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By VLuxxe

Two black women with powerful voices that will NOT be muted.
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Imma keep it a Buck Nasty

TheeScatteredPodcastMay 10, 2023

Imma keep it a Buck Nasty
May 10, 202301:18:22
Oooopps, I forgot about ya'll
Jan 21, 202357:15
Toot toot, beep beep. We outside baybee
Nov 11, 202201:17:15
Ya need to be thankin big b*tch!
Aug 13, 202247:42
Stupid work!
Jul 23, 202201:44:49
Yea we are still recordin πŸŽ™
Jul 02, 202201:14:07
βœ’οΈ Sign me up for corny
May 25, 202201:59:60
Uncles at the cookout

Uncles at the cookout

Who the hell is RICO!? Happy belated Mother's day to all the beautiful black mommas! Linktree Our Spotify playlist
May 14, 202258:03
Don't block God's blessings!

Don't block God's blessings!

The Cactus beauty bar Zurfresh (Cashmere silk) New music: Papii Steez and Future I NEVER LIKED YOU Linktree We have updated our Spotify playlist:
Apr 30, 202254:07
GOAT 🐐 in a COAT!!!!
Mar 25, 202256:30
How'd they get the πŸš‰ under there?!
Mar 12, 202258:51
They do look like chicken feet

They do look like chicken feet

Follow us on Twitter at @theescattpod email us at love on your loved ones ❀️
Jan 29, 202201:23:44
It was a damn onion πŸ§…
Jan 15, 202258:38
Dec 31, 202101:40:51
If you give a boy a kitchen set....
Dec 18, 202101:45:37
Who want the smoke?!.... TurkeyπŸ¦ƒ
Nov 27, 202101:42:46
Is that arugula?

Is that arugula?

No scripts just us.... ENJOY! Follow us on Twitter @theescattpod
Nov 06, 202159:60
Low level clout
Oct 23, 202101:42:15
A friendship fee?
Oct 09, 202101:44:57
Insert title here
Sep 25, 202159:55
Low rise jeans and body glitter

Low rise jeans and body glitter

What songs from the 2000s are personal classics for you? As promised DevMaccc: listen to our podcast on Apple and Spotify or send us feedback Send us episode ideas or send in feedback RIP Gregg Leakes
Sep 04, 202101:58:59
They do nice things!
Aug 21, 202101:23:53
Some days I really wish I was a kid again
Aug 07, 202101:30:23
Damnit Gizelle!

Damnit Gizelle!

Them damn Gizelles! Beyoncé and #RHOP . Yea we said it 😌 connect with us
Jul 24, 202101:14:06
Even In Ya Mugshot!

Even In Ya Mugshot!

Catchin up with #theescattview. Follow us on Twitter: Thee Scattered Podcast. Miiriya: & Twitter: @Miiriya1. #theescattpod
Jul 10, 202101:48:10
Meatballs and I Ain't Got No Panties On!

Meatballs and I Ain't Got No Panties On!

We are going to wrap up last week's episode about mental health. Then on to the happy stuffs!! #RealityTV #First38 #theescattpod #music Follow us on Twitter @theescattpod
Jul 01, 202101:34:59
Get Cha Mind Right 😌
Jun 18, 202147:05
What is your definition of a Friend? πŸ€”
May 29, 202101:41:50
Wanna Play a Game?

Wanna Play a Game?

Let's play a lil game 😈. Follow the Scattered podcast on Twitter @theescattpod πŸ˜‰
May 15, 202101:34:27
Awwww Hell
Apr 18, 202102:12:14
Give em their flowerz PT. 2

Give em their flowerz PT. 2

In this episode we give flowers to our favorite Beige Artists, Comedians and musicans. Link to NazT Mix: listen to our podcast on Apple and Spotify
Apr 10, 202102:39:41
Cry on Black Michael
Mar 22, 202151:42
Give em their flowerz PT. 1
Mar 21, 202101:26:26