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The Canadian Story

The Canadian Story

By David Parker & Zach Gerber

The Canadian Story is a podcast about what it means to be Canadian. Interviews cover a wide variety topics with the overarching goal of reminding Canadians why we are all so proud of our country.
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191. Luke Mason - Vital Masculinity

The Canadian StoryApr 07, 2023

191. Luke Mason - Vital Masculinity

191. Luke Mason - Vital Masculinity

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Apr 07, 202301:13:41
190. Drew Weatherhead - Consciousness, Reality & Purpose
Apr 04, 202353:46
189. Carlos Medeiros - The Silence & The Noise
Mar 31, 202354:03
From the Archives: Ellis Ross - If You Can't Help, Don't Hurt
Mar 28, 202345:27
From the Archives: Eric Silveira - What Happened to Forgiveness?
Mar 24, 202351:34
From the Archives - David Haskell - The Fall of Canadian Universities
Mar 21, 202301:19:27
From the Archives: Franco Terrazzano - Where Do My Taxes Go?
Mar 17, 202355:14
From the Archives: Caylan Ford - Truth Exists
Mar 14, 202301:12:10
188. Police on Guard - The Chris Barber Precedent
Mar 10, 202358:13
187. Dr. David Zwoboda - Healing Plants
Mar 07, 202301:09:26
185. Ian Blackwood - Music, Guns and Government
Mar 03, 202301:03:32
184. Rick Abbott - More Policing Problems
Feb 28, 202356:03
From the Archives: Colin "Big Bear" Ross - You are not Your History
Feb 24, 202357:41
183. Chelsae Petrovic - Get Involved

183. Chelsae Petrovic - Get Involved

My life being raised in rural Alberta is a story of service.

I am a married mother of two children. I value Conservatism and my Christian beliefs. Together, my family run a small business and our family's ranch land is tucked in the heart of southern Alberta. As part of a family operating a small business, I understand the difficulties the past few years have brought upon our rural communities in Livingstone-Macleod with rampant inflation, and run-away cost of living.

My service as a nurse in our community for 12 years has been one of care and compassion to ensure everyone is taken care of in our community.

Taking care of people did not stop at the hospital. I serve as the community coordinator of the fastest growing not-for-profit organization in the community called My City Care. I work to provide a team of volunteers with everything they need to operate our many programs such as the Shop of Wonders, the Cinderella project, Farm to table, and the Lunch box program. I favour a hand up approach, over handouts and these programs work towards this idea.

In 2020, I was recognized locally as Citizen of the Year for my volunteer work and community involvement, which has encouraged me to continue to serve in any way I can.

As the Mayor of Claresholm, I have worked to be of service to my entire community. I knew I needed to get involved in public service after seeing the unprecedented changes and challenges the past few years have brought about in our homes and communities.

I want to ensure we do everything we can to keep this province the best place to live and raise a family.

I lead by example and have never been shy about standing up for my values and beliefs, and I wont be shy about standing up for you.

Listening to the people of Livingstone-Macleod and putting you first is my top priority.

I will continue to stand up for what is best for our communities. With your support, I am standing up to serve our small towns, ranches, farms, and the most beautiful riding in Alberta. I humbly ask for your support to serve as your voice in the legislature.

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Feb 21, 202301:03:07
182. Clay Farnsworth & Chris VandenBos - Police on Guard
Feb 17, 202358:47
181. Theo Fleury - The Insane Are Running The Asylum
Feb 14, 202301:08:24
180. Tanya Clemens - Stepping In To The Ring
Feb 10, 202357:52
179. Mark Mallett - This Is Our 1942
Feb 07, 202301:16:50
178. Paige MacPherson - Canada's Education System
Feb 03, 202301:06:09
177. Jarrad McCoy - Faith and Stewardship
Jan 31, 202354:06
176. Marty Moore - Do We Respect the Charter or Not?

176. Marty Moore - Do We Respect the Charter or Not?

Marty Moore has worked with the Justice Centre since 2014, defending Canadians' constitutional freedoms before courts and tribunals across Canada.  Marty received his J.D. degree from Oak Brook College of Law, and was called to bar in California in 2011. He then practiced law in the Chicago area, where he litigated before both the trial and appellate courts.  In 2013, Marty returned to Canada and attended the University of Saskatchewan College of Law, obtaining his Canadian legal equivalency.  Marty completed his articles with the Justice Centre, was called to the bar in Alberta in 2015. 

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Emergencies Act


Jan 27, 202301:02:21
175. MP Larry Brock - The Emergency Act and Revolving Door Justice

175. MP Larry Brock - The Emergency Act and Revolving Door Justice

MP Larry Brock was first elected to the House of Commons on September 20, 2021, as the Member of Parliament for Brantford-Brant and currently serves as the Associate Shadow Minister for Indigenous Services.

Larry has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Waterloo and a law degree from the University of Calgary. Before being elected, he was the Assistant Crown Attorney for Brant.

A lifelong resident of Brant, Larry has demonstrated strong leadership and commitment to family, community and public service having served as Chair of the board of the Crossing All Bridges Learning Centre which helps adults with developmental difficulties succeed in education, employment, and independent living. He was President of St. Leonard’s Community Services which provides justice, employment, youth and family, addiction, and mental health services. And in 2015 he served as Chair of the United Way campaign which raised more than $1.6 million for local charities.

Larry and his wife Angela are the proud parents of 13-year-old twin daughters Jennie and Emma, who are active members of Brantford Aquatic Club.

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Jan 24, 202301:20:52
174. Tom Marazzo - Your Ego is Your Enemy

174. Tom Marazzo - Your Ego is Your Enemy

Tom Marazzo has been dedicated to serving Canadians since 1990 when he joined the Army Reserve, while still in high school. Eight years later, he enrolled in the Regular Force Army and was granted the commission of Combat Engineer Officer, soon rising to Captain. Tom worked in the Division Engineer Office in Toronto where he participated in the G8/G20 Summit in 2010. While in the military, Tom earned a Diploma in Construction Engineering Technology and Architecture, and an MBA. He has been posted to various locations across Canada including New Brunswick, Petawawa, Kingston, Toronto, London, Ontario and Trenton.

After 25 years of service, Tom retired from the Armed Forces in 2015. He completed a 4-year Bachelor of Technology Software Development degree and immediately began teaching at a Community College in Ontario until September 2021, when he was fired for questioning the legality of vaccine mandates, via a campus-wide email to the president and members of the college faculty.

Determined to stand for the rights and freedoms of all Canadians, Tom became a volunteer of the Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy 2022. Trained in battle planning over many years, Tom’s tactical and strategic advice was instrumental to the safe and responsible achievement of Convoy objectives. His experience was integral to the coordination of truck movements and logistics, as well as negotiations with Police Liaison Teams from the city of Ottawa. A member of the leadership team, Tom acted as the main spokesperson, holding press conferences almost daily. The incredible success of the Convoy can be measured by the mandates removed in the province of Ontario.

No longer able to remain silent, Tom felt a deep sense of duty to serve as a conduit for people that believe in the integrity and ability to turn our political landscape around. To serve the people of Canada, Tom ran as an Ontario Party Candidate in the 2022 Ontario provincial election.
Witnessing Canadians losing their inalienable human rights is not something to ignore or abide by. Tom’s unwavering commitment to Canadians is the reason he’s writing a highly person and detailed account of his life experiences leading up to, during and in the after math of the Freedom Convoy.

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Jan 20, 202301:05:20
173. Bethan Nodwell - Freedom Fighters Canada
Jan 17, 202355:36
172. Senator Leo Housakos - Canada is Broken
Jan 13, 202301:01:10
171. Kerry James - Be a Bad Cow
Jan 10, 202301:05:50
170. Angelo Isidorou - Vancouver is Dying
Jan 06, 202352:14
169. Sarah Bernardo - From Canada to Australia

169. Sarah Bernardo - From Canada to Australia

Sarah Bernardo is a Canadian made musician currently living and playing in Sydney Australia.

At a young age Sarah was drawn to music from growing up in a musical family. Being exposed to music so young she was influenced by artists such as Evanescence, My Chemical Romance, Panic At The Disco and Paramore along with many more influential artists and bands. Sarah began writing her own songs at the young age of 14. Her first debut on stage was in a songwriters competition at the age of 15. Since then Sarah has spent many years preforming and immersed in the local music industry around the Toronto and Tri-Cities areas in Canada until 2016 when she moved to Australia.

Sarah is a self taught pianist, guitarist, bassist and vocalist. She is a strong advocate for writing her own songs and continues songwriting for her own projects along with building a catalogue of songs for other artists. .

Since moving to Australia Sarah has taken the Australian music scene by storm. In July 2018 she released her Debut EP ' Redwine' hosting a range of different songs showcasing her love for multiple genres including pop rock, country and folk. 'Redwine' is available on all streaming services.

She is currently playing multiple solo gigs all over Sydney and its surrounds along with fronting her band START YOUR OWN CULT an electronic heavy rock 3 piece. She also sings vocals plays bass and for the Australias Most Exciting New Supergroup 'SOUTHBOUND XO' . who has topped Australian Country Radio Charts multiple times since starting' She continues to work with other artists and producers both locally and internationally.

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Jan 03, 202301:14:19
168. Dan Leytham - A Reflection of 2022
Dec 30, 202201:15:42
167. Tim Hoven - Why You Should Suffer
Dec 27, 202254:22
166. Kris Sims - Free Speech and Journalism

166. Kris Sims - Free Speech and Journalism

Born in small town British Columbia, Sims has been employed (and taxed) since she was 12 years old, working in horse stables, fast food joints and gas stations before attending journalism school at BCIT.

She worked in radio on Vancouver Island before moving to Ottawa to work as a legislative assistant on Parliament Hill. She then joined News Talk Radio 580 CFRA as a producer, reporter and anchor, eventually becoming a journalist for the CTV Parliamentary Bureau.

Sims was a founding reporter for Sun News Network and proudly covered issues of big government, personal liberty and the rights of small town and rural Canadians until Sun News was shut down. She then worked as a director of communications on Parliament Hill, and as the senior producer for Evan Solomon at CFRA Radio.

With deep family roots in Alberta’s rodeo country, she is proud to fight for the rights of all taxpayers.

When she isn’t digging through expense reports, setting dumpsters on fire or doing media interviews, Sims can be found reading Ayn Rand on a riverbank with her husband and their two children.

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Dec 23, 202255:31
165. Dr. Jessica Rose - The Green Monster in Your Closet
Dec 20, 202259:48
164. Father Thomas - The Faith of Community

164. Father Thomas - The Faith of Community

Father Thomas is 45 years of age and has 24 years of Technology experience - and 12 years as technology companies leader.

Father Thomas has 10 years in service at Georgian Orthodox Church and is the only Georgian Orthodox Church priest (Archpriest) in Canada
He overlooks four charities, parishes and churches across Canada. Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver.

Father Thomas travels every month to different locations , Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver and Toronto. His main churches are located in Toronto and Cookstown Ontario, where he holds 4 services in a week.

The church is very multicultural. Georgians, Greeks, Romanians, Serbians, Ukrainians, Russians. They offer services in Georgian and English.

Find Father Thomas online: mostly in Georgian (English) (Georgian)

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Dec 16, 202201:01:10
163. Kris Griffin - Make Friends, Not Enemies
Dec 14, 202201:00:56
162. Dr. Julie Ponesse - Where Can We Agree?
Dec 09, 202201:01:26
123. Matt Enns - Look at the Dragons Under Your Rug

123. Matt Enns - Look at the Dragons Under Your Rug

Matt Enns is a performance & mindset coach who helps successful men who don't love their careers figure out what to do next. He worked as a private wealth manager for almost ten years, making good money but living a life that was not fulfilling, which ultimately led him to turn down a lucrative opportunity and pursue a full time career in coaching with his company SVRN Man. Originally from Canada, he now lives on a lake in Austin, TX, with his wife, Whitney, and his two children. They are having the time of their life creating their ideal existence and sharing a message of personal sovereignty with everyone they can.


@thebettercareerguy on all the socials

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Dec 08, 202201:04:06
161. Matt Enns - The Sovereign Man
Dec 06, 202201:04:49
160. CNFA - Why Are They Taking Our Guns?

160. CNFA - Why Are They Taking Our Guns?

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Rick Igercich
Canada’s National Firearms Association President

Jordan Vandenhoff
Canada’s National Firearms Association
Executive Director - Digital and Social Media

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Dec 02, 202250:29
159. MP Raquel Dancho - What Canada Do We Believe In?
Nov 29, 202201:09:55
158. Chantelle Baker - Russia, The Ukraine & New Zealand