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The Black Princess Diaries

The Black Princess Diaries

By Deandra James

Fellow blogger and podcast host, Deandra, is talking all things lifestyle, giving you all of the real, and everything in between while leaving her listeners with some motivation at the end. So put on your crowns, fill up your favorite cup, and enjoy. You're tuned into The Black Princess Diaries podcast.

Instagram: @tbpdpodcast
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To Routine Or Not To Routine

The Black Princess DiariesOct 15, 2023

Have You Done Your Self Care Today?
Dec 03, 202311:16
A Little Gratitude Goes A Long Way
Nov 26, 202310:56
Release What's Holding You Down
Nov 12, 202312:56
If You Failed, It's Okay!
Oct 29, 202313:30
To Routine Or Not To Routine
Oct 15, 202311:37
Are We Okay As A Society?
Oct 01, 202313:28
What's Broken Can Be Renewed
Sep 24, 202310:41
What Is Your Brain Trying To Tell You?
Sep 03, 202310:17
How Far Are You Willing To Push Yourself?
Aug 27, 202312:00
There's Enough Money For Everyone
Aug 13, 202309:52
See The Beauty In Starting Over
Aug 06, 202309:55
How To Become Your Own Best Friend
Jul 30, 202312:28
How To Beat The Algorithm And Prevent Shadowbanning
Jul 16, 202315:05
5 Ways To Appreciate Your Curves!
Jul 09, 202312:55
The Pro's And Con's Of Social Media
Jun 25, 202320:10
Nourish The Plant You Want To Grow
Jun 18, 202311:60
What REALLY Keeps You Going?
Jun 11, 202314:48
I Miss Being Unproductive
Jun 04, 202313:55
7 Social Media Tips To Live By
May 21, 202318:20
Your Victories Are Your Reminders
May 14, 202313:10
Big Girls Deserve Beautiful Dresses Too!
May 07, 202314:13
Leave Something To Be Remembered By
Apr 30, 202311:40
Never Apologize For Being You
Apr 23, 202316:13
Struggling To Find My Place In The Content Creation World
Apr 16, 202315:58
12 Things To Keep In Mind For The New Year
Dec 18, 202224:15
The Tone You Set Matters
Dec 11, 202210:27
Naughty Vs. Nice List For Podcasters
Dec 04, 202214:05
The Pressure Is Getting Worser
Nov 27, 202212:42
I've Let the Blogger Personality Consume Me
Nov 13, 202213:42
Life Skills That I Wish I Learned As A Child
Oct 30, 202212:25
Trying To Figure Everything Out
Oct 23, 202213:08
8 Bad Holiday Habits To Break This Season
Oct 16, 202218:43
This Is Your Sign To Not Give Up On Yourself
Oct 02, 202216:02
The Importance Of Having Diversity In All Forms
Sep 25, 202214:12
Celebrate Your Business, Sis!
Sep 18, 202214:14
5 Ways To Simplify Your Life
Sep 11, 202219:21
Mind Your Business, Mind Your Body
Sep 04, 202216:16
Content Creators Are Human
Aug 21, 202212:47
Surviving Social Media As A Content Creator
Jul 31, 202231:35
Be Okay With Not Being In Control
Jul 17, 202213:09
You Are The Goal!
Jul 10, 202212:28
How To Have A Hot Girl Summer
Jul 03, 202211:39
Is Juneteenth Being A Federal Holiday A Good Thing?
Jun 19, 202214:19
3 Tips To Get Genuine Social Media Followers
Jun 12, 202218:50
Have You Checked In With Yourself Lately?

Have You Checked In With Yourself Lately?

After a month of dealing with some mental health issues, Deandra is slowly working on getting back on track the best she can. This led to her thinking about the many people who don't acknowledge when they're struggling mentally, which brought her to ask...have you checked in with yourself lately?

Jun 05, 202213:01
My First Month As An E-Commerce Shop Owner
May 29, 202220:36
Watch Out For The Big Girls
May 22, 202213:20
The Effects Of Mental Health As A Content Creator
May 15, 202222:06
Call Me The Task Juggler
May 08, 202218:18
Living In Your 20's + Tips On How To Be Happier With Guest Blogger Sabria Sparrow
May 01, 202229:53