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Thrive - young lives

Thrive - young lives

By Thrive

Young People aged 15 - 18 from Gravesend in Kent, talk to their peers both locally and across the UK about what’s it like to be a young person in 2019? How do daily pressures such as social media, school and sex affect you?
These young people from Gifted Young Generation, based in The Grand Healthy Living Centre in Gravesend, talk about life; the funny bits, the difficult bits and the embarrassing bits.

Plus - special editions with the UN about protecting young people online, the Royal Opera House and more coming soon...
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Special edition - The Rights of the Child, a discussion with United Nations and 5Rights charity

Thrive - young livesOct 25, 2019

Special edition - The Rights of the Child, a discussion with United Nations and 5Rights charity

Special edition - The Rights of the Child, a discussion with United Nations and 5Rights charity

The United Nations (UN), make international laws (among other incredible things that they do, like peace keeping in war zones!).

They have a conventions (rules) about how to protect children, which every country in the world has signed up to (apart from one). But it doesn't include anything about protecting children and young people online as it was written 30 years ago, before the internet really existed.

So, we were invited to a meeting with international experts in law and technology and children's rights to discuss why this is so important. We talked to UN Members from across the world, as well as people from Google, Roblox and international lawyers to name just a few of the incredible people who came together to work out how to make these changes.

Not only did we learn about how the digital world grew into what it is today and but also about how we can use technology for good and protect people from the negative and intrusive effects it has on lives.

At the end of the event interviewed Baroness Beeban Kidron from the charity 5Rights, who invited us to take part in the event. We talked to her about why protecting young people is so important to her and 5Rights and what it’s aim are.

We can’t believe we got to be in the same room as these big conversations, to ask tough questions and to contribute to the ideas. Have a listen and tell us what you think.

Thank you to 5Rights, to the United Nations and to Blooware Technology.

Oct 25, 201921:40
Art is important, our teachers say so.

Art is important, our teachers say so.

How can drama boost confidence? How does music make you more resilient? And why does painting help you become a more imaginative thinker?

Just before the end of the last school year in May (2019), we chatted to two teachers and a panel of guests about the importance of the arts and creativity in school. The discussion was passionate and in-depth. Not only did we talk about the need for the arts to be taught in schools, but we discussed the restrictions and negative impact the English Baccalaureate can have on some young people and their futures. 

This podcast is a little different to the rest of our season, and features the voices of many more adults and their views, as teachers on the lives of young people. 

Last episode of the first season which focuses on the young people's lives and what they need to be able to thrive. 

#youngpeople #thrivingchild 

Sep 04, 201911:20
Curious Minds in the north.

Curious Minds in the north.

We talk about Autism, work-life, uni, opportunities, the benefits of social media and happiness. 

Three young people from the youth and arts organisation Curious Minds, based in Preston in the North of England tell us about their lives. Amber talks to us openly and honestly about her experience of finding work as she has Autism, and the prejudice she feels disabled people face. 

Aug 16, 201914:02
Unpredictable. How young people view the future.

Unpredictable. How young people view the future.

Q - 'Describe what it's like to be a young person in 2019'

A - 'Unpredictable'. 

We spoke to two young people from A New Direction in London about their lives and their views about the world. 

We talked Trump, Brexit, the housing market and ultimately the unpredictable future that we face. This straight-talking phone-in interview with four of our podcasters certainly opened eyes and broadened horizons. 

Part of the series commissioned by The Royal Opera House Bridge for the Thriving Child conference. 

Jul 24, 201921:34
How's your day going?

How's your day going?

Finney has had a bad day at school. She opens tonight's panel discussion, with a story about her day and goes on to talk about the pressures she faces and the need to be seen as a whole person and not measured as as exam result. 

Finney is joined by a group of other young voices who talk about the need to be listened to and respected. Part of our series for the Royal Opera House Bridge, Thriving Child. 

Jul 03, 201914:02
The Thriving Child - Conversations with young people in the UK

The Thriving Child - Conversations with young people in the UK

The Thriving Child - Conversations with young people in the UK

A highlights episode of our other episodes for The Thriving Child Conference in association with The Royal Opera House.

Jun 03, 201930:56
Young Lives In Oxford - A Discussion About LGBTQI+

Young Lives In Oxford - A Discussion About LGBTQI+

As part of our work for The Royal Opera House's Bridge's conference we've spoken to young people across the UK about what life is like for them. In this edition we talk young people from Oxford about their lives including what it's like for people who have transitioned gender. 

This conversation is open and honest and we are grateful for everyone who took part who was willing to talk about their personal experiences. 

May 16, 201929:17
Is School For Everyone?

Is School For Everyone?

Is it though? 

Is there another way to learn? Why do some people love it and others get little support? Why don't teachers listen to young people more? Why are we all treated the same when really, some people need a different approach to schooling to help them do well? 

Emma, Jamal, Princess and Mason have all had very different experiences of school. They agree on something but butt-heads on others. This frank discussion sees the group hear each about one=another's experiences and opens their eyes to the struggles, frustrations and opportunities they have each had. 

Feb 15, 201929:39
Being a Young Person in 2019?

Being a Young Person in 2019?

What's it like being a young person in 2019? Hear from Mason, Emma. Princess and Jamal as they get to grips with what life is like as a typical teenager. Funny, interesting, personal and honest. This moving and entertaining podcast is an honest discussion about the stuff that affects all of us. 

Jan 30, 201925:33