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The Anorak Oasis

The Anorak Oasis

By Killian Bolivar

A conversation for the Anoraks of the World.We talk Film/Movies / TV Shows / Ancient Histories / Books/ Games & more.
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Twas The Night Before Christmas

The Anorak OasisNov 18, 2023

Twas The Night Before Christmas

Twas The Night Before Christmas

A narration of Clement Clark Moore's 'Twas The Night Before Christmas
Nov 18, 202303:04
The Archeologists Who Made Me

The Archeologists Who Made Me

Join me on a short fangirl moment for the Archaeologists & Adventurers of Cinema & TV who ignited my passion & are a large part of the reason I became an Egyptologist. From Indiana Jones to Evie & Rick from The Mummy. I hope they'd be proud of the Nerdy, Knowledge loving, book loving ancient history obsessed Egyptologist I am.
Mar 15, 202311:58
The Spiderman Episode

The Spiderman Episode

No Way Home was one big EPIC movie, Spiderman is one big EPIC fandom, so here we are, I am joined in this epic Spiderman episode by your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman Aficionado Courtney Jayne.
We talk all things Spiderman/No Way Home.
Come on our journey of fangirling, the emotions of No Way Home & at the end Courtney answers some questions so you'll want to stick around for that.

Feb 11, 202254:13
Marvel - Phase 4

Marvel - Phase 4

Excelsior! Marvel Phase 4 is here & it's been glorious so far. . . From grief persevering to What If... ? There are witches, wizards, heros, Eternals, Villains that aren't always what they seem, Guardians, Gods and everything in-between. Come with me as I outline what's been, what's coming & what I'm excited for. I'm beyond excited for the new Phase one of my favourite fandoms. Let me know what you think, what you're excited for & I can't wait to follow 4 with you.
Aug 12, 202137:16
The Review- Mortal Kombat 2021
May 12, 202117:23