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It isn't ALL about the Relationship

The ISV SocietyMay 16, 2023

Use Humor to Break Down the Barrier
Sep 13, 202329:24
The Multifaceted Approach
Aug 22, 202318:15
Your Partners Are Your Champions
Aug 08, 202327:28
The Value of Community
Jul 25, 202328:02
The Power of LinkedIn Personal Profile
Jul 11, 202326:11
SEO Trends: Are you keeping up?

SEO Trends: Are you keeping up?

Hello all! It's season 2, episode 12. This week's guest is Erica Hakonson, Principal and Founder of Maven Collective Marketing.

Erica Hakonson is the Principal and Founder of Maven Collective Marketing, the multi-award-winning Microsoft Partner Marketing agency, as well as a recognized and awarded entrepreneur, woman-in-tech and business leader. Hakonson has been awarded Female Entrepreneur of the Year, Silver Award by the international Stevie Women in Business Awards, Editor's Choice by the CanadianSME National Business Awards and Top Small Business Female Executive Bronze Award by DataBird Business Journal. She's also a champion for women in tech, boosting their representation and elevating their presence in the industry. 

What did we chat about?

  • Marketing trends of 2023
  • What should partners and ISVs focus on
  • Website SEO
  • Your new self-audit

Maven Collective Marketing has been the Marketing Partner for Microsoft Partners since 2012 working with outstanding clientele, like Microsoft Corporation, PowerObjects, Companial, ClickDimensions, 1ClickFactory, BDC and MS Dynamics World. Well-honored and awarded, Maven Collective Marketing has been named 2023 PRDaily Top B2B Marketing Agency, 2023 Clutch Top Global Experiential Marketing Firm, 2022 AVA Platinum B2B Website Award Winner, to name a few. 

With the recent launch of the only Microsoft Partner Digital Self-Audit Product, Maven Collective Marketing expands its value and vitality in the Microsoft Partner ecosystem to put affordable, practical and predictable marketing performance at the reach of any MS Partner, start up to industry aggregator. As highlighted on the ISV Society podcast, the new Maven Digital Self-Audit Package exclusively for Microsoft Partners is now available at: ⁠⁠

Tell them you are a friend of the show for a 5% discount on your purchase. 

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Jun 27, 202332:39
How can ISVs stand out in a crowd?
Jun 19, 202326:28
Marketing to Millennials
May 31, 202321:34
It isn't ALL about the Relationship
May 16, 202327:13
Email Done Right

Email Done Right

Hey everyone, it's season 2, episode 8, and I'm excited to chat with email expert, Jay Schweldelson.

Jay Schwedelson is the founder of, the leading free subject-line rating tool ranked in the top 1% of all websites worldwide. Having led through the testing of more than 15 million subject lines, Jay uses his knowledge to guide organizations across multiple industries on how to implement impactful email marketing.  

Jay is also the president and CEO of Outcome Media, a multi-brand marketing services company whose portfolio includes and Guru Events.  

Schwedelson is a recognized marketer who plays a significant part in sharing thought leadership throughout the industry. He has keynoted and presented for more than 50 organizations and has been named to Crain’s Top 100 Industry Leaders for 10 consecutive years. 

What did we chat about:

  • What are some hot trends you’re seeing with subject lines right now?
  • Tips for crafting a subject line that will increase open rates.
  • Does personalization matter?
  • What are the most ideal days and frequencies for sending email?
  • Are there any key components for getting an email opened and clicked?
  • What are some major pitfalls to avoid?

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May 02, 202323:46
Just Do Video
Apr 04, 202335:02
Our Customers Dictate Our Focus

Our Customers Dictate Our Focus

Hi everyone! It's episode 6 and I got to chat with Adam MacIntosh, Director of Emerging Technology, at WebSan Solutions. What did we chat about:


We started in the Dynamics GP space 15-20 years ago and had IP we offered for that product.  Some of that migrated to Business Central, but like most other partners, our IP offering grew organically as our Business Central practice grew.


Ultimately, our customers have helped to dictate where we focus out efforts.  They’ve wanted experiences to stay within Business Central.  They want plug-and-play experiences wherein onboarding is simple.  And many SMBs want self-serve options, which is why we post on YouTube and provide user guides for our applications.  All our resources are public.  We even hear from other partners that tell us they love our YouTube content. 


With the sheer volume of apps in the marketplace.  How do you stand out?  We feel we are differentiated because we have actual users for all our apps.  We are one of the largest CSP for Business Central in the world, giving us a massive built-in user base for our apps.  When partners or third-parties find us, they know we have a reliable solution already in place.  We have support processes in place.  We have dev-ops process in place. Etc.


Many of our customers tend to be in the distribution space and have a need for efficient and reliable supply chains.  We saw many supply chains disrupted during COVID.  Microsoft recently released “Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management”.  While that solution isn’t focused on the SMB customers that use Business Central, clearly there is a need in the market for supply chain solutions.


We have 24 apps on the marketplace as of today.  I have two more that will be published this month.  While Business Central does a great job of capturing the basics, we are finding customers need a number of applications in order to optimize operations and minimize manual efforts. 


AI is obviously on everyone’s minds.  We have an app that incorporates Microsoft AI into a demand forecast.  We are looking at adding AI to our Sales and Operations Planning application as well.  We are strong consumers of AI today and looking to provide more AI solutions in the future.  I am studying AI tools and so are my staff.  The demand from SMBs in the AI space is massive.

Learn more about WebSan Solutions.

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Mar 21, 202323:01
Not just a search engine, it's an answer engine
Mar 09, 202331:18
18 Event Best Practices for ISVs
Feb 21, 202332:19
The Future of Dynamics GP Report
Feb 07, 202317:26
New Initiatives in 2023
Jan 24, 202333:38
How do ISVs fit in the Acumatica ecosystem?

How do ISVs fit in the Acumatica ecosystem?

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first episode of 2023.

I'm excited to chat with Louisa Gooding, Senior Business Development Manager at Acumatica and acu-connect Board Member.

In case you didn't know we are both on the acu-connect board so we work closely with the Acumatica community in many aspects.

If you're going to Acumatica Summit please make sure you join the acu-connect session on January 29 from 3:30-4:30.

Today we chatted about:

  • ISV - drive revenue program
  • The pivot in 2023
  • The Importance of Acumatica Summit

We hope to you at Acumatica Summit.

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Jan 11, 202321:24
The Global Community
Dec 28, 202225:50
The 4 Pillars
Dec 14, 202216:60
4 Things ISVs and VARs Can Do Better to Work Together

4 Things ISVs and VARs Can Do Better to Work Together

Here's episode 36! Today my guest is Carol Livingston, Founder of Dynamics Connections.

It was such a great conversation. We started off with a quick discussion on trends impacting VARs and ISVs and then onto Four things that ISVs and VARs can do to better to work together:

1. Building a relationship/partnership

  • VARS vetting partners 
  • VAR’s getting agreements/margins/expectations set upfront
  • ISV’s working on structuring partner programs

2. Setting Expectations – once engaged

  • Will the partner be involved – to what extent
  • Help with test vs. production environments
  • Who is going to manage the project

3. Who owns the client – for billing, services, communications, etc.

  • VARs are starting to not want to be involved after the sale
  • VARs would like to be kept in the loop – esp if there are unexpected issues
  • VARs whose paper is it put on
  • ISVs want partners to take on more of the selling and services – willing to give margins
  • ISVs need VAR’s help in implementation - logistics

4. Marketing

  • How ISVs get messaging to partners
  • Marketing to partners
  • Marketing with partners – have a strategy for partner management

We wrapped up with the services both Carol and I provide and how they're different and actually complement each other.

Carol’s Twitter: @clivingston102

Dynamics Connections Twitter:  @DynConnection

Dynamics Connections Linkedin:

Carol Linkedin:

Follow me on LinkedIn.

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Nov 29, 202226:57
Demystifying Data with Analytics
Nov 15, 202239:02
Thought Leadership & Becoming the "Go To" Resource

Thought Leadership & Becoming the "Go To" Resource

Hello everyone! It's episode 34. I'm excited about this episode and my guest this week. 

With everyone working from home and spending their days online, capturing the attention of your clients – or more importantly, your future clients – is more challenging than ever. With marketing emails staying unopened and search engine ads being ignored, how can a growing ISV make a name for itself in a crowded, noisy space? The answer is deceptively simple, yet tough to achieve: you must deliver value and insight from the very first interaction. In this episode, we catch up with Danica Weappa from Greenshades Software and learn how this 20+ year-old brand stays connected with its 3500+ customers and keeps attracting new customers to their cloud-based Payroll and HR platform.

1. How do you distinguish yourself from competitors? What types of marketing tactics do you deploy?

2. How do your marketing team and your sales team stay in synch? What best practices have you worked out to keep everyone on the same page?

3. What metrics do you monitor and how do you use that data to continually improve your marketing efforts?

4. What advice would you give to ISV marketers to keep their brand top-of-mind for clients?

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Microsoft Clarity is a free user behavior analytics tool that helps you understand how users are interacting with your website with usage statistics, session replays, and heatmaps.

Nov 01, 202221:26
My Top Takeaways From Community Summit
Oct 18, 202211:01
It's Always About The Customer
Sep 28, 202226:01
Social Media Strategies with Jon Rivers
Sep 13, 202227:12
Best Practices When Working with Microsoft

Best Practices When Working with Microsoft

Welcome everyone to another episode of The ISV Society podcast. My guest this week is Rob Fegan, Founder of Venvito.  Venvito's mission is to help partners demystify working with Microsoft and set themselves up like Microsoft's most successful partners. Creating messaging that engages the Microsoft field team supported by a co-sell win formula that delivers a winning partnership.

Here are the questions we covered:

  1. What are the main platforms that Microsoft provides ISVs to get their solutions out to the market?
  2. What programs are available to support ISVs?
  3. With the upcoming changes to the Microsoft partner program, how will that affect ISVs?
  4. How does an ISV get their solution to stand out in the Marketplace?
  5. Should applications listed in the Marketplace be transactable?

Download Rob's free eBook "4 Questions to answer before Co-selling with Microsoft".

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Join us on September 20 at 4:00 EDT on LinkedIn Live as Rob and I chat about all the NEW changes happening and how they can affect you. Stay tuned for more info. 

Aug 30, 202229:39
Evolving AI Technology in Accounts Payable Process Automation
Aug 17, 202224:33
It's All About The Micro Moments
Aug 09, 202219:51
LinkedIn is a Powerful Tool

LinkedIn is a Powerful Tool

Welcome to episode #27. This week my guest is Candyce Edelen, the Founder of PropelGrowth. She's a LinkedIn expert and helps B2B companies find more sales opportunities.

We chatted about:

  1. Why LinkedIn is a great social platform for B2B
  2. What are the do's and don'ts when using LinkedIn
  3. Tips and tricks

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Save 10% on her course, PropelGrowth Prospecting Mastery, using this link, and the code is ISV.

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Thanks for tuning in!

Jul 28, 202237:14
3 Ways To Get Personal With Your Audience

3 Ways To Get Personal With Your Audience

How many emails do you receive, either personally or professionally, that are personalized? When creating content it’s so important to not only speak to your audience but personalize it in some way as well. One thing that drives me crazy are all the emails that I get that are so generic. I get ones that are talking to partners, ones that are talking to customers, and ones that are speaking to everyone. So what do I do? Delete them. If you aren’t taking the time to personalize your content then your audience isn’t going to take the time to read it. How can you personalize your content and what should you personalize? Here are 3 ways: 1. List segmentation When I get a list from any event, conference, or marketing initiative I am segmenting it out. I segment by: Relationship type (end-user, partner, ISV) ERP You can also segment by product, industry, role, and more.  This will result in them connecting to your email, engaging with it, and hopefully, completing the action you want them to take. If you take the time, they will take the time. 2. Subject Lines & Preheader Text Let’s start with the email subject line and preheader or preview text. The preview text is the sentence under the subject line that’s available in some email clients. Many of the automation tools out there make it simple and easy to add a person’s first name in the subject line or preview text. By adding personalization you’re also boosting your open rate by 50%. The body of the email If you’re writing your emails correctly, meaning speaking to your audience, then incorporating their name in the body of the email should be easy too. It helps marketers give subscribers more relevant, individualized content. Plus, many of the email marketing tools make it easy to do this as well. Personalization sends a message that you understand, you have been in their shoes, you know how it feels, and you can help them. You don’t always have to personalize the beginning of an email. You should also think about including it in the body of the email as well, if it makes sense. The purpose of personalizing emails is to make your subscribers feel like VIPs, they’re not just an email address in your database. 3. Demos Take your demos a step further and actually personalize them to your prospect. Imagine providing a demo that actually speaks to them and what they do. First, do the research by visiting their website and have them fill out a questionnaire or requirements document so you can better understand their business and unique requirements. Demos that speak to them do require work but they’re more effective. Sure this requires more time and effort on your part but I guarantee they’ll be impressed and it will not only make the demo go smoother but they may even buy the product sooner as well. Personalization can go a long way so really take the time, do your homework, and create great content that speaks to your audience. Download The ISV Guide to Grow Your Audience This episode is also available as a blog post:

Jul 12, 202210:34
It's All About Differentiation
Jul 05, 202226:27
Play Well With Others
Jun 28, 202232:40
Celebrating 1 Year

Celebrating 1 Year

It's Episode 23 and it's the 1 Year Anniversary of The ISV Society! So it seems fitting to start at the beginning.

I’ve worked for some amazing ISVs over the years and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am today. They all deserve a huge shout-out.

Right out of college

First up, Blue Moon Industries. What started out as an internship in 1999 turned into a full-time career. Not only was I the first intern, but I also paved the way for more interns. I started out with marketing initiatives for the VAR side which soon turned into marketing initiatives for the ISV side as well.

Getting my head in the clouds

Next up, Myappsanwhere. This is where I learned all about the cloud, data center security, and hosting. Now I am selling Dynamics in the cloud, not only the ERPs but CRM and Exchange as well.

I was responsible for building out the partner program, educating partners on the cloud offerings, and helping partners sell Dynamics in the cloud.

Time to drink the orange Kool-aid

Avalara is up next. I have to say it was one of my dreams to work for such an amazing company. It started out by going to Seattle and Bainbridge Island in January for 2 weeks. First for sales kick-off and second for a week of learning about all things sales tax.

I know way more about sales tax than I ever thought I would. It is crazy to think one side of the street can pay a different tax than the other side of the street just because they are in different jurisdictions. And some candy bars are charged sales tax and others are not just based on the ingredients. I could go on and on but I will spare you that.

Let’s Rock

Last but not least, Rockton Software. I was back in the Dynamics space which I missed so much and also the Acumatica space. It was great to work with so many familiar faces again.

My role here was a little different in that much of my focus was on lead generation, filling the sales funnel, and content creation. I loved that I could focus on creativity and trying new things especially when everything went virtual.

I was able to step up my game with content creation, bring the GP Optimizer to life, and build new relationships.

The ISV Society is Born

I am so grateful for all of these opportunities with all of these companies. They all shaped my career in different ways and gave me a tremendous amount of experience.

It paved the way to launch my membership and community just for ISVs. The ISV Society is a labor of love. I am able to use all of my marketing, ERP, and channel experience and scale it to help the masses.

I learned that there really needs to be something just for ISVs that is ERP agnostic. We all struggle with lead generation, reaching the masses, having time to launch new marketing initiatives, and doing joint initiatives. So, why not have a membership that does just that.

Download The ISV Guide to Grow Your Audience.

Email me to learn more about The ISV Society.

Jun 21, 202217:09
We're All Superheros
Jun 14, 202227:19
The Long Term Relationship

The Long Term Relationship

Hello everyone! Welcome to another episode of The ISV Society Podcast. I am excited to chat with Ed Kless, Senior Director, Partner Development and Strategy at Sage and Host of the Sage Thought Leadership Podcast. (Check it out)

We talked about:

  • Sage over the years
  • Sage rebranding 
  • The subscription model - even for services
  • What ISVs can do in this space

We go way back to when there was a time knowing your TCPIP address was important.

Follow Ed, @edkless

Thanks for listening. We hope you enjoyed it. Don't forget to leave a comment or subscribe.

If you want to be a guest let me know. (

Also, if you didn't already download The ISV Guide to Grow Your Audience. 

Jun 07, 202227:46
4 Opportunities To Reach More Partners
May 31, 202213:59
Marketing Never Sleeps

Marketing Never Sleeps

Hello everyone! Welcome to another episode of The ISV Society podcast. I am so excited to chat with my guest this week, Tania Konczynski is the Marketing Director of North America for Bam Boom Cloud.

We chatted about:

  • marketing over the years
  • adaptive marketing
  • planning is the key to success

Thanks for listening in. As always please feel free to like, share, or comment. I would love to get your feedback.

Want to be a guest? Email me at

Check out my other episodes as well.

May 24, 202221:24
The Power of the Network

The Power of the Network

Hi everyone it's episode #18 of The ISV Society Podcast. I'm here chatting with fellow entrepreneur Autum Grimm. She is also the Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder of PartnerTap.

She shared some great insight on:

  • What ISVs struggle with
  • Relationship building
  • Being transparent, truthful, and reliable

 We really get into the nitty-gritty on these topics so get ready to hear it all. 

Follow Autum on LinkedIn.

Learn more about Partnertap.

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Thanks for listening. Don't forget to subscribe and share any topics you would like to hear on future episodes.

Also, I am all about leveraging social media to promote educational and informational content especially when it's free. Learn how to use LinkedIn Live like a pro with this video tutorial

May 17, 202219:58
How well do you know LinkedIn?

How well do you know LinkedIn?

Hi everyone! Welcome to episode #17! 

I'm so excited to chat with my guest today but first a little backstory. I was listening to the Social Media Marketing Podcast while traveling and it was all about LinkedIn. I just loved the content that this guest shared, so what did I do? Reached out to her on LinkedIn and asked if she would be a guest on my Podcast as well. So here she is, Judi Fox! 

Judi Fox is listed as a Top 10 LinkedIn Coach for 2021 in Yahoo Finance.  She is featured in Inc Magazine, CEO Magazine, Vidsummit, Social Media Marketing World, Video Marketing World, People of Video, and on several Top 100 Marketing Podcasts.

With over 18 years experience in business development and sales, Judi Fox developed the LinkedIn Business Accelerator Method. Clients are implementing this LinkedIn method to achieve more business and over 1 million content views in 90 days.

We talked about:

-LinkedIn Newsletters

-LinkedIn embed options - did you know you can embed your Podcast episodes so they can watch them on LinkedIn?

-The NEW LinkedIn Audio - coming soon!

-LinkedIn tips-n-tricks

Grab your pen and paper. There's a ton of information to share and some great actionable items.

One thing is true, it is not always about the content you post but about the conversations you have.

Follow Judi for more tips.

Website -

Social Media Handles:

LinkedIn -

Instagram -

Clubhouse -

Twitter -

Get more 🦊
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🦊 #FoxRocks ❤ climbed Mt. Rainier, private pilot, hiking, visit all the US (4 states left), organization, & creativity

Resources we discussed:

- 20 LinkedIn Post Prompts -

- Subscribe to LinkedIn Audio Events Calendar -

- Calendar to Apply for 1:1 coaching LinkedIn Business Accelerator -

Also, I'm all about leveraging social media to promote educational and informational content especially when it's free. Learn how to use LinkedIn Live like a pro with this video tutorial

May 10, 202230:38
The Perspective of a Partner - Part 2
Apr 27, 202229:02
The Perspective of a Partner - Part 1
Apr 13, 202230:39
It's not about your competitor, it's about the customer

It's not about your competitor, it's about the customer

Hi everyone! It's another episode of The ISV Society Podcast and guess what? It's just me this week. But don't worry I have a great lineup of guests in April so stay tuned.

This week I wanted to chat with you about doing webinars and other joint marketing initiatives with your competitors and why it is so important.

It may seem like we shouldn’t talk to them, work with them, or contact them unless we go “undercover” to try and find out their pricing or cost for services. And yes, I have done that.

But remember - Comparisons are Powerful

When it comes to ERP solutions we can find countless comparison charts for GP vs. Acumatica, Acumatica vs NetSuite, Acumatica vs QuickBooks. The list can go on and on. Now, I am not saying Acumatica and NetSuite should do a webinar together but certainly, ISVs should. How easy is it to find info like Vertex vs Avalara, Fraxion vs Paramount Workplace, or TrueCommerce vs SPS Commerce?

I have searched on Google and there really is much info out there at all that would really help customers make an informed decision. They would have to do a lot of research, ask both ISVs many questions, maybe a demo from both, and the list goes on.

Imagine, doing a webinar, explaining the key differences, the pricing, the reasons you may need one or the other. Now that is powerful. You are doing all the work for the customer. Comparisons are powerful when done right, done with a plan, and with the main focus being the customer.

It's not about your competitor, it's about the customer

Would you rather they:
  • Hear it from you and your competitor together or separately?
  • Do their own research and then call the one “they think” is the right choice?
  • Get all this information from both of you in an informative and engaging way?
So let’s start by asking yourself these questions:
  1. Who are your competitors in the Microsoft Dynamics or Acumatica space or whichever ERP you have a solution for?
  2. Do you have a relationship with any of them? Do you know anyone who works there?
  3. What do you know about their solution? Would it make sense to collaborate based on information from their website?
I can do all the work for you

When you are part of The ISV Society is my job to create joint webinars with ISVs. When you’re a member of the ISV Society it is a judgment-free zone, everyone is welcome, and we all work together for the good of the society and for the good of the customer.

This is a place to think outside of the box, do those unconventional things that no one ever thinks of or wants to do, or have the time or resources to get it done.

We are all working together on 3 common initiatives. They are:

  1. Collaborate
  2. Educate
  3. Generate

When we work together we can all be successful. We can all benefit from each other. Plus, imagine being part of an exclusive group just for you, the ISV.

There really is nothing like it out there in our space and I am so excited to bring it to you. Reach out to me to learn more,

This episode is also available as a blog post:

Mar 30, 202211:01
The Future of The Community

The Future of The Community

Hi everyone! It's time for another episode of The ISV Society Podcast. I'm so excited to chat with these 2 guests today. I'm sure you all know who they are, John Siefert & Pam Misialek from Dynamic Communities.

We had so much to talk about. Topics like:

  • Collaboration
  • Giving users value
  • Solving users problems
  • The future of the community

And the launch of something NEW and you hear it here FIRST!

You don't want to wait to listen to this episode. 

Mar 23, 202255:12
How is PCI Compliance like the DMV?

How is PCI Compliance like the DMV?

Hello everyone! Thanks for joining me for another episode of The ISV Society Podcast. I am your host Amiee Keenan, and I'm excited to chat with Fauwaz Hussain from Nodus Technologies.

Being in the channel and in the payments space for 13 years we are going to chat about:

  • Making the shift to electronic payments
  • Secure payments are key
  • Paying by credit card is the norm
  • PCI Compliance is like the DMV

Want to be a guest? Email me at

Check out my other episodes as well.

Have a great week!

Mar 09, 202226:52
30 Years & Counting

30 Years & Counting

Hello everyone! Thanks for joining me for another episode of The ISV Society Podcast. I am your host Amiee Keenan, and I'm excited to chat with Janice Phelps from Blue Moon Industries.

We're chatting about:

  • 30 years in this space
  • Being a VAR and ISV
  • Janice's role and how it has evolved over the years
  • What is her favorite part of the job?
  • Favorite Blue Moon products
  • Why Blue Moon is part of The ISV Society

Thanks for listening in. As always please feel free to like, share, or comment. I would love to get your feedback.

Want to be a guest? Email me at

Check out my other episodes as well.

Have a great week!

Feb 22, 202224:05
How Foy is Helping ISVs

How Foy is Helping ISVs

Hello everyone! Welcome to this week's episode of The ISV Society Podcast. I am so excited to chat with Foy Mainor, ISV Business Development Manager for Acumatica.

He has been in the Channel for a long time working for an ISV and now he gets to work with ISVs.

Join us as we chat about:

-his role over the years

-the transition into this role

-working with ISVs versus working with VARs

-getting started with Acumatica

If you are looking into getting in this space, he is the one to reach out to.

As always, please share, like, or comment on this episode. Feel free to share your ideas on future topics and if you would like to be a guest let me know,

Feb 09, 202221:29
What REALLY goes into event planning

What REALLY goes into event planning

Hello everyone! Thanks for joining me for another episode of The ISV Society Podcast. I am your host Amiee Keenan, and I'm excited to chat with Caroline Drumm. She is a Marketing Manager at Yooz and a leader in event marketing. So she is the perfect guest to talk to today about events.

We're going to chat about:

How many events do you plan in any given year?

When do you start planning them?

How do you drive traffic to the booth?

What does your follow-up process look like?

We will also share some tips and tricks for a successful event.

Thanks for listening in. As always please feel free to like, share, or comment. I would love to get your feedback. 

Want to be a guest? Email me at

Check out my other episodes as well.

Have a great week!

Jan 26, 202229:54
Are your webinars boring?
Jan 12, 202211:22
What it takes to be a marketer

What it takes to be a marketer

Hello everyone!
Thanks for joining me this week. I have a special guest with me today. Nimia Amaya is the Senior Marketing Director for the Americas at Yooz. She is an accomplished B2B SaaS digital media and marketing professional with expertise in the U.S., Mexico, and LATAM regions.
She holds a BA in Radio, TV, Film from the University of North Texas and has worked with brands such as Univision Communications, Verizon, Levi’s, Cedar Fair Entertainment, and Reflect Media.
She resides in Dallas, TX with her 8-year-old daughter.
We talked about:

What's it like to be a woman in marketing
Alumni Profile
How to deal with setbacks

If you love personal development too, check out this list of books:

No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power of Embracing Emotions at Work by Liz Fosslien
Permission to Screw Up by Kristen Hadeed
The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women by Valerie Young
Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg
Mistakes I Made at Work: 25 Influential Women Reflect on What They Got Out of Getting It Wrong by Jessica Bacal
The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
What's your And? by John Garrett

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