introduction

to the man who is tearing it up in the UK. We talk about his near 5 star match with Will Ospreay, working with legends like Frankie Kazarian & Doug Williams. HIs feud with Lio Rush, the UK wrestling scene during the pandemic and the Me Too movement. We only scratch the surface with this future wrestling star. If you're a wrestling fan, be sure to keep your eye's peeled cause 2023 is gonna be a huge year for Robbie X.

Apr 26, 202354:32
Episode 634: Billions for Biggers

Episode 634: Billions for Biggers

Tony, KJG & HK are back to bring you all things from the world of pro wrestling. The boys do some video game talk and catch up with each other before jumping into the wrestling world. Over the Top is a wild ride from WWE to Stardom and back to the NWA & MLW. Tony puts his degree to use and gives us a breakdown of the Rhaka Khan (Trenesha Biggers) Conspiracy Lawsuit. If you are not familiar with this one, hold on to your hats as the boys go over the list of names that she is suing & some old wild stuff from this crazy story.

The boys are covering the Chavo Guerrero Jr. quote that dropped today about using the Guerrero name to get over and Chavo going after Rey. The boys have some feelings about this, especially KJG.

The XPW is back and making noise as someone apparently set themselves on fire this weekend, and for some strange reason the boys talk about getting Snitsky at a wrestling convention to punt fake babies. At this point Matt joins the show and catches up with the boys before a quick break.

Back from the break we are talking about AEW booking moments, TNT title, Wardlow, Goldberg and Tony has the picks punishment for Matt & Kevin. They also ponder if a wrestlers hair is the same all over the body.

We roll out a new segment called Nailed it or Failed it, where we can a particular wrestler/wrestlers & talk about there call up, or change of promotion and if they Nailed it or Failed it. We talk Street Profits, Enzo/Cass, X Pac, Marc Mero & Raven.

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Apr 25, 202302:40:30
Episode 633: Frogs in the Toilet

Episode 633: Frogs in the Toilet

We have a full house tonight

Show starts and Matt is having internet & microphone issues, he is in & out of the first 20 minutes of the show. Tony has some technical difficulties & issues with Matt and his harsh words for the committee.

Boys do a little catching up, Matt attempts to join them, and is annoyed with his internet & Streamyard. When his microphone stops working, well......ya just gotta listen

Guys hit on some Over the Top #WWE #RAW #Smackdown #AEW #AEWDynamite #AEWRampage #NWA #MLW #ROH #ImpactWrestling

Matt joins just in time for our guest Shepard Alexander. Shep is training in the #NJPW #NZDojo

We talk about living in the land down under, training at the NZ Dojo, animals, talents, 2023 goals and more. It's a great introduction to Shep.

After a quick break the boys catch up with Matt about his trip down to #NJPW this past weekend. They talk #BulletClub #JayWhite and more

This some how turns into Tony quoting Lean on Me for about 6 minutes before we talk about the #WWEDraft #ImpactRebellion The #CMPunk rumors #Cody and #DarkSideoftheRing

Then it's time for #KevinsTop5 & he hits us with 2 great topics.

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Apr 18, 202302:45:11
SPECIAL: Aaron Henare Interview

SPECIAL: Aaron Henare Interview

Matt sits down & chats it up with United Empire Member and NJPW Star Aaron Henare.

They talk about a variety of topics, becoming a member in the United Empire, Animal Organs, who's worse then House of Torture, The G1, Shingo Takagi, the Road to Dontaku, Hirooki Goto, Bad Luck Fale, Chess and much more.

This is a great way to introduce yourself to Aaron and an exclusive on the Shining Wizards Podcast

Apr 17, 202301:11:47
Episode 632: Bringing that BANG ENERGY

Episode 632: Bringing that BANG ENERGY

The latest episode is here and its a long one

Tony interrupts the open from Aruba to check in from his vacation

We catch up with some Easter talk, then Matt has to address the Pick situation, as there was a mix up this weekend.

We do some OVER THE TOP before we are joined by our guest, Mr Vinny Pacifico. We talk about his Bang Energy sponsorship, his time in AEW, songs to sing, goals for 2023, and much more. Its a great introduction to Vinny as he is one of the fastest rising young talents in the wrestling industry

We are back talking WWE, Mania after Raw and the disappointment that it left the fans with. Are you in on Cody/Brock? Does it feel like a Vince McMahon run show? Are you excited to see Riddle back? Thoughts on the upcoming draft . We shift gears into the news that Jay White is All Elite, before we can jump into that conversation, we are joined by the Can You Beat That Champion AL.

The showdown is on in the latest edition of Can You Beat That as Al takes on LOL Mike. Test your trivia knowledge against these guys and see if YOU can be the next challenger for the CYBT Championship .

We finish off the Jay White conversation, talk about the JAS, has it run it's course? Matt tries to explain why factions work in NJPW vs AEW. We ponder what Jay White's role will be in AEW. Kevin is sick and tired of the Tony Khan announcements, and we explore if Wembley is the best place for the 1st UK Show.

We preview the upcoming Impact Rebellion PPV, and Matt tries to get Kevin to watch Impact on a weekly basis. We touch on FTR winning the Tag Titles and resigning with AEW. Matt and Kevin speculate what this means, and both agree that the best tag team in the world needs to be featured on TV weekly.

Matt touches on NJPW before attempting to wrap up the show, then we get on the subject of socks in the house, and Kevin challenges Matt to a hot dog eating contest.

It's must listen too and a lot of fun, so be sure to leave a review, 5 star rating and subscribe so you never miss an episode.

Apr 11, 202303:26:06
Episode 631: Yo Do The Math

Episode 631: Yo Do The Math

The biggest week in pro wrestling has come and gone.

We are talking all things from the past week. Wrestlemania 39 in all it's glory, the Shane McMahon injury, the matches that stole the show, did we see any Wrestlemania Moments? And of course we talk about the decision to NOT put the title on Cody.

We talk some WWE Hall of Fame, the return of Bryan Danielson in AEW, the sale of the WWE and what it means to the future

We make a Tony Khan sized announcement

Talk some Supercard of Honor, hit on some news and notes from Impact Wrestling, MLW and talk about the passing of wrestling legend Bushwacker Butch.

It's a great episode and we think you'll love it

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Apr 04, 202302:42:39
Episode 630: Do It In The Microphone Stupid

Episode 630: Do It In The Microphone Stupid

It is Wrestlemania week and we are chalk full of wrestling previews of the biggest week in wrestling.

We catch up quickly and our wonderful listeners remind us of the Needle in the pecker spot from the XPW show this past weekend, so we talk about that for a bit. Kevin is furious & Tony is speechless, which doesn't happen often.

We got Over the Top and cover all the major shows from the past week of TV, WWE, AEW, Impact, NWA, ROH and MLW.

Matt isn't the biggest fan of Wrestlemania week, so we dive into that, hot dogs and more.

We preview the Wrestlemania 39 card, and it seems like the gang is pretty excited, even if Omos vs Brock is on the show.

A quick break to plug Patreon's and the Wizards Network

Upon returning, Matt realizes that NXT Stand & Deliver is also this weekend, so we talk about the card, & Tony tries to guess if the name is one of an NXT Wrestler or a made up name by Kevin.

We talk about AEW, The Dream Match between Kenny Omega and Vikingo, Stu Grayson, Sting, Adam Page, Blackpool Combat Club, Jeff Cobb and more.

Bad luck has struck Impact, so we touch on the unfortunate injury to Josh Alexander and Mickie James

Run down the Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor Card

Then we hit on the Wizards Rewind back to Supercard of Honor 9, we run down the card, what worked for us, what we didn't like, who was in KRD, Jimmy Jacobs and Lacey, and much more.

It's another great show and we hope you enjoy it.

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Mar 28, 202302:38:41
Episode 629: P CUP

Episode 629: P CUP

The Wizards are back with another episode covering the world of professional wrestling.

After a short open, Matt poses the question, if Ricky Steamboat had a Tag Team Partner, would you rather it be Tito Santana or KoKo B Ware circa 1991. This leads us to the 1990 IC Title Tournament, we know Mr Perfect won beating Tito Santana, but who were the other 6 men in the tournament?

We hit Over the Top and cover all the results from the week, before taking about our favorite cold snacks to eat. Matt loves an egg roll cold and there is outrage, so we bring in our guest Darin Corbin to have him add his two cents to the conversation. We talk about a variety of food related topics, Matt shares a few embarrassing stories, we do talk some wrestling, and its a great introduction to Darin if you aren't familiar with him.

After a quick commercial break, we are back talking about the Road to Wrestlemania. The Bloodline vs Sami Zayn story continues to deliver, KJG thinks it's not over at Mania, HK questions if they should have put the title on Sami at Elimination Chamber and Tony is excited for Charlotte vs Rhea. What Tony isn't excited for is the possibility of Dominik crashing Rey's Hall of Fame ceremony. This leads us to talk about the current announcements for the 2023 Hall of Fame and who else we think we go in.

We hit on the Kenny Omega/Vikingo debate. Is a dream match a bad thing? The boys weigh in, talk a little about AEW Dynamite, talk turns to the NWA as Matt watched Powerrr and Tony watched USA. Matt asks if Nick Aldis leaving the NWA is on the same level as Hulk Hogan leaving the AWA. This is right in HK & Tony's wheel house.

Matt is hot about MLW and Kevin hits us with a hell of a TOP 5

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Mar 21, 202302:34:18
Episode 628: Like a Xylophone

Episode 628: Like a Xylophone

On the latest episode the boys get back it with lots of wrestling talk and talk about wrestling. 

The boys go OVER THE TOP and hit on all the results from the past week. Matt is in charge of the facts, as Tony is running behind. Who's facts do you enjoy more? Matt or Tony? 

Matt is confused with the Booby Hitting clip from NXT & looks for clarity from the guys. From the bad, we go to the good, the Bloodline story continues to rule, but Matt is also confused by the Charlotte Flair clip of her from Smackdown where it looks like she is wrestling in slow motion. This leads Kevin to question, why are these big returns, not hitting the mark for most fans. 

We are then joined by the Animal Bob Anger. The Asgardian Space Animal talks a ton with us about wrestling, comic books, Sexxxy Beasts and more. Magenta joins the interview and it's over the top, you have to listen to believe it. It's also a great introduction to the Animal Bob Anger. 

After a quick break the boys are talking AEW, the leveling up of the title and the Will Hobbs title change. Is Rampage on the same live as WCW Thunder?

We hit on some ROH, and the Reach for the Sky Ladder Match before we hit a technical difficulty and Matt completely shuts down.

Tony ponders if Vince McMahon could take a small company in this era and make it as successful as he did with the WWE.

Its another great show from your favorite wrestling podcast.

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Mar 14, 202302:10:01
Episode 627: Eat Your Mud Water

Episode 627: Eat Your Mud Water

A huge week of wrestling and we are back to talk about some of it. 

After catching up and hitting Over the Top the boys jump into AEW Revolution. 

Matt has some issues with a few things from the PPV. No time clock, legal tags in a NO DQ match and a lack of explanation on the DQ during the Iron Man Match. Besides that him and Kevin enjoyed the show. Tony hated the Texas Death Match, and we have some fun arguing about that, like why would you wrap yourself in barbed wire and jump on another man? A Brick? Ohh also, is it ok to throw a drink on a child? The room is split 50/50

We are then joined by the beautiful and talented Gabby Ortiz. Gabby is a main character in the brand new AppleTV + Monster Factory show debuting on March 17th. We talk about the camera's outside the ring, being vulnerable, how she fell back in love with wrestling, lumberjacks, mountains, and so much more. It's a fantastic conversation with a future superstar, get to know her before the show drops on the 17th. 

After Gabby we put a bow on Revolution, and prepare for Can You Beat That. This is a must listen to battle, do we crown a new Can You Beat That Champion? You have to listen

We wrap things up with some ROH talk and Tony hits us with a going home. 

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Mar 07, 202302:36:51
Episode 626: Scape the Lawn

Episode 626: Scape the Lawn

This week the boys give you all the wrestling you want and more 

After catching up with each other from last week the boys jump right into WHAT IF????

This week's What If if Bret Hart left WWF for WCW in 1992

We play out a variety of situations and fantasy book how things would have looked for both the WWF and WCW in 1992 if Bret Hart had left. 

After a quick break we return to talk AEW, Battle Royals, MJF, tuning out during Picture in Picture and more. Plus a quick run down of the Revolution Card and Matt's annoyed about Aussie Open 

It's Wrestlemania season so we are talking WWE. Is Bray Wyatt doing it for you? Rundown the purposed Wrestlemania Card, Kevin is 100% out based on one particular match, find out which one & more. 

We also talk a little Impact, where MCMG are for us, who's the man to knock Josh Alexander off his throne and the Trey Miguel/Crazzy Steve match. 

We put a bow on the show with Matt gushing over Mutoh's last match and the beauty of it all. 

Its Wrestling Talk and Talk About Wrestling 

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Feb 28, 202302:42:30
Episode 625: Hacky Sack in the Park

Episode 625: Hacky Sack in the Park

It's a full episode on the latest edition of the Shining Wizards Wrestling Podcast 

We break out a new segment called Over the Top. We run down the results from all the shows from the past week, and Tony put's it OVER THE TOP with a fun fact. 

Then we get down to it, as we are covering picks and talking Elimination Chamber. Matt disliked the Women's Chamber match and draws disgust from his fellow wizards. They talk Lashley/Brock, the mixed tag match, Tony thinks Finn doesn't fit in Judgement Day, Elimination Chamber match and of course the main event, Sami Zayn vs Roman Reigns. We also share our followers favorite Elimination Chambers. 

We turn our attention to NJPW Battle in the Valley. Tony makes fun of Jay White, Matt loses his mind about the Pirate, and Handsome Kevin hates Mercedes entrance music. We talk about the show a little, and the big women's match before Kevin has some technical issues that lead to some hysterics later in the show 

After a quick commercial break for the Shining Wizards Network and the Patreon Read, its on to the Wizards Rewind. 

Back to No Way Out 2005. We go top to bottom with the card, the landscape at the time, and have lots of laughs and good times getting in the time machine to go back to 2005. 

We end with the bad news about Jerry Jarrett & Richard Belzer , and end on a high note with the Richard Holliday news. 

If you enjoy the show, remember to rate, review and subscribe 

Feb 21, 202302:28:25
Episode 624: Kevin Kelly's Historic Field House

Episode 624: Kevin Kelly's Historic Field House

It's Monday Night and the Wizards are a man down, but nothing to worry about. 

After catching up on the week that was in our personal lives, with anniversaries, wrestling shows & the Super Bowl, it's on to Picks and the NWA Nuff Said PPV. Matt highlight's what he liked about the show, before losing his mind over the main event and a few other things. He declares that he will never watch the NWA again, let's see how long that lasts. 

Patreon winner for the month of February, William Mercier Jr joins the boys for their interview with the voice of New Japan Pro Wrestling and Promoter of AXW Kevin Kelly. Mr Kelly joins us to promote this weekend's event at the Historic Field House in Hamburg, PA. We talk about the show, the talent, Hikuleo, Jay White, what goes into putting on a show and so much more. Its an awesome interview and a great look behind the curtain with someone who has been in the wrestling business for 30 years. 

After an hour long commercial break (7 minutes) we come back to talk about a variety of topics. We cover our New Beginnings Picks and find out where we are in the standings early in the year. Talk a little about the NJPW event, what's going on in Impact Wrestling, the new AEW Tag Team Champions and the prospect of Sami Zayn vs Cody Rhodes at Wrestlemania. 

If you enjoy the show, please remember to rate, review and subscribe. 

Feb 14, 202302:41:26
Episode 623: Diet Coke is my Shit

Episode 623: Diet Coke is my Shit

The boys are back with a fun filled episode 

Tony is having some butt issues, and Matt is running late. They cover a some of the NXT Vengeance Day Show, Matt shows up and is having a day. Tony thinks Kota Ibushi is the star of NJPW, and we never get to finish yelling at each other cause our guest joins us. 

Playboy Centerfold and Cover Girl May Valentine joins us to talk about her time in NWA, getting the Playboy gig, Aron Stevens, junk food, pickles, lettuce and so much more. It's really fun conversation with a talent who continues to get bigger and bigger. You don't want to miss out on this one. 

Back from a commercial break, the boys talk a little about the relationship they had with Lanny Poffo and his influence on the wrestling business. It's Wrestlemania season, and the boys talk Rhea Ripley picking Charlotte, would you be mad if Sami took the title off of Roman and more. We hit on some of this and that from AEW, Impact Wrestling and NWA before getting to the game tonight

It's Can You Beat That as Matt defends against Shining Wizards Kevin, do we have a new champion or does Matt reign supreme? 

Feb 07, 202302:46:25
Flashback: Wrestling with Genius - A Tribute to Lanny Poffo

Flashback: Wrestling with Genius - A Tribute to Lanny Poffo

The Wizards and talent from across the wrestling spectrum pay tribute and homage to “The Genius” Leaping Lanny Poffo. With readings from his book “Wrestling with Rhyme” and original creations and stories, this presentation will hopefully give you an interesting look at the man and his creativity.

Participants include: Bill Apter, Steve Corino, Brian Myers fka Curt Hawkins, PJ Black fka Justin Gabriel, Ethan Carter III, The Blue Meanie, Drake Younger, Zach Gowen, Gregory Iron, Tessa Blanchard, The Juicy Product, Drew Gulak, Danny Maff, Mr. Touchdown, Alpha Female, Jaxson James, Chris Payne, Dave D-Struction, and Matt Macintosh.

Plus stories about the Poffo family from Jeff Jarrett, and an original poem in tribute to Lanny by Rob Van Dam.

Originally aired March 26, 2015.

Feb 04, 202342:47
Episode 622: Throatmeal Cookies

Episode 622: Throatmeal Cookies

It's a full house tonight. Kevin Is back from Florida & we are rocking & rolling. 

With the Royal Rumble in our rearview mirror, we are officially on the Road to Wrestlemania.

We break down the Royal Rumble, what we enjoyed, what we disliked, and of course, The Bloodline story. 

We are joined by current AAW World Tag Team Champion Frontman Jah C, we cover a variety of topics, from his favorite tag team partner to sharing a locker room with Jay Briscoe to cookies, movies and much more. It's a fun interview and a great introduction to Jah C if you aren't familiar with him. 

After a commercial break we hit on a few things from AEW, Impact Wrestling and MLW before getting to Kevin's Top 5

HIs list, Top 5 early 1990's WWF babyface turns

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Jan 31, 202302:35:09
Episode 621: Dude in a Diaper

Episode 621: Dude in a Diaper

The Boys are back with another fun filled episode

They kick things over talking about the tragedy that struck the wrestling community this past week with the horrible passing of Jay Briscoe. 

We redirect the show into the WWE world, talking Royal Rumble, surprise entrants, who we think wins the rumble, the Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and plenty more. 

Conversation takes a turn into the Far East as they talk about Muta's last match, Hakushi, the kick from Kiyomia to Okada, and a few other things before a quick break. 

Back from the break the boys are all over the board, talking a little AEW, MLW, XPW and Women of Wrestling before the Wizards Rewind. 

Tonight we jump back to 1996, Clash of the Champions 32. We are talking the Hulkster, Elizabeth, Macho Man, Bunkhouse Bunk, Dick Slater, Robert Parker, Sting, Lex Luger, Alex Wright and much more. We have a lot of fun on this one and have a very heated debate about one particular match. Tune in to find out. 

It's a fun filled show, and we hope you enjoyed 

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Jan 24, 202302:46:09
Episode 620: NO PORTHOLES!!!!

Episode 620: NO PORTHOLES!!!!

It's another Monday Night, and you know what that means 

After Tony and Handsome Kevin held it down last week, the whole crew is back this week. For some ungodly reason, they spend the first 20 minutes talking about Matt's vacation. Did the boys hype it up too much last week? Were you disappointed? Was there a porthole? 

We jump into the crazy week in the WWE, Vince McMahon is back, is the company for sale? Stephanie McMahon resigns. We have no clue what any of this means & we spend some time speculating about the future of the WWE, and what it means for the product. 

We talk some Royal Rumble and the ad that Matt saw during Monday Night Football with Cody advertised. Will Big E make a return? 

We discuss the Ruby Soho match, the powerbomb and Jungle Hook. Who liked it, who didn't & much more 

We are then joined by the Wild Rhino, Clark Connors. We cover a variety of topics, from his return against Suzuki, being a part of the Historic Crossover show, and Wild Hips in the Super Junior Tournament. Clark shares drunk lost cell phone stories, thoughts on the Karl Fredericks news and much more. It's a really fun talk, and worth checking out. 

Back from a quick break and it's time for Can You Beat That......Matt defends the title against The Captain. Is Matt's reign over, or did the Captain rock the boat? 

We hit on a few notes on AEW Dynamite, Matt is outraged that NXT has a tag team called the Rockers, and Tony no longer is watching MLW or NWA, its all about WOW now. 

It's a must listen to show, remember to rate, review and subscribe. 

Jan 17, 202302:25:31
Episode 619: BOOYAKA!

Episode 619: BOOYAKA!

It's the debut of the Old Man Group as Tony and Handsome Kevin get into the wrestling talk. HK comes alive when Tony's mom enters the chat. The guys get giggity over all the happenings at Wrestle Kingdom 17, including the debut of Mercedes Monè. Talk then turns to the biggest news so far in 2023: Vince McMahon has returned to the WWE, reinstated himself as Chairman, and sets the wheels in motion to either reach a media agreement or sell the company. HK wonders how one particular suitor would work out...

The guys also discuss the happenings in the WWE and AEW. HK admits to watching XPW, Tony vents his frustrations with NWA and MLW, and there's a Handsome Top 5 in honor of KJG.

Jan 10, 202302:24:11
Episode 618: That's Swank

Episode 618: That's Swank

Happy New Year

The Wizards are back with the 1st show of 2023

After the boys catch up about their New Years activities they dive into the world of professional wrestling 

Matt got all jacked up for the Muta/Nakamura match & ended up signing up for the Pro Wrestling NOAH Streaming service. Matt talks about the show itself, gushes over the Muta/Nakamura match and ponders why Nakamura isn't a bigger star in the WWE & the guys talk about the his Royal Rumble win and why it didn't translate into him becoming the star they think he should have been. 

They talk Wrestle Kingdom 17, Dragon Lee leaving AAA for NXT, and Kennan stripping Sammy & Tay of the titles 

We Also talk Judas, Maki Itoh, Nick Gage, who is the face of GCW? 

Mandy Rose made a million dollars with her website, and Tony asks, does this set the women's revolution back? It's a great topic of conversation 

They cut Wardlow's hair, we talk some AEW, Jeff Jarrett, Karen Jarrett tweeting, Don West and what's happening on Smackdown 

Then we go Down the Aisle, we talk about the 1994 Super J Cup. We talk about Ricky Fuji, Gedo, Bob Backland in WAR in 1994, and so much more. 

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Jan 03, 202302:14:10
Episode 617: Tommy's Place

Episode 617: Tommy's Place

The boys are live in studio with Phil Raia from the Turnbuckle Throwbacks. It's a night of pizza, wrestling talk, and a run-in from T3.

After some great talk, the guys cover the December 22, 2017 episode of Monday Night Raw.

We hope everyone has a Happy New Year!

Dec 27, 202202:53:37
Episode 616: Government of the Law

Episode 616: Government of the Law

It's Monday Night and the crew is back with another action packed episode 

The boys cover the Mandy Rose release and share their thoughts on the whole situation, and have a pretty heated debate about if she should have been fired or not. They talk about the latest episode of AEW Dynamite and the happenings of what's going on in the WWE Universe 

After a quick break they talk a little NWA and MLW before getting into Can You Beat That. We get news on the current champion and the committee makes a few announcements that will change the game going forward.

We wish you all a safe and happy holiday

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Dec 20, 202202:25:11
Episode 615: CHUDS

Episode 615: CHUDS

It's Wrestling Talk....and Talk About Wrestling 

Matt Is the Lucky Pierre tonight with KJG & Handsome Kevin 

The boys catch up, as we hear about JJ Rouge's weekend and working with Eugene aka Nick Dinsmore before they jump into Ring of Honor's Final Battle. We talk about the card, the Double Dog Collar Match, Jericho tapping to the Swing, is ROH Garbage and the newly announced Honor Club and what does that mean for ROH Weekly TV. 

We come back from a quick break with some coverage of NXT Deadline & the Surviver Challenge. We hit on the world of the WWE quickly, talk about the Kurt Angle celebration. 

Then it's on to AEW, Ricky Starks, and Winter Is Coming. We question KJG about Ricky Starks and ponder, who if not Ricky Starks, should have been MJF's 1st opponent in this reign. 

Then we go down the aisle, sticking with ROH, we are back at Final Battle 2002, the 1st time ROH ran this event. We talk about the Ring Crew Express, Paul London, the main event and MORE!!!! 

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Dec 13, 202202:06:06
Episode 614: BEST PIZZA CHEF

Episode 614: BEST PIZZA CHEF

It's Wrestling Talk and Talk About Wrestling 

The fellas quickly catch up with each other before being joined by the one and only Luigi Primo. The Best Pizza Chef in all the land. We talk about Pineapples on Pizza, his favorite toppings, working in AEW, going to Japan, and much more. It's a real fun interview and a great talk with one of the best characters in the professional wrestling business. 

We follow up the Pizza Chef with some NWA talk, Blunt Force, Samantha Starr, The Spectaculars, Velvet Sky and more. 

We run down the Ring of Honor Final Battle card. Tony can't wait (That's a lie) 

This leads us to the news that Steven Regal is out of AEW and on his way back to the WWE. Worst Salad Dressings, new AEW Title Belts, Kevin's hate for Ricky Starks, a banning and more. 

Then it's time for Kevin's Top 5, as he gives us the Top 5 people on TV with GO AWAY HEAT. Who's on your list? Did Kevin miss anyone? 

If you enjoy the show, please remember to rate, review and subscribe.  

Dec 06, 202202:01:41
Episode 613: No Ears

Episode 613: No Ears

Fresh off of the Thanksgiving Holiday the boys are back to serve up some wrestling talk....and some talk about wrestling. 

Handsome Kevin is on 4th mic, and Matt attempts to throw him under the bus for his Thanksgiving tradition, and boy does that blow up in his face. Matt is in the barrel. 

Our guest, Rolando Freeman joins us to talk NWA, the Spectaculars and more, but the connection isn't the best, so after a few tries, everyone thinks its best to try again in the future. Don't worry, we will get him on as a guest. 

The Boys then turn their attention to WWE Survivor Series WARGAMES!!!

They cover the show, the Bloodline and much more. 

Then we are joined by David Henry Bauer the 3rd, who picked tonight's Wizards Rewind. We go back to WCW Uncensored 95. Relive this shit show with us, as we have a blast talking about old WCW. 

Remember to rate, review and subscribe. Plus don't miss our Wizards After Dark vehicle exclusively on Youtube 

Nov 29, 202202:17:37
Episode 612: 11th Anniversary Show

Episode 612: 11th Anniversary Show

Kate the Great & Handsome Kevin host The Shining Wizards 11th Anniversary Show 

Show is full of lots of laughs, trips down memory lane and tons of guests who pop in to celebrate with the boys. 

They are also joined by Darryl Sammartino and Larry Richert to talk about the Bruno Sammartino documentary. 

It's a celebration of the Wizards. 

Nov 22, 202203:19:59
Episode 611: Meat in the Suite

Episode 611: Meat in the Suite

It's Monday and you know what that means, the boys are back talking all things wrestling from the past week. 

After quickly catching up we talk some Tales of the Territory before diving into the NWA. It's been a week for the NWA and it's fans. Hot off of Hard Times 3, the boys recap the Billy/Nick Aldis saga, talk about Hard Times 3, and ponder the decision to make Tyrus the NWA World Champion. The Wizards come up with a scenario that would make all this worth it, find out what that is. 

After being down about the NWA, we gotta pick ourselves up, so we bring in our guest, Sal Rinauro. Sal addresses the elephant in the room, and gives us some great insight for someone who works for the NWA. We talk about Sal's journey in the NWA, going from May Valentines best friend to Gaagz the Gimps...partner? His TNA appearance, action figures, new members and what to expect from Sal in 2023. It's a real fun listen and Sal is really the pick us up needed. 

Coming back from a quick break we are covering a ton of topics. Next week's Can You Beat That Challenge may not happen. Matt has information that the Champion Christian isn't available, and he wants answers from Tony & the Committee. 

Talk quickly turns to previewing the AEW Full Gear Show this weekend. The boys will be in the house, and no one is more excited than Tony. We try and figure out which female talents Tony is talking about, and what matches he is most excited for on Saturday. And don't worry, he watched last week. 

We talk some WWE, War Games, & World Cup Tournament. Hit on some Impact notes, and Kevin's trip to WrestlePro this weekend. Kevin gets a little hot at some of the comments in the chat. New Japan notes and the excitement from Matt about the Teddy Hart docuseries is a bit disturbing

Then it's time to go DOWN THE AISLE, back to WWE No Way Out 2006, its a fascinating card, who knew Tatanka was all over WWE TV in 2006, December to Dismember and more. 

If you're a wrestling fan, this is the show for you. We don't take ourselves too seriously, and we have a lot of fun. Plus our interviews rock 

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Nov 15, 202202:59:04
Episode 610: Brian Myers Mask

Episode 610: Brian Myers Mask

No Guest

No Rules 

The boys are back and its absolute chaos. Matt is fired up from missing last week's show. Kevin can't get over Tony having a Tootsie Roll in his Top 5 last week and Tony is ready to talk AEW. 

We do some catching up, before talking a little Tales from the Territories. Florida, Stampede, picking up women, Bret Hart, No Class Bobby Bass and much more. 

We talk picks, Crown Jewel, Logan Paul, Buckshot Lariat and quickly run down the Crown Jewel event. We then speculate on who is going to be in the Survivor Series War Games match, while also somehow talking relationship advice. We talk a little bit about the Sasha Banks Instagram post and of course, to get Tony fired up, we present him with the Smackdown World Cup. 

To keep Tony annoyed we jump into AEW, where things get a little heated. After talking about the World Title Eliminator Tournament, the Full Gear Card, and Jeff Jarrett, we stumble into a talk about Tony Khan and if trying to run AEW & ROH was too much for him to handle. It's a heated discussion, which leads us to another conversation about who's opinion carries more weight, you have to listen to this one and let us know where you land. 

After a quick break, we come back to talk a little about NJPW, Battle Autumn, & World Tag League. We cover the return of MLW, Battle Riot 4 then jump into the NWA news that dropped this afternoon. Nick Aldis gave notice, then was suspended. What does this mean for the NWA? Can Billy and company right the ship? We want them to turn it around and Hard Times 3 is gonna be an interesting point for them. 

We then dive into this week's Wizard Rewind. Its back to the 1987 Slammy Awards Show (Link is below) 

Its quite the adventure back in time, and it is a must watch show. Its cheesy 80's WWF at its finest. And we discover who the 1st ever 2 Time Slammy Award Winner ever was. 

Be sure to subscribe, rate and review. 

1987 Slammy Awards Show

Nov 08, 202203:08:51