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The Money Medicine Clinic Podcast

The Money Medicine Clinic Podcast

By Dr Nikki

I'm Dr Nikki, a financial empowerment coach, with a mission to help women from all over the world build more abundance of wealth into their lives.

This podcast is a series of 10-minute takeaways of nuggets of information on how you can feel more happy and confident with money.

I'm not a financial adviser, so anything I say is for educational purposes and not meant to be construed as individual financial advice. Make sure you do your own research and seek professional help if you need to.

Dr Nikki x
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Episode 125: The Steps To Wealth

The Money Medicine Clinic PodcastJan 27, 2023

Episode 132: Improving The Carbon Footprint of Your Finances with Dan Sherrard-Smith
Mar 24, 202315:01
Episode 131: Inspirational Investing 2023 Book Launch

Episode 131: Inspirational Investing 2023 Book Launch


It's time I let you know about a recent project I've been involved in.....

...I've helped write a book!! Woo hoo!

And it's all about one of my FAVOURITE SUBJECTS - Investing.

It's written for women, by women and is being released on International Women's Day by publishers Harriman House (who incidentally have also published next month's bookclub book - The Psychology of Money).

Why is this book both timely and essential?

>> A 2022 Bankrate study found women feel more financially stressed as 60% worry about emergency savings compared to 53% of men

>> According to, less than 30% of women in the UK invest

>> Despite fewer women investing, a 2018 three-year study of Barclays investors showed women outperform men by 1.8%.

Editor Amanda Taylor has brought together leading women from the world of investment and asks:

• What is the impact of rising living costs?

• Where to start with investing your money?

• How can your health affect your money?

• How can you make sure your money is being invested in alignment with your values?

• What psychological biases affect how well you invest?

I'm so excited about this... it's not my own book, but it's a stepping stone to my own book (which I'm aiming to publish in 2024 so watch this space). I'm so humbled to be a part of this and I'm looking forward to reading my own copy soon!

You can order an e-book or physical book here direct from the publisher Harriman House. At the time of release,* was selling it slightly cheaper, so you might want to pick that one instead (*affiliate link).

In this episode, I talk with fellow author Julie Flynn abut the book, women and investing, and have a general catch up :) We haven't chatted since clubhouse!



Mar 10, 202326:16
Episode 130: Supermarket wizard and How to Save Money at the Supermarket
Mar 03, 202331:21
Episode 129: Pillar 4 of the Steps To Wealth - Money Mindset
Feb 24, 202315:21
Episode 128: Pillar 3 of the Steps To Wealth - Investing
Feb 17, 202312:56
Episode 127: Pillar 2 Of The Steps To Wealth - Protecting Your Money
Feb 10, 202315:29
Episode 126: Pillar 1 of The Steps To Wealth - Money Management
Feb 03, 202314:54
Episode 125: The Steps To Wealth
Jan 27, 202313:34
Episode 124: Preparing Your Finances For Having Babies

Episode 124: Preparing Your Finances For Having Babies


In this episode I'm talking with the fabulous Charlotte Jessop of the blog Looking After Your Pennies on how you can prepare your finances for pregnancy, a topic you chose as a community to learn more about. 

Charlotte is the financial educator, coach, writer, vlogger and podcaster behind the Looking After your Pennies platform. To follow Charlotte, check out her blog here:

Prior to training as a GP, I used to work in the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. It was common to see women plan every aspect of their pregnancies – right down to the vitamins they took and the delivery they wanted.  Women generally attended every scan and every midwife appointment without fail. They prepped their bag for the time of going into labour and meticulously planned every detail. It wasn’t always possible to see them through in exactly the way they had planned, but I did my best alongside an excellent team of doctors and midwives.  

To be honest, despite all the medical intervention and planning, I don’t know if preparing their finances for having babies was always at the forefront of this process.  And with an estimated 50% of pregnancies thought to be unplanned, this is even more worrying.  

Do you need to prepare financially for pregnancy?  

For additional shownotes, go here: 

Until next time,

Nikki x

Jul 15, 202250:06
Episode 123: I’m a Money Coach, And These Are The Most Common Money Mistakes I See People Make
Mar 25, 202218:10
Episode 122: How Do Your Hormones Impact On Your Finances?
Mar 18, 202213:10
Episode 121: Starting A Business – Is It Truly The Path To Build Wealth?
Feb 25, 202217:40
Episode 120: What's Your Partner's Money Love Language?

Episode 120: What's Your Partner's Money Love Language?


Have you heard of love languages? The book by Gary Chapman goes into a theory that we express love in 5 different ways:

Words of affirmation; Quality time; Physical touch; Acts of service; Receiving gifts.

Now if your partner is an "acts of service" kind of person, and you're a "words of affirmation" kind of person, you may get into situations where your partner is doing all these great things for you to help around the house etc, but they don't land as "love" to you because you need to hear the words being said.

It's the same for money!

We all have blocks and blindspots about money, and often this comes from how we were brought up.

When getting into a relationship, you're combining the net sum of both couple's money issues, and when you don't communicate about it, that's where trouble can begin.

I hope this helps.

Nikki x

P.S. if you fancy taking the quiz, go here:

If you need support with gambling worries, read this article:

Feb 11, 202218:49
Episode 119: Should I Buy Or Rent A House?
Feb 04, 202219:20
Episode 118: The 10 Limiting Money Mindset Blocks Keeping You BROKE!
Jan 28, 202222:37
Episode 117: The trap of emotional spending and how to break the addiction
Jan 21, 202215:54
Episode 116: Does Money Buy Happiness?
Jan 14, 202213:20
Episode 115: How Much Do I Need In An Emergency Fund?
Dec 03, 202113:21
Episode 114: 6 Signs You're Ready To Buy A House
Nov 05, 202111:28
Episode 113: 5 Financial Lessons We Can All Learn from Warren Buffett
Oct 15, 202112:05
Episode 112: Ethical Banking And Investing

Episode 112: Ethical Banking And Investing


I’ve previously spoken about ethical investing on the Money Medicine Clinic podcast (episode 38). But I want to give you a broad overview of ethical banking, because there’s more to it than just ethical investing. You may have come across the idea of switching your utilities to ‘greener’ products and services; you can also do the same when it comes to choosing a banking provider.

For the show notes, go here:

For the ethihcal investing freebie, go here:

Until next time!

Nikki x

P.S. For the $1 trial, go here:

Oct 08, 202114:12
Episode 111: Are You Investing Yet? The Future Of Investing Is Female
Oct 01, 202113:49
Episode 110: How To Make Your Child Wealthy
Sep 24, 202112:28
Episode 109: “Doing money” with your Hunny
Sep 17, 202115:58
Episode 108: How Do I Get My Partner Involved in Our Finances?
Sep 10, 202113:32
Episode 107: Financial Resilience - How You Can Protect Yourself From Financial Disaster
Aug 20, 202115:17
Episode 106: What Does A Crash Diet Have To Do With Being Broke?
Aug 13, 202112:05
Episode 105: I’m Trying to Get Out of Debt, What Do I Do?

Episode 105: I’m Trying to Get Out of Debt, What Do I Do?


Being in debt can make you feel really isolated, but this question is one I’m asked frequently, by people who are worried and don’t know what to do or where to start. Ultimately, the debt isn’t going to go away — it’s something you’re just going to have to deal with. So, for now, here are some things you can do to get started.

It’s also very easy to trick ourselves, and not do the things we say we’re going to do. I’m just as guilty of this with things like exercise, weight loss and debt. So, I highly recommend getting an accountability buddy for those times you feel like things aren’t going so well.

Having an accountability buddy means you’ve got someone you can lean on in desperate times. For example, if you’re really tempted to buy something which could blow your budget and ruin your debt repayment strategy, you’ve got someone there to listen and support you. There are plenty of women in the FMD Facebook group, so come along and join us and tell us if you’re struggling.

You can also join the 2 week Healthy Money Planner Challenge starting 23rd August 2021. This will help you to get clear on your budget, be accountable to your goals and dreams, and get starting on your debt free journey!

To buy a planner and find out about the challenge, go here:

If you already have a planner, click this link to sign up to the challenge.

Until next time,

Nikki x

Aug 06, 202112:54
Episode 104: Money And Our Mental Health - What To Think About
Jul 30, 202114:46
Episode 103: Your Questions Answered - "I Want To Invest But I’m Scared"
Jul 23, 202112:21
Episode 102: What Is Financial Independence And How Do I Get There?
Jul 16, 202116:38
Episode 101: Your Questions Answered - "I Try to Save Money, but It Never Seems to Work"
Jul 09, 202113:59
Episode 100: Who Is Dr Nikki? Emma Sutherland Interviews The Female Money Doctor
Jul 02, 202131:06
Episode 99: The Financial Power Team - It's More Than A Financial Adviser
Jun 25, 202115:32
Episode 98: The Importance Of Having A Monthly Fun-Fund
Jun 22, 202114:04
Episode 97: Budgeting Apps To Try
Jun 18, 202113:50
Episode 96: The Emotional Ladder and How It Can Help You With Your Money

Episode 96: The Emotional Ladder and How It Can Help You With Your Money


The concepts of The Emotional Ladder and the Choose Again method come from the book Super Attractor, written by New York Times Bestselling author Gabrielle Bernstein. In this book, Gabrielle openly refers to the Emotional Guidance Scale by Abraham-Hicks, where you can consciously lift yourself from a low mood to one where you feel a lot more positive.

It’s a great way to help you to feel better when you believe there’s no reason for your funny mood, but you just can’t seem to shake it off. You know, when everything feels oppressive, or is annoying you? When you find that you’re snapping, and you’re having “one of those days”.

What I really liked about the book is how it combines both methods to help elevate your mood so that you’re no longer stuck in a bad energy zone, where you might previously have struggled to feel good about what’s going on around you.


For the show notes, go here:

P.S. Go here to find out more about the brand new money mindset reset course:

Jun 11, 202111:29
Episode 95: The Financial Wellbeing Index – The Surprisingly Simple Idea That Helps You Be Better With Money - Interview with Steven Cameron, Pensions Director from Aegon

Episode 95: The Financial Wellbeing Index – The Surprisingly Simple Idea That Helps You Be Better With Money - Interview with Steven Cameron, Pensions Director from Aegon

Jun 04, 202137:08
Episode 94: Community Member Spotlight With Emma of Shine Development Coaching
May 28, 202133:44
Episode 93: How Journalling Can Help You Get Organised
May 21, 202113:31
Episode 92: Grow Your Support Network Through Conscious Network Design

Episode 92: Grow Your Support Network Through Conscious Network Design


Being surrounded by people who can support you in all areas of your life is really important to help things flow more easily. It’s a concept I learned from Dr. Joanna Martin, founder of One of Many, called Conscious Network Design.

It’s essential to have a network of people you can rely on for the day-to-day stuff; not simply when you’re faced with a crisis. Having this level of personal, practical support is just as important as being on top of your finances and having an emergency fund to get you out of a sticky spot. Examples might include support for promotions at work, or help looking after your children so that you and your other half can enjoy a much-needed date night together.

Being alone is no fun and makes everything so much harder. That’s why it’s so important to have a strong network of people around you — and it’s best to get this network in place now.

Who in your life right now is there to help you in all the different areas?

Nikki x

P.S. For help with all things money-mindset related, I’ll be opening the doors to my Money Mindset Reset course in just a few weeks’ time.

This course will help you to lift the lid on your limiting beliefs and clear them so you can get on the path to wealth and abundance. If you feel stuck around money, or would rather do anything but sort your finances out, then this course is definitely for you.

To be first to know when it’s opening, you can sign up here. There's no obligation to join me, it's just an invitation to find out more when it's available.

May 18, 202112:59
Episode 91: What The AF Is Cryptocurrency?
May 14, 202101:03:02
Episode 90: The Inner Critic And How To Befriend Her
May 07, 202111:56
Episode 89: How to Get Back on Track When it All Goes Wrong
Apr 25, 202113:28
Episode 88: Life Lessons Turning 36 - What Do I Wish I Had Known?
Apr 23, 202112:40
Episode 87: Feature Length Episode With Catherine Watkin - The 7 Steps For Successful Selling
Apr 19, 202140:18
Episode 86: How Tracking Abundance Can Bring You More
Apr 16, 202111:32
Episode 85: Community Member Spotlight - Katie and her absolute faith and tenacity
Apr 12, 202126:36
Episode 84: Can You be Wealthy? How to Challenge Your Beliefs

Episode 84: Can You be Wealthy? How to Challenge Your Beliefs

Apr 09, 202112:30
Episode 83: Community Member Spotlight - Semone and Her Amazing Alchemist Skills
Apr 05, 202125:53
Episode 82: What Is Manifesting?
Apr 01, 202113:17
Episode 81: My Top 10 Money Mindset Books Written By Women
Mar 26, 202114:43
Episode 80: Community Member Spotlight - Johanna's journey to wealth and abundance
Mar 23, 202127:42
Episode 79: 6 Reasons Why We Overspend
Mar 19, 202111:13
Episode 78: Community Member Spotlight - Sharon and her path to debt freedom

Episode 78: Community Member Spotlight - Sharon and her path to debt freedom


This episode is a little bit different in that I am interviewing the gorgeous Sharon about her money journey. She has learnt so much from the female money doctor community, and has such a relatable story to tell. Here is a link to Sharon's blog, Thrift My Style: and her instagram is:

I hope you enjoy! 

Any feedback, comments or suggestions, plus if you are in my community and would love to share your money story, then please get in touch:

Take care,

Dr Nikki x

P.S. if you would like help with your finances, head over to my blog:

Mar 16, 202129:31
Episode 77: Self-Limiting Money Beliefs And How To Bust Them
Mar 12, 202111:09
Episode 76: Want to feel better about your money situation? Do this...
Mar 05, 202111:42
Episode 75: My 5-Step Daily Money Rituals
Feb 26, 202111:48
Episode 74: Important Money Tasks: How I Manage my Money Throughout the Year
Feb 19, 202110:43
Episode 73: Money Tracking: The Top 5 Things You Need To Stay In Control
Feb 13, 202111:54
Episode 72: Investing Booms and Busts (How Not To Be A Lemming)
Feb 05, 202112:56
Episode 71: Money Mindset Reframe - How Do You Feel About Tax?
Jan 29, 202111:24
Episode 70: Is It Right To Charge For Your Services?
Jan 22, 202111:23
Episode 69: Is Fear Holding You Back?
Jan 15, 202111:47
Episode 68: 3 Money Goals You Absolutely Need for 2021
Jan 15, 202111:06
Episode 67: Denise Duffield Thomas And The Law Of Incremental Life Upgrades To Build A First Class Life

Episode 67: Denise Duffield Thomas And The Law Of Incremental Life Upgrades To Build A First Class Life


This is a VERY special episode where I interview Denise Duffield Thomas and she provides us with amazing wisdom of how we can improve our capacity for bringing more abundance into our lives using The Law Of Incremental Upgrades. 

It's a Facebook Live replay, but you will certainly take a lot away from this feature length episode, so have your notebook handy!!

For the shownotes, go here:


Nikki x

Jan 08, 202101:04:00
Episode 66: 3 Books That Will Help You Accomplish ANYTHING This Year

Episode 66: 3 Books That Will Help You Accomplish ANYTHING This Year


Why Are These Books So Life Changing? Basically, if you apply the principles outlined in these 3 books, literally NOTHING will stop you achieving your goals. Book 1 explains how you have the ability to figure anything out; The second book shows you how to motivate yourself to take the actions you need to take; And the final book demonstrates how you can integrate habits into your everyday life.

You may not apply EVERY idea to your own life, but all you need to do is take away a few things that can move the needle in a positive direction towards the thing that you want… whatever it may be (including money!).

And at the end I'll explain how you could WIN a set of these books... 

Go here for the show notes:


Nikki x

Jan 01, 202112:24
Episode 65: Games to Teach Your Kids About Money
Dec 25, 202009:46
Episode 64: The Importance of Celebrating Your Money Wins
Dec 18, 202011:44
Episode 63: Does Your Thinking Pattern Need An Upgrade?
Dec 11, 202013:15
Episode 62: How I set my goals for the year ahead
Dec 04, 202013:27
Episode 61: Essential Insurances - Rent Wealth Before You Have Wealth
Nov 27, 202011:59
Episode 60: Money Loves a Plan and Will Reward the Future You
Nov 20, 202010:59
Episode 59: Protecting And Managing Your Money Through Divorce
Nov 13, 202011:18
Episode 58: What Is Your Sacred Money Archetype ®?
Nov 06, 202011:15
Episode 57: Investing In Your Most Important Asset – YOU!
Oct 30, 202011:27
Episode 56: How To Invest in Property (no matter what your budget)
Oct 23, 202011:52
Episode 55: How To Manage Investing Risk
Oct 16, 202011:31
Episode 54: What's The Best Thing To Do With A Lump Sum Of Cash?
Oct 09, 202011:15
Special "Feature Length" Episode 53: Money And Relationships

Special "Feature Length" Episode 53: Money And Relationships


Our relationships can be the BIGGEST influence on the way we handle money. I remember spending every penny I earnt when I went shopping with my friends every weekend. We always encouraged eachother to buy ourselves things, and in that kind of social circle, it's no wonder I ended up in so much debt in my 20s!!

But what about your partner? Did you know that money is cited as one of the BIGGEST reasons why people divorce? In fact, it's number 3 on this list from 2016. It's why knowing your partner's money situation is so important upfront before signing on that dotted line! I spoke with one of my community members Natalie recently about this. It's really interesting how money is treated so differently within relationships.  In this "feature length" episode, I want to explore how you could tackle this to get you thinking about your money relationship together.

For the show notes, go here:

And to do the money quiz yourself, go here:

Until next time!

Dr Nikki x

Oct 02, 202045:43
Episode 52: Budgeting Strategies That Work!
Sep 25, 202011:38
Episode 51: How To Get Out Of Debt For Good
Sep 18, 202011:45
Episode 50: 6 Tips To Help You Feel Motivated, Even When You Feel Like Quitting
Sep 11, 202011:42
Episode 49: Be Money Savvy No Matter What Your Income!
Sep 04, 202011:25
Episode 48: 8 Key Takeaways - The NHS Pension For Absolute Beginners
Aug 28, 202011:54
Special "Feature Length" Episode 47: The Feminine Archetypes With Cheryl Douglas
Aug 21, 202057:22
Episode 46: How To Improve Your Credit Score
Aug 14, 202011:34
Episode 45: How To Create An Abundance Altar
Aug 07, 202011:33
Episode 44: Your Money Journey – What To Think About At Every Life Stage
Jul 31, 202012:14
Special "Feature Length" Episode 43: Money Mindset Interview with Dr Joanna Martin
Jul 24, 202052:47
Episode 42: How To Future Proof Your Finances
Jul 17, 202012:04
Episode 41: Investment Scams – How To Spot One And Avoid Getting Stung
Jul 10, 202011:33
Episode 40: My Experience Of Building An Online Business
Jul 03, 202011:19
Episode 39: 10 Rules For Successful Investing
Jun 26, 202011:38
Episode 38: Ethical Investing
Jun 19, 202011:59
Episode 37: The Pension Bar Top
Jun 12, 202011:55
Episode 36: How Might Negative Interest Rates Affect You?
Jun 04, 202010:26
Episode 35: 10 Tips I Have Learnt For Successful Manifesting
May 29, 202012:59
Episode 34: What's The Difference Between A Money Coach And A Financial Adviser?
May 22, 202011:25
Episode 33: How I Got A Fitbit For "Free"
May 13, 202010:58
Episode 32: Are You A Good Money Leader?
May 08, 202010:53
Episode 31: Community Member Spotlight - Stephanie Stevenson-Ward
May 01, 202012:26
Episode 30: What's The Difference Between Saving And Investing?
May 01, 202011:17
Episode 29: Community Member Spotlight - Hayley Misell
Apr 17, 202011:08
Episode 28: How To Feel Better In Crazy Times
Apr 09, 202010:51
Episode 27: Community Member Spotlight - Jill McGowan
Apr 08, 202011:38
Episode 26: How To Invest In A Crisis
Apr 03, 202011:02
Episode 25: Do You Have A Will???
Mar 25, 202011:03
Episode 24: What To Do With Your Money In A Crisis
Mar 19, 202011:05
Episode 23: Building Healthy Habits To Last A Lifetime

Episode 23: Building Healthy Habits To Last A Lifetime

Lately I've been obsessing over a book called Atomic Habits*, written by James Clear, and I want to share with you the points I've picked out that I think come in really useful to building healthy habits around money.

Creating wealth is just a series of good habits built up over time. Equally, being broke is a result of a series of bad choices, or bad situations that led an individual into debt. It generally happens slowly - overspending, putting things on credit like cars or furniture, not prioritising saving, unexpected events etc, and one day you wake up and you're in £20,000 worth of debt.

For the rest of the show notes, go here:

For the budget prompter, go here: 

Until next time!

Dr Nikki x

P.S. If you have any comments or wish to make suggestions for future episodes, let me know by email:

Mar 13, 202011:01
Episode 22: 6 Money Myths That Are Holding You Back
Mar 05, 202011:15
Episode 21: Where Am I Going Wrong With Money?
Feb 27, 202010:57
Episode 20: What Is Compounding?
Feb 21, 202011:04
Episode 19: The Cashflow Quadrant

Episode 19: The Cashflow Quadrant

One of my favourite authors writing about money is Robert Kiosaki. In fact, the first book I ever read was Rich Dad, Poor Dad*. It really opened my eyes to what was possible in life when it came to money, and it sparked my interest in this topic.

A while later, I read another of his books, The Cash-Flow Quadrant* and I realised that building wealth involved needing to transform what I was doing with my money long term and how I was making money too.

Many people think is that they need to go self-employed to make money. This is partially true, but it is the way that you do it which holds the biggest key to success (and less stress!).

I’m going to talk through what I have learnt from this book, and perhaps you’ll want to check it out and read it yourself too!

For more show notes visit here:

Until next time!

Dr Nikki x

*affiliate links

Feb 06, 202010:43
Episode 18: Get Your S*** Together!
Jan 17, 202010:07
Episode 17: How To Fall In Love With Money Again
Jan 10, 202010:37
Episode 16: How To Make Saving Money Fun!
Dec 29, 201910:58
Episode 15: What To Consider When Choosing A Current Account
Dec 05, 201911:10
Episode 14: The spiral of change
Nov 21, 201910:37
Episode 13: Comparisonitis
Nov 19, 201910:51
Episode 12: Procrastination
Nov 19, 201910:58
Episode 11: Covering Yourself In An Emergency
Nov 19, 201911:19
Episode 10: Debt vs. Investing
Nov 19, 201911:17
Episode 9: Financial Abuse
Nov 19, 201911:17
Episode 8: Investing Without The Faff
Nov 19, 201911:06
Episode 7: Take Care Of The Pennies And The Pounds Will Take Care Of Themselves
Nov 19, 201911:06
Episode 6: My Favourite Money Tech To Help You Organise, Save And Invest
Nov 19, 201915:47
Episode 5: When Did You Last Think About Retirement?
Nov 19, 201910:21
Episode 4: Should You Get A Credit Card?
Nov 19, 201910:55
Episode 3: Triggers and Blocks
Nov 19, 201911:22
Episode 2: Pensions and Consolidation
Nov 19, 201911:08
Episode 1: Introduction To The Money Medicine Clinic

Episode 1: Introduction To The Money Medicine Clinic

My name is Dr Nikki Ramskill and I’m a real life GP. I decided a few years back to make some big changes in my money life, because I was sick to death (ha ha no pun intended!) of not feeling like I ever had any. I come from a working class background, and worked hard to get a good job so I could have the lifestyle of my dreams. I wanted it all – clothes, shoes, a house, a car, travel around the world, and above all, to retire in style “some day”, living life one cruise to the next.

My parents are generally quite frugal people – but as a teenager I didn’t want to be like that. I wanted to do and be and have whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it (which was usually NOW!). I ignored their sage advice to “never get into debt” and “save for a rainy day”. This got me into heaps of trouble through my university years. I also made the classic mistake a lot of women do of giving all my money away to my then partner. I barely remember what my first ever paycheck as a doctor was spent on, and through my own apathy, I had absolutely no idea how the money was budgeted every month. I just let him deal with it.

Consequently, when I decided to walk away from the relationship, I lost everything except my clothes and makeup (phew!). My flat, my fur-babies, my money. All gone. I felt so much guilt for being the evil ex-girlfriend that I even paid more money to cover the mortgage payments for a few months, pay off joint debts we owed, and gave back my engagement ring. Its safe to say that my late twenties were spent living with my parents and saving (badly) for a flat of my own, plus racking up debt to go on holidays and buy things I wanted, just because I wanted to and I was a free agent again.

But now I’ve gone from being someone who doesn’t save or invest, to someone who saves and invests regularly AND has money left over in the bank at the end of a month. I created a lot of debt in my 20s, but I’ve now put in place a plan to get rid of this too. Do you want to know how I did this?As a doctor, I can see the burden people carry. The worry, the stress and the shame, all due to poor money management. And its not your fault! I don’t remember being taught how to use money wisely at school. Do you?

You’re also NOT ALONE!

● 4 out of 10 adults in the UK are not in control of their finances
● 4 in 10 have less than £500 savings to cover an unexpected bill
● Around 25% normally revolve a credit card or have used high-cost short-term credit in the last year

I therefore decided to use my knowledge to help others make changes too. We could all have a much better standard of living if we followed some keys rules to manage our money properly. You don’t have to be making tonnes of money every year to do this either. It all comes down to how you spend your money and how you think about money.

My mission is to help women make more empowered decisions about money by letting you learn first hand from MY mistakes (trust me I’ve made them all). We are becoming a stronger player in the world of work, and along with that, we are commanding better salaries (although there is still a long way to go on this). We have the power to change the world around us, not only for ourselves, but for our families too. You just need to learn a few simple tricks and tips to do this and practice regularly.

So follow me and my blog for help, clarity and guidance around money. I will aim to do this in a realistic and amusing way, because money has enough of a stigma as it is without it being BORING too!

So lovely, you’re worth it, and your money is worth it. So lets get moving and improve your finances STAT!

Dr Nikki x

Nov 19, 201905:09