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The Virtual Business Show

The Virtual Business Show

By Lyn Prowse-Bishop

Australia's First Podcast for the VA Industry covering topics of interest to virtual assistants, small business owners and the self-employed, as well as providing information for those wanting to be VAs and businesses wanting to work with them. The show is hosted by veteran virtual assistant Lyn Prowse-Bishop, the owner of Executive Stress Office Support. Become a subscriber for exclusive content:
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Ep 36: VA Training – Do Your Homework

The Virtual Business ShowSep 26, 2018

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May 16, 202307:36
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Happy birthday little bro
Aug 19, 202206:06
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Jul 31, 202205:43
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Jul 13, 202205:50
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Jun 25, 202206:52
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Jan 03, 202207:50
Ep 54: Language Matters
Dec 23, 202108:40
Ep 53: Facebook Down!!!
Oct 06, 202104:30
Ep 52: Ethics and Success
Aug 14, 202112:15
Ep 51: Parasites or Professionals?
Jun 29, 202107:13
Ep 50: To Gift or Not to Gift…
Dec 23, 202003:18
Ep 49: The Fraud of ‘Living the Dream’

Ep 49: The Fraud of ‘Living the Dream’

It’s been years since The 4-Hour Work Week was published – yet the idea that virtual support should only cost you $5/hour persists.

If you’re all about saving money in your business then opting for cheap labour has its advantages – but also inherent disadvantages – and just because they’re ‘remote’ doesn’t make them Virtual Assistants.

Jacobin – the Fraud and the 4-Hour Work Week – Meagan Day article

Forbes Article – Michael Schein


Should Cost of Living Count?

Offshore Freelancers – What Clients Need to Know

© Lyn Prowse-Bishop – The Virtual Business Show

Dec 05, 202014:03
Ep 48: Gratitude
Jun 22, 202004:25
Ep 47: Audio Transcription
Mar 06, 202008:57
Ep 46: 20 Things I’ve Learned in 20 Years – Pt 2
Feb 11, 202016:60
Ep 45: 20 Things I’ve Learned in 20 Years – Pt 1
Feb 04, 202013:35
Ep 44: Offshore Freelancers: Thoughts for Our Colleagues
Jul 02, 201917:37
Ep 43: Interview: STP and Super

Ep 43: Interview: STP and Super

Please note this show contains information relevant to our Australian listeners only.

In this special episode we interview Pauline Pickering, director of
Globe Accounting and small business accounting specialist on the new Australian Single Touch Payroll system, and the superannuation guarantee, and discuss any issues there may be for VAs.

The Single Touch Payroll system (STP) may affect some VAs who pay themselves a wage or who have family members assisting them from time to time they are paying. And did you know if you are a sole operator structure you can’t pay yourself a wage? Instead you’ll take drawings.

A recent VA blog post raised the issue that VAs are eligible for superannuation so we discuss this with Pauline and whether this allegation is actually accurate or the information shared is oversimplifying things. Note, if you operate as a company, trust or partnership structure the superannuation guarantee legislation does not apply to you.

(As this episode is an interview recording the audio quality is slightly different to previous shows.)

© Lyn Prowse-Bishop – The Virtual Business Show

Jun 16, 201920:27
Ep 42: Offshore Freelancers: What Clients Need to Know
Jun 09, 201926:06
Ep 41: Offshore Freelancers – Why you needn’t worry!
May 27, 201914:47
Ep 40: Changes
Feb 21, 201905:24
Ep 39: Should Cost of Living Count?
Feb 07, 201918:19
Ep 38: Worth v Value
Jan 28, 201910:50
Ep 37: Let’s Talk About Rates Baby
Nov 08, 201812:06
Ep 36: VA Training – Do Your Homework

Ep 36: VA Training – Do Your Homework

Previously I’ve said that I didn’t think it was necessary for VAs to have training – however with the evolution of the VA industry and so many new VAs coming from little to no experience in an office or admin environment, and others straight from school, getting training in running a business, or a specialist niche area, is probably advisable for some. However, not all trainers are alike. You have to do your homework and ensure you’re getting what you pay for! Do your research and ensure your trainer knows what they’re talking about! Check their background and credentials before you part with your money.
Remember: the VA industry is unregulated and there is no over-arching regulating/certifying body … therefore NO training can be “certified”. Getting a certificate at the end of a training isn’t the same as that training being certified. The articles I mention in the podcast are linked below:
* Kathie Thomas: VA Certified – or Certificate?
* Susan Mershon: VA Certification – Why You Don’t Need one
I also include reference to what I consider legitimate, valuable trainers and organisations.  I’ve included links to those below:
* Sharon Williams – Online International VA Convention
* Craig Cannings – Freelance University
* Anita Kilkenny (previously Kathie Thomas) – VA Trainer
* Tracey D’Aviero – CAVA and GAVA
* Tawnya Sutherland – VANetworking
* Rosie Shilo – Virtual Business Start Up Course
* Ingrid Bayer – The VA Institute
* Sharon Hunt – Digital COO - Beyond the OMB
* Susan Mershon – The Techie Mentor
For specialist Author and Speaker Assistant training visit here.
This should be plenty to get you on the road to a successful VA practice!
History of the VA Industry infographic – find it here.
© Lyn Prowse-Bishop – The Virtual Business Show

Sep 26, 201815:17
Ep 35: The Evolution of the VA Industry
Sep 22, 201811:29
Ep 34: How I Got Started
Jun 17, 201812:25
Ep 33: The Myth of Work-Life Balance

Ep 33: The Myth of Work-Life Balance

The Courier Mail ran an article about an NBN commissioned study highlighting that many small business owners who had begun their business in the hope of achieving work/life balance were no longer living the dream. The nationwide study of 700 business owners with fewer than 100 employees shows they want to work half the hours they are. This desire for work/life balance is behind many start-ups – but I think we should be aiming for work/life integration – especially those who are home-based self-employed.
National Museum of Australia – Defining Moments in Australian History – The 8 Hour Day
The Courtier Mail – Small Business Owners Lament the Loss of Work Life Balance
© Lyn Prowse-Bishop – The Virtual Business Show
Jun 14, 201809:57
Ep 32: You Are Your Best Marketer
May 30, 201803:49
Ep 31: Good Quality Clients Who Pay Your Rate
Apr 02, 201816:38
Ep 30: Brand Damage Online
Mar 07, 201707:27
Ep 29: More on Continuing Education
Sep 30, 201604:17
Ep 28: Peaks and Troughs in Business
Sep 13, 201606:24
Ep 27: Can They Do That??
Feb 01, 201606:20
Ep 26: Your Digital Legacy
Jul 10, 201406:22
Ep 25: Do you Brand Your Car?
Jun 27, 201404:14
Ep 24: Are You Killing Your Online Reputation – Part 2
Jun 13, 201411:08
Ep 23: Are You Killing Your Online Reputation – Part 1
May 29, 201413:03
Ep 22: Putting the ‘Social’ Back into Social Media
May 15, 201404:51
Ep 21: Social Media a Waste of Time
May 01, 201404:40
Ep 20: Admin Work Unskilled?
Apr 25, 201403:52
Ep 19: Client Purchasing Decisions
Apr 11, 201402:52
Ep 18: Missed Opportunities

Ep 18: Missed Opportunities

The release of the film Saving Mr Banks saw a golden opportunity for market engagement missed by a local small business. How many opportunities will you miss out on this year because you’re focused on making money over engagement?
© Lyn Prowse-Bishop – The Virtual Business Show
Mar 30, 201405:00
Ep 17: AVAC 2014: 15 Key Takeaways
Mar 23, 201406:37
Ep 16: Knowing When to Leave
May 04, 201207:48
Ep15: What Do I Charge?

Ep15: What Do I Charge?

One of the biggest issues facing new VAs – and even an issue that comes up from time to time for existing VAs and anyone in business – is what do I charge? New VAs usually start out by doing a bit of market research, checking out what other VAs are charging and then go from there. But there are a few key things to bear in mind that will impact on the rate you charge.
© Lyn Prowse-Bishop – The Virtual Business Show
Dec 14, 201114:34