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The World of Running

The World of Running

By Geeks On Feet

“The World of Running” explores various aspects of running - training approach, techniques, running form, mileage, nutrition, strength training and shares it in a consumable form to its listeners. You can read more about it at
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Ep32 - Run Less Run Faster

The World of RunningAug 25, 2023

Ep32 - Run Less Run Faster

Ep32 - Run Less Run Faster

Most traditional training philosophies and methods for long-distance endurance training have one thing in common, putting high mileage. For recreational runners, this type of training can backfire. Most runners’ focus on mileage, ignoring other important aspects such as speed, strength, and mobility.

In this episode we discuss the FIRST (The Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training) training method for runners, which focuses on training with purpose, intensity, and recovery. The FIRST method is described in the book ‘Run Less Run Faster’ by Bill Pierce and Scott Murr. The method is designed for recreational runners with full-time jobs, and it emphasizes progressive overload and realistic goals. This episode also discusses the 7-Hour Workout Week training approach, which is designed for runners who want to improve their health and fitness.

Bill Pierce

In this episode, we talk to Bill Pierce, who is behind the FIRST training methodology. Bill Pierce is a prominent figure in the world of distance running, known for his contributions to running science, coaching, and authorship. As a co-author of the influential book "Run Less Run Faster," he has played a pivotal role in reshaping the way runners approach training.

This podcast is sponsored by Athlos

Athlos started with an aim to know what does it take to build functional yet beautiful running gear for Indian conditions. This led to the launch of Athlos in 2015. Today's Athlos running collection features Shorts and T-shirts made from sustainable and high-quality fabrics like Econyl (recycled ocean waste nylon), Eucalyptus, and Merino wool. Please visit to know more.

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Aug 25, 202345:39
Ep31 - Mastering Hip Mechanics for Running Faster & Longer

Ep31 - Mastering Hip Mechanics for Running Faster & Longer

At Run Mechanics, we have analyzed more than 200 runners and almost 95% of them had weak hips. This could be pelvic drop, pelvic tilt, hip rotation, etc. Whether one is a seasoned marathoner or just starting out on their running journey, the strength and mobility of your hips can make or break your performance.

Poor hip mechanics manifest in more ways than one while running - weak glutes resulting in un-optimal stride, extreme fatigue in lower legs, unstable pelvis, pelvic drop, and a whole host of injuries.

In this episode we had Aravind of Team GeeksOnFeet, who is also co-founder of RunMechanics join us to discuss how to master hip mechanics to become a better runner. Aravind is a certified running gait analyst.

We have discussed various topics including:

Common issues that cause poor hips mechanics

How to assess your hip mechanics

Framework for building good hip mechanics

Workouts that will help you to build good hip mechanics

This podcast episode is sponsored by Athlos. Athlos started with the aim to know what it takes to build functional yet beautiful running gear for Indian conditions. This led to the launch of Athlos in 2015. Today's Athlos running collection features Shorts and T-shirts made from sustainable and high-quality fabrics like Econyl (recycled ocean waste nylon), Eucalyptus, and Merino wool. Please visit to know more.
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Jul 23, 202339:03
Ep30 - Heart Rate Training

Ep30 - Heart Rate Training

In the 30th episode of the podcast "The World of Running," host Aditi Pandya delves into the world of heart rate (HR) training and its effectiveness in endurance training. With guest speaker Anand Hatwalne, an experienced runner and co-founder of 'Running Potential,' this episode explores the importance of HR monitoring for effective training and optimizing performance and recovery.

Why does HR have such significance in endurance training? The answer lies in the fundamental principle, that is training at the right intensity to improve aerobic fitness, which is key for long-distance running performance. Traditionally, runners relied on pace and effort to gauge intensity, but the advent of smartwatches and chest straps revolutionized training by introducing real-time HR monitoring as a vital metric.

The episode then dives into the basics of HR training, highlighting the relationship between lower HR and lower effort. Understanding this connection is crucial for effective training..

The episode addresses various methods of monitoring HR, including wrist monitors and chest straps. Current fitness levels and genetics play a significant role in HR levels. Anand explains training zones based on HR, such as maximum HR (Max HR) and lactate threshold HR (LT HR), explaining their relevance and how to personalize the zones using Max HR or lactate threshold.

In addition to training, HR also plays a vital role in recovery. Resting heart rate (RHR) serves as an indicator of recovery status. Time to Recovery is introduced as a metric to guide training that is explained.

The episode delves into the practical application of HR training, discussing the day-to-day variations in HR and the factors that influence RHR, including sleep and infections. Adapting training based on these variations is essential for optimizing performance. The use of HR in racing is also explored, with specific HR zones suggested for different race distances like 10k, half marathon, and marathon. 

Finally, the episode introduces heart rate variability (HRV) as a metric gaining importance in running. HRV refers to the differences between consecutive heartbeats and can provide valuable insights into recovery and overall training adaptation. Different methods of measuring HRV are discussed.

About Guest Anand Hatwalne

Anand has been running for close to 2 decades. In 2013, he co-founded 'Running Potential', through which he has been helping fellow runners and friends get better at this sport. He has a couple of ultras and a few marathons under his belt. Anand is especially drawn to the physiological aspects of running and exercise science. 

He is a public speaker and has delivered many talks related to Running in the public domain. Anand was also invited multiple times by Indian Army establishments such as the National Defence Academy (NDA) and the College of Military Engineering (CME) in Pune, the Army War College (AWC) in Mhow, and an army camp in Missamari, Assam, to talk about these topics.

In 2019, owing to his work in spreading awareness about HRV for endurance sports, the training platform HRV4Training chose Anand as one of its mentors.

Jun 03, 202356:50
Ep29: Intro to Trail Running

Ep29: Intro to Trail Running

Trail running has a certain charm associated with it, which is very different from road running. The former takes runners to quieter paths of mountains, lakes, forests, grasslands, etc. while the later is all about roads and speed. Trail running needs a different approach to running apart from speed & attire the most important is a mindset.

Whether you're a seasoned road runner looking for a new challenge or a beginner looking to explore the great outdoor trails, this episode will provide you with the basics of everything that you need to get started with trail running. From gear and nutrition to training, we have covered everything you need to know.

Our guest for this episode is Kannan Sundararajan a.k.a Coach Kay. Coach Kay is an Ultramarathoner, running since 2011 completed over 70 marathons and ultramarathons including a 100-mile (160 km) race, Back-to-Back Comrades Marathon, and a first-ever Triangular Run Challenge finisher with 500 km in May 2019. Coach Kay is the Founder & Ultrarunning coach of his academy KaysFIT Academy since 2016. He is the Founder & Race Director of Ooty Ultra & Bison Ultra. He is an ACE certified Personal Trainer and UESCA (United Endurance Sport Coaching Academy) certified.  

Coach Kay provides online/personalized coaching & mentoring on general fitness, weight management, ultramarathon/running & sports conditioning, and youth fitness. He has coached more than 300+ recreational marathoners, ultrarunners & young adults In March 2023, KaysFIT Academy achieved a significant milestone by signing an MOU with the Center for Sports Excellence (Dravid Padukone Academy) to set up and offer a long-distance running coaching program, based on RCF (a custom framework designed by Coach Kay), to recreational runners inside the integrated sports complex. Related Episodes:

Apr 29, 202354:32
Ep28 - A Peek into Kenyan Running

Ep28 - A Peek into Kenyan Running

Kenya can be said as the Mecca of the running world. Kenya has come to be the home of world-class athletes such as Eliud Kipchoge, Wilson Kipsang, Abel Kirui, David Rudisha, Florence Kiplagat, Edna Kiplagat, amongst others.

Though most of us are recreational runners, we are pushing the limits in our own way, and the Kenyan runners set an aspirational north star for us. As a recreational runner, we have a lot of questions related to how Kenyan runners train.

In this episode, we discuss topics related to:

  • What is unique about the training that sets Kenyans apart?
  • How many miles do they put in a day or week?
  • How do they recover from their hard training?
  • What is their nutrition like?
  • How do they preventing injuries?



Hugo van den Broek is a former elite marathon runner, with a personal best of 2h12. He has coached amateur and elite runners from all over the world. His athletes ran at the 2008, 2012, and 2016 Olympics and had World Best performances in 2009 and 2015. When coaching his athletes, Hugo uses a combination of experience (he has been in the world of running for more than 30 years) and his scientific knowledge thanks to his M.Sc. degree in Human Movement Sciences.

Hugo and his wife Hilda Kibet have been living and training in Iten, Kenya, since 2007. They both retired from professional running in 2015 and have 3 daughters. The couple has a guesthouse where they accommodate amateur and elite runners from all over the world, and organize running camps called ‘Kenya Camp’ for amateur runners who want to experience training in Kenya under professional guidance.


Vijay was our first guest for our very first episode on marathon training and now again. It’s been a pleasure to witness Vijay on and off the track focused on sports and nutrition. Vijay has recently visited Kenya and get to see how Kenyans train, and brings the perspective of a recreational runner.

Vijayaraghavan Venugopal is an avid sports enthusiast, he is the father of an aspiring mid-distance national junior athlete, and himself an 8-time sub-3-hour marathoner. Amongst the marathons include Boston, Berlin, Chicago and Paris. He is also the co-founder and CEO of the nutrition brand Fast&Up.


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Apr 08, 202348:26
Ep27 - Masters Running

Ep27 - Masters Running

Marathon running is becoming more popular around the world as a way to stay fit. These numbers are growing y-on-y. Closer to home, this can be seen in Tata Mumbai Marathon’s recent edition. The maximum number of marathon participants is in the age group of 40 to 44 years, which is 24% of the total finishers. A whopping 64% of the total marathon finishers are masters’ runners (age 40 and above).

With fast twitch muscles declining, and bone density reducing, how do masters athletes maintain their mojo?

In this episode, we discuss the topics relevant to master runners.

  • Running fitness despite the effects of aging
  • Being injury free as masters runner
  • Bettering the Recovery
  • Training & Racing as master’s runner

Tarun is a Delhi-based Architect and an avid marathoner. Tarun has been a sportsperson all his life, participating in various sports such as Cricket, Judo, and Volleyball at school, college, and district levels. After years of sports, he discovered running at the age of 40 as his fitness mantra.

Tarun has been running for more than a decade now and has participated in 56 Half Marathons, 10 Full marathons, and 15 Trail/Ultra Runs. His PB for 10K is 44mins13secs. HM is 1hr 38mins & marathon is 3hrs 44 mins. He has paced for various events such as Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, Cairn Pink City Marathon, Super Sikh Run, and Millennium City Marathon. In the year 2016, he did a self-supported run of 7 half-marathon distances over 7 consecutive days in support of underprivileged athletes. He followed that up in subsequent years and reached out to over 5000 athletes. Tarun has been a mentor to various running events, he was also the Race Director for two editions for FOOTLOOSE and Run for Justice. Tarun also has been training and mentoring people into running for the last 4 years and runs an academy by the name of FitWithT.


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Mar 10, 202347:04
Ep26 - Supplements for Runners

Ep26 - Supplements for Runners

Supplements play a very important role in filling the gaps in runners’ nutrition to help with their running performance, recovery, cognitive development, and overall health & well-being.

Currently, the supplements marketed for runners can be overwhelming. Supplement companies use a variety of marketing tactics & this can make it difficult for runners to determine which supplements are truly beneficial. In this episode, we demystify the supplements for runners.

We have discussed various topics on Supplements including:

  • Nutritional Foundation for Runners
  • Common nutritional deficiencies in runners that need supplementation
  • Why and When to take supplements
  • Pre-Run Supplements
  • During Run/Race Supplements
  • Post Run Supplements
  • Periodization of Supplements

Guest Intro

Mihira Khopkar

Mihira has been a National Gold medalist in Swimming and has trialed for the Common Wealth Games 2010 in Synchronized Swimming. Mihira is the Lead Sports Nutritionist at Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital through which she has been working with Asian, Common Wealth, and Olympic athletes.

She has been working in the field of nutrition  for the last 5 years specifically in sports nutrition alone. Her work includes interacting with national coaches, periodizing nutrition meal plans, athlete consultation to setting up daily high-performance menus at various sporting academies, supplement recommendations to athletes and federations as well as conducting group sports nutrition education sessions.

Mihira is an avid writer on Health, Sports Nutrition & Lifestyle with various magazines, websites, and newspapers. She is actively involved in research concerning sports nutrition, obesity & metabolic syndrome and has presented papers at both National and International conferences along with being a speaker at various sports science conferences.

She is a visiting faculty for Sports Nutrition at Exercise Science Academy (ACSM Accredited), Nirmala Niketan College of Home Science and SVT College of Home Science and aims to educate & provide optimum nutritional guidance to individuals to improve and maintain maximum performance, prevent injuries, and maintain immunity throughout life.

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Faster Stronger Higher, A One Stop Nutrition Framework ; book by Mihira Khopkar

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Running & Hormonal Health

Running & Heart Health

Feb 03, 202301:04:08
Ep25 - Running & Hormonal Health

Ep25 - Running & Hormonal Health

The body releases endorphins, a short-lasting, deeply euphoric state following intense exercise. Dopamine, Serotonin, Endorphins, and Oxytocin, what is common in these names? Well, they are hormones that make us happy. Endocrinology is the science of Hormones. Now, why are hormones important for us as runners?

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The key hormones and how they affect us and our running
  • Effects of overtraining on hormonal health
  • How hormonal imbalances can affect our health and Running
  • How to keep our hormonal system healthy
  • What are the tests recommended for runners

Guest Intro - Brigadier (Dr) J. Muthukrishnan

Our guest for today is Brigadier (Dr) J. Muthukrishnan. Dr. J. Muthukrishnan is an Endocrinologist. Currently, he is the  Professor & Head Dept of Internal Medicine;  Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) Pune.

He started running long distances in Jan 2010 & since then has run 29 marathons and more than 60 half marathons. Dr. Muthukrishnan is Boston Marathon qualifier from  2017 through 2021, his PB is at 3h 17m (TMM 2019). He is actively involved in promoting running in the community, and amongst medical students & professionals.

Started the AFMC Marathon in Pune in 2017, he has special interest in sports endocrinology and believes that sports and healthy lifestyle is an approach to tackle the Obesity-Diabetes epidemic.

Jan 13, 202353:11
Ep24 -Running & Heart Health

Ep24 -Running & Heart Health

Over the years there has been much research on the correlation between running and heart health.  While it is common knowledge that Running as a cardio activity does improve heart health, there is a lot more to the effect of Running on Heart Health. In this episode, we talk about how running can affect heart health in various ways with Dr. Aashish Contractor, who is a runner himself and is a pioneer of cardiac rehabilitation and sports cardiology.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Running improves heart health
  • Tracking heart health
  • Training & Racing with a focus on heart health
  • Importance of Recovery
  • Tests that are recommended for runners to monitor heart health.

Guest Intro

Dr. Aashish Contractor

Dr. Aashish Contractor is currently the Director of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine at the Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital, in Mumbai, India, and a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine. Prior to this, he was the head of the department of Preventive Cardiology and Rehabilitation at the Asian Heart Institute. He is widely recognized as the pioneer of cardiac rehabilitation and sports cardiology in India and has recently authored a book, ‘The Heart Truth’, on heart disease prevention.

Dr. Contractor was the Medical Director for the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, from 2004 to 2014, as well as other international sporting events in India.  He is an avid sportsman, having run several marathons, and in April 2012, did a non-stop Mumbai - Pune – Mumbai cycle ride (329 km) with two friends and in the process raised 1.2 crore rupees for children with cancer.  In 2016, the Zoroastrian Trust Funds of India awarded Dr. Contractor as the ‘Outstanding Zoroastrian in Medicine.’

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Dec 09, 202235:08
Ep23 - Breaking 3

Ep23 - Breaking 3

Of the 7800 Runners who finished the Mumbai marathon in 2020, only 41 runners have run under 3 hours. That is about 0.5% of all the finishers.  It is every amateur runner’s dream to reach the sub-3-hour mark in a marathon.  So what it takes to run a sub-3 hour marathon?

In this episode, we talk about how to strategize a sub-3-hour marathon.

  • Journey to Sub 3-hour marathon
  • Training approach
  • Handling the progress plateau
  • Role of a coach/mentor
  • Mental preparation & handling race anxiety

Guest Intro

Dilip Kumar

Dilip is a tech entrepreneur and an avid endurance sports enthusiast. He finished his last two marathons in under 3 hours. The most recent being the Boston Marathon this April 2022 with a time of 2:59:22. He has a keen interest in performance science & technology which has been an anchor to his own training philosophy. And he uses the same approach to guide other amateur runners as a coach. You can find him on Strava or on his blog at Dilip was also a guest for episode 7 in the last season, Mind training for working athletes.

Vikram BJ

Vikram has been an athlete all his life, he has run a sub-3-hour marathon on 5 different occasions, his Delhi Marathon in 2019 is at 2 hrs and 55mins, and his personal best. Vikram has recently run a sub-3-hour marathon in Berlin. Apart from running Vikram is a Speed Skating National champion (inline speed skating) 7 times. When he is not on the field he is an entrepreneur & distributor of a leading inline skating brand, Simmons Rana.

Related Resources

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Improve Balance for Beter Running

How to improve Running Stride

Nov 05, 202248:31
Ep22 - The Science of Endurance Training

Ep22 - The Science of Endurance Training

While the science of endurance training has progressed steadily over the decades, there has been significant progress in recent times. Eluid Kipchoge's sub-2-hour marathon effort is a major breakthrough.  However, the training advice on the internet and the science quoted t support it can be confusing, and even at times conflicting. In this episode, we tried to put together a structure for endurance training based on the latest science. Host Aditi speaks with Coach Ron George, where he talks about the evolution of endurance training and the latest science, and fuses it with his on-ground experience working with endurance athletes.

Here are some of the topics discussed in this episode

  • Principles of Endurance Training for Runners
  • Volume, Intensity, Polarization, and Periodization in Training
  • How to bring Specificity and Individualization to Training
  • Training Considerations for Women and Masters Runners

Guest Intro

Ron George (Ronnie) is an Indian endurance sports consultant and athlete based in Dubai.  He found his roots in middle-distance running and duathlon in his youth. He then converted that into a love for coaching adults in endurance sports which he has been pursuing for over 10 years.

Ronnie is a Lydiard Foundation Level 2 peer-reviewed and certified coach. He resides in Dubai where he coaches running and cycling at I Love Supersport Dubai. He also founded and operates the popular international running club House of Runners and the Indian multisport team Rightshift Performance.

Ronnie's specialties include scholarly studies in endurance training and adaptation mechanisms, cycling and running coaching, performance testing and monitoring, and 3D running mechanics analysis. He can be found on Twitter @RonGeorge_Dubai discussing the latest in sports science and on YouTube on his channel Endurance Performance Open Learning Show.

Useful Resources

How to fuel during the race 

Metabolic Fitness for Runners

The Art & Science of Pacing

Sep 24, 202251:37
Ep21 - How to Fuel for a Race
Sep 02, 202234:37
Ep20 - How to Choose the Right Running Shoes
Aug 05, 202228:41
Ep19 - Guide to Running Metrics

Ep19 - Guide to Running Metrics

Technology is aiding the ever-growing popularity of running as a sport. There are metrics helping us to track our pace, cadence, heart rate, lactate threshold, etc. These metrics give us a very intricate view of our running. Which in turn, helps in providing a holistic view of our running progress.

In this episode, we demystify the key running metrics, and how they can help us to become successful with our running goals.

We discuss the essential running metrics such as Pace, Cadence, Heart Rate, and more advanced ones like Ground Contact Time, Stride Length, Lactate Threshold, VO2Max, Running Power, Recovery Time and more.

Here is our past coverage on Running Metrics to read further on -


The guest for this episode is Kartik Iyer.

Kartik Iyer is a hardware design and verification engineer by profession - and needless to say that technology drives him, be it at work or in fitness. He loves exploring his potential as a fitness enthusiast and the data that his watch and other wearables share become a vital part of the feedback in this process.

A passionate amateur endurance athlete and a strength training junkie. A conversationalist by nature Kartik loves debating and hosting shows. He hosts “Let’s talk running”, a monthly show on the GeeksOnFeet platform. A news addict, he loves staying on top of current affairs, especially in politics. Music is an essential part of his existence and he is a lazy Carnatic (vocal) music learner.

Kartik has run 15 marathons so far with a personal best of 3:17:30 at the New Delhi Marathon 2021. & ran his HM (1:31:00) personal best at the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon in 2019. More recently Kartik ran a 10km PB (41:44:00) at the Bengaluru Runners Jatre.

Kartik can be reached on Twitter @kartikiyer2007 and on Instagram @kartikiyer2007

Jun 24, 202248:00
Ep18 - Metabolic Fitness for Runners
May 27, 202236:02
Ep17 - Strength Training for Runners

Ep17 - Strength Training for Runners

In this episode, host Aditi Pandya discusses the topic of Strength training for runners with fitness coach Swetha Devaraj.

  • Benefits of strength training for runners
  • Importance of right posture in strength training
  • Strength training for improving triple extension in running
  • Approach to strength training for beginners vs. advanced runners and much more

The guest for this episode is Swetha Devaraj aka sweatyswetha. She is a vascular radiologist by education and a fitness trainer by passion and profession.

She grew up playing tennis professionally and continued to play for Alcorn State University in Mississippi – US, where she also did her under graduation and post-graduation.

Upon returning to India in 2016, she juggled between three jobs – at the hospital, a CrossFit gym, and online training. She finally quit her job at the hospital to take up fitness and online training as a full-time profession and also to travel the world and learn different forms of fitness. Currently, a globe trotter with no postal address, she comes to India to conduct Animal flow workshops and help other trainers get certified as animal flow instructors.

While you are here check out our post on How to improve your running stride

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For any feedback and collaborations please write to us at Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @geeeksonfeet for updates on our recent articles, podcast episodes, and more.

Apr 29, 202241:29
Ep16 - The Art & Science of Pacing
Mar 25, 202248:60
Ep15 - Common Running Mistakes

Ep15 - Common Running Mistakes

In this episode, Host Aditi discusses the most common running mistakes that runners do in training and their approach, and how to avoid them.

  • Running too much too soon
  • Lack of recovery
  • Lack of variety in training
  • Incorrect goal setting
  • Too much racing

Please also check the following resources from and to improve your mobility.


Zac Newman is a Running Coach and the Co-Founder of Run2PB Online Run Coaching. Zac is a long-distance runner with a wealth of experience on the track, cross country, and road races spanning over 20 years of training and competitive experiences across the globe.

Zac spent time in the USA competing at the NCAA US Collegiate System, before returning to Australia, He has competed in major marathons including London, Chicago, and the prestigious Lake Biwa Marathon in Japan, as well as finishing in the top 10 at the Melbourne Marathon on two occasions. His Marathon PB is 2h25mins. Zac’s other PBs are 10 Kilometres-30:47; Half Marathon- 1:06:55

Run2PB features running training programs for distances ranging from 5km, 10km, half marathon, marathon, trail & ultra-marathon, and even triathlon-specific run, it was established in 2017 and has grown to a community of 300+ runners, from all over the globe being coached online.

Zac also is a host of Better with Running a running Podcast and also manages the partnerships and content of Australia’s leading running podcast - Inside Running Podcast.

Feb 25, 202229:48
Ep14 - Importance of Mobility for Runners
Jan 28, 202227:59
Ep13 - The Art and Science of Tapering

Ep13 - The Art and Science of Tapering

This is the beginning of our second season.  In the thirteenth episode of ‘The World of Running’ podcast, host Aditi Pandya talks about “The art and science of Tapering”.  To give our listeners a complete perspective of Tapering, we have invited Coach Pramod Deshpande and Athletes Kartik Iyer and Sharath Adanur as guests.

In this episode, we have covered

  • The concepts of tapering
  • How tapering differs from different formats of running
  • What are the key activities to do during tapering
  • How to plan taper from week to week till the race day
  • Tapering for goal vs. non-goal races
  • Considerations of travel and jet lag for overseas races


If you have questions on topics covered in this episode or any other running-related topics please write to us at We will have them answered.  Or you can also leave us a voice message by clicking the “Message” button on


Here are some useful resources for you to check on Tapering and Race day planning

  1. What is common between amateur runners and marathon world record holders?
  2. Race Report of TMM 2020 by Kartik Iyer

Pramod Deshpande

Pramod Deshpande is a managing director of JJActive, a company dedicated to providing Services and technology solutions for Fitness and sports activities.  Currently, Pramod is training more than 1200 runners across 26 locations. Pramod is the Author of Bestseller books Master Your Run and Neevuu Odabahudu.

Kartik Iyer

Kartik Iyer is an experienced marathoner and a regular Contributor to Geeks on Feet. He is always open to trying out new training methods and is a keen observer of the innovation in the science of running. He currently has been training based on running power. His race reports on GeeksOnFeet are legendary.  Kartik’s personal best in a marathon is 3:17:30 at the New Delhi Marathon 2021, which is his favorite race.

Sharath Adanur

Sharath Adanur is well known as one of the first runners who broke the sub-3 hour mark in the amateur running scene in India.  He took up running in 2013 and has been training on his own. His personal best in the marathon is 2:46:06, in Chicago 2019. Sharath has run Boston twice, in 2018 and 2019, and is currently training for his third upcoming Boston marathon.

Dec 25, 202136:27
Ep 12 - Best of Season 1
Oct 01, 202145:53
Ep11 - All About Running Shoes

Ep11 - All About Running Shoes

In this episode, we talk all about running shoes.

  • Evolution of running shoes
  • The art & science of shoe selection
  • Performance, biomechanics, and running shoes
  • Future of running shoes

The guest for the episode is Brian Metzler. Brian is the author of the book Kicksology: The Hype, Science, Culture, and Cool of Running Shoes. He is a trail runner, a freelance journalist writing on various running topics, running gear, and everything running-related. Brian is the founding editor and associate publisher of Trail Runner and Adventure Sports magazines.

Here are few additional resources for the topics referred to in this podcast

Aug 27, 202151:17
Ep 10 - Training for 5K
Jul 30, 202150:15
Ep9 - Endurance Training for Ultra Marathons

Ep9 - Endurance Training for Ultra Marathons

In this episode, we talk about the various aspects of endurance training. Endurance running, in general, refers to ultra marathons. The most common ultramarathon distances are 50K, 50 miles, 100K, 100 miles, or a multiday run. We dwell on various aspects of - improving aerobic capacity if there is any role of nature in conquering the distance, and how to prepare for an ultra marathon.

The guest for this episode is Anjali Saraogi. Anjali is a known runner in the marathon and ultra-marathon circuit, she has participated in 12 marathons and 7  ultramarathons.

Anjali has represented India in the - 100k world and Asia Oceania Championships, and is awarded the ultra runner of the year award by the Athletics Federation of India for the year 2018 and 2019. Anjali holds the fastest time for an Indian female at the Comrades Marathon.

Here are some articles and episodes that are related to the concepts discussed in this podcast.

Recover to Perform  - One of the important parts to avoid overtraining is getting better at recovery. Recovery is a science by itself and this article summarizes all the recovery strategies.

Importance of Running Form - covers the importance of running form, how to improve your running form performance, efficiency and injury prevention.

VO2Max - Infographic on VO2Max

You can write to us at  You can also follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at geeeksonfeet.

Jun 24, 202153:34
Ep8 - Injury Prevention for Runners

Ep8 - Injury Prevention for Runners

In this episode, we talk about the various aspects of preventing running injuries. Running injuries are broadly categorized under 3 buckets - Biomechanical factors, anatomical factors, & training errors.

These injuries can be due to over-use of certain body parts or trauma. Studies show 50% of runners experience injuries every year.

Guest of this episode is Somya Rout. Somya is a Sports Physiotherapist and certified strength and conditioning trainer.  Somya is the founder of  Stairs Physiotherapy  which offers a holistic fitness experience for athletes. Before this he was associated with various sports associations in India and abroad - Soumya was the head physio for the Odisha Ranji Cricket Team, Indian Football for U19 and U17, and he also worked with the Vietnam Tennis Open.

He is certified at the Asian football Sports physiotherapy (ASPETAR, Qatar) and also has Certificate in Manual therapy(MTFI)

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May 28, 202156:06
Ep7- Mind Training for Working Athletes
Apr 29, 202150:59
Ep6 - Nutrition for Runners

Ep6 - Nutrition for Runners

Nutrition plays an important role which includes macronutrients like carbs, proteins, and fats and micronutrients like vitamins, minerals, and fluids. Endurance runners rely on a whole lot of things to keep their bodies balanced during long-distance running.

Nutrition plays an important role which includes macronutrients like carbs, proteins, and fats and micronutrients like vitamins, minerals and fluids. Endurance runners rely on a whole lot of things to keep their bodies balanced during long-distance running.

In this episode, we will be discussing the importance of macro and micronutrients along with, time and recommended nutrition intake, bodyweight composition like - racing weight, and fat metabolism

Guests for this episode are Sonali Sahoo and Sujoyjeet Mondal.

As a nutritionist, Sonali knows how to get to the root cause of her clients' health concerns. She enables her clients to open up about their struggles, goals, and what’s standing in their way to achieving their end result. Her focus is on building habits that stay with her clients long after they leave the program.

Sujoyjeet is also a certified nutritionist and a personal trainer. To provide actionable insights to clients, he tries to understand his clients' lifecycle from - their lifestyle, medical history, and their goals. Only after a sanity check, does he roll out a habit-based nutrition plan. The habit-based nutrition plan teaches his clients how, what & when to eat and why to eat certain specific foods to meet their health, performance, and body composition goals.

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