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The Cashflow Convo – The Educator's Edition

The Cashflow Convo – The Educator's Edition

By Be the Spark!

Most Americans are in debt not just because the pandemic. We are in debt because the system is rigged that way. We live in a capitalistic society and many don’t know the rules to the game. Join us to discuss how to increase your cashflow, learn the rules of the wealthy, and crush your financial goals. We’ll be conversing with real people getting real results. You may not have had a spoon in your mouth growing up, but that won’t stop you from reaching financial freedom! Income shifting is what we’re about! Join in on the fun at $ IG,
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Go for Gold and Ask For What You Need

The Cashflow Convo – The Educator's EditionFeb 17, 2022

Go for Gold and Ask For What You Need
Feb 17, 202206:53
Quick Tip Tuesday

Quick Tip Tuesday

It’s not about saving yourself in the midst of being greedy, but if you forget to secure your safety, you and those you’re trying to help will drown.
Oct 05, 202105:43
Crack the Code and Crush YOUR Debt! PART I
May 14, 202142:11
Credit, Credit, Credit!
May 08, 202111:56
RECAP: Taxes, Debt, Big Business, and Inflation!
Dec 10, 202021:28
Who are You Making Rich Today?

Who are You Making Rich Today?

We just finished Black Friday and the B. I. G. B. dug into our pockets, into our minds first, so that we would spend. Let's find out how the B. I. G. B and the BIG 3 continue to rob us of our funds. And meet our special guest, Ms. Beverly Roberts, Minister and Author of Everyday with the The Gospel of John, a 365 Day Devotional. Here we talk about the church and finances and does the church play into the role of assisting the BIG B and BIG 3 from taking our income. 

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Dec 04, 202055:33
RANT WARNING: Break the Chains & Cut the Noose!!
Nov 26, 202056:27
Your Greatest Expense that's Killing Your Cashflow

Your Greatest Expense that's Killing Your Cashflow

Find out what's killing your cashflow in today's Episode of The CashFlow Convo! Don't forget to listen for a special discount to preorder our book by going to Remember to hit the like button and share this episode with family and friends! Don't forget to leave us a comment. 

Nov 20, 202035:43
You're Losing Money & You just don't Care!

You're Losing Money & You just don't Care!

You're Losing Money & You just don't Care! Or do You? Sometimes it's just that we don't know that we're losing money because we have not been taught basic financial principles. Learn which is of these four challenges is the silent income killer: Big Business, Taxes, Debt, or Inflation? The one you think least about that's sneaks money out of your pocket without you actually thinking about it.

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Until next time Cashflowers

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Nov 12, 202028:46
You Don’t Need More Money, Until...(2 Objectives)

You Don’t Need More Money, Until...(2 Objectives)

Most Americans think they need more money to solve all their financial problems! But is it more money that you need? Find out more on this episode. Check out our private membership at to join a group of people solving everyday cashflow issues. Don’t forget to like, share, comment, and tell us how we’re doing. For more info check is out at Check out our sponsors at or and get a 7-day free trial at Scoresense using the following link:
Nov 04, 202014:31