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Conversations With Influencers

Conversations With Influencers

By Richard Lowe Jr

Richard Lowe, ghostwriter and freelance writer, of The Writing King interviews industry influencers.
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Jothi Dugar - Cybersecurity Executive

Conversations With InfluencersSep 23, 2020

Jothi Dugar - Cybersecurity Executive

Jothi Dugar - Cybersecurity Executive

Sep 23, 202048:12
Sora Vernikoff - Author of Eat What You Want

Sora Vernikoff - Author of Eat What You Want

My name is Sora Vernikoff and I'm a No Diet, Weight-Loss at

My book Eat What You Want! Stop When You Want! A No-Diet, Weight-Loss Program became a #1 Amazon Best Seller when it was published and became the 2018 Distinguished Favorite by the New York City Big Book Award Contest.

It was over 20 years ago, that I healed myself of compulsive eating by transferring my classroom "management" techniques to food "management" techniques (taught really challenged kids in East New York, Brooklyn) and then developed an easy to use no diet, weight-loss program that I went on to teach hundreds of unhappy dieters.

I teach in a "very" simple way-Why Diets Don't Work and why it's Not Their Fault and then how to use The "Green" Technique.

How to be able to know when they will be able to stop eating the food that they want "Even Before Their First Bite!"

The Conversations with Influencers podcast has been brought to you by Richard Lowe of The Writing King. Richard is a ghostwriter, writing coach and LinkedIn Profile optimizer.

Sep 12, 202053:12
Arie Brish - author of the best selling business book “Lay an Egg and Make Chicken Soup"
Sep 12, 202042:21
Marc Johnston with High Thrive Coaching: The ICU for Marriage
Sep 12, 202037:23
Jennifer Bonine, the CEO of Pinklion.AI and Richard Lowe discuss AI, digital transformation and pink lions
Jun 07, 202056:24
Digital Transformation and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Digital Transformation and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Kader and Imran are business consultants who help businesses to digitally transform. We discuss the how digital transformation has changed the world and how those business who have transformed are having an easier time during the pandemic. 

Your host is Richard Lowe of The Writing King, which provides ghostwriting and freelance writing services.

Apr 05, 202059:19