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The Geode Guide To Modern Wellness & Woo

The Geode Guide To Modern Wellness & Woo

By Stephanie Wood

The Geode: delivering unpretentious “Wellness and Woo” content and friendly one-on-one interviews with innovative healers of body, mind, and spirit. Stephanie Wood connects with her diverse roster of guests in a way that allows the down-to-earth people behind the businesses and brands to shine as they educate and entertain the audience. As a National mental health crisis looms on the horizon, Stephanie’s passion for directing wellness resources where they are most needed is sincere and right on time. The Geode, because wellness rocks. Find the magic within you.
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The Geode Podcast Episode 28 Lilith Dorsey

The Geode Guide To Modern Wellness & WooJul 17, 2021

The Geode Podcast Episode 28 Lilith Dorsey

The Geode Podcast Episode 28 Lilith Dorsey

Stephanie Chats with the incredible Lilith Dorsey, Voodoo Priestess, Filmmaker, Author & Choreographer Lilith Dorsey M.A., hails from many magickal traditions, including Afro-Caribbean, Celtic, and Indigenous American spirituality. Their traditional education focused on Plant Science, Anthropology, and Film at the University of R.I, New York University, and the University of London, and their magickal training includes numerous initiations in Santeria also known as Lucumi, Haitian Vodoun, and New Orleans Voodoo. Lilith Dorsey is also a Voodoo Priestess and in that capacity has been doing successful magick since 1991 for patrons, is editor/publisher of Oshun-African Magickal Quarterly, filmmaker of the experimental documentary Bodies of Water :Voodoo Identity and Tranceformation,’ and choreographer/performer for jazz legend Dr. John’s “Night Tripper” Voodoo Show. They have long been committed to providing accurate and respectful information about the African Traditional Religions and are proud to be a published Black author of such titles as 55 Ways to Connect to Goddess, The African-American Ritual Cookbook, Love Magic, Orishas, Goddesses and Voodoo Queens, Water Magic and the newly re-released Voodoo and African Traditional Religion. Share
Jul 17, 202141:51
Malorine "Mal"Mathurin, Intuitive Astrologer

Malorine "Mal"Mathurin, Intuitive Astrologer

From her start as a Baby Borough Mystic, wreathed in the maternal protection of 3 generations to a grownup Ex-ExPat Moonlady, (who just wants her Costco rewards already) with a taste for the niche wisdom and science of her ancient-est ancestors (many of whom seem to be equally enamored with her), currently teaching and sharing while still learning and growing and happily "giving away the store" to her clients. (Listen to the segment where Mal & Stephanie discuss services and offerings to understand the depth and breadth of her generosity). Mal Mathurin is all at once impressive, warmly approachable, otherworldly, and relatable (see her reaction to Vikings!) Malorine Mathurin is an Intuitive Astrologer who uses her clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient skills in her Tarot, Numerology and Divination readings to help her clients. For more than 20 years, Malorine has studied various forms of Astrology and Divination and has a strong passion for helping and nurturing people while they work through karma from previous lives. She uses her Cancer Moon in the 10th house to provide nurturing to her clients in a practical, supportive and grounded way. Malorine’s primary objective is to discharge the karmic issues that are blocking your mental, emotional, spiritual and psychological happiness. In every session and encounter, she aims to offer her client clarity, calm, kindness and understanding in addition to a proactive plan to get to the root of the trauma (s) and develop our dharma (life purpose). Malorine is also a Reiki level 2 practitioner, an IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) practitioner, experienced Tarot reader, Card slinger, Numerologist, Akashic Records channeler (trained through Cristina Cross at Maha Rose) and focuses on past life work within all of her sessions, workshops and classes @moonladyastrology
Jun 26, 202140:20
Jeddy Azuma, Creator of The Rising Man and The Rising Man Podcast on Reintroducing Ancient Rites of Passage to Modern Men in Need of Healing

Jeddy Azuma, Creator of The Rising Man and The Rising Man Podcast on Reintroducing Ancient Rites of Passage to Modern Men in Need of Healing


About Jeddy Azuma
"I am a curator of culture, philosopher, and leader of men. In 2017, I created "The Rising Man Podcast" to investigate modern masculinity, promote men's well-being, and to explore what it means to be a "man". Over the past 3 years, The Rising Man has evolved into an international, multi-generational movement of men whose collective purpose is to initiate an entire generation into purposeful leadership and personal power. I currently am responsible for creating and overseeing leadership development programs, wilderness Rites of Passage, and personal growth experiences for men."
Join Stephanie as Jeddy talks about his journey, and the power of rites of passage in the life of a boy as he transitions to manhood.
Jeddy's assertion that we cannot heal the negative or destructive aspects of societal miseducation and trauma unless we first stop labeling and dismissing "toxic masculinity" ( a phrase he'd like to eliminate from the lexicon) without trying to understand the cause or motivation behind the behaviors may be the societal change we need to effect in order to avoid the explosions of violence or self-harm we see every day in the news, on our streets and sometimes in our homes. Can we stop a mass shooting by removing the internal barriers to receiving help? Are fasts and forests a first-line, intersectional cure for this broken society?
The Rising Man Podcast
Jun 13, 202154:24
Dr. Erica Matluck, Founder of Seven Senses, Talks Modern Medicine, Healing, and Motherhood.

Dr. Erica Matluck, Founder of Seven Senses, Talks Modern Medicine, Healing, and Motherhood.

Naturopathic Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, and Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga Instructor.
Erica is a modern medicine woman. Trained as a Naturopathic Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, Reiki Master, massage therapist and multidisciplinary yoga instructor, she brings a truly holistic lens to health. Whether in private practice, classes or retreats, her work addresses the physical, mental, emotional and energetic obstacles to wellbeing and the art and science of healing.
From this episode: Dr. Matluck explains the intersection of conventional western and energy medicine in her life- " I felt like I always was sensitive and empathic and, could sense energy and that type of thing, but I didn't have the language for it, or really even know was something that you could actually work with when I started working with this mentor. Reiki trainings are very straightforward and a lot of them happened in, one or two days, but at that time there wasn't a whole lot of structure around it. This was like 1999. I spent a lot of time with her months and in learning Reiki, I was working with pendulums and chakras and, or a stoma and all of these different things and really putting together and understanding of something that had always been there.I just didn't really know that it was something that you could have some control over and work with. So that's really where it all started. And, at that time I didn't even see myself, practicing Reiki for money or teaching or anything like that. It was really just for me, I was curious about how I could use it in my life.
I ended up practicing on students because that was my community, but I didn't charge. And it wasn't a job. And I certainly didn't think of myself as an entrepreneur at that time. , from there, my path went in a lot of different directions and I'd even say for a while I deviated pretty far from my energetic roots and ended up working in conventional medicine for many years where, there was always this piece of me that was picking things up intuitively and thinking about energy and feeling energy, but I couldn't really speak to it in the clinical environment. Eventually I came full circle back to where I started. But really it took me, decades to synthesize all of these different things. As I went through the path because I started with Reiki and then I ended up doing a massage therapy program and doing massage and Reiki for quite a while. And that took me all over the world, really, where I continued to learn from different types of practitioners and different modalities and different approaches to healing and philosophy and then came back into a naturopathic medical program and a nurse practitioner program. Yoga had always been this parallel thread that I started in my teens. And I didn't see any of these disconnected for a very long time. I saw them as Oh, I can put on my Reiki hat and be over here, or I can put on my naturopathic doctor hat and be over here. But eventually I started to see all these parallels and how the body and the self really were expressing the same things through different languages and different sort of forms of expression."

And eventually it came together as something that felt like really true for me as a practitioner.
May 09, 202101:06:05
Christina Lonsdale, Conceptual Artist, Talks Auras, Energy, and The Importance of Finding Your Way.

Christina Lonsdale, Conceptual Artist, Talks Auras, Energy, and The Importance of Finding Your Way.

What is the purpose of an Aura photo?

According to Christina Lonsdale, Conceptual Artist, “It depends on the person taking the photo and their intentions behind it. We often talk about energy, identity, color, life as human beings, the energy that we put into the world, and how this changes because we all change energetically. The photo offers something tangible. It offers this ability to see something you don’t normally see. The biggest thing for me is when someone walks away with something new and surprising.”

In this special episode, we're talking to Christina Lonsdale. Christina is a conceptual artist that found her prominence through @radianthuman_, a photography project that uses the Aura Cam 6000.

Dubbed “the Annie Leibovitz of aura photography” by the New York Times and a “Dutch painter on acid” by Vogue, she has been an artist in residence at the Whitney Museum of American Art, shot aura photographs on-site at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson, and worked with numerous brands including Nike, Google, Nordstrom, Refinery29, and Urban Outfitters. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, Vanity Fair, W, ID, Vogue, Teen Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Nylon, and Time Out.

We sat with Christa to talk about how she found her calling, what an Aura photograph means, how the camera works, what she loves about her work, and her newly released book, Radiant Human: Discover the Connection Between Color, Identity, and Energy.
To learn more about Christina and her work click here:
If you like what you hear, please subscribe, rate, and review this podcast.🎧 🪐🌙
May 04, 202137:27
Pauline Zeina - Psychic Medium + 21st Century Salem Witch.

Pauline Zeina - Psychic Medium + 21st Century Salem Witch.

'One way to get grounded is to second guess a fear," says Pauline Zeina. "That's how fear grips us - by inflicting a thought that makes us intrigued. Show that train of thought disinterest because if something hooks you, it has you. If you question it, however, it can't hook you." In this special episode, we're talking to Pauline Zenia about the importance of getting grounded, her view on BS wellness, stopping fear, embracing where we are, and energetic surgery. Pauline is a Psychic Medium who receives messages and provides energetic healing in multiple pathways. She talks us through her services, her unique gifts and offers some excellent advice for the woo-curious people who are dipping their toes into the esoteric space. Stay tuned for the end when Pauline offers a channeled message for the collective audience. To work with Pauline Zeina click here: When you slide into her DMS let her know you found her through the Geode Podcast and enjoy 15% off your first session. The Deck Pauline uses in this episode is: The Sacred Destiny Oracle Deck:
Apr 24, 202159:45
Spiritual Guidance Counselor Val Ashford, The Afro Buddha

Spiritual Guidance Counselor Val Ashford, The Afro Buddha

Episode 22- Spiritual Guidance Counselor Val Ashford, The Afro Buddha.

If you're interested in finding your spiritual path, breaking old habits, or learning how to meditate without dread, this episode is for you.

I'm so excited to welcome @theafrobuddha to the podcast! Val Ashford is a Spiritual Counselor, writer, and the founder-owner and creator of The Afro Buddha. She joins us today to talk about her spiritual journey, dating, motherhood, mindfulness, her career, and what she learned along the way.

In this episode, we cover thoughts on organized religion, spiritual awakenings, changing careers from graphic design to spiritual counseling, fear, why we resist change, neuroscience, and more.

To learn more about Val and her work, click here:

Apr 16, 202156:21
Ancestral Knowledge (English Version) with Laura Hoyos & Alex Preciado

Ancestral Knowledge (English Version) with Laura Hoyos & Alex Preciado

Stephanie presents The Geode's first bilingual episode! Laura Hoyos and Alex Preciado of Ancestral Knowledge discuss their life's work and devotion to the sacred path. This version is in English.
Apr 09, 202101:15:35
Ancestral Knowledge/Conocimiento ancestral con Laura Hoyos y Alex Preciado

Ancestral Knowledge/Conocimiento ancestral con Laura Hoyos y Alex Preciado

¡Stephanie presenta el primer episodio bilingüe de The Geode! Laura Hoyos y Alex Preciado de Ancestral Knowledge discuten el trabajo de su vida y la devoción al camino sagrado. Stephanie presents The Geode's first bilingual episode! Laura Hoyos and Alex Preciado of Ancestral Knowledge discuss their life's work and devotion to the sacred path.
Apr 09, 202155:21
Shannon Wilwand - A Woodland Witch Talks Hexes, Spell-books, Witchtok, Unique Gifts, and More.
Apr 02, 202146:08
Solo Episode with The Geode Podcast Host, Stephanie Wood
Mar 26, 202110:04
Dr. Emily Horowitz - Rave Reviews For MDMA’s Therapeutic Potential

Dr. Emily Horowitz - Rave Reviews For MDMA’s Therapeutic Potential

Rave New World 🌎✨

What's the deal with Psychedelics?!

They have the power to facilitate a mystical-level experience, but for the last two decades, they’ve been regarded as a threat.

Yet, with the recent permission to study these substances, they’re proving to be some of the best healing alternatives for PTSD.

How is that possible?!

In today's episode, we sit down with Dr. Emily Horowitz, PYSD, a clinical psychologist, to talk about her current work with MAPS for the clinical trials of MDMA.

What is MDMA?

MDMA is a synthetic compound with structural similarities to both the classic hallucinogen mescaline and psychostimulants or amphetamines. Unlike some other psychedelics, this one was created in a lab.

It was discovered just before the First World War but wasn't studied until the '50s and '60s.

It was studied because the U.S. military wanted to use the substance for military purposes like: interrogation, intelligence, and counterintelligence.

By the 1980s, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) prohibited the use of MDMA altogether.

However, over the past decade, there has been a resurgence in research to evaluate MDMA's therapeutic benefits, particularly for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The organization MAPS is at the forefront of this revolution.

Curious about how a once-popular then prohibited drug gets evaluated?
Check out this week's podcast to find out!
To learn more about Dr. Horowitz go here:
Mar 19, 202145:05
Is Lucid Dreaming The Answer To Our Dystopian Nightmare?

Is Lucid Dreaming The Answer To Our Dystopian Nightmare?

A global Pandemic, violence, poverty, environmental crisis, war, kids in cages...the only thing missing from this nightmare is a giant clown and quicksand. If you're like me, it feels overwhelming, dense, and constant. How, in this time of distress and uncertainty, can we bring more light into the world? According to Sarah Maclean Bicknell, this week's guest, the answer is in our dreams. Sound bizarre but cool? I think so too. I first reached out to Sarah Maclean Bicknell because I was obsessed with dream interpretation. I wanted to learn more about the meaning of my dreams. I thought she would explain what specific images in your dreams mean but what I got was so much more. Sarah Maclean Bicknell is a healer, teacher, and mentor who studied healing and ceremonial work in North American indigenous traditions for 30 years. She incorporated her Celtic roots into her current North American practice. People worldwide seek her out for intuitive readings, workshops, ceremonies, and her soul doctoring practice. She brought incredible amounts of wisdom to our interview, including a way to change our current dystopian narrative. In this episode, we discuss: - What it means when you dreamed about two birds - The healing power of dreams - The greater reality - How to encourage your children to be active dreamers - The gift of imagination - Why the nightmare we're living in is intensifying You can learn more about Sarah through her website: If you like what you hear, please subscribe, rate, and review this podcast!
If you would like to work more with Sarah, we HIGHLY recommend Sarah's online community, The Village Green.
On March 21st, they will be honoring and celebrating the Spring Equinox/ Eostre, and it will only be open to those in the Village Green.
You can join the Acorn Plan for 35/month, and it includes ceremonies like this one, a monthly community call, and other beautiful ways to connect and stay supported.
Mar 16, 202149:38
Why Are Female Friendships So Complicated?

Why Are Female Friendships So Complicated?

Female Friendships: Why are female friendships so complicated? With the potential for emotional intimacy, why do we hold back? Is it because we're afraid of being judged? Where does this fear come from? If we wanted to, could we transform our fears into vulnerability? These are the topics we discuss in this week's episode.
Today Stephanie is joined by her sweet friends Waverly Davis and Ashley Stinson. Waverly Davis is the founder of Waverly Davis and Sacred Self. Waverly works with women on the individual and group level to help them transform overwhelm into ease through self-awareness, self-care, and self-love. She's the soft landing you need when life becomes too much. Ashley Stinson's the Creatress of Energy Archaeology + The Realms of Embodiment. She's a teacher, mentor, and guide for embodied wisdom, energetic anatomy, and living a soul-aligned life within the context of your everyday. Honestly, she's BFFs with Stephanie, and they work together often, but we still don’t know what she does. We do know that it’s amazing and life-changing.
In this episode, we discuss:
- The power of vulnerability
- The importance of creating and setting boundaries
- Lessons learned from dumping or being dumped
- Toxic traits in friends and how to avoid them
- Working through comparison
You can find Waverly at -
IG: @heywaverlydavis
You can find Ashley at -
IG: @theashleystinson
If you like what you hear, please, subscribe, rate, and review this podcast.
Mar 16, 202148:14
Far Out: How a Trip From Bank to Battlefield Led Jesse Gould to Psychedelic Science.

Far Out: How a Trip From Bank to Battlefield Led Jesse Gould to Psychedelic Science.

Psychedelics*-no longer confined to the realms of the mysterious and illicit...

What was once a controversial recreational drug is now a recognized treatment for PTSD by both the science and medical field.

This is particularly important news for young Veterans.

According to the most recent data from the VA, Between 2005 and 2017, 78,875 veterans took their own lives — more than the number of Americans killed in each significant conflict except for World War II and the Civil War.

The active-duty Army alone saw a 30% increase in deaths by suicide from 2019 to 2020.

While these numbers are staggering and heartbreaking, the pace is not slowing down.

Billions of tax dollars go towards the VA. Still, they don't create substantial change because of bureaucracy or poor organization in a system that leaves soldiers and veterans in dire need of support without help.

If we know psychedelics exist and science proves their efficacy, why aren’t we using them to help those who have served our country?

That's precisely what Jesse Gould, Founder of the Heroic Hearts Project, is trying to do.

Heroic Hearts Project ( is a not-for-profit that connects military veterans to effective psychedelic-based therapy programs.

In this episode:
- Jesse explains what the mission for the Heroic Hears project is
- What a psychedelic is
- How psychedelics help
- The lack of support for Veterans
- Where he came up with the idea for Heroic Hearts Project
- His own experiences with Ayahuasca

Please consider supporting his cause.

There’s a variety of ways you can assist his team.

Share this episode, share his information, or donate where and when you can.

*For this episode, the psychedelics we’re referring to the forms MDMA, psilocybin, and ayahuasca.
Mar 16, 202101:03:27
Episode 12 House Tour with Ilana Khin: Astrologer & Copywriter

Episode 12 House Tour with Ilana Khin: Astrologer & Copywriter

Ilana Khin is an Astrologer & Copywriter based in Charlottesville.  Visit her at About Ilana "I was in my early twenties and struggling to find my way. I didn’t know what to do, how to be, or where in this world I belonged. I knew I didn’t want to perpetuate harmful realities. I knew I wanted to be of service in a way that was authentic and meaningful. I wanted to know my purpose, and how to start living it. Astrology validated the pressure I felt, articulated my desires, and encouraged me to move towards them. After four years of practicing astrology, and three years of counseling others, I continue to be amazed by how much astrology can reveal. How it can clarify our life’s purpose in a way that’s practical and enchanting.  How it can help us feel seen and understood in our struggles. How it can remind us to choose to follow what beckons us, rather than dragging our heels behind in what doesn’t."
Mar 16, 202101:00:54
The Geode Episode 14 Bringing Out The Dead: Stephanie & Tanya on 13 episodes of wellness/woo

The Geode Episode 14 Bringing Out The Dead: Stephanie & Tanya on 13 episodes of wellness/woo

The Geode Ep 14: Bringing out the Dead Stephanie (Host of The Geode) & Tanya (editor of The Geode and professional BFF) go an entire episode without referencing hair ties and reflect on 13 installments of THE GUIDE TO MODERN WELLNESS AND WOO. TRIGGER WARNING: MENTION OF SUICIDALITY, DEPRESSION, TRAUMA In this conversation we talked about Tanya’s favorite guest: Benita Mayo Turning 46 : here’s an article that was written about Linda Evans in 1985, the year she turned 40. Basically, the entire article ruminates on the confusing f8$%-ability of a mummy who fell out of a sarcophagus woman who got cast on Dynasty despite having had enough birthdays to make men feel weird about being attracted to her. San Francisco Papalote Generational Trauma Past Life Regression Hidden History following Shoah Can Spirituality and Medication Work Together? Appropriating the rosary for anxiety Apollo Neuro: Still giving it a try, so do not take initial impressions as a final opinion.
Feb 12, 202140:18
The Geode Ep. 13 Jess Bubbico gets in-tuit.
Feb 05, 202154:52
A Doctor in The House: Caroline Addington, Ph.D. "Organic Marketing + Content Wizard"
Jan 22, 202157:17
The Betsy Show: Betsy Granville explains broadcasts from the ether

The Betsy Show: Betsy Granville explains broadcasts from the ether

Betsy Granville, a down-to-earth mom and otherworldly mystic, sits down with Stephanie to discuss the emergence of a channel, how education and intuition create a solid base for spiritual exploration and the pieces of our soul. Take a deeper dive into this amazing woman's work at
Topics include
Life beyond the veil…
What exists in the world we can’t see?
When we meet with a Medium, what exactly are they communicating with?
How can we be a soul that has passed on to be an ancestor and reincarnate?
In this week’s episode, we attempt to answer these complicated but fascinating topics.
Listen in as Stephanie Wood sits down with Betsy Granville, Spiritual Intuitive + Medium to talk about life beyond the veil and the healing power of a medium.
Betsy Granville
Eckhart Tolle
Jan 15, 202101:03:16
Bloom Where You Are; Gina Rose Baiamonte of Bloom Generation

Bloom Where You Are; Gina Rose Baiamonte of Bloom Generation

 Stephanie chats with a person who is fascinating on so many levels- Gina Rose Baiamonte . Her journey began generations ago, and she tells quite the tale of coming to the understanding that plants around her had something to say. 

Spiritual awakening

The life and spirit of plants

How you can talk to plants

A relationship with plants and how they can help you heal

Following your heart, your path,

Sitting with your gifts and your goals and allowing them to unfold slowly


Mama Medicine:

Francisca Santibanez:

Gina Biamonte:


Rituals of Sacred Stone:,to%20an%20alternate%20kindle_edition%20edition.

Mary Magdelean Revealed:

Her Crew:

Grandmother Sarah:

Spriti Weaver:

Mama Medicine:

Star Gazer Lee:

Mary Grisey:

Guilty Pleaures: Rose Baiamonte

Jan 08, 202148:02
Two ladies talking about the world, life and French Girl Sh*t

Two ladies talking about the world, life and French Girl Sh*t

Happy New Year! It's 2021 and we're grateful you're here. We made it! Episode 8 is presented in honor of 2022. If we can all just hold on until 2022...

These are strange times, resolutions or declarations seem almost trivial or make up some intentions instead!  

Taking a break from serene enlightenment, Host Stephanie Wood, and occasional guest host, bestie Tanya Nagaraja, talk through the surreal world of Pandemic Life, self-image and life on screen, the unsustainability of manifesting the personal grooming habits of a french princess, and of ties. They speak with candor that only hints at suppressed trauma, and the kind of laughter you can only share with a friend who truly gets you.  

Grab a nice cup of whatever (tea, coffee, absinth), relax, and explore with us. Maybe you’d like a snack, too. 

Then join Stephanie Wood, and be casually witchy—only if you want to. 

(Maybe someday people who want to be witchy will be like “I’m such a Stephanie” and the not-so-witchy but supportive friends will be like “I’m such ‘The Other Chick” but then when the friend  who says she’s a Stephanie agrees , The Not-Stephanie feels a little unseen and make a big show of doing a French twist in her hair to make a point. Anyway, we’re both cool, so whatevs.)

 I hope you love it, because I LOVE YOU!- Steph 

P.S. Secular - denoting attitudes, activities, or other things that have no religious or spiritual basis.

 P.P.S  My unanticipated habit isn’t wearing glasses. It’s Minecraft. My undersea base and my tamed wolf and chicken are pretty dope. (love, Tanya) Find us: Follow us:

Who are we? We’re Stephanie Wood and Tanya Nagaraja—Proud Veteran mamas on a mission to foster inclusive/intersectional wellness and woo with a platform built for elevation and powered by allyship and accessibility.   Wellness is nothing when it doesn’t start with “We” (I’m workshopping that, be kind) We met while deployed to Iraq in 2009  (Tanya here, let me just zhuzh that up a bit) We met in “The Cradle of Civilization” at the intersection of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers  in ancient Mesopotamia, notable exports are Hammurabi and hot weather,  very close to the ruins of the Tower of Babel… That’s right, two babes stranded in Babylonia...we...we… well, I walked into the plywood Army shack ,  we locked eyes and I was like “OMG we’re both  fiercely independent, brilliant and adorable even in this dusty neutral palette! Let’s buy overpriced shampoo and be friends forever, k?”And then she said “ok”, and here we are.. (ok, back to Stephanie) We’re just two smart, unique, and hilarious women making our way through this world. ( maybe peeking into a few others along the way via communion with  pan-dimensional movers of know, our Woo experts and guests.)

Jan 08, 202149:23
Shea Graham: Let There Be Light...Another Day.

Shea Graham: Let There Be Light...Another Day.

**Trigger Warning** Pregnancy loss & loss of a close family member mentioned in this episode. Please exercise self-care and listen only if you feel comfortable, or have support.  This Episode is Dedicated to the Memory of Rowyn Wood Stephanie (virtually) sits down with the amazingly insightful Shea Graham, a psychotherapist with experience in grief and trauma counseling, to talk about what happens when "the bad thing" whatever it may be, happens to YOU.  Who helps the helpers? What happens when loss causes you to question EVERYTHING in your life including your own work?  If you have experienced a trauma or loss that has caused you to grieve or to feel grief stricken, please sit with Shea and Stephanie a moment and know you aren't alone. It's a club nobody wants to belong to, so if you bookmark this and come back later, it will be just as meaningful.  The takeaway is that light will return; the sun will shine on your face again...and if it isn't today, that's OK.
Dec 16, 202049:48
Benita Mayo: Raising Voices for Equity while Quieting Minds for Yoga

Benita Mayo: Raising Voices for Equity while Quieting Minds for Yoga

Benita Mayo is an incredible woman. A teacher of yin yoga, not only for physical wellness, but also for the healing of trauma and enhancement of 12-Step programs, and much more. Benita takes the compassion she has slowly learned to give herself and spreads it out over everything she does. You will love this episode.

According to her website

"During one of many diet and exercise endeavors, Benita was introduced to yoga by her personal trainer. She was drawn to yoga for its physical benefits but didn’t expect it would completely transform her life. Yoga was the doorway through which Benita began to develop a deeper and more positive relationship with her body. She completed her Yoga Teacher training in 2016 and has additional certifications in Mindfulness Meditation, Trauma Informed Yoga, Y12SR – Yoga for 12-Step Recovery, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Accessible Yoga and Yoga for All. Benita uses her experience as both a larger-bodied yoga student and her teacher expertise to partner with her students in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment. The subject of yoga accessibility and body image is very complex. Benita offers her voice to encourage others to take up space on their yoga mat and stand in their power.

Benita is a native of Virginia and holds an undergraduate degree in Rhetoric & Communications from the University of Virginia. Benita is a fine art photographer, and enjoys traveling and biking."

Dec 11, 202050:10
Untangled, Awake and In Touch with The Source- Jana Roemer
Dec 04, 202001:00:30
Aycee Brown: Psychic Channel, Spiritual Guide & Teacher, Entrepreneur & Your Favorite Human Design Bae.

Aycee Brown: Psychic Channel, Spiritual Guide & Teacher, Entrepreneur & Your Favorite Human Design Bae.

 Aycee Brown speaks to Stephanie about how Human Design & Numerology influence your entrepreneurial spirit and what it's like to be a teen psychic (hint: it's awkward and nothing like Sabrina The Teenage Witch).  Stay tuned at the end for two fun outtakes. 

From her website:

“The work I do in the world is about transformation. I offer you a deeper look into yourself helping you re-frame who you are. If you're looking for clarity on how to be and work in this world, allow me to guide you.”

I’m Aycee Brown. I’m a psychic channel, spiritual guide, and founder of Goodnight Darling Co. who knows what it’s like to live in a mental space of self-doubt and fear. I overcame that through trial and error, taking risks, and betting on myself.

This lead to a successful launch of a products based business that's been featured in InStyle, Redbook, and West Elm. It also became the catalyst for my psychic channel abilities that I’ve been hiding from since my teens.

From the outside, it may have looked like I was all over the place but internally I knew my one thing. Accepting my psychic abilities helped me to figure out where and why I belonged.  I fell in love with human design as a tool to help my clients live from their core instead of their conditioning.

I Serve Entrepreneurs, Executives, Thought Leaders & People Who Are Ready To Dig Deeper Into Their Own Self Discovery."

Nov 20, 202053:37
Aura 101 with Susanna Merrick of Aura Wear NYC

Aura 101 with Susanna Merrick of Aura Wear NYC

Stephanie Sits down with Susanna Merrick, Founder of AURA WEAR NYC. 

Susanna is a highly sought after Intuitive Energy Reader, Stylist, and Spiritual Coach. She is the Founder of Aura Wear, a method and brand that focuses on self-expression through color, fashion, and wellness. Her work has been featured in Goop, Elle Magazine, Well and Good, and Vanity Fair. Susanna’s mission is to empower those to take the reigns of their self-expression through their personal style and spiritual practices.

Stay tuned for a bonus clip at the end of the episode (outtakes are IN!)

Nov 13, 202001:02:27
Crystal Harris- In Praise of The Rich Black Witch

Crystal Harris- In Praise of The Rich Black Witch

Today’s episode is extra insightful, as we welcome Crystal to the podcast! She is a witch, entrepreneur, crystal channel, and the owner of the metaphysical shop She joins Stephanie to discuss how she discovered her spiritual gifts, the pending election results, and tips for anyone interested in channeling their own magic. Along the way, they deep dive into motherhood, the work that needs to be done post-election, the weight and fatigue of fighting systemic racism, crystal tips for beginners, spells, guilty pleasures, and more!

This is a great insight into what it means to be a modern witch and the energy behind this collective's time.

Nov 06, 202054:10
Meet Stephanie Wood

Meet Stephanie Wood

Meet Stephanie Wood. She's the host of this brand-new podcast: The Geode Guide to Modern Wellness & Woo and this is the official meet & greet.  The Geode is a weekly interview podcast devoted to demystifying the mystical by bringing the best in wellness & woo directly to the listener. Relatable, humorous, friendly host Stephanie Wood brings "A Nice Woo-ish Girl from New York" energy to a genre that is part of the national conversation about what "wellness" really means. A geode's inner magic is a reminder that whatever "it" might be, begins as an inside job.

Oct 30, 202032:00