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The Suburban Girl JA Podcast

The Suburban Girl JA Podcast

By Candice Stewart

The Suburban Girl JA Podcast is a show featuring monologues and interviews that share pertinent life lessons from everyday experiences.
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The 2021 Pizza

The Suburban Girl JA PodcastApr 17, 2021

The 2021 Pizza

The 2021 Pizza

This episode focuses on some truths that we should know and may only need a little reminder.

In this 20 ish minute long episode, Candice talks about the journey with the creation of a pizza and how the experience brought forth lessons such as "it's okay to know your desired end product without knowing how you'll get there".

Candice dropped a couple gems in this episode about managing your time and the tasks and responsibilities you may have.

Treat your life like a pizza in some weird way and apply the lessons you'll learn as you prepare and bake the pizza.

Signed with love,
The Suburban Girl JA

Apr 17, 202120:21
The Lizard In my bathroom

The Lizard In my bathroom

In this episode, Candice speaks frankly about claiming your space in areas you belong without shrinking because small minded people tell you that you don't belong.

In an odd encounter with a lizard in her bathroom, she somehow finds life lessons to motivate and perhaps inspire others to fight for what belongs to them and fight for what they want.

So in true, Suburban Girl JA style, go for what you want and learn the lessons in every experience!

Signed with love,
The Suburban Girl JA

Apr 17, 202120:51
Point Blank Period

Point Blank Period

On this episode, Candice shares her first experience with her period and the awkward and uncomfortable motions she went through when it happened. She shares, as well moments where her period pains get unbearable and the tell tale signs that the period is on the way.

As the story progresses, she speaks about the need for us to make room for conversations with girls, boys, mothers, fathers and other family members I openly discuss periods without having it be hushed and made into a taboo conversation.

Periods are quite natural and as such, the conversations about them should be equally natural.

Though hilarious in delivery, this episode is also a conversation starter. So let's continue to have the conversation and make it a normal occurrence.

Signed with love,
The Suburban Girl JA

Apr 17, 202124:00
Lessons from an uncle with End Stage Renal Failure

Lessons from an uncle with End Stage Renal Failure

In this episode, Candice briefly shares lessons she learned from an uncle who recently passed away. All three lessons came from the way he lived his life and the way the Suburban Girl JA wished he didn't.

This podcast episode was recorded after the realisation that it's World Kidney Day. Uncle died from complications with the kidney. So what better way than to pay tribute from the perspective of the Suburban Girl JA?

After a quick recording and post production, it was realised that more context is needed. So here goes.

My lovely uncle was diagnosed with kidney issues a few years ago. He also had diabetes. He stopped taking his medication and sought help strictly from a herbalist. That decision led to the gradual decay or his kidneys. In the end, he passed away when the family wasn't prepared in any way to see him go.

Since his departure, it's been difficult to traverse life. It still feels unreal, even. Because I except him to call and say "sis". I expect him to come to the house on a random weekend. I expect him to come on a public holiday.


The brief discussion was done unguided so you will hear the realness in the pauses, the sighs, the cracks in the voice and the random dog barking in the background.

Take heed, though.

Live well and learn from the lessons shared.

Mar 12, 202114:00
Tackling Fear and Anxiety | Lessons from my friend's garden
Mar 10, 202126:02
International Women's Day and Lessons from my Mother

International Women's Day and Lessons from my Mother

For International Women's Day 2021, Candice dedicates the show to the women in her life.

She describes the women in her life as phenomenal and also shares lessons learned from her mother and how those lessons have impacted her life.

Though it wasn't explicitly stated, The Suburban Girl JA hopes that women will learn from the lessons and also recognise their power.

This episode was recorded without guiding notes so you may feel as though Candice is right there with you as she uses fillers, short pauses and some stutter as she finds the words to share.

Happy International Women's Day #InternationalWomensDay #LessonsFromMyMother #Women
Mar 08, 202117:40
Conversations, Eye Contact and Being Kind

Conversations, Eye Contact and Being Kind

In this episode of the podcast, Candice briefly addresses the need to make eye contact during conversations, making people feel comfortable and welcome in a space to share how they're really doing when the question, "How are you doing?" is asked. She wraps with encouragement to others to be nice to others.

#TheSuburbanGirlJA #EyeContact #BeNice
Mar 05, 202105:25
Dropping the eggs and the lessons that follow

Dropping the eggs and the lessons that follow

As an introduction to the podcast, Candice shares her story of the time she dropped the eggs while preparing to bake after having a rough couple of days in her life.

She takes you through some of her emotions leading up to the incident and how she responded after the fact. This prelude of sorts is the gateway into the mind of the Suburban Girl JA as she tries to teach, motivate, inspire and enrich lives through the lessons in her experiences.

#TheSuburbanGirlJA #LifeLessons #Baking #Eggs
Mar 05, 202107:23