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By Mary G. Connolly

giving rise to action; creating mind and body fitness; making the world a better place through running
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S1|E26: Finding balance

theCauseCoachJul 14, 2022

S1|E26: Finding balance
Jul 14, 202217:47
S1|E25: Betsy Magato, Charge Running

S1|E25: Betsy Magato, Charge Running

Apps have expanded what runners can do and have made training experiences better. Betsy Magato discusses Charge Running and the impact they have had on running, runners, and charities alike. We also talk about her running journey that started on the soccer field in childhood through most recently helping disabled athletes reach their goals. Her business is Charge Running, her cause is the Kyle Pease Foundation, and this is another inspiring guest! She is a marathoner, 15x Boston qualifier, RRCA and Galloway certified coach, and mom of three.

To learn more or to find Betsy:

Charge Running:; @chargerunning on socials (especially check out their Instagram!)

Betsy's Instagram: @runrunstrongcoach 

Jun 23, 202247:16
S1|E24: John Jaeger, 50 Marathons for Mercy Home
Jun 16, 202231:46
S1|E23: Lydia Nader, Personalized Nutrition for YOUR Lifestyle
Jun 09, 202233:39
S1|E22: Kurt Fliegel, Solutions to End Gun Violence

S1|E22: Kurt Fliegel, Solutions to End Gun Violence

Kurt Fliegel, runner, concerned citizen, parent and grandparent, (and yes, my husband) discusses practical solutions to end gun violence. He answers the question, "what can I do" and provides a template that everyone can use today to create a personal plan of positive, organized, networked action." He is a supporter of Sandy Hook Promise, but suggests that you look at all the non-government organizations advocating for solutions and find the one which best aligns with your values and thinking. 

I would also like to add that Kurt, having recent dental surgery, was reluctant to come on, but felt this cause was too important not to, although he was still a little self-conscious about his speech being less than normal. Sounded okay to me, :) but I promised to put this disclaimer in. 

Kurt's template, which can be used to mobilize for this and other causes can be found HERE

Kurt can be found on Twitter: @kurtfliegel and Instagram (mostly running) @flglchicago

Jun 02, 202236:38
S1|E21: Chris Bowles, American Cancer Society's DetermiNation
May 26, 202238:33
S1|E20: Tim Bradley, Executive Director and Head of Training, Chicago Area Runners Association

S1|E20: Tim Bradley, Executive Director and Head of Training, Chicago Area Runners Association

Chicago Marathon training begins the week of June 6! Tim joins to discuss what participants can expect from CARA's summer marathon training program, advice for first-timers as well as seasoned marathoners, and his own running and marathon experiences.

More info about CARA Summer Marathon Training: 

Contact Tim:

Instagram: @coachtimbradley @cararuns

May 19, 202231:38
S1|E19: Jamie Hershfang, From "sympathy claps" to 2021 Top-ranked 50 miler!
May 12, 202235:38
S1|E18: Carrie Cihasky, Team PAWS
May 05, 202243:40
S1|E17: Dale Erdmier, a.k.a. Marathoner Dale
Apr 28, 202225:57
S1|E16: Valerie Jencks, Gilda's Club Chicago

S1|E16: Valerie Jencks, Gilda's Club Chicago

Valerie Jencks discusses coming back to running after cancer, battling "long-haul COVID", training for her first marathon at 60, and why she's running for Gilda's Club Chicago.

Valerie’s Team Gilda Fundraising page:

Valerie’s Professional website:

Valerie’s Ted Talk Link: How to Rewrite History

Run for Gilda’s Club Chicago to ensure that anyone impacted by cancer is empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community. For more information, please contact Rebecca Peters:

Apr 21, 202229:39
S1|E15: Denise Sauriol, Coach and Author of "Me, You & 26.2"
Apr 14, 202234:16
S1|E14: Jim Marrese, Mercy Home Heroes
Apr 07, 202250:45
S1|E13: 8 Steps to Charity Running Success (Part 3)
Mar 31, 202222:45
S1|E12: Ibon Hernandez, Imerman Angels

S1|E12: Ibon Hernandez, Imerman Angels

Ibon Hernandez, Three Run Two ( crew-mate and fellow Chicago runner, and I talk about her running journey, what to do when your marathon gets cancelled, and why she's running for Imerman Angels ( Find Ibon on Instagram: @bonbon26.2. 


Mar 24, 202231:41
S1|E11: Jacqueline Sheedy, a very special St. Paddy's Day Guest!

S1|E11: Jacqueline Sheedy, a very special St. Paddy's Day Guest!

On the podcast my sister and I talk about life and running in Ireland, her fundraising activities, and her Irish Travel vlog. There isn't a finer way to spend St. Patrick's Day! Find Jacqueline at...

iRun iHike iCamp: Travel Vlog on YouTube, also fine iRun iHike iCamp on Instagram and Facebook.

Jigsaw: Jacqueline's Fundraising page: (and by the way, abseiling is repelling, just incase you were wondering)

Irish Cancer Society: (Jacquelines fundraising page to come).

To find races in Ireland on "My Race Results" choose "All Events" and then specify "running" under sport and "Ireland" under country.

Mar 17, 202239:03
S1|E10: Brandy Freeland Kuhl, Chicago Parks Foundation / Team Chi Parks
Mar 10, 202235:45
S1|E9: Robin & Dave Dubin are AliveAndKickn in Colorectal Cancer Month!
Mar 03, 202227:59
S1|E8: 8 Steps to Charity Running Success (Part 2)
Feb 24, 202227:32
S1|E7: Dana White, Coach, Personal Trainer and Founder of Jersey Women Strong
Feb 17, 202231:59
S1|E6: Bill Nugent, Project Purple
Feb 10, 202227:22
S1|E5: Emma Walsh, Team Chicago Commons is Family
Feb 03, 202234:05
S1|E4: 8 Steps to Charity Running Success (Part 1)

S1|E4: 8 Steps to Charity Running Success (Part 1)

Today we begin a discussion about the how-to of successful charity running.

By starting to work on the first steps of my fundraising plan now, you will set yourself up for success – and maybe get yourself motivated to run in the process.  I outline two pre-plan steps to take, which are particularly important for anyone who has yet to choose a charity.

Then I discuss Steps 1 through 3 of my Charity Running Success Plan. 

Please tune in and follow along.  Subscribe so you get an alert for when Parts 2 & 3 air.

As always, your feedback, comments, and questions are welcome.

If you are a runner or charity team coordinator and have a charity running success story that you would like to share, I would love to hear from you!

Find me on the web: (there you can find links to my social media). Join my Facebook or Strava Groups: the Cause Crew

Jan 27, 202228:50
S1|E3: Mark Zenobia, Team Reeve's Added Value
Jan 20, 202226:26
S1|E2: Jaclyn Ricchio Stover | Imperfect Eating

S1|E2: Jaclyn Ricchio Stover | Imperfect Eating

Jaclyn Ricchio Stover of the "Actually, You are a Real Runner" Podcast and Systems for Self Care, joins us to talk about a better approach to New Year's Resolutions, weight loss, and fueling for marathon training!


Podcast: Actually, You are a Real Runner (Spotify, Apple, and probably wherever you listen)

Instagram: jaclyn.ricchio.stover


Jan 13, 202249:57
S1|E1: Intro to the Podcast

S1|E1: Intro to the Podcast

Here's a little background on me and how this podcast came to be, and what it's going to be all about.

For more, please visit my website:

Jan 11, 202217:24