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Healthy Living with The Blonde Runner

Healthy Living with The Blonde Runner

By Lora Erickson

Everything wellness including running, triathlon training, racing, fitness, grief, anxiety, fishing, camping, hiking, backpacking adventures, mental health, gardening and life experiences from a World Class Ironman athlete and long-time Coach and Mother of 5 (one in Heaven).
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Introduction - Who is Blonde Runner?

Healthy Living with The Blonde Runner Feb 07, 2022

How to Calculate Protein Needs for Endurance Athletes
Nov 27, 202315:14
How to Breathe When You Are Running & Asthma Concerns
Nov 20, 202305:01
Benefits of Running Form Feedback
Oct 02, 202308:31
Advice for the First-Time Marathoner
Sep 11, 202325:21
5 Foot Care Tips Fir Runners
Aug 09, 202301:43
5 Tips For Run Training
Jul 24, 202313:46
Tips For Heat Training

Tips For Heat Training

Watch full episode on Instagram @HealthyLivingPodcast
Jul 17, 202310:46
Tips to Prevent Numbness on Your Next Cycling Ride

Tips to Prevent Numbness on Your Next Cycling Ride

Here are some tips on how to prevent numbness while riding. To see the video on this episode visit @healthylivingpodcast on Instagram
Jul 11, 202310:34
Tracking Your Vitals & Health Metrics
Mar 28, 202324:27
Women’s Healthy Aging with Cody Sanders
Mar 20, 202334:14
Tips on How to Make Your Own Luck
Mar 13, 202314:21
Concussion, TBI in Sport

Concussion, TBI in Sport

Coach Lora shares her experience with concussion in Triathlons (swimming & cycling accidents). She recommends RoadiD 25% off link: Learn more:
Mar 06, 202318:53
Things to Include in a Race Report for Running or Triathlons
Mar 01, 202306:13
Interview with Krissy Moehl, Ultrarunner, Race Director & Author

Interview with Krissy Moehl, Ultrarunner, Race Director & Author

Listen in as Krissy & I talk about running ultras, nutrition and lessons learned from injuries. Learn more about Krissy Moehl, author of Running Your First Ultra by following her on Instagram @krissymoehl
Feb 20, 202351:29
Nurturing Friendships
Feb 14, 202316:15
The ABC’s of Setting Priority Races & Goals
Feb 08, 202315:04
Athlete Rest & Recovery
Jan 30, 202323:19
Tips for training while balancing a busy life
Jan 25, 202325:02
Running Terms Defined: Lingo & Slang
Jan 16, 202356:32
3 Things To Consider to Determine What Level of a Runner You Are?
Jan 09, 202313:46
How to Adapt a Run Training Schedule
Jan 02, 202310:15
10 Tips To Set Yourself Up for Success in the New Year
Dec 26, 202217:01
All Things Ogden Marathon
Dec 19, 202232:01
How To Stay Motivated in the Winter
Dec 05, 202231:32
The Value of Cross-Training
Nov 28, 202211:09
One Thing You Can Do For Your Mental Health
Nov 21, 202232:57
Cold Weather Outdoor Running Tips

Cold Weather Outdoor Running Tips

Do you prefer indoor or outdoor running? I do a little bit of both. The cold weather has arrived in Northern Utah. Here are some tips for cold-weather outdoor running. Share some of your own tips in the comments below👇🏻
#coldweather #running #tiptuesday #triathlontraining #swimbikerun #optoutside #getoutandlive #blonderunnerhealth #runthecapital Watch this episode on Instagram @coachlorablonderunner
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Nov 15, 202207:20
Practicing Gratitude
Nov 07, 202232:57
Lap Swimming and Breathing Tips for Adult Beginner Triathletes
Oct 31, 202225:52
Monarch Butterfly Conservation with Teal

Monarch Butterfly Conservation with Teal

Listen in and learn about the benefits of Monarch butterflies and what you can do to preserve the Monarch population (hint plant milkweed in your yard!). Learn more by following Teal on Instagram @tealsmonarchs
Oct 27, 202230:20
Technology Use For Training
Oct 17, 202223:33
The Love/Hate Relationship with Running
Oct 10, 202251:03
Save Someone You Love with the Live On Utah Playbook for Suicide Prevention

Save Someone You Love with the Live On Utah Playbook for Suicide Prevention

Listen in as Alyssa Mitchell & I talk about suicide prevention. To learn what you can do to help and potentially save someone you love become an Live On Ambassador please visit the Instagram handle @liveonutah To learn more visit
Oct 03, 202238:50
Meditation & Taking Time For Ourselves with Jamie Gines

Meditation & Taking Time For Ourselves with Jamie Gines

Listen in as Jamie and I explore the benefits of meditation. Bonus: Jamie will take us through a meditation session at the end. Be sure and find a quiet place where you will have minimal restrictions for about 15-20 minutes (see the prep notes at the bottom). About Jamie Gines: Jamie grew up in Mesa, Arizona. She attended college at Brigham Young University dancing on BYU‘s Ballroom Company and graduating with a degree in Business Entrepreneurship. She now lives in Bountiful, Utah with her husband and four children. She enjoys meditation, yoga, hiking, cooking, eating good food and being with her family. She teaches meditation and loves helping others learn to connect with mind and body to promote wellness and health. She can be found on Instagram @risemeditate To learn more visit Preparing for meditation: > 1. Body-Find a quiet spot. Help your body feel fully supported by finding a position that is comfortable for you. Lying down or sitting are both great. You can use pillows or blankets to help yourself get comfortable.  2. Mind-Give your mind permission to set aside to-do lists, worries, and stresses in your life. There is nothing you need to “achieve” in meditation, you are simply practicing being in the present and becoming aware of your mind and body without judgement. 3. Breath-Use the breath to refocus on the present moment when you get distracted. Deep breaths, especially long exhales will help your brain to slow down. Music: Nature Healing Instant Calm by Sleep Ezy Tonight
Sep 27, 202240:54
Nutrition For Runners (5K to Marathon distance)
Sep 21, 202235:34
Interview with Basil & Rose owner & horticulturist, Beuna Tomalino
Sep 16, 202215:56
How to Quiet Your Mind and Stay Present
Sep 06, 202221:12
What is Healthy Living?
Aug 29, 202231:45
Heart Rate Training & Aging
Aug 15, 202228:40
What Sets Your Soul on Fire? with Al Carraway

What Sets Your Soul on Fire? with Al Carraway

Al Carraway is a convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, writer, and award-winning international speaker and author of best-selling books: Wildly Optimistic, More Than the Tattooed Mormon, My Dear Little One, Cheers to Eternity!, and Finding Yourself in the New Testament. She has spent the last 12 years traveling Worldwide inspiring others of her conversion and faith through difficult times. As well as either by bus or boat, guiding church history tours. Her passion is telling everyone that happiness exists, and it comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ. That He’s real. And how to find and love him in the hard, in the unwanted, and the unexpected. Because through it all, with God, we have every reason to be wildly optimistic. Listen in as we talk about spiritual health, self-worth and tuning into those good reoccurring thoughts that help us be more productive and not destructive and keep moving forward even if it’s small steps. You can find Al on Instagram @alcarraway
Aug 08, 202255:03
Never Give Up
Aug 01, 202241:30
FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out. How to Avoid It.
Jul 25, 202212:60
Introduction to Trail Running and Trail Etiquette
Jul 21, 202240:25
Tips For Training in The Heat
Jul 11, 202213:13
Interview with Kelli & Lola, teen cancer survivor, marathoner and so much more
Jun 28, 202252:50
Interview with Abbie Isacc - late blooming type one diabetic and special-needs mom
Jun 20, 202258:40
Importance of Saying No
Jun 13, 202220:14
 The Value of Volunteer Service - Just Give

The Value of Volunteer Service - Just Give

Learn how volunteer service can help you live healthy. Find service opportunities in your area through the Just Give app. Local volunteer opportunity 


#volunteer #service #saltlakecitymarathon #blonderunnerhealth 

Apr 28, 202211:30
The Practice of Showing Gratitude
Apr 20, 202217:10
Facing Fears - PTSD
Apr 13, 202220:30