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The Cultured Curators

The Cultured Curators

By The Cultured Curators

Two curious people explore culture in its broadest sense. One is a renowned expert, the other a connoisseur of the curious. Together they embark on cultural explorations each episode, taking you along for the ride!
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Prisoners of the Nic Cage-Land

The Cultured CuratorsOct 10, 2021

Two Thousand Twenty One Maniacs!
Jan 21, 202201:09:51
Last Night in Curated
Dec 31, 202155:06
Doing it to Death with Titane
Nov 13, 202101:39:02
Prisoners of the Nic Cage-Land
Oct 10, 202139:27
August Under-Curated

August Under-Curated

We dive into our first Curated recommendations episode with mostly recent movie titles and a few film festivals. Check out the list of all the movies, festivals, and topics we mention on We also share a lot in our community Discord (link on the website)

Also we are now on Apple Podcasts, so feel free to give us a rating and a follow there as well! (Helps with spreading the word)

The Cultured Curators are on Twitter as @theculturedpod and on Instagram as @theculturedcurators

Sep 04, 202156:49
Ero-Guro Fun Time
Aug 28, 202144:44
The Cultured Curators #1

The Cultured Curators #1

A little introduction to the Curators Ben & Rabia, our mutual love for Horror films, especially Japanese Troma such as Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead and more. Find us online on: - @theculturedpod on Twitter [heads up! Different than the one mentioned!] - @theculturedcurators on Instagram You can also follow us on Twitter under @BenHorrible and @RPISH
Jul 09, 202130:59
Trailer - The Cultured Curators

Trailer - The Cultured Curators

[Update: we have a different Twitter handle than mentioned!] Hi there, Ben and Rabia here with a little snippet of our new podcast on culture, curiosities, and more. Feel free to give us a follow on Twitter (@theculturedpod) and Instagram (@theculturedcurators)
Jul 09, 202120:03