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The Hewlett House

The Hewlett House

By The Hewlett House Podcast

PG-13 😉 : Join us while we cringe, laugh, cry, and grow as we discuss: Life-defining moments, faith, and views through different lenses. This is our story and the stories of those brave enough to put their voice on the Internet with us.
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#43 - Jess (finally) Got Her 1st Speeding Ticket

The Hewlett HouseSep 19, 2023

#43 - Jess (finally) Got Her 1st Speeding Ticket
Sep 19, 202340:04
#42 - Growing Up
Sep 12, 202348:56
#41 - Malia in the House
Aug 29, 202301:46:39
#40 - Statute of Limitations
Aug 22, 202301:02:26
#39 - Back to school. Back to School.
Aug 09, 202350:50
#38 - Would You Rather Goofin'
Aug 01, 202351:14
#37 - The PRE - Sent
Jul 25, 202336:01
#36 - Being Intentional
Jul 18, 202301:09:20
#35 - Yawns & Values

#35 - Yawns & Values

We've been reminded several times lately that we're most happy when what we THINK, SAY, & DO coalesce. If we're not feeling like life is in alignment then it may be time to do some work to see and ask the right questions as to "why" and what may be causing that. - "Once you get your mind and your emotions working together, then the next thing to do is to act that out consistently." -Jordan Peterson ----------------- YouTube: Instagram: @thhpod @jesshewlett @haydenshewlett Anonymous Google Form:
Jul 11, 202347:21
#34 - Bad Dates
Jul 05, 202344:10
#33 - Happy 1 Year Anniversary
Jun 27, 202346:51
#32 - Catch-up and Re-Cap

#32 - Catch-up and Re-Cap

Join us as we catchup on our week, review our conversation with the Gregory’s. Hayden reads a few paragraphs out of the book, David O. McKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism (Prince, Wright)

We also discuss Hayden’s Rosacea and his recent visit to the Dermatologist. Jess spends too much money on the credit card, and Hayden sweats too much.

Hayden finally drew out for a hunt in Utah. Sensitive times. 

Lastly, Hayden admits to not liking golf. 

Coming up on 1-year of podcasting. Thanks for joining the ride. 



Instagram: @thhpod @jesshewlett @haydenshewlett.

Anonymous Google Form:

Jun 20, 202338:04
#31 - (PT. 2) The Gregory’s - Success in Managing a Mixed Faith Marriage
Jun 13, 202301:03:47
#30 - (PT. 1) The Gregory’s - Success in Managing a Mixed Faith Marriage
Jun 06, 202301:00:53
#29 - Maritals
May 30, 202356:36
#28 - Happy Campers

#28 - Happy Campers

  • Happier this episode (kinda;) 
  • Good News
  • Social Media and time balance
  • Breathing the right way (Hint, it’s not by sucking in your gut)
  • Hayden talks about his time on Social Media and setting timers - Outta control
  • Kids, electronics, & sanity
  • Jock Willink - Kids Books
  • Anyone else change kids tires way too often?
  • Take timeouts for yourself, mom and dad
  • Get out of crappy routines even if they were helpful at one time (@EdsBritton on Instagram is who we mentioned when we discussed routines)
  • Setting timers for apps on your phone



Instagram: @thhpod @jesshewlett @haydenshewlett.

Anonymous Google Form:

May 23, 202328:20
#27 - Grumpy Mid-Life Crisis Pro
May 16, 202329:37
#26 - Great Builders vs. Bad Builders - Know Your Stuff
May 09, 202346:54
#25 - Life Hacks
May 02, 202350:57
#24 - Vegas Baby
Apr 25, 202344:34
#23 - 5 Daily Habits for More Positivity
Apr 18, 202346:21
#22 - Good News Segment

#22 - Good News Segment

• Benson Boone

• Easter

• Oooops. (Zip it, Hayden) He also corrects something from Episode #3.

• Learning from Mistakes

• Meditation

• Journaling

• We read some actual "good news" online because the regular news kinda sucks. Click Here for Short Story


Episode on YouTube:

Instagram: @thhpod @jesshewlett @haydenshewlett.

Anonymous Google Form:

Apr 11, 202334:58
#21 - Using A.I. for Q&A In Our Marriage

#21 - Using A.I. for Q&A In Our Marriage

• Kids/School/Hayden Watches Kids While Jess Leaves Town/Update

• Cocaine Bear Movie Review (Some Spoilers)

• We talk some more about Hayden's O.C.D. and How Luke Combs explained his O.C.D. very similar to how Hayden has felt it

• We used Chat GPT to come up with some questions we went through together about our marriage:

- What do you think is the key to maintaining a strong relationship?

- How do you prioritize time with your partner in the midst of busy schedules and daily responsibilities?

- What is your love language, and how do you show love to your partner in a way that resonates with them?

- How do you support and encourage each other in pursuing personal goals and aspirations?


Episode on YouTube:

Instagram: @thhpod @jesshewlett @haydenshewlett.

Anonymous Google Form:

Apr 04, 202301:06:33
#20 - Your Questions Answered

#20 - Your Questions Answered

In this episode emotions run a little higher than usual as we discuss how proud we are of Madi, discuss a question that was submitted about our faith journey as a couple, as well as an update with Hayden discussing some unusual depression over the past several months he feels he’s overcoming. 


Episode on YouTube:

Instagram: @thhpod @jesshewlett @haydenshewlett.

Anonymous Google Form:

Mar 28, 202357:41
#19 - Unpopular Opinion Pt. 2

#19 - Unpopular Opinion Pt. 2

Episode 19 - unpopular opinions pt 2: 

  • Weekly update and our funny Neice 
  • Our class with the Roberts 
  • The world 
  • Hayden hops on the scale 
  • Jess’s leopard print obsession, it’s a neutral and she’s particular 
  • A cold 🥶 house is a happy house 
  • Utah soda shops 
  • We don’t have pets (RIP Ernie) mostly because it’s been a challenge in our home 


Episode on YouTube:

Instagram: @thhpod @jesshewlett @haydenshewlett.

Anonymous Google Form:

Mar 21, 202332:57
#18 - "Some of The Smartest People We Know" The Roberts

#18 - "Some of The Smartest People We Know" The Roberts

This week we had our good friends Kim and Kyle Roberts on.    

They are "Some of The Smartest People We Know" and Jess's go-to "phone a friend".  Join us as they blow our mind but also tell you a little about themselves.    

Though this is the longest episode we have, it is definitely chucked FULL of beautiful golden nuggets. (We hope to have them back to do a deeper dive after having gone "wide" on several different subjects)   

Why do people go to war? Transhumanism. The Great Debate. Self-Awareness. What's your mission? Axioms like: We're all different, and no one knows everything. Being unassuming. Really cool thoughts on Ego. Empaths/Intuition/All our senses (There are more than 5!) Frequency, Everything has a vibration. Gifts & talents (we've all got them!) - Carol Bowman:  Howard Gardner - Multiple Intelligences:

3-Ways Very Basic Ways to Engage with Others, ESPECIALLY with hard conversations, that are helpful. (Watch/Listen for the details):

1. Do No Harm (put the gloves away) 

2. Beliefs Exist (different beliefs exist!) 

3. Seek to Change the Belief (New experiences need to happen for this to occur)  

Kyle's Reasons/Opinions for Why Human Beings go to War:  

1) Dominate (control) 

2) Conquest (want your stuff) 

3) Revenge  

4) Save Face (Avoiding embarrassment at all costs)


Episode on YouTube:

Instagram: @thhpod @jesshewlett @haydenshewlett.

Anonymous Google Form:

Mar 14, 202302:10:33
#17 - Most Embarrassing Moments and More
Mar 07, 202339:14
#16 - THH Unpopular Opinions

#16 - THH Unpopular Opinions

Join us as we give you a life update AND  chat about some of our personal Unpopular Opinions where we range topics from  

The Bachelor, Aliens and Seri 

We'd love to hear any of YOUR or someone you know's Alien stories use google doc address at bottom.

Madi's Troomi Phone- Link for $50 off: 

                                                                     or just use code QWR-UAX.

**THINGS GET A LITTLE PG-13 so listener beware :P 

Episode Corrections: 

Jess talks about brain development and addiction correlation.  She was shooting from the hip on her knowledge but here is more factual information. (Again this info is interpretation of a non professional so still may be a bit off lol) ;P

The prefrontal cortex is not fully developed until around the age of 25.  This part of the brain is responsible for rational thoughts. 

Myelin (not white matter) helps your neurons "talk" to each other at a greater speed but starts its wrapping in the back of the brain so takes a while to reach the front. 

Information on early addiction in correlation to brain development:



Instagram: @thhpod @jesshewlett @haydenshewlett

Anonymous Google Form:

Feb 28, 202352:11
#15 - Parenting Without Power Struggles
Feb 21, 202353:17
#14 - We're BACK
Feb 14, 202358:45
#13 - The Winders - When a Democrat & Republican Fall in Love
Aug 30, 202201:28:03
#12 - Albert Girls - LIVING With Food Allergies
Aug 18, 202231:13
#11 - Mandi Albert - Kids & Food Allergies Pt. 2
Aug 16, 202201:07:30
#10 - Mandi Albert - Kids & Food Allergies Pt. 1

#10 - Mandi Albert - Kids & Food Allergies Pt. 1

We are so lucky to have Mandi Albert, PT, DPT on our Podcast today as our very 1st, out of house, guest. Along with her list of highly IMPRESSIVE degrees, she is the wife of the LA Dodgers Head Athletic Trainer, Thomas Albert, and a Mom to the most ADORABLE 3 girls- Chloe, Addy & Juliet.  In Mandi's words, " For my husband and I, parenting and food allergies are almost synonymous." 2 of their 3 girls have severe food allergies. Mandi is here to share their story in hardship and triumph.  In this 1st episode we tell their story and stay tuned for episode 2 where she shares with us about the vast knowledge she's gained, out of necessity, in being a food allergy mom for over a decade.  She will also discuss her invaluable lifelines in the food allergy world and let you know what they are doing now to battle their journey with food allergies. * Caution: Anaphylaxis trigger warning* 

To find out more about Mandi and to get immediate information about Food Allergies, please visit her 

website @ 

Instagram & Facebook @ FoodAllergyResourceAlliance


 You can contact us on Instagram directly @thhpod @jesshewlett @haydenshewlett You can also submit a form with your story/question(s)/feedback/etc. and remain anonymous @ 

Aug 09, 202201:02:22
#9 - Our 1st Guests

#9 - Our 1st Guests

We have very special guests (meet our kids) today on the Podcast. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do. You can contact us on Instagram directly @thhpod @jesshewlett @haydenshewlett You can also submit a form with your story/question(s)/feedback/etc. and remain anonymous by clicking HERE.

Aug 02, 202216:21
#8 - Faith Transition - Haydens Final Notes
Jul 28, 202238:10
#7 - Faith Transition Pt. 4 - "It Will Get Better"
Jul 19, 202233:17
#6 - Faith Transition Pt. 3 - Some Lessons Learned
Jul 12, 202248:42
#5 - Faith Transition Pt. 2 - "What Did I Miss?"
Jul 05, 202201:07:28
#4 - Faith Transition - The Beginnings (Part 1)
Jun 28, 202252:08
#3 - About Hayden (It'll all make sense now)
Jun 23, 202201:05:14
#2 - About Jess❤️
Jun 21, 202256:55
#1 - Love & Marriage: Intro, Our Why, & Story.
Jun 14, 202253:48