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The Golden Hurricast

The Golden Hurricast

By Ryan Token & Matt Rechtien

A weekly podcast covering Tulsa Golden Hurricane athletics by Ryan Token and Matt Rechtien. We’re two TU alums, friends, and die-hard fans who love talking Tulsa football, basketball, and all other University of Tulsa sports. Not affiliated with The University of Tulsa.
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5-22: AD Rick Dickson Discusses TU Hall of Fame Weekend & Answers Listener Questions

The Golden HurricastApr 22, 2023

5-22: AD Rick Dickson Discusses TU Hall of Fame Weekend & Answers Listener Questions

5-22: AD Rick Dickson Discusses TU Hall of Fame Weekend & Answers Listener Questions

TU Athletic Director Rick Dickson is back on the podcast for an offseason special! We discuss all kinds of things, including:

TU Hall of Fame Weekend The Golden Hurricane Champions Fund Media access for football Contracts for assistant coaches Facilities upgrades NIL The new mascot How close TU was to dropping football Plenty more

You can also watch this podcast on YouTube!

Submit questions for the podcast on our website:


TU Hall of Fame Weekend details:

Buy tickets for TU Hall of Fame Weekend:


0:00 - Intro

2:27 - Rick Dickson Interview

4:24 - New Women's VB Coach Lauren Ramatowski

8:52 - The Process of Hiring Kevin Wilson

14:51 - TU Hall of Fame Weekend

31:38 - The Golden Hurricane Champions Fund

38:09 - Change in Media Access for Football

44:22 - No Contracts for Assistant Coaches?

51:27 - Facilities Upgrades

56:36 - How Important is the Game Day Experience to TU?

1:00:25 - New Mascot Teaser

1:04:22 - NIL

1:23:52 - How Close Was TU To Dropping Football?

1:32:52 - If You Could Change Anything About Athletics at TU, What Would It Be?

Apr 22, 202301:42:12
5-21: Not a Tournament School

5-21: Not a Tournament School

Its conference tournament season and its not looking hot for Tulsa. The women's team was knocked out in their first round rematch with UCF on Monday, and the men's team opened up as 13-point underdogs against Wichita State on Thursday. We did a recap and preview for both before talking about some Tulsa football news - combine, draft trivia and more. 


0:01 - Women's Basketball Recaps

25:08 - Men's Basketball Preview

48:59 - Prince at the Combine

56:16 - Tulsa Draft Trivia

1:00:45 - Special Teams Coach

1:04:08 - Realignment Revisited

1:14:36 - Listener Questions

Mar 08, 202301:23:01
5-20: Sad Trombone Szn

5-20: Sad Trombone Szn

After some time off primarily spent crying over the current status of Tulsa basketball, we are back on our #Hurricast grind. Update: things are still not good! In this one, we ask:

Is this the worst season in Tulsa men's basketball history? Would Frank Haith have a better record than Eric Konkol does right now? Why is half the men's team sitting out? What's going on with the women's team? Why is the football coaching staff in such turmoil?

So many questions!


0:00 - Worst Season in Tulsa History?

08:00 - Would Frank Haith Be Doing Better?

11:11 - Why is Half the Team Sitting Out?

13:57 - Men's Basketball Recap

26:26 - Men's Basketball Previews

34:33 - What's Happening with the Women?

51:02 - Women's AAC Tourney Preview

57:01 - Around the American

1:00:48 - Football Coaching Staff Turmoil

1:13:19 - 2023 Football Schedule

1:18:54 - Dane Evans –> BC Lions

1:25:00 - Outro

Mar 01, 202301:26:18
5-19: Curtain Call for TU v UH (ft. The Scott and Holman Pawdcast)

5-19: Curtain Call for TU v UH (ft. The Scott and Holman Pawdcast)

We've got our final* matchup against Houston and to celebrate we've brought on Sam from The Scott and Holman Pawdcast (@SHPawdcast) to help us preview the Wednesday night matchup.

After the interview we dive into the Wichita State loss and preview the men and women's schedules for the next week. (M vs UCF, W vs SMU & Tulane). Finally a quick look at TU's eSports team.

*could actually meet in conference tournament


0:00 - Intro

01:19 - Interview with The Scott and Holman Pawdcast (@SHPawdcast)

42:12 - WSU Recap

53:50 - UCF Preview

58:30 - Women's Basketball Previews (SMU & Tulane)

1:05:45 - Around the AAC

1:09:03 - TU eSports Team

Feb 07, 202301:12:07
5-18: Basketball Struggles and Football Optimism

5-18: Basketball Struggles and Football Optimism

If you didn't already know, Tim Dalger is your father. The man has been playing harder than ever before.

However, it's been a down couple of weeks for both the men's and women's teams. The men have lost three straight by double digits, and the women went on their first losing streak of the year before bouncing back with a big win over Cincinnati.

On the flip side, there is a ton of optimism around football. Kevin Wilson's staff has been completed and his first signing day has come and gone. We discuss whether stats are actually for losers, break down his finalized staff, walk through all the new players, and debate who has the best name of the group.


0:00: Men's Basketball Recaps

26:57: Men's Basketball Previews

34:29: Women's Basketball Recaps

42:54: Women's Basketball Previews

48:57: Around the AAC

53:31: Stats are for Losers

58:47: Kevin Wilson's Staff

1:05:37: Football Signing Day and Transfers

1:21:51: Outro

Feb 04, 202301:23:34
5-17: Conference Openers and Coaching Hires

5-17: Conference Openers and Coaching Hires

We are back from the holiday break with a jam-packed episode looking at basketball and football news and notes. Starting off with a deep dive into the opening weeks of the men and women's basketball teams which has been great for the women, and not so great for the men. We then recap the flurry of hires that Kevin Wilson has made to fill out the coaching staff and offer our thoughts.


0:00 - Intro

1:20 - Men's Basketball Recap

31:41 - Temple + WSU Previews

44:52 - Men's Player(s) of the Week

48:01 - Women's Basketball Recap

1:06:20 - Women's Player(s) of the Week

1:10:00 - Houston Preview

1:15:36 - Around the AAC

1:19:23 - Football Coaching News and Updates

1:47:37 - Tulane Cotton Bowl Thoughts

Jan 10, 202301:56:15
5-16: Becoming Tulsa's Team

5-16: Becoming Tulsa's Team

After a flurry of local commits (Braylin Presley, Grayson Tempest, Devin Robinson) and the return of Braylon Braxton and Malachai Jones, Kevin Wilson is off to the hottest possible start as Tulsa's Head Football Coach. 

We discuss the latest football commitments before getting into men's and women's basketball, taking a look at what was another big week for the AAC, debriefing on Lauren Ramatowski - the new Tulsa Women's Volleyball head coach, and recapping the first tranche of AAC bowl games.

Dec 21, 202201:15:25
5-15: All Quiet On the Football Front, But Lots of BBall

5-15: All Quiet On the Football Front, But Lots of BBall

After the whirlwind of football news last week with the hiring on Kevin Wilson, things have mostly returned to normal. We haven't heard too much news out of the program other than some transfer news and notes in the last week. 

But basketball season is starting to ramp up for both the men and women's team who went 1-1 and 2-0 this week respectively. Both teams are closing up the non-conference schedule in the next week and we talk about our Players of the Week and look ahead to their next couple of matchups. 

Time Stamps

0:00 - More Kevin Wilson Thoughts and News

37:09 - Transfer Portal News

43:01 - Monty Lands at Auburn

46:35 - Men's Basketball

1:09:45 - Women's Basketball

1:28:39 - Around the AAC

Dec 14, 202201:36:24
5-14: The Kevin Wilson Era Begins (ft. Joey Kaufman from the Columbus Dispatch)

5-14: The Kevin Wilson Era Begins (ft. Joey Kaufman from the Columbus Dispatch)

Tulsa has found their new coach in Ohio State Offensive Coordinator Kevin Wilson. We have our initial reactions on the hire as well as on his introductory press conference. We then talk with Joey Kaufman (@joeyrkaufman) from the Columbus Dispatch (@DispatchAlerts) about his thoughts on the Wilson.

Afterwards Ryan talks AAC Championship Game notes, men and women's basketball, some AAC basketball, and his thoughts on TU's decision to move on from Coach Ryan Wills.


0:00 - Kevin Wilson Reaction and Thoughts

43:21 - Interview with Joey Kaufman (@joeyrkaufman)

1:14:13 - AAC Championship Recap

1:21:16 - Men's Basketball - ORU and More

1:30:23 - Women's Basketball - NET and More

1:32:46 - Around the AAC BBall Edition

1:37:25 - Volleyball Coaching Annoucement

Dec 07, 202201:42:53
5-13: Our #MontyWatch is Ended (ft. John Tranchina & Cayden McFarland)

5-13: Our #MontyWatch is Ended (ft. John Tranchina & Cayden McFarland)

The Philip Montgomery era at The University of Tulsa has come to a close, as the university parted ways with him on Sunday afternoon. 

To discuss the fallout of that decision, we bring on not one, but TWO, guests.

First, we welcome the Tulsa World's TU Beat Writer John Tranchina to the show for the first time to discuss whether Coach Montgomery should've been fired or not, thoughts on him as a man and a coach, how this move impacts the transfer portal, John's favorite Montgomery-era memories, and even some men's soccer talk. 

After that, Cayden McFarland joins the show to look into the future and debate which candidates make the most sense and why, whether TU is a "hard place to win", whether connection to the university matters, and plenty more. 

We round things out by giving our own thoughts on the coaching situation and briefly summarizing the rest of the recent events in the TU athletics world.


0:00 - Intro

2:49 - The End of the Montgomery Era (ft. John Tranchina)

38:22 - Head Coach Candidates (ft. Cayden McFarland)

1:18:21 - More Coaching Thoughts

1:37:56 - Football Recap

1:43:28 - Men's Basketball

1:50:52 - Women's Basketball

1:54:26 - Women's Volleyball Season Ends

1:56:28 - Men's Soccer Season Ends

2:01:59 - Outro

Dec 01, 202202:04:16
5-12: The #MontyWatch Returns (ft. Rob Steeg from The Daily Stampede)

5-12: The #MontyWatch Returns (ft. Rob Steeg from The Daily Stampede)

HOO BOY have we got a packed episode for you this week. 

After Tulsa football's loss to Memphis last week, we are officially bowl-ineligible and the #MontyWatch discussion is reignited. We dig into Coach Montgomery's status, potential names in the college football coaching world to watch for, and more. 

After that, we bring in Rob Steeg from The Daily Stampede to preview this week's game against the USF Bulls and also commiserate with us about head coaching woes. Rob was a blast as usual, definitely tune in for the interview. 

We round things out by talking men's basketball signing day, the win over Jackson State, and previewing the Myrtle Beach Invitational before getting into women's basketball, men's soccer headed to the NCAA Tournament, cross country heading to the NCAA National Championships, and more. 


0:00 - Memphis Recap

9:35 - #MontyWatch

37:33 - Players of the Game

45:56 - Future AAC Football Schedules

55:15 - Around the AAC (Football Edition)

1:00:49 - USF Preview ft. Rob Steeg of The Daily Stampede

2:06:57 - Men's Basketball Signing Day

2:08:58 - Men's Basketball Recap

2:31:41 - Myrtle Beach Invitational Preview

2:37:02 - Women's Basketball

2:44:30 - Around the AAC (Basketball Edition)

2:47:31 - Men's Soccer -> NCAA Tournament

2:50:00 - Cross Country -> NCAA National Championships

2:54:30 - Women's Volleyball

2:55:41 - Outro

Nov 16, 202202:57:34
5-11: Sports are Rough – Tulane Recap / Memphis Preview / BBall Recap

5-11: Sports are Rough – Tulane Recap / Memphis Preview / BBall Recap

Tulsa had a rough sports week, with the women's basketball team's domination of Alcorn State being the lone bright spot. Football dropped a somewhat boring game to Tulane, basketball was unable to closeout Oregon State in the second half, and men's soccer dropped their AAC tournament opener to Memphis at home in OT. Here's hoping this upcoming week plays out better.


0:00 - Tulane Recap

18:00 - Players of the Game

32:30 - Around the American

45:47 - Memphis Preview

58:08 - Men's Basketball Recap + Preview

1:19:54 - Women's Basketball Recap + Preview

1:29:01 - Around the American Part 2 Basketball Edition

1:34:27 - Men's Soccer (Season Maybe Over?)

1:43:33 - Volleyball

1:45:38 - Matt's Poorly Phrased Trivia Question

Nov 09, 202201:49:00
5-10: The Megasode Returns — Homecoming Recap, Tulane Preview (ft. JP Gooderham of Fear the Wave), & Basketball Season Previews

5-10: The Megasode Returns — Homecoming Recap, Tulane Preview (ft. JP Gooderham of Fear the Wave), & Basketball Season Previews

After a week away due to traveling and enjoying Tulsa's Homecoming festivities (and issues with Apple Podcasts), we're back with a PACKED episode for you. We've got a football recap, we've got a football preview with JP Gooderham from Fear the Wave, we've got BASKETBALL SEASON on deck with Men's & Women's basketball season previews. It's a busy one. 

Unfortunately it kicks off on a down note as we need to discuss yet another Tulsa football loss - this time dropping the Homecoming game vs SMU. 

We recap the SMU game before welcoming in JP Gooderham of Fear the Wave fame. After moving on from football, we turn to basketball season (which starts on Monday, November 7th for both squads) and preview both teams. Following that, we break down other sports including cross country's continued conference dominance, men's soccer looking strong heading into championship szn, women's soccer's unfortunate early end, the passing of Dale McNamara, and more. 


0:00 - SMU/Homecoming Recap

33:32 - Players of the Game

46:03 - Around the American

49:57 - Tulane Preview ft. JP Gooderham from Fear the Wave

1:29:32 - Men's Basketball Season Preview

2:11:54 - Women's Basketball Season Preview

2:24:29 - Cross Country Dominance

2:31:49 - Men's Soccer

2:32:39 - Women's Soccer (season is over ☹️)

2:37:52 - Women's Volleyball

2:39:24 - Women's Golf and Dale McNamara

2:43:00 - Outro

Nov 03, 202202:44:33
5-9: Goodbye Bye Week — Temple Preview and Tulsa Sports Roundup

5-9: Goodbye Bye Week — Temple Preview and Tulsa Sports Roundup

The bye week is over and football is back as The Golden Hurricane hit the road to take on Temple on Friday. This game offers Tulsa a much needed chance to get back on track, and hopefully showcase a healthier team. We break down this TU-TU matchup in depth before diving in to all the other sports happening around campus.


0:00 - Bye week thoughts and Temple Preview

28:31 - Around the American

43:00 - Women's Golf

45:32 - Cross Country

48:46 - Soccer

51:40 - Volleyball

53:30 - Basketball Preseason News

Oct 19, 202201:01:12
5-8: Vibe Shift — Navy Recap & J.J.'s No Sports Zone (ft. J.J. Cody Fox)

5-8: Vibe Shift — Navy Recap & J.J.'s No Sports Zone (ft. J.J. Cody Fox)

Y'all, Tulsa at Navy in 2022 will go down as one of the worst college football games I have ever watched as a Tulsa fan. Almost nothing good happened for TU as Navy boat-raced the Hurricane 53-21 in Annapolis. We discuss what went wrong, Monty's adjustments (or lack thereof), Brin & Braxton, special teams nightmares, and plenty more. 

The lone (very) bright spot was Keylon Stokes, who surpassed both his brother (Keevan Lucas) and Dan Bitson in Tulsa's all-time receiving yards list to take the #2 spot. The only hurdle left is Tulsa great Howard Twilley, who stands just 28 yards away. 

We recap the Navy game and talk other Tulsa sports from this past week, but Tulsa football has their bye week this week! So no preview this week. 

To switch things up, we welcome J.J. Cody Fox onto the show for the 3rd annual J.J.'s No Sports Zone! We talk about all kinds of things, including her recent marriage to former Golden Hurricast co-host Pat Fox, near-death experiences, Survivor, Oktoberfest,  AIM screen-names, halloween costumes, walk-up songs, and a bunch more. It was a blast as usual. Check it out!


0:00 - Navy Recap

38:50 - Players of the Week

47:07 - Around the American

52:30 - Other Tulsa sports this week

1:02:02 - J.J.'s No Sports Zone

Oct 11, 202202:20:44
5-7: An Ugly Game — Cincy Recap and Navy Preview (ft. Mike James from The Mid Report)

5-7: An Ugly Game — Cincy Recap and Navy Preview (ft. Mike James from The Mid Report)

The Tulsa v. Cincy rivalry has gotten uglier with each passing year and this last one was no different. We talk about all the ugliness that took place on the field, but also all the great stuff that TU is doing off the field - tailgates, food, gamely atmosphere, etc. We then bring Mike James (@navybirddog) from @TheMidReport to once again help us preview the Tulsa-Navy matchup this weekend.


Cincy Recap: 0:00

Tailgate Talk: 37:23

Nacho Review: 43:29

Players of the Game: 45:06

Navy Preview w/ @navybirddog: 1:11:48

Women's Soccer: 2:09:04

Men's Soccer: 2:12:20

Volleyball: 2:14:06

Cross Country: 2:15:51

Oct 04, 202202:19:54
5-6: Tulsa's Time is Now — Ole Miss Recap, the Future of TU Athletics (ft. Tulsa AD Rick Dickson), & Cincinnati Preview (ft. Brandon from GoBeercats)

5-6: Tulsa's Time is Now — Ole Miss Recap, the Future of TU Athletics (ft. Tulsa AD Rick Dickson), & Cincinnati Preview (ft. Brandon from GoBeercats)

The first multi-guest episode in Hurricast history! We recap the Ole Miss game and crown our Players of the Week before bringing in TWO different guests this episode. 

First, we welcome Tulsa Athletic Director Rick Dickson back onto the show. We talk about Ole Miss, the soon-to-be 12-team College Football Playoff and what that means for Tulsa, new upgrades coming to TU facilities, and answer some listener questions around an Indoor Practice Facility, scheduling non-conference games, and what the financial situation has been like before & after Rick arrived back on campus. 

After that, Brandon from the GoBeercats podcast and blog joins the show to break down the Cincinnati Bearcats for us. Always a blast chatting with Brandon, and I think we both agree that this will be a close game on Saturday. 

We round things out with a look at how TU's other teams are doing and give a shout out to a great breast cancer awareness t-shirt fundraiser that TU's Master of Athletic Training Program is putting on. 


GoBeercats: @GoBeercats on Twitter and

TU's MAT Breast Cancer Awareness T-Shit Fundraiser:


0:00: Ole Miss recap

42:08: 12-team playoff and TU facility improvements discussion with Rick Dickson

2:03:12: Around the American

2:20:28: Cincinnati preview with Brandon from GoBeercats

3:03:08: Additional Cincy preview discussion

3:07:26: Men's basketball schedule release

3:12:14: Men's and Women's Soccer, Women's Volleyball, Cross Country

3:17:05: Breast Cancer Awareness  T-Shirt Fundraiser by TU's MAT Program

Sep 28, 202203:21:46
5-5: Taking Care of Business — JSU Recap and Ole Miss Preview (ft. Ruby Draayer from Red Cup Rebellion)

5-5: Taking Care of Business — JSU Recap and Ole Miss Preview (ft. Ruby Draayer from Red Cup Rebellion)

Ryan and Matt may have been at a wedding, but they're still going to talk about Tulsa's dominant win over Jacksonville State last weekend. We then bring on @RubyDraay from @RedCupRebellion to talk about this weekends matchup against Ole Miss in Oxford. The episode wraps up with some live reaction to a TU win and recaps for soccer and volleyball. 

JSU Recap: Start

Players of the Week: 17:17

Around the American: 32:24

Interview with Ruby: 44:08

Interview Thoughts: 1:09:30

Women's Soccer: 1:18:50

Volleyball: 1:21:55

Men's Soccer: 1:24:13

Sep 22, 202201:28:43
5-4: A Win's A Win — NIU Recap & Jacksonville State Preview

5-4: A Win's A Win — NIU Recap & Jacksonville State Preview

TU got out to one of the fastest starts we've seen from them in recent memory against Northern Illinois, going up 17-0 early and 24-7 at halftime; but it (almost) all came tumbling down in the 2nd half as the Hurricane pulled off a dramatic 38-35 victory over the NIU Huskies. 

We dig in to the Northern Illinois game and the gameday experience improvements before awarding our players of the week, previewing Jacksonville State, and talking other TU sports. 


0:00 – NIU Recap

26:45 – Gameday Experience Improvements

40:22 – Players of the Week

51:28 – Around the American

1:00:05 – Jacksonville State Preview

1:08:20 – Men's & Women's Soccer, Women's Volleyball

1:11:43 – Update on TU players in the NFL 

1:13:50 – Outro

Sep 13, 202201:15:04
5-3: Why Oh Wyoming — Recap + NIU Preview (ft. Eddie Carifio from the Daily Chronicle)

5-3: Why Oh Wyoming — Recap + NIU Preview (ft. Eddie Carifio from the Daily Chronicle)

Tulsa suffered a frustrating loss in Laramie 37–40 to start off the season. We talk about some of the flukey plays and mistakes that cost Tulsa a very winnable game. But we also discuss some of the highlights and positive takeaways that we saw and how those will impact the season going forward. 

We then bring on Eddie Carifio (@DDCEddieCarifio) from the DeKalb Daily Chronicle (@Daily_Chronicle) to preview the matchup with the Huskies this week.

Wrapping up we talk about men and women's soccer, a note on Sam Crawford, basketball court redesign and a quick Tyler Smith update.

Time Stamps

Wyoming Recap: Start

Players of the Week: 48:05

Interview with Eddie Carifio: 57:46

Brin Analytics Article: 1:34:50

Men and Women's Soccer: 1:38:42

Sam Crawford: 1:40:41

Basketball Court Redesign: 1:42:48

Tyler Smith Note: 1:50:42

Sep 07, 202201:54:02
5-2: Season Predictions & Wyoming Preview (ft. Cody Tucker from 7220 Sports in Wyoming)

5-2: Season Predictions & Wyoming Preview (ft. Cody Tucker from 7220 Sports in Wyoming)


We are extremely psyched for the season opener at Wyoming this coming Saturday. Catch it on FS1 at 2:30pm central time. 

This episode, before previewing Wyoming, we round out our season preview with a focus on predictions and personnel. We discuss the major losses and additions to the roster, new faces on the coaching staff, and make our predictions for Offensive Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, and the Breakout Players of the Year. We also get into Tulsa's schedule a bit more to discuss the home game themes and where we think the ceiling and floor is for the team this year. 

After that, we welcome in Cody Tucker from 7220 Sports in Wyoming and the Roaring Repeater podcast. Cody helps us get into what the Cowboys are like this year, their Week 0 blowout loss to the Illini, all of the new faces on their roster, and where things stand with Head Coach Craig Bohl as he enters his 9th season in Laramie. 

Follow Cody on Twitter @7220sports


0:00 - 26:55: Personnel Changes

26:55 - 1:01:24: Offensive/Defensive/Breakout Player(s) of the Year Predictions

1:01:24 - 1:25:10: Schedule Wrap Up (gameday improvements, home game themes, record ceiling and floor predictions)

1:25:10 - 2:16:51: Wyoming Preview ft. Cody Tucker from 7220 Sports and the Roaring Repeater podcast

2:16:51 - end: Men's & Women's Soccer, new basketball court design, other round-ups

Aug 30, 202202:26:39
5-1: THE GOLDEN HURRICA5T (Season Preview ft. Jerry Ostroski)

5-1: THE GOLDEN HURRICA5T (Season Preview ft. Jerry Ostroski)

Summer is almost over and The Golden Hurricast is back baby! To help us start our fifth season off with a bang we brought on TU legend Jerry Ostroski to help us talk football, football, and more football (and a little bit about cats).
We asked Jerry about his general thoughts on the team, did a deep dive looking at TU's 2022 schedule game by game, and wrapped up with some listener questions.
Aug 23, 202202:09:41
4-31: Good Juju & The Future of TU Athletics (ft. Rick Dickson)

4-31: Good Juju & The Future of TU Athletics (ft. Rick Dickson)

Tulsa Athletic Director Rick Dickson joins the show! 

We discuss Rick's return to Tulsa, his biggest moments as an AD, TU's forthcoming new mascot, conference realignment, adding sports, NIL, an indoor practice facility, and so much more. 

It was a jam-packed two hours. You'll want to tune in to the full thing. We had a blast with Rick and TU athletics is in great hands.

May 24, 202201:58:52
4-30: Year in Review

4-30: Year in Review

What a year it's been! Ryan and Matt take a look back at some of the best and worst games across all sports, discuss other memorable moments in athletics and hand out our first ever athletics report cards. Additionally we talk about the NFL draft and other big things happening in Tulsa's future.

May 17, 202202:55:11
4-29: Hurricane Party (ft. Eric Konkol)

4-29: Hurricane Party (ft. Eric Konkol)

Eric Konkol, the new Head Men's Basketball Coach at The University of Tulsa, joins the show! 

In what has got to be the best 1-2 episode punch in the history of this podcast, we bring on Coach Konkol after interviewing TU President Brad Carson last show. 

We talk National Signing Day, recruiting, what drew him to Tulsa, getting involved in the community, Jim Larrañaga, coaching styles, building programs, and a heck of a lot more in what is a jam-packed interview. Thanks @everyone for sending in such great questions for coach. 

After talking with coach, we spend some time discussing the Spring Game before some quicker notes on TU Women's Basketball signees, the Blue & Gold Gala, the Underdog Dynasty podcast, and some closing notes on merch and subscribers (thank you very much to our newest subscriber: Brett Gwartney). 

Hope you enjoy this one as much as we did!

Apr 15, 202201:34:31
4-28: Renaissance (ft. Brad Carson)

4-28: Renaissance (ft. Brad Carson)

A lot has happened in Tulsa sports in the last two weeks. The biggest news is, of course, Eric Konkol being named the new head coach of the men's basketball team. To discuss that huge hire and so much more around the world of TU, we brought in Brad Carson, the President of The University of Tulsa, to get his thoughts and to get some insight on athletics from an administration perspective.
Mar 30, 202202:12:53
4-27.5: Special WNIT Mini-Sode!

4-27.5: Special WNIT Mini-Sode!

Tulsa beat North Texas in the first round of the WNIT and takes on Wyoming, Sunday in the second round! Matt breaks down what happened in game one, and breaks down the matchup with the Cowgirls.

Mar 19, 202217:22
4-27: A Whole New World

4-27: A Whole New World

The Haith era at Tulsa is over. Welcome to our longest episode ever. 

Listen in as we recap the end of the men's basketball season, dig in to Frank Haith's resignation and what led to it, discuss a LOT of potential coaching candidates (the Mike Anderson dream is now dead 😢), get mad about the All-AAC teams, and break down Tulsa's matchup in the WNIT.


0:00 - 20:19: Men's basketball recap

20:19 - 1:00:34: Frank Haith resigns

1:00:34 - 2:08:32: Men's basketball coaching candidates

2:08:32 - 2:15:08: Tulsa's All-AAC snubs

2:15:08 - end: Tulsa –> Women's NIT

Mar 15, 202202:28:01
4-26: Tourney Time

4-26: Tourney Time

What a wild finish to the regular season for men's basketball. We talk about the incredible Senior Day win over UCF, recap and preview Wichita State and discuss the men's chances in the conference tournament. Afterwards we break down the final two games of the women's season and give some *very* early thoughts about next years squad.

Mar 10, 202201:21:22
4-25: Are We The Fighting School Now?

4-25: Are We The Fighting School Now?

We discuss fighting, men's and women's basketball as their regular seasons wind down, senior days, break down a bit of the women's AAC tournament, and take a look around the league. 

We also talk some USFL, Spring football, and a fresh transfer out of TU. 


0:00 - 4:40: Follow-up on last week's episode on attendance and apathy at TU

4:40 - 28:07: Men's basketball recap (and a discussion on fighting)

28:07 - 47:21: Men's basketball previews for Wichita State and UCF (Senior Day!)

47:21 - 58:23: Around the American

58:23 - 1:11:05: Women's basketball

1:11:05 - 1:15:05: Tulsa –> USFL

1:15:05 - 1:16:47: Women's basketball transition

1:16:47 - 1:17:41: Spring football

1:17:41 - 1:22:21: James Palmer transferring & an updated look at the TE room

1:22:21 - End: Shout out to the tennis teams

Mar 01, 202201:24:06
4-24: Imagine All the People

4-24: Imagine All the People

In this week's episode we spend a lot of time lamenting about the University's seemingly apathetic commitment to making TU athletics a fun experience for their fans. Afterwards we dive into some basketball recaps and finish off with some football schedule first thoughts.


0:00 - 30:30: Attendance rant

30:30 - 39:56: Men's basketball recap

39:56 - 47:18: Angie Nelp's Chalk Talk & more attendance ranting

47:18 - 1:02:30: Men's basketball preview (SMU & ECU)

1:02:30 - 1:14:30: Around the American

1:14:30 - 1:23:06: Women's basketball recap

1:23:06 - 1:25:01: Women's basketball preview (ECU & Wichita State)

1:25:01 - 1:32:05: Football schedule release

1:32:05 - end: The College Basketball Stories Podcast recap 

Feb 22, 202201:36:16
4-23: A Reason For Hope?

4-23: A Reason For Hope?

A few losses, a win, AAC CHAOS, fun football coaching hires, and even a section on textbooks!


0:00 - 7:45: Initial recap

7:45 - 15:50: What went wrong with the men's team?

15:50 - 19:37: Legends Days win over Cincy

19:37 - 28:30: Basketball Themes of the Week

28:30 - 31:50: Basketball Previews

31:50 - 37:08: Around the AAC

37:08 - 44:37: Women's Basketball

44:37 - 49:02: Craig Suits hired as TU's new LB coach

49:02 - 53:15: Gary McGraw hired as TU's new cornerbacks coach

53:15 - 56:04: Lovie Smith and Dennis Allen are NFL head coaches

56:04 - end: TU "buying" textbooks for freshmen

Feb 16, 202201:00:57
4-22: Extremes

4-22: Extremes

This week was like something out of a Charles Dickens' novel: the men's team suffered the worst loss in almost 20 years to Tulane, and followed it up with a 31-point route of South Florida. And the women's team beat Memphis on the strength of their speed and guard play, but faltered on the road against Cincy because of the inside game. We break down their weeks, talk a little football, Matt had to do some quick math live, and we wrap it all up with an exciting merch announcement.

Feb 01, 202201:03:42
4-21: Surrender the Outcome (ft. Angie Nelp)

4-21: Surrender the Outcome (ft. Angie Nelp)

New Tulsa women's basketball head coach Angie Nelp joins the Hurricast to discuss the record breaking start to the season, what led to it, how she plans to sustain the success, what Chalk Talk is, and if she has any advice for the men's team. She even breaks out a couple phrases that I think definitely count as life lessons (see the title). 

After we talk with Coach Nelp, we continue with women's basketball, talk some men's basketball, take a look around the league, discuss the Tulsa Tower play, break down the Luke Olson –> Defensive Coordinator promotion, and a bunch more. 

Come for the interview with Angie Nelp, stay for a fun breakdown of the Tulsa Tower play from 1916. 


0:00 - 36:55: Women's basketball with Angie Nelp

36:55 - 55:45: More women's basketball

55:45 - 1:03:33: Around the American

1:03:33 - 1:12:15: Men's basketball

1:12:15 - 1:16:28: Tulsa Tower Play

1:16:28 - 1:18:45: OT Tyler Smith declares for NFL Draft

1:18:45 - 1:19:37: Trevis Gipson earns Chicago Bears' 2021 Most Improved Player award

1:19:37 - 1:21:35: Dexter McCoil retires from football

1:21:35 - 1:23:38: Jaxon Player commits to Baylor

1:23:38 - 1:24:24: Jesse Williams promoted from just OL coach to OL coach & Defensive Run Game Coordinator

1:24:24 - End: Luke Olson named new Defensive Coordinator

Jan 24, 202201:30:30
4-20: Two More Failed Comebacks

4-20: Two More Failed Comebacks

The men's basketball team has four straight losses by five points or less, including two to Temple and Houston this week. But their Kenpom ranking actually improved over the same time. Meanwhile the women's team has continued their best season of the decade with a dominant win over East Carolina. We break down all of this plus more more!

Jan 18, 202201:07:43
4-19: Football Season Wrap Up (ft. Cayden McFarland)

4-19: Football Season Wrap Up (ft. Cayden McFarland)

After a few weeks off for a nice holiday break, we are back in a big way with our football season wrap up episode! 

We talk some basketball before welcoming in Cayden McFarland from 2 News Oklahoma (KJRH) to break down Tulsa's 2021 football season. We discuss what a "good" season looks like for TU, how this team and staff compare to past teams, our feelings about Philip Montgomery, the transfer portal, and much much more. We also hand out some end-of-season awards. 

To close things out, we take a look around the American so far this basketball season, talk some women's basketball, and discuss the latest transfer news and NFL draft declarations. 


0:00 - 13:40: Memphis recap & feelings about the season so far

13:40 - 23:55: Men's basketball preview for Temple & Houston

23:55 - 1:34:06: Football season wrap up & awards with Cayden McFarland

1:34:23 - 1:37:16: Around the American

1:37:16 - 1:45:07: Women's basketball

1:45:07 - 1:50:37: Transfer portal news, NFL draft declarations, other quick picks

1:50:37 - 1:51:50: Outro

Jan 10, 202201:51:50
4-18: Reign-y Day at the Beach

4-18: Reign-y Day at the Beach

Happy Holidays! In this episode we talk about Tulsa's big bowl win over Old Dominion, talk about the *lack* of men's basketball, the ongoing hot streak on the women's side, and Go-Go on some Brennan Marion speculation.

Dec 22, 202101:05:54
4-17: Just Beachy (ft. Harry Minium)

4-17: Just Beachy (ft. Harry Minium)

It's Myrtle Beach Bowl preview time! To help us break down the big game against the Monarchs on December 20th, we bring in Old Dominion Athletics senior writer Harry Minium. We talk with Harry about Old Dominion's 1-6 start, the many talented young guns on this team, the rebuild Ricky Rahne has undertaken, how he thinks this game will go, and much more.

No Matt in this one, so I take the rest of it solo style. I recap last week's basketball games against Loyola Marymount and Southern Illinois, preview this week's games vs Alcorn State and Colorado State, break down the Grey Cup (☹️), take a look at how the AAC has done in basketball so far this year, and plenty plenty more. Hope you enjoy!


0:00 - 14:00: Basketball recaps

14:00 - 23:10: Basketball previews

23:10 - 1:00:30: Myrtle Beach Bowl preview with Harry Minium

1:00:30 - 1:08:13: Grey Cup recap

1:08:13 - 1:15:00: AAC basketball week-in-review

1:15:00 - 1:18:07: AAC bowl game roundup

1:18:07 - 1:21:02: Joe Gillespie & Carlton Buckels update

1:21:02 - 1:22:25: Women's basketball on fire

1:22:25 - 1:24:17: Outro

Dec 14, 202101:24:19
4-16: Lots to Talk About

4-16: Lots to Talk About

Tulsa basketball had two games last week (spoiler: they lost both), but there is way more Tulsa news to talk about this week! Join us as we discuss the ORU / Boise State games, football playoffs and bowls, coaching news, transfer status, and Grey Cup action.

*This episode was recorded before the big Defensive Coordinator news came out, so Matt for sure jinxed us.

Dec 07, 202101:24:05
4-15: The Safe Play
Nov 30, 202101:22:30
4-14: TU's Mega Sports Weekend (ft. Steve Gage)

4-14: TU's Mega Sports Weekend (ft. Steve Gage)

A lot is happening in the world of Tulsa sports - Tulsa escaped Tulane with a win, women's basketball opened up a new era with a win, men's basketball won their opener before shockingly dropping one to Air Force, and men's soccer won the AAC Tournament to wrap it all up. We talk about all of that + bring in TU Hall of Famer Steve Gage to talk about TU football in the 80s and some of his thoughts on football today.

Nov 16, 202102:11:19
4-13: The Football + Basketball + Soccer Megasode (ft. JP from Fear the Wave)

4-13: The Football + Basketball + Soccer Megasode (ft. JP from Fear the Wave)

Buckle up folks, this is a big one. We: 

1) Break down the College GameDay heartbreaker against Cincinnati 

2) Preview one of our favorite football games (Tulane) with one of our favorite people (JP from Fear the Wave) 

3) Bust out the basketball season preview!!! 

4) Talk about men's soccer and hosting the AAC soccer tournament (starts on Wednesday!) 

There's probably more in there tbh. I know there was some playoff expansion and conference realignment discussion as well. 

Our longest episode ever! Big shout out to you if you listen to the whole thing. 

Nov 09, 202102:25:47
4-12: GameDay (ft. Brandon from GoBeercats)

4-12: GameDay (ft. Brandon from GoBeercats)

Tulsa travels to Cincinnati to take on the Bearcats in their first ever appearance on College GameDay. We bring back Brandon from GoBeercats to talk about the matchup and all things Cincy. Be sure to listen to his podcast as well this week to hear Ryan and Matt talk the Tulsa side of the matchup. Additionally, we break down the disappointing Navy loss and talk briefly about Montywatch.
Nov 02, 202101:19:31
4-11: The American Athletic Conference of These United States of America (ft. Mike James)
Oct 26, 202101:29:57
4-10: J.J.’s No Sports Zone Returns

4-10: J.J.’s No Sports Zone Returns

Tulsa avoided the upset and came away with a one point win over USF this weekend. Now facing a bye week we bring back J.J. Cody for our second annual “No Sports Zone” to talk VanderPump rules, Magic Treehouse and way more!
Oct 20, 202101:33:13
4-9: The Homecoming Bounceback (ft. Rob Steeg)

4-9: The Homecoming Bounceback (ft. Rob Steeg)

After a 35-point home loss to a rival, the big question was how Tulsa would respond. There were some struggles, but overall the Hurricane bounced back as well as most could've reasonably hoped for and got a nice win over a decent Memphis Tigers team on Homecoming - AND debuted some gorgeous red throwback jerseys to boot.
We recap the Memphis win before bringing in Rob Steeg from The Daily Stampede to help us preview the USF Bulls, their young talent, Jeff Scott, and plenty more.
We round things out with some conference realignment discussions; and we learned about Tulsa men's soccer's road loss at UCF live during the recording.
Oct 12, 202101:37:31
4-8: The Houston Meltdown

4-8: The Houston Meltdown

Oof, Tulsa was beat bad by Houston last week losing 45-10 on national television. We break down this game a little bit before bringing back #MontyWatch for the first time since the 2019 season. After a preview of the Homecoming matchup with Memphis later this week we wrap it up with some of the crazy results happening in the conference.

Oct 05, 202101:04:32
4-7.5: Houston Preview (ft. The Scott & Holman Pawdcast)
Sep 29, 202159:55
4-7: Arkansas State Recap

4-7: Arkansas State Recap

For the second week in a row, we’ve got TWO podcasts coming out in one week.

This one is a full hour-long recap of Tulsa’s home win over Arkansas State, and the first win of the 2021 season. We talk about the offense's fantastic performance and explosive plays, Arkansas State's horrendous defense, and our mostly very very bad special teams play. We also of course crown our Offensive, Defensive, and, maybe (?), our Special Teams Player of the Week.

We round things out with a look around the AAC, the on fire men's soccer team, and Shaq Harrison's new deal with the 76ers.

Our Houston preview ft. The Scott & Holman Pawdcast will be out first thing tomorrow (Wednesday) morning! Keep your ears peeled.

Sep 28, 202101:02:18
4-6: 0-3 Optimism

4-6: 0-3 Optimism

Tulsa is 0-3 and coming off a 21 point loss to Ohio State. Yet, we’re still optimistic about this team going forward. We explain why we feel decent about the OSU loss, the rise of Davis Brin and more.
Sep 21, 202101:13:43
4-5.5: AAC Expansion Special (ft. Mike James, Nathan Bond, and Jared Shafit)

4-5.5: AAC Expansion Special (ft. Mike James, Nathan Bond, and Jared Shafit)

We're back early this week with a special episode all about conference realignment and AAC expansion!

To help us hash things out, we got together with fellow AAC podcasters/bloggers Mike James (The Mid Report covering Navy), Nathan Bond (The Daily Stampede covering USF), and Jared Shafit (The Boneyard Podcast covering ECU) to discuss which teams the American should target in expansion.

Loved talking with these guys, and we hope you enjoy it and learn as much as we did.

Sep 20, 202101:23:30
4-5: From OSU to OSU

4-5: From OSU to OSU

If memes could be episode titles, this one would be the meme of all the spidermans (spidermen?) pointing at each other and they'd all be named OSU.

We break down the loss at Oklahoma State and discuss the notable improvement we saw in two of the three phases of the game. We then preview our second-straight road trip - this time heading to Columbus to take on THE Ohio State University. And to round things out we take a look around the conference and talk some men's soccer.

No conference realignment talk in this one - we've hopefully got a special surprise in store for that coming up soon.

Sep 14, 202101:09:34
4-4: We Should Run More (OSU Preview Ft. Eli Lederman)

4-4: We Should Run More (OSU Preview Ft. Eli Lederman)

Somehow Tulsa managed to drop the season opener against FCS team UC Davis. The passing game couldn't get any traction and costly turnovers ruined great rushing performances by Deneric Prince and Shamari Brooks (179 and 88 yards respectively). After breaking down that loss, we hop on a call with Eli Lederman, the new OSU beat writer from the Tulsa World to talk about this weeks matchup.

Finally, in what is looking like a weekly tradition at this point, we discuss the latest conference realignment news.

Sep 09, 202101:25:50
4-3: UC Davis Brin Time

4-3: UC Davis Brin Time

** Very sorry for the distorted audio in this one. Not sure what happened to my microphone to cause this. **

ANYWAY, it's home opener time baby. We've got UC Davis from the FCS coming to town to kick off the 2021 TU Football season.

We break down UC Davis and answer listener questions. A sincere thank you to all of you who sent in the questions, we really enjoyed discussing them. And we promise they'll be answered with better audio quality next time 🤞

Aug 30, 202101:12:02
4-2: Football Predictions (2021 Edition)

4-2: Football Predictions (2021 Edition)

We continue our yearly tradition and make predictions for the football season. From offensive player of the year, to game-by-game predictions, we've got it all plus more. Let us know on Twitter what your predictions are for this season!

Aug 24, 202101:27:43
4-1: The Golden Hurricats (Season Preview ft. Kelly Hines)

4-1: The Golden Hurricats (Season Preview ft. Kelly Hines)

HELLO TU FAMILY, we are back for our fourth season and feeling better than ever. Thank you to all the listeners who have stuck with us over the years.

We're kicking things off in a big way this season by bringing in Tulsa World sportswriter Kelly Hines. Kelly joins the show to break down the 2021 TU football team, talk conference realignment, and answer some rapid-fire questions; all while cats on her side and on our side made their presences known.

We had a fantastic time talking with Kelly, and hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it.

Aug 17, 202153:27
4-0: Kind of Emergency Episode Offseason Special

4-0: Kind of Emergency Episode Offseason Special

The Hurricast is back earlier than expected to discuss how some piping hot conference realignment shenanigans might impact TU/The American/college football in general.

We'll formally kick off season 4 with our football season preview episode on August 16/17.

Aug 02, 202142:21
3-28: Page 6 Heroes

3-28: Page 6 Heroes

Frank Haith once coached a girls' junior-high team to an 0-10 record!

An impromptu Faith in Haith update from former co-host Pat Fox!

We're no longer the worst three-point shooting team in the conference! (thank you NSU)

AAC tournament preview!

Tulsa men's soccer, men's & women's cross country, and women's golf updates!

All of this and more on this week's Hurricast. You don't want to miss it.

Mar 09, 202143:04
3-27: Second Half Blues

3-27: Second Half Blues

This week we look back at the last ten games of the season which have been almost a perfect reversal from the first ten games of the season. We try to explain what we we think led to swift decline this season. We then breakdown the Cincy loss, look ahead to the final week of the regular season, and talk news around TU sports.

Mar 02, 202141:43
3-26: Coaching Crisis

3-26: Coaching Crisis

We didn't have an episode last week, so we allowed ourselves to go closer to an hour this week.

We recap the Temple win and preview this week's games vs Cincy and ECU, but we spend way more time talking about all of the drama currently surrounding the TU athletics department.

Interim AD Rick Dickson no longer has interim in his title. Why? Coaching crisis.

Frank Haith's current contract is up in early 2022. Philip Montgomery's is up in January 2022. Dickson is on record saying that both of these contract issues will be resolved by July of this year. That's just four months away. DRAMA.

We talk at length about what we think will happen, who the frontrunners might be if the university does decide to go in a different direction for men's basketball, and plenty more.

We also discuss Tulsa football's 2021 schedule that was released last week, Zaven Collins winning another national award, TU recruiting updates, and weird coaching staff changes.

Feb 23, 202153:49
3-25: A Sinking Feeling

3-25: A Sinking Feeling

Another rough week of basketball looks to sink all hope of an NCAA Tourney bid as the Golden Hurricane drop two at home to SMU and UCF. We break down the losses, some weird conspiracy(?) involving Darien Jackson's stats and recap some other big news around TU athletics.

Feb 09, 202138:28
3-24: The Danger Zone

3-24: The Danger Zone

Tulsa men's basketball dropped one they couldn't afford to in an ugly road loss to Temple last week. They rebounded with a road win over ECU, but TU may have to win out in order to make the NCAA tournament.

We recap last week's games while noticing changes in playing time, discussing NCAA tournament hopes, and debating the status of Haith's contract. We then award our player of the week, preview this week's home games vs SMU and UCF, take a look around the conference, and more.

Feb 02, 202144:37
3-23: Hey Would You Score Some Points?
Jan 26, 202133:12
3-22: Generally Not More Than 30-ish Minutes

3-22: Generally Not More Than 30-ish Minutes

Tulsa men's basketball dropped their 6-game win streak this past week in a 19-point loss on the road against Wichita State. The Hurricane followed that up with a season sweep of their own against the Memphis Tigers though, beating them by 1 on Sunday afternoon.

We talk a lot about 3 pointers, 3-point shooters, and senior leadership.

Here's what's on the agenda for this 'sode:

* Wichita State and Memphis recap

* Player of the week

* Houston and Tulane preview

* Around the American

* Update on who's returning/not returning for next season's football team

* Football recruiting update

Jan 19, 202132:12
3-21 (Bonus): The Jeremie Poplin Show

3-21 (Bonus): The Jeremie Poplin Show

We bring on Tulsa sideline reporter and radio personality Jeremie Poplin to officially wrap up the end of the football season! From the bowl game brawl to the impact Zaven's national awards have on TU and everything in between.

Jan 14, 202101:00:23
3-21: The Best Year?

3-21: The Best Year?

The Golden Hurricast is now never longer than 30 minutes and 59 seconds. This week Matt and Ryan talk lots of basketball - USF recap, Wichita State / Memphis previews, and general happenings on the team. Plus we discuss whether this could be the best season from both football and basketball we've seen in the same year.

Jan 12, 202130:59
3-20: Transition Time

3-20: Transition Time

Hooo boy, what a past couple of weeks. Tulsa football got into a massive brawl with Mississippi State after a bowl loss, Tulsa basketball beat a top-five team for the first time since the 90s and beat Cincinnati on the road for the first time since the 60s, and the American continued its storied tradition of being awful in bowl season.

We talk about all of that, crown our players of the year and discuss how our preseason breakout players actually did, and plenty more.

Near the end, we discuss a pretty significant change in the format of our future episodes. Let us know what you think!

Jan 05, 202101:27:34
3-19: Conference Runner-Up

3-19: Conference Runner-Up

Tulsa lost a heartbreaker to Cincinnati in the AAC title game last weekend, but proved they are going to be a force in the American going forward. Ryan and Matt break down the game, look ahead to the bowl matchup with Mississippi State. and catch up on basketball.

Dec 22, 202001:13:15
3-18: AAC Championship Preview (ft. Joe Broback)

3-18: AAC Championship Preview (ft. Joe Broback)

Your #20 Tulsa Golden Hurricane will (hopefully) (please dear god) play the #6 Cincinnati Bearcats in the American Athletic Conference championship game this Saturday, December 19th, at 7:00pm CST.

Because we already previewed the Bearcats in October with Clayton Trutor and then again just last week with GoBeercats, we're not doing a third Cincinnati preview. Instead, we bring in Joe Broback from Sixth Year Sports and Underdog Dynasty to talk about past American Conference championship games, some of his favorite AAC players from past seasons, the ways Tulsa could get an edge in this one, how he thinks it's going to go, and plenty more.

We were super excited to have Joe on the show, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Dec 14, 202001:18:09
3-17: Interview with Go Beercats

3-17: Interview with Go Beercats

Breaking out our interview with Brandon from Go Beercats into it's own episode to preview the next two weeks and talk Cincy sports and beer. We dive into more listener questions and talk about implications these games have for Cincinnati and the conference at large.

Dec 08, 202038:38
3-16: Uncharted Territory

3-16: Uncharted Territory

After knocking off the Midshipmen for the first time since joining the AAC, Tulsa clinched their first berth in the AAC title game against. Cincinnati on December 19th. But first, the Golden Hurricane will play Cincinnati on December 12th. We discuss the Navy win, and tackle a lot of listener questions about our chances in both of these next two games. Finally, Ryan breaks down the early goings in the world of basketball.

Dec 08, 202001:08:33
3-15: Cardiac Cane

3-15: Cardiac Cane

What a finish! Ryan and Matt break down the improbable, impossible, heart-racing comeback Tulsa pulled off against Tulane last Thursday in Primetime! We talk Davis Brin, Zaven Collins, JC Santana and all the incredible performances. Afterwards we take on some more listener questions and look at the conference basketball slate.

Nov 24, 202001:29:06
3-14: Puff the Magic Hurricane (Tulane Preview ft. JP Gooderham)

3-14: Puff the Magic Hurricane (Tulane Preview ft. JP Gooderham)

* The second of two episodes this week! *

Your newly minted #25 Tulsa Golden Hurricane welcomes in old rival Tulane for a Thursday night showdown on ESPN. That's right, it's Battle of the Color-Based Water Phenomena week.

To raise the stakes even further: Tulane is coming off an emotional win of their own, taking down #25 (Coaches' Poll) Army for their first win over a ranked team in any poll since 1984. Can they take down a #25 team for the second week straight?

To break down the Green Wave, we bring in JP Gooderham from Fear the Wave. We talk to JP about Tulane's team this year, Michael Pratt's early successes, Willie Fritz, Rick Dickson, the Bacon Wave, and, of course, Hurc the Hurricane/Huffy/Tulsa Puff Jr./Puff the Magic Hurricane. It's always a pleasure chatting with JP, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Nov 17, 202055:47
3-13: Jekyll & Hyde (SMU Recap and Listener Questions)

3-13: Jekyll & Hyde (SMU Recap and Listener Questions)

* The first of two episodes this week! *

Your Tulsa Golden Hurricane beat the #19 SMU Mustangs this past weekend. That's the second ranked win of the season (#11 UCF), and the first time in the history of Tulsa's football program that the Golden Hurricane has beaten two ranked teams in the same season. It was a historic win for several more reasons as well.

Tulsa is now #25 in the AP Poll and is ranked for the first time since the final AP Poll of the 2010 season (#24).

We bask in the glory of the SMU game and answer a LOT of very good listener questions. Thank you very much for sending those in.

Nov 17, 202001:17:17
3-12: The Boomtown Showdown

3-12: The Boomtown Showdown


With the extra time due to no game recap, we dive deep into the SMU game - a rivalry game with massive implications. A win on Saturday gets Tulsa ranked for the first time in a decade. We go in on the Mustangs' coaching staff, key players, notable injures, our thoughts on the matchup, and more.

After the SMU preview, we take a look around the conference and discuss the recent announcement of Tulsa Basketball's non-conference schedule.

Nov 10, 202001:02:25
3-11: The Monkey's Paw

3-11: The Monkey's Paw

Tulsa got away with a win against East Carolina last week thanks to some not great officiating. We break down the eventful final drive in excruciating detail before moving on to the good, the bad and the players of the game. We talk some TU basketball and football recruiting to wrap the 'sode. This episode was made extra long so you have something to listen to while waiting in line to vote.

Nov 03, 202001:19:20
3-10: Welcome Home (ft. Jared Shafit)

3-10: Welcome Home (ft. Jared Shafit)

Tulsa dominated USF 42-13 on Friday in Tampa to spoil their very colorful #SoFlo uniform debut.

We recap that game before bringing in Jared Shafit from The Boneyard Podcast to preview the Pirates of East Carolina. We talk with Jared about the Pirates' progression under second-year coach Mike Houston, why they're faltering on offense so far this year, the strong young core they're building, and more.

We finish things off with a quick look around the conference, and Ryan thanks Matt for doing the podcast even during his vacation in Colorado. That's dedication. Good boy Matt.

Oct 28, 202001:14:24
3-9: Bulls on Parade (ft. Robert Steeg)

3-9: Bulls on Parade (ft. Robert Steeg)

Another week, another Tulsa football game postponed. With no Cincinnati game to recap we brought on Robert Steeg from The Daily Stampede to talk all things Tulsa vs. USF. Topics ranged from the hiring of Jeff Scott, what  a successful season look like for the Bulls, and how anything can happen during a Friday night football game. 

Oct 20, 202001:13:55
3-8: Cincinnati Preview (ft. Clayton Trutor)

3-8: Cincinnati Preview (ft. Clayton Trutor)

After two consecutive games against the #11 team in the country, Tulsa welcomes the #8 Cincinnati Bearcats to town for the Hurricane's Homecoming game on Saturday. It's a game with monumental consequences, especially following TU's victory over #11 UCF in Orlando a bit over a week ago.

To preview the Bearcats, we welcome in Clayton Trutor from Cincinnati's SB Nation site Down the Drive. We talk with Clayton about all kinds of things, including whether Cincy deserves to be ranked #8, expectations for the Bearcats this season, Cincinnati QB Desmond Ridder's apparent regression, how incredible their defense is, matchups he's concerned about, and plenty more.

As usual, we also talk some American conference ball and some other things. We enjoyed our discussion with Clayton and hope you do as well.

Oct 13, 202057:01
3-7: We Were Bouncin

3-7: We Were Bouncin

Tulsa's upset of #11 UCF was their first win over a ranked team on the road since 1976. The game looked ugly early, but the defense held tight long enough for the offense to wake up and storm back for the win. We spend a loooong time breaking down what went down when Tulsa took over the Bounce House.

Oct 06, 202001:07:31
3-6: UCF Preview (ft. Roger Phipps)

3-6: UCF Preview (ft. Roger Phipps)

With no Arkansas State game to recap due to the game's postponement, we bring you an extended preview for this week's game on the road against #11 UCF!

We're joined by Roger Phipps (@KnightBengal) from the Knightline podcast and the Knightline at Knight radio show on WDBO 107.3 FM.

Tulsa is currently a 21.5 point underdog to the Knights, and we talk to Roger about all kinds of things. We get into his expectations for this year’s team, whether this game is circled for UCF after last year’s upset loss in Tulsa, what the Knights' biggest weakness is, the College Football Playoff, and a bunch more.

Many thanks to Roger for joining the show, and we hope you enjoy it!

Sep 29, 202051:04
3-5: Philip Montpenalty

3-5: Philip Montpenalty

Football is back! Tulsa traveled to Stillwater to open up the season and took a lead into halftime against the #11 Cowboys, but misfires and miscues kept them from pulling off the upset. We break down the game that could've been, talk about the new interim Athletic Director, and bring back a guest for a new recurring segment.

Sep 22, 202001:06:14
3-4: J.J.'s No Sports Zone (ft. J.J. Cody)

3-4: J.J.'s No Sports Zone (ft. J.J. Cody)

Having already released the OSU preview episode, and with the actual game postponed until the 19th, there wasn't as much #sports related content to get to this week. We talk some more about TU-OSU, take a look at how other American teams performed in weeks 1 and 2, and discuss Tulsa's home attendance policy as it relates to COVID-19.

However, after that, we bring in J.J. Cody for her own segment: J.J.'s No Sports Zone. J.J. is former co-host Pat Fox's fiancée. We've talked about doing this segment with her for a while now, and this was the perfect week for it. J.J. had free reign to get into whatever she wanted, and we talked about Star Trek, various quarantine activities, Chamber Music Tulsa, and more Star Trek. It was fun to mix it up a bit, and J.J. was a blast to talk to as usual.

Sep 15, 202059:10
3-3: OSU Preview (ft. Phillip Slavin)

3-3: OSU Preview (ft. Phillip Slavin)

The Tulsa – OSU season opener was pushed back to September 19th, and that news broke live while we were recording this episode on Monday night.

HOWEVER, we cannot be stopped. We bring in Phillip Slavin from the Ten 12 Podcast (also writes for Cowboys Ride for Free and the LandGrant Gauntlet) to give us his take on OSU this year, how COVID has affected the team, the "triplets", the surprise team out of the Big 12, and even a healthy amount of TU recruiting talk.

We had a great chat with Phillip and hope you enjoy it as well.

Sep 10, 202054:06
3-2: The Season Preview Must Go On

3-2: The Season Preview Must Go On

Just because the start of Tulsa's football season was delayed (again), does not mean that our football preview will be delayed! Ryan and Matt go in depth on offense, defense and more. Our interview with Phillip Slavin previewing the Oklahoma State game will be released later this week.

Sep 08, 202001:14:06
3-1: Return of the Hurricast (ft. Bruce Howard)

3-1: Return of the Hurricast (ft. Bruce Howard)

We're back for Season 3 and are honored to kick things off by bringing in Bruce Howard! The 27-year Voice of the Golden Hurricane joins the show to talk about everything from the season that most surprised him to his "bible".

Also: we bought a bunch of new recording equipment over the summer, and thus inevitably had some audio issues for this first episode.  We found the cause after recording, but some of it we just couldn't edit out. Future episodes will be crystal clear, though, so look forward to that 👍

Sep 01, 202049:34
2-28: Not the End We Wanted

2-28: Not the End We Wanted

In what unfortunately is our final episode of the (regular) season, we face the reality of the end of not only Tulsa's basketball season, but sports across the country as well. We reminisce about the basketball season and hand out our highly sought after awards. Then we dive into some listener questions including an Earley preview of next season, a recap for our Houston friends, and a what could have been scenario for Tulsa had they made March Madness this season.

Mar 18, 202001:11:26
2-27: Conference Champs & Postseason Predictions

2-27: Conference Champs & Postseason Predictions

Tulsa's 2020 bid to become the outright American Athletic Conference Champion was spoiled by Sunday's beatdown at the hands of Wichita State. The fact that the Hurricane still tied for 1st place and a share of the conference title, however, should not be overshadowed by that last game.

We discuss Tulsa's disappointing showing at Wichita State, give our thoughts on Frank Haith, and predict the conference tournament and how Tulsa will have to fare there in order to have any kind of shot at an at-large bid.

Fair warning: we recorded this one pretty late at night, so we go off the rails a bit near the end.

Mar 10, 202054:41
2-26: Have Yourself a Week Lawson

2-26: Have Yourself a Week Lawson

Tulsa took care of business in their last two home games of the season notching wins against both Tulane (on Mardi Gras) and UCF thanks in large part to Lawson Korita's career week. After tying his three-point career high against the Green Wave, he set a career high with 20 points on his Senior Day. Pat and Matt break down his and the rest of Tulsa's performance and look ahead at the last week of the regular season against Temple and Wichita State. Plus some AAC tourney preview action!

Mar 03, 202042:51
2-25: Legends (ft. Trevis Gipson)

2-25: Legends (ft. Trevis Gipson)

Tulsa star Trevis Gipson joins the Hurricast to talk about his time at TU, the Senior Bowl, the upcoming NFL Combine and Draft, and his relationship with his brother. We really appreciated catching up with him during his busy schedule, and we hope you all enjoy it too. You can follow Trevis on twitter and instagram @trevisgipson, and you can follow along with both him and his brother on Twitter @GipsonBrothers.

After talking with Trevis, we recap last week's loss at Houston and the Legends Day celebration that included Bingo Smith's #32 jersey being retired and a 22-point beatdown over SMU to win the #BoomtownShowdown. We then preview this week's games vs Tulane and UCF, and wrap things up with a look around the conference, where TU is now just a half-game back from first place.

Feb 24, 202001:01:57
2-24: Race 4 the AAC

2-24: Race 4 the AAC

After going 0-2 two weeks ago, Tulsa basketball got back on track and won two straight over ECU and USF to stake their claim again as one of 4 legitimate contenders for the AAC title.

We recap last week's wins over ECU and South Florida, preview this week's monster matchups at Houston and at home vs SMU, lament Hawaii football's coaching additions, and debate the meaning of the number 4 in the universe.

Feb 18, 202057:47
2-23: TU and the No Good, Very Bad Three Point Defense Week

2-23: TU and the No Good, Very Bad Three Point Defense Week

To add on to the tragedy of last week's lost episode, Matt and Ryan recap the back-to-back losses at the hands of UConn and UCF – which saw Tulsa's three point defense regress in a big way. Then we take a look at the suddenly more important ECU and USF matchups for this week, and discuss how the recent "slump" affects Tulsa's NCAA bid chances.

Feb 10, 202057:05
2-22: We Can't Be Stopped

2-22: We Can't Be Stopped

What a week it was in the land of Tulsa basketball. I'm still in slight disbelief while typing this, but Tulsa beat #20 Memphis by 40 POINTS on Wednesday, 80-40. Literally doubled them up. They then followed that by beating everyone's favorite team to hate (UConn) on the road in overtime.

We get to recap one of the most fun weeks for Tulsa basketball in recent memory, and we get you ready for our sole game this week - Havoc in the Heartland. We take on 17-3 Wichita State at home on Saturday at 5:00pm central.
Jan 28, 202059:51
2-21: #1 in the AAC

2-21: #1 in the AAC

Due to our win over Houston on the 11th, Tulsa is currently in sole possession of first place in the AAC. We're also currently at #95 in KenPom, the highest we've been all year.

With a 2-0 week on the road behind us and a huge week ahead, there is plenty to be excited about in the world of TU basketball.

In this episode, we:

Recap the road wins at ECU and Tulane Hear Pat's latest Faith in Haith update Preview a crucial week with a home game vs Memphis and an away game at UConn Take a look around what happened last week in the conference Discuss potential AAC expansion with the rumors surrounding Boise State and others

It was a really fun one. Hope you enjoy it!

Jan 21, 202001:01:11
2-20: Threes are the Bees Knees (ft. The Sports Objective Podcast)

2-20: Threes are the Bees Knees (ft. The Sports Objective Podcast)

This week Matt and Pat cover the split week that the basketball team experienced. At the heart of both the lopsided loss to Cincinnati and the thrilling victory over Houston were important storylines about three pointers. Plus Ryan sat down and talked with the Sports Objective Podcast about the matchup with ECU on Wednesday night.

Jan 14, 202053:07
2-19: Conference Chaos

2-19: Conference Chaos

After a nice break for Christmas and the New Year, we're back with our first episode of 2020!

Matt and Ryan sit down to recap the crazy previous three games against Colorado State, Kansas State, and Temple, and we also get you ready for a big week this week against Cincinnati and Houston.

Additionally, we talk some big news in football recruiting, take a look around the conference in football and basketball, and promote our newest blog post.

Jan 06, 202059:52
2-18: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

2-18: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

It's our first basketball-centric episode of the season! We cover something good (Boise State win), something bad (Arkansas loss), and realize something ugly (this doesn't look like a tournament-bound team). We preview the BOK Invitational, take a look around the conference, and wrap up the episode with a look at volleyball's awesome season.

Dec 17, 201901:03:59
2-17: And Now Our #MontyWatch is Ended

2-17: And Now Our #MontyWatch is Ended

Philip Montgomery will officially still be Tulsa's head football coach when TU opens the 2020 season against Toledo on September 5th. In this, the last joint football/basketball episode of the year, we had a lot to talk about: On the football side of things, we discuss the fallout around retaining Monty, debate Chad Morris vs Brennan Marion for Offensive Coordinator, recognize Tulsa's AAC first and second-team selections, and hand out our post-season awards. For basketball, things were looking up until this past Saturday's performance against Arkansas State. We recap the last week or so of games, and also look ahead to our toughest week of the year thus far with games coming against Boise State and Arkansas. We also talk about the AAC championship game, the Cotton Bowl, Mike Norvell --> Florida State, and McKinley Whitfield signing with the Edmonton Eskimos of the CFL. Mistakes were made: When talking about Mizzou and their pursuit of Appalachian State's head coach Eli Drinkwitz, Ryan, in his eternal foolishness, said that Drinkwitz led App State in their transition from FCS to FBS. Ryan is dumb and is also the one writing this. Scott Satterfield was the App State coach to lead them in that transition, and Scott is now the head coach at Louisville. Drinkwitz has been with App State for one season, and is reportedly on the brink of being hired by Mizzou.
Dec 09, 201901:27:59
2-16: The Ugly Week (ft. The Sports Objective Podcast)

2-16: The Ugly Week (ft. The Sports Objective Podcast)

It was an ugly week. Tulsa basketball went 1-0 in an ugly one vs Southeastern Louisiana, but football couldn't do the same in an ugly game against Houston on Senior night. In the opener, Ryan said he was going to break down some stats on the football seniors who just played their last home game, but that ended up being a long monologue that would be better in blog form - so keep an eye out for a blog post about those seniors and what they've accomplished in their time here at TU.

Since those games were so ugly, we don't spend very much time recapping them, and instead focus on this week coming up.

On the football side of things, we have our season finale against East Carolina this weekend. To learn more about ECU and how their season has gone, we bring in Bubba and Kyle from The Sports Objective Podcast to discuss QB Holton Ahlers's progression, their close losses, Mike Houston, and how they feel about the Pirates in 2020.

For basketball, we preview our two games this week: South Carolina State and Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt has a freshman named Scotty Pippen Jr, and yes, he is in fact the son of Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen, who played with MJ back in the Bulls' heyday - so that's cool.

Nov 27, 201954:19
2-15: Crude Control (ft. The Scott & Holman Pawdcast)

2-15: Crude Control (ft. The Scott & Holman Pawdcast)

Still riding the high of the win over UCF, Matt and Ryan sit down to recap a bit of basketball and to get you ready for Tulsa's final home game of the year.

The Houston Cougars come to H. A. Chapman Stadium on Saturday night for Tulsa's senior night game in what we have dubbed the 'Crude Control' rivalry. The Coogs are 3-7 as well and have had a bizarre season. To help us break it down, we bring in Sam and Dustin from the Scott & Holman Pawdcast to discuss redshirting, Dana Holgorsen, what Houston fans think of the Tulsa-Houston rivalry, Houston's future aspirations, and how Tulsa can win on Saturday.

We wrap things up with some talk about Dane Evans and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats playing in the CFL's Grey Cup on Sunday at 5:30.

Thanks again to Sam and Dustin for joining the show this week. We really enjoyed having them on, and we hope you all get as much out of it as we did.

Nov 20, 201901:05:47
2-14: Ok, Boomer! (ft. Ron Clements)

2-14: Ok, Boomer! (ft. Ron Clements)

Tulsa pulled off the upset of the season last Friday with a huge win over UCF after Seth Boomer took over for an injured Zach Smith in the second half. We break down the best win of the season, look sadly at the disappointing first week of the basketball season, and finish with an interview with author and ECU grad Ron Clements about his recent trip to Tulsa, AAC football, and a couple of his books!
Nov 12, 201901:30:41
2-13 Part 2: The Happy Basketball One

2-13 Part 2: The Happy Basketball One

The second half of our extra long episode is all about basketball! Ryan previews all the new pieces on Tulsa's roster, we breakdown what our expectations for this season, and try to pick some potential upsets that Tulsa could pull off this season. For the football section see 2-13:Part One.

Nov 05, 201944:22
2-13 Part 1: The Sad Football One

2-13 Part 1: The Sad Football One

The first half of our extra long episode. This half features the recap of the Tulane game (including the infamous punt), our preview of our upcoming matchup with UCF, and results from around the conference. This is a sad episode because for the third season in a row Tulsa will not be bowling. See part two for our basketball preview.

Nov 05, 201946:46
2-12: The Battle of the Color-Based Water Phenomenons (ft. Fear the Wave)

2-12: The Battle of the Color-Based Water Phenomenons (ft. Fear the Wave)

It's time for the world's favorite rivalry game: The Battle of the Color-Based Water Phenomenons. That's right, it's time for Tulsa vs Tulane, the Golden Hurricane vs the Green Wave, Herc vs the Angry Wave.

To celebrate, we're joined by JP Gooderham from Fear the Wave (@FearTheWaveBlog) to talk about Tulane's continued improvement under Willie Fritz and new OC Will Hall, what a seven-win season would mean for Tulane after starting 5-1, why Tulsa is a must-win game for them on Homecoming, why they're called the Green Wave, and plenty more. We had an absolute blast chatting with him, and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed doing it.

Additionally, we were the guests on this week's Fear the Wavecast if you're interested in checking that out as well. They do a great job with their show and it's definitely worth listening to.

Before that though, we recap our devastating 42-41 Homecoming loss to the Memphis Tigers last weekend. After the interview with JP, we also do a bit of basketball preview, catch you up on redshirt/waiver statuses, and cover some other notable events that happened this week.

We had a lot we wanted to talk about, so this is a longer one, but I hope you'll agree that it's one of the more fun episodes we've done. Thanks again to JP Gooderham and Fear the Wave for coming on our show and for having us on theirs.

Oct 31, 201901:15:57
2-11: LLLosing Streak

2-11: LLLosing Streak

Tulsa couldn't capitalize on what may have been their best defensive game of the 2019 season, and Cincinnati escaped a potential upset with a 24-13 win last Saturday. We talk about TU's many, many turnovers, the refs blowing a call for the third straight game, and prepare for the Homecoming matchup against Memphis next week. Finally, to celebrate the KenPom 2020 preseason ranking release, we talk a little basketball preview.

Oct 22, 201959:37
2-10: Collapse

2-10: Collapse

Tulsa badly needed a bounce-back game after blowing a 30-9 fourth quarter lead against now #19 SMU in triple overtime.

It didn't happen.

TU came out with energy in the first quarter against Navy, but couldn't capitalize - missing a 30 yard field goal after Navy fumbled the opening kickoff, and having a 98-yard touchdown pass called back after Sam Crawford "stepped out of bounds" and was declared ineligible. He did not step out of bounds. The Hurricane looked flat on all sides of the ball for the rest of the game after that, and ended up getting blown out 45-17.

We recap the Navy loss, talk coaching changes, and preview this week's matchup at #21 Cincinnati.

ALSO: if you want more info on the Cincinnati matchup, Ryan will be the guest on this week's Down the Drive podcast, which is Cincinnati's SB Nation blog/podcast. So keep an eye out for that!

Oct 15, 201948:50
2-9: Everything is Not Awesome

2-9: Everything is Not Awesome

TU hadn't won a game against a ranked opponent since 2010, and hadn't won a game on the road against a ranked team since 1976.

On Saturday, at #24 SMU, we were up 30-9 in the 4th quarter. We still haven't won a ranked game since 2010/1976. We are sad.

We spend most of the episode talking about the triple overtime game that destroyed our lives, but we also preview Navy coming to our house on Saturday, how the conference did this week, and our new blog ( Finally - although none of us were Alabama fans at the beginning of the episode, we become them by the very end.

Oct 08, 201901:03:18
2-8: Eye of the Hurricane

2-8: Eye of the Hurricane

We've reached the first bye week of the season, a brief period of calm in the storm that is college football. We start off this episode with a preview of Tulsa's matchup against #24 SMU in Dallas, and then review how some of the predictions we made at the start of the season are panning out so far. Note we erroneously claimed USF was #25 last season when TU nearly upset them, they were actually #23 at that point. 

Oct 01, 201901:06:14
2-7: Sack Smith

2-7: Sack Smith

Zach Smith was sacked SEVEN times in our game against Wyoming. Despite blowing a 17-7 lead, Tulsa somehow came away with a win against the undefeated Cowboys in what was an absolutely crazy finish to the game.

With Pat out, and with a bye week this coming weekend, Matt and Ryan dive deep into the Wyoming game, recount the very abnormal game plans both teams used in this game, gush over Keenen Johnson and Cooper Edmiston (a.k.a. Mr. Primetime), and even get a word or two in about Tulsa's mayor - G.T. Bynum. We also try to figure out whether any other teams have ever won a game after losing the sack battle by that wide of a margin. Oh and Matt says the word 'Sackles', which we almost made the title of this episode.

And that's about it, folks. Pray for the offensive line to improve as quickly as possible and we've got ourselves a real good team here.

Feedback for the show? Tweet/DM us @goldenhurricast, or send us an email at As always, thank you for listening.

Sep 24, 201958:01
2-6: Whatoming

2-6: Whatoming

People are always asking Wyoming, nobody ever asks Howoming. This week the Golden Hurricast crew look in-depth at the loss to Oklahoma State (hint: run defense) and break down what the Golden Hurricane need to do to get the win over the next set of Cowboys. Plus we look up some fun facts about the state of Wyoming!

Sep 17, 201901:00:00
2-5: No Pokes

2-5: No Pokes

TU knocked off San Jose State 34-16 for their first true road win since 2016. We break down the victory (especially Denzel Carter's contriubtion) and look towards next week's home opener against the Oklahoma State Cowboys. #NoPokes

Sep 10, 201901:02:11
2-4: Meet the Spartans (again)

2-4: Meet the Spartans (again)

It's been a week since our last episode, and once again Tulsa is gearing up to play the Spartans. In much better news for TU, though, these are not the Spartans from Michigan State; rather they are the Spartans from San Jose State - a preseason bottom 10 team and an opponent that Tulsa should (hopefully) blow out.

In this episode, we dissect a lot from last week's struggle against the Spartans, preview this week's battle against the Spartans, and we even watch '300' live during the episode (not really). We also talk about the recent news that the AAC is ditching divisions in football next year, and we give the necessary and well-deserved shoutout to TU women's soccer for a big milestone over the weekend.

If you have feedback for us, we're on Twitter and Instagram @GoldenHurricast, or you can send us an email at

Sep 03, 201954:12
2-3: Meet the Spartans

2-3: Meet the Spartans

The second half of our two episode week focuses on our matchup with Michigan State this weekend at 6:00 (even though we mistakenly said 6:30 about 10 times in the episode) as well as our overall season preview. We discuss who will be our best player, the best position groups on offense/defense, breakout player of the year, and wrap up the episode with our game by game predictions for the season. Hint: It's what you eat cereal out of. 

P.S. Stay tuned to the very end for a special guest.

Aug 28, 201901:01:57
2-2: Game Week (ft. Dekota Gregory)
Aug 26, 201945:16
Season 2 Episode 1: 2 Golden 2 Hurricast

Season 2 Episode 1: 2 Golden 2 Hurricast

Helloooo world! The hurricast is back for another season of Tulsa sports. We rested up over the summer and have some fresh ideas for the pod this year, including some very exciting guests.

Spoiler: Dekota Gregory from the Tulsa World will be on our show the week of the 26th!

This episode is more of an offseason catchup, so we talk a lot about what has happened since Tulsa's spring football game back in April. We'll start our cadence of weekly episodes with Dekota Gregory the week of the 26th. We'll actually have two episodes that week. One with Dekota doing more of a full season outlook, and one with just the three of us previewing the season opener against Michigan State.

Here's what we talk about in this offseason catchup episode:

DaQuan Jeffries' Summer League performance for the Orlando Magic Shaq Harrison released and then re-signed by the Chicago Bulls UConn leaving the American for the Big East and the media deal implications of that Cristian Williams returning to TU football Current TU players in the NFL Dane Evans in the CFL Football preseason camp so far

We're super excited for this year. If you have feedback or ideas for the show, email us at, or shoot us a tweet @goldenhurricast.

Aug 15, 201901:00:33
Offseason Special: Dunks and Zave

Offseason Special: Dunks and Zave

We're back with a special off-season episode! Pat and Matt dive into the Spring Game and what that means for Tulsa's football future, offer some updates on basketball moves a news, and celebrate DaQuan Jeffries' phenomenal performance in the National Slam Dunk Contest. We wrap it up with some NBA comps for Jeffries.

Apr 11, 201947:34
26: Do or Die

26: Do or Die

We recap the regular season finale at Memphis, discuss who wins the conference tournament and how far Tulsa will go, coaching possibilities, NCAA bids from the AAC, becoming proxy Big 12 champions, and plenty more.

Mar 12, 201954:16
25: Hot for Scott

25: Hot for Scott

Matt and Ryan recap our two wins last week to close out the home schedule, investigate Big Basketball vs Curran Scott, discuss Memphis becoming a conference power again, talk TU playing Rocket League, and plenty more.

Mar 06, 201951:39
24: Pray for the Postseason

24: Pray for the Postseason

This week, we spend a lot of time talking two things:

Our current and future lineup rotations Our chances at a postseason berth

We also discuss our 2-0 record on the road last week, our relatively tough week coming up with Havoc in the Heartland at home and Temple on the road, and a very odd statement made by a ref during the East Carolina game.

Want to join the Discord group to chat with us and other TU fans in real time during the next game? Use this link:

Episode Breakdown:

0:00 - 3:40: Intro and Follow-Up

3:40 - 29:20: Recap of Last Week

29:20 - 42:20: Current and Future Rotations

42:20 - 1:02:35: Previews for This Week

1:02:35 - 1:03:50 - Tweet of the Week & Faith in Haith Meter

1:03:50 - End: Postseason Possibilities

Feb 20, 201901:15:03
23: Down with the Thicc-ness

23: Down with the Thicc-ness

We talk Discord, boxing out, Darien Jackson, color-based water phenomenons, Joe Dooley, Curran Scott's height, Tulsa's 2019 football schedule, thicc kangs, and a lot more.

Feb 12, 201901:06:45
22: Coaching Consternation

22: Coaching Consternation

Mostly, we spend a lot of time discussing Tulsa's coaching options with Haith's contract expiring next year. We also recap last week's games against Memphis and Wichita State, preview our game on Saturday at home against Temple, talk National Signing Day results, discuss why we never wear blue or gold jerseys, and more.

Side note: we got a second microphone! Sound quality should be noticeably better.

Feb 08, 201901:07:37
21: How to Become a Haitheist

21: How to Become a Haitheist

After an 0-2 week and with Pat gone, Matt and Ryan discuss converting to Haitheism. On the other hand, we are finally out of the heretofore mentioned conference gauntlet and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Will Tulsa go undefeated from here on out and be a bubble team come NCAA tournament time, or will the decline continue? We also give a well-deserved shoutout to Redford Jones for signing with the Bears, preview this week's games against Memphis and Wichita State, and pontificate on why Curran Scott was benched. All that and more in this week's Hurricast.

Jan 29, 201945:55
20: Whip It

20: Whip It

Pat and Ryan talk Tulsa's solid win over UConn, our close loss at preseason favorite UCF, Haith and Hurley getting ejected, Tulsa's shot at making the NCAA tournament, next week's games against Cincinnati and #17 Houston, whether Haith has started looking for more sparks in the lineup, and more.
Jan 22, 201951:52
19: Pain Cane

19: Pain Cane

The gauntlet of conference play threw its first real punch at Tulsa this week, and we did not respond well. We recap our heartbreaking overtime loss to Cincinnati and question why we responded so poorly in our loss to SMU in Dallas; we also take a look forward at this week's home game against UConn and away game at pre-season favorite UCF. Pat then tells us why his faith in Haith has turned a complete 180 from two weeks ago, and women's basketball is doing surprisingly well so far this year. Enjoy!

Jan 15, 201952:47
18: Into the Gauntlet

18: Into the Gauntlet

Matt and Ryan recap Tulsa's tough loss to #17 Houston, our unnecessarily crazy win against South Florida, why Zeke Moore is transferring, the incredibly difficult gauntlet of games we have coming up, UCF, why bowl games kind of suck, and a lot more.

Jan 09, 201901:17:49
17: Pat, Matt and a Stack of Stats

17: Pat, Matt and a Stack of Stats

Happy New Year! In this weeks episode Pat and Matt look back at the 2018 out of conference results and look forward to preview the 2019 conference schedule. Matt's also really excited because he bought himself a subscription to KenPom for Christmas and we take a look at the stats that we think will define Tulsa's season.

Jan 02, 201901:04:42
16: WWWWinning Streak

16: WWWWinning Streak

We talk Tulsa's continued strong play, recap this week's wins over New Orleans and Dayton, discuss the potential of an emerging Zeke Moore, preview the Mayor's Cup against ORU, recognize the AAC's consistently impressive non-conference play, and pontificate on why Pat's faith in Haith is consistently growing.
Dec 18, 201858:10
15: Your 2018 Big 12 Champions - The Tulsa Golden Hurricane

15: Your 2018 Big 12 Champions - The Tulsa Golden Hurricane

With football season officially wrapped up, this was the perfect week to focus wholly on basketball. Tulsa beat TWO Big 12 teams this week: in-state rival Oklahoma State and a Kansas State team that went to the Elite 8 last year. We recap those huge games, discuss our players and plays of the game, preview our two games this coming week, check in with what's happening around the conference, and more.
Dec 11, 201801:01:03
14: Football is Dead. Long Live Football

14: Football is Dead. Long Live Football

After a week off, the Hurricast is back with an action-packed episode. We talk a lot of football as we recap Tulsa's season-ending win over SMU in the Boomtown Showdown, debate why there aren't more conference rivalries in the American, award our players of the year for the season, talk about who we're most excited about having back next year, and revisit our predictions from our first episode (spoiler: they were not accurate).

For basketball, we try to figure out why we're 1-3 for these past four games, what's going on with our rotation, Pat gives an update on his Faith in Haith meter, and we preview the biggest non-conference week of the year.

We end it all with some segments and shoutouts. Enjoy!
Dec 04, 201801:15:55
13: The Nook Special

13: The Nook Special

With Ryan out of town this week, we bring you a special episode from Pat and Matt's nook. Another close loss in football and a scary close basketball win are on the agenda for this episode. We also touch on Monty's future, bright spots for next season, and a preview to the #BoomtownShowdown. On the basketball side we talk about the close game against Cal Baptist, our prerecorded reaction to the win over Little Rock, and a preview for the big Nevada game on Turkey Day. Featuring Mox as a special guest.
Nov 20, 201854:39
12: Back to Reality

12: Back to Reality

It's back to reality after we were far too optimistic following last week's win against UConn. For football, we quickly recap Tulsa's ugly loss to Memphis, look ahead to this week's winnable game vs Navy, and hit Matt's depressing stat of the week. For basketball, we discuss our strong start to the regular season, our two wins against Alcorn State and South Carolina State, talk about how great Sterling Taplin and DaQuan Jeffries are looking already, potential rotations going forward, and a lot more. We end it with some shoutouts for Tulsa women's volleyball and men's cross country.
Nov 13, 201801:00:16
11: Tulsa is Better than UConn

11: Tulsa is Better than UConn

Tulsa won! A football game! By a lot! It was wonderful. For football, we talk about beating UConn on Homecoming and how well we played in every facet, the Five Factors make a comeback, and we preview Memphis coming up this week. For basketball, we dissect the exhibition win over Northeastern State and look ahead to our season/home opener against Alcorn State. We close it out with segments, shoutouts, and some righteous dabbing.
Nov 06, 201856:17
10: It's Basketball Season!
Oct 30, 201852:18
9: Faith, Haith, and Color-Based Water Phenomenons
Oct 25, 201801:03:55
8: The Hamilton Tiger-Cast (ft. Dane Evans)
Oct 16, 201801:06:10
7: Signs of Life
Oct 10, 201801:08:33
6: The Boomerang Cometh
Oct 03, 201843:51
5: TUrnovers
Sep 26, 201854:05
4: Blown OpporTUnities (ft. Hunter Hart)
Sep 19, 201801:16:16
3: A Tale of TU Halves
Sep 11, 201858:27
2: The Real TU
Sep 05, 201801:01:32
1: Stay Golden

1: Stay Golden

The first ever episode of The Golden Hurricast!

To kick off the podcast, we discuss last year’s football season, AAC media days, notable players, the upcoming home opener against Central Arkansas, and give our predictions for the 2018 season.

Note: at the time of recording, the starting quarterback had not been announced. We discuss who we think it will be and why.
Aug 29, 201801:16:07