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By Teens in Print

The After School is Teens in Print's hilariously informative podcast discussing news issues and ideas that are relevant to today's youth. Each episode will feature stories from our school lives, news updates and a roundtable discussion on important topics relevant to teens and adults alike.
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Starstruck: Entertainment in Boston

TeensInPrintSep 22, 2023

Starstruck: Entertainment in Boston

Starstruck: Entertainment in Boston

Podcasters Gloria, Nuriel, Cimmaron, Yonas, and Ben looked to pop culture as inspiration for their work and delved deeper into the world of acting. Through interviews with local actors, the group explored the challenges of the profession and the impact of the current strikes on the entertainment industry.

Podcast by Gloria Ekechukwu, Nuriel Gutman, Cimmaron Holman, Yonas Tewolde, and Ben Truong; with thanks to Elvis Alvarado and Quincy Walters.

Sep 22, 202334:00
Many first's and goodbyes

Many first's and goodbyes

It's winter in Australia and New Zealand but 32 teams from across the world are bringing the heat as they compete to become the best soccer team in the world.

In this first episode, we introduce our listeners to the women's world cup talking about equity, hopes, and predictions for the group stage. Oh, we also have a TiP goes international moment!

What: FIFA Women's World Cup

When: July 20 - August 20

Where: Australia and New-Zealand

Host's : Maya, Sophie & Mohamed

Cover art made by: Jazz Truong

Jul 27, 202301:15:25
121 Intuition Radio Show

121 Intuition Radio Show

Hello! We are SJI's first ever radio show. Hosted by DJ Giln, DJazz, Romeo, Rose, PatMatt, and DJ Bust, today's episode will dive into the inequities within discipline in Boston schools. Between satirical ads, open format discussions, two interviews with disciplinarians (a high school Dean, and a high school Assistant Principal), and today's hit music, this isn't something you'll want to miss.

Aug 11, 202201:31:20
SJI Podcast: Jam to the Power of E

SJI Podcast: Jam to the Power of E

Jam to the Power of E is a podcast from Teens in Print’s Summer Journalism Institute. This podcast discusses several issues that affect Boston teens in public schools. With your hosts Albin, Jacob, Alani, and Max we’ll bring light to topics you may not know about.

Aug 11, 202229:26
Episode 2: The After School Critics' Circle
Feb 13, 202023:41
Episode 1: The After School Feels

Episode 1: The After School Feels

Malia, Jacob, Meena, and Nathan discuss the 2020 Democratic Primary before diving into their ~feelings~ as they reflect on why Teens in Print and student journalism  generally are important to them.

The After School is Teens in Print's hilariously informative podcast discussing news issues and ideas that are relevant to today's youth. TiP is Boston's citywide high school newspaper, and you can read our written work here.

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Hosts: Nathan DeJesus, Meena Mohamed, Jacob Downey, Malia McClerklin
Research and Writing: Jacob Downey and Malia McClerklin
Audio Engineering and Production: Jasmine Heyward
Editing: Jacob Downey, Meena Mohamed, Elvis Alvarado, and Jasmine Heyward
Marketing, Communications, and Distribution: Nathan DeJesus and Meena Mohamed
Music: Kevin MacLeod of

The After School is made possible by WriteBoston, the parent organization of Teens in Print.

Dec 19, 201927:09
Episode 0: The After School Trailer
Dec 17, 201901:57