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The Anchor Nation

The Anchor Nation

By Kevin Touch

Anchor Needs A Voice. Anchor Nation has a story and if you want to be on a interview I will be happy to do one. Interviews will be Monday-Wednesday.
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Episode 31 Mike Macfadden

The Anchor NationFeb 27, 2018

Episode 99 1AWEEK
Oct 01, 201830:27
Episode 98 Azy Chyr
Sep 10, 201855:25
Episode 97 MasterEth
Aug 28, 201823:13
Episode 96 Lorne Bronstien
Aug 27, 201839:33
Episode 95 The Socially Unacceptable Podcast
Aug 21, 201831:30
Episode 94 Matt Morris
Aug 20, 201841:11
Episode 93 Maria Humphreys

Episode 93 Maria Humphreys

Maria Humphreys Joins The Anchor Nation to discuss her journey on social media and work with meditation and spirituality. Maria talks a lot about how she got into mediation and how having a tragic incident of her father passing inspired her to make more passion for teaching others about being one with yourself. We also discuss the energy and momentum of positive social media posts plus dive into family ties with her son and daughter about mediation and life. Follow Maria Humphries On Social Media:
Aug 15, 201852:13
Episode 92 Ryan Frank
Aug 14, 201821:03
Episode 91 Kyle Grappone
Aug 13, 201856:07
Episode 90 Coaster Talk
Aug 08, 201824:59
Episode 89 PassionFruit
Aug 07, 201801:01:19
Episode 88 Shaun Dunn
Aug 06, 201801:16:12
Episode 87 Joel Lachance
Jul 11, 201801:11:50
Episode 86 Neil Marzano
Jul 10, 201850:23
Episode 85 Davis Sarrett
Jul 09, 201850:37
Episode 84 Spidey Hec
Jul 03, 201829:15
Episode 83 Wes Maas
Jul 02, 201825:11
Episode 82 Jeremiah Craig
Jun 27, 201801:03:56
Episode 81 The Credible Teacher
Jun 26, 201856:59
Episode 80 Gary Cantrell
Jun 25, 201842:10
Episode 79 Russell Jackson
Jun 20, 201832:57
Episode 78 John Salangsang
Jun 19, 201845:37
Episode 77 Max Klymenko
Jun 18, 201851:24
Episode 76 Blake Croft
Jun 13, 201851:46
Episode 75 Ty Mcmunn
Jun 12, 201801:05:12
Episode 74 Isaiah Freidooni
Jun 11, 201829:34
Episode 73 Lucas Rubkiewicz
Jun 06, 201841:33
Episode 72 Mike Wallace
Jun 05, 201826:48
Episode 71 Bisi Ezerihoa
Jun 04, 201836:23
Episode 70 Uncle Mike
May 30, 201858:22
Episode 69 Leonard Mathews
May 29, 201824:57
Episode 68 Tony Moze

Episode 68 Tony Moze

Tony Moze Joins The Anchor Nation to discuss his journey and his passion about books. Tony comes from a hard working family and discussed his journey about he went from his previous job in the medical profession to really inspiring others through books and knowledge. Tony gave a backstory on how he fell in love with books and rhyming during the interview and what it takes to make dreams into reality when talking to the youth. Also, a fire take rap at the end of the interview. Follow Tony Moze On Social Media:
May 23, 201801:04:12
Episode 67 Melissa Reyes
May 22, 201848:07
Episode 66 GreatnessEveryday
May 21, 201845:13
Episode 65 Josh Newton
May 16, 201842:17
Episode 64 Isaac Wheadon
May 15, 201801:14:17
Episode 63 Josh Whitt
May 14, 201840:04
Episode 62 Josh Mcclay
May 09, 201843:33
Episode 61 Kev
May 08, 201831:34
Episode 60 Sheena Diane
May 07, 201801:03:17
Episode 59 Matty Pace

Episode 59 Matty Pace

Matty Pace Joins The Anchor Nation to discuss his role in podcasting and unique advice. Matty discussed his role as the first line of defense of weapons to our nations military. He also talked a lot about overcoming adversity in his early life to pursue motivational messages later in life. His podcasting has improved and has gotten better to the point where he does daily episodes spitting thoughts to the nearest messages near and dear to his heart. Matty is an inspirational force to many and staying motivated through raps to his another way he does that. Follow Matty Pace On Social Media:
May 02, 201824:51
Episode 58 Andy Garcia
May 01, 201825:40
Episode 57 Stevie Dub

Episode 57 Stevie Dub

Stevie Dub Joins The Anchor Nation to discuss his music journey. Stevie talked about how he got started in the music industry at a early age and how his music has developed over time. Stevie discussed his 7 Percenter Brand to about being that 7 percent in life to do great things. Stevie also discussed his role in live performances and honing his skills each time being humble is how he plans on staying humble through his young music career. Follow Stevie Dub and The 7 Percenter Brand On Social Media: https:/
Apr 30, 201838:01
Episode 56 Free2Move Parkour
Apr 25, 201846:18
Episode 55 Turbo
Apr 24, 201817:16
Episode 54 Thomas Marc
Apr 23, 201801:14:13
Episode 53 Carlos H. Martinez

Episode 53 Carlos H. Martinez

Carlos H. Martinez Joins The Anchor Nation Podcast to discuss his journey in online sales. Carlos is very fortunate in how he started with his family already in the sales industry and his bloodline has helped him get started in direct sales himself. Carlos is a well defined speaker and drops great advice about the sales industry and life’s hustles each day. Carlos also talked about the importance of how filling up the calendar and each minute of the day will leave you more productive and positive in your career path. Follow Carlos On Social Media:
Apr 18, 201827:26
Episode 52 Geoff Belnap
Apr 17, 201829:35
Episode 51 Adam Lamb
Apr 16, 201854:05
Episode 50 Kendel Rodriguez

Episode 50 Kendel Rodriguez

Kendel Rodriguez stops by The Anchor Nation in the 50th Episode Of The Anchor Nation to discuss his journey. Kendel is a man who leaned heavily on his brother for support at an early age and used that support to own restaurants in California. Kendel touched on his Putting In The Work Podcast. The show is a great listen for those trying to stay motivated. The QR Media Company named after his daughters is going strong and Kendel revealed some short term goals for the future. Also, Kendel talked about how what people do behind the scenes is the most important work being done in your life. Follow Kendel Rodriguez On Social Media:
Apr 11, 201839:27