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The Heart Burn, with Doug Harrison

The Heart Burn, with Doug Harrison

By Doug Harrison

Ever read a comment on social media and say, “It’s probably more complicated than that?” It is time we sat down to have some tough conversations and speak from the heart with both honesty and love. Your host, Doug Harrison, is an artist, a Burner, a Christian, a gay man, a theologian, a spiritual director and your. biggest. fan.... He knows first hand what it is like to navigate the complexities of life and to try to do it with love. If you need better conversations than just sharing regurgitated memes and your soul feels like it is at stake, then we need to talk. Welcome to The Heart Burn.
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Derin Finds Himself in a Cult pt 2: Derin finally /gets/ "lost"

The Heart Burn, with Doug Harrison Oct 01, 2019

Derin Finds Himself in a Cult pt 2:    Derin finally /gets/  "lost"

Derin Finds Himself in a Cult pt 2: Derin finally /gets/ "lost"

In this episode, Derin bravely goes in to greater detail about life inside the cult and his opportunities to leave.  Listen first to the original episode about Derin joining this cult here.  Derin articulately expresses, not just his own journey, but the narrative of those who were in the cult right alongside him.  Derin's vulnerability and courage help us to hold our own experiences up to the light of his experience and see the extent to which we might be participating in similar social dynamics.  Derin concludes with a beautiful poem by David Waggoner, "Lost."

Warning: This episode contains stories of manipulation and abuse. 

Doug Recommends the following book:

Robert J. Lifton's Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism

The following links are not endorsements.   If you have a need please contact local resources.

Directory of Cult Recovery Services and Warning Signs of a Cult Steve Hasaan's "Freedom of Mind" center

Books by James Davison Hunter to help you question yourself. 

The Culture Wars (the book that coined the phrase) The Death of Character: Moral Education in an Age Without Good or Evil To Change the World: Irony, Tragedy, and Possibility

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Oct 01, 201901:09:31
Kim Skipper wants you to Skip through life (not past it)
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Abraham Burickson Designs Experiences for an Audience of One Person.
Aug 31, 201901:02:38
Laurie Eiserloh Works for Change So That I Can Remain Pt 2
Aug 26, 201948:05
Laurie Eiserloh Remains In Order That Some Things Will Change. Pt 1 of 2
Aug 22, 201955:21
The Reflux: Whatever comes up regarding "Derin Finds Himself in a Cult"

The Reflux: Whatever comes up regarding "Derin Finds Himself in a Cult"

You thought it was the heart burn, but it was actually the Reflux.  Join the panel for post-episode discussion of, well, whatever comes up about the episode.  This week we reflect on "Derin Finds Himself in a Cult" 

This week's cohosts are Spiritual Director, Kirsten Harrison, and Experience Design Artist, Anna Bretch.  ...oh dear...  

Aug 19, 201950:27
Derin Finds Himself in a Cult -  Pt 1
Aug 19, 201949:60
Lori's Charm School for Men
Aug 16, 201948:59
Sarah Rocks Paradoxes: Pt 1, Caring for LGBTQ+ youth in brokenness and healing.

Sarah Rocks Paradoxes: Pt 1, Caring for LGBTQ+ youth in brokenness and healing.

Sarah Kapostasy is widely respected for her work with Out Youth in Austin TX, and the Central Texas Transgender Health Coalition. I was not too surprised when her kindness and eloquence helped me to understand the experience of queer youth and, even though she emphasizes that she is cisgendered (that is her gender identity matches that assigned to her at birth) and that she is not speaking for the trans community she creates a welcoming and informative space to learn and cultivate empathy.  What I did not expect to the same degree was the depth of her passion and the strength of her spirituality and what role it plays in her work. I did very little editing of our conversation but rather, turned it in to two episodes.  It is crucial to listen to them both to understand the exact nature of her precarity and how her passion and faith drives her through each day.  I left. this conversation inspired and quite frankly...changed.  Do not miss the second episode

part 2 with Sarah

Central Texas Transgender Health coalition

St David's Episcopal Church in Austin

Queer Virtue

Human Rights Campaign: Violence against the Transgender Community in 2019

The Trevor Project facts about suicide with LGBTQ+ youth

Aug 02, 201949:53
Sarah Rocks Paradoxes: Pt 2, Queer Virtue, being beautifully made and the ways Jesus was queer.
Aug 02, 201943:31
Melissa Crosses Borders.
Aug 02, 201959:03
Mike’s a Hopeful Cynic Who Believes in a New Story

Mike’s a Hopeful Cynic Who Believes in a New Story

Mike used to love Rush Limbaugh. Now he is a co-founder of an innovative, inter-spiritual, Music, Arts, and Cultural event, called the New Story Festival. It is designed to welcome everyone on any kind of spiritual journey…or none at all. What he believes has changed significantly and keeps changing (so does they way he actually lives his life). But according to Mike, It wasn’t liberal or progressive influence that changed his mind or pulled him away from the Church. It’s Jesus and the Christian tradition itself that transformed him from being a far right conservative to a man who wants to build a stage for the purpose of having lesser-represented people groups use it to speak their message and sing their songs… and he’s doing it. What changed him? Isn’t there an easier way? 

He is also a scholar and an expert on the “Emerging Church” Movement and he will help us understand that movement and help us understand what happened to it and why.  

Here are links to Mike’s work relevant or mentioned Authors

New Story Festival

Joshua Packard's  book on “dones” called,  Church Refugees

Brian McClaren

Tony Campolo

Spencer Burke

G.K. Chesterton

Aug 02, 201959:31
Coming soon to a heart nearer to you than we thought.

Coming soon to a heart nearer to you than we thought.

Welcome to The Heart Burn with Doug Harrison

If you have ever been reading a post on social media and thought, “Actually it’s way more complex than that,” or if you found yourself disappointed with what the voices on both sides of an argument seem to be shouting, then you know at least a sliver of what brought this podcast in to being.

I have become quite certain that there is a lot of stuff meant to make us angry, furious and even red in the face. I also think it seems we are even expected to channel that anger into furthering the hopes and agenda of people already in position, ...that benefit them well enough.

Meanwhile what I know about us is that the stuff that makes our faces really hot is usually entirely different than the stuff that makes our hearts really burn. Its the stuff that makes hearts burn that interests me.

I don’t believe that deep down we are all the same or that somehow we basically agree. What makes us most interesting in either our differences or our similarities is that whatever people are passionate about they are passionate about for reasons. I also think that engaging people at the level of their passion and the reasons that go with it can serve all of us to figure out what makes our own hearts burn, and what we might be able to do to become good at being human.

Maybe we just end up asking what humans are for...and what it means to be a good one. I don’t intend to try to answer that question here as much as make you want to do your best to be the best human you can imagine, and to imagine being a better human than you can right now.

I promise I’ll be right alongside you on that journey- and that alone makes this whole thing more interesting than most of what one can download. In one way this is a very strange kind of reality show, about one guy doing his best to be a god human, and learning to love other humans as much as possible along the way.

Don’t be afraid, and don’t miss out on this journey
Jul 05, 201902:19