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The Engineer-ish

The Engineer-ish

By Andrew & LaTorie Martin

The Engineer-ish is a space for those with an interest in engineering and tech.

Your hosts are two dope individuals who happen to have engineering, entrepreneurship, and excellence in common (oh — and their last name!). In this podcast, they navigate their mistakes, lessons learned, and what they may have done differently knowing what they know now.

Torie and Drew give you the podcast you never knew you needed until you got it.
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Engineering + Wellness

The Engineer-ishMay 16, 2021

Tell Me How You Feel
Oct 03, 202246:21
 A Day in the Life (ft. Larry Griffin)
Sep 05, 202251:47
It’s All in the Face ft. Shawn Stewart
Aug 22, 202234:48
Art x Engineering
Jul 25, 202239:39


On today’s episode of The Engineer-ish, the Martin’s speak on creativity which may actually be the best tool in your toolbox. With Engineering, we often first think about math and science, but what is the role of creativity in your life and how does it relate to innovation? They also discuss growing and developing creativity. Their spin on creativity may be a lot different than you’ve heard before.

#Sidebar — How do you tap into your creativity? Is it on a daily basis?

Jun 27, 202248:15
20,000 followers or 2 friends
Jun 13, 202247:23
Pat Yourself on the Back!
May 09, 202229:14
Re-engineering "How you doing?"
Apr 18, 202258:51
Certifications vs Degrees
Apr 04, 202255:04
Mix it up
Mar 15, 202201:02:26
Uncomfortable Confrontations
Feb 21, 202201:03:41
A Day in the Life (ft. Dr. Gerica Brown)
Jan 31, 202253:00
The Power of Consistency
Jan 17, 202245:21
A Life of Learning
Jan 02, 202247:20
B%^#* Don’t Kill My Vibe
Dec 13, 202146:32
Level Up
Nov 28, 202159:09
Your Pace, Your Race
Nov 15, 202158:09
The Reverse Interview
Nov 01, 202137:30
Awkward but Necessary (Professional Convos)
Oct 18, 202146:07
Busting Myths About Engineers
Oct 04, 202151:55
Twenty in the books
Aug 09, 202101:26:25
URGENT, Report to HR! (Extended Version)
Jul 26, 202101:50:19
The Morning After...
Jul 11, 202145:45
New on the J.O.B.
Jun 27, 202101:21:14
Horrible Bosses
Jun 13, 202101:06:38
Recruiters for the WIN!
May 31, 202101:23:52
Engineering + Wellness
May 16, 202101:26:36
Secure the Bag (Salary Negotiation)
May 02, 202101:13:36
Sidebar Sunday
Apr 18, 202159:52
Perception vs Reality
Apr 04, 202158:12
It's the Versatility for Me...
Mar 21, 202154:26
Blame It on the Team
Mar 07, 202101:02:02
Say Thank You
Feb 21, 202155:54
Does size really matter?
Feb 08, 202101:16:09
Jan 25, 202101:12:16
Hindsight 20-20 in 2020
Jan 11, 202101:13:25
Email Entanglement
Dec 28, 202001:04:49
Can You Count to a Billion?
Dec 22, 202001:10:52
Born to Lose, Built to Win
Dec 14, 202001:07:24
It All Started When…
Dec 07, 202001:33:34