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The Chris Chung Show

The Chris Chung Show

By Chris Chung

Welcome to The Chris Chung Show, hosted by CEO of Locate 852, the leading Facebook Ads Strategist in Hong Kong Chris Chung. On this podcast you will find interviews and stories with some of the most successful and influential business titans and CEO’s in the world. This podcast is created with the sole purpose of bringing you value and practical insights so you can apply and grow today.
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Dr. Ivan Misner: The Father of Referral Marketing

The Chris Chung Show Jun 24, 2019

Jay Abraham: The $21.7 Billion Dollar Man
Jul 20, 202242:13
Michael Franzese: Highest Paid Mafia Boss Talks Former Life & Entrepreneurship
Jul 05, 202254:58
Nico Leonard van der Horst: How I Was Fired From Every Job To Growing The #1 YouTube Channel On Watches
Jun 28, 202258:22
Jennifer Cohen: Creating Effective Habits For Success
Jun 20, 202243:01
Chris Ducker: Adapting As An Entrepreneur
Jun 13, 202251:47
Kim Barrett: How To Build A Successful Social Media Marketing Agency
Jun 07, 202253:07
Ryan Fischer: Creating The #1 Fitness Training App For Results
May 30, 202255:22
Dariush Soudi: Millionaire Starting At Ground Zero
May 23, 202249:00
Tim Larkin: When Violence Is The Answer
May 16, 202250:49
Brett Knutson: Building High-Profile Relationships
May 09, 202250:35
Erik Huberman: Bootstrapping To $150M Marketing Agency
May 02, 202252:25
Jeff Lerner: From Struggling Jazz Musician To Millionaire Entrepreneur
Apr 25, 202256:43
Alex Mashinsky: Billionaire Founder Of 8 Startups & 3 Unicorns With Over $3B+ In Exits
Apr 18, 202256:51
Shawn Dill: How To Build & Scale A Professional Service Business
Apr 11, 202256:10
Craig Siegel: From Wall Street To Performance Coach
Apr 04, 202249:60
Marley Jaxx: Building A Multi-Million Dollar YouTube Agency
Mar 28, 202250:20
Ari Meisel: How To Get More Done By Doing Less
Mar 21, 202253:19
Taki Moore: The Million Dollar Coach To The World's Top Coaches
Mar 14, 202254:53
Sabri Suby: Generating $1.33B In Sales With Digital Marketing
Mar 09, 202248:45
Michael Chernow: The Habits Of A Serial Entrepreneur
Feb 28, 202201:06:03
Katie Melissa: The Ins & Outs To Making 8 Figures On Amazon
Feb 21, 202244:60
Mike Schill: Lessons From Being The #1 Sales Closer With Grant Cardone
Feb 14, 202201:12:46
Ryan Blair: Rock Bottom To $1B Exit
Feb 07, 202254:39
Carlos Reyes: Going From Illegal Immigrant To $200 Million Real Estate Tycoon
Jan 31, 202256:36
Chris Cavallini: From Drug Dealer With 25 Arrests To $10 Million CEO
Jan 27, 202201:09:50
Darren Prince: From $200 Million Celebrity Agent To Overcoming Drug Addictions
Jan 17, 202250:04
Justin Roethlingshoefer: The Peak Performance Coach To CEOs & Elite Athletes
Jan 10, 202259:14
Mike Barron: From Section-8 Housing To 8 Figures Millionaire
Jan 04, 202201:14:49
Akash Mehta: From Being The Youngest Manager At Estēe Lauder & Christian Dior To Finding Success As A Serial Entrepreneur
Dec 31, 202101:02:57
Kelly Roach: Building An 8-Figure Empire Helping Overworked Entrepreneurs
Dec 20, 202135:11
Dr. John Demartini: Key Lessons On Success From Reading 30K Books
Dec 13, 202139:28
Bedros Keuilian: Building One of America's Fastest Growing Franchise
Feb 06, 202051:48
Sal Frisella: From Selling Copy Machines To President At 1st Phorm
Oct 28, 201956:58
Alex Ikonn: How To Instantly Improve Your Life With The Power Of Gratitude
Oct 23, 201901:09:26
Evan Carmichael: Growing The Largest Entrepreneurship Channel With 2 Million Subscribers
Oct 11, 201945:40
Craig Ballantyne: Maximise Your Potential With The Perfect Day Formula
Sep 22, 201926:54
Josh York: From Personal Training To CEO Of GYMGUYZ
Sep 16, 201925:44
Brandon M Dawson: How To Solve Problems And Get Paid
Aug 28, 201951:54
Brandon Steiner: From Paper Route To Partnering With The New York Yankees
Aug 18, 201936:21
Sharran Srivatsaa: From $45 - $3.4 Billion Life Story

Sharran Srivatsaa: From $45 - $3.4 Billion Life Story

Jul 01, 201956:28
Dr. Ivan Misner: The Father of Referral Marketing
Jun 24, 201953:36
Brad Lea: The Guy That Close The Guy That Teach You To Close
Jun 17, 201952:58
David Meltzer: $0 - $120 Million & Becoming Sports Humanitarian of The Year
Jun 10, 201920:17
Neil Patel: How to Leverage Digital Marketing in 2019
Jun 03, 201930:33
Nic Peterson: Business Scaling With The Velocity Method
May 27, 201949:33
Dave Swanson: Becoming Your Greatest of All Time

Dave Swanson: Becoming Your Greatest of All Time

Dave Swanson is a speaker, author, veteran and the host of GOAT wrestling perseverance podcast.

  • Nat-geo has created a mini series about his unit titled “The Long Road Home”
  • He’s been in over 100 fire fights
  • He has bicycled across America doing thirty one hundred miles in 30 days
  • In 2017, he climbed mount Rainier which is the highest glacier in the United States
  • In 2018 he climbed a mountain in Vermont 17 times which equates to the same height as Mount Everest 
  • He now combines his knowledge, insights and experiences and speaks to corporate businesses to help better build leadership and teamwork

In this episode, Dave shares with us:

  • How he went to West Point after failing out of junior college to then accomplishing countless extraordinary achievements.
  • The lessons he has learnt about leadership, teamwork and perseverance throughout his journey
  • How you can build a winning team where you have good trust and bond
  • Why is leading by example important?
  • Why Perseverance Beats Talent Every Single Time
  • How you should go by becoming your Greatest of All Time
  • The next big challenge he is about to attempt and much more

Learn more about Dave's work here:

Want the exact 8-Step AD formula I use to generate countless leads and bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars? Download it here:

Join The Atlas Community here:

May 20, 201956:29
Steve Sims: The Modern Day Wizard of Oz

Steve Sims: The Modern Day Wizard of Oz

Steve Sims is the the author of Bluefishing and the CEO of Bluefish. 

  • He is recognised by Forbes as the Modern day Wizard of Oz
  • He makes the dreams of the 1% in the world become a reality 
  • His company Bluefish is recognised as the number 1 concierge service in the world
  • He’s once helped one of his clients get married by the Pope in the Vatican
  • He often connects with the elites of the business world with figures like Elon Musk and Richard Branson

In this episode, Steve shares with us:

  • How he went from working as a construction worker in east London to then owning the number 1 luxury concierge service in the world
  • How he uses “Passwords” to filter people 
  • How to use his “leapfrogging of credibility” technique so you can network with the people you want
  • Why it’s important to communicate a win-win situation from the start
  • Why asking “WHY” at least 3 times is the most important question that you should ask all your prospects and clients 
  • How to build credibility by “deflecting”
  • How you should manage a clients expectations

Get Steve’s book “Bluefishing, The Art of Making Things Happen” here:

Learn more about Steve’s work here:

Want the exact 8-Step AD formula I use to generate countless leads and bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars? Download it here:

Join The Atlas Community here:

May 12, 201953:12
Phil M. Jones: Knowing Exactly What To Say in Sales
May 07, 201955:56
John Spence: How to lead in a purpose driven world?
Apr 29, 201955:32
Ferrari Collector David Lee: Intimate Conversation With CEO of Hing Wa Lee Group
Apr 16, 201946:02