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The Miscellaneous Millennial

The Miscellaneous Millennial

By The Girl in Gucci Glasses

Let’s start with the obvious: if you’re looking for structure, you won’t find it here. Formerly Keeping it Casual with the Girl in Gucci Glasses, this is now The Miscellaneous Millennial.

While the name might have changed, the energy has not. Each week we will be chatting something different. Topics vary, but the usual suspects include: pop culture, relationships, sex, and wellness.
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Mother's Day Recap, Quitting Your Job and Figuring Things Out

The Miscellaneous MillennialMay 21, 2023

Mother's Day Recap, Quitting Your Job and Figuring Things Out

Mother's Day Recap, Quitting Your Job and Figuring Things Out

This week Jasmine recaps her Vegas adventures and some pretty monumental changes she made when getting back home to Texas. She takes listeners through her journey of sobriety, and what she learned after her painful birthday weekend breakup last year.

May 21, 202323:14
LIVE from Las Vegas: My Experience Being Sober Curious

LIVE from Las Vegas: My Experience Being Sober Curious

Today I’m sitting down from my hotel in Vegas, which I’ve made my new home and mini studio. I’m just vibing, soaking up all of the energy, and sunshine that engulfs me. Naturally, I figured why not share a personal update: my dip into the pool of sober curiosity has been going well. I’ve really enjoyed the clear mindset and early mornings waking up refreshed. But what brought me to this point? Tune into this bonus episode of The Miscellaneous Millennial Podcast, hosted by me, Jasmine. Also known as The Girl in Gucci Glasses.
May 10, 202316:39
Shit, I’m Old

Shit, I’m Old

This week Jasmine catches you up on life as of late, and the candid conversations she had with her younger brother. Said conversation led her to realize she’s actually old as shit, but is she wiser? Tune in, and let’s find out.
May 08, 202324:05
The Posh Life: Making Money on Poshmark

The Posh Life: Making Money on Poshmark

After sharing a screenshot on my personal Facebook page about my Poshmark experience, I was inundated with questions and requests to hear how I did it. In today's episode, I sit down and give you all the tea, from the ins and outs of selling to the best way to gain exposure.

For extra resources, you can check out the accompanying blog post: and my LTK Shipping Guide:! Truthfully, I didn't expect this to be a popular topic, but here we are. So as always if there is anything you're yearning to hear me discuss, drop it in the DM's!

Starting your Poshmark Closet? Use code: JASMINEMJONES for a credit on your first order!

Apr 04, 202323:48
The Grateful Life

The Grateful Life

Today’s episode is going to be a little crunchy, but hey…that’s okay because life is all about balance. I wanted to sit down one on one to discuss a daily practice that I can’t get enough of, and that’s gratitude.

Mar 27, 202314:58
It’s time for another sex talk, bestie
Mar 20, 202339:02
Circling the block: what is it, and should you do it?

Circling the block: what is it, and should you do it?

Sorry for the delay, besties. Life has been life-ing, but fear not! We are BACK with an all-new episode - and name! Today I sit down with longtime friend, and friend of the pod, Jess. We discuss exes who come back, and if you should indulge. Because let’s face it, you’ve either been there or you’re wondering.

Mar 15, 202321:60
Apparently there's a difference between stress and anxiety

Apparently there's a difference between stress and anxiety

Happy Monday, babes! Join me as I sit down with our fave Board Certified Physician, Dr. Ashitey. Today we discuss ways to cope with anxiety and discuss the difference between anxiety and stress. Have a topic you'd like us to discuss next? Email us or send in a question of the day.

Mar 06, 202326:50
Would you test your partner's loyalty?

Would you test your partner's loyalty?

Today we are talking about trust, loyalty, and knowing when it's time to dip, which SPOILER ALERT: is the second you feel obligated to ask a stranger to test your partner's loyalty. It's 2023, we aren't checking phones, making joint Facebook accounts, or asking strangers to tempt our partner. If you have to do a song and dance to see if you're respected, valued, and're not. But don't just take my word for it, let's hear what today's special guest has to say on the matter. 

Feb 21, 202323:19
Even bad bitches go on bad dates

Even bad bitches go on bad dates

Yours truly is back in these Dallas streets once more and giving dating another go. Join Jasmine and Jessica as we chat about awkward first dates, and questions to ask your date before scheduling that future wedding.
Feb 13, 202325:26
The episode where we talk about S•L•E•E•P
Feb 06, 202317:30
Well, that just gave me the ick

Well, that just gave me the ick

Your sense of style isn't just something you have—it's something you are. So while the "clean aesthetic" girlies are promoting their high-rise mom jeans from Shein and Abercrombie, paired with the same, and I do mean the same Aritzia top in a lackluster shade of brown - please remain true to yourself. I know, I know - I sound like such an elder millennial here. And listen, drawing inspo from various sources is great. But at the end of the day, you need to have your own sense of style and embrace it. Listen, babe, wanna rock True Religion jeans in 2023? Go for it. Wanna wear Golden Goose even if some douche canoe intentionally calls them dirty Converse, while a Gen-Z kid is saying they're Cheugy? GO FOR IT. Seriously. You will sleep much better at night when you stop caring what people think of you and just do what makes you happy (within reason of course). So tune in for today's episode where we discuss what gives ME the ick. 

Jan 31, 202321:05
Situationship? More like Shituationship.

Situationship? More like Shituationship.

BFFR: He is never going to transition from hooking up to serious relationship material - no matter how good the sex is. Bestie, it's time for a sit-down. 

Jan 18, 202321:19
Step into the New Year with a Plan ft. Dr. Ashitey

Step into the New Year with a Plan ft. Dr. Ashitey

Happy New Year and welcome to the Season 3 premiere of the Keeping it Casual podcast. You know what they say - things are just better in threes, and this podcast is no exception. Today we are kicking off the season with none other than my good friend, Dr. Ashitey. Join us for a candid conversation centered around goals and how to make them happen! Stick around for great tips and even some advice on how to stick to your goals (or create better ones).
And don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for another new episode with Dr. Ashitey, centered around sleep health. Get your questions in now for a chance to have them answered!
PS: It's okay if your resolution isn't going so well - the important thing is to keep trying. Just don't give up on yourself or your goals. Progress, not perfection is the mantra, after all!
Jan 08, 202328:48
Adiós, 2022! Hello, 2023 & Me ft. Jessica

Adiós, 2022! Hello, 2023 & Me ft. Jessica

Saying goodbye is always a little bittersweet. Sure, this year was a wild one - but it sure was a good one. For each tear shed, or expletive screamed at the top of my lungs - there was an equally amazing moment. I experienced growth this year, both professionally and personally and that’s pretty exciting. But enough about me. Today I’m sitting down with friend of the pod, Jessica and we are talking about advice we swear by, and what we are leaving in 2022.
Dec 31, 202217:57
Keeping it Casual: Hot Topics & More

Keeping it Casual: Hot Topics & More

I mean listen, you asked and I delivered. This episode is truly embracing the casual spirit and I’m banging it out before heading over to watch my Stars kick Montreal’s butt. Tonight we chat about hot tops ranging from Nepo Babies to the myth of Quiet Luxury - and oh, guess what? I even give an update on my dating life, since you messy babes want to know what’s going on there. Merry Christmas, besties — don't say I never gave you anything! PS: don't forget to take a shot every time ya girl says "Ummm..."
Dec 24, 202220:47
Mental Health Check-In ft. Dr. Ashitey

Mental Health Check-In ft. Dr. Ashitey

I don't know about you but in the last two years or so, we sure have been put through the wringer. I mean, I like to think of myself as a rather strong individual that can't be broken. But from isolated quarantines and political turmoil to another holiday season...your mental health might need a little TLC...and that is OKAY! In fact, let's normalize not to refer to people as "damaged" or "broken" because they need a little help. We all need help sometimes, amiright? So as we close out 2022, I found it fitting to bring back friend of the pod, Dr. Sarah Ashitey. Warning: This episode discusses suicide, mental health, and conditions such as depression, and bipolar disorder. If you or someone you know needs someone to talk to, check out these amazing resources:  Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration: 1-800-662-HELP (4357) 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline: Call or text 988 or chat NIMH:  Read about my own experience on the blog. 
Dec 19, 202229:27
Ghosts of F***boys Past ft. Jessica

Ghosts of F***boys Past ft. Jessica

Christmas is (almost) here and ghosts aren't only making their presence known in the classic A Christmas Story, but also in the dating lives of many millennials. Join friend of the pod, Jessica as we unpack the do's and don'ts of ghosting, what to do if you've been ghosted, and the number one hot topic you guys requested: is it ever okay to ghost someone? As someone who has been ghosted, my answer might surprise you!
Dec 10, 202229:48
BFFR: He's just not that into you ft. Ade

BFFR: He's just not that into you ft. Ade

Let's talk about love, and knowing if yours is being reciprocated.

Love is a tricky thing. It's supposed to be easy, right? You fall in love with someone, they're the one. But if you've been around long enough, you know that's not always the case. Because here's the thing: sometimes we have to stop being naive and start accepting the signs for what they are before we can move forward with our lives and find someone who will actually love us back. Today I'm joined by friend of the pod, Ade and we want you to BFFR.
Dec 03, 202229:12
You ask, we answer: Should you post babe on social media?
Nov 21, 202228:32
Vanderpump Rules, Love & Girl Code ft. Allison
Nov 14, 202247:41
Be kind to your mind ft. Allison Belitter

Be kind to your mind ft. Allison Belitter

This week I'm joined by mental health professional Alex Belitter. Together we chat about all things mental health including therapy, self-care, and resources. Whether you're a seasoned therapy attendee, or new to that world, this episode is for you because as I always say - you can't care for others until you care for yourself...and so many of us put ourselves last, sometimes without even realizing it.
Nov 07, 202240:39
Sitting down with the OG Girl Boss, Abbey

Sitting down with the OG Girl Boss, Abbey

Today I sat down with Abbey, the original Girl Boss. We first met back when I was an undergrad student at Midwestern State University, and hosted my first philanthropic event (Barks & Brews) at Lone Star Tequila Bar. We bonded over working hard, trying all of the things in life, and of course: rescue pups. We remained friends over the years, and today spoke about passions, dreams, growing up, and what it's like to be a business owner. Read more on the blog: - Follow Lone Star: Facebook: Insta: - Follow Abbey's passion project, Copper Stills: Facebook: - And of course, you can follow me: Tiktok: Insta:
Sep 19, 202232:47
Red flags, green flags & knowing when to move on
Sep 13, 202233:15
Shameless Storytelling ft. Jake (not from State Farm)
Sep 05, 202220:43
Hey bestie, let's check-in!
Sep 05, 202206:59
Monkey Business ft. Dr. Ashitey
Aug 29, 202239:24
Unhinged with Jasmine & Allison

Unhinged with Jasmine & Allison

We might still be tipsy so the episode description will be brief: we are catching you up on all things Bravo, Bravo Freaking Bravo. We also touch on our girl BritBrit and unpack all that happened there. This episode won't win us a Pulitzer, but it'll make you laugh. Or weep for humanity. 

Aug 29, 202225:09
Au Revoir, Summer

Au Revoir, Summer

Summer is over, and so is my mini hiatus. Welcome back to the final installment of The Sophomore Year of TGIGG. Join me as I catch you up on my life and prep you for what's to come for the remainder of the year. From deep conversations with our fave therapist to talking about starting your own business, or speaking on the latest Bravo gossip - we are going to laugh, cry and connect on an entire other level.

Stay tuned for a new episode out next Monday...and hopefully every Monday after.
Aug 25, 202210:39
Buckle up, besties

Buckle up, besties

They say never go back. To old friends, lovers, jobs, etc. Well, I broke that rule. But what else is new? I never was one for perfectly following the rules, as I liked to color outside the lines. But buckle up besties. Today we are talking about love, going back to an ex, and getting the love you deserve because…ahem: if they wanted to, they would…so stop settling for crumbs. 

Jun 05, 202225:56
Fads, fitness + fake news ft. Lizzy Long
May 24, 202227:26
Let's talk about money

Let's talk about money

Today's bonus episode is centered around all things financial. I know - snooze. Or maybe instead of snoozing, you're getting anxiety. And if that's the case, I am here to tell you one simple thing: Money shouldn’t be scary. This week I brought on a financial guru to share not only tax tips but best practices with personal finances. Special thanks to Tax Specialist Gen Anderson for joining us today! For more, check out

May 18, 202218:28
Don't hate us but...!
May 07, 202221:38
Life Really is a Movie ft. Andy of Fat Dude Digs Flicks
Mar 04, 202237:40
Finding Your Purpose & Yourself ft. Ash
Feb 20, 202230:18
Shoot Your Shot ft. Destynie Paige
Feb 13, 202229:22
BONUS: And Just Like...WHAT?
Feb 08, 202234:23
Quit Your Day Job, Not Your Daydream ft. Artist Ruth Weatherford
Jan 21, 202226:03
Regrets & Resolutions ft. Dr. Ashitey
Jan 08, 202234:11
BONUS: Are YOU ready to be the match?
Dec 24, 202126:22
Unzipped & Unfiltered

Unzipped & Unfiltered

I don't know how we got to the point of thinking putting acne medication, garlic cloves or dish pods in our privates was a good idea - but in case you needed a refresher in sex ed, I've got you covered.
Today's episode features explicit language but is an honest, open space where we break down the various ways to be sexually healthy (and happy).

Join Beneath the Brief's writer and host, Devon for an episode where we unzip and talk about it all.

For more sexual health resources in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, check out Prism Health.
Needing free condoms delivered discreetly to your door? Check out
Also, a friendly reminder that Planned Parenthood offers STD/HIV testing
And if you're in Texas, here are some more resources:

Texas Department of State Health Services Resource Guide

Not in Texas and unsure where to go? That's okay! Reach out to and we will try and get you squared away.
The goal of today's episode is to empower and encourage you to be informed - armed even, with the knowledge to make the best choices for yourself.

Trigger Warning: SA is briefly discussed.
Dec 17, 202156:02
Attack of the Hobosexuals
Dec 16, 202148:35
BONUS: Romanticize Single Life

BONUS: Romanticize Single Life

Oh, hi.

Are you ready for a Christmas mini?

You know I'm sorry for ghosting you, but sometimes a girl just needs a breather. And my toxic trait will forever be me overthinking everything. Seriously, perfectionism kills.

So I put my perfectionism to the side in order to do a pulse check and let you know, I'm still here. And I'm glad you are too.

Now that we got that mushy gushy shit out of the way, I'm here to tell me, single folks, to romanticize their single life. Do not let Jan who barely gets dicked by her hubby tell you how to live your life. Heal yourself and be the best person you can be, and go out and do everything you want to do. I am a firm believer in the philosophy that the best relationships happen when you don't even try. Don't make someone else a part of your identity. Be in love with yourself first. That way, whoever you do meet and hopefully fall for, will only add value to your life.

Anyways, enjoy this quickie from me...and be sure to tune in this Friday for a new episode featuring Devon from Beneath the Briefs, a Prism Health of North Texas podcast. We will be talking all things sex, including the parts that some of y'all find taboo (ahem: safe sex, and what to do if shit goes left...spoiler alert - don't put garlic in your vag, please).
Dec 15, 202115:33
Too Old for Tinder?

Too Old for Tinder?

Jasmine is single and ready to...mingle?  Maybe not quite yet. Tune into an episode where Jasmine and guest co-hoe, I mean, co-host, Jake keep it casual and talk about dating in an era of apps. From red flags to bio don'ts - you're going to want to listen.

Oct 13, 202137:13
Your unofficial guide to dating

Your unofficial guide to dating

Hey, bestie!

As the kids say, cuffing season is upon us, and that means people are getting boo'd up even if they don't exactly love the person they're with.

Today I (and my very special guest) are here to give you the truth about relationships, self-love, and toxic partners. Consider this your unofficial guide to dating.

Everyone has that friend that they operate on a whole other frequency with. For me, that friend is Liz, a double board-certified psychiatrist, and a total badass. Liz joined us today to break down red flags in a partner, as well as types of unhealthy behaviors to look out for. Consider us the friends you actually need in your squad - we will give it to you straight, no chaser.

It's time to be the best version of yourself and that means not accepting anyone in your life that is weighing you down. If you have to ask "is this situation healthy?" Then it probably isn't.

Tune in to today's episode for laughs, wisdom, and advice that we could all benefit from, no matter where we are in life.

Find Liz on the gram and Facebook

As always, check out the blog for candid mental health conversations and experiences!
Oct 10, 202133:49
Talking Fall & F-Boys

Talking Fall & F-Boys

Fall is finally here! Temps are dropping, and maybe your standards if you're not trying to go into winter alone.'re better than that. I hope. Joined by my special guest, Jake, we kept things casual answering your questions and then diving into our topic of the day, healing since many of you wanted to hear our takes on the subject.  Spoiler alert: healing isn't just cute walks on the trail with your $2,500 designer mutt puppy. It also involves some ugly, snot-nosed cries. And that's okay! Normalize not always having a picture-perfect life. There's some colorful language and talk this episode, so here's your notice: if the occasional f-bomb scares you, or talk of sex is repulsive for you...ya might want to turn around now.  Jokes aside, we hope you all enjoy this episode and know your worth. Stop settling for less than you deserve. We think you're pretty amazing. Add some laughter to your TL and follow Jasmine & Jake: Twitter: ingucciglasses & JB_Mahan Insta: thegirlingucciglasses & jakealex92 FB...if that's still your kinda thing: thegirlingucciglasses & Jake
Oct 04, 202155:04
Not a Hell Yes, is a Hell No

Not a Hell Yes, is a Hell No

Hey, besties! Are you ready to keep it casual? Join Paulina & me as we chat about all things love and dating. But the fun doesn't end there: we also answer YOUR listener questions. Keep up with my girl Miss Lina Jean on the gram (@misslinajean).  If you learn nothing else from this episode, let it be this: if something or someone is not a hell yes, then they are a hell no. Stop wasting your time and energy on anything or anyone not feeding your soul. And on that note, it's time for a new episode...let's get it!
Sep 26, 202141:36
Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, and it just so happens this episode is all about the journey to self-love and acceptance.
Join myself and Matt for an episode where we talk about healing, growth, and therapy.
Read more about why your mental health matters on the blog!
If you are struggling or just need to talk, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24/7. They offer help in English and Spanish. You can reach them directly at 800-273-8255!
Please take care of yourselves. And if you listen to nothing else I say, let it be this: give yourself some of that love you give to others so freely. You deserve it.
Sep 11, 202135:27
I’m a Star Wars Virgin No More!
Sep 04, 202141:43
Making Your Own Rules

Making Your Own Rules

In today's episode I had a very special guest: future celebrity chef Brandon, but for now: Baby Brother!
The goal with my pod was to always share authentic stories and words of wisdom from multiple perspectives - either one you have experienced or will be experiencing.
Brandon shares some tips for living your best, and most authentic life and why he takes advantage of it every day. And spoiler alert: he shouldn't even be alive right now, bet you can't guess why...
So what are you waiting for? Tune in for another episode of Keeping it Casual with the Girl in Gucci Glasses.
Aug 27, 202121:46
V is for Vegan
Aug 07, 202135:08
Bad B State of the Union
Jul 27, 202121:37
Loving Your Life Starts with Loving Yourself

Loving Your Life Starts with Loving Yourself

On this weeks episode, I sit down with Paniz (@just.paniz on the gram) and we talk about L-O-V-E. Tune in to hear how happiness, fulfillment, and truly loving your life, begins with loving yourself. From small daily habits to knowing your all begins internally.
Jul 23, 202129:15
TEASER: The Inauguration

TEASER: The Inauguration

My name is Jasmine and I’m here to provide a safe and fun place for you to just shoot the shit. We are going to talk about it all: therapy, sex, breakups, travel, making friends with strangers on the internet, and so on. Plug those earbuds in and tune in.
Want to submit a question or topic?
Slide in my DMs or leave a comment on any of my social platforms. You can also submit to the podcast here!
Thanks for tuning in babes.
I promise this journey will be…something. If nothing else, ha.
Jul 18, 202112:20