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The Eggcellent Life

The Eggcellent Life

By Edward Ma

Welcome to The Eggcellent Life podcast, a place to learn and 'egg-ducate' yourself on plans and actions to be prepared for what life throws your way. Finding new and insightful topics whether it's mental health, business, or how to live an "eggcellent" happy and blissful life. I believe that everyone deserves to live the best life possible and my BIGGEST GOAL is to make others' dreams come true.
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How Do You Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur? (The Hard Truth Is Revealed!)

The Eggcellent LifeMar 04, 2021

Mindset Through Meditation with Kellan Fluckiger

Mindset Through Meditation with Kellan Fluckiger

About our Guest:

Coming through decades of depression, addictions, life-threatening illness and a near-death experience, Kellan has become the ultimate catalyst to help motivated people melt barriers, move mountains and mobilize superpowers to achieve their true desires.

As a coach and keynote speaker, Kellan’s masterful approach helps people get past old stories, change beliefs and create a life context to reach even goals that seemed impossible. As an executive, Kellan had a notable career as a pioneer in the contentious area of energy de-regulation, testified before congress, and was a key player in the resolution of the ENRON scandal and market manipulation investigation in the western US and Canada.

In 2007, Kellan left a lucrative consulting practice to explore the depression that had haunted him for decades. Depression caused by an abusive and tormented upbringing which drove a massive cycle of ultra-high performance and success coupled with addictions and a hidden double life. This exploration led to authoring 5 books on meditation and the first of his biographical trilogy, TightRope of Depression, a #1 best-selling book. Two albums of music followed and the 2nd in the trilogy, Down From the Gallows is expected in fall 2020.

In the continuing search for development, Kellan trained as a coach for high achievers and performed in an award-winning choir, which charted #1 on Billboard not once, but 4 times. In addition, Kellan began speaking and creating programs for high performers, especially those who have dealt with deep issues of self-doubt, and limiting stories.

Kellan is dedicated to helping others tap their gifts and talents to allow them to effectively serve and grow in their own lives. His coaching is renown for the powerful results and growth. He continues to speak, write and perform regularly. He’s written eight #1 best selling books with more to come in 2020 and beyond. Also launched is a new YouTube channel and popular podcast, Your Ultimate Life Formula. Coaching with Kellan is an unforgettable experience.

link :
Podcast :

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Mar 15, 202221:08
Stop Caring What People Think with Pamela Sackett
Mar 11, 202227:48
Starting Off As An Entrepreneur with Chandra Gore
Mar 08, 202228:49
What Do We Prioritize and Value with Sara Surani
Mar 04, 202227:02
This Will 10X Your Health, Life, and Income with Russ Yeager

This Will 10X Your Health, Life, and Income with Russ Yeager

About our guest:

Russ Yeager is a body, health, and life transformation specialist who helps men and women create a life they love by first getting the body, health, and abundant energy they desire without starving themselves, doing fad diets, or having their lives revolve around working out.

After growing up the chubby kid and having to wear the “husky” pants, Russ decided he wanted to figure out how to be fit, lean, and healthy. Russ was never able to fully reach his goals, until he hired a coach and entered and won in international physique transformation competition at 27 years old.

This event inspired Russ to leave his career as a Certified Public Accountant to pursue his passion of helping others experience the awesome benefits of being fit and healthy.

Russ owns the premier private personal training studios in Atlanta, Ga, Fitness Together, located in  Dunwoody and Johns Creek.  Russ and his team also train and coach clients virtually throughout the US as well as internationally.

He is the author of “Live Longer, Feel Better, and Look Great Naked!”, and speaks all over the world including prestigious stages such as Grant Cardone’s 10X GrowthCon and the Entrepreneurs on Fire Podcast.

Russ is constantly looking for more efficient, effective, and innovative ways to look and feel better for himself and his clients.

Premier Aesthetics and weight loss combines the latest and best body contouring technology with individually customized nutrition coaching, personal training, and accountability systems to help women and men achieve the body, health, and energy they desire while living a lifestyle they actually enjoy.

Russ and his team have helped tens of thousands of people transform their bodies and life, and are on a mission to help 10 Million!

Find More of Russ Yeager:

IG: russ_yeager

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Mar 01, 202229:42
Why you need the LIFT method with Randy Dewey

Why you need the LIFT method with Randy Dewey

About our guest:

Randy Dewey is the Founder of L.I.F.T. Leadership. He is a Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author with 3 decades of C-Suite experience as a leadership and business growth expert. He developed “The L.I.F.T. Method” to help solve these complex leadership and business problems. He has worked in 32 different countries, flown over 1M miles, drove over $1.8B in corporate value while successfully raising 11 children.

Randy was the guy PE Firms, Owners, and Founders would call to replace their CEOs. However, he has turned his passion towards helping leaders pivot their companies and help lead with passion, inspiring their people, focusing on what makes a lasting change, and transforming obstacles into opportunities. L.I.F.T. has guided Randy to success, and his organization is ready to serve you.

The L.I.F.T. Method

It is an acronym for lead, inspire, focus, and transform. However, more importantly, it is a methodology to assist any leader in transforming their leadership trajectory from the inside out.

Where to find him?

In this episode, Randy and I talk about what it takes to achieve a CEO mindset and things we can do when we think negatively about ourselves.

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Feb 25, 202223:32
Introvert to Influential with Jacqueline Shaulis

Introvert to Influential with Jacqueline Shaulis

"The Excitable Introvert" Jacqueline Shaulis guides introverted women of color to get seen, heard, and respected by embracing their AWESOME! Despite a challenging yet accomplished upbringing, she's become an international speaker, global bestselling author, and advisor and mentor to Fortune 500 executives...all while honoring her introversion.

As an intersectional introvert™, Jacqueline Shaulis navigated a challenging upbringing to become an international speaker, bestselling author, and advisor to top executives...all while honoring her introversion. 

Her Embrace Your AWESOME™ message wows stages in over 20 countries & she’s featured in Forbes, The Washington Post, Doctor Oz, The Independent, TEDx, and Bronze Magazine. As founder & principal of Awesome Enterprises LLC, she’s eager to bring her communication & personal leadership expertise, insights, and shenaniGEMS to your community!

Maybe you have some of these questions: 

1) What is introversion?

2) How can introversion be "an invitation"?

3) How does embracing your AWESOME work as an introvert?

4) What can introverts do to "live deeply and impact greatly"?

In this episode, all of those questions will be answered.






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Feb 22, 202225:48
Doubling Your Conversion Rates with Jiu Jitsu with Daniel Moskowitz and Elliot Bayev

Doubling Your Conversion Rates with Jiu Jitsu with Daniel Moskowitz and Elliot Bayev

About our Guests!

Daniel and Elliott will teach the Sales Jiu-Jitsu System, you will learn 4 Advanced Sales Strategies that will double your sales conversion rates.

Their unique teaching style – combining the principles of Sales and Jiu-Jitsu – PLUS the practical tools to guarantee that this isn’t “theory that will sit on a shelf.”  You will learn sales principals come to life with physical Jiu-Jitsu explained and linked to sales strategies.

Their talk is full of actionable steps that will give you a competitive advantage – whether you are new to sales or a world-class sales leader.

Link to our speaking Page:

in this episode, the 3 of us discuss the topics of sales and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. For those who don't know what Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or BJJ is, it's a martial art and combat sport based on ground fighting and submission holds. BJJ focuses on the skill of taking an opponent to the ground, controlling one's opponent, gaining a dominant position, and using a number of techniques to force them into submission via joint locks or chokeholds.

To think that BJJ and sales have a lot in common, makes SENSE. One cannot sell a product one way every single time. One cannot grapple with someone and win every single time. 

It takes TIME and PRACTICE. 

If you want to learn more about BJJ or Sales, don't forget to check out their amazing book. Link above!!!

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Feb 18, 202218:24
How to Embrace Discomfort with Christina Smith

How to Embrace Discomfort with Christina Smith

About our guest!

Christina Smith is an author of Inviting Shift and life coach for women who may have an okay life but want to make it amazing without feeling guilty or stuck.

Christina has published, Inviting Shift, a book to help seekers embrace the discomfort of transition and transformation so that they can have the life they don’t even know they dream of.

Christina focuses on how we show up for ourselves and how we have drama-free relationships. She has small group coaching programs for women who want to see themselves in a whole new light.. one that requires them to be a little more gentle with their humanness so they can find their unique gifts and magic.


Online Learning Portal:

Instagram: @christina_smith_xoxo



In this episode:

Christina and I talk about so many important concepts of being uncomfortable. Have you noticed that you never seem to grow when you are comfortable? Yeah like you just want to say indoors and watch Netflix but what are you gaining from that? 

Christina shares so many expert tips on how to grow as a person and get out of your comfort zone!

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Feb 15, 202221:02
Power of Pausing with Jean Marie Keevins
Feb 11, 202216:19
Feminine and Masculine Dating Advice with Lilli Bewley

Feminine and Masculine Dating Advice with Lilli Bewley


Lilli Bewley is a Feminine & Masculine Dating Coach with over 10 years of experience in personal development. She, herself, went from just surviving in life to thriving in love & purpose. Currently, she is helping women & men date with confidence so that they can find epic, magnetic love. Lilli’s on a mission to educate people on how dating can be fun again after a divorce or even in their 30s & 40s & even if they've been single forever.

We have the ability to create magnetic energy in our dating lives even if we have to perform & be high achievers in other areas. Through her LOVE Method & DATE with Authenticity Framework, her life-long mission is for everyone to find the fulfillment & joy that only love & connection can bring. You can connect with her on IG @lillibewley or her podcast ‘The Lilli Bewley Podcast’ where she has epic conversations with thought leaders & visionaries looking to change the world.


Episode Highlights!

Covid has broken a plentiful of our normal patterns in life. Dating and relationships are some of them. We see people trying their best to network through zoom, try out dating apps, and some even forgot how to socialize. 

In a sense, people are trying to get back out there because too much time has passed. 

And luckily, Lilli is an EXPERT in the field of dating and personal development. 

As you listen to the episode, make sure to catch some of the gems that she shares with us about the many different archetypes of Masculine and Feminine Dating.

I was honestly mind blown by a good amount of things she shared with me🤯

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Feb 08, 202227:42
Ways to Lower Your Stress, Anxiety and Adrenal Fatigue with Dr. Lulu Shimek

Ways to Lower Your Stress, Anxiety and Adrenal Fatigue with Dr. Lulu Shimek


Dr. LuLu Shimek is a Naturopathic Physician and expert in genetic health, working with patients experiencing chronic disease: hormonal imbalance, endocrine disorders, gastrointestinal dysfunction, depression, anxiety and fatigue. She believes that once we dive deep down to the root of the problem of the distortion and ignite our bodies innate ability to heal, we see unimaginable changes in our well being.

Before starting Dr. LuLu Naturopathic Clinic, she journeyed through many careers, a true “renaissance woman”. Dr. LuLu studied interior design at the University of Georgia and has a doctorate from the prestigious Bastyr University. She also is an herbal formulator, international speaker and author spreading the message of health and educating about prevention and wellbeing. Her podcast, The Genetic Genius, is dedicated to genomics and planetary alternative health. Her new book focuses on using botanical medicine and other natural modalities to heal the whole body by optimizing vitality, increasing wellbeing and enhancing cellular performance.

Her new book Detox. Nourish. Activate: Plant & Vibrational Medicine for Energy, Mood & Love offers a visionary approach to empower readers on the path of self-discovery and self-mastery. This three step system is designed to heal trauma at the core level from this lifetime and many previous generations. These three areas of well-being are explored, in depth, with eleven primary alchemical interventions to facilitate healing down to the DNA level. With a series of introspective explorations, meditations, plant based formulas and profound insight, readers connect deeply to Detox, Nourish and Activate the brain, adrenal glands and heart for holistic healing and personal growth. The power for your healing journey is at your fingertips. Transform your health, your life, and your world.

Twitter account:

Linked In:



Podcast: The Genetic Genius

Youtube: Dr. LuLu Shimek


Detox Nourish Activate: Plant & Vibrational Medicine for Energy, Mood, and Love

Adrenal Restart Program 👇👇👇

Coupon Code: EGGCELLENT22 FOR 10% OFF

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Feb 04, 202223:52
Prioritizing your Brain with Dr. Puja Aggarwal

Prioritizing your Brain with Dr. Puja Aggarwal

Puja Aggarwal MD MBA is a Professional Life Coach and Board Certified Neurologist and Epileptologist.  About 4 years ago, Puja was experiencing burnout as a physician. She was working long hours, trying to manage taking care of her 2 children, and trying to manage taking care of all the other unexpected parts of life.  

Puja hired a life coach to help her. In just a few sessions of coaching, Puja was able to become more self-aware and change her mindset.  She realized how her thinking was affecting her feelings and what occurred in her life. 

She went from being overworked, overwhelmed, and overtired to being more self-aware, being able to set boundaries, and setting and achieving her goals.  She had experienced such a change in her life that she wanted to help other female professionals with burnout.  Puja certified as a Life Coach at The Life Coach School.  

In 2021, Puja started Zenful Brain Life Coaching to help other female professionals. Puja coaches clients with burnout to overcome life’s obstacles and become more self-confident, self-loving, and self-compassionate. She helps female professionals to identify their goals and reach their goals through accountability.

Check her out~


In this episode, we want you to ask yourself these questions:

- How do you prioritize your life?

- How can you control the way you think?

- What are some practical things that one can do to be more self-aware?

As a summary...

In order to have normal, healthy, and strong brain functions, you must make sure that you are eating, sleeping, and exercising a fair amount. The best way is to practice self-care like meditation, strengthening your mindset, and resting. 

The way we control what we think is by catching ourselves and becoming aware of what we think of. As we can tell, our brain is controlled by automation and mindfulness. 

If you are interested in learning more about how to train your brain, make sure to check out Puja Aggarwal and The Eggcellent Life!

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Feb 01, 202212:57
Are you trying to QUIT your job? with Karen Loftus

Are you trying to QUIT your job? with Karen Loftus

About our guest🐣
Karen Loftus is a recovering HR executive who’s been on the executive team with 3 companies, and in her 30-year career, she's worked with Fortune 100 companies, non-profits, and small businesses alike!  Her expertise is as an internal and external consultant to the c-suite where she focuses on employee engagement, change management, and leadership development.

While their corporate careers have allowed Karen and her husband Peter to live in a variety of states, they've been in Scottsdale Arizona for 20 years now.  Karen has an MBA, was double certified as an HR professional.  And in her free time, Karen is an oil painter and loves to spoil her granddaughter, Lilah.


MULTIPLE FREEBIES are posted here on my website:

PLUS this FREE ON DEMAND VIDEO: The 3 Simple Drivers to your Team’s Productivity Gap

In this on-demand video…

You’ll discover the key drivers for team productivity and get back to doing the parts of your business you love to do.

You’ll get a clear picture of your current team member's commitment to both your company and its goals, and exactly why you’re experiencing those factors that are contributing to your financial performance.

You’ll see the 3 traits of a successful manager and what’s stopping you from having an engaged, committed workforce.

You’ll understand the top 5 tools you can implement that can optimize your operational agility, even if you’ve struggled to make progress in the past.

Finally, my new beta eight-week 1:1 coaching session, Make Leadership More Human, is now open for registration. Here's a quick overview video where I explain it a bit more!

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Jan 28, 202224:09
Listen To Your Intuition With Lisa Chin

Listen To Your Intuition With Lisa Chin

🐣About our guest:

When she is not wrangling spreadsheets or her three young kids, Lisa is a writer, coach, and podcaster lighting a torch for women on a journey of reclaiming themselves.

Above all, Lisa values real conversations around motherhood, identity, and self-expression. She believes the world would be a better place if we could each live an inspired life, and community, knowing our truths, and art are how we get there.

You can learn more about Lisa at, listen to her podcast at and find her on Instagram @reclaimingmotherhood.

In this episode, Lisa and I discuss the topics of how to truly find your identity and ways to trust your intuition. The topics of identity and intuition will teach you the discovery of yourself and following your gut during difficult decisions.

If you enjoyed this episode, make sure you share, rate, and review us! Stay safe and stay eggcellent! 

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Jan 25, 202219:06
This Is How You Exit Rich

This Is How You Exit Rich

Often times we want to understand how the successful ones became successful. We think it's near impossible and not a light at the end of the tunnel. But it's super doable. In this episode, Michelle and I talk about the important things to know when starting a business and what are somethings we can all start doing while we are young. WHO IS MICHELLE SEILER TUCKER?? Michelle Seiler Tucker is the Founder and CEO of Seiler Tucker Incorporated. She holds the M&AMI (Mergers & Acquisitions Master Intermediary) title, as well as Certified Mergers and Acquisitions Professional (CM&AP) and Certified Senior Business Analyst (CSBA). Michelle also owns many other businesses in several different industries. As a 20-year veteran in the M&A industry, she is regarded as the leading authority on buying, selling, fixing, and growing businesses. Her and her firm have sold over a thousand businesses in almost every vertical and have a remarkable track record of success. In addition to being featured in INC, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and USA Magazine, Michelle is an international keynote speaker and makes regular radio and TV appearances on Fox Business News and CNBC. She has spoken alongside many prominent speakers: Eric Trump, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kathy Ireland, Donna Karen, Stedman Graham, Randi Zuckerberg, Steve Wozniak, and more. She is the Best-Selling Author of the book “Sell Your Business for more than It’s Worth” and has a new book coming out called “Exit Rich®.” “It’s stunning that so many business owners end up leaving so much equity on the table when they want to cash out. That’s why this book will be a goldmine for these entrepreneurs.” Steve Forbes - Chairman and Editor-In-Chief, Forbes “This practical book is loaded with proven strategies and techniques you can apply immediately to sell your business at a higher price than you may have thought possible.” Brian Tracy - Author, Speaker, Consultant “If you don’t program yourself, life will program you. In Exit Rich, Sharon Lechter and Michelle Seiler Tucker will help you program the greatest success for your business… and maximize its sales value.” Les Brown - Leading Transformational Speaker and Author “Seiler Tucker’s golden nuggets are priceless . . . a must-read for helping you build, fix, and grow your business so it’s sellable for maximum value!” David Meltzer - Top Executive Business Coach and Keynote Speaker, CEO and Founder of Sports 1 Marketing CHECK HER OUT!
May 31, 202128:11
Why Your Life Can Be Changed Your Energy!
May 29, 202128:30
True Happiness Comes With A Side Of Growing Pains
Apr 09, 202145:46
Accountability Could Be What You Are Missing As A Leader
Apr 06, 202124:03
This Will Change The Way You Date! (Personality Might Be A Huge Factor!)

This Will Change The Way You Date! (Personality Might Be A Huge Factor!)

Apr 02, 202132:04
These Tricks Will Help You Sell Anything!
Apr 01, 202128:15
You Will Be The Best Version Of Yourself (Here's What We Found Out!)
Mar 29, 202128:03
You Aren't Listening At All!
Mar 26, 202125:18
Would You Say You Are A Great Parent? (These Are The Foundation To Amazing Parenthood!)

Would You Say You Are A Great Parent? (These Are The Foundation To Amazing Parenthood!)

As people who are or aren't parents, we want to lead the next generation to greatness! But how? Having an excellent relationship with your child. It could be your niece, nephew, son, or daughter. We want to allow every child to experience amazing people to which they can look up to! Aparna and I talk about how to become a great parent, build strong lasting relationships, and how to influence your child to gain confidence in the future.  Having 15 years of experience connecting with 1000s of families in schools, children’s hospitals and non-profit organizations, Aparna Venkataraman is the founder of Beauty In Parenting and is a parent coach, meditation teacher, motivational speaker and global wellness advocate for DoTerra Essential Oils.   With her approachable nature, strong intuition, and problem-solving skills, she guides parents of babies, toddlers and teens to empower themselves and build healthy relationships with one another through joyful self-care, effective communication, confidence-building and lighthearted mindfulness techniques. If you enjoyed this episode, make sure you share, rate, and review us!  Stay safe and stay eggcellent! check us out: Check out Aparna: Free Calm & Clarity Guide (4 breathing exercises + optional essential oil pairings): Free 30-Minute Chat with Aparna on parent coaching, meditation, essential oils, and more: Sensory Self-Care Space (free FB Group) for monthly challenges, self-care tips, and community inspiration! Meditation/Breathwork & 8-Week Parent Coaching Program: Connect with Aparna on social media: Instagram: @beautyinparenting Facebook:
Mar 25, 202124:21
Could You Get Out Of Rockbottom? (This Is Why Most People Can't)

Could You Get Out Of Rockbottom? (This Is Why Most People Can't)

I hate it.

I know you hate it too. 

That moment when you are trying your best to achieve your goals but you end up at square one. 

There is not much we can do but continue having a positive and excellent mindset to keep persevering. That means you have to listen to what Benson Fox has to say about it.

Benson Fox is an experienced and certified transformation coach and crisis counselor. He is a major in Psychology from Touro College and currently a doctoral student in Psychology at Adelphi University and Therapist Extern at Brooklyn College.

He helps men and teens looking to gain balance, harmony, and joy in their personal and professional lives.

If you enjoyed this episode, make sure you share, rate, and review us!  Stay safe and stay eggcellent!

check us out:

Check him out:

or @coachbensonfox for online presence or email him at

Free video consultation if you email with subject line “Balance”

Mar 22, 202120:12
81% Of Adults Are Wrestling With Depressions ( Here's What You Can Do To Win! )
Mar 19, 202138:33
6 Senses To Reach Your Goals And Increase Level Of Self Awareness ( Works Immediately! )
Mar 18, 202131:53
3 Ways You Need To Prioritize Your Actions (This Will Change Your Habits!)

3 Ways You Need To Prioritize Your Actions (This Will Change Your Habits!)

Katy Chryst has a Master of Science degree from the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana in Recreation, Sport, and Tourism. “As a certified Health & Life Coach with a master’s degree in Recreational Studies and Body Image Perception, Katy helps burn out women who are struggling with their weight and energy create a total body transformation by ditching the diet & over-exercising mentality. She’s a daughter of a college football coach with a passion to encourage individuals to take empowered ownership of their lives by focusing on their daily habits. By the end of working with Katy, clients have different rituals, different habits, and feel totally transformed in their bodies... and what Katy aims towards is not some quick-fix diet, but rather making those changes last.” In this episode, Katy and I talked about body perception and how to actually achieve the goals that we make. What can we do?  If you enjoyed this episode, make sure you share, rate, and review us! Stay safe and stay eggcellent!  In this episode, Katy and I talked about body perception and how to actually achieve the goals that we make. What can we do? Check us out: Check Out Katy Chryst: Website:

Mar 15, 202123:15
These Are The 6 Needs In Your Life (It Will Help You Overcome Anxiety!)
Mar 12, 202133:48
Why You Should Learn To Manage Your Time (You Won't Believe The Results!)
Mar 11, 202130:03
You Won't Believe How Hypnosis Can Help You (The Myths Are Busted!)
Mar 08, 202130:37
You Can Now Become A Millionaire (Anyone Can Think Like This!)

You Can Now Become A Millionaire (Anyone Can Think Like This!)

Published Author, Motivational Speaker, Radio Show, and Podcast. Stephanie Mearse has worked with Desert Capital Management Group as a Vice President since 2014. Stephanie has a BA in Business Management and an MBA in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. She has been a professional in Marketing for over 20 years. From 2014-2020, she received the company's Top Performer Award for her commitment to excellence and outstanding performance. As a published author of "Women of Perfection; Perfectly Imperfect," she talks about how in today's society women are expected to be perfect with Pinterest and social media, but the reality is we are killing ourselves with the need of obtaining this perfection. Stephanie is CEO of Empower Hour (Women's Networking Group) and helps women and children off of the streets. She is the President of a nonprofit The Butterfly Element that helps homeless women and children, as well as, free coaching for grieving, business, children, youth, and confidence.
In this episode, Stephanie and I talk about mindset how to get from rock bottom all the way to your goals. She shares her secrets of how she became a millionaire before 35 and the mistakes she made that we can learn from. As a VP of Desert Capital Management Group, she shares her opinion of the market in the next 5 years, thoughts on the Reddit r/wallstreetbets shenanigans, and cryptocurrency. So give it a listen and share your opinions!
If you enjoyed our podcast, don't forget to share, rate, and review us! Stay safe and stay eggcellent!
Check us out!
Check out Stephanie Mearse:
Text Perfection to 797979 for your free copy of Women of Perfection Perfectly Imperfect
Mar 05, 202136:10
How Do You Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur? (The Hard Truth Is Revealed!)

How Do You Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur? (The Hard Truth Is Revealed!)

Charlene Walters, MBA, Ph.D.,  is an entrepreneurship coach, business and branding mentor, corporate trainer, and author of Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur. She serves as a mentor on Entrepreneur magazine’s “Ask an Expert” forum and through her own consulting business (Charlene Walters, MBA, Ph.D., LLC), is featured among other CEOs, influencers, and celebrities on the BAM Network and was recently selected as one of 150 Marketers to Follow by Rubicly. Charlene also developed a digital entrepreneurship MBA program and is an entrepreneur who enjoys combining her knowledge and love of marketing and business strategy with her passion for innovation and desire to help others succeed. Her biggest fulfillment comes from working one-on-one with businesses and individuals to launch their startups, hone their personal brands, and further their business strategies and personal/professional goals. In this episode, Charlene and I talk about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. There are so many things that we think entrepreneurs go through but what are the topics that no one talks about? Mindset and mental health are extremely important and as an expert, I ask her questions on how anyone can become an entrepreneur, business owner, and author.  If you enjoyed the episode, don't forget to share, rate, and review us. Stay safe and stay eggcellent! 

Check us out:

Check out Charlene Walters:

Mar 04, 202125:37
Every Introvert Needs To Know This!

Every Introvert Needs To Know This!

Wes Colton is the coach, founder, and CEO of where he helps introverts leverage their strengths, overcome their obstacles, and become the Introvert Unbound! Wes has a course called The Introvert Men's Dating Guide in where he shares tips and tricks on how to transform your dating life as an introverted man.
In this episode, Wes and I talk about the different concepts that are proven to be a myth in an introvert. There are so many things that an introvert can do that an extrovert can not do.
If you enjoyed our podcast, The Eggcellent Life, don't forget to rate and review us. Stay safe and stay eggcellent.
Check us out.
Wes Colton:
Mar 01, 202134:51
3 Things That Spiked During The Pandemic (Domestic Abuse Is One Of Them!)

3 Things That Spiked During The Pandemic (Domestic Abuse Is One Of Them!)

Dr. Michele Finneran is a licensed professional counselor located in Florida. She owns and operates her own private counseling practice, Vecc & Associates, LLC. Dr. Michele Finneran has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Stetson University. She also has a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University and a license to practice from the State of Florida. She has achieved a Ph.D. in Conflict Resolution and Dispute Analysis from Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Finneran thoroughly enjoys helping others, both personally and professionally, as helping others was deeply instilled in her upbringing with her close-knit family. Dr. Finneran was always encouraged to be determined and to make her dreams a reality. Dr. Finneran's mission in writing this book, "Surviving Domestic Abuse: Formal and Informal Supports and Services", is to help victims of domestic abuse navigate effectively through the myriad of formal and informal supports and services. Dr. Finneran's passion in writing this book is to provide knowledge, give support options and ultimately empower victims of domestic abuse. In this episode, Dr. Finneran and I talk about mental health and the 3 things that really increased since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Since all of the 500,000 deaths due to COVID and unemployment, there have been massive spikes in suicide rates, drug and alcohol abuse, and domestic and sexual abuse. IF you are going through any of this, please feel free to reach out to The Eggcellent Life or contact Dr. Michele Finneran for practical and mental tips.  If you enjoyed this episode, please share our podcast, rate and review us!!! Stay safe and stay eggcellent! Check out our podcast and Youtube channel: Check out Dr. Michele Finneran: Buy her book: Routledge:  Taylor & Francis Groups Buy her book: Amazon:
Feb 26, 202127:31
This Is What You Need To Know About Quarter-Life Crisis
Feb 25, 202125:54
This Is The Reason Why Everyone Wears A Social Mask (How To Be Your True Self!)
Feb 22, 202140:09
4 Surprising Tricks To Fully Understand Your Mind And Body (#3 Is A Must-Do!)

4 Surprising Tricks To Fully Understand Your Mind And Body (#3 Is A Must-Do!)

Deborah Chalk is a Certified Wayfinder life coach and endorsed Mind-Body Magic coach. She helps people to feel calmer, more confident and more creative so that they can find and follow their life purpose. Her writing has appeared in 'The Huffington Post,' 'Mind Body Green,' 'Chopra,' 'Tiny Buddha,' and 'TUT Notes From the Universe.' You can find her at where you can sign up for her newsletter and receive a free golden elixir meditation to help you release tension.
In this episode, Deborah and I talk about ways to have a stronger mind and body connection, ways to listen and understand your body, and the reason resting is so very important for us.
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Feb 19, 202130:27
Ways You Are Self SABOTAGING Your Life (This Will Shock You!)
Feb 18, 202125:38
Why You Are Living In Your COMFORT ZONE (Tips To Living A Better Life!)

Why You Are Living In Your COMFORT ZONE (Tips To Living A Better Life!)

Feb 15, 202118:26
You Won't Believe This Secret To Lasting Health
Feb 12, 202130:32
Execution Is The Key To All Success (Here Is Why!)

Execution Is The Key To All Success (Here Is Why!)

By day, Mike Ham is a Sales Executive with Fidelity National Title Group, the nation's largest group of title companies and title insurance underwriters. Throughout his career Mike has been an extremely active networker, forming the "Next Generation of New Jersey" networking group to give young professionals of all industries an opportunity to connect, network, collaborate, and grow together. Mike started "The Morning Spotlight" in 2020 as a daily LinkedIn video series where he would interview networking partners, clients, friends, and more in an effort to give everyone an opportunity to speak directly to his network. After 3 months and 60 episodes of the video series, The Morning Spotlight transitioned into the more traditional podcast format it is today which primarily focuses on real estate, but has discussed business, mental health, health and fitness, and more! He has interviewed high profile members of the real estate industry, professional athletes and coaches, and others that provide his listeners with great insights on business and life.

Mike and I talk about rejection, fear, and execution. In order to do anything, you must have this mindset that it's okay to be rejected. Someone will say yes! 

Check out our episodes and Youtube Channel:

Instagram: @themorningspotlight


Feb 11, 202126:19
Every Man Need To Know This (Those Who Don't Are Losing!)

Every Man Need To Know This (Those Who Don't Are Losing!)

Kevin O'Connor is focused on couples and everything in between. He supports his clients as they overcome personal challenges that impact their lives. He brings a perspective and a set of skills that have been developed over decades as a professional, an entrepreneur, parent, husband and a single man. He coaches from the heart with an emphasis on practical, tangible, and masculine. 

Kevin and I talked about what trait is necessary to be a man. We also talk about different traits everyone should have whether it's humility, constant growth through being uncomfortable and how to act and think with your friends or spouse. Being a man is more than being a macho muscle alpha but in reality, men must be the leaders that help others to grow in their relationships and families.


Feb 08, 202135:42
This Is What Every WOMEN Must Know About Their Bodies!
Feb 05, 202124:52
This Is HOW To Be Certain Of What You Want Today!
Feb 04, 202140:12
You Don't Have Control Of Your Life (This Is WHY!)
Feb 01, 202130:06
Start With Why (Steps To Find Your Purpose)

Start With Why (Steps To Find Your Purpose)

There are purposes that everyone has in your life.
Some people spend their whole lives seeking this one thing yet some throw away their purpose and vision for others or material possessions.
What? How? Why?
Most times, we think we are too young or too old or too fearful to search for these treasures. The more we look for these treasures called purpose and vision, the more we experience, meet new people and make our dreams a reality.
Jan 25, 202114:59
My Self Awareness Problems Part 3

My Self Awareness Problems Part 3

Do you agree with these self-awareness problems??

What are some ways we can all improve our self-awareness??

1. Work on the way you word your sentences (example: texting or speaking) Your words have such weight to them.

2. Being early is on time. Respecting other's time will get you respect. You can not get time back.

3. Know when to say NO! Being addicted to the approval of others will not get you respect. Have your foundations in your own opinions.

4. Laziness and rest are so different. Don't allow yourself to be lazy and procrastinate. But resting will allow yourself to be refreshed to continue hustling.

5. Remembering Faces and Names are extremely important when it comes to dating, networking or making new friends. Everyone wants to feel special and feel remembered. 

What are some ways you can improve your self-awareness?

Jan 11, 202114:00
Routines of Successful People with Dr. Wes Fox
Jan 04, 202122:16
Bye 2020. Hello 2021.

Bye 2020. Hello 2021.

I really want to thank all of you guys for supporting me and my show throughout 2020. 

This is my appreciation towards you guys. 

There are people who have reached out to me saying that this show helped them in their lives. I encourage everyone to consistently improve and grow to be closer to their "eggcellent" life. 

I hope 2021 would be a real treat to us. 

Happy and "Eggcellent" New Year!

Dec 31, 202003:02
How To Become A Content Making Machine with Richard Matthews

How To Become A Content Making Machine with Richard Matthews

Richard Matthews is the owner of the Push Button Podcasts and The Hero Show. Over the last 10 years Richard and his clients have sold over $2,000,000 worth of online courses and coaching (more than 50mil if you count leads and sales generated from his stints helping local & ecom businesses). He is also a speaker, consultant, author, and inventor whose work has impacted some of the top expert brands across the country. He specializes in helping businesses automate their marketing, build their offers, master their technology, and design their instruction in ways that create success stories that snowball the businesses’ growth.

In this episode. Richard shows us how to build our brand and company to become where we want it to be. He shares his marketing tactics and how to think of products or services in marketing eyes. As we help our clients to purchase our products or services, we aren't the protagonist but the wise Gandolf or Obi-Wan Kenobi to guide them along their journey.

Find out how you can build your brand as a hero.

Check him out:

Dec 28, 202039:19
Retiring Through Real Estate Investing with Dr. Axel Meierhoefer

Retiring Through Real Estate Investing with Dr. Axel Meierhoefer

As a retired Air Force officer, Dr. Axel started my first company in 2005, focusing on consulting, employee skill development, and program management. These areas remain in place these days and have grown internationally. He has always had a love for education and helping people help themselves become successful. As a business owner, he began thinking about applying profits towards retirement, and research indicated that owning real assets would be the best way. It’s also the path that the government supports the most. This has led to the development of a residential real estate investment portfolio worth about $1.5 Million. It’s still growing, and many lessons that he learned are now available to teach, coach, and mentor people. On my journey, he made many relationships, learned about the pitfalls of purchases, and made good and bad decisions that ultimately reached economic independence.

Within this episode, Axel and I talk about how anyone can retire in 15 years with real estate. It all depends on your mindset, discipline, and just starting. 

check him out and learn from Dr. Axel Meierhoefer

Their Youtube Channel:


Dec 21, 202037:11
Why Resting Is Important In Business With Julie Wolk

Why Resting Is Important In Business With Julie Wolk

Julie Wolk is a business coach that helps high-achieving coaches, consultants and healers transform a business that drains them into a business that sustains them.  And ultimately, to a business that nourishes them on every level from financial to energetic. 

In this episode, Julie shares her experiences and stories with me about the importance of being in nature and finding time to reflect on ourselves rather than work non-stop on our passions. We talk about how one can tell if they should work a 9-5 job or start their own company. How do we really know?

We are only human. Nobody is perfect.

Check out this episode!!

For coaching from Julie, click on the link below


Dec 18, 202025:48
Success Is A Biproduct of Faith with Kimberley Milousis
Dec 14, 202023:10
The Art of Intentional Living with Sean Rosensteel

The Art of Intentional Living with Sean Rosensteel

#1 Amazon Bestseller, Sean Rosensteel, wrote his book The School of Intentional Living, where it teaches you the real-world and practical approach to living life on your terms. With his passion for helping others, it was insane, starting from rock-bottom and bankrupt to working hard and attaining his true happiness and fulfillment. Now, as a bestselling international living author, trainer, and coach, Sean shares in this episode the steps to intentional living and some of his incredible experience to live life to the fullest. 

We all have our definition of success. What would you consider to be a definition of success in your eyes?

In this episode, Sean shares his knowledge, experience, and a fantastic conversation about everything he learned over the years. 

check him out:

His bestselling book:

Dec 07, 202057:00
How To Balance Your Life with Maggie Dong

How To Balance Your Life with Maggie Dong

Maggie Dong is a fitness and life coach who helps women master their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness, so they can attract the relationships and lifestyle they desire. Maggie started her personal development journey when she wanted to get in shape. But when she reached her body goals, she noticed that something was still missing from her life. After diving deeper into her personal growth, she realized that in order to be truly fulfilled, one must focus on these 4 areas: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness.

This week, Maggie and I talk about the 4 pillars of fitness and how to apply them in our lives. It is so important to understand these concepts as we start "adulting" and mature in our lives, relationships and careers. 

check her out!!

Instagram: @maggiedong_


Podcast: Mind Muscle Enlightenment

Nov 23, 202026:52
How To Make Others Feel Valuable with Samantha Irwin

How To Make Others Feel Valuable with Samantha Irwin

Samantha Irwin is passionate about empowering and transforming staff from disengaged hires to engaged, knowledgeable, and skilled contributors to the growth of small and mid-size businesses. They do this by connecting with the customer and creating unique experiences. She understands how to make a person feel valued and loved (she made me feel this way in our interview).

Samantha is the CEO and founder of, where she is a business coach and consultant with a keen eye for seeing your business through your customer and your employees' lens. 

This week, Samantha and I spoke together about making someone feel important, why judging a "book" or person by their appearance can be your biggest mistakes in networking, and knowledge on how to improve your social and business skills.

Honestly, this is one of the best conversations that I had in a while. SO please take the time to learn about some great experiences that can help you in the future, whether you are a business owner or employee. 





Nov 16, 202032:38
What Does It Take To Become An Entrepreneur with Ali Ravari

What Does It Take To Become An Entrepreneur with Ali Ravari

Ali Ravari, Co-Owner at Fox Training Academy, talks about his experience in becoming an entrepreneur. As a  23-year-old, Ali has been through multiple different job experiences, worked in online marketing for years, and is currently running a company. I consider that to be impressive.

Every experience will help you in business and life.

In this episode, Ali and I talk about entrepreneurship as a whole.

He talks about how you will know who to choose as a life long business partner. We can all find the next Jeff Bezos or Tony Robbins.

Check him out:

Nov 09, 202024:33
What Is Confidence To You with Alvinnie Kwok
Oct 26, 202022:01
My Self Awareness Problems Part 2

My Self Awareness Problems Part 2

I recently posted the last episode of my 6 self-awareness problems and this week I would love to share 6 more. I genuinely hope each and everyone one of you guys will enjoy and learn from my current and recent problems. 

We are not perfect and we can not get rid of all our flaws in our mind, body, and soul. 

My six problems are:

1. Be yourself

2. Think before you speak

3. Learn from your mistakes

4. Don't stay in your comfort zone

5. Don't be shy and tell how you feel

6. Get rid of your approval addiction

I will share how I am dealing with it and how these problems can be fixed

If this helped please let me know and also I would love it if you rated our podcast for more content!

Oct 12, 202013:16
Don't Take Things For Granted...EVER
Sep 28, 202017:49
My Self Awareness Problems Part 1

My Self Awareness Problems Part 1

Today I share with you guys my deep and vulnerable side. I am only human and I am not perfect. 

For the past 2 years, I have been struggling with a lot of problems where I could offend someone or affect them in a negative manner. I hate the feeling of finding my friends, family members, and coworkers to be upset, mad, or sad. So I wrote in a journal of all the problems that I need to fix or resolve in order to become a better friend, business partner, and family member. I have definitely improved these characteristics over the years but I am still nowhere near where I would like to be. 

My problems that I share:

1. Self Awareness of my actions 

2. Confrontation to people 

3. Taking critique well

4. Stop Exaggerating

5. Tell the truth and be honest

6. Don't be a people pleaser

Sep 14, 202009:56
Find Your Way Of Overcoming Mistakes with Iffy Nwobi

Find Your Way Of Overcoming Mistakes with Iffy Nwobi

Iffy is our newest "egg-xtraordinary" guest! She is the CEO of 2 companies, charity founder, and here to bring wellness through the natural miracle of moringa to the whole family. As she has been through so many tough experiences in life she still continues to become a successful woman. Her 2 companies, Miracle in the Green and Mummy's Miracle, is all about helping human being to live their fullest lives and she is constantly giving more and more every day.

In this episode, she talks about the mistakes that she made when she first began her journey to find herself and how a person can live their best lives by learning from those mistakes. Iffy even told me that no one can truly live a perfectly "eggcellent" life.

How does one live their most "eggcellent" life by learning from their mistakes?

What are the ways we can live a nearly "eggcellent" life? 

Aug 30, 202015:09
Starting Your Career In Film with Enoch Leung
Aug 24, 202032:29
Stop Comparing and Build Your Plan with James Barnes

Stop Comparing and Build Your Plan with James Barnes

James Barnes from the U.K. talks with us today about why creating a goal is one of the most important things we should all do. While we create our goals, we see others having reached their long term goals already and we compare where we are to where they are. Comparing ourselves is the last thing we should be doing at the moment. The more we compare ourselves then the less we would feel like we can not achieve our goals. 

So how can we start reaching our goals? How do we stop comparing ourselves with others in different stages of life? 

Check James Barnes out on twitter @NotApplicableJB and his podcast @ Not Applicable Podcast

Aug 17, 202020:11
Ways To Improve Your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health with Lida Yang
Aug 10, 202049:43
How To Walk The Walk and NOT Only Talk The Talk

How To Walk The Walk and NOT Only Talk The Talk

During this quarantine, we all wanted to improve ourselves since we have time. 

But how many of us actually did? I honestly was guilty of it all the time and being a hypocrite is a terrible feeling. Whether it's in business or fitness, when we say we should do something, shouldn't we stick to our words? My goal is to improve this skill and build more trust in the words that I say.

Here are some ways to improve the walk and not just the talk:

1: Do NOT make promises that you cant deliver

2: Keep a reasonable schedule

3: Be honest with yourself and others

4: Don't make excuses

5: It's okay to say NO to things

6: Suggest alternative plans

7: We are all humans and we mess up

Aug 03, 202006:33
Tips You Need To Hear To Live A Happy Lifestyle
Jul 20, 202009:11
Fear Doesn't Control You with Richard Dedor

Fear Doesn't Control You with Richard Dedor

Richard Dedor has built a 20+ year career on believing in possible. No matter the industry, the client, or the challenge, he has a vision and an approach to business and customer service that puts people and culture at the center of everything.  A story-teller at heart, Richard has been sharing his stories, experiences, and expertise to audiences since 2007. He speaks at large international events and for small-company training, leadership seminars, trade associations, and government agencies. In 2013, he launched his book, Running From Yourself, at TEDx Upper East Side in Manhattan.  His career has spanned non-profits, global advertising agencies, and local real estate and financial firms working in community relations and marketing/branding strategy for businesses like the United State Tennis Association, PepsiCo, Green Mountain Coffee, Vaynermedia, Register Media, Hubbell Realty Company, and Community Choice Credit Union.  Whether Richard is speaking on leadership, marketing, business management, or motivating staff and volunteers, he believes in one simple mantra: Live it Well.  He’s co-founded two companies and continues to build teams that challenge the status quo, refusing to accept that our best days are behind us. He doesn’t shy from talking about real-world experiences including getting fired from one of the world’s leading ad agencies or losing both elections he’s run-in. Life and business is all about authenticity.

In this episode, Richard and I talk about how to lose the fear we have and why pride makes us fear the most. Please share this episode with your friends and family.


Stay Safe and Stay Eggcellent!

Jul 13, 202023:40
How To Build A Business Without Building Debt with Andrew Schear
Jun 30, 202022:42
College Students Need To Know This with Justin Nguyen
Jun 22, 202018:59
How To Love One Another with Aubrey Nichole
Jun 15, 202032:05
Rockbottom To Happiness with Craig Lewis

Rockbottom To Happiness with Craig Lewis

Craig Lewis chooses to be happy. During the past five years, Craig has been healing from a traumatic brain injury caused by pharmaceutical medications, he was disowned by his family for speaking about childhood abuse, and he was disinherited by his working community in the United States after he reported sexual and ethical violations in the workplace. He then spent 15 months homeless, mostly in Europe, and while there, he gave over 50 professional mental health training and community empowerment events in well over one dozen countries. Currently, Craig has just celebrated his first anniversary of living in Mexico, where he arrived with nothing but a backpack and the clothes on his body, and without speaking the language. Craig has published two books (one of which is currently available in 10 languages), and in the next few months he will be publishing three new books including a coping skills workbook based on what he has learned during the past five years, titled, “The Craig Lewis Guide to Surviving the Impossible.” Craig lives his life with Viktor Frankl and other brilliant spirits whispering in his ear, and this has resulted in his happiness.

In this episode, Craig and I speak about the importance of mental health, especially during these times. He shares his stories, experience, and knowledge for those who can relate. So listen in on his wisdom in this week's episode. 

Stay safe and Stay Eggcellent!

You can find him at Email:

WhatsApp: +527771885400


Jun 08, 202025:53
How to NOT be a Quitter in Mental and Physical Health with Brian Yu
Jun 01, 202018:10
Things Aren't As They Always Seem with Cedric Norris Jr
May 25, 202031:07
How To Maximize Our Lives with Mike Villa
May 11, 202022:56
Serving, Failure and League of Legends with Evan Carmichael
May 04, 202022:06
Find Your Daily Routine with Jon Russell, Author of Commotion to Consciousness!
Apr 27, 202037:24
How to Grow in the Digital Age with Tim Sok, Co-Founder of Nspire

How to Grow in the Digital Age with Tim Sok, Co-Founder of Nspire

Timothy Sok is a business owner, student and visionary. He is someone who is ambitious, driven, hard-working, willing to grow, and a goal-oriented individual who will succeed in anything he puts his mind to. He started the company Nspire, a mobile app tech-startup while he was 18 years old with his business partner Chidi Okolo and  officially became a legal entity on December 5th, 2017. 

We will be sharing about how it only takes hard work and sacrifices to reach where you want to be.  We will be sharing some experience and  topics that will help your business, mindset and hopefully your lifestyle. 

Follow Tim Sok on instagram @timothysok

Follow his company on nstagram to stay updated

You can call The Eggcellent Life on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube @theeggcellentlife

Thanks for listening! Please rate us 5 star on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and Spotify.

Stay Eggcellent!

Apr 19, 202037:58
Bring Me To Your Leader

Bring Me To Your Leader

Episode 2:

During these times of crisis, leadership is what we need. Whether it's our family, coworkers, church members or friends, we need to be that leader for them. What are some ways for a person to become a leader?  How can we be a leader? 

Again I want to encourage of all you guys to be confident and help one another in these times. 

To stay updated, follow me on Instagram and twitter @theeggcellentlife.

Next week will be very exciting, we will have a guest to tell us what kind of mindset to have in starting your own business. 

Love you guys! Stay Egg-cellent!

Apr 13, 202009:49


Episode 1. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people are depressed, losing jobs and getting sick. This is the perfect time for all of us to act like humans and encourage one another in every way possible.  In this episode, I talk shortly on ways to stay encouraged to ourselves and to others. We can get through this but we need the support of our friends and family.

If you enjoyed the podcast, please subscribe to The Eggcellent Life and follow us on Instagram @theeggcellentlife. 

Have an Eggcellent Day!

Apr 06, 202006:29