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The Empowered Parent Podcast with Racquel Brown

The Empowered Parent Podcast with Racquel Brown

By Racquel Brown

This podcast is hosted by parent coach, speaker and minister, Racquel Brown. The goal is simple: to empower and equip parents with Christian tools, strategies and resources to help them boost their capacity and maximize their parenting potential.
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Season 2 Finale: A Prayer for Parents

The Empowered Parent Podcast with Racquel BrownJun 26, 2021

Season 2 Finale: A Prayer for Parents
Jun 26, 202107:57
Roots Grow First
May 27, 202119:22
Family Devotions
May 20, 202118:35
The Power of the Pen
May 14, 202124:55
Mining Diamonds Part 4/4: The Colour
Dec 17, 202022:53
Mining Diamonds Part 3/4: The Clarity
Dec 14, 202018:60
Mining Diamonds Part 2/4: The Carat
Dec 10, 202014:43
Mining Diamonds Part 1/4: The Cut
Dec 07, 202015:10
Praying for the Prodigal
Dec 03, 202015:59
Calm Down, Relax, and Breathe
Oct 26, 202020:12
Season Finale: A Prayer for Parents + Caring Adults
Sep 01, 202008:57
Feeding the Fire of Faith
Aug 25, 202016:09
Maximizing Your Village
Aug 17, 202013:50
Where is the Church?
Aug 12, 202012:26
The Power of Intercession
Aug 03, 202016:50
The Gift of Time
Jul 27, 202016:60
Establishing Order
Jul 20, 202016:56
Making Screen Time E.A.S.Y.

Making Screen Time E.A.S.Y.

Managing screen time is usually an area of great stress and concern for parents. How much time should be allowed on devices? How can I monitor what my children/teens are watching? In this episode, Racquel offers a new way to understand screen time that can remove some of the stress from parents while empowering our children and youth.
Jul 13, 202010:30
Debut Episode!

Debut Episode!

This is the debut episode for my podcast, The Empowered Parent. Listen as I unpack Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and explain God's expectation for Christian parents and the motivation behind this podcast and, the ministry, Empower & Equip. Website:
Jun 29, 202009:53


Racquel explores the impact that parents have on their children's spiritual appetite and cravings. She also describes what actions parents can take to increase their influence in shaping the spiritual development of their child.

Jun 09, 202015:22