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The Unhurried Life

The Unhurried Life

By Jen Brazeal

Welcome to The Unhurried Life where we dive into a new standard of living so you can feel restful, restored, and renewed even in today's rush-rush society. Every week, host Jen Brazeal discusses her own take on what it means to live unhurried and provide actionable steps you can take to bring you to a place of contentment and intentional purpose. Along with sharing her own tips, Jen chats with women from all over to discuss topics such as fitness, mental health, business and entrepreneurship, marriage, relationships and much, much more.
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71 - How to Overcome Fear with Ericka James

The Unhurried LifeMar 09, 2021

86 - Overcome the Feeling of Overwhelm
May 23, 202219:16
85 - How to Live Intentionally
Apr 14, 202220:18
84 - Family Albums, and Why You Need One

84 - Family Albums, and Why You Need One

These moments in your family's life are priceless. But let me ask you a question, where are all the memories of your kids? I'm guessing that if you were to pull out your phone right now you would find them all living on your phone memory! Maybe you've printed a few, maybe you've tried scrapbooks?

The idea of family albums is intriguing to you but it also sounds like 17,000 hours of work! Where do you even start when it comes to creating a family album? I'll tell you exactly where!

You start with today. No matter what today is it's the perfect day to start getting your photos ready to put into a family yearbook. I want to introduce you to a system that will allow you to go from overwhelmed thousands of photos on your phone to a beautifully designed family yearbook. You can hold it in your hands. Your kids can flip through it, not thumb through it and scroll and scroll and scroll, but they can see in print their life. They will know exactly where that book is 15 years down the road and they will be able to share it with their family.

Putting your photos into a family album allows you the chance to tell your story. It allows you the chance to share your story and everybody has a story to share but you just don't know where to start.

Mar 15, 202212:28
83 - Photo Organization, It’s not Just for Your Phone

83 - Photo Organization, It’s not Just for Your Phone

If you know anything about me, then you know photo organization is my passion! I know some people might have a passion like giving extra shoes to kids in Africa or working with an orphanage in Nicaragua. Although I love those things too they aren't my purpose in life.

My purpose in life is to help women, just like you, learn to live in the present. Part of learning to live in the present is learning to enjoy moments from the past. I know that sounds strange so let me explain a little bit more!

Are you like my old college friend? She had reached a breaking point. With two small kids at home, working full-time, and all the other things that come with motherhood she had been pushed to the point where there's no more messing around.

Maybe you've reached the point where you're just fed up with it, you're done. You just need the fastest and easiest way to accomplish the task. So here you are. Let's solve it. Are you embarrassed or overwhelmed at the shocking amount of photos that are living on your phone. Are you frustrated with yourself because you still haven't made your four-year-olds baby album? Just because they are the middle child doesn't mean their childhood needs to go forgotten! Spoken from a true middle child over here!

So you clicked over to listen to this podcast and you got a little fire in you. You're ready to finally do it. So let's do it. Let's get all of those photos on your phone organized and in the right spot. because that's one thing you really want to get checked off this year. You're tired of writing it and thinking it again and again and again 2020, 2021 and now 2022! Enough already.

Let me walk you through some of my best tips and tricks for photo organization!



Feb 08, 202213:35
82- Simplify Your Life

82- Simplify Your Life happy new year and welcome to new, fresh motivation! I’m so glad you’re here because this is a great way to start off.

Simplifying your life is an amazing way to start out this new year.

It’s no secret right now that simplification is a buzz word. You want less, you feel overwhelmed and overcommitted.

You look at your life and see busy and you don’t want to be there. Minimalism is a dream of yours. So your mind goes, how can I make this easier, how can I simplify alllll the things so I have a chance to breathe.

As I began this episode I did a simple google search. What I found made me laugh a little. 72 tips to simplify, or 25 hacks to simplify your life. How about 1 tip or 1 idea. How about the whole less is more approach?

Although a lot of those articles I clicked through had good ideas on how to simplify life and why simplifying your life was important I found myself getting a tad overwhelmed with all the things I would have to do to be able to do less.

It confirmed my hunch that we all need a little simplification from trying to simplify. So as the year kicks off I hope you read this and start to get the idea that you don’t actually need more ideas, more prompts, more motivation. I believe you are already motivated and you already have the ideas, it’s just getting the guts to actually see your life become something different than it is now.

Let me explain what I mean. Tune into this episode here to simplify your life (without 25 tips)!



Jan 11, 202219:19
81 - Our Family Christmas Traditions (Wins and Flops)
Dec 28, 202119:47
80 - 4th Child Birth Story + Q&A
Nov 09, 202117:32
79 - Tips for Photography (with iPhone)
Oct 12, 202120:04
78 - Embracing Seasons of Life
Sep 14, 202123:33
77 - Screen Monitoring Your Kids and Self
Aug 10, 202124:41
76 - My Daily Routine: Take a Peak

76 - My Daily Routine: Take a Peak

I'm so excited to be back to the podcast after 3 long months. I’ve missed you but at the same time I feel so refreshed. I left off talking about burnout and how my 3 month break was to practice what I preach when living unhurried…..

Now, that TUL is back it’s going to look a smidge different. In light of my decision to take some time off it gave me freedom to assess where I want to go in the future.  For the next 12 months I’ll be doing a single episode monthly instead of weekly. I’d like to invite you over to my website so we can stay in touch. Take a look around and find anything that strikes your fancy. Photo org, routines, TULSK, free LR preset and so much more. All these things are free and as soon as you put your email in it will wiz through digital space and land inside my email sender. Meaning, every week as I write personal emails on photo Org, podcasts, simplification and other big life changing topics we’ll be able to continue chatting weekly!

Since we’re back and I’m here now chatting, I wanted to talk about routines, since mine has recently changed and I have more change coming at the end of this episode so don’t skip out!

I once read that routines are supposed to be more of a bridge than a regiment. Taking you from one thing to the next more easily. My daily routine has adapted this mindset for sure.

As a work-from-home mama of 3 (still little ones) this frame of mind has helped make our days go so much smoother. You have lot’s that needs to get done in your day. In trying to sit down and write out a massive to do list or your step-by-step schedule of time might seem a bit overwhelming. And for good reason. At the drop of a hat life changes, kids meltdown, dinner burns, and someone inevitably gets sick! That means all the time you spent on your daily routine, writing everything out with nice ideal times next to it is completely trashed.

So, I want to take a little time and talk to you about my daily routine so that you can see what it looks like in order to adapt what would be good for your own life.



Jul 13, 202119:10
75 - Avoiding Mom Burnout
Apr 06, 202114:13
74 - Parenting the Whole Brained Child

74 - Parenting the Whole Brained Child

This may be my number one struggle that never seems to go away. Mostly cause those kiddos never seem to go away, I say with love in my voice! I was recommended, not that long ago, 2 parenting books.

Ok, I've been recommended and read dozens but these two have found their way to the top and become quick favorites. The first one is The Whole Brained Child.

I've read other books on the brain. But they've been for my brain. A grown up. I read those books with a different mind set. The Whole Brained Child is totally different, but also similar.

Parenting is one of those things you have no clue if you're doing right and by the time you know it's too late to do much about it. Parenting is one of those things you can totally lose yourself in. Your identity gets wrapped up here, your decisions are based off your children your date nights are spent discussing them!

I'm sure at some point you can relate to life feeling like it was either total chaos or you were struggling to keep total control?

Now think of your toddler. Ever see similar traits? Unable and refusing to share a train with brother and then losing his mind when brother takes it from him (raising my hand over here).

The Whole Brained Child does a beautiful job of explaining the parts of the brain and how they all need to work together to raise up our children.

Mar 30, 202113:31
73 - Meal Prep Ideas (for mama's)
Mar 23, 202115:09
72 - Does Your Quiet Time Look Like This?

72 - Does Your Quiet Time Look Like This?

If you're anything like me, at some point in your life you've let quiet time with God go by the wayside. Maybe your mornings turned into 5 extra minutes snuggled in bed. Or maybe your mornings turned into your toddler waking up 15 minutes earlier everyday and dealing with that mess.

When your quiet time drifts away you probably start to feel ... guilt.

It's hard to figure out how to get started again or even what that would look like. Then let's remember those college years. Those mornings that were filled with steaming hot cups of coffee and curling up on the couch listening to praise music. Oh the peace. Oh the time.

Somehow you keep comparing your now quiet time to your absolute best months and years of quiet time and you're not measuring up.

So your quiet time starts to look like, "next week" or "when I find the right devotional". You allow stress and hurry to take over your life, you allow the noise to keep you at bay from time where you can truly fill up.

Well, don't sweat it and for sure don't let that guilt settle in. We're going to take a look at some practical and beautiful ways to let quiet time seep back into your life and fill you up.

This week and for the next 3 weeks we're going to be looking at 4 of the areas I struggle in and have found myself really working on over the past few years. I wanted to share what I've learned in hopes to bring you along with me on the journey.

Each thing I'll talk about has brought me closer to learning about an Unhurried Life. They have also been things I have to continually remind myself, I'm a work in progress!



Mar 16, 202114:46
71 - How to Overcome Fear with Ericka James
Mar 09, 202125:40
70 - Signs of a Healthy Marriage with Jen Weaver
Mar 02, 202129:41
69 - Taking Action | Becoming Bold Series
Feb 23, 202120:44
68 - Overcoming Challenges | Becoming Bold Series
Feb 16, 202116:54
67 - How to Find Your Purpose | Becoming Bold Series
Feb 09, 202115:60
66 - Sharing Your Story | Becoming Bold Series
Feb 02, 202116:34
65 - How to Build Community | Becoming Bold Series

65 - How to Build Community | Becoming Bold Series

I once read that loneliness can have the same health effects on your body as 15 cigarettes a day!  I also saw that it increases your likelihood of dementia by 50%...or was it 45% ... I can't remember (just kidding!).  And just so you know I'm serious, loneliness and social isolation are responsible for the climbing numbers of those affected by anxiety, depression and suicide. So, listen up, when it's time to build a community...we need to get serious.

When it comes to social isolation the stats are off the charts. Not only are we smack in the middle of a global pandemic, it's also being paired with an epidemic. What some are calling the "Loneliness Epidemic".  Experts (and moms) are already aware that this generation is going to go through some serious issues when it comes to community and socialization.

I have something to tell you, you are not immune from either the pandemic OR the epidemic. They are both going to affect you.  It's time to be proactive and start putting up protection where and how you can. And that starts with building community.  That's what this weeks episode is all about. This week, my good (#IRL) friend, Wynne Elder, and I sit down to go through a series of issues and shine truth and solution on what we're going through.

The 6 week series is called Becoming Bold and our dream is for you to go through this with a friend. We're giving you the tools to make the change, to take control of your life and start living in a way that honors yourself and your family.  All you have to do is tune in, print the weekly workbooks and find a friend, sister, old high school buddy, whoever, to go through it with.




Jan 26, 202119:23
64 - How To Be Bold | A Series With Wynne Elder

64 - How To Be Bold | A Series With Wynne Elder

Jan 19, 202130:35
63 - Best Tips for Making a Family Photo Album

63 - Best Tips for Making a Family Photo Album

One of the many hats you wear as a mom is memory keeper. No pressure, but those little snaps on your phone are what preserves your kids childhood. Ever felt stressed when it comes to, 'what to do with all those digital photos you're pilling high?'  Perfect!  You're in the right spot.  I'm going to walk you through my best tips for making a family photo album.

Imagine this if you will. You take an adorable photo of your toddler with birthday cake all over their face. The photo is safely sitting inside your phone. Later that night you thumb through the days activities and can't believe he's another year older!  Ugh the time!

You set your phone down and flip on Netflix cause, well it's been a day!  Go to bed, and morning comes too fast.  The next day happens and then the next and that little photo with the birthday cake gets piled on.  The memories of each day after.  Then 15 years down the road you have a teenager.  He's driving!!  If only you could go back.  If the two of you could sit on the couch one evening and flip through that birthday and the cake and the little hands and bath time and reading on that very same couch The Little Blue Truck for the 900th time!

But you can't. Cause those photos, those memories from today are buried under thousands of other memories.

If this is giving you a little bit of low level anxiety and the fire in your belly to get something done today then great!  That's what we're going to do. I want to go deep with you into this issue because it's more important than we may think.

This week, I take you through the best tips for making a family photo album. Tips I've learned and figured out from the past 7 years of doing this process. A family photo album has become one of the best gifts I give myself and those that share the same 4 walls with me!




Jan 12, 202117:10
62 - Are You Just Like Her? Secret Guest

62 - Are You Just Like Her? Secret Guest

Have you ever noticed that you can have the exact same situation as someone else and have a totally different experience?

They have 2 kids and a 2,200 square foot home, a husband and a dog just like you, yet your lives are totally different. How you handle stress and your situation is no where near the same.

On the other hand, you can have totally different experiences and still feel the same! That's what truly brings us together as women, sisters, wives and moms. We can read these questions (no matter where we are in life) and start nodding our head ...

Why is motherhood so stressful?
How can I overcome mom stress?
Why does it feel like I'm just not doing enough?
When will I ever have 5 min alone (without paying for a sitter)?
Will I ever get ahead?

These questions are all too familiar and ring over and over inside your head for a reason. Your time and perspective are out of whack. A reset and a plan are needed. Join me this week as I chat with my special secret guest about one of the MAJOR mom stress causes and we come up with a plan to get it taken care of.

My secret guest is someone that is just like you, you'll find yourself nodding your head at every question I ask and shouting AMEN at every answer she gives!

Being able to relate and feel heard is priceless! This week you'll hear one of your fellow mamas shine light on a common mom stressor.




Jan 05, 202118:33
61 - The Best (and Easiest) Goal Setting Worksheet

61 - The Best (and Easiest) Goal Setting Worksheet

With arms wide open, we welcome 2021.

Now is the BEST time to crank out some new year goals! I want to show you the best (and easiest) goal setting worksheet you’ll find. If you don't have this you're not setting your goals correctly ... yup, I said that!

I’ve created The Unhurried Life Starter Kit as a cohesive approach to making and seeing true change in your life and I’m sharing it with you.

What you’ll find on this week's episode is the steps, methods, and ideas behind the goal setting worksheet inside The Unhurried Life Starter Kit.
This is probably one of my most favorite resources and I’m thrilled to share it with you. When you set goals you’re giving yourself a long-term vision (or dream) and then the short-term motivation (steps) to get there! This is progress, moving forward and sometimes, as a mom, you have the tendency to feel stuck.

Before we totally dive in and dust off our hands with 2020 I want to remind you that there was a lot of good in this past year. Here are some of the fun things I want to remember about 2020: we had a baby, we bought a new house (and land), my oldest started kindergarten, we got a dog, and so much more.

To keep from forgetting these moments I make sure to create a family photo album every year (even the ones with pandemics) and I’d love to invite you to do the same!

Coming up I have a live workshop where I’ll be walking you through the process to organize and prep your photos from the whole year so you can easily and quickly make a family photo album. More on that coming … but make sure to save your seat for the workshop by clicking here!

Now onto goal setting and the easiest way I’ve found to do this and see success and keep the momentum going! Come listen in!




Dec 29, 202018:52
60 - How to get out of Survival Mode with Jaclyn Weidner
Dec 22, 202024:29
59 - Be More Present: 7 Tips for Living in the Moment
Dec 15, 202025:50
58 - Create Your Christmas Budget with Sami Womack

58 - Create Your Christmas Budget with Sami Womack

Did you know that Americans spend roughly $730.2 Billion (yes that was Billion with a B) on Christmas, and the average family spends over $1,000 extra on gift giving. I don't know about you but Corona has done a number on our finances already this year (amen, anyone?)

It's easy to think about the now, the joy, the giving, the decor, the ornaments, Christmas cards, treats, and spirit. But what about January? How will you feel when the credit card bill comes or you find that gift broken and stashed under a bed in a few weeks?

Not trying to be a Debbie Downer over here but sometimes it helps to be reminded of these things when we're caught up in the moment. So, how can this email help you create your Christmas budget (with some creativity) so that in a few weeks you're not feeling all the guilt of going a smidge overboard?

I'm so glad you asked!

This week I got to sit down with Sami Womack from A Sunny Side Up Life and hear more of her amazing story. Going from $490,000 in debt to debt free in 4 years! We both share a love for Dave Ramsey and living life wisely when it comes to spending and budgeting. She has so many resources on her website and in this podcast episode that can help you this Christmas season and beyond.

Let's go deeper into budgeting (not just around the holidays), but all the time. Yes, budgeting now, in the thick of it is SO helpful and necessary but keeping a budget year round is where your money's at (see that pun!).




Dec 08, 202033:57
57 - How to Have a Simple Christmas with Kelly Anthony
Dec 01, 202030:35
56 - How to Organize your Holiday Photos
Nov 24, 202016:34
55 - Follow Your Dreams with Jen DeBrot
Nov 17, 202021:40
54 - 5 Tips to Finding Your Purpose with Anna Rose
Nov 10, 202027:31
53 - Finding Your Way with Andrea Lucado
Nov 03, 202035:44
52 - We're Moving!
Oct 27, 202017:13
51 - Real and Raw Simplification with Somer Phoebus
Oct 20, 202032:19
50 - Best of The Unhurried Life

50 - Best of The Unhurried Life

Before you read on I need to tell you, this has to do with you more than with me. So stay with me while I unleash what seems like a pat on my own back...

This week is the 50th episode of my podcast! Hooray! I've spoken with amazing women about deep, true, genuine and real life. Tears have been spilled, laughs have echoed in my mic and I've been watching the number of subscribers grow steadily.

That last part may seem out of place, watching my numbers grow...why should I let you in on my stats? Well ... because that's YOU.

You are who I'm talking to, YOU are who I do this for.

Would I pour in hours of research, writing, talking and marketing just so I can see a few digits on my screen climb? Would I sit here now, writing to you when I could be reading a good book or baking up some cookies if this was all about me?


This is about you. You are part of my purpose. Let me say that again incase you just skimmed over...


The reason I do this, show up every week and sit down to work is because I believe in my purpose and that purpose is this:

Helping give women the tools to live a life of their own, simplified and full.

So often we do what we do because we've seen someone else do it, or we have some notion that we're "supposed to do it." We splash around in the giant deep ocean bobbing up for air. Sometimes we need a friend to remind us...stroke, stroke, stroke, breath - this is how you swim.

And when you're starting to get the hang of it keep your head down cause when you come up for air and you try to see who's next to you or how much farther you have to go you can get off track and start to flail around again.

This happens to all of us (myself included).

I'd love to invite you to listen in to the podcast and since you're reading this now I ALSO want to give you the chance to grab a little gift!

Since I'm all about serving you, I want to make sure I'm serving you in a way that actually helps and makes a difference in your day to day! I created this little podcast survey so I can make sure I'm on track!

Fill out the survey and get entered to win some of my "podcasts favorite things"!

Thanks for doing this life thing with me, you are (quite literally) the reason I get up in the morning!




Oct 13, 202015:29
49 - Clear the Chaos, Find Truth with Tracy Steel

49 - Clear the Chaos, Find Truth with Tracy Steel

Talk about walking the walk and talking the talk. I'll be the first to admit, I can dish it out but I can't always take it.

I have "great input" but am I always following my own advice?

This week as I chatted with Tracy I felt a twinge of conviction. I felt it about 93 times! She sure knows how to cut right to the center of it all as we talk about believing false labels, finding our purpose, seeking advice and truth and SO much more!

Surrendering expectations is not something that comes easily. It's something we have to do again and again (especially as a mama). Giving up on mastering the here and now and remembering the long term, the eternal perspective is where the victory is.

Remember friend, life is not a sprint. It's more of a marathon and the only way to get through our own race is to keep our eyes in our own lane. This concept makes it so easy to say no to overwhelm and fill your life with what is truly important (like for real, important to the big picture).

When you're making a shift or a change you have to pace yourself. Others you see around you are in different places, they've been running longer, shorter, and actually a completely different course!

If you're in a season of transition or feel like you're stuck, either way this episode has words for you.




Oct 06, 202037:16
48 - Living an Intentionally Beautiful Life with Lesley Graham
Sep 29, 202025:54
47 - Figuring Out Finances with Jamie Trull
Sep 22, 202031:37
46 - Doing Life on Purpose with Kate Battistelli
Sep 14, 202032:46
45 - Fitness that Fits with Gretchen Gegg
Sep 07, 202022:50
44 - Turn Your Struggles into Growth with Meg Stratton
Sep 01, 202031:17
43 - Purposeful Parenting with Amy Carney
Aug 25, 202030:52
42 - The 5 Things I Always Get at the Grocery Store
Aug 18, 202009:30
41 - Are You Trying to Do It All?

41 - Are You Trying to Do It All?

I've been there, I've compared others bests with my worsts. Have you?

If you're human I bet the answer is yes.

Well, I'm going to give my best efforts to build you up and shed some light, bust the myth that we mamas can "do it all".

It starts with something so simple that we get completely hung up on. Asking for help.

Now let me clarify, just because we CAN do something does not mean we need to. Yes, after I gave birth to our 3rd child I COULD go to the grocery story and get gas and make my kids lunches 3 days after I left the hospital but that does not mean I SHOULD!

Just because I saw some adorable gal on Insta meal prepping 3 seconds after the umbilical cord was cut does not mean she does not have help behind the scenes.

In this week's episode I'm sharing a few places in my life where I have asked for extra help and how it's OKAY to ask.

I'll also be asking you some self evaluation questions and then be walking you through how to get the answer you want not the answer you gave!

Tune in to The Unhurried Life and get a good ol' dose of reality as I bust the myth on "doing it all."






Aug 11, 202012:48
40 - Detoxing Kids from Screens with Molly DeFrank
Aug 04, 202026:31
39 - Overcoming Hurdles with Bravery with Kara Wilson Garcia
Jul 28, 202024:12
38 - Get Gutsy with Carrie Grace
Jul 21, 202027:04
37 - Being Brave in Business: My Journey
Jul 14, 202020:44