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The ADHD Gallery

The ADHD Gallery

By Karen Costa

The ADHD Gallery is a podcast about teaching, learning, and living with ADHD, hosted and curated by Karen Costa.

This podcast is for the ADHDers of the world. Venture through this gallery of ideas, curiosities, brain science, random hyperfocus interests, and reflections on what it’s like to live with an entire galaxy inside your head.

Fellow dopamine hunters, let’s be weird, together.
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The ADHD Gallery Podcast Trailer

The ADHD GalleryApr 12, 2022

My Second Brain
Jun 01, 202227:02
How I Plan
May 31, 202228:18
Meditating on ADHD
May 31, 202226:20
Various, Various
May 31, 202223:52
Dropping Out
May 31, 202223:41
The Glitchy Switch
May 31, 202222:31
What the Heck is RSD?
May 31, 202236:44
Writing 99 Tips
May 31, 202230:20
May 31, 202218:35
Because I Want To
May 31, 202219:17
The ADHD Gallery Podcast Trailer

The ADHD Gallery Podcast Trailer

Welcome to the ADHD Gallery! Episodes coming late spring 2022.

Episode transcripts available at 

Apr 12, 202201:31