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The Clovis Culture Podcast

The Clovis Culture Podcast

By Justin Nault

The Clovis Culture Podcast dives into all things nutrition, fitness, happiness, fulfillment, and self-awareness. This podcast goes far beyond your usual dogmatic nutrition biases. Clovis is not Paleo, Keto, Carnivore, Low-Carb, or any other marketing term. Clovis is Lifestyle Design! Justin focuses on self-actualization and what it means to be a fulfilled human being living a life of purpose! Justin shares his own thoughts along with guest interviews featuring world-renowned experts such as Robb Wolf, Abel James, Paul Saladino, Ken Berry, Anthony Jay, Juliet Starrett, and many more!
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The One Thing You're Missing To Get Hotter, Happier & Richer: Self Love

The Clovis Culture PodcastApr 25, 2023

The One Thing You're Missing To Get Hotter, Happier & Richer: Self Love
Apr 25, 202301:10:05
Calories-In-Calories-Out Completely Debunked with Justin & Jackie
Feb 23, 202301:14:42
Georgi Dinkov: Why Sugar Is Healthy, Cutting Calories Is Harmful, and Obesity Is A Hormonal Issue

Georgi Dinkov: Why Sugar Is Healthy, Cutting Calories Is Harmful, and Obesity Is A Hormonal Issue

Georgi Dinkov is an engineer turned self-taught biochemist. He's well known online for his in-depth Bioenergetics research. Georgi is hands-down one of the most well-researched individuals I've ever had the pleasure of talking to, and the sheer amount of information that he pulls from memory in this interview is going to blow your mind. There's a reason countless people follow Georgi and his work online. This guy is truly next level when it comes to understanding human biology and biochemistry. No matter what ideas or beliefs you may have around nutrition, I can pretty much guarantee Georgi will say at least a few things in this podcast that will challenge them.

Topics Covered: 

  • The problems with the calories in calories out model of weight loss and health...
  • How important it is to focus on metabolic health and the types of food you're eating rather than the number of calories you're eating...
  • How damaging stress is to human biology...
  • Estrogen dominance and hormonal issues...
  • The countless problems with modern scientific research, including corruption and fraud...
  • The concept of food vs. poison and how processed toxic products should never be called "food" to begin with...
  • The most powerful supplements to take to improve your metabolic health...
  • And some extremely practical tips and advice for losing weight, increasing your metabolic rate, taking back your health, and decreasing stress in your day-to-day life...

If you want to learn more about Bioenergetics, watch my FREE Masterclass, "How To Lose Weight By Eating More & Exercising Less." 

>>>Click here to watch the Masterclass

To connect with Georgi:

Jan 26, 202302:12:34
We Went VIRAL On TikTok! Allow Me To (Re)introduce Myself: Who Is Justin Nault & How Did Clovis Start?
Jul 05, 202236:07
Your Thyroid, Stress, and Hormone Replacement Therapy: Sit In On A LIVE Coaching Call!
May 31, 202201:03:31
Building A Better Booty, Fitness Tips, and Mistakes We've Made Along The Way
Mar 22, 202201:27:36
Weight Loss Made Simple: The Easiest Fat Loss Protocol You've Probably Never Heard Of
Feb 17, 202201:17:17
Rethinking Aging and Chronic Health Conditions: How to Remove the 'Obstacle' of Health And Wellness for Happiness, Fulfillment, Love, and Longevity

Rethinking Aging and Chronic Health Conditions: How to Remove the 'Obstacle' of Health And Wellness for Happiness, Fulfillment, Love, and Longevity

Maegan and Justin discuss the way modern humans think about aging and chronic health conditions. Why does everyone just assume that getting sick, gaining weight, losing muscle, being unhappy, and losing our minds are all just a "normal" part of aging? What if there were another way? A way that is never talked about in mainstream media and is certainly never taught to our Doctors in medical school. If you want a life that is way more than average... this is the podcast episode for you! 

Jan 27, 202201:35:50
Healing Happiness Obstacles
Nov 11, 202101:31:30
Kaedrick Olsen - Tools for Transformation: Viking Mythology, Masculine vs. Feminine, Shadow Work, and Chaos Magick
Mar 09, 202101:37:22
Medical Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery with Inara Gadzhiyeva: From Botox to Breast Implants, Liposuction and Everything In Between
Dec 31, 202001:28:16
Understanding mRNA Vaccines, Customized Nutrition, Orthorexia, Metabolic Dysfunction, and How to Take Control of Your Health & Wellness
Dec 15, 202001:13:56
The AlcHempist - Matt Chandler: All Things Cannabis! How To Use Hemp, CBD, and THC for Sleep, Inflammation, Anxiety, and more
Dec 08, 202001:28:06
Thanksgiving Recovery, Turmeric Benefits, 15-Minute Workouts, Perimenopause and Balancing Hormones
Dec 03, 202001:03:58
Do You Love Your Body?! A New Way To Think About Body Image and Self-Love Issues
Oct 14, 202042:07
Clovis vs. COVID: Part 5 - Mental Health and COVID-19: How Daily Habits Shape Your Reality and What COVID Did to My Mental Health
Sep 25, 202052:34
Clovis vs. COVID: Part 4 - Fitness with COVID-19, Why I Chose Hydroxychloroquine, and an Epic Rant About COVID and Politics
Sep 18, 202031:04
Clovis vs. COVID: Part 3 - Why I've Decided to Add Hydroxychloroquine and High Dose Zinc to my COVID Treatment
Sep 16, 202034:21
Clovis vs. COVID: Part 2 - Viral vs Bacterial Infections, Fasting vs Caloric Surplus, How To Handle a Fever, & Over the Counter Medications
Sep 14, 202040:50
Clovis vs. COVID: Part 1 - From Coronavirus Exposure to Positive COVID-19 Test Result and How I Plan to Beat It
Sep 10, 202053:28
Are COVID-19 Deaths Being Over Counted... or Under Counted?! New CDC Data Leaves Us With More Questions Than Answers
Sep 03, 202026:21
#31 - Mark Bell - A Life-Long Journey: Nutrition, Mental Health, Masculinity & Finding Balance
Aug 18, 202002:12:53
#30 - Ratna Singh - The Truth About Cardio, High-Intensity Interval Training Myths, and How To Get Fit in Less Than 9 Minutes with the CAR.O.L Bike
Jul 21, 202001:06:28
#29 - Diana Rodgers & Robb Wolf - Sacred Cow: The Case For Better Meat - Exploring the Economic, Ethical, and Health Impacts of Eating Red Meat. The Dangers of the Plant-Based, Vegan Agenda and How Re
Jun 30, 202001:51:43
#28 Joe Cohen - How To Decode Your Genes For Weight Loss, Disease Prevention, and Longevity
Jun 23, 202001:32:19
#27 - Abel James - Lessons From A Pandemic: What Coronavirus Has Taught Us About Self-Reliance and The Power Of Community
May 26, 202002:01:43
Clovis Classroom #2 - Carbs Are Not Evil! The Dangers of Extreme Diets, Orthorexia, and Disordered Eating Habits
May 15, 202001:11:05
Just Justin #22 - The Pendulum Swing: What I've Learned Living A Life of Extremes
May 09, 202001:00:10
Clovis Classroom #1 - Why You Need To Start Tracking Body Composition and How Weight Loss Ruined Health In America
May 07, 202001:07:20
AMA #112 - Regenerative Agriculture: Why You Need To Start Taking It Seriously! How to Source Food from Local Farmers to Improve Your Health, the Economy, and Your Future
Apr 30, 202001:10:60
AMA #111 - Why 'Healthy' Social Distancing Is Hard - What Causes Sugar Cravings & How To Beat them, Why Relationships Are Important Right Now, & How To Have Deeper Conversations w/ Loved Ones
Apr 24, 202001:05:40
AMA #110 - America Has No Idea What "Healthy" Is: How Coronavirus Has Completely Exposed the Mainstream Medical Community and the #1 Risk Factor for Death from COVID-19
Apr 16, 202001:16:36
Just Justin #21 - How To Spread Good Ideas Like A Virus
Apr 11, 202030:46
AMA #109 - How Stress Impacts Weight Loss, How To Become Recession Proof, and Why Most Exercise Doesn't Burn Fat
Apr 10, 202001:19:08
Firefly Chat: The Truth About Mainstream Media, 'Healthy People' Dying from COVID-19, Relationships, and How To Live Life On Your Own Terms
Apr 04, 202001:04:03
AMA #108 - Coronavirus Truth Bombs: The Truth About The Economy, Social Distancing, Mortality Rate, and “Healthy People” Dying from COVID-19
Apr 02, 202001:19:04
AMA #107 - How to Try a Carnivore Diet Experiment, Why You Should Start a Podcast, and the link Between Sleep Apnea and Obesity
Mar 26, 202001:11:33
#26 - Garrett Gunderson - Budgeting Sucks! Busting Personal Finance Myths and Building Wealth Through Abundance
Mar 24, 202001:49:02
Just Justin #20 - How To Survive Social Distancing
Mar 21, 202001:02:23
AMA #106 - Coronavirus and Your Immune System: What You Need To Know
Mar 19, 202001:23:46
Coronavirus Update #2 - How to Make Money From Home During the Coronavirus Quarantine
Mar 17, 202049:48
Coronavirus Update: Possible Lockdown, Speculative COVID-19 Treatments, Social Distancing, and More Tin Foil Hat Theories
Mar 15, 202001:09:39
Just Justin #19 - What I Learned in Mexican Prison...
Mar 14, 202053:31
AMA #105 - Coronavirus: Everything You Need To Know About The Global Pandemic COVID-19
Mar 12, 202001:31:22
#25 - Karnivore Kurt - Optimizing the Carnivore Diet and Biohacking Human Performance
Mar 10, 202001:50:37
AMA #104 - Inflammation, Sodium Intake, Migraines, and Acid Reflux
Mar 05, 202001:02:26
AMA #103 - Carnivore Poop, Vitamin C, PCOS, Endometriosis, Mammograms, and Coronavirus
Feb 28, 202001:08:29
#24 - Matteo Franceschetti - The Future of Sleep Technology, Human Recovery, and Performance
Feb 25, 202001:06:20
AMA #102 - Lifestyle Design, Managing Your Cycle, Trouble Building Muscle, and Hormone Supplementation
Feb 20, 202001:07:03
In Case You Missed It #55 - Food Is Not Bad For You
Feb 19, 202024:41